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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  July 21, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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with china or a military operation in the mediterranean or work with countries in africa to manage migration and do it as a single country of europe you have less instruments then if you will pull together all of our instruments. this is why you hear so much from london even in this space that way want to keep the strongest possible corporation because they see very well that together we are stronger in the world. the bigger you are, the power you have. you are more powerful and your policies are more accepted. so this is a global strategy. the starting point of this is if we are together as europeans it
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is out of choices our people make to join together because we know that together we had more powerful instruments to serve our citizens' interest. sometimes you hear european leaders referring to in the world of today, you regain if you manage to exercise the joint benefits. at the end of the day you make decisions together. there is no one coming from the outside taking decisions. then you add additional instruments that make you much more powerful. so i believe that this will be the political leverage we will have. it will increase corporation even more and on the sector of
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defense the truth is policy and no need for sleepy changes. no need for big institutional debates. i am working on trying to deal with the security and defense. i believe there is an interest in our people and our leaders to use the tools we have. i think this will be the way.
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we know our security role in the world and use the tools we already have to do that. >> one of the worst parts of being a moderator is having to bring really interesting conversations to a close. i promised we would end at 7:00. you can take one more. >> thank you very. my name is emily. you -- the actors you identified were all international would would you care to comment on the role you see for regional
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actors? >> yes, in the back, please. >> hi, i am with reuters. i would be remissed if i didn't ask you for the statement last night from the republican presidential candidate who said he might abandon the article five commitment of nato if we were elected. >> i knew if we left enough room for questions -- >> i would say what i said the european defense is streng strengthening nato. i think it is evidence for america and what has provided us -- most europeans work with
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american security and it is very -- on our side we know very well we need to work more on our defense capabilities. as i said, but on the other side it is clear basic principles about alliance. i don't vote in the u.s. elections so i cannot comment on that. i have my own political ideas but the role of nato and the importance of nato and the strength and credibility of the alliance is very important for every sing european citizen and i believe hopefully for every american citizen. it is simple to realize in the world of today, which is complicated and dangerous, you need friends. alone you don't hold much.
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and america is lucky enough, has worked hard, to build friendships and alliances and credibility to these friendships and alliances. this is what makes america strong. that it can count on strong to make security strong and so i would invest in nato. the other question was about the gulf countries? the roles of the gulf country, they are not all of the same, but the common work on syria is key in particular because they have close relations and close influence on the opposition in syria. we are also working on the opposition in syria and with them, we had meetings in brussels, to prepare them for
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negotiation to have a discussion on the future of the country. the gulf countries have a significant role and yes, they are working in the same direction. they are working on the security aspects of it. for the moment, yes, they are working together and there is always more one can do. but i think that is the reason for being aware of the fact the threat of daish constitutes a threat also for the gulf countries and it is in the best interest of the gulf countries to make sure daish isn't welcome and also it is important for the
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sunni majority countries to counter the narrative of a terrorist organization that is also playing on faith, religious faith, and division. we are working on that also with the gulf countries on trying to prevent and find the correct way and i think they have helped many. >> join me in thanking federica magherini. [applause]
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[inaudible conversation] >> c-span's coverage tonight of the republican national convention includes a speech by the republican nominee presidential candidate donald trump. a conversation with a delegate. >> gus port is a delegate from michigan and also the national executive director for the college republican national committee. you have said your biggest passion is bridge the gap between hispanic voters and the republican party. thank you for being here.
