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tv   White House Briefing  CSPAN  May 11, 2016 12:48am-2:13am EDT

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election day is over. and even have a chance to do start their jobs. >> madam secretary we proudly give our delegate votes to the next president of united states
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when. [inaudible conversations] good afternoon. oh will do a quick couple of announcements before getting an to your questions. the first if it is today the national security council is convened at the white house as part of an ongoing review of our efforts to didn't degrade and destroy isil it is the recent of months meetings including the cia but also a department of
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state and department of defense for the president was briefed from going coalition efforts while also checking their addition for expansion outside the country's looking to reinforce hostilities in syria they discussed options to further events a political resolution to the syrian civil conflict while continuing our efforts to pressure isil there. so to intensify the operations across all military and civilian friends including the expansion outside of syria and iraq. in addition you may not know to be in brussels belgium
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where she will meet with the of belgium prime minister and other officials with the shared efforts to disrupt terrorists plotting and to destroy and degrade isil also meeting with senior e.u. officials how we can support their efforts with coordination between the numbers. traveling to build images of one of high-level engagements with our coalition partners to discuss ways to enhance counterterrorism cooperation. the people of brussels know that isil will have complex attacks against our interest and inspire a will rule of to contact us that is why you look at ways to intensify intelligence cooperation in further disrupt the flow of foreign fighters. we will work to share with our partners following
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september 11th about breaking down information in protecting the home and more effectively. second come i will call to your attention is that in addition to meet with senators from both parties the questionnaire and associated materials are the exhaustive picture of his career and impeccable credentials to the nominee as the supreme court he has more federal judicial experience than the other - - and any other domine with public service and academic achievement is record demonstrates he is a careful and balance judge to follows the lot and in fact, he is never written opinion that has been reversed by the supreme court. that is indicative of his
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careful and principled approach to jurisprudence his opinions reflect his ability to have content census on a range of challenging subjects campaign finance and federalism this is what any judge passed to confront serving on the highest court in the of land in this litigation record shows devotion to public service in the exceptional record of the achievement including in the oklahoma city bombing and in unabomber cases for the contrary -- committee members to do their jobs that they can hear directly from chief judge garland under oath and that is a fair yes or no vote and we expect the senate will give the same fair consideration
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as prior nominees so two of four pieces of business out of the way if you want to get started with questions. >> to stress that you're not going to apologize in any way can you tell us why it is so important? what is so wrong with the apologizing? >> this is a question that historians have considered with a legitimate to line of inquiry the president intends to have a more forward-looking signal about
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his ambition for realizing the goals it is also an opportunity to highlight the remarkable transformation in the relationship between japan and the estates if you would imagine one of our closest partners in asia was japan just seven years ago it would have been very difficult to imagine given the ability between our two countries but that is what has occurred. >>host: commitment to forge closer bonds and we have also seen deeper ties between our peoples and even as we speak there are thousands of u.s. military service members who were stationed in japan enhance is not just you security of
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the united states the united states in japan also work effectively together through the military and humanitarian relief efforts and other efforts including the natural disaster that the japanese people resulted as a signal me at the nuclear facility in fukushima that is a testament to the way that u.s. is has dramatically changed the last 70 years and certainly is interested to further mark the progression of the relationship by visiting hiroshima.
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>> but though lot of groups are saying with that announcement. >> the people are entitled to them. this of course, will follow that u.s. embassador to japan or john kerry to attended a g-7 ministerial meeting in the president will offer up his own reflections to that city the president certainly does understand united states bears a special responsibility and it continues to be the only
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country to have used nuclear weapons and it means that our country bears a special responsibility to lead the world in the effort to to eliminate them and it is a goal that has been fought by both democratic and republican presidents and is a goal to make our country and our plan and save her but there is no diminishing the important contribution of the greatest generation of america who do not just save the united states but the world from tyranny. the courage and bravery of that generation will go down in american history. so there has been an increasing effort to pay tribute to them and unfortunately many heroes
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have passed on but i feel confident that future generations of americans will recognize a significant debt of gratitude that they owe to those brave americans that the defenders of freedom prevail. >>. >> so talk about those conservative viewpoints to speak at about the concerns is this something the president is concerned about?
