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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  May 14, 2016 12:00am-2:01am EDT

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fit into the picture? >> we have seen a lot of these reports to. i think some of the pressure point may be indicate a situation that is worse than it is. the un reporting that i have looked at certainly indicates there are growing problems that food is becoming scarce and people who want to leave cannot. but you also seem some reporting in areas that indicate that it's a legitimate humanitarian crisis with starvation. it's difficult to know exactly where on that spectrum falluja falls. regardless, certainly there is suffering there. and the suffering is there because of isil. let's not ever forget that point.
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but with falluja specifically, we have seen the iraqi security forces begin to chip away at falluja. in fact they are now generally surrounded by iraqi security forces. the first six and seventh division are positioned to the north, all around falluja. and we have seen maneuvers but it's been a very small bites. yesterday yesterday i think it was 340 meters that iraq use of curative forces were able to gain. that that is a very small number obviously. but this is a tough city, it is the very first city that isil gain control of. isil has has been there for more than two years. so they are dug in deep. so this is a tough nut to crack and a
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tough not for the iraqis to crack. i i think the iraqis are aware, i'm confident the iraqis are aware that they need to liberate falluja. where it falls into this sequence, falluja, falluja before or after muzzle, it is unclear. the iraqis are working with falluja right now. they haven't surrounded they are pressuring it but they have not been able to make a real move. this will continue to be something we'll watch. we know the iraqis have attempted on several location to open up to humanitarian corridors to allow some of the civilians to come out. those have met with generally not much success. isil isil has done things like set up snipers to go down on those quarters to kill people as they are trying to get out. so that is really discouraging. it is a difficult problem.
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but they are coming full circle. to answer your question our sense is that the iraqi certainly understand falluja needs to be liberated. we see some reporting that the iraqis are ignoring it or whatever the case, don't think that is the case. i think they know that they have to go and be liberated. >> do you understand why they would not do falluja before mozilla? what's the plus and minus versus falluja first versus moe's old verse. it's smaller and closer to baghdad, wouldn't it be a logical to do falluja operation first? >> from a military perspective falluja doesn't have much impact on most. you do not need to liberate falluja in order to get to muzzle.
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you have to get lazy before, you have to have singe are before you get to mozilla. but falluja doesn't really have any tactical influence on muzzle. so so then it becomes a political decision. there is no military reason to liberate muzzle now. that said, they have military influence on baghdad. its close proximity to baghdad we don't know where these truck bombs came from. we don't know if they came out of falluja or not. that is something that needs to be brought into the calculus as well. >> hi colonel, can you you tell us what the situation is north of ramadi and reports of
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counterattack by isis who killed a significant number of iraqi troops. how could this happen given the progress report we have got from you and others on the progress and amp our province. how could this happen? >> jeff, can you signaled to to maybe turn the game down a little bit, everyone is coming in blown out. i wasn't able to hear any of that question. >> so let's try again. [inaudible]
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[inaudible] >> we cannot hear you either. >> it's clear now, i can hear you perfectly. >> what can you tell us about the situation on north and west of ramadi, reports of a major attack killed a significant number of by iraqi troops. how could this happen given all of the reporting coming out from over there about isis being on the defensive, specially the progress in and our province. how could this happen? there was an attack in romani. there is some truck bombs who came in and it was kind off to the north, it was kind of on the suburbs are xers of ramadi. there are still pockets for the
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enemy you call it an attack i call it a terrorist attack. it was a lesson military taca more of a terrorist attack almost of what was on baghdad. it was truck bombs. in this case it was truck bombs plus truck bomb supported by some technicals and infantry. notable, certainly attacked caused casualties in the iraqi military which is tragic. but all of the attackers are dead now. it was an unsuccessful attack. the iraqi military did not give up an inch of ground. so it's still a war and there's still a legitimate enemy out
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there. in this case from where they're able to generate small bits of combat power and glory to the ramadi suburbs. but it certainly is not an indicator of anything except what i just said that there still an enemy out there. >> kinney speak to the overall impact of things like this, however you want to characterize what happened in ramadi we had the attack last week, it's going on in baghdad, you have the unusual circumstance earlier this week of the white house almost rooting for the russians in the syrian regime to turn back isis from moving towards palmyra again.
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all they showing more resilience than you expected? >> no. they're not showing more resilience. they are showing resilience, but resilience is to be expected. we've never underestimated, not for one moment. we know they will remain capable of these rates and limited attacks. mixed in with terrorist attacks. again, from a military perspective they have not been able to seize or gain a square inch of ground. particularly in a rack. they. they have not gained an inch in iraq. they've conducted these raids, and almost every case the raiders are wiped out or nearly wiped out.
