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tv   BOOK TV  CSPAN  July 30, 2016 8:00am-8:46am EDT

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pence, peter tiel and ivanka trump and acceptance speech by donald trump. that's tonight at 8:00 eastern. >> you're watching book tv on c-span2 with top nonfiction books and authors every weekend, book tv, television for serious readers. ..
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>> that's just a few of the programs you'll see on booktv this weekend. for a complete television schedule, booktv, 48 hours of nonfiction books and authors. television for serious readers. now we kick off the weekend with fox news' eric bolling on his book, "wake up america." [inaudible conversations] >> all right. we're ready to yet started. again, thank you all for coming, thank you for your patience. if you've not yet purchased a
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copy of tonight's book, there are still copies available at the front counter. after the author is done speaking, there'll be time for a quick q&a. there is a camera crew from c-span here tonight, so you may be on camera. if you wouldn't mind just waiting until somebody gives you a microphone to can your question, raise your hand, mr. bolling will call on you, and we'll get you a microphone. i have the pleasure to introduce eric bolling, co-host of "the five." he frequently appears on other fox programs including as substitute hosts for bill o'reilly on ""the o'reilly factor." " here tonight to speak be about "wake up america," please join me in welcoming eric bolling. [applause] >> how's everyone doing tonight? everyone good? you hear me? yeah?
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one-two, one-two. you got it? boy, you guys are diehards, you came out on a friday of a holiday weekend. good job, appreciate that. a little history. nine years ago i came over from cnbc, and i had a conservative viewpoint be, and i think a lot of people started enjoying the version of conservativism i was bringing. and they'd always ask me, hey, can you do what you do on some of these shows -- i have a rant called wake up america. they said, we like that, can you write those down? can you make a newsletter, put them together, compile them into a book? i said i'll write a book when the time is right. for years i put it off. st. martins press came to me about a year ago and said, this is probably the time. think forward a little bit. look what's going on in the political climate. it looked like there was going to be a bunch of people running on the republican side, barack
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obama stepping aside, so a few people on the democratic side. so i thought, you know, maybe this is about the right time. in the middle of it, i realized that president obama had been so aggressively bringing the country to the left that someone had to step up, someone had to do something to make sure we stopped the slide left and brought us back to center, maybe even to right. because i believe in my deep down heart of hearts that the key viewpoint -- conservative viewpoint be, the values of conservativism are what brought us 240 years of power be, economic might, and we need to not vary from that. we need to stay on track. he said famously, i want to fundamentally transform america, and three weeks later we elected him anyway, which is amazing to me. so i start writing the book, and it just flowed. it was amazing. sat down, started writing virtues. i started with the virtues, i was trying to figure out the core principles of conservativism. started writing them.
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i got through what i felt were comfortably what i, the basis of the core agenda that, the conservative agenda that we needed to get back to, and then i realized the reason why it was moving so fast and and it was so, frankly, easy to write was because of president obama. he has brought us so far left, there were so many things to write about. i start the book with grit, how you can first of all down and pick yourself -- fall down and pick yourself back up and keep going. over the last seven or eight years, you're taught, don't worry, government will take care of you. if you lose your job, don't worry, we'll provide more and more unemployment insurance. if you can't afford obamacare, we'll get you health care. food, we have food stamps, record number of food stamps under president obama. 50% increase under president obama alone. so these things kept writing themselves. at the end of writing,
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st. martins said, okay, who do you want to dedicate the book to? i'd already written out the acknowledgments. my beautiful wife, adrienne, she's number one. people influential in my life, roger ailes, mark fisher who's a guy i've known for a hundred years who grew up somewhere around here, in the area. so i said i'm going to dedicate this book to president obama because he's the reason it was so easy to write. [laughter] and he's the -- i honestly think he's the reason why it's doing so well. [applause] on the back of the book, you can see some names. i sent this book to some of the most important people, i think, the most be influential people in my life who have taught me about republicanism, conservativism, americanism. bill o'reilly, he had to be first. [laughter] i like hosting his show. [laughter] sean hannity, who's a great guy.
