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tv   Book Discussion on And Then All Hell Broke Loose  CSPAN  May 2, 2016 8:30pm-9:13pm EDT

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people, killing people, hurting people. people are so badly injured, hundreds of them. then you had san bernardino. you had a radicalized gunmen. they were giving a baby shower by the same people that killed a short time later, boom, boom. if you get guns on the other side weather paris are san bernardino or some of the military people, it would have been a whole different story. it would have been a whole different story folks and in fact it may never have even happened because of these people found out, if they found out that there were guns in the room they probably wouldn't have even gone there so it might have been completely different. so we will protect our 2nd amendment and we are going to really protect our second
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amendment, okay? and we are going to take care of it and cherish it because they are should -- chipping away at the 2nd amendment. we are not going to let it happen. the story is we are going to take care of our people. we are going to negotiate deals with people. we want other countries to do well. we can't do it any other way. when we have $19 trillion, when we have $19 trillion in debt going to 21 trillion because of that horrible budget, the omnibus budget which by the way funds obamacare, which funds syrians coming in that we have no idea where they come from or who they are and they are coming here, which funds a legal immigration and illegal immigrants coming in and lots of other things. you know i always say that obama is a horrible negotiator except when it comes to negotiating
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with republicans in congress. he gets everything he wants and what happens? we send these people on and i'm a fan of the tea party which has been maligned over the years. it's just been maligned. we send these people and they go, we are going to get rid of obamacare and then they get elected. they look at these beautiful walls and these beautiful ceilings and the statues and something happens. they become lost and he looks at his life and he goes alice we have finally arrived. that is not happening with me. that is not happening with anybody. it's not going to happen. [applause] it's been such an honor and i'm going to try to see the other two rooms. maybe i will bring carl cameron with me but i'm going to try to stop high. let me just tell you it's been such an honor but hopefully folks tomorrow and you will get every friend of -- every friend
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you can have the vote because here's what's going to happen. you are going to remember this evening, thank you. i love you. i love you. [applause] thank you, thank you. you have got to remember this evening and we had a good time with the bad subjects. the country is doing terribly. you know the real job number is 20% or more. it's not 5%. that was put in to make politicians look good. if you stop looking for a job, you stop looking they consider you is statistically employed and we have millions of people out there that can't get jobs. we are going to bring our jobs back to our country and we are not going to let people leave so easily anymore. [applause] so you were going to remember this night at more importantly you are going to remember the
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vote that you cast tomorrow and you are going to say when you look back in five years, in 20 years, hopefully in 50 years some of the -- so many young people. i think i have younger people, i think i have younger people than bernie and by the way bernie, in all fairness this system is rigged also only the republicans reacted in a much more sophisticated way without the superdelegate thing. but ernie, he wins and he went and then you watch this guy and he win but here's what you do. here's what you do. you've got to vote and we have got to keep this movement going. we will meet america so great and may be greater than ever before. if we have to suffer in cruz will lose the biggest landslide in history and kasich when he gets hit with a negative ad, i've had 60,000, just reported 60,000 negative ads. cruz has had none, kasich has had none.
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when they get hit with their first negative ad they are over with me i think we are immune to it and it ads are wrong, they are totally phony ads but here's the story folks. we will look back years from now and you are going to say was the single greatest vote you have ever cast and here is why. because our country, our country is going to start winning again. we are going to win with their military. we are going to build up our military and make it stronger, bigger and better than ever before. [applause] and we are going to knock the hell out of isis, just so you know. [applause] as part of that we are going to take care of our great veterans. our veterans have been left behind, very unfair. [applause]
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we are going to win on education. we are getting rid of common core and we are bringing in education and we are going to win on -- we are going to repeal obamacare and we are going to come up with something that is so much better and less expensive. [applause] we are going to save and protect and cherish our 2nd amendment. [applause] we are going to build the wall. we are going to have mexico pay for the wall and we are going to have strong voters and we are going to have people come into our country that they are going to come in legally, legally. [applause] and we are going to make unbelievably good trade deals. no more deals where businesses and of money gets out of our country. we are going to make great trade deals done by the greatest people. we have the greatest negotiators in the world right here in this country and we are going to use them. we are not going to use
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political hacks that don't know what they are doing and probably who the hell knows they are bought off and that's where they are making such bad deals. we are going to make the greatest trade deals. [applause] and you were going to look back and you are going to say you know what, that's when we started started winning again when trump took over and we are going to win. we are going to keep winning. we are going to win so much you are going to pick me mr. president please, please it's too much winning. we can't take it and i'm going to say, i don't care, we are going to keep winning as we are going to make america great again. i love you, thank you indiana. i love you. i love you. thank you indiana. [applause] thank you. [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> and you can watch all of our road to the white house coverage at donald trump finishing up campaign rally tonight where tomorrow residents of the hoosier state head to the polls to vote in the presidential primary grade into more night c-span will have live coverage of the indiana presidential primary with results and candidates speeches from donald trump, ted cruz, hillary clinton and bernie sanders. we will also take your phonecalls and reaction. during campaign 2016, c-span takes you on the road to the white house as we follow the candidates on c-span, c-span radio and >> c-span's "washington journal" live every day with news and