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last night you were on the floor when you heard from senator ted cruz and heard the reaction from your fellow delegates. what was it like from your perspective? >> it was very interesting. just being on the floor was great. my first convention. excited to hear ted cruz and more importantly from governor mike pence who is an unknown commodity to the grassroots because he has been based out of indiana but an accomplished governor in the last four years. it was great to hear from him and senator ted cruz and also senator marco rubio. >> earlier in the day, senator ted cruz talked to delegates and reporters in cleveland and was greeted by chance of 20-20. governor kasich talked to the michigan delegation but he has not decided to be in the queue
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or to give a speech before the convention goers. are you disappointed that they have not verbally said i am behind donald trump and i am endorsing him? >> you know, i am a little bit. but it is just part of the process. i think more importantly they should really come behind the nominee and really get together here at convention and come out united because at the end of the day we have an important mission in the fall and that is to win back the white house. >> and part of that mission will be to get hispanics to vote for donald trump. how is that going to happen? >> first, i think, donald trump has aligned himself as the law and order candidate. it is important to secure the borders and this is something the republican party has spoken about for a long time. making sure we first of all deal with the problems in the bord, the drug trade and drug cartels
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that are causing so many problems along the border but a broken immigration center as well. if there is something going to do something about it i believe it is going to be donald trump. >> when he said he wanted to build a wall and that has offended many in the latino community you could say. >> i think latinos are looking for law and order. they come from countries that have had issues with gang and their government being so oppressive in central and south america. they come to this country to seek a better life, a freedom they think is important to have a country of borders to do that. it is like a coffee cup, right? it is important to have borders and very important while having borders you have to have secure borders and that is what the republican party and donald trump want to do. >> we were showing viewers the protesters around the queue that
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built a wall out of cloth upset about what donald trump and there is this: immigration centeric coverage cast convention in a negative light. we have the anchor for union -- univision walking around. what impact do you think that has? >> i think he has disqualified himself and been a little obs s obsessive about donald trump's remarks and taking things out context. things that are happening for example and things will. bernie sanders, during the primary claim that we need to have a government like venezuela. there is a huge problem going on in venezuela. there is no food for people. if there is, it is being rationed. grocery stores -- it is so big
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out there they are running out of food. if we are going to be like venezuela you better stand up for it. i think we need to move on and cover things that -- donald trump has said he will help the country. having a country of borders is a huge thing. so anyways, i am excited to hear about him tonight and see what his speech will be like especially if he touches on immigration reform. >> what do you want to hear from donald trump on that? >> i want to hear exactly what he is going to do to -- in addition to building a wall, what else is he going to do it fix the broken immigration system? i think this is something both parties have talked about. even barack obama has talked about it for eight years and we
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have seen nothing. barack obama went on to endorse hillary clinton and if you believe what she is saying about helping the country and solve the immigration crisis that is a huge problem for me as a hispanic. he has done nothing. so that leaves me to believe she is going to do the same. four more years of the same thing. >> steve in charleston, independent. >> gustavo, it is a pleasure to talk to you. by the way, i wasn't going to talk about immigration but you brought it up. this unchecked immigration open door policy has got to stop. i don't care if you are a democrat, republican, or independent, we will get so strained and the system will break and hurt everybody. that is an economic given. we have to start closing the door. talking about the gap between trump and the republican party and latinos/hispanics.
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i wonder if the gap is as big as some people say. we know that more republicans came out in florida in the primary than democrats. they really came out in support of trump. we happen trump has to carry florida and the republicans have to have to labor states and he is appealing to those people more and more because of the job problem and we know he is appealing to the coal mining states. let's talk about texas and florida. i don't think the gap is as big as some people think it is between trump and hispanics. we saw some people on the night of casting votes from the hispanic community and for ted cruz, ted, bless your heart. trump's appeal is he is not part of the washington political community. ted, you are. people are tired of that. they want that rogue guy.
