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  Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  July 27, 2016 10:49am-11:46am EDT

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>> thank you. thank you. so it has been 235 days since "crooked hillary" clinton has had a press conference, and you as reporters who give her all those glowing reports should ask yourselves why and i'll tell you why. because despite the nice platitudes, she has been a mess. you look at what's happened with isis, which isn't even mentioned. you look at what is happening with law and order. they don't even mention our police. they mention everybody but our police. they don't have an american flag on the dais until we started complaining. and then they ran up with two very small little flags. one that we saw. so you know i put myself through your news conference often, not that it is fun.
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235 days. no news conference for hillary clinton. you ought to check it out. because there is a lot going on. her great disloyalty to the person that rigged the system for her, debbie wasserman schultz. she totally rigged it. bernie sanders never had a chance. and total disloyalty. it is like, you're fired!, get out, fast. the email situation. now i call it the double email situation. both very serious. what was said in the last ones to the dnc was horrible, absolutely horrible. if i would have used language like they used about religion, about race, about everything else that they discuss in those emails, i would have had to run and hide and probably drop out of the race.
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with her, everything is just fine. so just ask yourself, why she doesn't have news conferences. honestly, the reason is because there is no way she can answer questions because the job she has done is so bad. when they talk about change, i noticed they have change, she has been there for 30 years, 30 years. there is no change. it will be the same. it will be extension of obama, in my opinion worse. she lied about tpp. she was for it. pp. she saw me on television, knocking the hell out of it because it's a horror show. it will kill all our jobs, almost as bad as nafta, maybe worse which her husband designed by the way. which destroyed this country, destroyed manufacturing in the united states. i will do something about it. that will be so renegotiated. by the way yesterday, for the first time, she said she wants
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to renegotiate trade agreements, first time yesterday. all because of me. she also saw me talking about tpp and currency manipulation and currency devaluation. and she heard it and she said, wow, she can't win that subject in a debate. all of sudden she goes against it. pp her vice president is one of the biggest proponents of tpp. now he is going against it. and bernie sanders was right. he was against it. they will to for tpp and vote it in very shortly after the election. if she wins, which for the sake of our country, we all hope and i hope that she doesn't. they will vote it in, just mark my words. hopefully we don't have to worry about it. but she will vote it. she will change a comma, she will change a paragraph of the 6,000 page document nobody even
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has read on our side. just so you understand, other countries no every word, every paragraph, every single sentence, comma and period. we don't even read it, our country. because we're led by stupid people. so she saw me talking about it. pp. she realized that she couldn't defend it. her special interests are pushing her hard because she is bought and sold by special interests. they are pushing her very hard. so she said, she is against it. the day she gets in which hopefully will never happen, she will approve or shortly there after tpp and that will be another disaster for jobs in our country. okay? so why don't we start off, any questions? yes, sir? >> [inaudible] >> it is just a total deflection, this whole thing with russia. in fact i saw her campaign manager, i don't know his title, mook?
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i saw him on television and asked him about russia and the hacking. by the way they hacked. they probably have her 33,000 emails. i hope they do. they probably have her 33,000 emails she lost and deleted because you would see some beauties there. so let's see. but i watched this guy mook and he talked about, we think it was russia that hacked. now, first of all, what was said on those that is so bad, but he said, i watched it. i think he was live. he said we think it was russia that hacked and then he said, just, person sitting watching television, as i have been doing, and then he said, could be trump, yeah, yeah he. trump, trump. oh, yeah, trump. he reminded me of jon lovitz from "saturday night live" in the liar, yeah, yeah he, i went to harvard, harvard, yeah, yeah. this is the guy.
