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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  April 22, 2016 8:01pm-12:01am EDT

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which we call fair representation voting, that would be good for republicans in places where republicans never get elected. like urban republicans. it would be good for democrats, rural democrats, and also creates space for independent and third parties. this is the most important election reform issue today in the united states. more important than campaign finance. nine out of ten elections for u.s. house are uncompetitive in the united states. so doesn't matter how much money people raise, because the issue is partisanship, and gerrymandering, and that's polluting our politics. so for an independent like me, i split the ticket. i vote for the person and not the party. so i want to have more choices on the ballot and also really concerned about partisanship.
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and the way gridlock and on the legislature, state legislature, and in congress. so, if we have more urban republicans, and we have more rural democrats, in government, we have more moderates, right? my group was started by john d. anderson. iconic presidential campaign in 1980s a an independent. came in third. came in a strong third. but he also served for 20 years in the united states house of representatives. if you're watching john, hello. >> host: 94 years old. >> guest: 94 years old. amazingly strong. one of my political mentors. but he is -- that's a vanishing breed of republican. like a northeastern republican, like gerald ford, rockefeller kind of republican. so you would have more urban republicans. >> host: what is the three
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questions that fair vote is proposing. >> guest: three questions is a different effort on my part. okay. three question is is not with fair vote. three questions is, i'm working with former representatives, brian baird and bob english, and we're -- >> host: north carolina and washington state. >> guest: republican and baird is a democrat. so bipartisanship right there. and the independent music dude, right? and so we say three questions. when you go to a campaign forum, you see somebody running for congress, ask them three questions: what are you going to do about climate change? what are you going to do about the debt? what are you going to do about political dysfunction? and don't let these people off the hook. what is your plan and your policy proposal? >> host: but at the same time do you have -- what are your answers to those questions?
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>> guest: well, climbed change is manmade or fake -- >> guest: i think we should have a policy -- >> car carbon tax -- >> guest: fee and dividend. revenue neutral carbon fee, and i support a similar effort in washington state so there's a tax on, say, gasoline, but instead of him -- olympia getting the money and playing with it, the money goes back into tax cut. we have a one percent cut in the says tax, eliminates business and occupation tax in washington. british columbia has had the system for over six years and cut their carbon emissions by 15%. there's a proposal, a national proposal, called a fee and dividend. a carbon fee so price goes up on
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carbon, however instead of the money going over there to the congress, the money goes back to citizens and a dividend check. like alaska, they have public oil in alaska and alaskans get a dividend every year. so you would get a check in the mail, 'erly or -- yearly, quarterly, what the deal is. that money would offset on consumers the price of carbon and raise it up and we would stimulate conservation and i think it's a good idea. that's my personal ideas. >> host: what about the debt? >> guest: well, the debt -- >> host: what do you want to hear. >> guest: i'd like to hear a plan. basically it's a huge program now. what's going to happen in the future? young people of america, what is going to happen when you got pay all this debt and then you got to take care of all these people on social security and medicare
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which we need to do. we need to take these -- these people worked hard for their social security, we owe them. social security is good for local economies. people get that guaranteed check they earned and then they go out and spend it. we need to preserve social security but how can we do at that time if we have an $18 trillion, $19 trillion debt. so, we need to spend less, we need to grow the economy. let grow the economy. that's a good way to just create wealth and let's hear -- let's not ignore it. candidates will make promises, we need this and that. there's incentive for lawmakers to spend money because they make promises, but just like, okay, you can make promises and we should spend some money but what are you going to do about the debt? i just want to know it's not even on the radar of the election. and then political dysfunction, i laid out the case previously, we needed this true election
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reform, more moderates, partisan primaries are terrible. and then you combine them with gerrymandering and just get the cranks elected to congress, shutting down congress. they're a minority. republicans didn't even win a majority of the vote in 2012 and they got the majority of seats. what kind of system is senate supposed to be the people's house of representatives and doesn't reflect the people. reflect this minority of a minority of political extremists. >> host: fair vote is the organization, and mary is in north carolina. on our democratic line go ahead, mary. turn down the volume on your tv. otherwise you get a delay. rod in florida on the republican line. rod, good morning to you go ahead. we're listening. >> caller: good morning. the last thing our nation needs is more democracy. this national popular vote
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scheme is horrible. more democracy does not serve a purpose of our government. the framers design had a democracy limited, the popular element limited to the house another representatives and that's where it should remain. the 1st amendment was popularize -- dem mochcracy voting for senators is a huge mistake. people superintendent woodrow will son have got then idea that democracy equals freedom. it doesn't. i equals majority which falls into tyranny. >> host: more democracy is not what we need, he says. >> guest: the tyranny is when you get insiders, politicians, and they use computer technology, sophisticated globals, algorithms of partisan data, when they make the lines, a committee, a committee in your
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state legislature draws the lines and decides who wins and who loses, and then they take care of their buddies and take care of themselves. that's tyranny '. the voters need to at least, at least, have a fair shot at electing somebody who represents them. the voters pay taxes. the voters with under the rules and laws of the land, and we need to have free and fair elections. you can give your vote away to some committee in your state legislature, i'm not about to do that. we need free and fair elections in the united states. and the system is broken, and by the way, what the founders -- speak of the founders, if we have proportional representation, fair representation for the us house of representatives no constitution amendment needed. it's a simple statutory change. congress can do it today. the president can sign it. nowhere in the constitution dogs it say the united states house
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of representatives has 435 seats elected by single member districts. we need more democracy, that what we need in the united states. >> host: okay. go ahead. >> caller: good morning, how is everyone? i was just briefly -- i wanted to state -- i am -- i wanted to state that the issue that i think you have on your hands, mr. krist, i the fact that the problem isn't something that is a branch issue right now. the problem is the fact that a lot of people operating in the united states of america corporation on this land -- [inaudible conversations] >> how is everybody doing?
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[cheering] >> welcome to dunmore. want to thank your mayor for having us here this evening. and also the dunmore school district. thank you for having us. [cheering] >> i'm proud and excited to be standing here. to offer a welcome home, and i say welcome home to secretary clinton. near pennsylvania blood running through her veins. her family has deep roots here. every time secretary clinton comes to town we can see the connection that she has with our city and our people. as you know this year actually is scranton marks the occasion of our sesquicentennial and we look back with pride at 1 50
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years of great innovation, resilience and accomplishments so couldn't be a more fitting time for secretary clinton to be in the area to celebrate with us. it's a local woman that made it big. [cheering] >> secretary clinton understands more than any other candidate the challenges, hard-working people across the city, our state and our country. she knows that the deck is stacked against us more noun ever. so most important live hillary clinton is this only candidate who knows how to unstack the deck and confront the challenges that face america. [cheering] >> i was recently interviewed by cnn -- i think it's airing now -- they asked about me regarding my support for hillary and me wanting to be a delegate for hillary, and they asked me do you think the anymore your
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area will vote for hillary clinton because she is one of your own? i said that just opens the door for her but it's because of her qualifications that the people in this area are voting for her. [cheers and applause] >> hillary clinton does not need on the job training. she is going to hit the ground running. hillary clinton was a lawyer, first lady of the state of arkansas, first lady of the united states, a u.s. senator for our neighboring city of new york, and secretary of state. she is clearly the most experienced and qualified candidate who can start on day one, hit he ground running as our next president. [cheers and applause] >> she is clearly the most qualified candidate. she stood by her husband, bill
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clinton, for eight years of his presidency, and might i say a great presidency. [cheers and applause] >> if president clinton is anything like me, we listen to our wives, and i think the sagos, behind every great man there's a great woman or even a greater woman. [cheers and applause] >> and a truer statement could not have been made about president clinton and secretary clinton. hillary is the only candidate with a real plan that can deliver results and make a difference for our families. she spent her life fighting for women and children in the u.s. and around the world, as first lady she won healthcare for eight million children. [cheers and applause] >> so let's get out there, we got to make one final push for secretary clinton, start knocking on doors, making phone calls, talking to friends, neighbors and family and let
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them know hillary hires for us, here for pennsylvania and here for the united states of america. [cheers and applause] >> and right now, i have the privilege of introducing our congressman, true believer, passion not fight are for the area and a person i'm proud to call my friend, congressman matt cartright. [cheers and applause] >> hello, dunmore! >> there are any democrats in the house? [cheers] >> hi there, anybody for hillary clinton for president? [cheers and applause] >> me, too. i want to tell you something, there's a coincidence going here. was a delegate for bill clinton in 1992. and the first time i met his
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wife, hillary, was in dunmore. yeah. i went through st. joseph center with hillary in 1992, and i got to know her and just knocked my socks off. what a real person she is, what a kind person she is. sometimes you don't pick that up on tv, but you spend a little time with this lady and you realize, she likes people. she cares about people. she cares about you. she cares about dunmore. [applause] >> she carolina about pennsylvania. and she is going to make one of the greatest presidents of the united states of america. [cheers and applause] >> yeah. yeah. so i'm here to say, i support hillary clinton. by god it's time we had woman president in this country. [cheers and applause]
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[cheers and applause] >> and i'm not going to go on anymore because i want to introduce to you my favorite member of the united states senate, senator bob casey. bob, come on out! [cheering] have a great night, everybody. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome hillary for america volunteer, sandy la matta. >> good evening, everyone, and thank you so much for coming out to hear from our great senator, bob casey and phenomenon the next president of the -- from the next president of the united
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states, hillary clinton! [cheers and applause] >> as you all know, hillary has been working for her whole life for women, children, and families issues. and she is the -- from the time she left yale universitynd went to work side-by-side with marian wright at the children's defense fund to washington, dc where she helped ensure that over eight million children received health care, and also i'd be remiss if i didn't remind everyone of all the work she did in arkansas as first lady for the educational institutions and the teachers. so, as an educator -- [cheering] -- as an educator we know that hillary will be behind news helping our student achieve a rate of literacy that's the greatest in the world.
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so, it's my honor right now to introduce to you our senator, bob casey, and the next president of the united states, hillary clinton! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> all right!