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trump is almost like an independent that found himself running as a republican and that is what people want. your comments? >> i agree. it important we solve this immigration crisis but i will have to say the only person who can do that is donald trump. hillary clinton, like i said earlier, has been in the senate for multiple year and did nothing about it. barack obama was president for eight years and did nothing about it. you could argue he has deported more immigrants than any republican president before him. we need the leadership of ted cruz to help out and bring texas and make sure it stays red. and going back to florida, donald trump is very competitive down there. i think a lot of hispanics are open to the idea of voting for trump simply because again he is a law and order candidate and
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they came to the country to seek the same freedoms we have. that is important to have. it is a very important discussion and those immigrants coming to the country want to do that. >> trump and surrogates site survey monkey polls that have donald trump winning just under a third of the hispanics vote and more than romney's perfo performan performance. hillary clinton's campaign believes mr. trump will win a share of smaller hispanic votes than any race in history. >> i think it is still early. if there is one party that has worked hard to reach out to hispanics it has been the republicans. we put together a field program that is data driven and i think
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that will help donald trump to inherit that infrastructure growing into the general election. you have people on the ground and have been on the ground for a year registering people to vote. i think if anyone benefits from that it will be donald trump. people have to remember this is a three-way race. no one has reached the 50 plus number and having gary johnson in the race, stealing hillary clinton's votes a little bit from sanders' voters that are disinfranchased and mad about being shoved to the side by the party. i think at the end that will help donald trump. >> louise, democratic line. >> i am frightened about donald trump. i think the structure about the man is scary, the narcissistic behavior scares me.
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if someone insults him he is after them. it is about him. nothing else. the xenophobia isn't going to work for others. who talks about carpet baombomb and going after the family of isis. this reminds me of nazi, germany. no one says anything when he comes up with crazy stories like ted cruz's father helped assassinate john f kennedy. give me a break. if that is not a lie what do you call that and how dangerous is to going to be a man who can say anything and doesn't care? >> let's get a response from our michigan delegate here. >> well, louise, i think reports that donald trump is kind of
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bombastic are exaggerated. what we have heard from his family and kids is the man truly cares about the country. he is a business man. he knows how to run a business and create jobs and if anything that is what this country needs especially for young people. if voting started at age 30, we would talk about nominating mitt romney. jobs and the economy is the most important thing and donald trump's message about creating is jobs is what we need. i cannot stress enough the fact the media is interested in the comments and i think he is going to do a good job as president.
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i don't think the comments he made were true. he wants to create jobs and make sure we move the country forward. >> catherine is a democrat in mobile, alabama. >> i am calling to represent our female comrade. the thing have i worried ubthis is there are so many passes given to this man. here is my question. they are running this man as a family man. this is a man with many families. how many children went with him when he divorced their wives? he has a nine year old son we don't hear too much about. but he is running as president.
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he is running the trump family business for president. it scares me. >> catherine, you are a democrat. i don't know if you listened to melania trump's speech. she talked about her son. what has been your impression of the trump children? >> i think donald trump has given his children a lot to do with the family business. this is the trump organization. so it has his name all over it. i think that he has done a very, very good job of including his children. they are very invested. and someone like ivanka trump is second in command. that is giving a lot of decision making power to, you know, a female, his daughter. she is very, very qualified. i think his comments about him not caring about women or him
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not necessary being friendly to women i think it is overplayed. iv ivanka trump is running that organization and women should be looking up to her. i know many women in my generation look to her as a role model because she is in the decision making process. she is a high ranking official within the trump organization and i think it speaks highly of donald trump and what he thinks about young women and they should be involved in the decision process. >> elmo in baton rouge, louisiana. democrat. thank you for waiting. >> this man, i am trying to really understand where he is coming from. you said president obama didn't do anything about immigration. they tried to do it but who stopped it every time they tried to do it? the republican. john mccain tried to introduce one. a lot of people have tried to do