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you have to see it. yeah could be trump, yeah, yeah. so it is so farfetched, it is so ridiculous. honestly i wish i had that power. i would love to have that power but russia has no respect for our country. if it is russia, nobody even knows it. probably china or could be somebody sitting in his bed but it shows how weak we are. it shows how disrespected we are, assuming it is russia or china or one of the major countries and competitors, it is a, a total sign of disrespect for our country. putin and the leaders throughout the world have no respect for our country anymore, and they certainly have no respect for our leader. so i know nothing about it. one of the most farfetched i ever heard. john? >> [inaudible] is to try to try you as best
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they can to vladmir putin. >> i never met putin. i don't know who putin is. he said one nice thing about me. he said i'm a genius. i said thank you very much to the newspaper. i never met putin. >> my question is, when you become president would you treat vladmir putin as an adversary or an ally? >> i would treat vladmir putin firmly but there is nothing i can think of than i would rather do then have russia friendly as opposed way we are, so we can go knock out isis together with other people and with other countries. wouldn't it be if we actually got along with people? wouldn't it be nice if we got along as an example with russia? i'm all for it. we have to get isis and get it fast. you saw what happened with the priest. it will only get worse and hillary clinton wants to allow
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550% more people from that region into our country and we have no idea who they are, where they come from, where their documentation is. it is only going to get worse and it will start getting bad in our country. we're letting people come in by the tens of thousands. you see what happened to the french priest. a friend of mine, he said he was going to france like three or four months ago. i saw him yesterday. i said, how did you like france? he said, i wouldn't go to france. i wouldn't go to france. because france is no longer france. france is no longer france. they won't like me for saying that but you see what happened in nice, you see what happened yesterday, with the priest who was supposed to be a spectacular man. france is no longer france. and this world better be very careful and they better get very tough and very smart. they will never do it with hillary clinton.
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and by the way, in terms of change, she has been there for 30 years. she has been doing this for 30 years. well, she all of sudden things will change? she is bought and sold, 100% by special interests and lobbyists. yes, tom? >> none. >> if answer is no, why not release your tax returns. >> i would release them once audit is released. i have audits every 15 or 16 years. when audit is complete i will release them. i will tell you right now, zero, i have nothing to do with russia yes? >> [inaudible]. >> i don't know, depends on the audit. depends on the audit. not a big deal. just so you understand, i released my papers, 104 pages of documents. i built an unbelievable company, tremendous cash, tremendous company with many so of the great assets of the world. you have seen it. you were very disappointed when you saw it. that is okay.
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far greater than anybody ever thought. i have a great company. i built an unbelievable company. but if you look there, you will see there is nothing in russia. as far as the tax returns, soon as audit is complete, like any lawyer would tell you, greta van susteren, she is going over it a while ago. she is a lawyer. she said, well no lawyer would let somebody release a tax return when they're under audit. routine audit. i have gone through audits which i think is very unfair, for 15 years. i have friends that are very rich and never bet audited. i'm audited the every year. maybe ha is because of politics, who knows. >> [inaudible] >> i'm not going to tell putin what to do. why should i tell putin what to do? he did something today, don't blame essentially for your incompetence. it is not even about russia, china, or whoever it is that is doing the hacking. it was about the things that were said in those emails. there were terrible things. talking about jewish, talking
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about race. talking about atheist. trying to pin labels on people. what was said was a disgrace. and it was debbie wasserman schultz, and believe me, assure as you're sitting there, hillary clinton knew about it. she knew everything. debbie wasserman schultz could not breathe without speaking and getting approval from hillary clinton. couldn't breathe. and you saw that. it also showed that it was a fixed race. but i've been saying that long before i saw the emails. it was a rigged race. it was totally rigged. and debbie wasserman schultz rigged it for hillary clinton. and the sad part is, bernie sanders has, to use an old word that i use on occasion, he has lost his energy. he wants to go home and go to sleep but he has a lot of people that walked out last night. now hundreds of people walked
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out of democrat convention last night. i didn't even hear about it. nobody showed it. i didn't see it on television. you people don't talk about it. the republican convention was incredible. i hear i had one of the biggest bounces in decades, like, some people are saying nine points. in fact, a poll just came out ten minutes ago, "los angeles times," trump 47, clinton 40. the reason is, that people are sick and tired of hillary clinton. >> you say get tough. why not get tough on putin and stay stay out? >> what do i have to get involved with putin? i never spoken to him. he will respect me. he does not respect our president. if it is russia, probably not. nobody knows who it is. if it is russia it is bad for a different reason. shows how little respect they have for our country, when they