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so yes, you're going to see, it's a war. so they're going to fight. but this does not mean that they are gaining strength. it does not mean that something has gone wrong. what this means is there is an enemy in iraq that has to be defeated. and this is is what the iraqis are working on right now. >> colonel, just one if i could please we're talking about the apaches, but you said they have not yet employed the apaches in an offensive role is there such a thing as a defensive role. basically are the apaches flying missions now? >> apache helicopters have been here since day one, nearly two years. they have flown missions escorting vips who commit et cetera. so that is not change. >> feel sort. >> i want to ask a separate question not exactly tied but
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were tight about the commander in syria that was killed in the explosion and i'm trying to find out what your assessment is of that on hezbollah is one of the many actors in syria that you have to factor in when you're going through and also do you know anything about the strike? >> i am aware of it. it's really too soon for us to assess right now what impact is going to have. you are correct has blitzen actor on this stage. and they have been for some time. we know they have suffered heavy casualties over the last two or three years fighting in syria. as part of their efforts. in regards to the specific strike, who took it and what the impact, what the downstream impact, is simply too soon to tell.
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>> and they did not carry out the strike obviously. >> that is correct. >> just cleaning up one detail you mentioned a few times the iraqis have 50% of their forces dedicated to the defense of baghdad. if you say 50 percent, can you you tell us what the number is, how many troops? >> roughly half, maybe i should have said, i do not have the troop numbers, it's probably an appropriate for me to give out iraq information anyway, even if i had it i would not give it to you. >> if the has a blow is not on your strike list you know who strike lizzie was on? >> i do know who strike list, we are not striking hezbollah. >> okay steve, thank you you very much for your time. we wish you a pleasant weekend.
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>> thank you very much, it's good to see everyone. we'll see you next week. >> the defense department has released its yearly report on china's military operations. abraham denmark the deputy assistant defense secretary for east asia briefed reporters about some of the details of the report including china's mayor time activities, it is a growing global presence and insurance military personnel are politically loyal. this is about 30 minutes. >> good afternoon. i am the deputy secular denmark for east asia. today the department of defense made the 2016 report to congress on the valve in the people's republic of china. this annual report mandated by congress
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highlights china's defense strategy of military developments. the report is intended to be factual, descriptive, and analytical. let the facts speak for themselves. the report describes such china continues to invest in programs and weapons to improve power productions, operations in emergent domain such as cyberspace, space and electromagnetic spectrum. china continues to focus on preparing for potential conflict in the taiwan strait, additional missions such as contingencies in the east and south china seas and on the creative print peninsula are important. china's leaders, even as china's economic growth decelerates. in march, china announced its military budget will grow 7.6% to $144 billion in 2015. for 2006 - 2015 china displayed
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military budget an average of 9.8% per year in inflation-adjusted terms. china's publish military budget, amid several major categories of spinach or such as rnd, the procurement of form weapons and equipment. the true expenditure dod estimates in terms of total military spending for 2015 if they exceeded one 80,000,000,000 dollars in 2015. 2015. as a result of these investments, they continue to make strides. for for instance, china's military. last year china unveiled the day of 26 missile, a system that could produce ground straits to the asian pacific. beyond beyond this there program entered a new phrase phase in 2015. i will highlight three key security department. the first is that the first is there maritime activities.
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in 2015, china used tactics to assert its claim in the south china sea reclaiming vast acreage on existing outpost and instructing military facilities. their leadership leadership did demonstrate a willingness to tolerate high levels of in terms of their maritime claims. their strategy is to secure its objectives without jeopardizing the regional peace which in turn has maintained the chinese communist script on power. the second trend is the increasing global presence. they are leveraging the country's power to power to expand its international influence. its military footprint overseas. you have the november announcement that they were doing a military facility, this is a big step forward which had never had a facility before. the third trend to highlight is a sweeping reform to make a more capable and political loyal poa. they unveiled a plan to enhance
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their ability to conduct joint operations by replacing old regions with new geographic commands and also seek to strengthen communist parties control over the pla by establishing new bodies to overseas military. the united states will seek cooperation in areas of mutual benefit and manage competition with china from a position of strength. while seeking ways to reduce the risk of misunderstanding and galatia. as united states builds a stronger foundation for military to military relationship with china, will continue to monitor their evolving strategy i'm a dr. and a force development. will continue to encourage china to be more transparent about its military modernization program.