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>> the white house does you to keep a with the american public as does the associated press and other media organizations. we're obviously all dealing with a rapidly changing environment communicating more effectively with the responsibility we all have. we were pleased to see the statement from facebook to make this clear to not be engaged in you to ask directly but there is no al-zawahiri that the environment that exists today places a splash - - special burden to make a concerted effort the nature
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of facebook is out people connect over large distances and makes those connections of the shared characteristics and the media environment the way it is structured now makes it easy for any individual to surround themselves with voices have prospective opinion that they share. the president has given a number of speeches how important it is for citizens to challenge their own assumptions and in doing so to better educate them about issues with the diversity of our country to assure our government makes better decisions across the country
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can inform themselves about the debate and canning gauge to be more effective to push our country's leaders to make those decisions with the priorities of the american people. >> i want to talk about the philippines. >> does the white house have any qualms? >> at this point united states is prepared to commend the philippines on its election and by all accounts they appear to have gotten smoothly with how historically high levels of participation by all indications of a vibrant
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democracy. we are still waiting the official results from officials in the philippines to relive for word with our relationship the president traveled to the philippines last november and had ample opportunities to underscore the depth and the relationship with the philippines obviously we have an important security relationship as they provide the maritime security and the value the bilateral relationship and the president has the opportunity so that is an
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indication and we look forward to a strengthening the relationship to the filipino voters have decided >> it is talking about throwing away the human rights clause. >> i don't have any comments about the campaign platform where their rhetoric used by any individual candidate i will wait for the official results that we can comment more directly about our ability to work with the winners of the election. >> calling for multilateral talks with the south china
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sea is that an option? >> i will not comment in any proposals put out by the candidates but in general our approach has been united states is not a claimant but we do believe that those who have competing claims should find a way to resolve those differences through diplomacy and established international procedures and that continues to be our position and we encourage all parties to pursue their differences in that way. to make sure that they're resolved peacefully but it doesn't disrupt the free throw -- free flow of commerce in the region where the billions of dollars that we're interested in
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preventing any sort of disruption. >> the senator from florida is talking about 1.9% billion to pass the senate on the emergency basis so it doesn't need but that administration has shared? >> we certainly believe that is what congress should have done this is a public health emergency better country's leading scientists and experts have identified yesterday i was reading a statement representing democratic event ever rivers
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across the country who urged congress to act quickly improvised resources to states and localities that are fighting the zika virus fighting to do so a roar to delay action will have a negative impact on the health of the american people. that is the statement from democratic and republican governors and professionals. congress is past due to make this kind of commitment to america's safety and the public health of the american people. the debate about passing the resources should not be bogged down in a partisan dispute how this will be paid for it is emergency funding and congress should act quickly so the resources can be used to expand lab
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capacity to make the test more effected the and ramp up the ability to manufacture a vaccine. and to get additional resources down to the mosquito population where we're at risk to see them carry the zika virus. >> we have spent pretty blunt about what it is that we want with our public and private communications. the white house did present to congress a very specific proposal of how much money is required and how issues.
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it is unconscionable for republicans to delay to the states that need it and those that our concerned that adequate resources are not being mobilized to confront the serious public health emergency. >> i am ahead of the game. >> you usually are. [laughter] talking about japan talking about a double traub presidency and the fact that he keeps saying on the campaign trail he will rework the trade deals with japan and china to the best of my knowledge delayed trade deal we have is what is coming up with the tpp. >> you are correct they are part of the tpp.