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>> hillary! hillary! hillary! hilary! hillary. >> i want to ask one question. i want to ask one question. and i think you know the answer to this question but let's try it anyway. are you ready to go out between tonight and tuesday to make sure that hillary clinton wins the pennsylvania primary? [cheers and applause] >> okay. madam secretary, i take that as a yes. >> me, too. >> i want to thank everyone for being here, for being here in dunmore, and if you're not from dunmore, you want to be from dunmore, right? but we are -- we're so fortunate tonight to be able to spend some time with an individual who i believe will be not only the
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nominee of our party but the next president of the united states of america. [cheers and applause] and i was prepared to go through her 30 issue papers from her webs but i won't do that. but i have no doubt, i have no doubt, that hillary clinton has the character, the experience, the record, and the chitment to serve as president that we're ready for! let me read from what someone said just about a week ago, or two weeks ago, when president clinton came to town. i'll read from a local paper. this is on april 8th. and the reporter walked up to a woman by the name of judy riff.
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judy was there with two children, judy, named after her four years old, and matthew, 19 months old. here's what judy riff said about our next president. she said, and i quote: -- we of course agree with the words here -- chev said, and i quote -- we love hillary. [cheers and applause] then she said: holding her two children: she will keep us safe and healthy, she will make our country better for us and for future generations. judy, you are right. the next president of the united states, hillary clinton! [cheers and applause] >> thank you so much. thank you. thank you, senator bob casey. [cheers and applause] >> wow.
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it is so great to be back in northeastern pennsylvania to be here in dunmore. [cheers and applause] i stopped in scranton on my way here. i always feel so much at home. i stopped at casa bella restaurant. but i was running late so my plan to actually eat dinner was kind of abbreviated, but i said hello to a lot of people there, and i met people who said things to me like, i knew your cousins. i knew your uncles. i had one man say, didn't we sled down court street one winter? i said, could have been. could have been. i was there. met another woman who lived next door to my grandparents on diamond avenue. and it just brings back a flood
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of the best memories, and th best people. and i can't tell you how happy and proud i am to be back here with all of you. want to thank not only the senator, want to thank the congressmen. thank you so much. matt cartwright. the mayors, the mayor of done moder, the mayor of scranton who are here, the democratic county chair, and the democratic chair of the city of scranton. i want to thank sandy and everybody who has helped to make this evening just such a happy occasion. i have my two brothers here. they love coming back, and of course, they go every summer lake linola to the cottage my grandfather built. so this place has a lot of not just memories but special meaning to me, and the thing i
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want you to know more than anything else, is i will work my heart out for the people here in northeastern pennsylvania. [cheers and applause] i will be a good partner because we have work to do. we have work to do to make sure we have enough good jobs, with rising incomes for people willing to work to get ahead and stay ahead. and we're going to look for those new jobs in infrastructure, or roads, brims, ports, airports, rail system, all need work. [cheers and applause] >> and i agree with congressman cartwright, we need passenger rail service from northeast pennsylvania. so, what i think about
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infrastructure, i think about good jobs, jobs that can't be exported, jobs that put people in this area to work, that pay a good wage, so that people can get ahead. and we're going to also look to see what we can do in advance manufacturing, because i believe we can still make it in america and we're going to find ways to do that. [cheers and applause] and we need more clean renewable energy jobs that will put people to work right here, and we need to help small businesses, small businesses create most of the jobs. and we're not creating enough small businesses. we have too many obstacles in the way. my idea about economic growth and development is, let's knock down the barriers. the barriers that stand in the way of people being able to
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start businesses, that will employ more people, and we're going to work hard to raise the national minimum wage. because -- [cheers and applause] -- bus you have 150,000 pennsylvanians working for .25 -- $7.25 an hour. thousands more working on what is called the tipped wage. okay. some of you know about it but a lot of you don't. it's kind of a secret but here's how it works. if you're in certain jobs, like waitressing, bartending, hair salons, those kind of jobs, you can be paid as little in our country as $2.13 an hour. because the idea is you're going to make a lot of money from tips. i tell you what.
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that is just a disgrace. so, if people are working full-time, they should not still be in poverty at the end of the year. [cheers and applause] >> and two-thirds of all minimum wage workers are women, and many of them are single moms taking care of their kids. [cheers and applause] so i am going to fight to raise the minimum wage at the national level, and i'm also going to do everything i can to guarantee equal pay for women's work. you know why? i'll tell you. this is not just a women's issue. if you have a mother, wife, a sister, or a daughter, who are working, and they north being paid what they should be paid
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compared to others, then you're getting short changed. your family is. the economy is. i did an event this morning in philadelphia with a woman named lilly ledbetter. some of you know that she worked as a supervisor in a factory in alabama for 40 years. she had a supervisor job. she was the only woman with the supervisor job. and she did not know for years that she made 40 percent less than the men do in the same job. and as she rightly said, she and her husband were working hard. and when she and i were talking she said, you know, when you go to the store you don't get a women's discount because you don't get paid the same. and now she is retired. her social security won't be the same because she was not paid
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the same. her 401(k) will not be the same. so this has a lot of implications for everybody, and it's time we said, look, in america, if you do the job you get the equal pay. men and women alike. and -- [cheers and applause] -- we have to do more to raise everybody's pay because nobody's getting a raise. [cheers and applause] >> and we've got to make sure that we go where the money is, when it comes to funding things like passenger rail. the money is at the top. i'm the only candidate running in either party who has pledged i will not raise middle class taxes because the middle class needs a raise, not a tax increase.
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[cheers and applause] that's why i've laid out all these plans about how we'll create jobs, how we'll end the loopholes, get rid of the deductions that give people at the top a chance to go a lot further than anybody else, and it is a fact that the economy does better when we have a democrat in the white house. [cheers and applause] because everything i've just said, the leading republicans don't agree with. donald trump actually says -- [booing] >> he actually says wages are too high in america. i mean, honestly, don't know who he talked. to out to get out of the towers and come down and talk with people, and listen to them. [cheers and applause]
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>> my husband was here a week or so ago, and it wasn't ancient history. some of us can remember. we had eight years with 23 million new jobs. [cheers and applause] >> and during those eight years, incomes went up for everybody, not just people at the top. middle class families, working families, poor families, there were enough jobs and the incomes were going up. so the median family income went up 17% in those eight years. [cheers and applause] now, it will surprise you to hear -- won't surprise you to hear me say i think there are some lessons we can learn from that. and there's another lesson we can learn, why didn't it continue? because we got a republican president. and they went back to trickle down economics, and pay close attention to what trump and cruz are saying.
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they want to go back to trickle down economics on steroids. we have been down that road. it did not work. we had a republican president who slashed taxes for the wealthy. i was voting against it in the senate. speaking out against it in the senate. they took their eye off the financial markets and the mortgage markets, and we had the great recession. and a lot of people haven't even recovered from that. so, for heaven's sake, why would we go back to the failed policies that dropped us into the ditch that the republicans dug for our country? and i know how hard it was. we were losing 8,000 jobs a month when president obama was elected. national million americans lost their jobs.
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multiply that by family members. five million homes lost. multiply that by family members. $13 trillion in family wealth wiped out. i don't think president obama gets the credit ehe deserves for digging us out of the ditch south and us back on solid ground. so, we are pack creating jobs. we are back with a lower unemployment rate. but we don't yet have the kind of energy that is producing the results that i want to see for the mesh people. that is why we've got to built on what has been done, don't get talked into some sort of detour. i love it. the republicans -- and i diddleysen to them during the last -- i diddleysen to them during the last year. did it so you didn't have to say they say things like it's the lowest recovery in history.
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that takes a lot of nerve. we wouldn't have need a recovery if they hadn't wrecked the economy in the first place! so i got to tell you, don't know who they'll end up nominating but i'm looking forward, i'm fortunate enough to be the nominee to actually having a debate about economics. i a debate about more good jobs, a debate about rising incomes. i'm also looking forward to debating about education, and what we need to do to invest in education. every child in this country deserves a good teacher and a good school, regardless of to the zip code that child lives in. [cheers and applause] and we need to do more for early childhood education so more kids are prepared when they actually get to school to learn.
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and i want to be a good partner with our teachers and educators, and i appreciate them being here with their blue t-shirts on. thank you! and we're going to make college affordable. and i've laid out a plan about how we'll do it. how it will work. and i know that we can. actually make it happen. because it is something that now is stopping a lot of young people from starting college, and completing college. and my plan has debt-free tuition but also says to colleges, public colleges, universities, you got to get your costs under control. you got to take a hard look at what you are charging young
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people and their families, and my opponents' plan relies on republican governors to pay a third of the cost. somehow i don't think a lot of these republican governors are going to do that. so i don't want to make promises i can't keep. i've put forth a plan i can deliver. debt-free tuition. and then we've got to tackle the debt that young people already have. how many people here have student debt? how many have ever had student debt? you know, i meet young people with tens of thousands of dollars of student debt, and really high interest rates. right? and i got to tell you, it makes no sense. took out loans when i went to college and law school, but i didn't have a ten, , 12, 14%
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interest rate and i immediate young people across the country who do. so we're going to let you refinance your student debt. if you can refinance an mortgage or car payment you ought to be able to refinance your student debt and if you pay your student debt payments every month, we're going to have a cutoff time after 20 years you're done because it should not keep going for the rest of your life. we're also going to work to make sure that health care is affordable, and that you have choices. i'm going to defend the affordable care act because it took so long for us to get to this point. [cheers and applause] >> you know, before there was something called obamacare there was something called hillarycare. and we worked really, really hard, but i'll be honest with
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you i got beat by the insurance companies and the drug companies. they just knocked me down. i love it when some people running for this office talked about how they're going to take on the special interests. i've done it. and i know you got to be prepared, you got be ready, and you got to do everything you can to beat them back. so when we weren't successful, i got up off the floor and i said, okay, what can i do now? and i worked with republicans and democrats to create the children's health insurance program, which insures eight million kids. and i know how much that meant to those families, and i meet young people who come up and thank me because they didn't have reliable health care before that program. that's why i was so happy when we passed the affordable care act, because when you have been to as many places as i have in
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our country, and met so many people who did not have health insurance, they made too much money to qualify for medicaid, they didn't work for people who offered insurance, they couldn't afford the individual insurance market. that's why 20 million people have signed up so far. but we have to get the costs down. the copays and the deductibles and prescription drug costs. and i have a very clear idea about how we'll do that. now the republicans want to repeal it. they never tell you what they'll replace it with because they know we won't like it. because it's just going to two back to the way it was. if you have preexisting condition you're out of luck. if you're 0 womannor costs are more than a man. if you're a young person, may not have that opportunity to stay on your family's policy until your 26. lifetime limits will come back. so a lot of what we changed to actually give people a chance to
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get the insurance, to take care of themselves, would be wiped out. and my opponents wants to start all over again, and i can tell you we do not need another big contentious debate about health care. we need to make what we've got work really well. and improve it, and get the costs out of upward spiral. want to mention who other things because you don't hear presidential candidates talk below these two things and i am really determined we're going to address those. number one, we need more treatment for mental health problems. [cheers and applause] i was talking to congressman target writhe before i came out -- cartwright before i came out and talking about running for office. i said there is something that is so personal.