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our approach focuses on reducing risk, expending common ground, and maintaining our military superiority. to reduce risk, the dod and the pla expended on and the pla expanded on the understanding reached in 2014 when then secretary of defense signed to confidence building measures. they include first behavior and safety of air and maritime encounters. second. second notification of major military activities and review. in 2015, we expanded upon the mo use with annexes on air to air interactions in crisis communication. these confidence building measures are enhanced efforts to reduce risk and misunderstanding. we have including documents and dependencies in this report. we also continue to make progress for the poa to develop the capacity to cooperate international public roads
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including humanitarian disaster relief, peacekeeping operation, search and rescue, and military medicine. in short, this report illustrates the complexity of the issues at stake. despite china's capacity about its military the report documents the kind military china's building. we hope it contributes to the public's understanding of the pla and with that i'll understanding of the pla and with that i'll be happy to take questions. >> i wondered if you could bring us up-to-date on the infrastructure development in the reclamation that has been completed, in terms of the building, have they been completed yet? on defense spending, as i understand there's an announcement in march of this year that is actually the slow down in growth for the first time in some time. do you expect that trend to continue? >> in terms of u.s. about china's and tension in terms of
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militarization. for that i actually have to refer you to the chinese government terms of the overall objective. we have watched very closely and we have seen them conduct construction and reclamation. we've been watching the issue very closely. we are aware of the issues and we see them as out of step with the rest of the region. in terms of where they go from here, what their next steps are all referring to the chinese government. >> so bring us up-to-date for. of the report from today, next from today, next to where they have got to building. the report mentioned airstrips and says that they're being completed, are they now completed for example? >> the trends in terms of
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construction have continued through the lifetime of this report. i don't have anything specific for you right now. the trends that we saw in 2015 in terms of military construction have contribute continued for a bit. in terms of certain assets i do not have anything specific for you. >> china said that it is actually the u.s. freedom of navigation operations said to further bolster these reclaimed islands, i was wondering if thoughts about that in in general if this report to anticipate that having actual numbers out there about what china is developing and spending will see strategic dialogue like the shang rely dialog? >> these operations are nothing new. we have been conducting
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operation around the world since the 1970s. we have been operating according to international law for a lot longer than that. these operations are intended to acknowledge and demonstrate that we do not abide by the claims to international law. they they demonstrate our commitment to uphold international law and is the president said and the secretary said, that we are going to -- so there is nothing in terms of these operations. so why china is developing these capabilities in the south china sea, i think come from a wide variety of other factors but the fact that they been doing these operations for decades suggest to me that the specific
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operations are not the cause. >> and on shangri-la? >> these issues, think the discussion that we've had not specific to the upcoming dialogues but discussions we've had across the region for several years often center around issues related to the south china sea. again the reason were talking about this is not because of the united states continuing to operate we always have but rather because of new things, i would argue new things that china has done in terms of reclamation in terms of construction and militarization. in these disputed features and behaviors and assets. that is what driving concerns with the region, and i and i think that's what's driving these discussions. i cannot predict what conversations may happen in upcoming dialogues. i can say that in past dialogues
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on the south china sea it's really has been an issue of discussion. >> he referred to china using coercive tactics. can you explain what that is with what you're referring to? >> we talk about the report but we see china and their forces using tactics such as reclamation, at times some of their vessels and coast guard's acting in unprofessional or assertive manners in the divinity of military forces are fishing vessels with other countries in a way that is designed to attempt to establish a degree of control around disputed areas. as we know to the report it seems to us that these activities are designed to stay below the threshold of conflict and gradually demonstrate and assert claims that other
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countries dispute. >> have a question not related. for years, this report has seen as a benchmark between china and taiwan's relative military constraints. you said china on average spend 9% or so. has taiwan kept the pace, i have seen statistics indicate of the last decade that it's been relatively flat where china is exponentially increase. what is your take their and is the u.s. going, not pressure but encourage the new regime in taiwan. >> we've been monitoring for a long time. we continue to monitor the situation. we have encouraged and we have encouraged taiwan to continue to increase its defense spending
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and invest in innovative concepts. we focus -- on the obvious imbalance of this year's time. because of that we believe taiwan does need to increase its spending but also needs to make investments in asymmetric capabilities that would account for that natural disparities they pay for those out of its own defense budget other than financing from the united states? >> i'm not going to get into the financing of these things. taiwan does use a spoon funds spend on its own. we believe they need to spend more.
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in order to maintain the ability to defend themselves. >> the second question, for the last three or four years the pentagon has anticipated in its report that the chinese would be at a nuclear deterrence patrols, we anticipate by the end of the year the nuclear deterrence missions will start but they haven't started yet. can you give us insight as to why they have not started, is that more likely this year, by the end of this year the next are that they will? >> i really cannot begin to speculate as to why there trend continues to sustain over the years. i can't definitively say that they conducted the arms-control yet nor can i comment on what china may consider a deterrence patrol. i think it's a question to defer to them. we have not yet seen them
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conduct, with this form will not seen them conduct what we would consider a can control. >> i it am not a submariner, i'm i can't really get into the specifics of it. but as best as we can tell but in terms of what's going on underneath this issue i would have to refrain from that. >> how significant will that be for the region in terms of chinese capability. >> i really cannot get into hypotheticals like that. >> i want to drill down more in europe the remarks when he talked about the budget which was a hundred 80 billion and a much higher number than they disclose. then the issue they disclosed a budget of one 35 billion.
