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  Rep. Peter King Condemns Senator Ted Cruz for Not Endorsing Donald Trump  CSPAN  July 22, 2016 6:29am-8:12am EDT

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this great state of new york and this great nation that you have given to us. and father we confess that there have been times where we have failed you and not lived up to the calling that you have placed on your lives. there are times, oh, god in which we have our duty, but father, we thank you for these reminders and gatherings where we can be inspired once again, where we can be ignited once again, and father, today, lord i pray for me and my anker towards mr. cruz, a fellow believer. i pray publicly asking you to
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help me, but help him in his dysfunction and all of the things he has to deal with. and father, please, look upon the trump family in a special way. father, plails a hedge of protection around them, place lord, god, your hand on them and give them good people around them. lord not nay sayers, typical political hacks, generation of-forward thinking people and lord, would you help us to take new york state, father please stave us from the dooms stay scenario would come should the outcome be differently than we hope it will be, and now for this morning's gathering we
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thank for all the speakers who have come and particularly for our major, the nation's mayor, we thank you oh, lord, god for all the experiences he's had and the leadership he's provided for all of us. but, lord, we pray that this day, the last day of this gathering, this conference lord, god, would be the most special day and we thank you for it all and we pray in the name of the father, son and the holy spirit, amen. [applause] >> thank you very much, mike. that was terrific. to introduce our next speaker, this is the man who literally is coming and really needs no introduction. you all know that he has led the team that has made this
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convention work for the new york delegation and that's tony, my senior -- tony, come up here. show your appreciation for him. [applause] >> that's right, the sergeants do run the army, right? whenever someone begins a new job or joins a new organization there's tendency to look around and size up the people that you meet, try to identify who the real leaders of the group are, people you might want to emulate some day, people from home that could learn something and after there a few years, you start looking at the new people coming. you size them up. who are the potential leaders, who are the people we can trust with a mantle of responsibility going forward. when i join the assembbeing in
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1979, one of the people i met a tall, good-looking guy, he was very bright, articulate and kind of took me under his wing and i learned a lot about policy and politics. a few years later, another very tall good-looking articulate guy appeared on the scene and didn't take me very long to figure out that this guy was going to become a true leader and advocate for the people of the state of new york. both of the guys were named john and this is one case where my expectations were far outpaced by the individual demand a case where many of us where the student far exceeded the teachers. john served 16 years in the state assembly. he was elected in 2002 to the
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senate, he has continuously over that career advocatedded -- advocated for tax release, budget reform, equitable funding and meaningful accountability in education, effect i -- effective health care for all specially women and children and to improve quality of life for the people of our state. a great republican and republican leader senator john flanegan. [applause] >> thank you. thank you very much. and i -- i'm humbled.
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i'm humbled because tony casal has been a good friend and someone who has been mentor for me for so many years and i had the good fortune of sitting next to him in assembly chamber and my good buddy who has since passed away, you have the opportunity to learn a lot from people through all walks of life so i'm very grateful to mr. casal, aka tony casal and i want to thank the chairman cox i want to thank him for being a diplomat and everyone affiliated with the new york state republican committee and all of you here today and i have -- there's four speakers. i know this, as much as i might have a little bit of self-confidence i know most of you are here to hear the fourth speaker and that's totally fine because we are going to have the nation's mayor here and that's
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going to be fantastic for the new york delegation. but this is an outstanding turnout and i'm going to go through a couple of basic things. mr. casal and i were talking about this. i was a born and bred new yorker. i'm going to -- [applause] >> why do you keep saying that because i think we are at a point where we have to stop apologizing, we have to stop dancing around things and we need to stand up and be counted. so i'm going to tell you a couple of basic things as a republican as a public servant as an elected official and as a leader in the party. i'm a new yorker, i'm a republican, i'm proud to work in government, i'm proud to be affiliated with everybody in this room and when the time came, we had a whole discussion about who would be endorsing whom for president and what not. so let's quick i will go through
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that procedure. we had 17 candidates, one person per vialed and he deserves credit and accolades and praise for his effort. [applause] >> and i want to talk about new york and i want to talk about new york and the new york state senate in particular but also going to make this clear, i am supporting donald trump for president and i'm going to do so with grace, diplomacy, with passion, with fervor and doing it in new york style so that when newt gringrich who was here earlier this week talked about winning, and i repeat winning the state of new york, he talked about how to do it from the city. how to start and get out there and get that election one vote at a time. so that's what we all need to do. having said that, i do want to mention just a couple of people that are very important to me. he's sitting right here, the
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gentleman whom now i've enjoyed incredibly strong relationship and that's the chairman, chairman joe. [cheers and applause] >> you know, it's actually -- it's amazing how much you can learn if you're willing to listen. i pay attention to what the chairman says. in my own home county, i know he's not here probably in anderson cooper or doing show, by extension a gentleman outside of tony santino rep it is largest town of state of new york, jesse garcĂ­a, jesse, good to see you here. [applause] >> you know, it's a relatively small town, 480,000 people, but
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he does work for all of us across long island and the state of new york and i want to give you an honorary spirit award. there are two ladies that i've had a chance to watch this week and all of you have had the same opportunity and they are both county chairs and they have been in the front row, they've been up, they've been loud, they've been forthright, assertive and one of them is sue mcniel who is the chair -- i know she's out there some where. [cheers and applause] sue let me speak at one of her dinners and she's obviously very passionate and i know she's sitting here as well some where with her hat on. sandi, there you go, girl. [cheers and applause] >> when they get you up on the floor they want you to stand up as republicans.
