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tv   Open Phones With Dennis Prager  CSPAN  May 6, 2016 9:01pm-10:02pm EDT

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>> the company certainly didn't think it would happen and certainly the american people had no expectations this would happen so that idea that you have to be a little crazy to take this on and he was the right kind of crazy. our of life coverage before we wrap up this >> host: joining us ansettd is radio talk-show host and author of seven books dennis prager the most recent book is called "the ten commandments" still the best
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moral code." >> host: what is on your mind? >> guest: is germane to a "the ten commandments" is what i believe the american red revolution of my beloved country the greatest experiment of liberty and indecency in human history. i do believe a big part of the reason of the radicalt come sectors asian and of our society. >> host: how did that come about? >> guest: to emanate from europe after world war i especially then, europe decided it was nonsense because of the massacres forea now apparently good reason everybody understands world
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war to the was morally necessary but not everybody believes that with world war i and especially after words despite the upper sidean treaty but there was a feeling everything we believe did lead us to risewilli so we will drop religion and national identity which in just become secular citizens of the world into americans to the ph.d. from the european university and continued and that is where it developed if you go back to darwin or back to mark off of the element if you are right you are not religious. >> if you believe that god created heaven and earth that it is the source of you
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shall not murder but that delicious the deepest people i have never met to have aworld. cross center around the world that is now taken as at, e given in your intellectually suspect.spiritual but >> host: when somebody says science spiritual but not religious. >> guest. [laughter] patti and attacks meet such a question? i have done hours just on the subject. it is meaningless. it means i contemplate my navel in a sophisticated manner it doesn't mean anything. i'm spiritual but notsn religious. if you have no religion what you have spirituality?
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what does that mean? that flowers are beautiful?ievea animals are loving? what does it mean? it doesn't mean anything but without religion were without a code religion gives you a code and a set of police said appeared youhe reject them police you have to grapple with them. remember israel the founding group of the old testament means struggle with god. and i take that seriously as a believer ideas struggle with god when i see all the suffering in this world of an unjust suffering forget the obvious if your neighbor federal whole country and is i meman concentration camp the 100 billion of world war
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ii? so i a understand with guide so you have to struggle with god also it is not enough i was invited to their great credit that atheist group they invited me to there in annual convention to debate died in existence at one point eyeleted the audience but i said would you raise your hand if you have ever seen a child born or to the mozart symphony or the vienna ago painting? that it is hard to believe that happened on its own.
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not one he and end with death and i looked up to say if i were arrested the religious audience and everyone would have raised their hands. we believers struggle more than you atheist and a defeat you are the questioning warns? we are. >> host: where did the book "the ten commandments" come from? >> guest: exactly as the subtitle says still the best moral code". visits it is a transcription of the 11 lecturer's the ten commandments + 1 introductory lecture we got
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about 12 million views and it continues to be widely viewed all over the world. this is so this is a very important book to me because it is very simple. you would not need any missile or policemen. ended it is amazing. >> here's your chance to talk with radio talk-showos host and author dennis prager.
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we're on the campus of the university s southern california with dennis prager. first of all, are you a jewish scholar? >> little accomplished for me to say i and a scholar but i do teach religion at the beginning of the career with it and i do have bookselling judea's in into hundred articles high award from the u.s. jewish association i know the 51st books of the bible it hebrew better than english i use the work to explain to people of every background i believe will whole blocks as
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the greatest book ever written and edited is for humanity of course, it was given to the jews but if ever a buddy live by it that is all you need. we started because we are worried about what is happening at universities with more confrontation and education you are my favorite show. my wife is here we have told you this before you did not ask me to live not sure you believe we but the only tv air really watch.. booktv i am crazy about it. my wife introduce me to you over a debt of gratitude but this is years ago. it is phenomenal. i love books. i started reading in collecting books i am crazy about blocks.
