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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  May 6, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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connect with you all again. .. >> >> of the factors that drive you to support violence and forced to increase investments of government programs connected of meaningful reforms predatory justice systems exclusive
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governments structures. i just wanted to mention those 2cf you find those things to fit with your own experience or take issue with them? anyone? >> maybe i could just dark this time those that do tremendous work around the world but it does mention integration nothing can be more powerful in terms of a verdict radicalization and with homestand refugees side-by-side for friends or neighbors or it cetera. one of the reasons and has been so successful there is a real integration to have
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that type of the extremism it is the strongest that. >> it is on the money it is highly important and what we are trying to do to bring together counterterrorism before the problem becomes up problem to create much more coordination if you are trading a law enforcement organization and to understand the driver's to be more effective that is
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vitally important you are right to target the most vulnerable with the assistance programs and what we are doing of those that our most susceptible to become radicalized to make sure that they represent those communities that we need to be elevating their voices the most effective messengers those that are speaking to their own so that sits on what we are trying to do. >> we have to test different strategy is enjoyed my
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colleague san thank you for your work and is moved by the mission as so many are to mention in a number of things first it is not charity but national security and do we do more through these types of programs and through pure -- procuring and other weapons in? it is too much on the weapons and force inside certainly that ties it with the notion that it is more cost-effective than to
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address the crisis later. you also noted is important to connect humanitarian aid and that is the immediate short-term and long-term strategy. >> of the of military peas ted years to talk about 10 years of the military to go after a military gathering there all the phd standing around that was those cerebral and philosophical but the military is the head of the politicians and i
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amazed by that in this conflict you cannot use the old strategy of there is new weapons needed sometimes that is education to fight the disease i remember with aids i told president bush that red, white, and blue that is the best advertisement for america he was laughing except it is very amazing so long-term versus short-term humanitarian aid and they are coming together now.
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because 50 percent of the polar so i am learning that is coming together that because we are in rwanda together is coming out of conflict and has done quite an incredible job for the third term. other security have the
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country but doing a spectacular job in an example of how to do this right. >> what struck me was the government an emphasis but yet it is a fragile moment had one of the concerns they expressed was the campaign reach back out to the trial routes that is so painful we have a hard time to fully comprehending i will close with the date and the emphasis on corruption and that the u.s. has an ambitious set of proposals of a but to hear more about that and i about of time.
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>> before the hearing and for your suggestion that the risk of ruining your political reputation and respect you very much. [laughter] >> keep it to yourself. [laughter] history tells us that we would not open to refugees from europe and after the war retry to change of policy in the direction in for the most part we have done that with the humanitarian crisis of our time coming up of syria and afghanistan. the first time we ever sit down to talk was is hiv/aids. it was the year what does this mean? of my we're going to die?
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how many people? but their reaction to the refugee crisis is fear comedy are coming? will they threaten us? it is not unusual to have those challenges hopefully we have grown out of that with hiv/aids but will leave get back on the right track? we're on this thinking we need to get back to reality i was on the island and i saw that coming in on these rubber votes with little babies with water wings that is all they had to protect themselves i thought how desperate they must me to risk their lives to bring only with a kerry but the
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question comes down generally that i think the genuine concern is about the uncertainty of when this will end. we'll be a dead end? is there a finite number that uncertainty is understandable as you have said speaking of your experience in africa it is not confined to the least that syrians ranked third. so my question is if the humanitarian crisis is the new normal because the
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public health and surviving with that extreme ideology and property and climate can we engage our friends to make investments to stay in place to strike out in desperation but i take if you get the best and brightest to focus as i listen to you today you can see we will get somewhere but in the private sector you can see mark zuckerberg tried to bring access to the internet you were attacked
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people with incredible parts of your society like bill gates. or warren buffett. it is a just the public sector but the private sector and will do it because those two preemie the internet so electricity is incredible and these are tears formative. the only thing that i worry about i am great at raising the alarm with a serious
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crisis and we really need to attend i don't want to drag down to what this could be it could be your greatest challenger it did 50 years time if the united states walks away it will be seen as the worst foreign policy from the start of the 21st century and why would you? their web para entreprenuers coming to the university's but the president is very big in that want to see that in africa.
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to see that corruption it would be transformative the above to have that conversation. [laughter] >> ag for this hearing. >> couple of observations trying to be proactive the goal is to focus it will get worse if it doesn't deal with it now to louis jordan idle think that will happen but we have to get a grip on the refugee crisis not just providing food shelter and clothing but to integrate it is designed to undercut radical extremism but 10 years ago when you first tackled the aids crisis no one could ever of magic in
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their raw the streams how successful and we have a ways to go but it the other to a child aids transmission has been reduced 75% those that can be self-sufficient when it comes to dealing with the problems what we did ted years ago i don't want soldiers to go over there of less than half to without some of us being there i cannot find the way without the international point to change the economies of these regions the more education and child
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has after 37 visits we can assure the american people they do not buy with these crazy people are selling the now want to turn their daughters over to isis in you were safer here we're helping people over there the whole concept with the marshall plan for the 21st century, at what you like it islam overdue but with thousands who have had their lives disrupted with tbi it diking golan and on to make the next 10 years more successful deal the way is to have outside the military to complement security once you achieve that because then you will lose it.
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>> at the risk of damage to your career backhaul i agree. is all people we have known for a long time. >> you may be enormous differences today we hope he will look back and say that is when it begins to change. >> we have to bring members of both parties together while we giving 25 of our budgets that is a fraction of 1% paid now for many times later in what you have given us is a lot of ammunition. >> i ask that testimony submitted by usaid.
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so iniki in be submitted through friday april 15. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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the with human-rights i am not happy about in turkey with the stuff i don't understand but that should not take away from the turkish people who eating in their embrace. i have got to go. [inaudible conversations]
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>> he is headed security. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] in. >> as an orthopedic surgeon i think about you almost every day. home. >> i think about coming back during that 18 month period. [laughter] civic that is what happens when you have good partners.
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>> i am a writer and not really a teacher. take care. [inaudible conversations] he has ben hospitalized for year with seizures every day and a star athlete. >> this is the same guy? >> no.
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it is his brother and they were poisoned one year ago. . . >> next, a discussion on women and marriage featuring rebecca traister, author of " all the single ladies: unmarried women and the rise of an independent nation" and kate bolick who wrote "spinster: making a life of one's own." >> now it sounds like it is working.


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