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policy issues that impact you. coming up tuesday morning tony cook for the indianapolis star will join us in the republican and democratic primary taking place tomorrow in indiana. 52 delegates are up for grabs in the republicans 92 or the democrats. josh kraushaar political editor for the national gerbil. the tomorrow's contest in indiana and the road ahead for 2016. two --. >> host: tim winter is our guest. he's the president of the parents television council. what is that? >> host: gezdah we are nonprofit privatization grassroots dedicated to protecting children and was
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there you have a new report out call protecting children or protecting hollywood, question mark. what is the nugget in this report? >> guest: we are looking at the tv content rating system. when you turn on the tv and you're watching your show you see in the top corner tv pg tv 14 and so on that was created by report on order the fcc almost 20 years ago that went along with the v. chip that allows parents to block their inappropriate content for their children and what we did was we looked at the efficacy of the content ratings system itself. is it accurately warning parents about inappropriate, age inappropriate material. it is systemically bethink broken and in need of repair. we found there's a blurring between tv 14 in tv pg. there is actually no show on broadcast television, no series
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on brought us television today that is a rated appropriate for anything poor for children. tv 14 is the oldest rating and even the most exclusive -- explicit is rated appropriate for children to watch. we have learned that the tv advertisers who pay the bills for the networks rely on the ratings just like parents do so they have an interest in terms of raiding content accurately. advertisers want to sponsor mature only audience and the system is incapable of doing as it was intended. >> host: you are saying that the ratings of the networks give their shows are inaccurate? >> guest: not always what a lot of the times. they are inaccurate and inconsistent and there is no transparency for parents to understand what those ratings mean. if they are concerned about the accuracy of a rating system to
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did they complain to? there is an oversight monitoring board in washington comprised of the very same tv executives who rate the programs run to begin with. that doesn't look like oversight to me. >> host: let's bring david shepardson and it is conversation a reporter for thompson reuters. >> guest: you mentioned as a been a g-rated program and trying -- prime-time since 2800 price is right was on. is that a reflection where tv is these days or the networks are not interested in having that kind of programming? >> guest: we are using the -- almost a decade since we keffalas regularly scheduled series rated chi. we have a new one. it's on nbc and it is winning its time slot every single sunday night. it ensures there's a market for family-friendly, as long as it's well produced and good production value.
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there's a huge market for this. i think the networks tend to, i spent 15 years myself at nbc. i don't know anybody who intentionally tries to hurt children or tries to just push it for pushing sake. when they see something that's out there that successfully try to made it more edgy and more provocative than they have gotten away from broadcasting the word broad, broad market in the fort meade pg has become a dinosaur and tell unfortunately recently. >> guest: consumers have so many options already for mark's position as the networks felt pressured to maybe compete more directly with the cable shows. >> guest: it's ironic that the networks, the broadcast networks feel a need to compete with the broadcast networks they own. you have five or six companies
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that own not only the broadcast networks but the most-watched cable networks. but the realities are supposed to be able broad audience broadcasting, so certainly they feel pressure to compete and try to find a way to get an audience i think they believe the best way to get a bigger audience or broadcast is to be more like cable. our belief is the more you are like cable you will get a cable net rating. >> host: mr. winter what are the restrictions on the networks when it comes to prime-time or anytime in their programming? >> guest: in terms of the content? there are still the fcc broadcast decency law that's been on the books now for decades and --. >> host: is that called the seven words? >> guest: that was the original case the george carlin's seven word case. the tv network attempted to throw it out as unconstitutional a few years ago and the supreme
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court chose not to throw out that statute and its still good law and it was enforced as recently as a year ago when a tv station in roanoke virginia aired a hard-core part not free clip they fed by accident but it did appear on the public airwaves. >> host: again what exactly are the restrictions? does it begin at a certain our hour? is a nudity, said violence? >> guest: it is a content that is described in patently offensive terms, excretory function. violence is not part of the broadcast law. there are some that would argue the harm that comes to children from watching violent media is greater than the explicit content radar research we have seen is that both have an impact on children but right now the law only affects sexual or excretory content between
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6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. so after 10:00 p.m. the broadcasters are free to air whatever they choose as long as it's not legally obscene. >> guest: one of the arguments from the broadcasters that parents have a lot of control over what their children watch. is that enough to prevent kids from watching things they shouldn't be watching? >> guest: it's one very important resource. we don't think it's the sum total of all the remedies out there at the enforcement is still important. if you are violating the law you are still violating the law read if you want to use to air something indecent you can do so after 10:00 without any consequence that the argument is a solution that v chip requires the contact -- content rating system to work to be accurate in order to work. we knew there was a problem and there are many children in the audience so i could use a little bit of a spirited language we knew there was a problem when we