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actually hosting a show for hannity tonight, there's a big special about the clinton scandals. it's going to be fantastic. real expose on what's going on with the clintons. donald trump. i sent the book to donald trump. i've known him for many, many years. if you watch fox, you know that. i'm a fan of donald's. he sent me back a book quote, and i was thrilled to put it on the back of the book. mark cuban. now, a lot of people think he may not be conservative. in fact, hillary clinton has said she actually talked to mark cuban about a potential vice presidency nomination, he said, no, i don't think that's going to happen. he's a great guy. what a great success story. i've known him a long time. and mark levin. i just got off the mark levin show. what a great man. one of my most conservative inputs in my entire life. those are the people who wrote book quotes for me. the dedication was to president obama. so i'm almost done now, and i'm
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reading this, and they say i have to start and end with something, i want something inimpactful to start with so we can grab attention. a couple of friends of mine and i came up with the idea -- literally just happened to be finishing watching an episode of "the walking dead." i said why don't we start with an apock be limittic beginning. we start with hillary clinton raising her hand to be president 45. al gore's over there, president of energy, al sharpton, president of education -- [laughter] and bernie sanders, the communest, is the senior economic adviser to hillary. so i paint this doom and gloom beginning, and i end the introduction with it doesn't have to be -- i don't want to spoilit, but it doesn't have to be this way. i think it really grips you. and then i thought was this too ridiculous? and then i looked back enor eight years finish seven or eight years, and i realized where we were then, and, no,
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it's not that ridiculous. it's a warning and also a road map to bringing what i believe is success and conservativism back to the country right now. because if you have a hillary clinton presidency, you're not going to get the supreme court back, you're not going to get the federal judges back, you're not going to get obamacare back, you're not going to get affirmative action back, abortion back, the second amendment back, immigration back. it's a very, very important time in our history. that's why the book, i believe, came out at the right time. i want to thank everyone for coming out. st. martin's press for being great, book reviews fantastic. last night, quick story. i took ab amtrak to philadelphia, and, of course, it's an amtrak. government running it, so we were 40 minutes late. my train is 40 minutes late. we were exactly on time here. great crowd, and i realized people are passionate about bringing the country back.
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conservativism is, it's an unheard voice of the last probably decade. it's time, and the book came out at the right time, and i'm thrilled you guys came out to celebrate the book with me. so at that, let's bring, open up some questions. everyone's got to have a question. yes, sir, mr. be polo. -- mr. polo. oh, yeah, we'll wait for the mic. give these guys a chance to get the mic to you. >> [inaudible] >> you can have as many as you want. >> you know, the first thing i'd like to ask you about is what's your opinion regarding the far right and the ultra conservatives and how they're really just not getting behind the republican agenda as in donald trump? and they're just not getting it that if they don't, we're looking at the doomsday scenario that you address in the first half a dozen pages of your book? >> right, right. so let me agree with you and
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disagree with you. i think you're absolutely spot on saying unless you ignite the republican party, it's hillary clinton. so you can't have awl ryan -- paul ryan, mitt romney, i will disagree with you in calling them the far right. i think they're almost liberal, those people. they're rinos. i get in trouble on tv sometimes because i get e-mails saying, hey, he's not a rino, he's a republican. so you're right though. we need to absolutely get them onboard, otherwise it will be potus 45, ms. clinton. yeah. anyone else? we gotta -- everyone has to ask a question. it's the rule. sir. this guy. sir. >> [inaudible] i was shocked when i saw you here. >> that was taped. on wednesday, and i thought she was going to air it wednesday. she said, oh, by the way, i'm airing this friday.