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but the republicans are the ones killing it. but you said donald trump is going to make it all better. this whole thing is a -- you are drinking the cool aid. not much is going to change. you have to understand, this is about being able to negotiate with foreign leaders on a political scale. donald trump knows nothing about that. mike pence hasn't done anything. president obama hasn't done a whole lot but would have done more if the republicans would have went along with it. host: all right, elmo. thanks for calling. guest: i think it's interesting. first of all, i disagree with you respectfully. i think president obama has -- had the opportunity to come to the table many times, especially work with republican leaders like john boehner and mitch mcconnell but has instead chosen to do his own style
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>> he has chosen to do his own style of immigration reform by recording immigrants at recordei numbers, through executive orders. i think that is not democratic. it's unbecoming of a president in my opinion. if he truly wants to negotiate immigration reform and think you should come to the table and speak to people like senator mcconnell and speaker ryan. i think these are strong republican leaders who want to do what is best for the country and want to come to the table. i think it is like president obama in my opinion was not come to the table and been willing to negotiate. >> host: i'm not asked, nancy in ohio. >> i have three things to say. , i'm from ohio as far as i'm concerned john kasich and ted cruz has an overinflated
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superego, superior oriented attitude where they were elected by people. they are supposed to do what the voters says. they betrayed their voters. okay, different subject. nobody has brought up ross perot. he was a millionaire businessman that wanted to help america to get out of the hole. this is what ross perot was good at. i voted for him. and this is what donald trump it good at. >> host: okay thank you. >> guest: i think you're right donald trump is good at that. he has managed a business for manyy
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years. he was able to turn it into a profitable business, very successful business. going back to john kasich and senator cruise, they have their own decision to make, but i as a delegate and more important i want to see united party going forward in november, think we have the biggest opportunity to take over the white house that perhaps we've had before. we have a very weak candidate that even members of the president administration and more portly we've had someone like fbi director, james coney who said he's basicallyal qualified to lead.y agree hillary is, she disqualified herself based on her e-mails. i actually agree with speaker ryan on this, he is worried thae she is not good to be able to handle classified information. she has proven herself that she cannot handle classified information. that is worrisome to me is not only a republican but as a voter and a millennial voter. so i think the party should come together and unite around donald
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trump. it's tough to do, i understand, he is not said nice things in the past about these guys. at the end of the day it is about coming together making sure that we win in the fall. >> host: kim in maryland, independent color. tim, what you think about what is happening in cleveland? >> caller: good morning and thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts. first of all, i i think with ted cruz and john kasich they stolen the stage to support the republican nominee. they're not doing that. they are self-righteous and it's disgraceful what they did last night. what crews did last night. i'm an independent, from me. nigeria, i've a couple of my friends from nigeria just like
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me, we are supporting trump. we have never voted in this country and we are americans by the way. we are supporting trump. there is more of us out there who have been watching thehe selection closely for going to vote trump. so people can say whatever,ts nobody listens to the pundits. we don't care what you guys on tv have to say. we have come from countries and rule by dictator so we know dictatorship when we see it. yo this country has been living on corporate dictatorship and this is one opportunity that you guys have to change course. i am am black, i would never vote forio obama a million times. >> host: okay, what you think about way you heard. >> guest: usually bring up some very interesting points. i think your sentiment is shared
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by many people. this is why there's record turnout in the primary this year because people are fed up with politics as usual. people are are fed up with politics in washington. you have the ultimate washington insider and hillary clinton and you have the ultimate outsider and donald trump. it's a historic election where you go up against someone who has never had an experience in government, never held elective office versus someone was lived in the white house, someone who has been living off of the american people essentially come on government salary. her entire life. so i think this is a very historical election in a different election than when we have seen before. i agree with agree with you people are fed up. people are tired of politics as usual. you politicians get elected on same there going to do something and doing something really different. by the by the way that does include hillary clinton. it is very important that we elect someone and we come together as a party, and we elect someone in the fall,