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but the university is shattering it is now the life of dogma and ideology is you have some of the greatest thinkers on earth five minute courses on the most important subjects from economics and sociology and under the last year's 70 million in the english-speaking world so the 10 commandments is one of them. that alone has had 12 million viewers. got a letter at dennis prager universityor we got a letter from a graduate that i just graduated stanford a couple years ago i learned more
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there than i did at bill and bill bennett said about me to quote him that is the a weather and more three you then princeton. because you will get something you don't get at the university.ampaign. >> host: in the middle of the presidential campaign. >> but it depends on how you believe the united states was structured i believe i went over with you with my last book about american. there is an american tragedy just as a christian trinity i did make it at a discountd on every coin in god we trust, liberty, e poor of this aluminum. is still some one of those
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yet to we cannot stand we're ready is dependent on the hitherto guide is essential and every founder said that without a guide this country will not endure. we all said it.o me it is like a dirty word but the nest mean someone who believes to become orthoderested. he did not believe in the christian trinity but he did believe in the god of the bible that is what the secular world hates at its core people did not want to be judged so to introduce
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the idea that you and i and everybody here will be judged on world behavior.peopled and people don't like that. that is why the word judgmental is a dirty word. >> i am on all over the app you can you can hear me and i getink i o calls i get a call from news pakistan is crazy what is possible on the internet.'re syc >> you are syndicated by salem radio? >> yes.ou've talked >> what is the main topic?ne >> it is inevitable what is happening especially to the
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republican side and my show every buddies show is unique so i don't only talk about a wetics and one hour of that is on male or female relations one hour is all unhappiness and that is a moral obligation we will talk about that it is life changing one is called the ultimate issues our and that
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is what is good so well least three of my hours are not on politics but given especially "the donald" trump phenomenon there is a lot of talk about that. >> host: you wrote that you could support donald attack o he was the nominee? >> i'd think he is awful but i would vote for him if he is the nominee because i believe unfortunately and i never judge intentions but to undo in god we trust and deliberately anti-time has p to be stopped in their for doing everything i can but if he is nominated i would vote for him.rc
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>> i thought marco rubio would have been the most effective candidate i am sorry to see what happened at the same time if ted cruz could be appointed he has obstacles to ending -- winning and has more of that as time goes on and i have a lot of admiration he means what he says to be portrayed as rates weighing - - right wing with bernie sanders who was led to believe in socialism but to elect and dad isn't considered crazy? there is nothing that ted cruz says that is the
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craziness of bernie sanders.una. it is lunacy. the only thing that has everan lifted from poverty is capital and the demand is itcialism. it is so stupid only the intellectual could believeou anb that. >> host: you and bernie sanders are both yorkers and both jewish. >> guest: that is about it procopius jewish ethnically i am jewish religiously that doesn't mean anything to him i now hold that against him you are not obligated to affirm what you are born into it is a free country but i do affirmed the judea's a very deeply whereas for him and it is the non issue and that is why it doesn't affect me one way or the other but i would say that his views disturb
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me tremendously but as the famous left-wing historiand that he is a non-jewish jew and that is not an insult. and he is describing himself non-n insult. so we don't have much in common. >> are you a conservative? and are you a purist? >> i am never a purist because i always believe that something is betterg. than nothing. i am not a purist and all the eye of a conservative and ironically the deepest of the deepest from when i grow up in brooklyn which is almost the definition as liberal but liberalism has
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been taken over by a conservative is some that the content is taken over by the right. leftist are not liberals.ere dap daniel patrick tweeting you and with jfk all of your listeners and viewers should take john f. kennedy's inaugural address and hand it to a college student. lot with the title of the president was it a republican or democrat? i am willing to bet 90 percent would say it is a republican because everyca female he believed deeply in
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overtaxes america had a moral obligation to fight anywhere. those are ideas held by liberals.guest. >> host: dennis prager is our guest nationally syndicated talk show host you and co-founder of prager are the ty. you are a the first call for teeeighteen -- mr. prager. >> caller: i am mostly troubled by his simplistic view point that if we all live by the ted commandments we would be o.k. but that is said childlike view from a conservative because it is intellectually dishonest and
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it is much more complicated but don't like to be judged. >> guest: but i do. because then god will judge hitler i want god to judge. >> that is why i believe and to become more prevalent but the small religious minority has continued to force that ideology or your religion in and your values that isis deeply wrong. >> host: before we let youe, bee go here are ted commandments very quickly which he lived by?
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>> i am the lord your god you'll have done before me, remember the sabbath sabbath, honor their modern father, did not murder, and adultery, steel, false witness and do not covet. >> i am not familiar with them. >> host: and i am sorry? >> guest: i am familiar with them my way to sunday school as a child. >> it is simplistic to think everybody lives by these rules. >> it is not reasonable to live by what is written down people didn't know where theyout thing. >> cuest: you did not answer my question the beethoven was written but we still listen. >> host: and i apologize to let mr. prager in answer.