8:42 pm
i meet people for a minute, sometimed talk to them for 30 minutes, but people want to tell you what is on their minds because they're hoping that you or somebody can help and the two things i hear the most about, yes, of course, economics, knocking down the barriers, but mental health in addiction. and so when i shake a hand of a mother or father or sister or brother or child and they say, please do something about moment health. i know it's -- mental health. now it's permanent. maybe it affects somebody they know or related to, and i cannot tell you how many of those conversations have led to somebody saying, please do something about the heroin and opiode epidemic.
8:43 pm
[applause] >> i had a young man come up and introduce himself and say he was going to vote for me. asked why? he said i'll tell you. i played football in high school. i got really hurt my senior year. i had to have surgery. i got out of the surgery i was in terrible pain. and the doctor prescribed opiodes. he said i'm not embarrassed to tell you issue got hooked. and i couldn't shake it. couldn't keep getting the prescription filled, so i turned heroin, he said. he said i'm so fortunate to be standing here because about a year ago, i lost a really good friend who overdosed. we were in a car, we were doing heroin, he died. he said that just said to me, i can't keep doing this. so i went to get help but he
8:44 pm
said it took me two months to get help. because when you're ready to get help there's not enough places to go to get help. and we are losing thousands and thousands of americans of all age, but particularly young americans, under 40, and we have got to address this. so i will do everything i can within our healthcare system to remove the sigma on -- the stigma on mental health and tackle the heroin and open opiode epidemic. there are a lot of important issues and concern wes have to address in this campaign. we have to make sure that we have more affordable housing for people, particularly in our cities. we've got to make sure that we have more of a diversified economy in our rural areas. we have to make sure we
8:45 pm
revitalize our cities, like scranton and other places to be magnets to attract more business. we've got to make sure that we protect the safety net that exists. so i will never let the republicans privatize social security or medicare. and i will never let them privatize the va. we have to improve it and provide the services our veterans deserve to have so we're not going to let the koch brothers and the republicans dismantle the va. we also have to be committed to do more, to try to find ways where we are talking with confidence and optimism about
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the future. and i think that means we have to protect people's rights. we have to protect a woman's right to make her own health care decisions. [cheers and applause] we have to defend marriage equality and end discrimination against the lgbt community. we have to defend voting rights and end citizens united, which is corrupting our political system. we have to be focused on protecting workers' rights and the right to organize and bargain in a union. now, why is that? because the american labor movement happened to create -- helped to create the american middle class. i was meeting with some
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carpenters and steam fitters and electricians in pittsburgh earlier today, and they were telling me about the kind of pressure that they're under by forces in the republican party and others who are their allies to really erode the right to bargain, and i will tell you this, you do not have to be a member of a union to want their to be unions doing that because that raises the base for everybody. [cheers and applause] and i'll tell you something else i will take on. i will take on the fight for common sense gun safety measures. [cheers and applause] and i want to be really clear
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about this, base learn how to shoot a gun behind our cottage. and i know how important gun ownership and particularly hunting, is here in northeastern pennsylvania, and i want you to know that we can't ignore the second amendment and we can't ignore the 33,000 people a year who die from gun violence, and i think we are smart enough to figure out how to do that. and the gun lobby doesn't want us to figure out how to do that. they just want to keep everybody all upset and agitated. well, at some point they have to answer for that. responsible gun owners actually support what i am proposing. comprehensive background checks, closing the gunshow loophole,
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closing the online loophole. closing the halls of charlston loophole, end the special protection that congress vote for and gave to gunmakers and sellers, which means they don't have to change anything. it's the only industry in our country given that. so you know, there's a lot that could be done to make guns less accessible to kids. of those 33,000, way too many or kid finked loaded guns. playing with guns. being able to pull that trigger. i mean, safety locks and other kinds of technology would save a lot of children's lives. without infringing on one's second amendment rights. so i'm well aware i'm walking bee the buzz saw here but i
8:50 pm
can -- walking into the buzz saw here. i understand that. but i can tell you when you have met as many victims of gun violence now as i have -- because i have been visiting with people who have lost their loved ones for 25 years now. you either become totally insensitive because it is too painful, or you say to yourself, hey, come on, we're better than this. i was in philadelphia the day before yesterday, with mothers who had lost their children. i was in hartford, connecticut, yesterday, on a panel with a mother from hartford whose bright, really prompt missing 20-year-old -- promising 20-year-old son was caught in some kind of crazy gang cross-fire, just minding his own business. i was there with the daughter of
8:51 pm
the principal of sandy hook elementary school, who went when she heard the gunshots to see what she could do to stop it and was murdered. and i was there with the mother of one of the little girls who was murdered at sandy hook. and when you meet those people, as i have, when you hear their stories, can you imagine sending off your six or seven-year-old to go to school, maybe with a little backpack, and then getting a call that a man who was clearly disturbed, and should never have had access to military assault weapons, had walked in there and murdered 20 children and six adults. and there are a lots of stories like that. and we have to make this a voting issue. and responsible gun owners have to stand up and say this has nothing to do with my guns, my
8:52 pm
hunting, my sports shooting, my collecting. [cheers and applause] so i want to do this and i also want to make a pledge to you that i will do everything in my power to keep america safe. to defeat terrorists and anybody wholes threatens our country -- else who threatens our country or americans anywhere, and here's another area where trump and cruz are not just saying things that are offensive, which they are. they're saying things which are dangerous. and i want you to understand this. i went to 112 done trophies your behalf as secretary of state -- [cheers and applause] -- and i know we're not going to be able to defeat isis unless we have a coalition that includes muslim majority nations. that's how we're going to do it.
8:53 pm
and when you have someone running for president who basically says we don't want any muslims in our country, that sends a message and it sends a message which make this job of building that coalition a lot harder. and when you have ted cruz saying, hey, we need special police patrols in neighborhoods where muslims live, how that would if work, nobody can explain but envelopes that's what he said. and the nypd which i worked with close live after 9/11 during base i was a senator from new york on 9/11 -- they were just shaking their heads hearing what cruz was saying, and the chief of the department said that's an idea that doesn't go anywhere. what will we do with the 1,000 muslim american police officers we have on the nypd, and the commissioner, bill bratton 0, has has much experience in this area as anybody says ted cruz
8:54 pm
doesn't know what the hell he is talking about. [cheers and applause] >> so, look, i know some of these lines get big applause responses in these rallies that trump has, but stop and think. is that smart? does that work? does it help us? does it protect us? and the answer is no. and then he went even further and basically said he didn't care if more countries got nuclear weapons. we have been working, republicans and democrats alike, something that bob casey works on, to prevent more countries from getting nuclear weapons and having a free-for-all that brought more nuclear weapons into the world. so i'm telling you, i'm looking forward to debating them on the economy and i'm looking forward to debating them on national security because we're electing a commander-in-chief, as well as a president. [cheers and applause]
8:55 pm
so let me just close by saying this. i think one of the jobs of the next president has to take on is unifying our country. we've got too much division. it's fine to have a back and forth in a political campaign. that goes with the territory. but when the politics are over, when the came pans are done, when the elects have been held, we have to work together. diagnosing the problem is not enough. we need solutions that are going bring people to the table, and actually roll up our sleeves, and i want you to know this about me. in every job i've ever had i have worked hard to find common ground. did it as first lady, as a senator, as secretary of state. working across the aisle, finding ways to solve problems.. a lot of republicans have nice
8:56 pm
things to say about me when i'm actually working on the job. and i won't probably be publicizing all those nice things as we good forward. now, when i am actually rung for a job, my gosh, they're after me from sun up to way past sundown, i get that. and they call me names and all the rest of it. i don't mind, because what is really important is that i do what i tell you i will do. that i want you to hold me accountable for what i will do. that we will work together across every line that divides us. that we will create a future that our children and our grandchildren can have the same opportunities that should be the birthright of any americans. i am so grateful i was born in the country.
8:57 pm
i am so grateful that i had parents who understood hard work. i am so grateful that i have a chance to try to do the same for my grandchild and i want to be the champion for all of america but particularly for our children and our grandchildren, they deserve no less. let's go out and please vote on tuesday in the primary! thank you all so much! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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9:20 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> this campaign rally with hillary clinton is from pennsylvania. 15 contest on tuesday along with connecticut maryland and rhode island and delaware. republican presidential
9:21 pm
candidates donald trump was in delaware today smoky -- speaking to reporters and we will assure you that now. is just over one hour. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> 8q. this is great. we love delaware.
9:22 pm
[cheers and applause] when i left the office i asked number one by spend a fortune in delaware. nobody knows that. i said to my people we do lot of business in delaware. comedy entities to we have registered like companies? i figured two or three. 378. [cheers and applause] we have 378 entities register your to your state of delaware. i pay you a lot of money and i don't feel guilty. they may be off by a couple but they had 12 minutes to give me the answers they could be a little off the is a lot.
