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tv   Interview with Nick Adams  CSPAN  May 8, 2016 11:50am-12:01pm EDT

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the conscious protection can be done by any level of government. they can say we will not penalize catholic adoption companies because they want to find children homes with mom and dad. three instances have been shutdown. what i am suggesting is if we want civil peace after the same-sex marriage ruling we have to agree to disagree. if you are in favor of same-sex marriage bake the wedding cake but if you are not don't have the government force you to make the cake. >> would know we are at c-pack where the c stands for conservative but a lot of libertarians support gay marriage. >> yeah, the panel i am on in a few minutes is two libertarians and two are a conservative. one is a gay conservative. we disagree about marriage but all four of us agree no one should be cohorerced by the
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government. >> ryan anderson, "truth overruled; the future of marriage and religious freedom. >> you are watching booktv, television for serious readers. watch any program you see here online at >> it is the finest fighting source and when i come to america, i am taken by the individualism and i want to see that preserved.
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there is no place like america. >> people listening are going to wonder why someone from australia loves america so much. >> it is good question but very simple. what is good for america is good for the world. whether america is strong, the world is strong. when america is weak, the world is dangerous. that is not a nick adams hypothesises. that is the reality we are living. that is why every person, no matter the color, sexual orientation, everyone has an investment in keeping america robust and as powerful as possible. there is a whole tradition of people around the world have to inexplicit desire to get to the
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united states. i think it is something about the energy in america, the optimism, the feeling anything is possible. this the land where magic can truly happen. that is really, what i kind of subscribe to, and i have to tell you i have never been disappointed. i think this is still the land where anybody can rise above the circumstances of their birth and go on to achieve whatever it they want to achieve and that is an elegant and beautiful principle and one we have to preserve for as much and as long as possible. >> the title of your recent book is "retaking america" which seems to indicate we are doing something wrong. what is that? >> i think the political correctness behind every american problem whether it is open borders, demingished america on the world stage, the
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police wearing their own handcuffs, declining educational standards, an inability to defeat the islamism that is rampant around the world. i think there is no greater parody than crushing this totalitarian ideology that is producing a choking confirmity and intellectual tyranny that is unamerican, and goes against the principles of the united states. i think right now, people are sick and tired of being accused of micro aggressing and macro-aggressing and trigger warning and not knowing the 77 genders and being accused of being a racist. i think people have had enough
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of these intellectual pixies that want to bully us into science and force us into conformi conformity. america is about confidence, identity and individualism and prolitical correctness is causing problems with that. >> what is one of the real-life examples used in your books? >> i am an australian and seen what correctness has done to my country and in england. in england you cannot even look at somebody the wrong way and that is the trend throughout western civilization. my book is a cautionary message to americans to be aware i lived your future and you will not like it.
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you need to arrest the problem and punch this cultural totalitari totalitarian clogging the nose. hit first, hit hard, and you cannot stop because if you don't because we will end up in a situation where america will become belgium and another european country. if you want to do something different, take a risk, there is no country on earth like america. initiative, confidence, and risk go further here in the united states than anywhere else and that is why america is a beautiful idea that transcends
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geographical entities. >> when you take that message home to australia what do a lot of australians say? >> i know a lot of australians are proud of america's role in the world and we are proud to be the only country that fought alongside the united states in every conflict and we hold that distinction because the brits didn't go to vietnam. i think there is a lot we can really take from the australian example. i want america to remain a special lace place and not let ideology dilute that strength and power.
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>> nick adams, "retaking america; crushing political correctness" is the name of his book. >> if you love america and hate political correctness this is the book for you. >> when i tune in on the weekends it is authors sharing new releases. >> watching the non-fiction authors on booktv is the best television for serious readers. >> on c-span they can have a longer conversation and dive into the subjects. >> booktv weekends; they bring you author after author that spotlight the work of fascinating people. >> i love booktv and i am a c-span fan. >> here is look at some of the current best-selling non-fiction books according to the harvard bookstore in cambridge. all the single ladies is toping the list where the detailed of
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contributions of women in america. and being motor mortal. and between the world and be. in evicted, matthew desmond, har explores the rise in evictions in low-income families. and in ghettos the issues of ghettos in europe are related to the issues of poverty today in the united states. and npr host discusses how she dealt with the death of her husband and her views on the right to die movement in "on my own" and next we profile significant women in
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entertainment in "rad american women a-z" and in smarter, faster, better we look at how to improve productivity and in new death we look at how americans cope with the end of life. many of these authors have appeared or will be appearing on booktv. you can watch them on our website, >> afterwar words is next. steve case speculates on the future of the internet and discusses how to navigate the everchanging landscape. he is joined by the representative from maryland. >> >> host:


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