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>> but what will he say to assure the united states will live up to its commitment and agreement or even to go to capitol hill? >> what we do need to meet or complete this agreement is congressional approval. the good news is we know that there is strong bipartisan support on capitol hill for a trading group -- a trade agreement to cut taxes and others opposed on american goods. 18,000 in fact, for congress to act and implement the partnership agreement. as that continues to be a priority of the administration that there is strong support among democrats and republicans
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across the country that is why you have seen to indicate support for it this agreement because they'll understand the positive economic impact on the country in the president certainly intends to work in a bipartisan fashion. >> what about the trump factor? >>. >> i cannot speak to all of the of private conversations but the president has observed it is not unusual to you talk about the state of the american political debate and what the
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president would say publicly is what we ask about it. >> going back to your letter >> we can get you a copy. april is showing more interest then the republicans in congress. [laughter] want to cultivate that to make sure you get a close look at that. [laughter] >> i just want to know the construct so with that components of that i want to know what is about to. >> it is wrong in a detailed fashion to go through exactly how much money is dedicated to specific efforts to fight the zika virus it could be the cdc there is also extensive
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funding requested to help local authorities fight the mosquito populations it is a virus transmitted by a mosquito so this is what was talked about one of the things that we know the real helpful that if we know someone has contract attracted the zika virus and they should eradicate that person's house so that not transmit to someone else. so having a nimble operation like that requires funding certainly more than is available to the states in the localities and it is a way i know that republicans are. mosquito but there is no reason we should nessie bipartisan congressional action as common sense as
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this. >> to those potential panel index. >> there isn't an assessment in terms of the longer term projections you may check with the cdc but it is focused on the resources necessary that a federal, state, and local officials are doing everything possible to protect people from the zika virus. >> you're asking them to show? >> if there is any doubt on members of congress and then we encourage them to be in touch with the cdc.
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>> you have anything new toots' talk about? >> yes. what i can tell you that the president has the enormous amount of pride for the class of 2016 will graduate from all service account -- academies including west point you remember he is delivered to commencement addresses. he is also looking forward in a month to deliver the commencement address at the air force academy in colorado springs. is an opportunity to acknowledge the tremendous accomplishments of these fine young americans who have gone through four years of rigorous academic training and military
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training to be the fellow service members on the battlefield. this particular has generated some discussions about race relations but the real focus should be on the accomplishments of the cadets and that they will soon be the on missions around the world. >> with the president said about heritage and a diversity. and then to have those pictures as the president has talked about to be known who you are.
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>> i will not try to define that message but what i can tell you is the president is proud of all military academies. they made a significant sacrifice and dedicated there ought -- live says unit builds to serve their country and is worthy of our respect and proud of the way that they have prepared themselves to represent in service and defend our country. >> ferguson has come full circle now. >> i have seen those reports. is there a question? >> has ferguson, full circle spirit that is said judgment
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the would not render from here but the community of ferguson would knowledge that the work to strengthen the community to repair those bonds between government and citizens will take some time and that is work that is never done that constantly challenges insult to improve to major the will of the people that are in the day-to-day decisions of the government and what is certainly true is they have made important progress many concerns have problems beneath the surface for a long time by confronting
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these challenges head on end by being committed to repairing that community that is the past success with no dying -- al-zawahiri they have made progress. >> the justice department has been watching the man working with them with many qualities to come out in documentation. >> people should render it a church member but it does seem fed is beginning to make movements in the right direction as a reflection of
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the advocacy of people in that community and a commitment to public service is. >> so does he want to meet with any of the survivors? direct all logistics' of the president's trip have not been formulated so we don't know but we will keep you posted in western company should not use as an excuse. >> but is that the case that that might lead to some of the oven prattling but
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watching it in that the dire warnings. >> there were suggestions head and it being prepared to receive hundreds of billions of sage and relief. so theo's critics are either long or lying. but then has to stop them to continuing but if they
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communicated as clearly yet this will about what is permissible and compliance with existing. . . to help people understand touched him the decision to leave half but there are always new opportunities. but'' we seek is to be possible for what they even
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went but today they've revs civic those settings there were 28. >> is suharto's and shrimp to for its. so we have been quite clear and not just chosen at random but identified by the president and teeeighteen and others in the region to are concerned about a nuclear arms iran. so obama made a calculation to say the most important
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thing we can do and then to achieve the goal and we have. this is an based on intelligence assessment but the verification of international inspectors who check and continue on a continuous basis for the bed is made united states of america safer, israel safer safer, partners in the middle east safer it does not resolve all concerns with iran. we're concerned the way support terrorism and the development of the ballistic missile program but that is a lot dangerous with no risk to impose a nuclear weapon on top managers because of the iran deal.