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would hack into a major party, and get everything. but it would be interesting to see, i will tell you this. russia, if you're listening i hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. i think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press. let's see if that happens. that will be next. yes, sir? >> [inaudible] >> yeah. >> what -- [inaudible] >> okay. >> [inaudible]. >> sure. two big questions. the minimum wage has to go up. people are at least $10 but it has to go up. but i think that federal. i think states should really call the shots. as an example. i live in new york. very expensive in new york. you can't buy a hot dog for money you're talking about. you go to other states and it is
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not expensive at all. now what it does, it puts new york at a disadvantage if the minimum wage. companies move out and things. bad things happen. at the same time, people have to be taken care of. but what i'm really going to do on minimum wage, but has to go up. bernie sanders lied. bernie sanders said in his speech the other day that donald trump wants to minimum wage to go below $7. i said, where did he come up with that one? that one is just like joe biden lied today. he said that donald trump want to carpet bomb, he was on television. he said donald trump wants to carpet bomb the enemy in middle east. that was ted cruz said that that was not donald trump. he is not a very bright guy. that was ted cruz said it. he said it with such surety. donald trump wants to car bet bomb. i never said i wanted to car bet bomb. that was ted cruz. ted cruz said it? you will confirm that. so i would like to raise it until at least $10. i will bring jobs back to this
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country, so people can start working again so that the $10 and $15 and numbers you're talking about are going to literally, they're going to be peanuts compared to what people can make in the country. because i will bring jobs from mexico which is booming, booming. i have a friend who builds plants and he is a great builder of plants. and i was with him the other day. great guy. he builds massive plants for automobiles, for computers, for anything. that's what he does. i think he is biggest but certainly one of the biggest. and i said how is it going. unbelievable. oh good, that is good news. the could run sy is doing well. no, the country is not doing well. the mexico is unbelievable. the plants i've building in mexico. i never seen anything. it is 8th wonder of the world. he is not happy. he is american guy. would rather build them here. that is unbelievable. that is what happening to our country, because of leadership
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doesn't know what they're doing. >> [inaudible] >> we're going to be listing -- yeah, we're giving a list of those territories and if you come from those territories we have extreme vetting. we'll have extreme vetting anyway. we are people coming into this country who have very evil intentions. we have people whether san bernardino, or world trade center or a lot of other things and you look all over the world and you see what's happening. you look at orlando. how bad was that? that was horrible. that was going after the gay community it looks like. we can't let this happen. we can not let this happen. we can not let people come in. now hillary clinton wants to up it. her running mate, tim kaine, who by the way did a terrible job in new jersey, first act he did in new jersey was act for $4 billion tax increase. he was not very popular in new jersey and still isn't. >> you mean virginia. >> i mean virginia.
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first thing tim kaine did he asked for a $4 billion tax increase and he is not very popular there. so, let me just tell you, and i went all over virginia, i was there the other day. and i thought he would be popular. he is not popular because he asked for tax increases. big tax increases in virginia, big. and, also unemployment went up, i think it doubled or close to doubled during his tenure. but what he wanted to do, is very strongly and he is on record, he wanted to have even more of the people from that region of the world come in that hillary clinton wants and it is unacceptable. okay. yes? david, go ahead, david. >> short lit -- [inaudible] they were dropping all the charges. >> i saw that. >> [inaudible] ah. do you have any reaction? >> i do have a reaction to the prosecutor in baltimore who indicted those police officers. i do. i think she ought to prosecute
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herself. okay. that is my reaction. i think it was disgraceful what she did and way she did it and news conference that she had where they were guilty before anybody even knew the facts. and i give a lot of respect and a lot of credit to those police officers who probably could have made a deal. i give a lot of respect, a lot of credit, that they stuck it out. and victory after victory after victory. she had no chance. don't forget, she prosecuted best case, what she thought were her best cases first. she should prosecute herself. she should be held accountable. >> what do you say to african-americans who feel like this is kind of a railroad case. freddie gray become a cause celebre. >> that was a bad case to prove. that was a bad case. if you're going to do that, it is okay, there are times when police officers behave very badly. but you have to get the right time. this was not one of those times.
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and i think that she is a disgrace to the world of prosecutors for what she did. yes, ma'am? >> [inaudible] >> yeah. i have a great relationship with governor pence. we spent the last three days together. he was absolutely my first choice, and i never waivered, despite the press. the press was saying you know, it was interesting, i spoke to them at 11:05, to him and his wife. i told him i was going to be choosing them, if i would be lucky enough for him to accept. and he accepted. and that was it. for me that was it. but right around that time you had the attack in nice. i was going to have a news conference, either the following morning or the next day. and of course i had to delay the news conference because there was an attack, a horrible attack, horrible in france. and i delayed the news conference and everyone said, oh he is having second thoughts.