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we have incredibly talented and really wonderful people that are affiliated with our party. now, having said that, i want to talk about the state of new york and the direction of where we are and where we are going. i brought this thing up here commonly referred to as an ipad and i'm going to read it, i only it have it for one purpose, i have a quote that i want to read. and i want to oppose who we are versus the democrats in new york. this is a novel by charles dick dickens. the quote goes like this, it was the best of times, it was the worse of time, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epic of belief, it was the season of life, service the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair. the reason i raise that is because i think we are at a cross roads not only in the state of new york but frankly in
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the country. let me talk about the national issue for one moment. if you look at the republican platform versus the democratic platform, it is night and day. it is black and white. it could not be any clearer about what our priorities are. in my humbled opinion the primary obligation of the federal government is the strong national defense and there is no one, no one better suited to handle that than donald trump and governor pence. so that's on the federal level. [applause] >> in the state of new york, we have in the last couple of years, we elected eight new members in the new york state senate so where we are and why you are all so important is directionally what kind of society do we want to have, what kind of state do we want to have and what do we want for our children, our grandchildren, the next generation, leaders or otherwise, however, they may be
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described. i see a number of colleagues right here. great florida leader from new york john d. francisco, yes, give him a round of applause. [applause] >> and if you're all really nice to him today he's going to wear his red hat tonight. senator murphy and a number of other colleagues have been here. and ladies and gentlemen, they are the backbone of the republican party, they are the first strength and where we are now and the reason i raise that quote, you can talk about cities, so let's talk about the mayor of the city of new york, he does not share our values. he sees himself as a true progressive and i love him for doing that but his priorities are a lot different than the ones that i have and the people in long island and kathy young and mike and hugh and all of our colleagues across the state of new york, it's a whole fundamentally different approach.
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to give you an example, he talked about law and order, you talk about law enforcement, i am so sick and tired of hearing disparaging comments about people who work in law enforcement no matter what the capacity may be. [applause] >> guess what, we have had that as the number one priority for years, years and decades in the new york state senate and one small example, mike decided not to run for reelection, he use today carry a bill where we would enhance penalties for correction's officers who were spat upon or insulted by inmates. you cannot believe the debate and the dialogue that would take place on these issues and that's why i'm saying, us versus them the tail of two cities, they don't share our priorities. we talk about law and order, we are a lot more concerned about
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the victims than we are about the criminals and i think that's a proper priority. [applause] >> having said that, you know, another thing that seems to get lost in the mix, the new york state senate and the new york state assembly republicans under bryan's leadership, no one -- [laughter] >> yes, no one cares more about education than the senate republicans and the assembly republicans. we have been protectors and out front in every single way, shape or form than you can imagine. whether it's a property tax cap, spending cap, record increases middle-class tax cuts, dealing with things that senator murphy has worked on, we've been out front and now we are in a campaign season where we need your help and we need your help
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in a lot of different ways and i said before and i'm going to repeat right now, we are at a cross roads. i had been given an extraordinary privilege an opportunity to serve as the leader of our conference and i can guaranty this, i will be all across the state every single day between now and november 8th because i really believe in who we are and what we are doing and i really like winning too. like everybody in this room, i really like winning. [applause] >> so when you're asked about priorities, let me just close on this, i really want to thank chairman for his leadership but i want to highlight -- we have several different candidates now the good news is we have eight members who have no opponents this year. so god knows we are going to ask and get out but in new york chris jacobs is running for the senate out there, fantastic guy.
