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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  July 25, 2016 8:30am-9:39am EDT

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all of them will speak and all have time commitments. i will try. be patient with me. at the end of the meeting when i'm giving my remarks to the press, feel free to stick around and you can tell me what i did wrong, all right? i understand that our first speaker is our sponsor, christine martin. just for a couple of words from pp&l. christine. come on up. thank you. [applause] >> well, thank you. i'm certainly honored to be your first official speaker this morning. and thank you for all for being here. this is my fourth dnc, my fourth time addressing the delegates. so it is quite an honor and pp&l corporation is very proud to support our pennsylvania delegation. so i got a number of questions at our table about ppl. for those who remember it was
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the old pennsylvania power and light. that grew out of the merger of eight local utility companies in 1920. we have been in business for 86 years in pennsylvania. we have grown into one of the largest and best-performing utilities in both the u.s. and the uk. and in fact our pennsylvania utility was just ranked once again by jd powers as the number one utility in the east for customer satisfaction. and that is the fourth time in a row. thank you. [applause] thank you. and just as we strive to be the best in delivering reliable, affordable, and safe electricity to our customers, ppl has remained steadfast in our support of al been town, the -- allentown, the town we call home and communities we serve in central and northeastern pa. we donate millions of dollars to charitable organizations throughout our service territory
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and encourage our employees to volunteer and serve the communities which they live. it is that civic pride and civic duty that leads us here today to be supporting this event. more than ever the country and indeed the world are watching our political process unfold. they are watching closely and all eyes are on philadelphia. as marcel said, you are about to make history. so on behalf of ppl i wish you the best, i thank you for your service and have a wonderful week. [applause] >> thank you. okay. so i'm going to move around a little bit. maybe not. i'm getting my orders now so. okay. [inaudible].
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all right, our first speaker will be mark stanley. mark i've known for a long time. so i have to figure out what i have to say. mark is the chairman of the national jewish democrat council. he runs the organization that is dedicating, dedicated to insuring jewish values in the democratic party. my recollection is you're from dallas, texas. let me tell you, something, if you're a long-time democrat, and you're from dallas, texas, i've known mark for 20 years, man you really got it in your soul. mark stanley. [applause] >> thank you, mr. chairman. and thank you, pennsylvania, for hosting this beautiful convention. i really appreciate it. my name is mark stanley. i'm actually got better title than chairman. i'm immediate past chairman of the njdc. steve rabinowitz our executive
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director is also here and our former director is also here but i want to put something on your radar screen you don't know about, that you're not think about yet, but a convention is a place for business so i'm here to talk business with you for a minute. there is a little war that is going to break out in pennsylvania. sheldon adelson and republican jewish coalition and their allies have pledged to spend $25 million to fight a war in eight swing states. pennsylvania unfortunately is a swing state. their goal is to get 10% of the jewish vote, alienated against barack obama and hillary clinton and swing 10% of the jewish vote. the results of that micro war in pennsylvania, if they're successful would be 22,680 votes. 22,680 votes. i hope pennsylvania is a blowout. i hope every state is a blowout but the polls this morning and polls in september are not going
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to show that. we'll have to work for every vote. they will spend $25 million to try to swing that. you will see horrible signs like this one which you can't see but we can't trust hillary who sold out america and israel. it is only thing they can talk about. they can't talk about domestic issues. they can't talk about social justice. they can't talk about choice, education, poverty, health care. they have can't talk about that. and they're wrong on israel. hillary is, tim kaine are very supportive on israel but only thing they are going to talk about. [applause] so jews, we have a super-pac called jews for progress that is in formation. we'll fight this $25 million. i'm here just to tell you that help is on the way. and at 4:00 today in room 103-b in the convention center we're having our womens leadership network. you're all invited. on thursday at 4:00 we're
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honoring former and current jewish members of congress and debbie wasserman-schultz and others. please come, you will hear about what we're going to do. if you have friends in the jewish community, that want to get involved with us, please let your chairman know. he knows how to reach me. thank you very much for your time. [applause] >> so the next speaker, rich, you want to go? it's my honor, it's my privilege to call up to the stage one of pennsylvania's own who is now the national leader of the labor movement in the country. rich trumka, came out of the mine workers. he was president of the mine workers. he is now president of the afl-cio. he speaks far better than i do. other than i will call him up so he can speak better than i can.
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rich trumpka. rich. [applause] >> good morning, brothers and sisters, how are you doing today? marcel, i want to thank you for that introduction. it's great to see you. great to see governor wolf, senator casey. this is like old homecoming. we don't get together often enough and every four years we get to come together and be in a room where everybody in the room cares about the same kind of america and is willing to work for the same kind of america. so do this for me. give yourselves a round of applause for all the hard work you have done, and all the hard work you're going to do. [applause] look, in this election working
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people are in the drivers seat. we're ready to win in november. we'll do it because we're mainstream movement of working people and i mean all people, union people, non-union people, and never heard of union people yet. and pennsylvania, our state, we're going to make the difference. we're going to make hillary clinton the next president of the united states and pennsylvania is going to make the difference, right? [applause] now think about this. we won for governor wolf. we won for our supreme court candidate. we're going to win for katy mcginnest for u.s. senate. we'll do everything we can to turn the pennsylvania house from red to blue, right? [applause] look, america wants and america needs raising wages.