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>> day vitter balladur they are not just because they're old doesn't mean is something new is valid. do not murder and do notrder, dn steal do not why why is thatt, bad because it is old is there a better coated to live by? >> host: what about a religious minority is making her live under these values. >> guest: first call is a secular majority making us live under do not murder or bear false witness or do not steal.overnment i don't want the government to enforce all of these i don't want you to be arrested but never like toe live by it i suspect they would like to live by and also. why isn't relevant to the group?
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what would you like? >> host: we will go to illinois and. >> caller:. how are you doing.oing, first-time caller and longtime listeners. i have three teams then i will get off to take the answer offline. when you read something he think of the oral history that the bible was writtenion but there are others before that somewhere deep the about american adding the food show's going around thting the biggest hamburger would you think of consumerism? >> guest: did you take those down? >> host: consumer is some i missed the second one but
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what about consumerism? >> none of them had a universal god so they're only applicable to the tried and no religion prior to the hebrew bible has said it you should love the foreigner is where the most ubiquitous statements of the first five books in the bible because you were strangers to the land of egypt and the idea that all people are created in god's image of course, there was religion prior but this is the first book in the history of the world to branch out with human sacrifice. with that spectacular revolution and the willful ignorance and human sacrifice it was accepted universally and it is an
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abomination. to sacrifice human beings. >> host: he went on to talk about consumerism and the food shows. >> am i of the problems the american consumer supports theyworld economy. of what they would need and not what they might thank god for the american consumer. i would add another i am not a fan of ostentatious consumption in fact, i am against it but nevertheless i have studied good and evil my whole life.he is . .
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next call for connecticut.
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jim go ahead. >> thanks for having me on. i appreciate the opportunity because this is a topic that fascinates me. after listening more, i have a whole bunch of other questions but i'm going to stick with the one i called about. that is reframing the question you had, can you be spiritual but not religious. my question is can you believe in god but not be religious because frankly the god that i see are cartoons.s. i understand that an affable god is a pointless god, but god god is ineffable by definition. he's infinite he is not mortal. he or she or it is not mortal but we turned god into this
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cartoon. unfortunately that is why people who think, who apparently he doesn't appreciate liberals, but they reject that cartoonish god. that god that justifies very unchristian politics. >> consume, consume, consume, consume because it's good. i'm going to stop. mr. gregor has some interesting ideas but for me for anyone to call themselves a christian and not see that love is at the core of christianity and not see that jesus christ himself rejected the capitalism that mr. gregor seems to elevate above all over good is sometimes kind of blind. i will stop.a jew, not >> okay well just for the record, i'm a jew, not a not a christian but nevertheless, i thought it might be relevant, and i don't believe that this
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george washington, john adams,ad james madison and almost every great thinker in history believed in khartoum. that dismissal is very common today. people have a dismissive attitude toward those of us who actually believe in the god of the bible. you are certainly free to have that belief, but it is not cartoonish. it is into stem indispensable and he demands we be good people and we have to answer to him. it's the best idea ever developed for the decency of people. i would like everyone walking along here to feel that their behavior toward other humann bei beings is just by god. i don't know why that is objectionable. i really don't. i can't think of a better idea. to think that i walk through life having to be a good person and that god expects me to be
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good, why does that make people like the last former caller angry?i deal with th it's a puzzle to me. i deal with it on my radio show. ideal with the in email e-mail. i can only say that this is what politics has succeeded in doing. it has presented a cartoonish character of what we believe in and then say we believe in the cartoon. >> next call from georgia. jacob you're on book tv, hello. >> hello. thank you so very much. i have one quick concern or t in the books that we talked about, there is so much murder and for lot of the folks who ari not jewish. i can't understand why is therea
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more killing in those five books than in any other books that were written about a god? would you please just share. >> jacob are you referring to the five books of the torah that you referred to earlier. >> right. >> it's a clear question and i don't want to interrupt the color. >> he's done. >> so if there were a law in those five books that said you must kill those who don't believe like you, i would cease to be a believer. b if there was just one verse in