7:17 am
outstanding reputation excellent family, great background, county clerk, proven go-getter, he's going to win. you heard it here today. he's going to be the next senator out in rochester, new york. all of our incumbents are going to be in good shape. we don't have so many things to worry about but we do have tight races. let's talk about westchester county. i know chairman is here and i know he has great affection for her. she is really going to do very well. and all of the people that i'm speaking about, they've all had still or private records, they are now getting into the fray of public service. julie is an selected official, you watch, she's out there and inherently likable.
7:18 am
that's a key seat, that's going to be a key seat. yes, we can. we have two very strong candidates on long island. each of these people have been successful in their own right. nobody in this room liked that. chris is going to do very well and in large part because we are going to have an excellent turnout. on the other seat, jack martins is running for congress and he will be the next congressman from that district as you well know. [applause] >> and we have another candidate -- by the way, please -- i beg your indulgence, i'm mentioning
7:19 am
the people because they are the future of the new york state senate and govern in the state of new york. elane phillips, fourth-degree black belt which is totally cool in and of itself. she and her husband have had sterling careers. the easy thing for us as the new york state senate, we have absolutely a1 level candidates as you come out and as we leave here, again, i'm going to support donald trump, i'm going to support governor pence, i'm going to support jack martins, every one of our incumbents and challenges, ladies and gentlemen, it's time for all of us to continue to be proud as republicans, get out there, win and it's the old fashion way. i told you i have this little ipad, it's the phone call, it's the personal note, it's getting somebody on the phone and making sure that they are out there on
7:20 am
election so that we can prevail. i am so honored to be with you and amongst you today. i can't wait for tonight. it's going to be very exciting as we all know. so let's get out of here, let's get back to our great state of new york and let's make sure that on november 8th we prevail with a lot more republicans and new members of the new york state senate. thank you very much. [applause] >> leader, thank you for the remarks. by the way, here are your glasses. [laughter] >> and with your leadership we are going to win and keep the majority in our state senate.
7:21 am
[applause] >> to introduce our next speaker, i want to introduce a man who was a former member of the assembly, he was then elected super visor of his town in monroe county, he has a long-standing chairman of one of our best county organizations monroe county, republican party. he was elected by his peers in the region as vice chair for that region and then by all the vice chairs, nine vice chairs all around the state, the first vice chair and as part of that counsel and i really appreciate advise and counsel. bill. [cheers and applause] >> thank you, chairman cox. well, good morning to the new
7:22 am
york delegation. wait a second. i was there last night when a man by cruz spoke. good morning, new york, i know you can be loud and at the right time that's for sure. we have so many great leaders in our conference here in new york in the republican committee and i will tell you, one of the great leaders, our great leader is chairman cox, thank you, ed for all that you do. [applause] >> another great leader of the state of new york is congressman peter king. yeah. [cheers and applause] >> every time i hear him speak he's so right and spot on and he was when he talked about cruz. he got it right. and reverend, i wish you the best in your venture of becoming the mayor of new york city. it is a crime was happened in new york city under the current
7:23 am
mayor, america's mayor giuliani left city with lower crime rate and got new york city on the right track and i know we are going to bring it back under republican leadership in the future. i wish you the best. i served with bryan and when i first met him he was a colleague of mine and i supported him in the venture to become of leader because i know the kind of individual he was and the individual he is. he's an outstanding leader. he listens to members whether it's a new one that got elected or one that has been there for many years. he will always bring the idea to conference to discuss and we will bring it to the floor, many of you may not see unless you see in the chamber, is a lot of
7:24 am
the liberal democrat legislation that is proposed has been tempered due to bryan's leadership and raising his voice on behalf of solid republican core issues. he does an outstanding job chefer -- each and every day. not only do i refer him to as my leader but the fact is more importantly, ri -- i refer to him as a good friend. bryan cole. [applause] >> thank you. wow. i would say this is probably the largest crowd i've ever spoken to at one period of time and you are an impressive group. but i have to say thank you to
7:25 am
each and every one of you whether you're an elected official, a guest, a committee person, a committee leader, all of you make a difference for us running for the state assembly or the state senate and all elected officials whether it's donation of your time, donation of your money, we couldn't be here without each and every one of you. and i just want to say over and over again thank you to each and every one of you and for each and every one of you being here. it sends a great message about our state and our state should be very, very proud of its nominee and the future president of the united states donald j. trump. [cheers and applause] >> i too would like to start off with a quote be samuel adams.