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how do you see that number in actuality and whether other outlets have described that spending, obviously that doesn't include the areas you mentioned before. is that really a decline, and where do you see the number this year? >> it is a decline in growth. as mentioned over time the budget has raced on an average of 9.6% per year. this time i believe it was seven something%. >> ..
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>> %. >> does that include those areas? >> yes. it is in the report. i believe our estimates were $180 billion we haven't made that estimate yet and every report is about the your previous settlement of the up date in terms of what they're spending.
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>> just to drill down about the building cahow -- can you provide the assessment and what the u.s. has seen over the past two years with growth and changes there? both an increase and as well as your assessment and the scope of your facilities? >> in terms of specific i don't have the number in front of me but we have to see that construction we don't have anything anything more specific.
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>> can you give any estimate or scope? >> and to take us look at the report stick is there any way u.k. and verbally say to go from tens to 100 besides the debt the pitchers on the map? >>.
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>> but are they more driven? >> i couldn't speculate on the mind of the chinese military planners but that being said talking at that specific section of the united states. but as an authoritative the answer on these issues i have to refer you this is the best understanding. >> with the chinese activities in the indian ocean?
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>> me do detailed tied its interest in are more global as it grows more sophisticated their interests are going lower global. it is understandable there would be operating in these areas but that this assessment is not of value statement or the effect of these actions. recently busying india having a very positive action to enhance the bilateral engagement.
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because the dna is the increasingly important player by itself. >> white if they decided with that infrastructure? how does that look of the neighboring countries like india? >> if between china and india. as it continues to fester over the years -- over the years. with the increase of capability with the chinese
12:36 am
military. but it is difficult to been tallied internal stability. and expecting that to pop up around the globe. but our bases are a critical component lead to enable us to fulfill our global responsibilities.
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end it is a facility of support for operation of the mainland. i couldn't speculate as to what they come considering the interest that china has those of you will continue to monitor. >> the development of china's military technological superiority. is the biggest holder ability. is there a member one area? at the risk of losing the
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superiority of the near term >>. >> that report as we're watching china's military modernize and document these reports. and to read teide the military capabilities. >> he took my first question that my other blood was in the report you mentioned in the opening remarks and with the threshold of conflict.
12:39 am
and with the south end east china bessie. so we keep monetary for changes a doctor in. what are you concerned about? or watch will love it in those areas holiday are interacting sirica i cannot coladas specific area and it is included on the back of his reports that detail with the military to voluntary relationship.
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and as there river is in close proximity of one another. with that misunderstanding. and ed to be reduced as much as possible. >> bad interaction does a yield more positive results prestige see a decrease to rules or behavior are becoming further away? >> it has to be a positive trend with detractions between the two forces. with those areas they will continue to pursue. >>.
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>> joined by the senior defense reporters a what are some of the highlights we will see debated? >> this is a bill that authorizes spending for nuclear weapons programs and a few other scattered programs here and there protested to but it runs the cabinet.
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but what they have deadening is they have included in the overseas contingency operations account account, $80 billion ordinarily would be a part of the core defense department budget they have done that with a zero dash without increasing the total amount but only providing a seven months' worth of funding for afghanistan and the middle east. >> so with that a cut? >> no. because the topline for the core budget but it is only because they have subtracted monday from the they are
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mostly procter bridge programs that did it come of >> there is say provisions and in their ancient -- requiring them to start the drafted a couple of years. >> evade it for the republican of california who oppose ted was testing the waters a of erotically and ended up becoming adopted by the armed services committee it does not require within to go fight but the defense department has said it with and they compete for any combat jivy to those previously closed off. said the broader extension of that is that they can
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hold eddied job that they should register for a draft should it occur. >> they want to file an amendment it is almost certain for what amendments are made in order. am not sure how many will be made. >> to talk about the armed services markup the defense authorization bill wrapping up a marathon mark up marking the size of the national security council. that if the national security council is more
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than 100 people that the national-security adviser is be confirmed by the senate. with the bill that they'd just approved so he wants to do it that the staff has become too large rand by greenwich's. and a way to push back against that. >> what is the fight over helicopters about? >> back in february they disclose there was an urgent alarm bell going off in the pentagon about the fact these era of
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helicopters that are supposed to respond if there were a terrorist attack from the icbm silos, and that they're too old to do the job ted we ahead in a strategic command is to schools of thought. would says we don't have time for a competition. we have to buy them now to replace the old aircraft. the other school says no. in the and for those said are chomping. >> as we wrap up, had the senate also approves the air a authorization bill give us
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the snapshot. >> i have been covering this so long time this is one of the wide discrepancies we have seen between the bills because of that $80 billion above what the house armed services committee did. they did not prolong. and with the war efforts so the 3 billion in june -- that will be a huge lobbying fight to get that many planes authorized. but gore back to what i said to the beginning but the house appropriations defense bill does is save the house armed services committee
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does. that is where the real fight will occur. >> you can follow let on-line. eggs for the update. >> what we are concerned with is not how much money you have or with a process that is unfair. is that is something we are challenging.
