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tv   After Words with Senator Mitch Mc Connell  CSPAN  June 5, 2016 8:53pm-9:01pm EDT

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the last half century is a terrifically important breakthrough, and in fact you can in many ways see the whole field of what call international criminal law as something born out of the lost contact with the crimes of the holocaust. at the same time international criminal law is incredibly vulnerable to politicalization. vulnerable to be used for political ends, and so at the same time that it's incredibly important to see people who are being prosecuted for genocide, it's also alarming to see the way in which prosecutors in different countries can also claim that, well, that should justify then the prosecution of an israeli head of state for crimes against humanity against the palestinian people. so i think it highlights the way in which this thing that we call international criminal law, as important eight is, is a little bit of a double-edged sword. >> okay. well, thank you, everybody.
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our two authors will be out front. [applause] >> so their books will be on sale itch can say personally they're both engaging reads and have been getting great reviews. so come out, ask some more questions, and buy some books. >> thanks. [inaudible conversations] >> we want to hear from you. post your feedback to our facebook wall. >> what do you do at simon and schuster. >> the vp executive director of publicity and senior editor. >> host: what does that mean.
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>> guest: i run out publicity group and i try to acquire books. >> host: well, we wanted to talk to you on booktv about some of the books coming out this season, but tell us one book you have been working on as an editor. >> guest: well, i've just turned in a final edit on jerries next book, woman looking at men looking at women, and she is very interesting. most people know her as a novelist. the last prize, but the she leads a double life and happens to be one over the most presuspected thinkers and writers in neuroethics and neural row -- neuroscience. so there's a section on art crimp. a searchings e section on neuroscience, and a final section on psychology and philosophy with -- and the mind,
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body questions. >> and 'ery is from minnesota, so, what are some of the books you have coming out. >> we have great list. i'll just focus on a few. probably the biggest book we have this fall would be bruce springsteens born to run, a little music out of freehold, new jersey, and "born to run" is his first book and probably the thing that most people want to know now is that he spent seven years writing the book, even b. he thought about finding a publisher, and he started write it after his performance at the super bowl, wrote the book on his own in his free time, and when the book came into our hands it was done. and it's everything and more that a -- not only fans of bruce would want to read but anybody who is interested in a cultural and musical history of the nation in the last 30 or 40
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years. >> going on tour for simon and schuster. >> guest: no question we would like to put him in front of his audiences and heed like to do it. we haven't figured out where we'll go or what we will do but we expect to, yes. >> host: what is another title coming out? >> guest: another title coming out this fall that's worth talking about would be rosa brooks', how everything game war. rosa is a fascinating character who did work in the pentagon, also the daughter of barbara ehrenreich, and marries this sort of upbringing with work in war; what the book is about is how the lines have blurred between the civilized war and -- the civilized world and the military world, so where in former times it was clear the line between war and peace. now we have our military all over the world involved not just
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in engagements with foreign armies or organizations of that kind, but working with ebola in liberia, writing code, doing all sorts of things we never knew our military should or would be involved with and raises all sorts of questions about how it impacts our lives as citizens. so rose has done a really brilliant job in deconstructioning the separation between war and peace in the world today. >> how many books does simon and shoesster publish each year. >> guest: averages between 115 to 130 books a year, a full year. so i don't have the exact number but let's call it 55 titles. a blend of business, fiction, nonfiction, and all different kinds of books for different
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readers within those categories. >> one more title you want to talk about. >> guest: one other title is "wolf boy" buy a writer named dan slater. the book grew out of an article he read about two american boy weather had been arrest because they had become two of the most dangerous assassins in the cartel in mexico. in this book, slater tracks these two american boys who get involved with the cartels and the mexican born dea agent who came to the states himself as an illegal, who was on their tail, and in this cat and mouse page-turning narrative, what he is really doing is asking questions about the war on drugs and on the border, and there's a cop in the book from chicago at one point says something like the border may as well be right here. just a few weeks ago there was a story about there is ohio family that was slain and there's suspicion those murderses were committed bay cartel as well.
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so, whether you're in favor or disinclined to support greater border security, there's no question that any security will only increase the value of those drugs and, therefore, increase the murder rate here in our own country. so it's an important issue for everybody. >> terry goldsteen of simon and schuster, and book tv did a tour of assume mon and schuster a you're or two back. to watch that go to, nine simon & schuster in our search function and watch the whole tour. >> c-span, created by america's cable television companies and brought to you as a public service by your cable or satellite provider. >> after words is next on booktv. with senator mitch mcconnell, who talks about his life in politics with senator lamar alexander. >> this is a


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