7:26 am
it does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate tireless minority to set people's minds. that quote is posted outside my office in albany and reflects our conference. the assembly republican conference. i would first like to recognize those member who is are here today so if you could hold your applause until i get through the list because we have a lot of folks here. assembly will barkley, ray walter, ed assemblyman edward, assemblyman steve, assemblyman ryan assembly steve holly. brothers in arms please join me in giving them a round of applause. [applause]
7:27 am
[cheers and applause] >> in case you didn't know that was for ed raw. [cheers and applause] >> we also have two prospective and we believe two of our newest members after this fall's election. first of all in upper east side, the 73rd assembly district please welcome and join me in supporting a great lady that's going to be a great assemblywoman, rebecca. please join me in welcoming rebecca. [cheers and applause] >> also from the 144th assembly district a fine young gentleman that's going to join our team as well, please join me in welcoming nike norris.
7:28 am
[applause] >> senator flanegan had talked about some of those crazy ideas that harbor in the state assembly. our conference and i'm very proud of their work, you know, governor mike pence said last night, probably most of you don't know who i am and then he said, i'm sure most of you who he is, but we sort of feel the same way at times with the assembly republican conference. i believe we are the best kept secret in albany and it's because obviously there's such talk with both majorities, which is understandable and the governor, but the people in the trenches in our house, the people really standing up and pointing out flaws and legislation that's been proposed were trying to solve crises out
7:29 am
in the state is the republican conference. i want to give you examples. when the safe act was proposed in the state assembly, even though it passed, our conference stood up for over eight hours and debated that bill in its lack of merit and infringement on our second amendment rights and i could not have been prouder of the group of men and women who stood up on behalf of all of us trying to send a message that didn't get through obviously but certainly more importantly to let them know that someone is going to stand up for our constitution just like donald j. trump. [applause] >> a couple of other areas, you know senator flanegan mentioned education.
7:30 am
we do a lot to tamp down some of the crazy ideas but also quite frankly the state senator republicans stop a lot of the crazy ideas from ever becoming laws. bills that pass in the assembly and don't nases the senate. governor to give free tuition, college tuition to inmates, free college tuition for illegal aliens, those bills go no where in the state senate. over $95 million for the support of the mentally developing community. it was an outrage. on the debate floor on that bill
7:31 am
we debated the assembly democrats who say they're the protectors of the average joe, well, they're not, they have their own political agendaan when you turn your back on the families that need it most, it's out and right shameful act and through our debate and efforts going out into the public afterwards, that funding got restored. [applause] >> corruption, you probably don't know this but back in 2010, republicans introduce it had bill to take away pensions from those convicted public officials convicted of a crime if that bill had been passed back in 2010, there's a few folks that wouldn't be getting a public pension that have been convicted of crimes in this state and we are going to
7:32 am
continue to make those fights to make sure that we restore the faith and confidence in all of you and throughout the state and your elected officials and state government. do assembly republicans make a difference, assembly steve i think he's our version of donald trump, then we have david and karen and a whole bunch of us who really stand up and scream at the top of our lungs when we see something wrong. governor cuomo's administration has been hiding information on the public health and a community, it's reprehensible, you're talking about women and children and families and water being contaminated and the state
7:33 am
keeping a big secret. well steven single handily champion the cause calling for public hearings, calling on the governor to release information and guess what? they're finally going to have public hearings and hopefully now finally get the answers for those residents, those surrounding areas. [applause] >> i've been doing this work now for 16 years in the state assembly, i own my own business. i've been a local elected official, i've been in the school board and people ask me why do you do this, you're in the minority well, you know, i'm used to being outspent but now outworked. i could care less if hillary
7:34 am
clinton has more money than donald trump because he's going to outwork her and he's going to resinate with the people of this great nation because they're looking for a leader that's going to stand for something. i can't even comprehend in this country how someone because they didn't have an intent to commit a crime is not held accountable for that crime. in our department of justice failed us. [applause] >> so when i tell people why i do this is because i really care. john really cares, all the senators care. the assembly members really care. and it's tough work and i know specially when confidence is down with state government there are some rankings that we are not very proud of that we have to fix, but, ladies and
7:35 am
