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moon of mars them put together a base that looks just like the one. >> that we have a space kraft in and get off the site claras it goes by. >> what does that look like? >> you don't have time. >> bin that is why my
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program is called sidling pathways to mars. >> you can find out more at buzz if you want the t-shirt you can go to buzz that is a fund-raiser for his foundation every penny goes to the foundation and then i know you think you're going to explain site colors now you are not. [laughter]
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[applause] >> i reading a book by president carter, his autobiography. i had the privilege to attend sunday school recently. it was the amazing and that has turned into a wonderful museum he is brilliant it continues to be a true moral leader and is way ahead of his time. it is well written and is current with a lot of history but it tells you who
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he is the was a believer in god but how he applies his christian values in his public life in terms of feeding the hungry in sheltering the homeless and all the great values taught through the bible. >> with regard to the haitian revolution that raider even it a successful revolt you cannot begin to understand the haitian revolution unless she would see the spectacular event as a sequel as revolted is british rule that led to the
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formation of the slave holding republic known as the united states of america but as i argued in my book contrary to the broadway musical in what is routinely taught in schools, the foundation of the united states of america took place in no small measure because it was a revolt against the abolitionism in london it seemed to be suggesting that slave property might be headed for the dustbin of history.
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and now the state known as zimbabwe revolted against british rule in 65 because they thought clinton was moving towards decolonization one-person one-vote they tried to continue their white racist minority regime but they said they were walking in the footsteps of 1776 s that was an attempt to escape the the logic of decolonization of one person one vote therefore you cannot begin to understand the tribulations of people of
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african descent unless you understand they fought against the formation and sided with london just like the africans did not accept the establishment of a new stage of rhodesia and when you fight a war in the loose you can expect to be penalized unless and until you can turn the tables against your oppressors and one of the way we could turn the tables was through the haitian revolution which follows quickly upon the footsteps of the first convening of congress that
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is why start the book with george washington with the haitian revolution and in any case the africans could succeed against the french military one of the most powerful examples of fortitude known to history through this point to establish the independent black republic but there was grave consternation in the slave holding republic of the victory of the haitian revolution and you may recall if you look at many of the major slave revolts that rocked north america
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through 181821 or 22 they all had the fingerprints of haiti in particular the revolt in virginia that takes place at the same time as the haitian revolution is unfolding but also interested in south carolina reportedly the ambition was not only to revolt against slavery in an escape but to even sailed to freedom to the island that was ruled so what is interesting about
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these revolts it is not unlike those other taking place in the hemisphere or direct instigation in fact, the argument that i make that it ignited a general crisis that could only be resolved so if you try to understand why slavery collapsed in north america you should only natalie look to the four corners but to haiti in oslo to the inspiration of the british abolitionist in london.
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