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tv   BOOK TV  CSPAN  July 9, 2016 9:48pm-10:01pm EDT

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basis? it is a dawn this every day 24/7. so from that standpoint i know there is work to do the you have to be courageous. that is the generation they have no hope. and many have some nice gear and then we can do something about that.
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>> the books long shot is a triumph than struggle of the nba freedom fighter. booktv on c-span2. >>
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as the neck bader some of the books that are coming now to? >> one is a memoir by the
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former editor in chief who has been there 40 years and in that time oversaw a complete transformation of though lexicography and english-language and to remember the descriptions of what it was like it was pretty much like that in the '70s as well there were leaders all over the world and then to be put into little card files and eventually whenever this was revived to make it into the next round it took an incredibly long time to update with their new etymologies they have discovered it instead of readers all over the world you have cry outsourcing and
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it has led to the massive democratization and then also to have to go back to relearn the whole bird -- word. meant they river is a nobody had ever heard of so was the extraordinary revelation. but along the way he introduces us to see the history and my famous -- favorite is serendipity but that is a historical name for sri lenca that is actually the name of shrilling get. also there is a place on the dog's back that it cannot scratch and that word was
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introduced by the duke so i think it is the perfect book anybody who's interested in books or words is a fantastic read. >> is he in favor of this democratization of language? train wreck absolutely. and he was sent from that class or the world and realizing to the extent from upper middle-class readers because the consent and the words on index cards they were shaped for the middle from detective nate -- novel that was very british it
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forces the dictionary into the of modern age a gets interested in that rastafari at and then brings them into the office because he figures out the proper definition of spanking but cannot find that anywhere so this is the language that old gentleman and never would have found so it is part of the mission into open data dictionary for new leaders have writers and eventually the whole world by putting that on line. >> is seagoing on to work? >> he better be. [laughter] we have a lot of public speaking and he is gearing up to do more.
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>> power important is this to sell a book? >> it depends on the book with fiction is important i don't think it is the central sometimes politics our review driven i do think we have seen smaller factors in the way that we publish him promote books like social media where people can enter into their homes with the book club with these programs and i know nothing about. [laughter] so the physical traveling of an author from town to town is less important than they used to me. >> what else? >>. >> the history of the
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caliphate it is particularly important right now that is one that we spent a lot of time talking about with first al qaeda and now isis event kennedy at the university of london in this is his effort to establish the caliphate as it was a and the history of an idea and there is an obvious reason holds such an enormous appeal because it was a time when its long ruled the world when half a million people when london and paris may be headed the thousand, this is at the height of the power to show
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that was an incredible heterogeneous but there is no one policy to glorify the idea when it was led purely by the worship of god and is more complicated than back to be very spiritual and with that justification so i think this is the necessary corrective with the of rhetoric. >> one more book? >> one from a law professor and a criminologist and statistician underlie we struggle with mass incarceration in everything you think is wrong.
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it is really about the role of prosecutors which i think a lot haven't knowledge with the major factor in these very high levels in the united states because at the very time the crime rate is dropping it is the number of prosecutors working for u.s. government a you just start seeing this incredible surge asking for much longer sentences at a bigger level that would have a for in this is a crucial factor not necessarily issues of race of what people think of as the conventional wisdom. >> what type of books do you published? >> only serious nonfiction
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so 90 percent academics or a handful of journalists for statesmen of politicians petite intellectual high end books. >> are you independent or part of a larger corporation? >> was until a few months ago an independent publishing company and has remained that way but just very recently about one month ago was bought by the fourth largest publisher in the united states to. >> how does that affect what you do? >> a think have to learn new computer systems but i think it is a good fit they are publishing a lot of fiction so i think it is a good counterbalance that they
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take the whole group to pick up and move it over so i still have the staff emboss it is nearly as dramatic as the buyout could be. >> the publisher you can look for some of the titles this fall. booktv on c-span2.


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