gentlemen, we are working hard to try to fix the issues on behalf of all of us and i couldn't be more proud to serve with the members of my conference, the men and women because we are continually outspent but never outworked and the last three cycles assembly democrats have spent $18 million on the races and we have try today keep up with 6 million over the same three cycles. but they never outwork us and we still win races and every time redistricting comes along with a swipe of a pen they take away four or five seven seats and we get back and go back after the seats just like we did this fall because it's important, the values of this party is important and we have members from buffalo to long long island including the city and we need to add more seats in the city and we will, but quite frankly
7:36 am
it's going to be as a result of help from all of you and the people back home. i couldn't be more proud to be a new yorker, i couldn't be more proud to be a new york state assemblyman, i couldn't be more proud to share the work with men and women in our conference and state government because quite frankly it's a privilege. i can't believe that a guy from a small town population 3,000 is standing on this stage in front of all of you right here in the city of cleveland, in one of the biggest stages the worldwide receive with our convention, and it just humbls me to be here with you. it is just an amazing feeling to say i am part, a small part of trying to help our country get better and our state get better and i just think it's one of the best moments i will ever relish in is to be here sharing the
7:37 am
stage can john flanegan and rudy giuliani and most important sharing the stage with every one of you, that's the energy that we get which makes us work hard so thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your support. [applause] >> leader, thank you very much thank you. to introduce our next speaker i want to briefly mention as you said at the start as a young airborne lieutenant i learned very quickly, sergeant around the army. as a lawyer who represented the sergeant's organization in new york city for many, many years i
7:38 am
understand they are the people who run the police department in new york city and made it such an effective organization. and the man that's going to come up here to introduce our next speaker is a former infantry sergeant. he is a man who has -- is chairman of one of our greatest counties. he is a winning chairman time and time again. winning local officials, putting in office county exec's, state senators, members of the assembly, members of congress, mainstay of the republican party, a man who over the years time and time again has produced for the republican party of new york with my predecessor took
7:39 am
the state party through its toughest years after -- after george left as governor and that man, you know him very well, a great republican, former sergeant in the infantry george. [cheers and applause] >> that was so kind, thank you thank you very much. you know, i -- first of all, i want to thank ed cox for giving me this opportunity to introduce congressman king. but before i get to that, i want to tell you how i know how difficult it is to put on a
7:40 am
national convention breakfast put it all together, i know how difficult it is and i really want to recognize chairman ed cox for the great job that he's done this year to get it done. [cheers and applause] >> thank you, ed. and i would also be renises i did not mention one of my favorite people in life who is here with us and i just love him. i had the privilege of working with him on a number of occasions and that's, of course, america's mayor rudy giuliani. rudy. [applause] >> you know, ed, i want to thank you for doing this introduction. for 45 years i've been putting up with this man's bad italian jokes.
7:41 am
[laughter] and this is an opportunity to get back. i had planned to really take him apart at this breakfast but my wife won't let me and she's here and she kind of likes him and i don't know why but that's the way it is. you know, years ago i remember peter coming to me and saying he wanted to serve and i said that he would be much better serving as a waiter than -- [laughter] >> but he insisted on running for congress and so he did and he was successful. ladies and gentlemen, it's been a real pleasure to have a man of his stature in my county and working with me on a day-to-day basis. he is truly a wonderful person.
7:42 am
he's a person that has a passion for people and -- and that, my friends, is something that not everybody has. he wants to help people, he enjoys that, that's what he does. i could talk about the previous officers -- offices that he's held and he's a notre dame graduate as well as undergrad. he's a wonderful person and introduce and bring up to say some remarks congressman. [cheers and applause] >> thank you, thank you very much. actually, joe, it's not so much,
7:43 am
you mentioned the italian jokes, you made irish shots over the years. i just can't handle it. the hugging and the kissing, we average guys keep our distance you know. [laughter] >> but, what can i tell you, lined a, thank you for sticking up for me. at least somebody loves me. i really want to thank you. rosemary sends her best. very serious. i want to thank joe for his friendship and support over the years. he's been a great friend. he and i were town councilman together. he's the soul of the republican party. i would say i would not be in congress if it were not for joe mandelo. he's the guy with me from the start, tough races, got the foot soldiers out in the street to campaign for me. i'm not a wealthy guy, joe is not a wealthy guy and we appreciate that, all of us
7:44 am
appreciate the county leaders throughout the state, the party workers, those who donate to the campaign, you're the ones who allow us to serve you to work hard and to fight for you so thank all of you from the bottom of my heart but particularly joe mandelo for his friendship, so joe, thank you very much. [cheers and applause] >> the speech that rudy gave the other night was amazing and that's the rudy we have come to know over the years. [applause] >> now, michael gave a great speech. i know you're pray forking ted cruz. i'm not, i have to be honest with you. i'm praying for the people of texas that have to put up with that guy.