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the bible, i would cease to be a believer. i could not have written this book and i would opt out of my religion. there isn't a hint of the notion that the jew should kill a non-jew. when jews are conquering canaan, they conquered it in a warlikery manner, yes that is how every place on earth was conquered. that is what happened, but there is no suggestion that to kill people who don't believe as you do. there is no such suggestion. in fact the bible goes on the way to say you cannot go into kayden until they have become so evil that they deserve to be taken over. when the amount of evil was child sacrifice, that's how bad they were. >> what's the secret to being a successful radio talkshow host? is it a variety of interest? >> i've been on 33 years so i guess i've earned the right to answer your question.s
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if doesn't really reflect on me but it reflects on all of my colleagues. even people i don't agree with. the first thing, interestinglyes enough, you must constantly be interesting. you have to be totally honest and giving you an answer. you can be brilliant, you you can be anything wonderful, but if you not interesting, people will tune you out. they have thousands of other options in different radio stations and listening to books or music, talking to a friend on the phone, it's endless so the first rule, when young people say to me i'd like to be a talkshow host how to i know if i can do it. i said it's very easy. going to a room and sit alone for three hours and be interesting. if you can talk to the walls for three hours, you've got a
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chance. >> will head with your question or comment. >> hello dennis, you and i, we have to be twins. i' i spent every weekend on book tv. i'm a book a holick.ith each >> we have good company with each other. i agree i agree, i'm astonished, i guess i'm not able to reach you on the radio here, although i listen to rush on occasion. i've heard you in the past. i've been, oh golly, i've beenhr in this state since i was three years old, okay. i have been the same person
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since i was three years old and growing at it. it was the nature of our family. i grew up learning and got a good education. my education was in high school. i went to college and i was pretty disappointed. it was a pretty fair college but they were just beginning to turn at that point. my religious history, my philosophical and political goes way back. i'm still nominally a republican but i'm looking around. i'm also looking at the libertarians. but as far as.-- >> let me react if i may to the point that you made. let me react to the point you made about college. this was a very important part of my own realizations here, religious and and otherwise. when i was at graduate school at columbia, i realized i had so many bright professors but they
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would talk a lot of nonsense. for example i was at the school of international affairs at the russian interests institute. i studied communism and i was taught that the united states was as responsible for the cold war as stalin and the others.t, i thought you've got to be kidding. how can you teach something a totalitarian empire is as responsible as a democratic society for the cold war. boys r then i was taught that men and women are basically the same that boys are just as happy to play with dolls and girls are just as happy to play with trucks if you'd only give them those specific items to play with. i realized this is ridiculous. i'm being taught nonsense.e. it's gotten worse since i was there. then one day, i was walking around my campus at columbia and
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i was puzzled, why am i learnint some so much nonsense by intelligent people and then of verse that i learned as a child came out of nowhere into me and that is wisdom begins with fear of god and i realized oh my gosh, there's no wisdom in colombia because there's no god at columbia. there is brightness, there's b intelligence, there's facts and knowledge but there was no wisdom. there is no wisdom by and large. there were exceptions, obviously some wise professors but as thev universities have left their original god to bases which is what all of them had, they have become less and less wise and that's the truth.
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i say it was sadness. i did realize that it's very hard, if you believe everything is relative, if everything is the individual then look at the arts. look at what happened to the arts when god died. we went from michelangelo and mozart and now look at what they have here in southern california there is a gigantic sculpture in the front of the museum of art in orange county and the sculpture is of a dog lifting his leg and peeing. this is symbolic in the extreme of what has happened with the arts. one of the of biggest awards in germany was given to an artist
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who sculpted a policewoman crouching and urinating. that got one of the biggest awards in germany. this is what happens when god dies. so does humanity.e are at the >> we at the l.a. times book festival are talking with author and radio talkshow host dennis gregor. there are people shouting and dogs barking and people walking by. i hope you hear a little bit of that but hopefully your hearing our conversation, more importantly. caller from spokane washington. >> hi denis, i appreciate you coming on. it's a pleasure to talk with you. i had heard about you throughh several other sources. i identify as a ben shapiro
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teacher as it is but i am an evangelical with formedy. christian values. i believe the ten commandments apply, though in a different way. i wasn't wasn't aware you were jewish until just now. so my original question was, do you sympathize or do you tend to lean toward our side with evangelical dominion this? i don't agree with dominion is him but i wanted your take on it. >> before we hear from mr. kreger, what is a ben shapiro conservative. [laughter] >> i listen to a lot of ben shapiro and i agree quite a bit with his statements. i like that young conservative movement. it's a real shot in the arm and a lot of what he says makes sense. he's just very logical and very brave and very forthright.r.