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>> this book is not about the or roosevelt where she is of the political spectrum is a call to action for those that make america special. the you don't have to carry a rifle but when what is as you all go in and he blew free of sediment there should be but instead his fill of this budgetary tied the zero dash tight rope
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machines and instead it becomes three rings of fire and with the skeletons of have come not of the closet the we are exhausted by the new legislature before the even have a chance to start their jobs missteps in american history. go
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hope >> we're on a tight schedule with votes. we are here to continue the ongoing examination with an initial round table with the the experts in the field. so focusing on youth sports prevention and in research.afteu with the risk of injury is shown to have many benefits that includes better health and improved academic achievement and socialncussi development. the number one health risk is increasing in childhood obesity in rigo
12:52 am
cardiovascular in a host of other problems and but as they suggest who participate it is the most underserved population with research with head injuries. we want to examine and is doing it today in the policies and compliance are in place and how how does the club's complicate efforts but progress has been made recent years all
12:53 am
50 states have concussiondistri and was u.s. say football, hockey, as it will dash soft kurt to reduce newt of head contact we're looking forward to hearing are we doing enough but pediatric populations are severely the there are not yet ready to provide so immense struggle homage --
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involving research. don't it makes it that much more challenging. and shu lacked any form of surveillance yen per then high-school age given ande had different factors such as age or gender or sports affects the outcome cautery nowhere making the best decision? in and out of some losing there in jake was a promising and played
12:55 am
football from the moment he s could pick have a ball from and is supported. >> usanization, us football, hockey, lacrosse, to provide guidance. we will also hear i also want to thank the of a ranking member for her fipport stick baking a floor
12:56 am
to accommodate but first looking at the use sports but but they're more likely to give indult but at the professional, but we need to reassure children and their parents have enough data to make informed decisionsheir about his contacts boards. part of that needs to be the recognition about valuable these sports are with physical but i've seen creed need to have. i approach this as a policy
12:57 am
maker alien the parent and as i said in the round table to support evidence based policy making and encouraged to have ongoing research do better and your student and that they will have the answer is what the protocol should be between seven and ted years and i said as a mom when i and deciding if my kid will play sports it cannot afford to wait but we need to figure an edge but what we should be doing with best practices and is right out. for example, of what age should children start playing tackle football and how many times a week shed day engaged with full contact practice?
12:58 am
and when they do have we teach them to tackle safely to protect their heads and other players? how do we know that the coaches are educated to teach these skills?he we could ask other questions for all of you and not just football. i grieve most of all not all would agree it is better to err on the side of caution. the worse case scenario is we discover later that safety measures but we need to understand the long-termd tou effects because of injury to have the desire very effect
12:59 am
didn't in. there have been studies suggests he but what is the abot and it is so unimportant to have had have them today. des cadres 10 in the lost her son to second impassions to. i am so once you were in june show and but as the
1:00 am
chair religion and each student we are relieved and. >> from the colorado school of public health. her database gallantry rationed she looks at the oflika patterns but we want to see
1:01 am
sports succeeded cannot and the denver broncos i see a boom but then we have to do the utmost but i'd think this is the perfect place to store rare and spare because right now with the offhand.ta
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>> they akio for error of but said you may hear then in. your experience but cbi is the reward into of her andure ge but the at the her share if it was started by my ad, richa friend but it said tuesday
1:03 am
it is a lifetime saved ins not debtor have i yield back. >> i recommend said to
1:04 am
provide that commitment has he been a proposed freeze him and those to do with myhe daughters concussion to decipher the medical advicephern provided but these
1:05 am
consequences haven't but how did you go football players to decrease functioning there was the research but to city in ibm in 25 or
1:06 am
those that our more susceptible to these conditions but day trickle-down the neurological the bran excu it should not be an associatio head trauma from contact sports. even the nfl publicly it knowledge the roundtableen back in march.nk. said research suggest we should wait on the science before making changes and respectfully disagree we cannot test children and parents to look or wait for science to catch up before we take measures. we need to ask questions right now to implement the changes.stions
1:07 am
with bed dangers of repetitive head trauma for hea those whose work in a - - organized youth and enjoy in meet i ask them to splendor is i suspect we will have a response by then and also for announcing yesterday i also afford to hearing i cannot imagine the losses you but we have paved a pathth
1:08 am
