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  Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  May 2, 2016 7:49pm-8:00pm EDT

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briefing to go live to south bend indiana where donald trump started speaking a few minutes ago. >> the press is so damned dishonest. so this is thousands and thousands of people by the way they could siphon fill the three rooms by does want to take you all for coming it is an amazing experience i have met so many people in indiana i stayed we're doing well. but we are really doing well.
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we call him lying ted cruz. he is lying. almost worse than the press. almost. and donahue heard because the press will not tell you this but a new poll came out a few hours ago and i am beating hillary clinton and. [cheers and applause] and i haven't even started yet. even the senators and governors even ben carson who is a great guy. he endorsed me. chris chris d. he endorsed me. a lot of people have endorsed me. jerry falwell, jr. just caved of is so many
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ministers and pastors. in new york we did the exit poll we won with 11 end with the bed. -- with the with the ad with a bed. and highly educated with a rich rand up for the then we went to the five states you went to connecticut and had to maryland. had every single one in a landslide.
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because if we win and the indiana live in rivers over with. -- it is over with. [cheers and applause] but remember we began with 17 and one by one they were off a governor and the senator and the senator and a governor what happened and. now we're down they are hanging on by their fingernails. it has been unbelievable i have bad here a lot with many friends i have met such amazing people. we have such incredible ride to the head right into the
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corridors of the big room shift we're going to make america great again we have everything. but the truth is that the trump proudly the safest place you can be because we lookout for each other and for everybody. 31,000 people recently it was unbelievable did you read about that you read the had some problems outside. i don't want them dirty the american flag. not the people inside that the people outside that were agitators'. many were professionals
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highberger you don't see it california was unbelievable 55 / 20. [cheers and applause] but now we go up and with hillary clinton is indiana coming out of the "wall street journal" and nbc poll leading hillary 48 / 41. n. ely thing that cruz can say is i can watch. but we want trompe. lying ted cruz. nobody can live but they
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weren't and they had these guys debating and they get it. so many of the things that he said that i supporting donald trump and i.m. campaigning as my vice president who would you rather have? himself or curly or donald trump? so first of all, where did that come from? to raise taxes 40% i have a tax policy we have a tax plan and i give by far the biggest tax reduction for anybody running especially
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to the middle-class and business with the highest nation in the world than the fact is the one criticism is i give so much but yet you listen to this guy donald trump wants to raise your taxes 40% i have only done this nine months. i think am doing a good job do you agree? [cheers and applause] and all my life i have the business started off with a $1 million loan and then i had the greatest assets i am not saying braggadocio but bad as well be needed our country we have to bring the country back.
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if they were ripping us off like china or vietnam or japan i could name any countries they are beating us. i here's this guy i wish i could stand next to him so i could tell the truth. repeal and replace obamacare. so he gets up with the big flourish honestly held the key is very good at debating every single online poll or debate i have been hampered got my whole life is a debate.
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i talk about obamacare for everything we will repeal let it replace it with something great. your premiums are going up. 3545 or 55% the deductibles are so high you can never use it. it is the disaster. and blogging ted said donald trump loves obamacare he wants to take it to the next level. he is such a liar. i was given a little better shelter with one of the debates marco rubio call him a liar. so now i feel much better. but i have never seen him live like this.
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he said donald trump will not build the of all. -- build the wall. >> we will build it. [cheers and applause] . . i think he's crazy. lion ted does not have the temperament to be doing this. he is choking like a dog because he is losing so badly we have to put them away tomorrow. we have to get out and vote.
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we have to get out and vote. [applause] we have got to get out and vote.