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and i'm on the train on the way here, and they're like, oh, you're on greta right now. i am? >> i loved george, but but he was wrong when he said certain things about a certain religion and that he didn't veto any spending bills. if trump gets elected, the republicans can't stand up against obama when it's so right to stand against him. my concern is i think either president will be fine, trump better, but the real problem is getting good republicans who will stand up for the principles that you're talking about and when they say something, do something. ted cruz, i'm a ted cruz pharynx i'm going to be voting for ted cruz in november, and i hope trump beats hillary. >> in new york state you're going to vote for ted cruz? i'm just curious. >> every vote counts. so i vote -- >> i don't buy that. your vote has to count. >> well, my vote going to tell
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republicans, and after four years -- >> help me out. that's the mentality i think is scaring, scaring me. >> [inaudible] >> i still think if you believe, well, so what, you're an independent? >> i have never been a member of the party. washington was against the party, and i cast my vote for the delegates to go in december to vote -- so if hillary clinton is indicted after the delegates are elected in december, the delegates are going to have to make a decision. do they want to vote for hillary clinton -- >> so you really want another democrat, is what you're -- you're going to hold out? be i'm trying to figure out -- >> well, i hope trump wince over hillary clinton. >> help he out here. who do you want to be president? >> well, i want ted cruz. you asked me. >> barring a ted cruz presidency -- >> trump, i would want trump to beat hillary. >> so vote for him so we can add
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the total vote to the trump column even though in new york state doesn't go red. you know, at least get a popular vote to the guy you want to be president. >> next question. >> i hear it. it could. okay, let's do it this way. we'll do the delegate ma. mitt romney got smoked in 2012. i would say that almost all, if not every single state that mitt romney won, put it in the red column right now because it would take a lot for them to move, i personally think. all you need be, all you need now the if you have mitt romney's wins, you have to have florida and ohio, have to, and then either pennsylvania or michigan. pennsylvania is right now tied, clinton-trump, 42-41. it's a statistical tie there. michigan's doing very well for trump. ohio, it's tied up also. trump needs to shore up florida. he went to rhode island. no offense to rhode island, but you got a day, go to florida,
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ohio, pennsylvania. back to florida, back to ohio, back to pennsylvania for the next five months. that's the path to winning. but trump, trump does his thing. [laughter] so i don't know who -- trump answers to just donald, that's about it. sir. can we get a microphone? there you go. >> one of the things that really distressed me was the last presidential election when mitt romney was debating obama, especially the third debate where they didn't attack the obama administration in their incompetence about benghazi -- >> well, if you remember, if you remember what happened, candy crowley sided with barack obama, and they were both wrong. and mitt didn't have it in his back pocket to stand up and say, no, you're wrong, this is the way it happened, and he failed. that was a red flag to a lot of people. if you're not ready, if you don't know the basics, that was
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one of the big ones. barack obama went to a fundraiser the day -- on september 12th. if you don't know what was going on and you didn't have it in your pocket, then you don't really deserve to be president. but go ahead, i'm sorry. >> well, he didn't deserve to be president, because i labeled him after that debate as a loser. now, it aggravates me that he's compounding it -- >> yeah. >> -- by not supporting the the party because the alternative is unbelievably bad. >> yeah. >> and so where are the bushs and the romneys? these people who should be supporting the party because there's more than just this election? it's the after effects that are going to occur. >> of course. i just outlined them with the supreme court and the federal judges -- >> right. >> the country will be vastly different for decades. decades f she wins. >> right. >> where are they? someone told me inside washington, a washington insider, if donald trump wins, within 100 days he'll have to
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switch out, move out 5,000 people, 100 days, a third of the day, he has to bring in 5,000. by the end of the first year, 35,000 people will have to be replaced. so there's -- you understand now why these people who have been career politicians, people who have never done anything but collected a paycheck from the government, they would rather lose, keep their careers, jobs, money lines intact and try and win another day than win. and winning -- if they truly cared about the country and conservative values, virtues, they would vote for trump, they would get behind trump, they would support trump, and they would be speaking at the convention, but they're not. as of now they're. no hopefully, they come around. >> but why not? >> the rinos, republican in name only. i say that. i have someone who used to work for the bush administration sitting next to me, and they -- like i said, their
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infrastructure of money and be power and influence will go away if -- it won't go away if hillary clinton wins. it'll stay intact. it'll go away if donald trump wins. so they would rather the country suffer, our kids have a liberal upbringing, their kids will have liberal courts than lose the influence. k street, the lobbying, there's gazillions of dollars that goes through, around the world that comes and goes through k street and into politicians' pockets. they'll be removed from that. it's their money line. why do you think a congressman can spend 60 years in congress at probably -- now they make $174,000, they made a lot less years back. probably average somewhere around if you're 50 years or so, you maybe average $75,000 a year. you can leave congress with $10 million net worth. how does that happen? they're not doing it from salary, they're doing it from influence peddling. it's the biggest business on the