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that feeling is all around us in philadelphia. it's all around house across this country. the political landscape has shifted because working people spoke with a voice that's loud and clear and strong. we're going to stop the latest bad trade deal, the trans-pacific partnership. [applause] now, you can do better than that. we'll stop it. pp. let's hear that. that's right. [cheers and applause] i want to specifically thank all of you for all your hard work we're moving forward. workers fought for and won pay raises in historic fashion. we stood up for jobs and gap
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between the richest of america and rest of us. and at this convention we'll set a new direction because the time is right for a new economic agenda for broad prosperity. we want raising wages for every worker in america and this convention is going to start that process and move forward to changing the world of the economy and creating broad prosperity. [applause] and never forget this. the democratic party is the party of prosperity. the lead-up to this convention has been a very positive and progressive debate between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. that debate has moved our country, our great country in the right direction. the democratic platform -- [applause] the democratic platform, our platform, yields a strongest and
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most unifying vision and the most progressive vision that this country has seen in generations. and hillary, hillary is rising to meet the challenges of tomorrow with the strong vision of american prosperity for all americans from the bottom to the top and we're going to make sure she gets into the white house and makes that reality for all of us. [applause] you see america's labor movement, our agenda, leads our politics. working people at this convention are putting our agenda before our politics and not the other way around. and it's working. it's leading us forward, moving candidacy of hillary clinton and vision of the democratic party. and we're going to continue to mobilize, organize, register,
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speak up and speak out and elect pro-worker candidates all across this country. you see -- [applause] we stand for our issues, our values, and for a better life for all. at this convention, and every day, we're standing up and speaking out for the issues that matter most to working families, that lead to a better life for all working people in america. we stand for a voice on the job, and that means the right to join together in a union to demand better wages and working conditions. [applause] and make that demand without fear of firing or retaliation. we stand for families and fairness, which means, fighting for equal pay and reining in wall street and reforming our broken criminal justice and immigration system.
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we stand for investments in manufacturing and a 21st century infrastructure and we oppose job-killing trade deals like the tpp look -- [applause] hillary clinton is running a positive campaign to move america forward. and when we all talk she listens. hillary shares our vision and our values. hillary, is running to change america, not just manage america, and we intend to help her. she's with working people and working people are with her. all the way to the white house! [applause] i just got to say this. politics is a team sport, and we have to build a winning team. the extremism of the republican
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party which was on full display in cleveland last week has sharpened the choice faced by america this election year. you see we need working families candidates who will get things done from the bottom of the ticket, to the top of the ticket. but no elected leader, no elected leader alone, no matter how strong she is, can win what america needs. you see we need powerful, pragmatic, and principled teams who share common vision and common values. let's build a winning team in pennsylvania and in washington. let's do it together. our state can lead the way to a better today, a better tomorrow, a better america where working people share in the prosperity. hillary clinton at the top of
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the ticket, katy mcginnty in the middle of the ticket, everybody else along the way, we're going all the way if we stick together. god bless you brothers and sisters. solidarity. [applause] >> all right. couple of housecleaning things and there will be some as we go along. if you're not a delegate, if you're not a delegate, and if you are a delegate, there are a lot of things going on at the convention center. there are a lot of groups that are meeting. if you're a delegate, your delegate pass will get you in. if you're not a delegate, there are passes outside for all of the constituent groups. just ask for them whether you're
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labor, or lgbt, whether native-american, whatever constituency group you can think of, we've got it. because we're inclusive. the get a ticket so you can get into the various places. i want to recognize a couple of people that are here, then we'll hear from our next speaker, and, i do this all the time, so, over 25 years i learned i'm going to make, and announce everybody that is here and forget three for our people. i'm saying up front i apologize. tell me that you're really important, that we'll introduce you anyway. first i do want to recognize the, what are you, kevin? [laughter] well, anyway, anyway, he's ours, our former executive director who is the president or something -- the what? i'm sorry, the executive director of the host committee, the convention that put this all together.
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as you can see i'm really well-scripted but at least we can have fun with it, right? kevin wasau. kevin! [applause] and earlier today congressman matt cartwright from the 17th was here. i think he had to go to another place, another meeting. is mike doyle here, congressman from the 14th? mike, thank you. [applause] are there any congresspeople i've missed? okay. i do want to recognize rich fitzgerald, the chief executive of allegheny county. [applause] i saw that john fetterman, former candidate for u.s. senate is here as sign of unity. john? [applause] as governor pointed out he originally is from york, pennsylvania. you know when you're that big,
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you know how hard it is to disappear? all right. and i will recognize some others. i see our attorney general candidate, the next attorney general of the commonwealth of pennsylvania, josh shapiro. [applause] so in 1992 when some of us got started, i started with the presidential conventions in 1992 first thing i found out that the podestas were in charge. either tony or john. at the point tony came with berylp hall. now it is john. every four years, they come, they take over. my god, they have really done a good job. they never lose either. it is really a pleasure to introduce john podesta. he is the chairman of the hillary campaign. he previously served as chief of staff to president bill clinton. john podesta. john.