7:45 am
but -- [laughter] [cheers and applause] >> we irish guys carry grudges. i don't have it in me right now. maybe rudy will show me that love. [laughter] let me also acknowledge, members of congress but today we are also joined by a really, really great guy from staten island and brooklyn who added to the new york delegation. [cheers and applause] >> now, i'm saying good things about dan donovan, last year
7:46 am
after 14 years of fighting hard, we finally got bill to take care of cops, construction workers that were injured at ground zero. [applause] >> now, that passed in december of last year. and dan had been elected that year and on the day we defeated people like ted cruz who try today stop the bill and i went to dan, what a great year, how come it took them 14 years and i have only been six months and got it done. a guy who really took tough decisions when he was facing from the special interest and the media, so dan, thank you. let me just say another thing about ted cruz, i'm not trying to be funny about this. you could disagree with donald trump on that issue, that issue, the fact is he is the nom nigh of the party and when you look
7:47 am
at all -- [applause] >> ted cruz ran for president, he made a pledge and last night -- to me if he doesn't want to support donald trump, look, stay down in texas, but if you're going to accept prime time television from donald trump and you don't have the dekenningy and the manner and the just the common dekenningy and good tons endorse a man who is giving you the opportunity to speak on national television in prime time, then that shows he's a fraud, he's a liar, the guy we come to hate in washington. [cheers and applause]
7:48 am
>> thank you, that was off the record. [laughter] >> on the key issues, national defense, homeland security defending the police, supreme court appointments, there is no choice between him and hillary clinton, he is clearly, clearly, donald trump is clearly the man that we need to provide the leadership for the country, he's the one that stands by the cop. there is no no e qif -- we have to standby the police. the police in new york and throughout the country have done more to save all lives than those phoney you sigh an television and try to provoke, they are the men and women we should stand with. no exceptions, don't be like hillary clinton and make michael brown and was a criminal some
7:49 am
type of hero. so at a time when isis is killing people overseas, slaughtererring people overseas, attempt to go kill americans in the country where terrorists attacks on increase, how can anybody consider not to vote for donald trump and calls themselves republicans and cares about the country. so i am proud to stand with donald trump. i'm proud to stand with donald trump and i'm proud to stand with all of you, thank you all and god bless america. [cheers and applause]
7:50 am
>> pete, thank you very much. from one part of the country to new york and it's not new york but the country became the leading producer of oil and gas in the world through using forms of technology, i met him at a republican national committee, finance committee meeting, we talked about new york state, he shares my passion for making new york state business friendly once again, he's been a
7:51 am
mainstay, support for a local official for our counties, for our members of the assembly, state senators, congressman and he's now are elected national committee men charley joyce. [applause] >> i'm very, very pleased to be up here with you. as chair said i am quiet and i don't like to be in front of crowds too much but in my last speech was about four weeks ago at my old high school in a town of 1200i spoke to 23 graduates so --
7:52 am
[laughter] >> this is a similar situation here, i guess. [laughter] >> so i did share with them that they should get involved in this process. they're mostly 18-year-olds who are going to be involved in the political process for the first time and we desperately need them, we need young leadership and participation and i was heartened this week to hear the trump children and other young speakers who are going to be the backbone of our party going forward. it's really important that we do. my son casey is here and i'm thrilled to have him chair this opportunity with me, so -- [applause] >> thank you. so it's my privilege to introduce as you've heard several times referred to as america's mayor, but we as new yorkers claim him and cherish him as our mayor.