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planet. it's bigger than drugs. influence peddling in d.c., and no one knows about it. we should have a war on influence peddling. >> there should be term limits. >> yes. great idea. all for that. can we -- can i get her back? yeah. >> thank you so much. we watch, my husband and i watch all the time -- >> what are your names? i should be asking -- >> elizabeth and peter. >> nice to meet you. where are you from? >> huntington, right here. >> gotcha. >> we're tuned in as much as we can to fox news and, obviously, time is of the essence as to what we can do to keep the train from going off the track. we lo this country, as we all -- we love this country, as we all do, and we see it's being deluded by craziness, open borders and just a lot of unrest. and we want to know other than voting for mr. trump which we, from the get go we were onboard, what we can do to prevent
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hillary clinton from becoming president. we're willing to volunteer or do whatever it takes. i have just one suggestion. if there are a crew of people out there who could show this one what it would look like in five, ten years if she gets in. i mean, i see the migrants in huntington station. i have a heart for people, but they're taking over our town, our beautiful town is filled with these people on sidewalks hoping to get a job for the day. and like i said, i'm a christian person. i love human life, but there has to be common sense, and donald trump speaks our language with border security and just that -- >> sure. >> so anything we can do. [applause] >> sure, good. you outlined, you with outlined the introduction, you know? can someone paint the picture,
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the dire picture, and that's what the introduction of the book talks about, what life would look like under hillary clinton. what can you do? you can volunteer. you're going to be called upon by local republican party, by trump organization to, by whomever. they're going to call on you and say, hey, can you volunteer? are you on social media, twitter, anything like that? >> [inaudible] i don't partake in any extra -- >> all right. so you can talk about it though. you can come here, and you just did something. you just, what are there, 50 or so people here? fifty people heard your point of view, maybe you're going to spark someone else who has a twitter or facebook account who can say i don't like that. barack obama was elected based on social media. he figured that out early, and it was a powerful thing. so is donald trump. people make fun of him for tweeting a lot during -- president obama was speaking, he was tweeting while it was going on. more people heard donald trump's
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tweets than heard obama speak. so it's a powerful tool. so if anyone else has it, and what this family expressed also resonates with you, get it out there. put it out. people retweet, and it really goes a lot of places. let me get -- sir, can we -- oh, look at that. look -- tony! [laughter] can i out you? >> i was going to ask you a question. >> ask your question. >> multiple shows on fox be, the five and cashing n. i was just wondering which one you like better and why. >> that wouldn't come from my executive producer of cashing in, would it? [laughter] hey, by the way, where were you this week? >> on vacation. >> you're on vacation. see? see how it works? he comes in on vacation to lob a grenade. no, tony jarrett's a producer of the cashing in show which, by the way, is where the brand wake up america was born. four, four and a half years ago. we were together and towards the
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end of the show, it felt like, i felt like we needed some way to close it out and give it a nice punch. a lot of hosts, bill o'reilly with his talking point, they'll throw up a monologue up front, and you know where, kind of what the ideas are going to to be for the show. we only have 30 minutes on cashing in which ends up being about 20 minutes of actual -- 22 minutes of actual show time. and rather than doing it up top, i wanted to do it at the end, give you a nice sendoff before you move on to the rest of your day. so we started wake up america, and it was a rant on pushing most of them are pushing back on the liberal left and political culture that's, like, i believe is infecting the country. and it just grew and grew and grew. and tony will tell you the social media aspect of it exploded. it just went viral. people were hashtagging wake up america all over the place. people just adored the brand. and then it made sense for me to write the book called wake up america.
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now, i've been begging tony for four years to change the cashing in show name to wake up america. he's on vacation this week, he'll get to it when he gets back from vacation. [laughter] sir. >> thank you, eric. bob is the name. >> hey, bob. >> if the republican party is considered conservative, and i'm not a member of the republican party, i'm a conservative, i must be the father far right -- the far right conservative as the gentleman in front of me referred to. i think the problem is getting the republican party over to the conservative movement. so many of them have been talking against trump which really troubles me -- >> right. >> so i think the republican party as a party, the establishment -- >> there you go. bingo, there's the word. the establishment republican. that would be the rinos, i call the rinos and i get in a lot of trouble. boehner's office has called fox a hundred times, can you tell
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bolling to turn down the -- i've literally been told by producers, hey, every time you say that, you tick off half the audience. you sure you want to do that? yeah, sorry. gotta be there, gotta do it. sorry. yeah. >> if you watch some to have interviews of donald trump when he was -- in the '80s, she was very thoughtful, he was calm. the principles he laid out back in the '90s are the -- '80 z are the same today, and he's a real patriot because he really had to step up. i admire him for that. when i was saying i am voting for ted cruz, is because i want people to know and my voice heard as a tea party person, i want trump to earn 50, 60, 70 million votes by being that thoughtful person he was in the '80s, by being calmer and not calling someone a liar, liar or tiny hands person. maybe that was the other guy. the insults are a turnoff, and that's really unbecoming even now.