9:23 pm
they have great people corporately they have done an unbelievable job. [applause] i still cannot believe that but here's the bad news we will fix it. real median household income has declined by more than $10,000. since 2000. no good. i am doing my share. delaware lost one-third of the main factory jobs.
9:24 pm
and also losing one-third of the manufacturing jobs. and ted cruz supports chinese currency cheating. he voted against the amendment to try to block the currency cheating by china ted cruz voted against it as the single biggest weapon that china and other countries had against us which is destroying our businesses. he voted against it to it is almost impossible to vote against if you love our country but you know, what happens? somebody got to him and said the want you to vote against it because of the country did not want to. no more. we will endeavor. i had to have that jackass you vote against that?
9:25 pm
he did. the light ted cruz delaware was hit hard from the closing of the manufacturing plant ted cruz in john kasich killed - - will kill the oil industry in this world is a trans-pacific partnership and john kasich voted for nafta which clean our clock for years when he was a congressman and. we cannot let that happen. by the way the trans-pacific partnership is worse than that. we have to stop it. if obama wants you know, it is still good. [laughter] a couple of more because i
9:26 pm
hate to do it is so negative but it doesn't matter retests we will make great trade deals and to keep the jobs that we have here. believe me. the number of food stamp recipients in this county has increased sixfold since 2000. now we have 36,000. delaware voters are concerned of syrian refugees. is is that of believable? [booing] we acceded increase of the population we don't know where the hell they come from. they are totally
9:27 pm
undocumented and the devil large and take. and i said it would be a lot more. i write. tens of thousands of people. we want to take care of that bet we don't know where they are coming from. may have enough problems in our country. $19 trillion in debt. flight the piece of swiss cheese is our borders. we will build the wall. [cheers and applause] bill bill ball.
9:28 pm
[chanting] build the of wall. [chanting] >> i will build the. who will pay for it? they will. >> 100 percent. by larry having a good time? we have the great time considering the subject matter is no good. make a marriage has a great again. with the roles most dishonest people where did the cameras go? unbelievable. bill o'reilly said no matter where rigo more people are coming in.
9:29 pm
[cheers and applause] but bill reilly said the last night that what happened with trump is one of the biggest political even as he is ever see. in fact, it is the biggest political even to he has seen in his lifetime. the biggest political and he is april he doesn't always treated me great but that is okay. so i have to tell you that there's something going on that matter where we go alabama, 35,000 people. with one alabama and arkansas and kentucky and florida and south carolina. [cheers and applause] and new hampshire and
9:30 pm
connecticut and why did we win two days ago with record numbers? new york. [cheers and applause] could you know, what is nice about winning york? really? it not headed is dated we have almost every delegate but 62 percent you have three people riding is almost impossible to break 50 and we have 62% her gore really. [cheers and applause] but what it is nice you don't know me as well you just take all my money with the taxes. [laughter] but i have known delaware for a long time it is the great place we will get a bed of the bad stuff and we have to do that at the federal level for you cannot allow policy to allow china
9:31 pm
or mexico or japan or vietnam or policy that allows these businesses to be written out of the estate like candy from a baby. and very public and the thing i have every - - ever done foreign that kind of love margent not just the size of europe tuesday that ice is part they know you so well in the york a record-setting number is a great tribute. i just wanted to get over 58 never thought of it that way.
9:32 pm
i went over the york state to fight now well syracuse and rochester and other places poughkeepsie f long island and all over and it is interesting i ask for it and save the statistician our jobs are taken there is nothing of good our country doesn't win you just look it is a saving. delaware syracuse or new york incredible people in
9:33 pm
the iteration is good would much rather read it but it is to say that the jobs are stripped if you rise through some of these communities you see all the closures and now is stripped we will not lead happen anymore we're not the dummy. [cheers and applause] it is terrible for i even said when they gave me this is statistics why do i need them?
9:34 pm
all i have to do is get up in said manufacturing down is the place cases you have to say local politics but the big megadeal is what is happening at of the leadership we don't know what the hell we're doing helium's in cuba nobody is there to greet him. here is the difference no problem with cuba of by the way just trying to make a deal ever like the better deal but nobody is there airforce one is pretty big.
9:35 pm
but that was not the head of the state of the big leaders and not there to greet him. do you know, what i would say? i and the president of the united states. we don't have anybody so bomb gets off the playing. i said pilot? go back to washington. [cheers and applause] i love the cuban people and the saudis its friday. let's have some fun.
9:36 pm
i have all the time in the world. let's just have some fun. we will add apple and co's start making their products in our country. watch. [cheers and applause] talk about free trade what has that done to the country? the matter where i go look at what has happened but i don't believe in being stupid or these deals i tell this story a couple of times he is so watered but a friend of mine is dying for it is very sad the toughest guy he begins all successful
9:37 pm
barely a tough person and then he gets sick and was supposed be dead one year ago he just as good genetics. the doctor says i cannot believe it. he is alive longer than he should be. it reminds me of our country we have been abused so long by horrible deals the best military but is decimated with cuts and problems
9:38 pm
really is on every single front it is hard to believe they're not stupid they give major campaign contributions tease -- [booing] but the debt keeps larger now is 19 trillion the omnibus bill funds the syrians takes care of illegal immigration it keeps finding obamacare which is a disaster we will repeal and replace it shows you just
9:39 pm
our country -- no greater country is that could be abused by politicians or so incompetence but we are sitting on a big fat bubbles but like no other. we better get going fast. because we love our country right? [cheers and applause] my family says where you doing this? were you going tomorrow? i get that by the morning that i travel to was state
9:40 pm
far away and another and another that i am all about 1:00 in the morning and i get up to 6:00. my daughter says white you do that? i said because it is very simple this country has been so good to me. i'd rather not i wish we had somebody had appeared there was a republican or democrat i could care less. if we had a great president we need a great president because we are in trouble. [cheers and applause] >> i told my wi-fi wish we had a great president the republicans and conservative. either in jeb bush says he is not a conservative. why?
9:41 pm
because i want to have free trade that is fine. then we are outsmarted would use the best in the finest. we have the smartest people in the world on our side. political hacks with no ability whatsoever with those master deals far bigger than the engaged company that is small compared to their trade deals soviets political hacks to negotiate the biggest deals in the world those of are the smartest but they're very high energy and made a lot of money
9:42 pm
negotiating with china you have a lot of stuff but the people are grey i am not a grant mexico to pay as sells - - cent cars by the millions it is a one-way street. it has to end to river call upon your credit card your talking to a person from india. how does that work?
9:43 pm
i say we're you from? on his action finding out if this is true. we are from india. great. that is wonderful that is all i needed. india is a great place i am not upset with other leaders but our leaders to be so stupid they were tired and disgusted working longer hours and a second job which he never did before it is supposed to be the other way. now they're working harder and make less money and then
9:44 pm
people say there is a lot of vague right or rallies. for there actually happy people. the good kerry -- the governor haley from south carolina back somebody else. but lt. governor back to me in the governor back to somebody else. i said i won the lieutenant governor. but the tv made as speech
9:45 pm
supply lines we're going crazy. i was supposed to say dodo. but i say this always. we are incredible people we have seen the people. hard-working incredible people above the adriatic system we give all our money away military views every protect every country we spend any time said every and other countries since on the military. no is year from dover?
9:46 pm
i bet it did use some uplifting? but we are defending other countries we are spending so much money we defended japan and south korea. no dummy. if you and that could take over no dummy. but i think he is a little bit off. his uncle was cut to about 40 pieces. and i have building is in south korea. the problem is is a economic
9:47 pm
behemoth but when i want television to come from south korea it comes from japan but south korea u.s. amazon and lg we don't make television city board. one guy said why doesn't somebody say we do have a television company? its a little company that assembles parts but the parts come from south korea. these people are so bad. remember there with a donald trump boat ride and. don't worry about it. and then iran. they said he will not file the forum where you sign your life away. i filed that. then they said this is
9:48 pm
getting ridiculous. heel gold file the financials for you can push that offer ever hear that have extended as far as luggage you want i said i will have them filed a 30 day period. the biggest in the history of the federal elections almost 100 pages here's what happens. so i tell my accountants from washington and i spend a fortune it is so complicated. by the way my tax is lower than anybody else by far the middle-class for business at total simplification. you don't have to use h&r block anymore. [cheers and applause] great for business sanders of a class.
9:49 pm
so i filed my papers and these guys it is like a feeding frenzy a feeding frenzy in washington tuesday wait a minute. this is terrible. but then a friend said i am just a private person and they try to pretend but they don't. but now i know. here is the company this phenomenal. i borrowed $1 million and
9:50 pm
now it is worth over $10,000,000,000.1 of the greatest assets of the world. from miami and scotland office buildings and all over the place. very little debt. one of the great companies but here's the story. i don't say that to brag the because that is the kind of thinking in our country needs until they get the mystery about. [cheers and applause] we need that. really need it. people that don't have a clue. obamacare never employed one person in his life. think about that. [booing] think of that. radical islamic terrorism he will not mention the words did you to see what happens. you can see with the 14 people killed many injured
9:51 pm
in california he doesn't want to a knowledge that. he will never acknowledged it. why can't he say radical islamic terrorism? because unless you talk about you will not solve the problem. [cheers and applause] so this started on a june 16 when i came down the escalator with i wife and a look at trump tower is a look like the academy awards with so much press. the place was packed i have never seen anything like it. even here we have a lot. they never showed a crowd. they never show the crowd. with bernie sanders and hillary clinton they cannot talk about it is a small
9:52 pm
lead to a hundred people but with bernie sanders if he has a big crowd they --. he did not have a 25. there were not 28,000 but with me? they never do i was an alabama 35,000 people or more. you don't see it they keep the cameras on the then i go on to say to my wife to reduce the that? is sounded big but they never show that. the only thing i like about the protesters that as soon as somebody raises their hand they start shouting the cameras follow the of the then and then people see how big the crowds are. look at this friday afternoon.