7:53 am
he's one of the most well known and well respected people, men in the world specially in the u.s. and for a good reason, he walks the talk, look what he did to the city, for the city. it's the same thing that donald trump is going to do for our country. he brought it back from its knees and donald trump will do the same thing for our country. tuesday night he lit a fire under convention that we sourly needed. i read one newspaper article that said he had a -- he let that fire and it's our responsibility to keep it burning through november 8th when we elect donald j. trump as president. [cheers and applause] >> so i'm very proud to
7:54 am
introduce our speaker rudy giuliani and thank you very much. [cheers and applause] >> thank you, thank you. >> thank you very much. the only reason i gave a really good speech the other night is simple. when i came out, i looked down the new york delegation was right in front of me. [cheers and applause] >> when are we ever in the front? [laughter] >> i saw joe mandelo, all the friendly faces, i said, man, i'm
7:55 am
back in brooklyn. [laughter] >> this isn't cleveland, this is brooklyn and it made me feel very comfortable that, gosh, i could have said almost anything and they would have cheered. so i thank you very much. i have to tell you, just what i'm hearing here this morning i spoke with several delegations this morning, yesterday morning, about five, the enthusiasm level at this convention is considerably higher than it has been in some time. it's completely different than it was four years ago. four years ago we had a very dignified and a very nice convention but i would call it a buttoned-up convention. [laughter]
7:56 am
[cheers and applause] >> this one is wild. [cheers and applause] >> i don't know, i'm half asleep. they are going crazy. they're jumping up and down, they have funny hats on and doing all kind of crazy things. people are enthusiastic. i want you to know that. there's enthusiasm level here. i think the last time i saw this enthusiasm level is when we had the convention in new york in 2004. [cheers and applause] >> and we won that year, we won that year. [cheers and applause] >> i don't think you're going to find this next week in philadelphia. i'm going to go one day to the democratic convention, i always
7:57 am
go. i'm sort of -- [laughter] >> but i go to kind of step on their parade. i don't think they're going to find this enthusiasm. i'm going to tell you why because they're kind of fighting for the same old thing and the same old thing is really bad. i mean, there's nothing new, hillary clinton has been around since before george washington. [laughter] >> i think. i told the people of arkansas if nobody in arkansas votes for her you have to be crazy, she doesn't like you. [laughter] >> she never liked you, she never we wanted to live in arkansas arkansas eww.
7:58 am
[applause] >> but there's enthusiasm level that is going to take us through and i believe this election and i think somebody who gets it right sometimes and wrong sometimes and has some of the brilliant ideas in politics and probably ideas that can put you in jail. dick morris said, this isn't going to be a left-right election like we are used to. there's going to be an insider-outsider election. it's going to be an election about what do you want, do you want washington as it is or do you want something to totally transform it. if you like it the way it is you're going to go with washington insider. she really should be insider.
7:59 am
[laughter] [applause] >> but she's the -- but she's -- [shouting] >> lock her up! >> joe and i are prosecutors what do you think, we go back one more time and if trump gets elected we volunteer to try the case? [cheers and applause] >> dan, want to help? you'll help us? okay. i have to tell you, the other night attorney general casey spoke who is my friend for 40 years like pete is and we tried congressman podel and convicted him back in 1974 for a 40,000-dollar bribe. i'm now embarrassed of that conviction. [laughter]
8:00 am
>> a measly 40 grand. this woman is taking millions, she is taking millions. i put people in jail for 20,000, 30,000-dollar bribes. i think i'm going to have to go to confession. [laughter] .. with the state of arkansas never arkansas knew you went through hillary.
8:01 am
so they started as crooks. i have advised donald, you know, kind of low in the name-calling, but "crooked hillary" is certainly a description of their time in little rock. then they went from the small-time to the big time washington. no hundreds of thousands. now we can go for the millions. we had selling of lincoln bedroom. remember that one. democrats loved to attack us for a war on women. you know over the last 20 years the biggest war on women has been conducted is by bill clinton. [applause] bill clinton, our predator president.