forward. thanks to the witnesses for their contribution into your helpless with our comprehensive review of fresh debt -- and if we can find the pacific -- but the first witness take passedng away from second to but to become a dedicated activist to raise awareness and thank you for her testimony in real the foreword to occur in sight.ant to welcome from the awareness
1:09 am
foundation was created of patrick can he passed away. faq for but those to have the practice to take race and of for all.holding a he the.d >> zika cured prized by counsel? >> please raise your right hand. >> do you swear the testimony you are about to give is the truth so whole truth and nothing but the truth? >> they assert in the affirmative now they are under a members of the
1:10 am
subcommittee thanks for the opportunity to provide testimony on the important issue regarding youth and youth related sports and confessions.s.i comm i commend you land your colleagues on the work toco shed light on this critical issue. i imam touche jake. my son was a typical all-american he was often referred to as our social butterfly he had a big car a genuinely care for those in his life he had enjoyed that others could not resist. he drank up life like it was coming from a fire hose. he gave 110% to specially to
1:11 am
sports. on september 182004 getting up in anticipation of his freshman football game. he was excited so what he described maybe he hadre strayed his neck. he did not see stars you would not associated with the major type of injury. he did not report any headaches although his friends had said after the injury he had complained of headaches. but regardless he could return to practice and keep the required number practices to play on game
1:12 am
day. and that which appears and rent as he began right before the snap he stumbled forward. whistle was blown they called the penalty and jake got to come to the sidelines then stumbled and went down again and never got back up again. 911 was called and life flight was dispatched to the football field. he was airlifted weird neurosurgeon advice does he had suffered a head injury and steps were taken to decrease the swelling in his brain and even never play football with a long recovery.
1:13 am
but he followed the statement with if he survives. tragically he did not survive. he had second impact syndrome a rapid swelling from more than one concussion a phenomenon and to young brains he suffered a concussion the previous week but that with practice and warmups had a compound in effect and continued to further injury is compromised brain. since his death semidivine mission to end those adopted by the rocky run hospital from the colorado department said the education. this program deals with all
1:14 am
use concussions regardless of the a contraction and those of his adopted by a there states to help distribute the manuals but to develop those measures to protect every youth from the potential death resulting
1:15 am
but to make sure we do owe me he did to support the necessary culture change in the loving me to participate in the hearing today. >> you can go for five minutes. >> to members of the committee thanks for inviting me he was a hometown hero with -- i'm going to cry.
1:16 am
he measured his worth of the football field but through that is achieved his dream to go to the ivy league school but that work effort -- work ethic and a collision sport that ultimately killed him. he took his own life at the age but like millions before and after who would play for fun. throat high-school and perhaps school and dartmouth college that sealed his
1:17 am
fate. when he died sunday suggested he may have that but i did not think it arafat but to become i admired for what is happening. nine every end within impact on families in and he heads
1:18 am
the machine up what i sent in and with such thuggish human brain is mature persia and a bit to have bitchy
1:19 am
paul believed costumes to emulate there in bed to here and gifted. soldiers coming home with
1:20 am
icn guy on television going on a high-speed car chase islander if maybe she played one too many football games. people need to know that this disease is more common than we know and to be developed in use and how todden draft this disease in his bed in plain that.
1:21 am
>> we also created a pressure of 2014 to help the k parents understand the key issues. the ball has been eliminated from east softer. yet over 2 million children are still putting upup precious brains at risk with tackle football. is beyond measure i wish we would have done this 25 years ago. not there are those that there who would prefer parents don't know about c p/e est. the issue with the arguments we have heard that if you to get a confession riding a bike or training thean warrior's sword you want them to. >> when you lost your sense and how prevalent, about arguments are hurtful and
1:22 am
keep children times.from y we need to remove repetitive head trauma id to do anything else as the families will suffer thell pain. >> thinks for those with the testimonies. i'll just ask one question. you mentioned beginning at age 10 and continuing, do you know if coaches or
1:23 am
anybody working with thetr teams had any specialized training to recognize or be aware of that concussions and injuries?of >> at that time i knew the coaches personally and i would guess no. that was before people started talking. >> even at the college level? >> as a parent i was never informed of anything like that. that would have been nice to know. >> can you answer that that you recognized with concussions or head injuries >> in 2004 even his stepfather in a voice-over both medical professionals although we understand
1:24 am
hitting your head is a bad date we certainly didn't have the background that we have now to have the opportunity to truly step back if maybe he was pulled the not played the next week so in those times we did not have that and now we have an opportunity to make sure that coaches and those involved with our kids have all of that information's.g, >> following up on the chairman's question being putting this together be moved to educate and just from the center of concussion and it really goes through lot of information for educators and parents.