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republican, donald trump trump that will shake things up in washington. i agree with you. but but it's also important that we have voices at times because that allows donald trump to come to the table and listen to people's concerns. i think your scene with senator cruz and governor casey. i remain optimistic that they'll come to the table and help candidates up and down the, ballot. >> host: marilyn in tennessee, democrat. >> caller: hello. two things, one, i, i would like an answer to that question about the electoral college because i never understood it either. i still don't understand it, howev it how it works, how they getha nominated, whatever. the second thing i want to bring up is that i am in tennessee and our governor is a businessman. he is not a politician. now i'm now i'm retired now and why use to work, my son works there now
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and they are working so much over time that they're about to kill those folks. their jobs around here, people can get jobs if they want it. ah a lot of them are workingte overtime and their switching jobs. so that goes to say something about your businessman running your state or your country. thank you. >> host: let us hear from in maryland as well., david. republican. >> caller: thank you for taking my call. [inaudible] the policies that their china before are more beneficial and they encourage us more gonorities to become more self-reliant rather than depending on government programs. another things with immigration
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is a need to look at the cause of why people coming into this country illegally. jobs. in part it's to get jobs and the other part would be to get benefits. i think instead of building wallet be better if we can look at the causes. thank you. >> host: let's a good point. >> guest: a couple of points on the previous color, think she hit the nail on the head. i think we should elect more businessmen into government. we have a great governor in tennessee. i think he has done a wonderful job in taking over a previously held democratic government and really working toward bring more jobs to the state. as a businessman he someone who has instituted great policies to make sure the state grows in terms of jobs. i think they're right. it's one of the most successful states in the country, currently. i went back to the next color marilyn, my from the
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republican, i also think that it is very important that we look at border issues. i understand the fence and everything, people can get caught up in just the simple details of it, but i think it i very important that we look at securing the border. it is a very important issue. it remains a very important issue for hispanics the top job is his jobs. proud t they're coming into the country for jobs. they're coming into the country of her benefits. i think america is as a country should be very proud that people are are wanting to come here because it's a better way of life the most of these countries do. most of these countries are ruled by very corrupt governments in this country provides a benefits and a better way of life for people to really realize their own dreams. i think that speaks a very much of our way of life here.
7:36 pm
people want to come here and experience that. >> host: one last call fromnt nancy in austin, texas. an independent. >> caller: hello. i was wanting to say something to the peopleru that are tried to figure figure out whether they want to vote for john. he is the only candidate that is against the transpacific art and ship. the only one. if you don't understand what that does, it is going to cost us to lose more jobs and more industry and ruling by yet another international ruling body above her own congress. almost every this single problem we have in the country was caused by something the government did. from their actions, that is why all the industry leopard that is why the jobs left. that's why they want to keep itself fighting down here at the bottom so we keep our eyes off what they done to us. they bankrupted us. they left the borders wide opens i live in texas. they are told not to stop anybody, border patrol into the man who called tim, from nigeria. nigeria. welcome to america.
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you are the type of people we want. you almost brought tears to my eyes and what you said. welcome. i th's all. >> guest: i agree with you. i think donald trump is the two candidates left standing, think donald trump is healing one who can truly do something about the issues of today. i think it is very important that republicans come after this convention uniting get together. more partly in the fall. there is a lot of races out there where republicans need to win in order to bring real change to america and that's address the problems of today. >> host: thank you very much for the conversation and talk into our viewers and spending time with us in cleveland. we appreciate that. >> guest: thank you. >> present obama awarded a medal of honor at a white house ceremony. lieutenant kern kettles receive the highest award for his actions in the u.s. army while serving as a flight commander during the vietnam war. this is 25 minutes.