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[applause] >> in case they're is any doubt, i'm the skinny one. [laughter]. i've learn ad new rule in politics this morning at this breakfast which is, never follow rich trumka in the morning. but thank you, thank you pennsylvania. i want to thank the people of philadelphia. i want to thank governor wolf, mayor kenny, senator casey. you're putting on a great convention and you're going to highlight and showcase philadelphia and pennsylvania for the whole world to see. you will hear from them and the whole world, the whole country and the whole world will get to see them later this week at convention. thank you about convention and successful for democrats.
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you as i said we're coming to philadelphia strong and united as the chairman said. this state has been good for hillary as you know. we had a hard-fought primary here. we won it, we're proud of that we now need to come together united to make sure she gets elected president of the united states. we are, pennsylvania has, as chairman noted, been pretty good for democrats running for president. we have won the last six and we're going to win this one as well. [applause] i was at the seiu reception last night. i saw the mayor. he said we'll win allegheny county. we'll get every vote we can in pennsylvania. we'll win here in the four-count region. we'll take this forward. we're doing this building a grass roots-based organization bringing everyone in. our state director cory dukes has been at work since before the primary. we have 300 organizers already
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on the ground. and more every day. we have 30 offices open and more every day. they're working to build a real coordinated campaign to make that work for the down ballot candidates as well to make sure that my friend and former colleague, katy mcgintty gets elected to the senate. to make sure that josh is elected attorney general, to make sure that we turn the house red to blue. we're also organizing across the country a program of 3 million stronger, three million people registered, pledging to vote in the democrat, for a democrat up and down the ticket in this election. and we're doing it because we have a message and a candidate that this country needs. we're stronger together when we build an economy that is inclusive, that works for working people. that doesn't just benefit people
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at the top but people across the board. that is what she has been talking about from day one. that's when she will deliver. she has been doing it her whole life. that is why she picked tim kaine he has a lifetime commitment to helping people, to serving people, from the days he went to honduras to work in a jesuit missionary school, as a city councilman, as mayor, as lieutenant governor, as governor, now as senator serving alongside senator casey. he has fought for working people and has fought for a more peaceful, better world. we are so proud to have him on our ticket and we are all about building bridges, not walls. we're running against a campaign for those of you who decided they wanted to tune in last week, what did you see? division, hatred, bigotry. the kind of campaign donald trump has been running more than a year. it is all about himself.
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who are his people speaking on his behalf? his kids. hawking dresses made in china, this and that. but, the republicans, including republicans for pennsylvania were afraid to show up in cleveland. afraid to be associated. he is unfit, he is unqualified. he doesn't have the temperment. we need to keep him out of the oval office. we're all about families first. he is all about trump first. we have a, as rich said the most progressive platform in history. tonight you will see a great convention and some of the real all-stars of our party including our keynote, from elizabeth warren who will talk about how we build that inclusive economy. we'll hear from one of the great new stars of the democratic party, cory booker. where -- we'll hear from our great first lady, michelle obama, how we
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strengthen families. we'll conclude the evening hearing from senator sanders doing what he has done -- [cheers and applause] doing what he's done since i was a young staff guy working for pat leahy. i knew him well when he was mayor of burlington. he took on special interests. he talked about building a stronger more inclusive economy. he talked about bringing people into the system. does that sound familiar? that is what he brought to this campaign. we're proud of him. we're proud of his campaign. we're proud that he endorsed hillary and we're proud to work together to build a great democratic party. i have one announcement to make here which is there is one more favorite son of persons vain who will be speaking at the convention. on wednesday night, and that is vice president joe biden. [applause] i'm happy to say after we are, we, hillary will be campaigning
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with joe in scranton, pennsylvania, on august 15th. get ready. i want you all to be there. we have 106 days left between now and election day in november. so use everyone of them. organize on every day. let's build this campaign. let's elect the first woman president of the united states, let's elect hillary clinton and tim kaine. thank you. [applause] >> when people ask me, who is coming to your breakfast. you have the governor, you have me, you never know who walks in. i promise there will be major surprises which is not a surprise. as you probably saw, on the way in, i'm starting to think up here. i'm thinking about the
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republican convention and the people they were able to bring to the table. and it felt like i'm watching some guy from various business interests and, family, but i was looking for some substance. i was looking for some meat. and look where we're at. one hour in the governor said to us, whatever you do, don't put me after rich trumpka. so i'm going to honor the governor's wishes. unfortunately for him he will have to go after our next speaker, who i have a feeling we'll be talking a whole lot about in the future. he is almost our native son. we're willing to adopt him, for a price. you have to come to our dinners, okay? but assuming he does all of that, it is wonderful to have him here, senator cory booker! [applause] >> hello, everybody! all right!