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>> thank you very much. ben shapiro was on the program last year from l.a. go ahead. >> he does a lot of good work. the dominion, as far as i'm concerned, i work for work for evangelicals and i'm very familiar with evangelical. the dominion must is the groupat that would like to see america become bureaucratic or is that just a charge that anti- evangelicals may? i'm not familiar. >> he is gone. that caller is gone. >> too bad. i have a tremendous amount of sympathy for evangelical christians. obviously we don't see completely i to i, obviously, but i use the term christian values not judeo-christian theology. there are judeo-christian values.
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this country was founded on them. the christians that foundedudeod christianity in this country were very judeo based. >> a couple state laws have gone into effect or not gone into effect in north carolina and mississippi, georgia vetoed it. it's about bathrooms and gender equality and what's it about?>>t >> it's first and foremost about religious liberty. so, for example, if i am a photographer and you are going to have a same wedding or a gay wedding and you want me to be the photographer and take part in the wedding and i say look, i would happily have you sit down and take your photo for your wedding. i would happily take your photo
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for anything you wanted, but to participate in an event that violate some of my core values, one of which is that marriage has been set by god to mean the union of one man and one woman, i ask ask you to understand i can't participate in that event. there has been a lot of unfair reporting. the people that i have followed, the cases that i have followed in louisiana and washington and oregon and elsewhere, it was always opposition to an event, not a person. the baker in one case always bakes cake for her gay customers. that was never an issue. by the way, i would be opposed,, you can't not bake a cake because you don't like somebody's sexual orientation. that to me is a given.
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but asking me to bake a cake for an event, forget religion, i think we should have the liberty to say look, i will bake a cake for you but morally i am opposed to your event. i can see of pro-choice baker saying i can't bake a cake or i can't be involved in your pro-life please don't ask me to do that. i would say you know what, you should have the liberty to say i can't be forced by the state to participate. i keep emphasizing in that event that i fundamentally opposed. america is but based on a tension between liberty and religious liberty and certain acts of decency and equality. to dismiss everybody as a hater who thinks that i need to preserve my right, that's a very dangerous movement in american life. >> the next call comes from arizona.
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go ahead. >> i am the biggest talk radio across all the dial and you're simply the best. may i borrow a phrase to make you laugh, my faith is roman catholicism and my philosophy is libertarianism because i believe in free will and free markets in god, i trust.od so may i quickly say i don't worship man's law but god's law law. so speaking of god and keep keeping him faithfully, how is labeling a stranger, a foreigner not born amongst us in a legal for migrating to our freee country without anybody's
9:49 pm
permission and to my fellow republicans to pick and choose who should stay or who should go in our beloved united states based on a worldview judging a migrants worth while of being in the united states of the skills they might possess in the here and now. >> so what is the alternative sh for any number whether it's 20 or 30 million who come in illegally, we should allow all of them to remain? i just want to understand your position. there is no border than that should be sacrosanct for any country? >> i'm afraid he's gone. >> alright. let me just a on this, i think
9:50 pm
it is important. i have i have said for years, and written, someone can certainly search it on the internet, i have emphasized over and over that if i were a latin american, especially central american and i could not get into the united states legally, i would go into the united states illegally. i dennis krieger, if i were mexican and i knew i was in one of the most corrupt countries on the planet, i'm going to bring my children to where there is hope, the united states of america and take them out of the hopeless corruption in mexico. i would do that. i don't have one moral issue with the people who come in
9:51 pm
illegally. at the same time, i don't understand why people on the other side don't understand that america has a moral obligation to protect its borders. we can't allow all the humans in the world who live in corrupt places to come here. that would be the end of the united states to as we know it. we have to have controlled immigration. otherwise this country, we have rather unique values. so we have to be careful about taking in unlimited amounts of people who often represent different values.. for example, if you come from latin america, and i adore latin america. i put my rhetoric where my values are. i make the point to all those, we here in southern california has an enormous amount of latin americans. often, men will gather and be picked up as day laborers.