1:25 am
it is a wonderful piece. server betty has set peas we are now with our kids 24 hours a day.y. >> you now have been i -- and advocacy foundation so i assume you are also working to get information out to
1:26 am
parents and educators and coaches? >> we are working with medical examiners hand corner to get them to recognize if presented as a drug to dote - - a suicide or a drug overdose but also for push for an parents that would fight football. it could be a lot of famous football players. >> ask unanimous consent tobotho print both pressures. >> thanks for coming. >> they just called votes so we will take a break we have
1:27 am
three votes it will do that dash as quickly as possible it will give the second panel and opportunity to sit down and be ready because we will finish this before the second set of votes. we will recess and talented -- ended. [inaudible conversations]
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not. >> no the. [inaudible] introduced the witnesses of the second panel as head football college since 2004 a dartmouth has implemented policies of the noncontactyou ao practice i believe your teammates of tim murphy? dr. gregory is here from the medical and the advisory committee. and from usa hockey he is 20 years of experience as a certified athletic trainer. serving as executive director since 1998. the mission is to educate
1:34 am
high school coaches.ssor and the next the professor at the injury surveillance professor at biomedical engineering and also the of parodying co-director of part of the narrowed from a group. you are aware we are holding an investigative hearing and your testimony is under oath you have any objections? the chair did baez's you do the rules of the housing committee do any of you advised to be advised by counsel today?
1:35 am
>>. >> so with those penalties set forth the last few to give a five minute summary please pay attention to the lights in for a debut we're tight on please paillette as close to you as possible and make sure the light is on yourr. cha. microphone. >> thanks for testimonies that underscores the i'portance. i have then a college football coach for 35 years in the ivy league the big 10 and shaky conference i work
1:36 am
with all age groups in the summer pewee through high-school and football is a very special came. the life lessons and what seems people learn and the french ships that they make i love the game of football but i love my players more. so five years ago i said he would eliminate tackles from practices but if their sone four comes to dartmouth there will never be tackled by another player at dartmouth over four years i was a wonder to percent sure i worried about my players toe gat the matter competitiveve disadvantage. it was not a popular decision among my staff it
1:37 am
went from ridicule to disbelief and condemnation. but i was convinced and i did a lot of research to teach tackling is not the way we tackle in the game and then we tried to replicate that against pads and other players began to agait sleds we developed a mobile tackling device that has been beneficial to replicate a moving target so we tackle marv anybody else in the country between 500 and 800 per year but never once they only do 10 games per year over the course of this season the injury reduction is phenomenal missed tackles
1:38 am
have dropped 50% simply because the skill we practice moradabad read did when we were live. it is a shame the most injurious act is the one that is practiced the least with risk of injury so putting them in a position to tackle with theom regularity we become much more proficient to execute that. you hear about rugby tackling and football is a different sport. ta we don't take it out of contact points. you don't just throw someone on the right to let them figure it out. there is the process of training wheels and support for the same thing with our football players. folks asked can you do that at different levels? without question the use the
1:39 am
nfl as a model. there concussion results are some of the best. we would've from a football team to a two digit team wela have won 70 in the share with zero head injuries for the season it is all a process of you present to the players. people say how do you teach someone who's never tackled a human being?ve crawl walk run answer without regard in the level of a bite to click on a video like the guy have timewe l to demonstrate how we practice.
1:40 am
>>. >> we literally tackle every day that we practice to put people in positions is different from position to position with the plays of tackling the end result is a very high level of. >> thank you very much. >> i and a pediatric license
1:41 am
specialist and a fellow of the american academy of pediatrics as well as a member of that committee grey receive any compensation for being on the committee and the parent of a 80 year-old daughter was a soccer player. thinks for the invitation and in short it is the governing body of of independent nonprofit organization. to establish standards of our programs are endorsed with the athletic traders association i would like toball highlight how it addresses
1:42 am
safety. we trade more youth more than any other organization.rog. at the core of our heads up football program that we will highlight. there are six educational components with a concussion and recognition response cited cardiac arrest, the proper equipment fitting. more than 6300 i schoolsin rol nationwide for the heads up football in 2015. indesecond element is research to commission an independent research according to a the 2014 youth football steady to
1:43 am
show a reduction and 34 percent fewer confessions and declined of concussions during games. a subset shows the players that are enrolled have lou were head impact that may equate to were the 100 fewer impacts per season. on a high school levelin foo reporting 43% decline since 2013 and a 24% decline.des prace and to highlight innovation cont practice planning tools you can see the of levels of
1:44 am
contact with air and earned a bag and control and then live-action retake them to the ground. more young learn those fundamentals before it francine to full contact. where that we will conclude with the video showing the difference that we're making ♪ >> as a pilot program it hasth completely changed everything.