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[applause] i came from louisiana, south carolina. i love the states. my granddaddy is from louisiana. good to be back standing with my neighbor here, pennsylvania. thank you very much. [applause] you guys, have extraordinary leadership on this stage. your governor is a great national leader. you have a wonderful head of your party. but i just got to get this off my chest. you nice sent to the senate a man who is smart, a man who is handsome, a man who is skinny, a man who is has more hair than me. i hate him for all those things. i want you to know, one of the great honors i had in my first 2 1/2 years in the united states senate is to have a colleague like your senate, and i want to thank you for sending him to serve you in washington, d.c. my only request now is that you give him a democratic partner in the senate seat.
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[applause] so look, i want to be very brief! i was raised by my father named carey booker. understand, i loveliesenning to my dad tell stories about his life. i heard the same stories all my 40 plus years. it didn't bother me would tell the same story every and over again. every time he would tell them it would get more dramatic and more interesting. my father talked about his home in north carolina made me afraid it would to to the state. it was always raining. they went through the hail period, with hail the size of golf balls, and baseballs and then hatchbacks. my father one day, i know of the 10 commandments. it says thy shall honor thy mother and father. it started, son, when the
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tsunami hit our town, dad, you lived in the mountains of north carolina. there is no way a tsunami hit your town. you have family members like this. he got all indig gnat with me. boy, a long time ago, it was before the internet. you can't look it up but it happened. my father tells me this one story that really showed me that he had a good sense of humor and i'm not sure if it is true but want to share it with you. he said he was sitting in the back of a classroom and a teacher comes in and stands before the classroom and says, class, first day of school. i want to teach you all about self-esteem. is there anybody in this classroom right now think's they're stupid, if you think you're dumb, think you're stupid, stand up. my father said, nobody moved and sat there. the woman said, patiently, if you think you're dumb and stupid
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stand up. after looking around nobody standing up he pushed his chair back and stood up. he said, mr. booker, what is wrong with you? do you think you are dumb and stupid my father scratched his head. shucks, ma'am, i don't think i'm stupid, but i didn't want you to be the only one standing. my father taught me two important lessons. in life you got to stand up. you can't sit down. you can't stay on the sidelines. martin luther king said it clearly. the challenge we have today, he said is not the vitriolic words and violent actions of the bad people. it is appalling silence and inaction of the good people. [applause] . .
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the federal donald trump represents where he says a link to judge bork in indiana can't do her job. something that paul ryan called textbook racism. they knew a man who stands at the makes fun of us reporters because of their disability. they knew a man that says the meaning negative things about women, they knew they didn't want to be anywhere close to that. but it's never about what they say. it's about what we do. we are a party who has always said we stand for something. this is a party with a purpose. we have a mission. we are not just you because we like politics. we are here because the democratic party is a party of we cannot the party of me. it is a party of inclusion and
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not the party of exclusion. we are the party who wants to build this nation up, not tear some people down. we are the party -- [applause] >> we are the party of civil rights, workers rights, of women's rights, a gay and lesbian bisexual and transgender rights. we are the party of the environment. we are the party of infrastructure. we are the party of union. we are the party that knows this nation is stronger when we are together. and that's where i want to hit my last point. because my father said stand up for what you believe in. don't make this mistake that it's all about you. my father said when you stand, you stand strongest when you stand with other people. he wanted to do understand this nation, we are not called the stand alone. we are a nation that is called
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stand together. my father was born poor, block, to a single mom in segregated north carolina. and he would tell me it was a conspiracy of love that brought him to where he is today. my father said when his mother couldn't take care of him it was people that stood for him and brought him into the house, raised in like he was their own sheltered my father had no dreams of college. there were people who stood up and said you were going to go to college. we will take a collection of the church to make sure you have enough money to pay your first semester tuition. [applause] when my daddy was in college he watched black folks and white folk and latino folk, gay and straight folks pouring into the south to be a part of the civil rights movement to open up opportunities for him where my father got to washington, d.c. where he had the luck and fortune to meet my mama come and my mama at the charity and mercy
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to marry him. [laughter] it was a time in america can look around this room, a time in america where whether you are irish or in one or gay or black, the corporate america did not want you. right now my father because of the activism of others was hired as ibm's first black salesman in the entire virginia area. even when we moved into a small town in new jersey i grew up in they wouldn't show black families homes in downtown. so after my parents being tonight to buy a home, a white couple fold them out of house, put a bit of al's. on the day of the closing the white couple didn't show up at the house but my father, a volunteer lawyer when they walk into the real so it is always my dad and a soldier time to give up his time and energy, a part of the conspiracy of love, to confront the real so agent who stood up to angola, punched my father's lowest in the face and sick but also my day.
