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tv   Vu Minh Khanh to Testify on Political Prisoners in Vietnam  CSPAN  May 21, 2016 12:30am-1:39am EDT

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he pushes that so hard domestically as well. you have a few more announcements we will keep you updated.
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>> the hearing will come to order with the trans pacific partnership the head nurse is the only country that they is independent of the edges scripps the only country considered one of the worst violators to force child labor violators in torture those whose tour for human-rights. over 100 prisoners today spending four years in jail under house arrest with the democratization to be brutally beaten for continuing his work to
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become a trusted u.s. partner. internet with a mad as office i was deeply impressed with his passion to universally recognized human-rights his extraordinary courage with a deep and abiding love for vietnam. and his wife is with us today to speak on his behalfause the testimony is especially timely because president obama will travel to vietnam with a steady stream of officials prior to the trip
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in fact, there in vietnam today. but based -- must make clear the statement of free speech advocates in human rights defenders. end of the president goes to appeal to the president with the unconditional freedom to encourage the president to meet with those who share our interest with human-rights in vietnam with the vance majority for those
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who were born after thetn vietnam war. and to make clear to those communist leaders that the extension of trade the security partnerships as significant verifiable of human-rights in vietnam in a message was delivered in cuba and then arrested and abuse 82 proceed with trade without imposing any real conditions that would be a colossal mistake the administration will justify
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those generous benefits to bring about human-rights such arguments have long been discredited in such have failed miserably as well in its states lifted the long a standing objection those three waves of arrests and jailed in introduce sweeping new lawsy an restricting freedom of association and assembly in comminternet. and allow the communist government to jail torture and abuse. why would they not do so again? the communist leadership
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takes our trade benefits and security commitment for those seeking political reform the business of the communist party to repressn those who challenge their power to raise the rule of law lists the condition of better relations of the united states we need those for the vietnam market in administration should demand protection for human-rights in the rule of law as a condition of u.s. assistance. not doing so is shortsighted and fails to achievehe long-term interest in throws the victim under the bus.
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kucinich message of priorities on human-rights fact which i have reintroduced a written note parenthetically to introduce the of act that has passed the house three times only presidignored in the senate. and then to certify they should not have two's subsidize torture or underwrite the jailing of journalists labor activist or advocates of democracy and freedom.
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to the u.s. policy towards vietnam mrs. of many other advocates of political reform. u.s. policy would send the unmistakable message that they are fundamental to the economic and securityargained a interest and will not be ignored and the wife of human rights lawyer to be arrested december 16 under the penal code against a.
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to be advocating for its release. to give an interview with various media -- media. she has volunteered at a church in hanoi in his bin doing so since 2009 including those who suffer from drug addiction in addition to provide support with the daily financial management to protect human rights through the church. >> double-a-2 defer to the chairman. >> i will start for holding this hearing it exactly the right time because now was the right time we have to
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get to the attention of the international community so yes and a few weeks theace in t president will be traveling to vietnam and while maintaining the south china sea the administration must carefully take the human rights abuses as this relationship develops and that is the conundrum is is not get in better. in those under house arrest years ago i heard those circumstances to check in with human rights and as you know, to be at the very top no matter how the reality
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with signification rights abuses. in there one to think chris smith for his efforts to elevate the issue. ng and will share with us the reality of vietnam has a long way to go in in december he was badly beaten in we should call them thugs because they beat her and since that time the husband has been denied access to is a lawyer in family and sits in solitary confinement his condition is not known if
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she is really concerned. sadly the treatment is far from isolated incident police still frequently torture suspects to solicit confection -- confessions with excessive sports -- force orlon land confiscation that is what they do and other social issues sold last year more than 40 rights activists were beaten by plainclothes government agents not surprisingly now one of these drugs was held responsible for:the vietnam penal code criticizes the views of democratic freedoms while others restrict treated religion loggers --
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blockers period been imprisoned for their efficacy human-rights for what the state or the communist party calls abusing the rights to the freedom of democracy. not surprisingly the and non now ranks 175th that of 180 countries. that means vietnam is behind cuba and is first in saudi arabia and iran. with freedom of religionegistr through religious practice through harassment and
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surveillance with the church handed depending catholics to face government harassment and those that we have met with under house arrest for his religious beliefs. if united states and in vietnam would build a strong relationship to honor those basic rights with freedom of speech and religion that is the message the president of the united states needs to send during his upcoming visit and it is with that message in it cannot be a
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replay will have to have those issues addressed. >> vicki for eloquent and strong statement. and then again he is suffering again for years a prison in four years of house arrest ended is the appeal that this vu minh khanh beta i would like to make that part of the record
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[speaking native language] in one. translator: for personal and would like to deeply thank the chairman to give me this precious opportunity to speak. [speaking native language]da translator: my name is vu minh khanh serving our
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church in hanoi in may has been the human rights defender is now in jail. [speaking native language] translator: my husband was first arrested 2007 and sentenced four years'ur imprisonment and four years of house arrest for violating article 88 of the penal code for to conduct propaganda against the state''. my husband was disbarred andnd all of this was shut down. [speaking native language]e arre
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translator: after having just completed house arrest my husband was arrested again november 16, in charge of the save the article 88 he was detained for almost five months now the yet i have not received any information about him. he has been held and not allowed to meet with my family or myself or his defense lawyers. [speaking native language] foo
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translator: twice a month i can bring food to thehe detention center for his daily needs but i do not know if he has received any in fact, i do not even know if he is held there because in vietnam the public security force can do whatever they want if they transfer inmates they do not inform the family members this happened recently but my husband has been tortured physically and mentally were given false information i would not know. [speaking native language]
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translator: my husband has not been allowed to ruth have a gift of the bible that is a gift from the u.s. hi. ambassador. [speaking native language] translator: specifically ted days before his arrest he was attacked and severely injured after human rights training session is about 300 kilometers from hanoi. his injuries have not healed and was then arrested on december 16.