8:02 am
with his wife who enabled him. aided him. covered up for him and headed the bimbo squad. you have seen the movie, what is that "color," with john travolta, right? do you think it is true? they had all these women. they had to go scare them, to keep their mouths shut. hillary knew about all that. if monica lewinsky hadn't come up with a dress they would have destroyed her. they would have made her into some kind of insane person. this is a woman who cares about the rights of women? >> no! >> do you think i'm stupid hillary? do you think i believe you care about the rights of women, when you cover up the sexual,
8:03 am
predatory actions of your husband that would get any executive in america fired in two seconds and would put some of them in jail! [applause] you don't care about women. you don't care about feminism! you don't even care about your own dignity! all you care about is power! clinton power, and you have a media that has covered up for you and they should be ashamed of themselves! [applause] in fact only one reason she shouldn't be president. [laughter]. i'll be brief on the others
8:04 am
because we could be here until after donald's speech tonight. the national security case against her so strong, that i have convicted people on 10% of the amount of evidence that we have against her. she violated, and i have them all in my little book, i gave it to sean hannity, 13 months ago. but then every couple weeks i updated with new crimes she figured out she committed. we're up to 15. my indictment which attorney general mukasey and i actually once wrote for fun is about 24 pages long. i will give you one statute clear as heck. director of the fbi, jim comey she was extremely careless in handling national security information. the united states code 18, united states code 18, section
8:05 am
79 -- 191 make it a federal felony to be gross negligent in handling of national security information. the definition of gross negligent in a law dictionary and number of cases is, being extremely careless. [applause] if it were me, if it were congressman king, who has had to deal in his life with an enormous amount of top secret material from being chairman of the homeland security committee, if it were dan donovan, if it was anyone else they had been prosecuted. general petraeus was prosecuted, for less. why wasn't she prosecuted? now we can't do anything about that, yet.
8:06 am
if donald trump becomes president, the statute of limitations will not have run. there is no double jeopardy because she has never been put on trial. we can reopen the case. [applause] so, she is going to be running to try to prevent getting an orange jumpsuit. because i don't even want to go into the foundation case, which i think is even stronger. sometime read, "clinton cash" and make a little chart of all the times they got millions of dollars, the foundation. clinton speaking fees. and all the things she did. what she did for ubs when she told the internal revenue service to back off a case
8:07 am
against ubs and ubs grave clinton a $1.2 million speaking fee! she took money for helping to get nuclear material into russia. i mean it is ridiculous, patently ridiculous. the foundation is a racketeering enterprise. it is a racketeering enterprise. [applause] the rico statute, i was the first one to use the racketeering statute for public corruption. i did it against most of ed koch's administration. well, ed wasn't paying attention while they stealing millions. so there we have hillary. you can't vote for her, you just can't.
8:08 am
you can't put a criminal in the white house. you can't do it. now we have donald trump. donald trump is a man who has had enormously tremendous success in building great buildings, great projects, great businesses and great golf courses. and dan and i love him for that, right? right. and and of course he has had failures, so has every great man. you know abraham ling-ling con lost the -- abraham lincoln lost the election for the senate two years before he became president of the united states. michael bloomberg was fired by solomon brothers. best thing that happened to him. if he stayed at solomon brothers he would only be a millionaire. when he found bloomberg he became a multibillionaire.
8:09 am
probably didn't think it was a favor at the time but the best thing that ever happened to him. the point is, all great men and women have some failures along the way. what happens they learn from them, they become better like, steve jobs, who got fired by apple, came back and put apple together again. donald trump's successes far outweigh whatever failures he has, he wouldn't abyss man and great one if he didn't have some failures. but he created created a great empire. i will tell you something i believe he will tell you tonight, and get the american people to realize, he didn't do it on his own. this isn't a one-man show. he didn't build those builds and didn't put the nails in and plumbing in and put down the cronkite. he went and picked the best architects, the best builders,
8:10 am
the best crews. he would be on the site to motivate them. to give them a sense that they are important, they are important people. even people bringing coffee to the construction workers he would go over and say thanks and say hello to. this is man although extraordinarily wealthy, this is a man who cares about people. i don't like the term, little people or you know, big people little people, or people of different social stratas whatever, but this guy treats everybody at every social strata the same. my son andrew here in the audience has played golf with donald probably 100 times. i play golf with him less often because i'm not as good as andrew and andrew can help him win. andrew is a two plus. my handicap is a matter of top
8:11 am
secret, which i keep on my personal email. [laughter]. and i'm an expert and i'm an expert in cyberdefense and you're not going to get it. but it is nothing like andrews. and i have to tell you, he treats the caddies he treats my police officers. i've known donald for many years. when i was mayor of course i was surrounded by more police officers. i still am surrounded by police officers because i run a security firm. every time donald comes up and sees me, first thing he does is, he goes and hugs, sorry, he may not be italian but he is a hugger. he hugs my police officers. some of them, it is hard to get your arms around them. [laughter]. i will give you a perfect, i don't know, if sal or george is