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out the right now every time i that would tell the story, the dog would get bigger. [laughter] soon wasn't a dog, it was a pack of wolves. but that's the story of my family my father would say. you didn't give your on your own, boy. you drink get be from wells of freedom, liberty and opportunity that you did not dig. you eat lavishly from banquet tables prepared for you by your ancestors but you can't just sit back eating tomkinson your blessings getting, fat and happy. you have a mission to pay forward your blessings through service. we are gathered here in this convention, a as this great sta, in this historic city because of these ideals. and our mission is to abate in the highest office in the land. two of the finest people i've ever met in politics. and that's tim kaine and hillary
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clinton. [applause] and i want to tell you, we've got to go into that convention and not show the kind of cases and negative hateful chance we saw last week. we've got to come in with our energy and our life and our love because team said it, darkness cannot drive out darkness. hate cannot drive out hate the only light and love can do those things. and so i call to you now -- [applause] i call to you now, let us be a people in this convention officials america what we are and what we stand for. let us go into the convention hall and wake of the echoes of or ancestors. let's go into battle and wake up the imagination of this country. let's go into the hall and together in the course of conviction call to the conscious of her country get off of the sideline, get off of the couch,
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stand up for this country, stand up for our values, stand up for our ideals, stand up for hillary clinton and let's unite this country and move forward together. thank you. [applause] >> wow. you're going to have some wow moment but will not be a better wow moment than that. again, senator cory booker. [applause] >> the good news is he's about said everything there is to be said. the bad news is you're going to have to hear it over and over again.
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but i've got good news for the governor. he doesn't have to follow the senator book are either because senator casey has other commitments. so with that, listen, and, obviously, cory booker is a special person in terms of the and which he speaks to us. but, not but. and our net speed is a special person not only because of what he says, and he certainly doesn't have cory booker is oratory skill, but nobody -- [laughter] sorry. but he does have more hair than senator booker. i'm going to give you a compliment. i love bob casey. i truly do. nobody in the senate knows how
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more important is -- nobody in the senate has a bigger hard for the people they served and bob casey. senator bob casey, our friend. [applause] >> thank you very much for that introduction. [laughter] i want the people in the back to know if you really quiet back there, i'll ask cory booker to come back. that's the deal. that's easy statewide will have the happen. no, but, i want to first say that i appreciate the fact you have so lowered expectations. [laughter] that governor wolf and i are bound to succeed today. know. i want -- >> i apologize publicly for my stupidity. [laughter] >> there's a note is senator
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casey next with an exclamation point i don't know what that means. i want to make a confession or disclose something i've never disclose before. i know there's no meteor so everyone will keep it quiet. there's been a lot of discussion this morning at who's born or who may not be as excited as the other person. there's some of that going around this morning so i want you to know just so i can place myself firmly in that boring category. when i was running 10 years ago i never shared this with the governor or marcel but thi thiss news so get your pass out if you're out there writing. when i was running 10 years ago for the necessary, your kind enough to let me that year, edges before the general election it was a columnist, i won't mention his name, i do remember who it was though, who said come is trying to capture my personality in that column for voters before the election,
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which issue do. you should try to tell people who you are voting for. and he compared me to -- did you ever hear this? he compared me to oatmeal. [laughter] i'm not kidding you. just remember that when you're having breakfast today. let me say couple of things. two words, two words i want to leave you with. one is gratitude and the others solidarity. gratitude for all of you for doing this work. give yourselves a hand for being a delegate come for being active in the party in pennsylvania, and for helping hillary clinton and tim kaine. give yourselves a hand for the. [applause] want to make sure as we are focused on the top of the ticket, hillary and him both of them i served with, both of whom i know and both of them i can get personal testimony about their character, about their ability at about the commitment to service. i also want to make sure we don't get after the convention we are going to go back to the
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travels across pennsylvania, if you're working for -- united states senate. i haven't seen katie here today but let's give her a hand to does she is going to win. [applause] >> i know josh was here. josh is here. josh for attorney general. [applause] how about eugene anjo, are there? eugene and you are a statewide ticket. we will be working together. let me just say this about the second part of this solidarity. we have a lot of work to do. this is going to be a tough fight all the way to the end, a tough fight for hillary and tim at a tough fight for katie, and for all of us. but never has it been more important, there might've been an election in my lifetime that was of equal weight and of equal consequence, but never has an election exceeded that. so let's see we are tied with some other year.