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i never had second thought. it was such a lie. so many lies in the press. it was such a lie. he has been so great. honestly he has been even better than i thought, okay? better. >> [inaudible] >> i think everything is -- we have a whole new world. when i said that nato to wolf blitzer is obsolete, i got attacked. three days later people that study nato, you know, trump is right. you know what? we have a lot of things that are out of date because they're 20 and 30 and 40 years old. nato, this isn't a country from 40 years ago. today we have different threat. we have a terror threat and we have isis threat. by the way, isis isn't even mentioned, it is not even mentioned during the democratic convention. and everyone is talking about it. the reason they can't mention it is because they grew it. go ahead. >> [inaudible] >> i would, katy, i would renegotiate so much of everything. i'm going to renegotiate our
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trade deals. we're losing with everybody. katy, i'm going to renegotiate our military deals. where we're protecting countries and not living up to the bargain. they're not living up to the bargain. everyone agrees with me, except for media. media never says that i like nato, just so you understand. i like concept of nato. it is somewhat outdated because it doesn't cover terror way it should. i've been saying this for six months. now a couple of months ago, front page of "wall street journal," announced somebody, i think nato is great but it has to be modernized, and, and, countries that we're protecting have to pay what they're supposed to be paying. >> [inaudible] >> yeah. >> [inaudible] >> i am a person that believes in enhanced interrogation, yes. and by the way, it works. snoop will you -- baltic states
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invaded by russia according -- >> let me tell you what. let me say it once again, okay? many countries including the nato countries, some of which i think you have five that are current, that have paid what they owe. and they can afford to pay this not like they can't afford it. they just see us as a soft touch. in business we say somebody's soft touch. i don't know if i have been called a soft touch but maybe i have sometimes but in business they call them soft touch. they haven't paid us, okay? i want them to pay. excuse me. i'm not saying anything. i don't talk. i'm not like obama where he tells you everything he is going to do. we're going to do go and do this we're going and do that. i don't talk. they're going to paid. send as signal. you know what signal it sends, we're going to pay. somebody said we have treaties. that's right. in the treaties they're supposed to pay. they're going to pay and they will pay. they will pay. how about, go ahead.
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blue dress, yes. yes. >> [inaudible] >> we're going to have whole policy on next three weeks. we'll i doing a good thing on that. i've been doing very well with the hispanic community. really well. the poll numbers are going up very high. i think we had one recently, 35 or 36. but i'm going to have a whole, we're going to have news conference over the next three weeks. so, and i want to just tell you because these polls cover it. "l.a. times" 47-40. cnn way up. all way up. they say the biggest bounce in memory because day i heard dishonest guy on television, trump didn't get. of a bounce. i have to at least say it. jeremy, go ahead. >> [inaudible] would they rather deal with president trump or president clinton. >> i don't think he respects clinton. i don't think he has any respect for clinton.
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i think he respects me. i hope we get along great. it is possible we won't, jeremy. it would be great to have russia with a good relationship. right now we don't have a good relationship. putin said things over the last year that are really bad things, okay? he mentioned the "n-word" one time. i was shocked to hear him mention the "n-word," right? you know what the "n-word" is right? he mentioned it. i was shocked. he has total lack of respect for president obama. number one he doesn't like him and number two. and i hope he likes me but he. yes, sir, yes, sir. what, let me finish with jeremy. go ahead. >> [inaudible]. >> president trump would be so much better for u.s.-russian relations. you can't be worse. hey, look, when i was a young man studying history and studying all of these things i always found fast --
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fascinating, one thing i always heard you never want to do anything to unite russia and china. well, they're united now, in a true sense. they have never been closer. they're selling oil to china. we forced them into this position. no, wait a minute. >> [inaudible] >> i'm not going to be adversary, no, not at all. i have tenants. i have biggest bank in the world from china paying me rent. i have great relationships with china. i'm not getting china getting away with murder, i'm blaming our leadership is incompetent. i respect china. hey, if china can get away with trade deficits every year of hundreds of billions of dollars, if we than get away with that, my hats off to them. i have no problem with china. i have a problem with our incompetent leadership allowing that to happen and i believe that hillary clinton is even more bought and paid for than barack obama. i think it will get worse.
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it is going to be four more years of obama which is unacceptable to a lot of people. you see that. but i believe that hillary clinton will be worse than obama. yes? >> [inaudible] that's right. that's right. i'm going to be doing something over next four weeks, very much so. >> are you prepared -- >> no, i'm prepared we'll have a great plan. one of the things i think as we travel all over the country, you know where i'm going, i don't have to say, i'm going to toledo and i'm going to different places today and i have met some people. this is such a great country. these are such great people. one of the saddest things i see are college students work so hard, they go to colleges, good colleges, they're good students. they do a great job. number one they get out they have no jobs because our jobs are going to mexico, they're going to china, they're going to japan. going all over the place not coming here.