9:53 pm
and bernie sanders is out is i really want to run against cricket hillary. [cheers and applause] all the polls say if it is donald trump against cricket hillary clinton and seriously hit will be dead greatest turnout of voters in the history of the united states. i believe that. think of this. how about this? ted cruz? it doesn't work. first of all, she would beat him so badly no chance. look at what happened to him this weekend just this week he lost to john kasich he came in third place he is so embarrassed he walked away
9:54 pm
from the cameras. he caved in third. howled? i will bid new york against hillary clinton. i think i will win new york and michigan and pennsylvania. [cheers and applause] of course, delaware but we know that. [cheers and applause] and by more than 20 points i was expected to win but just to show you the system is rigged that is why we have to win every night a passed ball and go. in the fighters -- the fighters have a great expression. if i got them out there is nothing a judge can do.
9:55 pm
we have millions more votes than ted cruz said john kasich almost 300 more delegates and then to take them out to dinner. it is such sacred system but john kasich is one / 38. but ted cruz said that john kasich should get out because he is so far down in the woods went to present to restate now there is no path to victory they can and when
9:56 pm
they get out, when they get out. we will start on hillary clinton and like nobody has ever seen. [cheers and applause] we will have an unbelievable time. who is the least one to run against? trump. 17 senators? like ben carson who endorsed the is incredible and smart. and chris christie the governor of new jersey is great. but look what he did to one after the other. now there is no path maybe i am left with one-and-a-half. maybe just one.
9:57 pm
a half and half. [laughter] that is what bill reilly said. with senators and governors at the highest level in this one person from the campaign that the person she was to the struggle against is strong. it's true. the word unpredictable how bad a few months ago we sent
9:58 pm
50 of the finest military people? we are sending 50 of the finest. why? when you say 50 people isn't enough. but in terms of schering somebody -- schering somebody that they are being looked for and i have friends in the military is say that was so devastating why are you announcing this? they want to have some type of political benefit so we
9:59 pm
said he is doing a little camouflage. . .
10:00 pm
>> you have heard that too, right? so can you imagine the guys like george patton, the guys that are rough and tough? and first of all, he would never be a general today.
10:01 pm
and he would be right up there with him. and they said we can't really hurt anyone or do anything. and we don't know what we are doing. and you don't want to talk about it because it's a tough question and take a look at his answer. and then by the way on the
10:02 pm
defense, i was center stage for every single debate. and all of the things that would happen, happening to us as a nation. and it's making us look foolish and stupid. and some carriers making air-conditioners. they announced that they are laying off 1400 people, moving
10:03 pm
to mexico. and it was a vicious announcement. like you have an upper mid-level managing guy. and so ford is building $2.5 billion plan two years ago. and now they are doubling up. and nobody tells them of consequences. they have no consequences, nobody. take any of them. take any of them.
10:04 pm
[inaudible] they would be falling asleep after 20 minutes. but honestly, i probably wouldn't be here. and so we are going to be very presidential. and most importantly have to be really proud of your country. you have to be really proud of your country. and i told my wife come i said, you know, it's going to be tough
10:05 pm
for me because i want to make this work. but the president of the united states and i love doing it, other people go away for weeks and weeks. and i went up from my father. my father was a hard worker who worked hard and he never took occasions. and he's going nuts and said his son, i just had to get back. that means you love your life. i don't take vacations. unlike obama where he takes the plane and flies to hawaii. he takes a boeing 747 and he flies it to hawaii to play golf and then he talks about global warming. he talks about global warming, is that person okay? is that person okay?
10:06 pm
is everything good? we love our people, right? we love our people. [cheers] [applause] [cheers] [cheers] [applause] >> those are the people that we love. those are the really great people. is that right? those are the people that we love. and so he flies the 747 like two or three weeks and he plays more golf than anyone that plays professionally on the pga tour
10:07 pm
map. and i like golf, but you have to get down to business. we have to get down to business. here is what is going to happen. we are going to tell carrier they he let go of 1400 people. same conversation. and so you have to see them early because if you don't see them early they're going to move in its too late. they see them it is a little bit different. and here is the deal. the deal is you're going to pay 35% tax on every air-conditioner unit that you send and here is what is going to happen. whether it is ted cruz, john
10:08 pm
kasich, hillary cruise, the owners are going to call them and save you cannot do that. you cannot do that. these people gave you millions of dollars and they will say, okay, you are right, i cannot do this. but with me, i am self-funded and i'm not going to take their money. [cheers] [applause] and so here is the story. they're going to try to have people do this, we are losing our jobs, we are losing our money and we are getting killed. we are getting killed. so i am going to wait and within 24 hours i'm going to call the president. mr. president, we have decided to stay in the united states. or if they have already moved i will say enjoy your plant. but every single time bending
10:09 pm
unit crosses are very powerful and strong border because the we will be there, you are paying a tax. and one of two things is going to happen. they are either coming back or we are going to make a heck of a lot of money collecting taxes, folks. and so if you look, our government has been working on this problem for five years. stopping companies from leaving. they have said that we will give them incentives, we will try to lower taxes a little bit with the highest tax in the world by far. number one, they don't even bother talking. and even if they did, there is only one thing you can do and they have been looking at all sorts of things. i am a free trader, but we have super people negotiating. i love free trade, it is great.
10:10 pm
the country is being wiped out. so you just say if you're going to move, that is great, when you make that product whatever it might be, you're going to pay a heck of a tax. and nobody's going to move, it is going to be so simple. they are trying to devise highly sophisticated plans -- and they don't even know what the term means, corporate invasion. we have companies that have trillions of dollars can and will be outside of the country. the republicans and the democrats agree that they want the money brought in and the government cannot make a deal. because we do not have a leader and obama. i would make a deal to have that product within 15 minutes. the democrats and the republicans in the oval office and i would have them agree because we are leaving that
10:11 pm
money. and you know what is happening? because they cannot get their money back in, and everyone wanted to come back and, because they want that money in and they cannot do it, companies are leaving to get their money. how stupid are we? and so when i started this entire journey. when i started this journey i was coming down the escalator with melania. nothing i wanted to do. i love what i was doing. but i made so many friends that i made going to rent. we have millions of people, the republicans. [cheers] [applause] you know, the republican party was not exactly a hot party. we lost so many of these presidential elections and we were getting smaller and smaller and the path is harder.
10:12 pm
and i said last election, mitt romney should have won it. it was a failed election. he they didn't do a good job of a lost election. and john mccain had a tough one because the economy was not doing so great. i backed john mccain and i backed that romney and i said this somewhere doing it ourselves and we are going to win. we are going to win, believe me. [cheers] [applause] and i hear a guy like john kasich say are you the best against hillary clinton? not one person has hit him yet with a negative ad. winning hit him until some of the problems of ohio until some of his history, he will get slaughtered by hillary. i have had 55,000 negative ads and i won florida in a landslide, i won new york in a landslide and i will win them in the general election. pennsylvania is coming up. it is a big one and we are doing
10:13 pm
great there. we have a lot of great ones coming. anyone from maryland? maryland, maryland. i was there last night, same thing. we are going to do great all over because people are tired of being pushed around. people are tired of being led by stupid people. so we are going to start winning again. you know, you have a chance to do something great but the key is that on tuesday the have to get out and vote. a great writer on the other side of the plan, but that is okay, he calls up and says can i ask you a question, how does it feel. and i said how does one feel. what you have done has never been done before in the history of americans and in the history of america and i said in all fairness, i am a messenger, honestly, i am a messenger, i'm
10:14 pm
not a bad messenger but i am a messenger. and what we have done is decades and decades and we can't make the kind of changes that are so easy to make. and if i didn't make it, i mean
10:15 pm
it. if i had my choice, i wish that i never would've wasted my time. but they say that, but they are wrong. so you have to get out and you have to vote. and you have to remember this afternoon and you have to remember more importantly that vote. in the military is in shambles. the guys can tell you. we are going to rebuild the military and we are going to make it so big and strong and public and nobody's going to mess with us. they are not even going to talk about it. and they talk about me that i am the one they didn't want to go into iraq.
10:16 pm
and i said if you're going to go there you're going to destabilize the middle east. i world a book two years before the world trade center came down and i talked about osama bin laden and i talked about -- and some of the pundits said no way. we should have taken them out. and he probably would've had the world trade center standing. instead what happened was what happened. we want to take the military, we are going to make it strong and good and hopefully we will never have to use it and that nobody is going to play with us. you look at what russia is doing with nuclear weapons, with russia, the bases, they are building bases all over, we are closing everything up. and this is a time almost more than any time in the history of the country where we need really strong and quick and powerful prelate à la military.
10:17 pm
and so with the military we are going to take care of the veterans who are great people and they are not being treated properly. [cheers] [applause] >> the veterans are not being treated properly and we will take care of the veterans and we are going to get rid of common core and bring education back. [cheers] >> we are going to terminate obamacare and have great health care and we are going to come up with great things. and there are so many options, folks. we are going to protect the second amendment. [cheers] [applause] and so we are going to really have a strong border and we're going to have a law and mexico is going to pay for the wall.
10:18 pm
we are going to let people come into our country and we want people to come to the country, but they are going to come in legally. so you are going to cast the vote and in four years and in 10 years and 25 in 25 years you're going to remember this day and remember to say when you cast your vote and your going to say that it was the greatest and we are going to start winning again, we are going to win with our military and knock the heck out of isis. [cheers] [applause] >> we are going to take care of all that and education and health care and we are going to have strong borders, and we are going to make great trade deals. we are going to save social security without cuts and we are going to save medicare. i am the only one that says that. everyone else wants to cut social security and you have been paying for for years and we are going to bring the wealth back your country so that we can afford to have social security and medicare.