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but let's not kid ourselves. this is a tough year and a very tough election. because one of the things at stake him i will just say to maybe. if you have to boil it down to two broad issues, economic secure because of state and national security is at stake. with the good news here, for our candidates and for us, as americans and as democrats, is that we have two candidates who are serious candidates, okay? that means they have years of public service to their state into the country, but they are serious enough to put on paper what they will do if they were to be elected. that's on our side. the other side doesn't have that. i'll be talking about the other nominee tonight. i won't talk about him today because we have a big program but we've got serious candidates. remember what hillary said at the beginning of this race. she set forth a put on paper a
9:14 am
lot of important plants. go to our website and look at them, in the middle of that or the top of it, the headline she said the defining challenge we have is raising incomes for hard-working americans. so economic security is going to be on the ballot as well. and national security. on national security, unlike most people you would hear from in the next couple of days, most people know her record. i've actually worked with her on these important issues. when i was on the foreign relations committee. i know this very well. i know all the dangers of the middle east. i know the threat posed by the iranian regime. under the challenge we have against i suspect i know those things as well as anybody. no one no one in my lifetime is as prepared to take on those very grave and serious threats to our national security and who is prepared to do that. so this is going to be a big,
9:15 am
tough race your about economic security and national security. i think we will win this race with your help. but i'm grateful you're willing to serve. i'm grateful you're willing to spend these days here in philadelphia. i'm certainly grateful that this delegation and this breakfast is not only led by marcel but i'm really grateful it is led by governor tom wolf. so have fun, work hard, organized as rich trumka said, and we are going to win. thank you. [applause] >> so i need to clean up my act. i have to tell you -- i know he's next. i'm not going to do anything bad with the governor. [laughter] but josh will tell you i always make these stupid mistakes when i'm up here. just for a second. listen, i know for me i should've said this before i started it for me some of the best moments in politics i've
9:16 am
had with bob casey. we took a trip together in israel, something i will never forget. but more important than anything else that i see is the admiration that he has for his college. he does make us all proud every single moment that he serves. thank you, bob. [applause] >> the governor says he is watching me so i'm going to skip -- is congressman allison your? so that would leave -- you supposed to come. i was going to introduce governor wolf as our final speaker but i won't. i would just introduce him as our speaker. i really once in a while i'm proud to get a breath of fresh air to you get somebody who's not been part of the political
9:17 am
process, who's got wonderful ideas, who's got a great temperament, who just gets to understand government. then he gets elected sometimes and he finds himself in a position where a lot of what he wants to do is become so typical. not because his ideas have changed, because they haven't. that because he does want to accomplish thing that better everyone's lives in pennsylvania, but because he finds an obstructive, and an obstructive group who will say no to everything and yes to almost nothing. and get he plods through and it's not easy. so i say al all of that, number one, out of admiration for who and what tom wolfe is. but also a giggly and more important we have a job to do. we send the governor to harrisburg to govern your but we didn't give them the jewels. we did not give him the tools and we're all responsible for
9:18 am
that. and for the next three months not only are going to make sure that hillary clinton becomes the president of the united states, we are also going to make sure that we get governor tom wolf the tools that he needs so he can govern and get his agenda through. ladies and gentlemen, our governor tom wolf. [applause] >> thank you very much. thank you very much. was a really nice introduction, marcel. thank you. really, that was. i think he was surprised he was actually introducing me. that was a nice introduction anyway. i want to welcome all of you to philadelphia, those of you who are not from philadelphia but i want to say two things today.
9:19 am
i want you to leave this place, this breakfast, being proud of two things. first being proud you are pennsylvanians that you're representing our great commonwealth. [applause] >> and second i want you to leave this place and the city at the end of this week being proud that you were democrats, all right? [applause] let me start with pennsylvania part. there are three things. first of all we are the host delegation. the rest, the thousands come to tens of thousands of people who are coming to pennsylvania for this event, this really important invention are going to judge us harshly if we do not deliver a really welcoming and safe environment. we are the host, so please make people, make your fellow delegates here at this convention and everybody who comes to visit us feel so welcome that they want to come
9:20 am
back after this convention and enjoy what we know pennsylvania is about. we are the host. let's do that. second of all, this is an amazing place, pennsylvania. we have everything to be proud of. it's a wonderful thing that the democratic convention is in pennsylvania because this is where this nation started, from 1776 the declaration of independence, the 1787 convention, constitutional convention. you all know by the way pennsylvania or the united states has had to constitution in its history, right? the constitution of 1787 and the other is the articles of confederation. can anyone here tell me what articles of confederation were drafted? there you go, your pennsylvania exactly. [laughter] [applause] negative side is excited to the rest of you as it is for me that it's very good. okay. we are the place that great experiments begin. this is the year when we have to reaffirm those eternal values that were first handed down to
9:21 am