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like my trend who builds plants and doesn't build them here much. the saddest thing i see these students are leveraged in debt up to their neck. they can't breathe. they're scared. they're so scared. they have leveraged their entire life. they have leveraged their entire life. they have loans, and i have to tell you the colleges, are viewing the students as just a conduit, because the students get government money, pass it through but the number gets higher and higher because college costs are out of control, because the colleges say, what difference does it make? you take a look at salaries being paid. look at what is going on with colleges because all it is is a pass-through and students are a conduit. so the colleges are costing so much money. we'll help the students. maybe that doesn't fit beautifully within the republican framework, but i have told this during various times, a lot of different people and nobody has a problem with it. we have to help our students.
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our students are under tremendous pressure to a point where it is making them sick. our students are under tremendous pressure. we have to help our students. i'm going to have a plan over the next four weeks. excuse me? >> [inaudible] >> everything is on the table. you'll see. everything is, it is very important subject. yes, ma'am? >> [inaudible] >> i think my message is resonating because they have confidence on me at border. they don't want people pouring into our country. likewise they have confidence with me on isis, not only in terms of getting rid of them but also in terms of keeping them out of our country. i will not have people who come into our country that want to do damage to our people. i think they have a lot of confidence in terms of my bringing back jobs. i see carrier and see ford and all of these companies leaving and going to mexico like there is nothing to it. then they make the product. sell it back to the united
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states, no tax, no nothing. we get nothing except unemployment. i think people see that. i can tell you, i mean i'm like pollster myself, when i'm in front of these massive audience, one of the things get constantly, you people know, because you're there, the biggest applause, repeal and replacement of obamacare because obamacare is a disaster. in texas, going through blue cross-blue shield they just announced a 60% increase. on november 1st, you're going to have new numbers come out for obamacare having to do with increases. president obama is trying to get it moved to december because it is election-defying. it will be a massive number, the biggest number ever in our country's history for health care. it is going to be announced on november 1st. i just asked the press, don't let him do that. obamacare is a disaster. people are dying with it. it's a disaster and everybody
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knows. it will fold anyway. in '17, unfortunately if i'm president, i have to take over this mess, it is going to fold anyway. but repeal, and replace obamacare, people like it. they like the fact that i'm going to protect the second amendment. they like the fact that i'm going to rebuild our military, which is very depleted. those are things that are resonating. they don't feel hillary clinton can do it. john, go ahead, john. >> [inaudible] >> no, i have nothing to do with russia. i have, john, how many times, do i have to say that. you're a smart man. i have nothing to do with russia. i have nothing to do with russia. for anything. what do i have to do with russia? you know the closest i came to russia, i bought a house, a number of years ago in palm beach, florida. palm beach is very expensive place. man who went bankrupt and i
11:20 am
bought the house for $40 million and i sold it to a russian for $100 million, including brokerage commissions. so i sold it. bought it for 40. i sold it for 100 to a russian. that was number of years ago. i guess probably i sell condos to russians, okay? >> [inaudible] >> of course i can. i told you, other than normal stuff, i buy a house, if i sell it to a russian. i have nothing to do with russia! i said that, i said that putin has much better leadership qualities than obama but who doesn't know that? >> no only disparks that have investment -- >> of course not. i own the trump organization. zero. go ahead. >> last year's convention you are a champion for women. >> i am. >> two daughters, did you reflect at all on -- >> i did. >> one of the political parties -- >> i did, because i would love
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to see a woman become president of the united states but she would be so wrong. an even women say that. women don't like her. she would be so wrong. look, hillary clinton is a disaster. she has been a disaster. even the story told by her husband last night, he left out the most interesting chapter. i won't get into that. the chapter that i really waited for, because it was pretty boring. the chapter that i waited for, i never heard. and he left it out. look, hillary clinton is a disaster. i would love to see a woman become president, it will happen absolutely, but i think it would be bad for women if it were hillary clinton. yes, ma'am? >> [inaudible] >> yes, i do. >> [inaudible]. >> but i have spoken about it many times and i speak about it all the time and police have to be very careful, they have to be
11:22 am
very, very well-trained. i speak about it all the time. i mentioned, excuse me. i mentioned the most recent deaths in louisiana and in minnesota. i speak about it all the time. it's a real problem because, if the police do 100,000 great jobs, and they have one, either a rogue policeman or a cop was poorly-trained or did a bad job, you see that incident on television for weeks. it's a real problem. you don't see the good work that they do, but if they make one mistake out of 100,000, out of more than that, it is on television, night after night after night. the police in this country do an amazing job. but likewise i agree, and i do mention that all the time. yes, ma'am, go ahead. go ahead. go ahead. yes? >> [inaudible] >> no, but they seem to be, if it is russians. i have no idea.