10:19 pm
[cheers] and delaware, we are going to start winning again, we are going to win in so many ways, and you are going to remember this time and you are going to say that that is when america became great again. so you're going to be very proud. [cheers] >> you're going to be very proud of your president and much more importantly you are going to be so proud, again, you're going to be so proud, more so than you ever were, i know the people of this country and i have seen so many people at rallies like this, the people are incredible. and we are going to make america great again and may be greater than ever before. we have a chance to be greater than ever before. but if we have to go through
10:20 pm
four more years of obama to hillary i don't know that our country can never be brought back. so i would like to thank you very much. this is an honor. go out and vote. and we will make america great again. thank you and i love you all. [cheers] [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:21 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:22 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ you can't always get what you want ♪ ♪ ♪ you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you you can't always get what you
10:23 pm
want but sometimes you get what you need. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:24 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> there is more tomorrow with ted cruz ted cruz will be there tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. eastern
10:25 pm
on c-span. >> tomorrow, a final attendance. >> it turns out that jeb bush identified himself as hispanic and 2009. >> join us at 6:00 p.m. eastern on c-span.
10:26 pm
on saturday, april 30. >> the republican national committee finished its annual spring meeting in hollywood, florida. and later, the nonprofit group talks about the 2016 race and recommendations for changing the electoral system. >> reince priebus call for unity within the party on friday by asking committee members to support whoever ends up with the republican nomination for president. members spoke about preparations for the upcoming convention in cleveland. this is one hour 10 minutes. >> okay, i would like to call the meeting to order and i would like to call upon the national committeewoman for north dakota to give us the invitation.
10:27 pm
>> would you please all rise? >> we pray to you will continue to fill them with courage and give them your peace. we ask that you strengthen us, restore us and inspire us with their lot. please help us to listen before speaking and be respectful and considerate of each other. please guide our hearts as we make our decision. we seek you personally do together. may the military men and women and founders be strong and know you and also recognize that you are in their midst and keep them safe from those that conspire against them trade in your name we pray, amen.
10:28 pm
>> okay, i would like to call upon peter to lead us in the pledge of allegiance. >> thank you, mr. chairman. please join with me to pledge the symbol of freedom. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> i would like to call on the national committeewoman from kentucky. >> we welcome the committeewoman from -- of alaska, sorry about
10:29 pm
that. and the national committeeman for montana. chris warner is going to serve as chairman of the proxy committee and i would like to ask appointed members to convene on the side of the room to consider any submitted proxies in the council office to your right. >> alabama, paul reynolds and vicki drummond. [roll call] [roll call]
10:30 pm
[roll call]
10:31 pm
[roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call]
10:32 pm
[roll call] and. [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call]
10:33 pm
[roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call]
10:34 pm
[roll call] and. [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call]
10:35 pm
[roll call] [roll call] [roll call] [roll call] has anyone joined the meeting whose name was not captured on the role? goint?
10:36 pm
mr. chairman we have a quorum. >> thank you suzie. excuse me, there we go. the practicing committee. chris warner for the report. chris, go ahead. without objection the report on the proxy commission is accepted all right rule number eight per ran a of our rules requirement requirement agenda the central members at least 10 days prior to meeting. in front of you as a file -- final agenda and without objection we will conduct today's business with that agenda. hearing no root -- objection. hearing no objections and i call upon the committee to approve the minutes of the 2016 winter winter meeting. do i hear motion? is there any discussion? seeing none those in favor say
10:37 pm
aye. those opposed, no. the ayes have it. we have now won newly-elected state chairman and it's my pleasure to introduce the victor cruz if he is here state chairman for guam. is that your hear? we will see congratulations anyway. tell him welcome to the rnc, okay? [applause] well good afternoon everyone. and welcome, i guess good morning and welcome to the spring meeting. i want to get started with a short video that we produced that clarifies what happens at our nomination convention. you can find this act convention tracts.g.o.p.. why don't we play the video. >> a lot of talk about a broke and convention -- brokered convention. >> there has been a lot of talk
10:38 pm
about what might or might not happen at g.o.p. convention in cleveland so today i want to try to summarize everything for a simple explanation. there are only two scenarios, just two. the first is called having a presumptive nominee. that's when a candidate gains 37 delegates before the convention. the second having no convention. in the past its it's called broque or come contested, whatever. what it actually is open. let's quickly go through both scenarios. the first scenario for canada becomes a presumptive nominee when he acquires a majority of delegates and 50% of the total number of delegates plus one which is 1237. the majority, the minority does not win. most of these delegates are found according to the respective party rule and sometimes the case law in conjunction with the primaries and caucuses that occur across the country. if this sounds familiar it should read this is the way things usually go.
10:39 pm
all right let's switch gears and look at the second scenario. an open convention. the goal here still to reach 1237 delegates. being open means no candidate has won a majority of delegates in the primaries or caucuses so the candidate to try to win a majority in the convention could take more than one ballot he i'm sure you are thinking two or the delegates and how did they get hear? the majority of delegates are elected by people that show up to their respective states party conventions or caucuses. they can also be elected if a voter cast his or her ballot for the presidential candidate of their choice but all these decisions are governed by state party rules and what we are talking about here is grassroots. most of the delegates are found based on the results of their primary caucuses or state conventions but most are only found during the first ballot of voting. if voting goes the second bout the majority of delegates now
10:40 pm
become unbound and can vote their personal preference. how about the rules that govern the convention? those are made by the convention rules committee which is made up of delegates. two delegates per state. one man and one woman who are elected. state delegation pool. the committee will meet and determine the rules for the 2016 convention. they will write a report which is presented to the convention floor. at that point of photo vault the delegates on the floor will take place to make the 2016 convention rules official. many still don't understand why this is all necessary. why can't the role stay the same for each convention? listening, if you are delegate you would want to be governed by the rule of past conventions. there's a reason by the rules that govern run these delegates should be used to govern you. after all this is a new convention for new candidates. a few final points. the republican national committee's role in the convention is to simply assure the proper role.
10:41 pm
the role is to represent. lastly this seems a little crazy and unprecedented so you may be wondering is it the course? absolute. in fact six of the g.o.p. open convention that produce a nominee one on two the president okay in summary there are only two possible scenarios. either candidate reaches 1237 delegates to become the presumptive nominee or there's an open convention. if you have more questions visit convention.g.o.p.. you can find all the information on the upcoming g.o.p. convention. we will see you there. [applause] >> as you all know we have taken the initiative to push back against the misconceptions floating around out there. the rules for how we choose the nominee have been transparent and effective for decades and this year is no different. i will say more about the convention and the process in a little bit but i want to keep
10:42 pm
the rest of my remarks brief. i'm proud of what we have done at the rnc over the last few years to put our party in prime position to win this election. we are holding our convention in cleveland in the heart of one of the most influential battlegrounds in the states of america. our digital and data teams are adding staff and executing strategies across multiple platforms to raise money and connect with voters on line. our national field organizations make an important difference in registering new republican voters in those states with a permanent field presents all of america. republicans have soared by over 70% since 2012. these accomplishments are significant but they will mean very little unless we unite around whoever our nominee will be. it is essential to victory in november that we all support our candidate. this goes for everyone by do you
10:43 pm
are county party chairman and rnc member for a presidential candidate. politics is a team sport and we can't win unless we rally around whoever becomes our nominee. i want to prove the doubters wrong and show that republicans are going to stand side-by-side with each other, stronger than ever before. our candidates have a special opportunity to show leadership on that front. our candidates are running for the nomination of the republican party. they are trying out for our team no one is forcing them to wear our jersey. we expect our candidates to support our party and our eventual nominee. [applause] now i know that our candidates are going to try to say some things to attract attention.
10:44 pm
that's part of politics but we all need to get behind the nominee. unity makes the impossible possible and division makes the possible and impossible. scripture warns us about how the root of bitterness can easily damage unity in the church but the songs also describe how good and pleasant it is when god's people dwell in unity. the same applies for our party. millions of americans are going to vote in november that they are making decisions right now about who they will vote for down the line. the sooner republicans unite, the sooner we will show america we are the only party ready to leave the course correction america is waiting for. [applause] that brings me to my second . as you saw from the video we are working hard to lay out what
10:45 pm
might happen at our convention. i think it's a good reminder to remember the preamble to the rnc rules which says, be it resolved the republican party is the party of the open door. ours is the party of liberty, the party of equality in the party of opportunity for all and favoritism to none. our duty is to be the party that lives up to the ideals put forth in our preamble and that's exactly what we are doing at the rnc as we prepare for a fair democratic and transparent convention. in march, we launched our convention facts.g.o.p. web site to make sure everyone is fully informed about what might take place at our convention. a few weeks ago we launched our grassroots assistance project to welcome come educate and engage engage -- delegates to the 2016 republican national convention. the nomination process goes on
10:46 pm
we are preparing for all possible scenarios. we might have a nominee by july or we might have a nominee for a balloting process at the convention. the rules say you have to have 1237 delegates to be the nominee we aren't going to hand the nomination to anyone with a plurality that matter how close they get 21237. you need a majority. [applause] and as the old phrase goes, close only counts in poor shoes and hand grenades. we all remember the fight in 2009 over obamacare when it looked like obama was going to be three votes short. we didn't say oh he's almost there, just give it to him. you had to get a majority. thomas jefferson wrote where the lob the majority ceases to be acknowledge, there are government ends.
10:47 pm
we don't abide by the majority we don't honor one of the bedrock values of american government. majority rule is as american as apple pie and opening day. if no candidate reaches a majority about delegates during the process we will go to an open or contested convention. the balloting process is nothing new to our party. it's a way we have done things since the 1800's. they take abraham lincoln three ballots to get a majority in 1860. heck it took me seven ballots to become chairman of the rnc. a big landslide. the process of writing the rules will also be completely above board. having a committee right to set rules that govern the body isn't unique to the republican national committee. it's true for the boy scouts or the rotary club or any other group that has an organizational structure. it only makes sense that the
10:48 pm
2016 convention is governed by rules written by the 2016 delegates. the rules would be presented to an voted on by the entire slate of delegates on the floor. everyone is going to have a chance to see and vote on the proposed changes if there are any. fairness and transparency will be the hallmark of our convention. the whole world will be watching the democratic process at work. we are excited to show off the best our party has to offer. regardless of when we get a nominee the bottom line is republicans will leave cleveland united and ready to win in november. [applause] there is another thing we need to do. we need to stop hillary clinton. the come -- the country can the country can't can afford it dishonest career flip-flopper who's chomping at the bit to
10:49 pm
rubberstamp for the obama extreme agenda. we know she wants to apply a left-wing justices to the supreme court to make president obama's loveless presents a permanent and treat the constitution as a doormat. our party is focused on the future but she wants to drag us back to the 1990s again. i'm sure hearst server still uses windows 95. we don't know where the server is. speaking of which the fbi investigation into her secret e-mail server is still going full speed ahead. we are seeing wormer staffers giving immunity to testify. if that's not a sign of trouble i don't know what is. our rnc coming education team is working around-the-clock to hold her accountable for her track record of coverups and dishonesty. we are making sure americans know she can't be trusted in the white house.