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we are gratified by what has been accomplished but. >> news agency have been put to him place. >> our relationship with the partners is in the gulf to protect themselves from the of missile -- but then to illicit or prevent iran from illicit the obtaining materials and equipment that could be used to it prints
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and the results have been if the united states or our allies are safer? and the people who complain about the agreement were wrong or lying or both. >> are they concerned with the president going to hiroshima will be interpreted as an apology? >> if they do interpreted that way it will be wrong. i don't think that is that. >> is there any debate at the president should go? period there has been questions raised about whether or not the president would travel to hiroshima everytime he goes to japan and and has done that three year four times now on the first visit he had served
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you with like to have the opportunity to visit and given the progress that we have made to deviance nuclear security with the recent visits in the last visit to japan as president. >> on the garland question here is that what the judiciary committee gave him or the white house committee? >> maya and the standing is he filled out the questionnaire but senator grassley said basically and
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we were pleased to see them except and post on the web site that is consistent with the way the process is supposed to work in the neck sprat -- steps should be to be considering the contents we're ready to do that. >> and how that change at all and those have said they will not. met me see if i have tallied meeting with 46 and for
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seeing improvement thunders. liturgy a chief in the mirror if mining to get f-15 republican because you will remember the opening bid was issued by the republican leader who said they. >> so five and 27 years old? [laughter] >> i am not 27.
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[laughter] and to do this small number of senators. >> those new / - - to five the leadership. >> but the rest has not been defied and the holding strong toward has clearly been their position from the start. >> recognize they will not do their job they held the position they will not do their job. >> do have the lame-duck session.
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spirit that is the direction we you're headed in what they deserve the way it hasn't ben since 1875. and the senator flake to the a more forward leaning position than many of his colleagues and he opened the door not just to get a hearing for the election or a vote but he imagined a scenario. we certainly believe that is that they should do. >> who comes forward to make the statements like this? >> they should. >> but is bare concrete progress?
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>> now 15 senators say they have starting to said they would not consider a hearing now the republicans steps forward to save man up and vote. to former supreme court justices. >> we have seen senator colons phone made? to participate so all of this in the face of a republican leader but the president did do his job been nominated somebody even republicans acknowledge is a consistent nominee in some will block his progress but
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we will continue to move forward into edney think it is required and typical of that process we will see if republicans continue to try to block it. >> when do expect a hearing would have been? >> they would have to schedule that. the democrats to service laid out a typical schedule the way would have worked and they said that hearing taking place in april. republicans are past due and that they can get one on the books. >> so basically you're sitting back. >> isn't it clear you have announced the in the where
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there are concerns but it also seems clear. >> we did get for hostages out every did have some success to resolve the financial dispute that save taxpayers billions of dollars. i don't think either of those. i would like knowledge we have not seen iran stops supporting terrorism. we would with the ballistic missile program have you
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adopted the assad regime. >> but the benefits of diplomacy is there any area now where you identify the administration to be involved? and you expect to see clearly this is a testament
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but even in this year if it is successful return of american citizens of those service members to dip into iranian waters. the benefits of our improved communication with iran is beneficial to the united states of america. >> with iraq and syria.
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>> obviously the situation in those countries are complicated. and and despite the life of false predictions of our critics said the nuclear program has been laid back. >> with every neece had bad
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we have lois been willing to do that after they not only lived up sumacs so they've read the highly enriched so then maybe they did states will go forward but what we indicated is the end in their version and but the president did knowledge before the agreement was completed and the statement he delivered so people like
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prime minister netanyahu that david get hundreds of billions of dollars. i don't know is that a poorly informed or lying? but what he predicted is not true. now we can evaluate the fax whether or not he was right. >> it points the administration with the awkward position because u.s. is reserved crisis that
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the there is a point lake saying they would get hundreds of billions of dollars that we are wrong or low enough. with those critics but to
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make clear that united states is committed. >> below now worried the read half stick but to go into some detail of the torture he experienced while in captivity.