11:23 am
probably not russia. nobody knows if it is russia. you know the sad thing is? that with the technology and genius we have in this country, not in government unfortunately, but with the genius we have in government, we don't even know who took the democratic national committee emails, right? we don't even know who it is. i heard this morning, one report said they don't think it is russia. they might think it is china. another report said it might be just a hacker, guy with 200 i.q. that can't get up in the morning, okay? nobody knows. honestly they have no idea if it is russia. might be russia. if it is any foreign country, it shows how little respect they have for the united states. yes, ma'am? >> [inaudible] >> yeah. >> [inaudible] >> well the biggest thing we have to do, number one, we have
11:24 am
to start by keeping people out. these people, they have something bad going on up there, they have got something really bad going on. and then people in terms of islam, and radded call islamic terrorism, a term that president refuses to use, i can't believe he is still not using it. he is still not using it. she wasn't want to use it, i maybe forced her into use it. she said she will use it. she will use it tonight. as soon as we put out the thing they ran a couple of american flags up on the stage. disgrace, room with massive stage without flags. i think that the people in the community know what is going on, whether it is in a mosque, whether it is in the community. and they have to report these people. when you look at san bernanadino, many people knew what was going on. they had bombs lying all over the floor. they had bombs on the floor. you walk into somebody's house,
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bombs laying on the floor. i think there is a problem there, right? they have to report them. david hinckley should not have been freed, okay. david hinckley was just released. john hinckley. i think john hinckley, excuse me, john hinckley should not have been freed. i just heard about it two section ago. in my opinion. >> [inaudible] >> do you have any qualms about asking a foreign government, russia, china, anybody, to hack into a system of anybody's -- >> that is up to the president the president talk to them. here is the problem. kitety, here is the problem, very simple. he has no respect -- >> you said he welcome -- [inaudible] >> they probably have them. i like to have them released. >> does that into the give you pause. >> gives me pause. if they have them, they have them. you know what gives me more pause, that a person in our government, "crooked hillary" clinton. be quiet.
11:26 am
i know you want to save her. that a person in our government, katy, would delete or get rid of 33,000 emails. that gives me a big problem. after she gets a subpoena! she gets subpoenaed. and she gets rid of 33,000 emails? that gives me a problem. now if russia or china or any other country has those emails, to be honest with you i would love to see them. >> question about mike pence, "the new york times" reported -- [inaudible] >> yeah. >> [inaudible] >> most ridiculous conversation. he never had -- done, jr., let me tell you, let me save you a lot of boredom. >> [inaudible] >> mike pence will play a big role but i just want to tell you about john kasich. i never spoke to him about being vice president. we don't have good chemistry together.
11:27 am
i never spoken to him about being vice president. i would never pick him to be a vice president. there was never a conversation and he is habit of doing things like this where he says things are a little bit shaky. let me, he never spoke -- done don, jr. would never, that was so long ago i didn't know i would get the nomination at that point. just so you understand, wouldn't pick john kasich. wouldn't be the right guy. i mean, for that to have gotten out there was so ridiculous. then i was going to put him in charge of national and worldwide policy. so what is left for the president? i think you know me better than that. that was put out by him. he is nice man, john kasich he is fine. i would never have chosen him. now i did speak to various people and i actually got acceptances from many people. there were some people that culled me that very much wanted to be vice president but i picked a man that i have a lot of respect for and mike pence is doing a great job. let me just explain.