10:50 pm
[applause] and by the way we have almost record turnout for the media at our rnc meeting this week that they never miss an opportunity to drive the message so you've probably noticed if you want to access the wi-fi the password was hillary can't be trusted. everyone at the media players had to type that into get onto wi-fi. [applause] you know the clinton machine is on the warpath against republicans because they are desperate to hide all of their flaws in their own candidacy. they are in the ditch. they know americans don't like her. they know americans don't trust her. we need to be prepared or how they are going to throw everything but the kitchen sink at our candidates because it's their only hope to victory, to race to the bottom. in the ditch where they are. in conclusion we know the stakes
10:51 pm
are higher than ever in this election. if we don't win in 2016 future generations may never know the kind of freedom and prosperity that is marked our nation from its birth. that might sound dramatic but i think it's true. it may be more difficult than ever for a party to make the case for our values in the face of the president who wants to put the obama agenda on steroids. it's not going to happen on our watch. it's going to happen because we are going to come together. there is inspiration for us in that great look about lincoln's presidency that came out a few years ago, team arrivals. there were four men running to be the republican nominee in 1860. whoever won was going to lead our nation in the face of the gathering storm. but we know the end of the story.
10:52 pm
lincoln won the nomination but the three of the men running that year went on to rally around him and later he was served in his cabinet. they had their differences to be sure but even though all four often disagreed with each other they didn't just take their marbles and go home. they knew the challenges facing the country were too steep to justify splintering apart. they work together because they know was the right thing to do for the country they loved. we as republicans today are bound together by the same shared love of country. we know the american story is precious and the freedoms we enjoy are not easy to keep. the legendary packers coach once again you are going to hear from vince lombardi. he once said the achievement of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.
10:53 pm
i know that each of us does our part right now and if we do that our efforts will amount to something great. there is no other group of people i would rather be in the trenches with than all of you here today. your patriotism is true. your convictions are clear. i am proud to be carrying on the fight with you. there is no limit to what we as a party can accomplish together. let's make this year a republican year together together. let's put a republican president back in the white house together thank you and god bless you. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, thank you very
10:54 pm
much. all right and now i call upon my partner in all of this our cochair sharon day. sharon. [applause] >> with that glasses on, right? good morning and thank you mr. chairman and on behalf of my fellow florida national committee members blazoned peter we want to thank all of you for coming to our home state of florida for this rnc quarterly meeting. i want to thank them for their hard work and the service they provide not only for our party but for our state and for our country and i want to thank tory and rebecca katie and anna catherine for making our florida sunshine even brighter with their efforts this week. [applause] and i want to thank cheyenne and mike and steve for showing us that on tuesday it was 5:00 somewhere.
10:55 pm
[applause] this november we are committed to make sure that with you we are back in the republican column and that we make sure that we elect the next president of the united states a proud principled republican. now i know in this room some of us did not get our first choice as a candidate and maybe not even get our second or third choice for that matter but i want to remind you that the ultimate choice we will base in november is a choice between our republican candidate and a lying hypocritical untrustworthy candidate by the name of hillary clinton or a socialist turned democrat by the name of bernie sanders. if either of these candidates were elected we will all be feeling the burn and unfortunately that ernbel be heartburn. with the choices the democrats are offering it means means that
10:56 pm
our only choice is to work as hard as we can to make sure that we win and not just for our party but for our country. we started with 17 candidates, 17 well-qualified and principled candidates who sought our g.o.p. nomination. we are now down to three and along the way there have been days that we have heard and seen things are candidates and their supporters have said that made us cringe a little. sometimes they made us want to reach our tv and used up a rental block on our television. and sometimes they even made us wonder why are we working so hard when it seems that our efforts are misrepresented and criticized by so many and all we are trying to do is make a difference that i know that some of these things have been hurtful because they hurt me and they upset me but as republicans, as in this room
10:57 pm
know that we are strong and we know that we are positive about our opportunities and about our future. we see the best in our party. we see the best in our country and we understand that the republican party is made up of hundreds of thousands of volunteers that believe in the greatness of what you do and what our party does and what america is about, just like you and just like me. we understand that we are hopeful joyful party that truly believes that our country is a proud beacon of hope and opportunity for every individual notches in our country but around the world. but we can sometimes get caught up watching that media about our republican party. we get caught up in what is being said about who and by whom and we wonder, we wonder is the party how can we ever come together again, but we will.
10:58 pm
we will be united in to make this happen i have a little bit of advice, just change the channel. stop watching and really start listening to what the democrats want to do to our country, to our military, to our values come into our children's future, to our freedom, to our america and after watching and listening to the democrats if you need motivation to unite our party just think of the possibility of hillary clinton or bernie sanders becoming commander-in-chief of the greatest country in the world because that will unite each of us. [applause] think of what the american military would be like with hillary clinton. the military would have a commander-in-chief who has no problems lying to the families of american soldiers on why and how they died our men and women
10:59 pm
in uniform would have a commander-in-chief who while serving as secretary of state has had one failed foreign-policy after that and remember when she was asked and given the choice to see if she regretted any of her failed positions, she didn't take that opportunity. internally she placed the blame directly on the failures of barack obama because all she was doing was simply giving him advice. now that's not true leadership. our military men and women serve us better. the bottom line or military men and women would have a commander-in-chief that they couldn't trust, that they couldn't respect and who would be unworthy of their salute. so what does america's economy look like under clinton? ..
11:00 pm
11:01 pm
>> to continue the war on the unborn and honesty and integrity and ethics would now be taught in history class because with hillary in charge those values and qualities and principles and the character of our country will become history with hillary her appointments to the supreme court to take away second the amendment rights and freedom to rewrite the constitution that is what awaits america if we don't do our job to fully support whoever the nominee as we unite behind them our party is at a crossroads we will either be distracted by the noise or focused on defeating the enemy in the solution for
11:02 pm
america. as for me i choose to be focused on hillary clinton. working with women's groups across the country we're registering like minded women we're reaching out to those individuals thanks to our team and political wikipedia can identify prospects of everyone in our states working with quality we will get these individuals registered to vote republican, november because women will not automatically go for hillary clinton because she says she is for women be honest she says constantly in keeps repeating it that it makes it the truth but the truth is it pays women the same as men that is something that hillary clinton has not done
11:03 pm
in this campaign to be tens of millions of dollars of your family's foundation when it comes from saudi arabia and kuwait and other countries that commit atrocities. and a violation of you women's human rights. the truth is to step up to call boko haram a terrorist curb -- group but definitely after they did. we know that they will not do that. to set an example that even a high percentage of democratic women hillary failed on trustworthiness or honesty. of the vast right to swing
11:04 pm
conspiracy but her pro quo dash her inability to tell the truth and a willingness to put national security for her convenience through her server. being. woman be installing the mother the grandmother and a wife and a sister of those loved ones you died in benghazi the truth of what happened to their loved ones in hillary clinton still has failed to do that instead of looking at them to tell the truth she believes those families for misunderstanding for those allies that she told them. before we walk into any group or to the media to talk about what the democrats in hillary clinton have in store for this country. i know who will be our nominee but i do know that whoever he is better for my
11:05 pm
children and grandchildren than hillary clinton could ever be on her best day. [applause] that is why i am focus to defeat hillary clinton to save america cover restoring our freedom to make our country better for the next generation. to be concerned better equipped to lead to great is the and hillary clinton. i am asking you to join me so we're part of a leadership team. and to keep the party focused on the job at hand and to take back the white house together as we continue to elective re-elect senators and house members join me with our leadership team over
11:06 pm
children and grandchildren in the next generation that tells though world america is still that bright shining city on a hill. may god bless each of you in this place we call our home, united states of america. godspeed on our jury together. god bless. [applause] >> 8q. tony parker? >> good morning. i will start by saying that financial decision of the rnc is strong today was $16 million on here and italy 1.8 million of debt.
11:07 pm
but we are on target to remain financially strong in the election cycle through the end of the year. december 31st projected to have a least $6 million i must say we are in the open election world none of us could have imagined. and for those of you know swans are never black. there always white except once a million years out pops the black swan. the concept was popularized by the writer in his book the black swan the impact of the highly improbable. the essence of his work that the world is massively impacted by evens that our rare in difficult to predict.
11:08 pm
markets and politics need to be taken seriously this is a black swan even and in the opening event -- conventions don't occur until the new law -- they do. do because of the machinery and defiance playing in place is managing the applications of the black swan yvette we have been good stewards to attend are many in the big dinner means managing the financial disruptions caused by the fact to probably not have a presumptive nominee excuse me candidate prior to the convention. the five distaff -- the
11:09 pm
finance staff has it there metrics every month but there is a delay coming about because of a presidential candidate. historically we had a presumptive nominee and at that point we have a joint fund-raising agreement. in a normal election your that normally opens in may. thought the delay of the joint fund-raising revenue only has one major impact to cause a delay to the battleground states from may through august. and as other than that it hasn't been impacted the bottom line to put into
11:10 pm
place to affect the nomination is fully operational except for the field staff that will be deployed as soon as it is over the financial integrity is found and sound and will remain so throughout this election cycle. now turn to a conspiracy -- comparison. darr february we raise to detonate 11 billion in the dnc has only raised 3 million how will they come up with the other 9 billion? they have a 7.3 billion of cash as the end of february. the bottom line is we have 60 million on hand we only
11:11 pm
use 1.8 million of the light of credit. in addition we are proving a budget in this meeting that we will be debt free at the end of the year with over $6 million of cash. finally i want to thank the administrative staff we are in a very fast-moving financial landscape. bob and his team are doing a terrific job to anticipate and responding to those changes. the division directors are able to rely on that data to make those decisions no way the financial information is accurate and timely. and a. >> it has been remarkable and wonderful job. calling on our general counsel.