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>> sure, sure. and they are unbecoming to a vast, a huge portion of the oplation. poplation. they also are what imbues him to a huge portion of the population. we talk in the book a lot about pushing back against p.c. culture. one is being told what you can say, when you can say and how you can say it. and and i talk about saying screw it, say what you want, be aggressive about it. don't be embarrassed of what you say. now there are safe spaces on college campuses so that you don't offend be people if you call someone he or she. it's insane, what's going on. adrienne and i have a son who's going away to college in a couple of weeks. i'm aggrade that he doesn't -- afraid that he doesn't come back the way that we left him. did i say this yet? [laughter] two or three days ago whenever hillary clinton and elizabeth warren were on tv and the same blue pantsuit -- [laughter] there was a clip that i think hannity was playing, and he's in
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the kippen. he goes -- in the hitchen, he goes -- kitchen, he goes, dad, what are we going to do if hillary wins? i've never, ever pushed politics on him. he was just picking it up. he's liking conservativism for what it is and what he sees. so when i hear this about the college campuses, i'm afraid he comes back a different person. by the waker ted cruz -- way, ted cruz, i love ted cruz. ted cruz was solicitor general in texas, i was the human being that put ted cruz on fox tv. i was the first one to put him on tv. i had him regularly on one of my first shows, follow the money years ago. saw that coming, and i think he's fantastic. a lot of cruz people didn't like me because i was backing -- not backing, but i was talking about trump more and more in a light that was more aggressive. and they got really mad with me. >> i thought the dream ticket was trump as president and cruz as vice president would have made an unbelievable ticket.
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>> why wouldn't you, you know -- . >> but he's calling liar, liar -- >> i'm donald trump right now, and i though there's a huge ted cruz fan base, why wouldn't you approach ted cruz and say if i win, you get justice scalia's seat? now you have the most constitutional conservative i've ever known as the nine beth supreme court justice -- ninth supreme court justice, and you'll probably get a lot of votes from the cruz people. i should be advising trump. [laughter] do you mind if i go way in the back? let me get the guy in the back first. there you go. what's your name? >> hi, i'm paul. >> hey, paul. >> i was just wondering in view of the brexit vote last friday, to me, that seems like a big pushback on immigration. some of the countries in europe like poland and hungary, they're pushing back on the immigration that's gone on there. they've said enough is enough even though they're in the e.u. what is your view on this, and where can we go --
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>> so i think the brexit vote was a brilliant vote. the u.k. said -- it was primarily immigration, i agree with you. bill o'reilly said it was 100 percent immigration. i also think there's some money involved. the u.k. is the second biggest provider of funds into the european union after germany, the u.k. and france are about tied. and they, they're a net contributor by billions and billions of euros, tens of billions of dollars. so at some point you go i'm tired of going to this bar and picking up the bar tab everybody time. so there's sock of that in there. -- some of that in there. until they had enough votes to actually do it, they weren't going to do it, and the reason why they did it was because of the immigration idea. i think it resonates. it's a nationalistic view of things around your country, it's resonating because, i'll say it again, donald trump came down the escalator with melania, and the first thing he said when he
8:30 am
came to the podium was i'm going to build a wall on the southern border and make mexico pay for it. but he's going to do it, he will do it, and that's a nationalism, anti-illegal immigration, nationalistic view of the world, and it's desperating. everyone's saying it's spreading from u.k. to here. i think it started here, it went to the europeans, and it may come back in november. sir. >> [inaudible] just to add to that. the brexit, people were afraid to say they were for separating because they were afraid to be called racist and anti-immigrant. and i hope there's an underground swell going for trump. we're human trump people, we're going to vote trump as many times as possible. but yet we do not have a sign on our front lawn because we're afraid of what our neighbors would do to our house and cars. we're too afraid to put the sign in front of our house. >> put the sign up. >> [inaudible]
8:31 am