11:28 am
i never asked john kasich to be vice president, nor would i. and by the way, i'm leading in ohio by three points. >> [inaudible] >> probably has. probably has. our government is so weak on this stuff. it probably has. possible. i mean i have a lot of checks and balance. i have a good system. i'm not an email person. i'm not an email person myself. i don't believe in it because i think it can be hacked for one thing. when i send an email, if i send one, i send one almost never. just not a believer in email. a lot of people have taught me that, including hillary. but honestly, it could be, maybe it is hacked. who knows. yeah, go ahead, john? >> [inaudible]
11:29 am
>> yeah but my message wasn't dark. my message was optimistic. because we're going to fix the problems. go ahead. >> [inaudible]. >> okay. >> [inaudible]. out here with very aggressive campaign it week. what was the basis for wanting to do it this way as opposed to staying quiet. >> no basis. no basis. john, i didn't have to do this. when i did this, i believe me, you see this incredible resort. it is one of the great in the world. when i did this i could be hear enjoying myself. i don't have to be with you guys. i don't need this. i have places that are the best in the world. i could be doing other things. i'm doing this because we'll make america great again. i'm doing this because when i looked at iran deal which was incompetent. when i looked at what is going on with jobs being torn out of our country and going to mexico and china what is happening with china and with all of this, with isis, with our military being so badly depleted where we have old
11:30 am
fighter jets, we have to take parts from museums and graveyards, when i look at all this i sort of have to do it. this country has been great to me. i'm giving back. that's all. . . a not by a little bit, one with the highest vote in history of the republican party. so just -- but the point is this. it's a different kind of the campaign that is what i think is good. i think it's good but i think
11:31 am
it's working your son back. >> -- [inaudible] >> when joe biden says i want to firebomb the enemy, which was on television this morning, or carpet bombed, he uses the term carpet bomb. windex a statement that donald trump wants to carpet bomb, i never said that. that was ted cruz. it wasn't me. when sanders, a lot of these people come to me because of trade but when bernie sanders makes a state that i wanted to go lower than the minimum wage but lower, it's a lie. so i have a choice. by people so don't respond, doesn't matter. i say to me it does matter. it matters. when people tell lies, politician to tell lies very well, that's what they do. that's why they are politicians. when politicians allies, unlucky
11:32 am
innocent because i have a big microphone. in other words, i can say that joe biden lied when he said that, or i can say i didn't say that to bernie sanders and you guys didden. he was criticized i people to fact check forcing it because i never said it. president obama's said as you have become donald trump will never be president. today on the today show he said this is a democracy. a little bit different. a little bit different. go ahead, david. [inaudible] can you clarify your position speak with you will see at the polls. you know my position, david. david, my petitions are done. you asked the question every
11:33 am
time, my positions are down. take a look, go ahead. [inaudible] >> we wanted to, yet. i don't know what he said but excuse me, listen. we wanted to we're doing this universe five years ago in russia. it was a tremendous success. very, very successful and/or developers and russia the wanted to put a lot of money into developments in russia and to want to do it but it never worked a. frankly, i didn't want to do it for a couple of different races but we had a major developer but numerous developers wanted to develop property in moscow and other places but but we decided not to do it. yes, ma'am, go ahead. [inaudible] >> he did say that. he said this morning, anything is possible. i think i'm going to win. i think people are sick and tired of incompetence. they are sick and tired of
11:34 am
having politicians leading them down the tubes, whether it's taxes, whether it's about, whether it's any want of 15 different things. and that's why. i think i win the election. i think easier in the polls. a few more questions. go ahead, john. hope your arm is okay. [inaudible] >> it's a tradition i don't do things that are traditional. i have great support from israel. i will back israel 100%. i would like to go to but have great relationships, as you know, ma to the people in israel. and by the way, obama in my opinion is the single worst thing politically speaking that's ever happened israel. he has been a disaster for israel. [inaudible]
11:35 am
i don't know. i haven't set my schedule yet. could happen. [inaudible] >> know. i think it's possible we have but i won't interested in running. once i would obligate along great with four leaders but they won't be taken advantage. the problem with four leaders whether china, russia or anybody, they don't respect our leadership. and certainly in the case of china they take tremendous economic advantage of us. tremendous your to a point that is arguably. i'li would get along great with leadership and will do well. yes, ma'am, in the back. excuse me. in the back. [inaudible] >> we will look into that. go ahead.
11:36 am
stomach federal. [inaudible] >> right. i'm not making it a part but at some point maybe people will change the much but as of right now i'm not making it a part. yes, ma'am. [inaudible] >> who said that? who? i think president obama has been the most ignorant president in our history. his views of the world, as he says, don't jive. in the world is a mess. you look at what's happening with the migration, with syria, libya, with iraq, with everything he's touched.
11:37 am
he has been a disaster as the president. he will go down as one of the worst presidents in history of our country. it is a mess. and i believe that hillary clinton will be even worse. go ahead. [inaudible] >> many polls just -- it's a disguise. go ahead. [laughter] [inaudible] >> you've been asking a lot of questions for a lot of times. i've cannot be right. i turned out to be right on nato after said that on native. nato change their whole program because of me. excuse me. hillary clinton said yesterday she's going to start we negotiating trade deals.
11:38 am
she never said that in her life. she said that yesterday only because any. i'm the one who's prepared. president obama when he became president he did know anything. honestly today he knows less. today he knows less. he has done a terrible job. i think, with that being said i've been a businessman all my life but i've been watching and i've been seeing and i've been feeling. imagine i've been very much involved in politics from the other side. i understand politics, or i guess i wouldn't be here. i have eaten a lot of very talented people. i do, i've great for advisors. i give you a list. the other day as an example general plan and general flynn. we have so many. we have so many. as an example i had a meeting for four days ago and report on it with seven or 83 very talented advisors. with all of that being said a lot of people want the people that are doing it now, people that have certain names.