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>> i have seen documents in the content of is safe and then to secure their release and why but there is a concern that these americans rochester private of their ability to spend time with their families but facing that desperation that is one you work so hard to get the mask so if we have a
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position on that i will let you know, .
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>> violation a swollen lymph but with the exception and what more needs to be done from the top of a military academy. >> emma specific with the federal case for the dress code policies so i will defer comment but i will say the president has often remarked about the pride that he has in the 1000's to serve united states and our military. men and women who are committed to their faith and the safety and security of the united states of america of a patriotic americans who were serving their country. we're proud of their service >> so no thought from the military academy? >> i am not aware of the
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specific policies in place. >> mundorf carolina talks about the supreme court that the administration needs to get him on the court to be appointed as soon as possible? >> this president has the same view taken by republican president ronald reagan who you talked about the fact that every day that goes but -- there goes by is the day people should be concerned that the supreme court doesn't have the full complement to deal with the important issues before them. their president feel strongly they have a responsibility to make sure that the supreme court has
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all nine justices and then conducted an exhaustive search even republicans are describing as a consensus nominee anyone with more experience on the federal bench in history it is unprecedented half -- to be nominated but. >> prime hearing their vote for the first time since 1875 every nominee has been given a hearing and vote it is unprecedented for republicans to withhold it. >>. >> to deal with a lot of important issues.
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>> and the american people believed they are best served by having the full complement of justices making these important decisions. >> yesterday to say no senior official ever the it did somebody review those transcripts or are you changing your answer? >> if i did you would know that. >> you said hiroshima the intention is not to apologize but does the president will come a the renewed debate the american people are having?
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>> i don't being he has in the benefit to muzzle the debate so to carefully look at the decision that president has to make and that was consistent with priories and believed that could be saved by dropping the bomb. that any god-fearing person would agonize over. the president truman did webb president's half to do, make a tough decision when the stakes were high.
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>> for them to look at it and consider how was made and to consider there is an alternative to produced a better result for historians to examine the long-term consequences of that decision. it is entirely fair discussion for the american people to consider. but that is that what and we will just it is a remarkable testament to the two countries to find peace san looking for ways to come
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together and coordinate their efforts to advance the interest the. but they recover from natural disasters but it takes the country like north korea but it is something you think it is worth a routine there is a
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reflection on his visit that will include an observation of the way that the relationship has been transformed. >> but i know of that is
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something the administration is aware of. >> that they're not comfortable with the posture referring to but to be
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remarked on his character credentials. when do i referenced before is the man of key intellect. but it should be on the supreme court.
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to have the experience but this is at the top of their list and is hard pressed to denied but for them to put forward a nominee that the republicans say is well qualified for the job. >> it is hard to tell a sex
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but that is what the republicans should do. there is no one who can come forward with a compelling case that somehow san bernardino is an important continue but back in the day that that would be in sudan and off and tell after the
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convention but that is why senate obama did not receive his out -- population but they're much greater. that is what is driving the time frame observations that has made but there are already resources dedicated to this effort by the administration and senior officials how was the flag? how can they be trusted but
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what would be included in the briefing i believe but
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did put the missiles in the position of the vlsi. -- from the hillside. but what the president does appreciate is that president truman made this decision for the right reasons he was focused on the national security interest of the united states and president truman was focused to bring an end to a terrible war.
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to be fully mindful. >> is a way that the president approached this dilemma.
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what the president has indicated there is a nuclear stockpile and one that should be maintained for safety reasons and revisionists -- a venomous and the president has also succeeded to reduce the stockpile. >> protecting the safety and well-being of the american people? that the president believes the best way to do then is rid the home of nuclear weapons. . .
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