9:52 pm
how come we have never heard of one woman rape by any of these men that she takes to her house? not only that, white women would more readily pick up strangers, latin american young men and put them in her suv and take them to her house than white men. that is how much we trust latinos. i just want to make all of that clear. having said that, latinca americans come to america with a latin american american view of the state. it should be as big as possible. that's not the american view. which is limited government. >> next call from connecticut. go ahead. >> good afternoon people, i get you in connecticut, but i agree
9:53 pm
with everything you said. rush limbaugh i listen to them because i get him, i love ted cruz for the same reason and i wanted to say, as far as that goes, man is an arrogant creature. he cannot accept the idea, i believe it comes from his arrogance because in the bible it says the fool has said there is no god. my ways are not your ways. as far as capitalism goes, if you've ever read the proponent of capitalism, they said if there were no rich or prosperous, the the poor would never be able to benefit. jesus said i have come to give you life abundantly and that doesn't make and spiritually. he wants everybody to prosper.
9:54 pm
so all your points, i say good for you and if i could get you, i would listen to you. thank you for taking my call. >> while i generally respond to those who differ then those who agree, so thank you very much. you can podcast me or listen to me on the internet. but in any event, thank you. >> if terry were to find you on the internet, where should she go and how should she do that? well there are both android and apple apps. you can get commercial free and download any of my shows andha share them with others. you can't just listen to me live on my website. listen to the show.but not in most of the cases, i am on your
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local station, but not obviously in every case. so it's extremely simple. just last week we had george had will as the presenter of the five minute videos that we did. it was meant to change minds. we had 70 million views last year. we are making an impact because i am worried. i'm truly worried about america. it was founded on certainli principles which are being denied. liberty and small governments and a god based populace, that is what the founders wanted. if people feel responsibly morally to a god, they will generally act better. do you know that secular professors did a fascinatingny i
9:56 pm
study and people who believe in hell have more ethical behavior than people who do not believe in hell. that makes perfect if you believe you will be caught speeding you won't speed. if you don't think it will ever be punished for speeding, then you'll speed. t why do we deny simple facts of life? because we want to deny them. as one of the earlier dollars said i don't want to be judged and you don't either, but i do want to be judge. i pray to god that i'll be judged because if i'm judged and everybody's judged. then there is moral meaning toto the universe. i want mother teresa to be in heaven. i want adolph hitler to be in hell. i want it. if you don't want it, there's something wrong with you. you don't want the worst of the worst punished? you don't want the best of the best rewarded? you have to go to college to think that foolishly.ost: you ls >> you listen to rush limbach,
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who else? >> the only problem with rushes that were on at the same time. it's a little difficult, but i'm friendly with him and i know all of these people, of course. i do listen, yes. i listen in the same way that a chef would eat the meals of other chefs. we know what goes into it. it fascinates me to see how do these other guys deal with the same issues that i do? >> nashville tennessee you have 32nd.being a >> yes, thank you very much for being a voice for conservatives with good sense. i'm a conservative and i'm curious in the last two years, i wonder if you would speak about the jewish approach to natural law. >> it's a tough question because
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i'm ambivalent us on the law issue. i don't think you can get to the extent of law coming from nature from the natural state of the world, i don't think nature provides any moral guidance. i think the ultimately it is nature's call as our founders put it. there needs to be a revelation of good and evil that comes from beyond nature. if you follow nature, the only law that nature really gives is survival of the fittest. that is what hitler and stalin believed in. >> dennis has been our guest for the last hour. his most recent book, the ten commandments still the best moral code. thank you for your time. >> you're welcome. it was wonderful. enjoy. >> this weekend we take you to san bernardino california to
9:59 pm
explore the history and literary history of the city. fourteen people were killed and 22 were seriously injured in a terrorist attack at the inland regional center in san bernardino. we'll talk about the attack and recovery efforts by the community. >> when we talk about terrorism and the fight against terrorism, it isn't something that's an abstract anymore. : the the the
10:00 pm
the >> the book earth cline talks about the connection to san bernardino county. >> the goes back to 81852 when the father of the most father -- well known was making this area his family temporarily. he heard about the gold rush in northern california. before going back to the midwest, he went to southern california and passed through san bernardino valley and vowed
10:01 pm
one day we would come back to that area. >> and on american history tv we will visit the san bernardino history and railroad museum and talk about the importance of the railroad system with alan bone. >> construction was completed in 1918 that replaced a wooden structure that was approximately a hundred yards east of here that built in 1960. they decided to house the division head quarters that the location at this time. >> the c-span city's tour is working with cable affiliate and visiting cities across the un


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