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[inaudible] ♪ mocha mocha >> ladies and gentlemen, the president president of the united states along with lieutenant general kettles. ♪ ♪ mocha ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:39 pm
>> let us pray. lord, god, source of all that is good and just, be with us now and help us begin the ceremony in gratitude. for this opportunity to recognize and honor your gifts of courage and selfless service. witness to us in these heroic acts of lieutenant colonel charles cattle, that his that his courage remind us today and tomorrow the great human dignity that thus is an indomitable spirit to serve them for tech to those most in need. we asked now that lieutenant kettles action we honor and provide hope and inspiration for those who face the perils of terror and danger as they serve
7:40 pm
their brothers and sisters. lord bless the ceremony, the acts we honor. that that they may strengthen the values that we hold dear in this nation, and our military and families, and our way of life. we ask all of this in your holy name, amen. >> amen. >> a good morning everybody. please have a seat. welcome to the white house. of all the privileges of this office, none is greater than serving as the commander-in-chief of the finest military that the world has ever known. of all the military decorations that our nation can bestow, we have none higher than the metal of honor. as many who know him have said, nobody deserves it more than
7:41 pm
charles kettle, from michigan. many believe that, except for chuck. [laughter] as he says, this seems like a hell of a fuss over something that happened 50 years ago. [laughter] even now, all these years later chuck is still defined by the humility that shaped him as a soldier. at 86 years old, he still looks sharp attack in that uniform, i pointed out that obvious uniform, i pointed out that obviously he has knocking anyway. [laughter] and his life is as american as they come. he is the son of an immigrant, his father signed up to five for the united states and the day after pearl harbor and instilled his fibers with a deep sense of duty to their country. for a time, he, he even served in the army reserve.
7:42 pm
, for a time even as he served in the army reserve, chuck ran ran a ford dealership with his mother. and to families who drawing a new car off the lot he was a salesman who helped put an american icon in their driveway. to the aviation students at the university chuck is the professor who taught them about the wonder of flight in a country that invented it. to the constituents he served as a republican in his hometown's mostly democratic city council, chuck is the public servant who made sure their voices were heard. and two and, his beautiful bride who grew up literally as of the girl next-door, chuck is a devoted husband, next march they will celebrate their 40th anniversary. happy early anniversary. [applause]. in a lot of ways chuck kendall is the all american into the
7:43 pm
dozen of american soldiers that he saved in vietnam half a century ago, chuck is the reason they lived and came home, had children and grandchildren, entire family trees made possible by the actions of this one man. we are honored to be joined not only by and but eight of chuck and answered ten children, and three of their grandchildren. it is a kettles a family reunion here in the white house. laughmac we are also honored to be joined by chuck's brothers in arms from vietnam. and some of chuck's newest comrades, newest members members of the metal of honor society. may 15, 1967 started as a hot monday morning. soldiers from the 1001st airborne were battling north
7:44 pm
vietnamese and rural riverbed. our men were outnumbered. a needed support fast. helicopters to get the wounded out and bring more soldiers into the fight. check kettles was a hilo pilot and just as he has volunteered for active duty, on this morning he volunteered even though he knew his danger. they call this place ciampa valley for a reason. above the real river bed rose 1500-foot tall hill. an enemy was an enemy was dug into it an extensive series of tunnels and bunkers. the ideal spot for an ambush. chuck jumped into the cockpit and took off. around nine a.m., his company his company approached the landing zone and look down. they should have seen a stick strand of green trees instead they saw enemy tracers coming right at them. none of them had ever seen fire that intense. soldiers and
7:45 pm
heroes he those were hit and killed before they could leap off. under withering fire, chuck landed his chopper and kept it there, exposed, exposed so the wounded could get on and so that he could fly them back to base. a second time chuck went back into the valley. he dropped off more soldiers and supplies, picked up more wounded. once more, machine gun bullets a mortar rounds came screaming after them. as he took off a second time round spears pierce the arm and leg of chuck's door gunner checks he was hit, fuel was pouring out as he flew away. but chuck had wounded men aboard and decided to take his chances. he landed, found another helicopter and flew to the field hospital. by now it was near evening, back in the riverbed, 44 american soldiers were still pin down.