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saw a show that was rated inappropriate for children with a sexual seen on cable rated as appropriate for children entering the sexual seen the woman said to the man stick your finger in my -- inappropriate for children. i don't think it's appropriate for children. we took it to the network in the ticket to the tv oversight monitoring board which is a port in that supposed to make sure the system is doing its job and they shrug and they said it's all subjective. the reason we have oversight is to make things as object of as you possibly can. if they rating system is subject on each network if each network is going to rate it differently how can the v chip do its job? >> guest: what about the argument that parents having more control map is so many parents are using in ipad or dvr to basically have much more control of what their kids watch because they are picking up out
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the shows and recording them as opposed to letting them turn on the television. >> guest: it's a huge issue as if relates to the parents counsel and trying to serve our members and the public. what used to be honest certain times that day was on and it was on the now you can recorded in playback anytime with a touch of your thumb on the remote control. that is certainly a challenge area as it relates to the content on other devices and my friends in hollywood and tv networks know even better than i do the consequence of their business for people going to streaming, going to court and so forth. it's the hardest point in time for appearing to be apparent when it comes to media choices for their children right now. there's so much out there that is way more explicit than they will see on television. that's why it's so important for the hardware and software manufacturers to provide tools, parental control devices on the system so there can be some
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modicum of security for the children. it's impossible to get all of it but it's important us to try. >> host: solo one what else besides the v. chip in your view could work to help parents? >> guest: we have talked to experts in the field of impact of contact ratings. i don't advocate it because i don't know enough about the one that's interesting that thurmond had a system whereby every single piece of entertainment content, meaty content whether it's motion pictures television video games music is subject to one single rating system that parents can understand and adopt. it's not fun for movies and one for tv and one for music and one for video games. the one factor did have consistent ratings would be helpful. what doesn't oversight board look like? they shouldn't be just under six
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seconds. >> host: where does the fcc font is this oversight? >> guest: the fcc has the authority to accept or reject in total the report created 20 years ago that created to v chip and the oversight monitoring board. there is no public accountability for this oversight monitoring board. i think the fcc could adopt some changes that shed some light that would allow not just industry executives to determine what is appropriate but bring more forces from the outside, experts child psychology experts, experts in the field who can see what's harmful and what's not and provide their input. absent a system, absent the oversight that is required to really look to see if the system truly working it has to be independent and right now it's not. >> guest: what about, there are so many channels on video on the box now for kids and there
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is pbs kids or nickelodeon. many many good options so clearly family rated programming given that so many consumers can pick the shows for the kids why is it necessary on the broadcast networks to have those types of shows and given this trendsetting south side the issue of what how the shows are rated how are the networks going to return to little house on the prairie or the shows that were more dear to the family when everybody has their own screen to watch? >> guest: having so many media choices is a wonderful thing and i'm a parent myself. you have an infinite number of possibilities, not infinite but a large number of possibilities to choose from. that doesn't mean everything necessarily family-friendly. we saw content on nickelodeon where there was a cartoon that included stripper poles and this was primetime marketing to children on nickelodeon.
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so it's not always clean because of some nickelodeon. the content rating system is supposed to apply to every single television network whether it's cable or broadcast. it's one standard and should be one standard to let's make it work. the other thing that we have the cake for its cable and leveling, let consumers pick and choose what they want to pay for. there has been some argument would that be cheaper or more expensive? we think it would be cheaper in a time the consumer choose for itself what they want to purchase prices can go down. if you go to the newsstand you don't have to buy the "washington times" if you want the "washington post" and we think it should be the same on cable that would provide a means by which they can filter out things they don't want coming into their home. >> host: why do you think that all the g-rated programs are off the air at this point? ..
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every producer in hollywood that wants to be the cool person at the party. cooling your peer group, not by producing little big shots but game of thrones or something that is explicit and violent, pushing the envelope, and there is a perv mentality. no one gets fired for taking what is successful in trying to copy it. you get fired for being bold and innovative and going in any direction, and it does not work.
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there is pressure to keep producing edgier stuff. >> host: what was your role? >> guest: i was on the business side. what i learned was, it did not matter really if how many people watched or in the awards you one but advertising dollars. that's why the council is so active reaching out to the sponsors of television programming. for we have learned in years past and current months is you get talk to the sponsors about what media dollars on the right and they say the family from the company, they don't want to be sponsoring the explicit stuff. >> host: well, our parents voting with their eyeballs? you mentioned the 1 g rated show, but do you think
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parents are demanding this type of programming? >> guest: game of thrones, so the finale so the reality of the matter is, they still have the marketplace if it's good quality. so many people think of family-friendly, high production value. if you produce it well, well acted, well directed, people will people will turn out in throngs to watch something positive. the most highly rated live events on broadcasts television, broadway shows.