11:39 am
look at the mess they've gotten us into. they said have you spoken to so-and-so? i said that he was in favor of the war in iraq many years ago, which i was not in favor of the. have you spoken to this one or that one? i said look at the job they've done. a lot of the people you think are good because you know the name or you just see them on television, i don't think they're good because look at the end result. the and result is our country is a mess. the middle east has never been worse. as we do nothing with the middle east? at our presidents gone to the beach and relaxed, we would be in better shape than we are right now. a couple more. go ahead. [inaudible] >> well, we'll have to see. that's my opinion. i have a real problem when hillary clinton, who does open
11:40 am
access to a phony server is allowed to get these briefings. how does hillary clinton get a national security briefing when she's been probably hacked come with so much other information the director of the fbi said it was essentially negligent. it was negligent. why are they giving her briefings? why are these people with great knowledge of the inner workings of our country and our security, why are they giving hillary clinton briefings? because it's going to get revealed. i mean, our number one person is married to anthony weiner whose a sleaze ball and a pervert. and i'm not saying that. i mean, that's recorded history, right wax i don't like oma when home at night and telling
11:41 am
anthony weiner all of these secrets, okay? so how can hillary clinton be briefed on this unbelievably delicate information window just proven that she lied and that her server, she shouldn't have had and that they're missing 33,000 e-mails. that's just the beginning. so i don't think that i know some point they would be called into want to brief me, but i'm not a talker about this stuff. i don't think that it's safe to have hillary clinton in light of what just happened an in the lit of what we just found out, i don't think it's safe to have hillary clinton be briefed on national security. because the word will get out. [inaudible] >> know. >> no. is not going to run for mayor. don has no intention of running for mayor. [inaudible]
11:42 am
>> you did a great job the other with a speech. because he made a good speech everyone says he should run for mayor. is where the democratic mayor was horrible. he's doing a horrible job, double gloucester. he has no interest in running. -- bill de blasio. [inaudible] >> unbelievable what he said. i think it's disgraceful. hillary clinton because of me said that tpp was not going to happen. we all know it is going to happen if she won. mcauliffe said with a wink to a group of people that if hillary gets in, she's lying and it will happen. and there is nobody closer, i know this for fact, there is nobody including her own husband, closer to hillary clinton than terry mcauliffe, okay? go ahead.
11:43 am
[inaudible] >> i don't know what he said. anthony weiner, look, look, look. anthony weiner is a proven loser. he's locked up in a room. they don't let him out. my son doesn't want to run for mayor. he has no intention of running for mayor. and besides that as a republican, you have a very tiny sliver in manhattan as you know and in that area. it's almost impossible for a republican to win. and my son likes to win. but my son has no intention of running for mayor, so let's just put that to bed. go ahead. [inaudible] >> palm beach county, 37. it's all over. looking at commodified at what causes it.
11:44 am
it's a problem in many areas, okay? go ahead. [inaudible] well, they shouted, you know what was interesting. yesterday i made a speech in front of a great veterans as you saw him and he was very well received she was there the day before, and when i started talking about hillary clinton, the veterans who saw her 24 hours before started screaming lock her up, lock up. they also scream but as you know during the speech i made. the big speech. and i said don't do that. i didn't do that for any reason. i didn't like it, and they stopped. not one reporter said that i said that. they all said that they started screaming lock her up, lock her up. i so don't do that. nobody reported that i said that. because it's dishonest reporting. you do a great i said that,
11:45 am
right? why didn't somebody reported that? no, i think it's a shame they said it but a lot of people will say that should happen. one more question. yes, ma'am, go ahead. [inaudible] >> the route is great ethic of over 1000 hispanics working there. and are doing a great job. yes, ma'am, in the yellow. go ahead, yellow. excuse me. yellow. who? soun[inaudible] i don't think it's have any impact.ia and speak to v of virginia. he has been -- i figured when she chosen his very popular in virginia. they don't like him. they don't like you.
11:46 am
is polling is very bad. so ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much. i think it's time for hillary clinton to do a news conference because it's almost a year now and it'll be interesting to see as she does. thank you all very much. thank you. [inaudible] >> might as well just tell them to have a good time. he has done one bad job, okay? thank you, everybody. spent finishing up. you can see it again on my at