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[speaking native language] >> from human-rights activists said my husband was constantly followed with brenda and harassed and beaten each time he was attacked the government did not like it and requested him to stop doing human rights work. oberhausen which has been believes it is within his rights within the constitution and international law because the police causally fall my
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husband i believe the vietnamese government that they have claimed they do not know who the felons were end those that come with thes a activities that this is the reality that they have to face constantly. [speaking native language] h >> my husband has hepatitis-b i am worried about his health condition. >> iaking native language]
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translator: has bid experienced democracy initially in germany after seeing the fall of the berlin wall he returned to vietnam and studied to become a lawyer. they did. >>host: he ran for the national assembly with the hope to stick up for the people and in 2000 my husband began his activism the first human rights case was in 2000 when he befriended a member of the church because he tried to stop the police from the local church.
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>> my husband provided three legal services for the f christians based on of theirrige religion based on democracy and human rights for victims of land grab and those that were attacked in the detained. [speaking native language]
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of. translator: since starting activism in 2000 aside from those years he was imprisoned my husband immediately would raise to protect human rights even under house arrest and though it's tried to fight for freedom of religion and freedom of speech for nonviolent methods and edification and human-rights in to help many students enter human rights activist.
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in those articles are written on the rule of law. and two connected the organization's in he alsogovernt advocated with a goodla working relationship with many indices in vietnam and around the world. [speaking native language]s arri >> regarding my husband's arrest the police arrested him and his law office while teaching a class and he writes to his students the topic was based on the book e a civil society of which was published and as for his
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arrest on a husband wasn vietna eating the delegation for the annual european union dialogue. >> might husband is facing between three and 20 years imprisonment. [speaking native language] >> he has worked hard to protect human rights and these are not seen as criminal therefore i hope that congress in the
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government will help to read and for the unconditional release. >> i sincerely thank you for spending time to listen to my husband's case.olutely respectfully. >> banks for your compelling testimony. that will be heard by many in america around the world i am glad other news outletsoptd have not only carried your op-ed with your profound words to note that congress was listening carefully and forg also c-span so larger hearican audience can hear you to realize they now are
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horrific for your husband. the key for doing the translation today for us and for your advocacy as well. as a point out it your testimony your husband was arrested the second time who was in vietnam i believe the dialogue is essential but should not be seen as a substitute for very significant tangible impact and consequences from the government of vietnam against its own people. the dialog is great nobody is ever suggesting that top
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aides to be suspended but it needs to be linked to consequences in the real world why greater trade and other interactions so i wonder if any parts of the european parliament have raised voices after he was arrested to meet with them and dialogue with them with what the government is doing in vietnam. [speaking native language]
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>> i am not sure what transpired of the delegates they do know after his arrest they contacted me to show a lot of support. >> data is extremely important as united states speaks about the human rights that that continued
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gross mistreatment is the subject of the human rights council where vietnam's sits in a place as a member of that council is breathtaking leap disturbing that an abuser who we the arbitrator of hall they're doing. to press the case there as well. so how have you been treated by the authorities? slow to defend the defense attorney it has not been allowed but could you further elaborate what that process is about and how you
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have been treated when you advocate on behalf of her husband? >> [speaking native language] translator: okay speaking
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as a native. [speaking native language] [speaking native language]
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translator: in short after his arrest the lawyers refused went to meet or to proceed with any legal action to prepare for his case and as for myself that a there is a camera constantly in front of my house following all of my activities and i have tried to visit my husband but in addition i have requested to bring him the bible for the visitation rights but they have all been denied i have not received any verbal or
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written response from the government. >> can you tell us to the best of your knowledge how your husband was treated when he was imprisoned a the first time? for years problem by for years of house arrest. what were those present conditions like? [speaking native language] [speaking native language]
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[speaking native language] in. translator: and to complete her previous davise she also mentioned the harassment puts a mental stress upon her in the fact she knows her husband has hepatitis b and was beaten severely she is constantly worried about not been able to see him.
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in 2007 he was put in a very small cell with othercontaminat inmates it was so contaminated they had to use their socks to filter the water there was a lot of harassment from the prisoners in the same cell and a lot of stress with caustic observation in surveillance. >> you mentioned he was beaten by the thugs. and they beat him around the face. were his teeth broken or to die require stitches or medical attention? speaking speaking dative.
