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tv   BOOK TV  CSPAN  May 15, 2016 7:34pm-7:46pm EDT

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really, really cool thing. she is scared to stand up. it is just such a cool thing. where are we going to sign books? back there are going downstairs? >> it will be right up your at this table. i will have you all lineup. you can exit of the store to my left. i would like to thank you for being here. [applause] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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>> book tv is on twitter. follow us republishing news, scheduling updates, author information and to talk directly during our live programs. >> host: co-author of end of discussion. what is the outrage industry? >> guest: one of the things we talked about in this book is that every single thing becomes a thing. through my social media, and it is a longlot -- the wrong word at the wrong time that ends up becoming a lot of pressure on everyday people how they talk about issues, the risk of having people come after them on facebook or twitter.
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having the wrong opinion are saying the wrong word. >> host: what is an example? >> guest: there are a bunch of them, and we talk about categories. it is a lexicon, like micro- aggression's. it sounds pseudoscientific. if we don't like who you are , check the privilege. this particularly applies to white men such as myself. we think there are plenty of true examples of life. should not try to offend people, be new -- be rude for a reason. we have enjoyed a privileged place for many generations.
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sometimes how this game works. >> host: this can get uncomfortable. >> guest: that is something we wrestled with when we were writing the discussion, navigating it ourselves. we try to have fun with it and be smart about it, but we want to encourage the people make mistakes. everyevery time we talk to somebody who disagrees with you you're not going to communicate the same way about the same thing, and we have to have ability to deal with that. >> host: we have one example, we chronicle how various people have transgressed by using the wrong word which means
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immediately this being trans- phobic and we show how this applies to a conservativea conservative columnist to get raked over the coals, katie couric, dan savage for being insufficiently. and then all the way through , perhaps the most famous transgender transgender/cross-dressing person in america was castigated because of her show she had a segment called you got she mailed. no one is immune from the insanity. >> host: who is being offended? >> guest: that is one thing we talked about. groups can be small and make a lot of noise. society at large these to respond occasionally with
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their concern is noted and chill out because not that many people are offended. too often we hear the squeaky wheel and think it is a giant story because it sounds bigger than it is. sometimes we need the maturity to say i understand your problem, but we are not going to stop talking about this. >> guest: we are conservatives and call not just conservatives out but ourselves personally. there is a tendency to try to substitute outrage for actual argument. try to shut down a debate by preventing it from happening in the 1st place. that is toxic for cancer that should thrive on free expression. >> guest: and many anti-outside would say, we have, we have to have this arms race. and that just sounds -- >> guest: awful, it sounds
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terrible. >> host: an issue of outrage we have heard has been donald trump not responding fast enough to david duke and white supremacy. would that be an example one would find? >> guest: i think, yeah. we have a whole chapter. donald trump appeals to a lot of people adamantly opposed to political correctness. thatthat is one of the things that can be refreshing about him. there is a distinction between political and the correctness and abject rudeness for the sake of rudeness.rudeness. when it comes to the kkk david duke thing one thing is frustrating and we chronicle and talk about, the left sometimes tries to attribute all opposition to president obama as racist. i think when you are asked the question on national
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television about whether or not your rejecting the ku klux klan and well-known i supremacists, that is not a dog whistle or political correctness, there is one correct answer to that, to reject them out of hand immediately and clearly when the fact that he did not in that interview says something. ..
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>> what we talk about in that particular chapter of the discussion is the feminist movement and how a bunch of it
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is built on saying that if you disagree with any part of the political agenda then you are not a real woman. i think that is the often explosive disqualification of other women. i have words with those that don't happen to agree with not every single issue and yet they will say over and over again stop talking that's enough out of you. or you are just a tool for other people. that robs women of their individuality and of their equality to say that unless you are over here you can't speak on political issues. my grandmother and my mother before me are interested in the quality of the sexes and that's why i'm here today to have a family and do all these things at one time but i didn't get liberated but i have to believe everything that the left tells you to.
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>> one of the campaign issues on the democratic side is that women make 72 cents every dollar that men make is that the thing that you address in the discussion? >> this is part of the war on women and it is a fiction mostly driven by abortion when they don't want to talk about women are basically split on abortion and they are overwhelmingly opposed to it they want to highlight the issue because they dress up all these other questions and through other accusations and that being one of them the actual pay gap we can talk about the economic studies and the reason behind the pay gap the white house economists who are in part of that and the white house itself gives less than men by their own stupid clumsy standard so it is used for point scoring to try to say we've got your back and they
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don't into the details get glossed over. >> about why there is the gap occasionally for the analysis let's talk about the facts behind that and not just say that's not really the whole story. it's not just the discriminati discrimination. if you want to solve the problem you look deeper than that. >> it's how they fight back for example it gets the war on women in that particular issue. the opponent mark udall made his campaign about the war on women because it was constantl constay birth-control anbirthcontrol ant abortion and distorting


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