us in the 18th century. we got to refresh them, make them relevant to the 21st century. that's our job here in pennsylvania the place to do. this nation started here. this is the place to reaffirm those values. as the pennsylvania delegation, let's do that. the third thing is that's what we've been about politically. as governor i could use more help i think we've accomplished some really good things in pennsylvania. hillary clinton is about fairness. hillary clinton is about equity. and that's what we've been about in harrisburg. it with a little more help we can do more. we've done some amazing things. expanded medicaid. there are 650,000 more pennsylvanians who have health insurance now than to just a little over a year ago. [applause] we have cut the rates of uninsured folks in half in pennsylvania. that's a big thing. [applause]
9:22 am
second thing is education. a government like ours, and we care about fairness, we care about equity. we've got to do things, makes you invest in education adequately, make sure we invest in education family. we are not a state, we used to be one of three states can only three states without a fair funding formula. we now have one. [applause] over the last two years we've also invested more money in education at all levels than we have as far as i know in our history. we have invested, inspite of the lack of support in our state legislature, we been able to do that over the last two years to that is really important the adequacy an fairness continue to be important or we have legalized medical marijuana in pennsylvania. [applause]
9:23 am
what we have done is about families and doctors to have the medicine they think is best for their families when they are suffering your that is something that's humanitarian. we did it in harrisburg in pennsylvania, now joined i still think minority of states and the united states to make medical marijuana legal. we have done that in pennsylvania. that's fairness. that's equity. the final thing is the minimum wage. i have been called for increase in the minimum wage and we need to do that. i think we can all agree that we need to move from $7.25 an hour, we need to raise that, right? [applause] that's what we've done in pennsylvania. it has worked. it's worth us by the overwhelming headwinds in harrisburg in the general assembly, and has worked because pennsylvania is about fairness and equity. it has been about that since the very beginning. yesterday i was over at
9:24 am
carpenters hall. one of the reasons that carpenters hall exist, one of the reasons pennsylvania attracted so many workers back in the 17th and 18th centuries is because we have religious freedom. because we were free because we gave them we believe in fairness and equity right from the start. we still need to believe in that and that's why hillary clinton and tim kaine are going to win this state in november. so let me give you one final point. i want you to be proud of being democrats. i've talked about the minimum wage. we can disagree over how high that ought to be, and i know there is disagreement and that's what we democrats are about. we need to talk about that. we need to have an honest conversation about how high that ought to be. that betray something to illustrate the point. when we leave, but as be proud of the fact we are democrats. in this party we're having that conversation. i'll guarantee you in cleveland,
9:25 am
the term minimum wage didn't come out. they didn't talk about that. we are, we might disagree, we might leave this place with disagree over how high it ought to be but we've had that conversation and are going to agree that ought to be higher. went to be proud we are democrats. [applause] finally, the proudest thing as democrats is our candidate in november, hillary clinton, is going to make us proud because she's going to fight hard for fairness. she is going to fight hard for equity. those of the things we believe in as pennsylvanians, we believe in as democrats. that's what she's going to bring. let's make sure she wins pennsylvania. let's make sure she wins the white house. let's make sure we make ourselves proud that we are both pennsylvanians and democrats. thank you very much. [applause] >> governor wolf. [applause]
9:26 am
>> okay. so don't leave yet. we've got more to go. we still had congressman ellison who the coming up, an editing wt to recognize a couple of other people. first of all former mayor of philadelphia, . michael nutter. are you still here? where are you? for starting all this. and our finance director who's been helping us raise all this money who is sitting up here earlier, scott. are you still there? okay. it's very important for delegates. first of all congressman ellison will be coming so please don't leave yet do i think he's outside. what? sorry.
9:27 am
congressman ellison. if you're a delegate, please check your booklets. we have all of the events in your booklets for the week. i've lost my voice. where are the whips? you are it. >> thank you. good morning, everyone. i'm celia fischer. i have a long, long history in pennsylvania starting with my work for governor bob casey come and man many, many other people. i've state director in 1992 for bill clinton's campaign in pennsylvania, and mike fraser's tan guy me was the state director for the 1996 campaign for bill clinton's reelection
9:28 am
campaign. so we are your floor whips this evening. for those of you our delegates the next time you see us, we will be wearing what looks like a construction worker says, bright yellow i believe. we will be the people on the floor who will help you, who can solder problems, who can get you things that you need. we don't deliver food to the floor but just about anything else that you require, we can take care for you. there will be other people working for as well, people who distribute assigned we will hold up and the various choreographed things that happen on the floor. mike and i will be stationed at the exact same spot for four days on our feet, and we volunteered for this. i just want to let you we are here to anything else? the important thing is that in this convention unlike many of the conventions, they are requesting a delegates actually show up on the floor at the
9:29 am
gavel time. today that is 4:00. the reason is the convention business will be conducted starting right after the gavel. the times part of the program will be reserved for speakers and a for this is so we can avoid some of what happened last week in cleveland where they were speaking to an empty hall is people are not there anymore or whatever. so 4:00 today is gavel time. that's when you need to be the in your seats ready to conduct business of the convention. we will be there, and to get if you need anything, i'm celia fischer and this is mike fraser and we will be with you for the entire four days and we hope to see on the floor. thank you. [applause] >> everything all right? >> you are not going to listen to the rest of my comments? all right.