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[speaking native language] [speaking native language]ffere translator: during thece beating my husband had a lot to the face in the hemorrhaged to the eyes and undergoing some evaluations his body was covered with bruises all over. >> as the american personnelny be helpful or try to visit
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our have been allowed any access? [speaking native language] [speaking native language] translator: immediately after his arrest dial was invited to a private residence of the u.s.
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ambassador's office and especially he gave me a bible to give to my husband while in prison but when i brought the bible it was denied he never received a and in addition. >> to make sound final observations i will tell u.s. they are here today that their husband at the trip even though they spoke glowingly of the vision with human-rights there is the
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total absence of malice toward the people of the government when i hear that government has cited the propaganda against the state's i was with him privately for those that are in route not allowed to go to the law office the day but there was no propaganda of those that was deep and profound i was almost speechless how he could havean endured so much but then linda purist of terms to have such a clarity of purpose in the government needs to know and as members
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of parliament to rally to his defense and it isn'tat that clear message to the of world how can the government do what they're doing to your husband to only desiream is the best for the country of vietnam. ed one year later to be touched with that absence of malice he did not engaged in tirades to speak about defending human rights i do
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hope that is not lost from any dictatorship when he is away from them so to go with an inspiration it is today. of president obama was sitting here with the prime minister of vietnam what would you say? is. [speaking native language]
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[speaking native language]
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ms. . translator: is the president was here sitting i would plead to help the people of vietnam.the people. the people have suffered a lot all these years and now to promote the human rights in then to rest my husband i while the president is there because he presents a symbol for democracy in vietnam that is why the release is crucial for the people of vietnam and also symbolic
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for the president's support for vietnam. >> translator: i also have a few more points to add please. [speaking native language]
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[speaking native language]
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[speaking native language] translator: of late to present to mr. chairman in the u.s. congress with the case of my husband i did not understand why he was arrested with code ada as a human rights activists for a non-violent movement and also they took away the issue of this society that was published of the embassy in vietnam. from the united nations human rights council and the symbol of the debt of that my husband presents peas in a non-violent movement everything has that symbol
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on it. one other thing 2.0 to all the t-shirts have the word hong kong today were also confiscated as an artifact to use against my husband. [speaking native language] [speaking native language]
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[applause] show -- to share thoughts why i live here this is important because in 2007 i would have hundreds of complaints to differentsame, wr agencies that this time ase many of the agency's and
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nobody responded verbally to meet with those instructions in in in addition if i could go outside of my own risk so that where people would know about that situation is just one of many. >> [speaking native language]
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[speaking native language] [speaking native language] translator: just to recap of what happened in 2007 the lawyer only had seven days to prepare for his trialinvestio
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specifically what i went tont the investigation unit theyre ie sent the papers to the judicial office so was similar to this time. >> speaking speak the native >> i am worried that there is none of time to prepare the trial spaking speaking
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native i'd like to request my husband is released unconditionally and immediately to have a fair trial to have the time to prepare for his case sticking speaking native of.
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translator: takes chairman for all the this hearing and except my deep gratitude to all staff members to read thisho possible i appreciate your support for during this difficult time. as a request i would like to know mr. chairman could write a letter to president puama asking for hisis response in addition to the other requests that were put into restatement previously. >> we will be more than
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happy to send a letter encouraging the president to raise your husband's case and other prisoners of conscience in a specific fashion not the zero bleak mentioned in a statement with the generality their needs to be a specificif vietnam request made so we can gauge if vietnam is about to move to the right direction. there are a number of areas for human rights violations with human trafficking andndadma religious freedom and toer date could designate as a country and of particular concern and to be known as a tier three countries so the
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president has to wills enrich your strong appeal and that the president is specific that doesn't cut it and hasn't any other country around the world for vietnam and needs to be specific so i will thank you again for your brave testimony and the ku for your husband's tremendous personal sacrifice for the cause the vietnam's human rights and religious freedom is a truly remarkable man to fight this battle with nonviolence our prayers are with you in vir in solidarity.
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and i would like to note for lae record you will have a a follow-up hearing the end we will be assessing the president's trip if any progress was made i want to thank you so very much thinks for your translation the hearing is adjourned. [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations]
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as 50 you have the facts of what you have never heard before? >> that is very troubling with the bilateral agreement with those great expectations frankly i was not encourage that thingswhna
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would happen but i had the opportunity to turn the corner precisely the opposite has happened and freedm unfortunately in the nose dive with respecting religious freedom in fundamental human rights and that has to change the people of vietnam they deserve better than what they're getting they deserve freedom and democracy. >> nice to see you. >> [inaudible conversations]
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if stick them get work with him all the time. [inaudible conversations] and. [inaudible conversations]
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and. [inaudible conversations]
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>> park concession says david disease -- a disease but what are really meant obviously was will this affect my thinking that is our eternal living so that was pretty important. i asked the neurologist what will happen? he said he was trying to tell me it was not such a big deal and said you may lose your edge says if that was nothing and i thought that is how we earn a living that is how i have my
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friends or my wife. [applause] >>'' then this is the privilege to have you on stage those people don'tlize ist realize readily the national


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