1:45 am
there is nothing here thatat we're not currently teaching we just teach so weak that it gave us a for stue wreckage is the most hedged mr. ruder i cannot imagine a program that does not do it. ♪ >> we have seen the sound decrease of concession and - - concessions --
1:46 am
concussion in ricans say played back-to-back state to puget. that is a big deal but we got though late terror of our generation is koch the duet. duet is today and from the high-school level below zero and a heck them up betterr fake out per game. >> is a privilege to be here j. bayside usa hockey. it takes softy has a top and
1:47 am
it is because juneberry and froa that the chair bin of the endeavor is which was urged in the. >>host: day and the
1:48 am
independent body to reassure the reached us when we elect average and the cafe and ang edt instant that has to rescind his for parade michelin there rough-hewn said marine we have implemented stricter penalties.e impl in 2009 the rule book, focused on the standards of09 prey. in 2011 the executive board ruled to make a change to increase the legal age from 12 a year and under through the for tv and a tender love will.
1:49 am
and those of the safety and danger risks. >> rand based off long-term athlete development. our kochi education m program in with the outline required modules that it could concussion awareness for the age appropriate levels. within that structure we have a major corporate proportion of skills echoes from ski the physician.
1:50 am
>> it was a program initiated in 1995 followed in 2010 by the heads up hockey program. your both the emphasis is playing the game when coming inhe contact to keep their heads out of divvying up the check did not check from behind and the library of skills and drills.ur reeducate members constantly through information available on our website with electronic communications which often have concussion awareness. usa hockey lowe's start in specific safety to check to
1:51 am
give testing. and all the associations have the minimum standard inub the biggest message in mistaking the low dash takeye you for allowing me to speak today. >> drust susan your take is to five minutes. >> than to the oversight andhaia subcommittee. i served as cfo period and the frost and the nonprofit organization research and
1:52 am
and initiatives with but the cross is the orbit -- all the sport in first documented by missionaries in the 1600's. but two distinctly different versions were the first half of the 20th century. with the unprecedented surge of popularity as a first national governing body. established the was comprised as prominentience officials with a variety ofne specialties as well as we
1:53 am
have been described as to ofzed the bus for the science agency she qb initiative to the lacrosse board of directors and with those of rental and she mentioned in a rich and insurance officials.s. by written testimony you refers to safety intervention. we also investedirst significantly and then departed reformers to power
1:54 am
christ a river from those that require our standards to be fundamental to remove or playing experience.on is a it has been a particular area of focus we have committed considerable time tuned in research. the benefits are well cro documented there is much we have learned particularly the critical importance to recognize symptoms sam allowing them to trade aical weak but the mechanism of injury there is different.
1:55 am
that demands for their focus and steady in relearned but the faster majority if there recognized quickly in receive proper care to continue to invest their research with both boys and girls lacrosse with at equipment intervention to be most effective. thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts as well as reference to increase the health and well-being. >> you are recognized for five of
1:56 am
>>. >> mr. chairman reed would like to begin with a sound bite which follows these were her comments two years ago. >>. >> it isn't about concussion velveteen head injury that occurs on every single play of the game every single level. we have to eliminate some how of cumulative head and to meet with our job is is to maintain the health of these young athletes for the
1:57 am
entirety of their life and we need to do that immediately.ds to >> that is our middle immediately let me begin to state their for 271 in the nfl this year in practice. how many of those eight concussions because made a wors,
1:58 am
percent is of the practice field. >> the most shameful statistics and all of a couple of the recent why a number of small favors have no appearance fee in chase around the country with us. to show high-school coaches on video how to practice with less contact. they do this generously because they believe this is the future of football. so we will quantify our recommendations. this is called full speed to contact practice they run the play full speed to get the timing and pacing and choreography but at the point of limited contact then they break away it is
1:59 am
football ballet. here is dartmouth. you can see a pass down the middle that could light up the receiver with a perfectly legal hit but it is his teammate so he veers away he will say that on saturday. cleveland browns will track this will speed everybody stays on their feet ande tracks the ball but at the moment he might tackle he stops and lets the ball carrier continue.tifies the p >> he identified is and comes to him to offensive back kid dash had no?
2:00 am
he did everything to put himself is in position. to tackle a teammate or save it for sunday? they will save it.attle . .


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