11:12 pm
>> i keep expecting as we fast forward to the past few weeks to hear the chairman's voice on the intercom to say this is your captain speaking. i have turned on the seat belt sign because we are experiencing unexpected turbulence. [laughter] we are in interesting times as we begin our approach i would remind you the primary season of its ending june june 7th but that is not the event. not even the beginning of the end but the end of the beginning because there are certain things you have to do was the primary is over as cynosure in delegation
11:13 pm
has been elected so was they have been elected and selected you have to certify the delegates to the secretary we will do this with the website this time. she will be contacting your state of how to log into use certified the delegates to the deadlines so as soon is to get instructions please follow them to certify your delegates chairman dash will
11:14 pm
give a formal report on the business yesterday but i have to tell you i you feeling around in my pocket all morning and i have not found any change. [laughter] the committee was of the view that here we are less then 90 days of the convention rules committee will meet and to draft the rules it is inappropriate for the standing committee to make further changes or recommendations to the convention. a lot of questions i urge you to go to the web site if you have questions about the
11:15 pm
process please call me be will be happy to respond to your question is to make sure you understand the process to your constituents finally i want to say th. is a tremendous honor and a pleasure to serve as general counsel with chairman reince priebus. [applause] it is also a pleasure it an honor to serve as a general counsel with you by fellow republican volunteers i recognize your all volunteers in their all representatives of the grass roots and to give the united we can accomplish what lincoln said we shall nobly save for the news the last
11:16 pm
best hope of earth. [applause] the. >> i want to end she has been fabulous. katie in reince priebus voted one of the most 100 influential people of the world. [applause] in just so happen to have copies free each of you out lunch sicken made those remarks of speaker paul ryan [laughter]
11:17 pm
we're less than 100 days away from our convention in cleveland we at the rnc are fully focused preparing for a convention in fair and transparent start to finish. the effective democratic process in place since the 1850's. ultimately we have to make sure the playing field is level. the process to select delegates have attracted much attention to firedog delegates are chosen they have never believed in the top down washington approach to anything there is a recent this to be any different into unified
11:18 pm
around our nominee so just indulge me for one minute to to brag about our staff. with incredible strides prepared like never before been the chairman and our communications director our tireless two years get to that convention in process of really sure to see one of them on television for car mats for visual outstanding work said what you just saw to it is amazing job to help the nets and the bolts of how that works it has gotten wide distribution.
11:19 pm
we have hired new staffers for the african-american not reach. we cannot speak highly enough with any publication cannot 81 person is anymore dedicated to beat hell of a clinton bin hamad is see the work he has done it this time we had just five staffers 25 and counting they have revolutionized the way we handle digital communication. so much of what they do of of what they have done in the past. also our tech team to build
11:20 pm
the data and technology infrastructure and to support the candidates is impressive. also a shout out to those who traveled around the country to better use the data. i feel like a of a broken record i want to beecher falls understand the incredible amount of work that they do from the regional political directors they are working five days a week to travel every weekend around the country. you will see for yourself as they are trading seven days a week for pro to make sure they are a competent staff on day number one.
11:21 pm
the legal team is carefully navigating the nominating process like under scrutiny of never before. to make sure we are an accordance with national rules. and we're continuing to have fund-raising records. raising 135.4 million of dollars that is a record breaking member to raise that type of money during this cycle with so much is an incredible amount of work i am grateful for the their work. as to navigate this unprecedented nomination season we need to know how far we have come since 2012 at this point we have for political staff on the ground 203 today and they have been there three and half years.
11:22 pm
also 2200 trained republican in leadership initiatives that did not even exist in 2012 with the date data and technology research and 30 million more dollars this cycle than at this point in 2012. do not let anyone tell you we have not completely revolutionized the way to go about winning elections. because we have. [applause] now for those to make this happen think you'll. everyone in this room are the absolute pro and also into thank fed chairman's office and i cannot possibly easier dave makes my job.
11:23 pm
they always make sure our chairman also for our chief operating officer is an absolute blessing i cannot imagine doing this job without the expertise to give leadership where the vision for the party i believe the very best table in politics for the gold standard and i cannot be prouder of those we have on board and nearsighted to partner with you to do that. [applause] >> now at the business end
11:24 pm
of the meeting to give her report strippers who went to the rules of the republican party may gain this week to consider all resolutions to the committee but because they have been distributed at this time. i like to thank those members who submitted resolutions is to come together to consider these resolutions to help us with the many details so mr. chairman the committee recommends for adoption 10 resolutions. concerning timing the u.s. supreme court justice election.
11:25 pm
resolution calling for support a sanctions against iran ballistic missile testing program. resolution reaffirming strong support to the republic of china and taiwan resolution calling for increase in the 2012 benghazi attack to be sustained and for the responsible parties to be held accountable. resolution supporting republican leaders fight against the presence of lawful executive actions and immigration. resolution condemning hillary clinton for the usage of a secret e-mail server as secretary of state and calling for her to be held accountable. resolution criminal-justice reform and their resolution in support of the freedom amendment. resolution honoring supreme court justice scalia. and finally resolution
11:26 pm
honoring the life of former first lady dnc reagan. if mr. tietmeyer request the rules be suspended of the reading. >> so ordered without objection with a well both as a whole stick this concludes my report and i move that these ted resolutions be adopted. >> is there a second? any discussion? all those in favor? oppose? they are adopted. now we do want to the national committee from massachusetts is read the budget committee met on wednesday for the first quarter we're pleased to report the best fundraising in history and also came in
11:27 pm
budget $6 million under budget. and reflected the fact and may not have one. the budget committee has a total revenue of 151 million. we will leave the committee with $66 million. this is the largest force with the biggest investment devastated technology ever. of light to move we adopt a budget as amended. >> in any discussion? all those in favor?
11:28 pm
the contest committee held its first meeting yesterday morning reviewed that process which was detailed 21 through 25. we are charged with fairly adjudicating those challenges and we discussed the need to refrain from export take communications with the media and presidential campaigns with a specific contest we can reasonably anticipate under rule 24 to have the authority to adopt procedural rules not inconsistent that govern the resolution in the conference call to adopt those rules i think we will work well together.
11:29 pm
>> he had to leave. >> we are good. he is there. they key for your patience. per year wikipedia years to consider amendments proposals did the republican party over that period of time the rules committee has drafted changes under rule
11:30 pm
number 12 but has allowed the party to oversee the presidential process and many others that have real power the grass roots. yesterday's the committee that once again. but the manner with which we handle our election of the chair and cochair both amendments for withdrawn of opposition the committee proposed by the national committee to change the procedural rules of the convention from house rules to robert's rules. after a productive discussion viewed by millions across the country
11:31 pm
the committee voted to keep the house rules in place as a procedural rules for the convention. the rules committee will be to one last time in july prior to the start of the 2016 republican national convention to finalize the package of suggested changes to the rules to submit that report to the fall when rnc. thank you to all those on the committee for your diligence work yesterday. the committee demonstrated democracy at work at its best. and your dedication and always acted on behalf of rank-and-file putting consideration openly in transparency into call upon the arrangement before i
11:32 pm
give my report to i would like you all to see a video replay of for the almost 60,000 media to see the need your workspace. please play the video. >> and that is a sick -- exactly why i am rising of. >> i am running. >> i am running for the republican nomination. >> president of the united states. >> republican voters are setting records as participation was of more than 57% as it comes from of regeneration. >> i am asking you to believe to create greater opportunity for every american and that is my working together we can change this nation. >> super tuesday.
11:33 pm
>> in this race for the white house and then there were three. those courageous conservatives rising up to stay together with the eyes of their horizon. and to make america great again. so join us. [applause] >> needless to say there may be other interest in our convention in despite what you think almost 600 people there are attending that week actually applauded that.
11:34 pm
but louis is counting and so we dropped the gavel? [laughter] until about 2472 delegates that will be decided in cleveland and 15,000 people from around the world and more than 50,000 visitors. we have but one mission to organize and execute that the convention we put on every four years we have the staffing cleveland of morris is 70 people on site and it is growing. and that is to make your stay safe and productive in and fun. the committee met in cleveland and reheard first from the ceo that reports
11:35 pm
that they will greet you of that lake erie on the lakefront it is open house at the rock-and-roll hall of fame. we also heard from the co of housing and transportation. i am pleased to know where we were four years ago. finally from the business cited the committee adopted things that they have to do with resolutions of distributed materials in dealing with prohibited items at the convention isn't the demonstration these resolutions are no different.
11:36 pm
and that is arriving next week presumably each one of those delegations can visit your hotels and other venues thank you that is my a report. >> so that concludes our business and floor dash has been a great with secretary rumsfeld they going away party tonight that is always fun because there really isn't an agenda but i want to give another shout out thank you so much for a great week. [applause]
11:37 pm
>> now i will entertain the motion. is there in indeed discussion? the meeting is adjourned. [inaudible conversations]
11:38 pm
and now this new round.
11:39 pm
[inaudible conversations] could remember grow at the bipartisan policy center me our regular the very distinguished group of people i have just a few minutes to give the l.a. of the land and turned over to the group but we're here with their product of the working group if any of you have added your hand if you can't find that of mine is
11:40 pm
the group's decade together over the last six months to see up close the process and have seven vice for the campaigns that are added today. there and our day will begin with their shares of the working group in then we will have a couple of panels that will tell the into the recommendations with one of the leading scholars of the vice presidency. i will save the chairs for the last but the vice president when the u.s. government relations of hewlett-packard. isn't a partner from the
11:41 pm
former white house counsel in indicating campaign and other candidates going back to howard baker. the managing director the former white house communications director in like everyone else in the national council as well as other candidates stand todd is not with as a big part of the group and scott again now with us today but senior political strategist and matt is chairman of america rising and a partner that is involved in numerous
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