9:30 am
i'm not going come i don't know what to say. we are waiting for congressman ellison, and again i want to finish with where i started. i want to thank all of you for being here. obviously, the clinton delegates and also the sanders people. it is important for all of us that if you are sanders a delegate or sanders person who's here just because you want to feel the bern, come up to us, talk to us, he me an opportunity to hug you. right, walter? he's known me a longtime. people tell me i am for real. >> he's for real. >> thank you. one more thing. i apologize. my voice isn't so great right now but this is important to me. can i have your attention for a second? this has to do with the way out of opponents have treated and spoken about our presidential
9:31 am
nominee. i find that the men in which they speak about our presidential nominee is beyond bounds. it is repulsive to everything we stand for, and i am offended by. and i suspect you are, too. and i recognize -- [applause] -- that that mantra sometimes is heard by others. and i find myself in the base all the time on a one on one basis. and like you, i will not stop talking until i make people see the light. i think most of the people in this commonwealth get it, but we have to defend our nominee. we have to tell people that what we are hearing is repulsive, it's wrong, it's beyond the boundaries. it's not what we are. it's not who we will be and that's not what we want anybody to be.
9:32 am
and we that i can stop talking, ma and i want to thank you all for being here. our next and i'll ask speaker -- and our last speakers right outside of minneapolis, i think. he represents minnesota's fifth congressional district. he's one of the rising stars in the democratic party. give a welcome come in pennsylvania welcome for congressman keith ellison. [applause] >> hey, pennsylvania. how are you guys doing? hey, i just want to say thanks for hosting us. great job for that. i ever minneapolis, minnesota, i want to tell you i've got nothing but great love and admiration for pennsylvania. you guys are holding down here. this convention has been awesome so far everything it has something to do with you guys, you know? so let me just say this.
9:33 am
this year, they always its most important here, the year is so important it. but i want to talk you not just about the top of the ticket there i want to talk to you about, i want to talk about the state legislative race. are there any state legislators write your? put a hand up if you're fighting for our working for a state legislative race? there's to. let me tell you guys come state legislature is so key, and all over this country, all over this country since 2008 we have lost 910 state legislative seats. talk about states all over this country where they've taken away same day voter registration or they try to impose these of id laws just like they did hear. and is because we have taken it on the chin in state legislative races. so when you're campaigning to make sure that we keep pennsylvania blue and when a presidential for hillary clinton, when you go out there
9:34 am
and fight to make sure we return mike doyle back to congress, all right, when you make sure that we win for steve -- [applause] and when you make sure we win for christian hartmann, i'm telling you, it is critically important that the state of pennsylvania reclaim the pennsylvania house and senate for this whole country. [applause] we are only a couple of cycles away from redistricting. if we turn out the vote now we can build on it and make sure that when we we draw the lines, we can be in the majority. these people don't beat us. they just draw the lines. when yo to draw the lines the wy they like the lines, we usually suffer. we usually are the ones who end up redistricting and we are the ones that find ourselves hiding
9:35 am
just to get any of the bills passed the i'm telling you the federal government needs the state government to deliver for the people of the states. so yeah, get out there and knock doors, knock doors for clinton, not good for our federal candidates. knock doors for the state legislative races because at the end of the day when we reclaim it will be because we are running at the grassroots level. let me tell you, i happened to be a bernie sanders supporter -- [applause] and a very proud to been a bernie sanders supporter of the want to let you all know that we made a big difference in this race. bernie sanders, together with other clinton, got the most progressive up from the democratic party has ever seen. that's right. and diet soda but what difference does the platform a? in case you didn't know, the platform is what we as democrats
9:36 am
believe in and stand for. it's very important because it wasn't important, you wouldn't have seen bernie sanders and hillary clinton and all those delegates they appointed including myself fight to make sure it was a strong second scene. let me tell you a few things you want to hear that in the $15 minimum wage. [applause] and the death penalty. expand social security. [applause] now look, social security is facing this program but also a disability program. keep that in mind. closing private prisons. let's close the private prisons. [applause] demilitarize the police. demilitarizing the police. as a person who has a 20 year old daughter in college, i like this one.
9:37 am
free college. [applause] and those of us who fought so hard and we remembered the affordable care act by. the public option. the public option. and bernie sanders and i fought hard on this was that it is a financial transaction tax to hold washington accountable. so let me tell you, we have a very strong platform. we have come together on the basis of unity, and if we will fight together we will make the most aggressive platform in the history of the democratic party in this nation, a lot of the land but it's going to require all of us to get out there and fight and knock and call them maximize voter turnout. can we do it? [applause] all right, thank you, guys. [applause] >> congressman keith ellison, and we have our congressional candidates out of the seventh congressional in delaware county.
9:38 am
[applause] listen. had a wonderful time. i'm going to rest my voice. be back you for lunch. do whatever you want. get your caucus tickets if you need them and we will see later. we will see you tonight. be on the floor on time. thanks. [inaudible conversations] >> bringing this breakfast to a close. if you missed any of that you can see it online at we are going live to look at the wells fargo center in philadelphia with the democratic national convention kicks off today. te


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