7:46 pm
the air was thick with gunpowder, smell the burning metal, and then they heard a faint sound and as the sun started to set, they set, they saw something rise over the horizon, six american helicopters, is one of them said, as beautiful as could be. for a third time, chuck and his unit headed into that hell on earth. death or injury was all but certain as fellow pilot said later and a lesser person would not return. once again, the enemy unloaded everything they had on check as he landed. small arms, automatic weapons, rocket propelled grenades. soldiers ran to the helicopters. when the helicopters. when chuck was told all work out of four he took off and then midair his radio told him something else, eight men had not made it on board. they had been providing cover for the others. those eight soldiers had run for the choppers but could only
7:47 pm
watch as they floated away. we all figured we're done for they said. chuck came to the same conclusion. if we left them for ten minutes minutes he said they would be pows are dead. a soldier who is there said that day major kettles became our john wayne. with all due respect to john wayne. [laughter] he could do what check kettles did he broke off from formation, took a steep, sharp descending sharp descending turned back toward the valley, this time with no aerial or artillery support, loan helicopter heading back in. chuck's he was the only target for the enemy to attack, and they they did. tracers lit up the sky once more, chuck became shot came in so hot that his chopper bounce for several hundred feet before coming to a stop.
7:48 pm
as soon as he landed, a mortar round shattered his windshield, another hit that main rotor blade, shrapnel tore through the cockpit and chuck's chair. and still, those eight soldiers started to sprint to the huey running through the firestorm chased by bullets. checks hilo, now badly damaged was carrying13 soldiers and was 600 pounds over limit. it felt he said like flying a two and half ton truck. [laughter] he cannot hover long enough to take off. but the cool person he is, he says he saw his shattered windshield and thought, that's pretty good air conditioner laughmac, the cabin filled with black smoke as he hopped and skipped the heel across the ground to pick up enough speed to take off. like a jack rabbit he said bouncing across the riverbed.
7:49 pm
the instant he got airborne another mortar ripped into the tail and the huey fishtailed violently and a soldier was thrown out of the helicopter hanging onto a skid as chuck flew them to safety. you cannot make this up. [laughter] it's like a bad rambo movie. [laughter] but if you listen to this you can't believe it. so the army's worriers based on a simple principle. principle. a soldier never leaves his comrades behind. check kettles honored that creed. not with a single act act of heroism but over, over, and over. and because of that heroism, 4444 american soldiers made it out that day. forty-four. we are honored today to be joined by some of them. chuck's door gunner who was hit
7:50 pm
roland shank. the last soldier chuck rescued that day, the one who figured he was done for, louis smith. and a number of soldiers are vietnam veterans who fought in that battle. gentlemen, i would ask you to either stand if you can or wave so that we can thank you for your service. [applause]. [applause]. [applause]. >> now, chuck's heroism was recognized at the time by the army second highest award, this distinguished service cross. but, still still they decided he
7:51 pm
deserved an upgrade. a retired social worker who went to chuck's house to interview him for the veterans history project sponsored by the local rotary club. and overheard the interview in the other room and reminded chuck to tell the story that i just told all of you. , this is something chuck and i have in common, we do it our wives tell us to do. [laughter] chuck told the story and with his trademark humility finished it by saying it was a piece of cake. [laughter] bill, hearing the story was something more. he started a started five year mission along with chuck's son mike, retired navy pilot to award chuck the metal of honor. bill and mike are here, as is congressman woman debbie dingell who along with her husband don, went above and beyond to pass a law to make sure that even all
7:52 pm
of these years later we could still fully recognize his heroism as we do today. so we think them for their outstanding efforts. that is one more reason this story is quintessentially american. looking out for one another. the belief that nobody should be left behind. this should not be just a creed for soldiers. it should be a creed for all of us. this is a country that is never finished and its mission to improve, to do better, to learn from our history, to work to form a more perfect union. and at a time when let's face it, we have had a couple of tough weeks. for us to remember that the goodness and decency of the american people in the way that we can all look out for each other, even when times are tough, even when the odds are against us, what a wonderful
7:53 pm