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there are very few options, especially on broadcast. >> host: is there a disconnect? hollywood has made many movies. but yet, why that focus on family entertainment at the movie theater. maybe now also on the small screen. >> that on the production and distribution side. the disney pixar movies, blockbuster after blockbuster, after blockbuster. when you look at the highest rated, the highest box office motion pictures almost every year there will be a superhero movie where there is action and intense action, but year after year it is the movies that i will are well produced that the whole family can enjoy together to make the most money. pg movies make more money
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than the r-rated movies, but there are many more r-rated movies produced. why? well, that is what they like to produce. >> host: there are several different ratings available for broadcasters, and your study is focused just on the broadcast network. pgm a 14. do you think that those need to be updated? those actual ratings? andu talked about having one standard for them, but are there enough ratings? do they need more? food -- you are? >> ratings,ratings, if they were more clearly defined, transparent, easily understood, i think the categories they have are fine. the analogy we are using, most of us have gone into a supermarket to buy something and look at the box to see
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what the ingredients are. we rely on the accuracy. and so too should we be relying on the accuracy of a contact rating system. huge ratings can be subjective. we have seen academic research that shows just the content of what the content is is what parents want. let them make a decision. is it an arbitrary? there may be some complications. what we are hoping out of all this effort is a hearing , big and the experts. ♪ who wrote the report?
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>> leading research operations. we have digital recording devices every night. member of cable networks and analysts, the next morning. people think, zero, you're watching television. you're sitting there and logging every instance of sex, violence, profanity, sexualization of women, illegal drug use, every illegal drug use, every advertiser, every tv show, log got into a website so that parents can make more informed choices. the public education aspect is why we are really in business, the biggest expense. >> host: do you think it should be more prescriptive? 's. >> it is an interesting question. what can or cannot be shown,
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a toxic sentence,. >> certain venues, public airways. you can't, cable you can. you don't want to talk about what can or cannot be done. but there has to be, i think, greater attention. there are very few restrictions, but they are supposed to serve public interest. entertainment certainly. certainly for public interest. don't be indecent before 10:00 o'clock at night. >> have not really gotten
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indecent past 6:00 p.m. >> certainly they have. there have been instances. howard stern on his radio show, certainly allowed to do that after 10:00 o'clock at night so they certainly are not obscene. they know not to be of seen, but the reality is they have tremendous freedom to do almost anything that could possibly want. they do still face the pressure of the advertisers. we have seen cable network shows on cable network. late-night broadcast. mostly because of the advertiser pressure. >> how much do you think advertisers care?
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and listening to parents. in general urging advertisers not to support shows that are more graphic. >> guest: we have varying degrees of relationships with i would say 300 corporate advertisers. we have solid relationships. they do not always agree, but they are eager to hear our point of you. mostly ceos her family people. but you also the agency looks at the 1st rating peemack,point, the demographic and find one and why the show without looking to see what the content is. would toyota a vital and tv show that that makes fun of toyota, no. on some level they are concerned about the content.
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they advocate the responsibility and push off to the ad it only makes it funny of the transaction happened. the agency is not so concerned about aligning a corporate brand with content on television. frequently the corporation doesn't even know what they are buying. we go to shareholder meetings and asked the ceo eyeball to eyeball, is this what you sponsored, is this what you stand for, and almost 100%100 percent of the time, we had no idea that was the case. no chance to talk. they look into it and will reconsider that by decision. there are some that don't famously, parties and carl's jr. restaurant explicit advertising, taco bell seems interested to reach young males even if it means sponsoring explicit content, but those are few and far between. most want to be careful, don't want to rely and research that shows they
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should not, viewers of explicit television shows don't remember the sponsor's name being advertised. something happens in the brain where you're excited about what you are seeing. the commercial comes and you don't realize what is advertised. >> host: many shows feature gay characters today. is that something you write as well? >> host: know -- >> guest: no. >> host: just sex and violence? >> guest: we don't distinguish by gender. today it is the behavior that has an impact on children. the gender is not of concern to us. >> host: the accountability that you talk about, but this is a closed
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system, the people who are creating the ratings are judging the ratings as well. how would you like to see that? >> guest: right now you have a 24 member body. the fcc report that created this, 24 individuals, chairman between the cable lobby, the broadcast lobby, and the motion picture lobby. there are 18 emissary of executives,, and are supposed to be five public interest individuals. the conversations i have had , all five are not filled, andfilled, and you gets to approve through those five individuals are? it should be more even, more scientists involved. more psychologists, clinical psychologist who are aware of the impact of media on children. and they should be some consequences there is a


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