inspiration. what a great gift for us to be able to celebrate something like this. it might take time, but having failed to give our veterans who fought in vietnam the full measure of thanks and respect that they had earned, we acknowledge that our failure to do so was a shame. we resolve that it will never happen again. it can take time, but old adversaries can find peace, thanks to the leadership of so many vietnam vets who have the courage to rebuild the tides i was able to go to vietnam recently and see a people as enthusiastic about america is probably anyplace in the world. crowds lining the streets. and we're able to say that on a lot of issues, vietnam and the united states states are now
7:54 pm
partners. here at home, it might take time but we have to remember everyone on her team, just like chuck kettles. sometimes we have to turn around and head back and help those who need a lift. check says the most gratifying part of this whole story is that dewey's name, roland's name of's name and the name of 42 other americans he saved are now etched not etched in the solid granite wall not long from here that memorializes. instead it will be chuck kettles name forever etched on the walls of the communities have built from southern california to south carolina to honor those who have earned the medal of honor. of course check says all of this attention is hubbub, but i will survive. [laughter] chuck, you have survived much worse than the ceremony. laughmac and on behalf of the american people, let me say that
7:55 pm
this hubbub is richly and roundly deserved. as a a military agent prepares to read the citation, please join me in saluting this proud american soldier and veteran, who reminds us all of the true meaning of service. lieutenant colonel chuck kettles. [applause]. [applause]. [applause]. >> the president of the united states of america. authorized by acts of congress, march 3, 1863, has awarded in the name of congress the medal of honor two, major major charles s kettles, united states army. mr. charles s kettles is
7:56 pm
distinguished himself by conspicuous gallantry while serving as flight commanded her 76 aviation company, airmobile 14th combat aviation near duke four, republic of of vietnam, on 15 may, 1967, major kettles upon learning that an airborne infantry unit has suffered casualties during a firefight with the enemy volunteered to lead a flight of six uh one delta helicopters to carry reinforcements to the embattled force and to evacuate personnel. small arms, break the inflicting damage to the helicopter. however he refused to depart until they were loaded to capacity they were bringing more reinforcements, landing in the midst of enemy mortar and
7:57 pm
weapons fire, seriously injuring his gun gunner and severely damages aircraft. he was advised that he had fuel streaming out of his aircraft. despite the risk by the leaking fuel he nursed the damage aircraft back to base, later that day then petri commander including four members of his unit were stranded when the helicopter was destroyed by enemy fire. with only one flyable uh one helicopter remaining, major kettles volunteered to return to the third time, waving a flight of six evacuation helicopters, five of five of which are from the 161 aviation company. during the extraction, major kettles was informed by the last helicopter that all personnel were on board and departed landing on his accordingly. army gunships of supporting the also departed. once airborne he was advised
7:58 pm
that eight troops were unable to reach the evacuation helicopters due to enemy gunfire. with complete disregard presented to, major kettles has lead to another helicopter and return to the landing zone to rescue the remaining troops. without kinship, artillery, or support, the enemy concentrated all firepower on his aircraft which was immediately damaged by mortar round that damage the front windshields and was further raked by small arms and fire. despite the attempts of enemy fire, nature kettles maintain control of their craft and situation allowing time for the eight soldiers to board the aircraft. despite of the severe damage to the helicopter, he wants more guided his damaged aircraft to safety. without his courageous action and this a. find skill, the lasker for soldiers and his crew would never have made it off the battlefield. his selfless act of repeatability determination are in keeping with highs traditions of military service and reflect great credit upon himself and the united states army.
7:59 pm
[silence] [inaudible conversation] [inaudible conversation] >> let us go forward with joyful hearts with these words. be not afraid fry have redeemed you, i've called you by name, you are mine. when he. when he passed through waters, i will be with you, through rivers you shall not be swept away.
8:00 pm
when he walked through the fire, you shall shall not be burned, nor will flames consume you. let us now go forth into the world in peace. dedicated to your service amen. >> amen. >> ladies and gentlemen, that concludes a ceremony, but we have a reception, a reception, here the food here is pretty good. let's give one more round of applause to mr. chuck kettles. [applause]. [applause]. ♪


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