>> i spend 80% of my time in new york city. it's probably 80% liberal. i put the sign up. [laughter] how's this? i wear the flag over day. that doesn't go over well in a lot of circles where i go. i hear you. i understand it's hard, but put the sign up. >> [inaudible] >> all right. listen, i can't -- i shouldn't tell you what to do, but -- who else? who hasn't gone yet, anyone? yes, ma'am. right here in the green. i'll get to you guys, i just want to get everyone in here once. >> me? in the green. yeah, just had a comment. i think, i've been a republican all my life and support i, been involved with the party, and i'm just kind of breaking away from that because i'm just so annoyed with them. i listen to the comments all the time from the bill kristols and the, you know, all of them, and
8:32 am
nothing that they say makes sense to me, you know? i listen to their arguments why they hate trump so much, and nothing really makes seasons to me. and my only thought is they're just a self-serving wig of the republican party. -- wing of the republican party. it's all about them. it's not about the country, it's not about us. and even mark levin who, he was here years ago, i was a big fan. and now he just drives me crazy. i can't even listen to him anymore. [laughter] anyway, that's just my comment. >> i agree with you on all. i think mark eventually will come around. >> but he, he's done a lot of damage. >> yeah. >> and i just can't -- he just rants. he just doesn't say anything worth listening to anymore. >> i agree. i hear you. he -- like i said, he's one of the most influential people in my life for conservativism. he may not talk to me for a while. it may take a few months after the election, but he'll, look, we'll all be in -- we're all
8:33 am
coming from the same place. bill kristol, horrible. just horrible. i hope i never, i hope i never am on, hosting to o'reilly or one of these shows and they book him as a guest. it will get ugly. or george will for that matter. they're terrible. they're ruining it. even more despicable than what politicians do. you expect them to be like that, but someone like a bill kristol and george will, i think they're doing more damage than a politician. not a fan. not a fan. >> thank you very much for coming out. my name is shane. i just finished my freshman year at the university of delaware, and my real question is what can people like me do, people my age, shame thing with your son -- same thing with your son who's starting his first year of college, to start a republican movement on predominantly liberal campuses where our new president sent out an e-mail right after the orlando shooting
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saying you should be appeasing all muslims, you know, you should be befriending them, there's no such thing as radical islamic terrorism. what can we do my age to at least give a sense of the other side on a college campus? >> i think you're 100 %. like i said, i'm fearful my son comes back indoctrinated. that's really what it's like. i think what you can do is suggest it to someone else. continue with the social media campaign. i assume you're on social media, twitter, facebook, if you're to not, get on it. and why not do a college republican group? >> [inaudible] >> fantastic. do you have to meet off campus? >> no. [laughter] >> no, but some, some colleges say you can't meet on campus. yeah, it's insane. >> [inaudible] >> yep, yep. some of them say it's offensive. so good job. just keep doing what you're doing, how's that? and if you get a book, bring it to school.
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leave it in the faculty lounge. [laughter] >> maybe they'll learn something. >> maybe they will. sir. what's your name? >> i'm jeff, and this is my wife, robin. >> hi, jeff and robin. >> we watch, you know, fox over dinner with my son who's also leaving for college in august. >> congratulations. >> thank you. and we've discussed this with him regularly, you know, in terms of the liberalism that he has gotten in high school and, you know, what's ahead of him. and what what his frank politicl views are, that's for him to decide. but there is so much frustration with the censorship, the political correctness -- >> yep. >> you know? there's such a sense of helplessness. these kids are afraid to express conservative viewpoints or constitutional viewpoints for
8:36 am
fear of horrendous grades. >> yep. >> you know, that's despicable. >> yeah. >> and, you know, it's just you feel helpless in this country because of the establishment, and the establishment isn't helping to lead us down the conservative path. they just want to save their jobs. >> right, they want to -- the gravy train. so the book came out a couple of weeks ago, and about a week after it came out waite county in north carolina decided valedictorians are no longer acceptable because being number one was offensive to number 2-500. insane, but that's what's happened. politics has become liberal thanks to the obama administration and the like. it's infected the liberal media which has always been leaning liberal. thousand they have all the fuel they need, and now it's trickled into academic life too.
8:37 am
it's scary how fast the country's moving left. it's a freight train moving left, and all we're trying to say is take a minute, put the sign on the lawn, keep the twitter account going, keep it on campus, the republican group, and tell your kids, listen, i'm not suggesting you get in an argument with your professor about what's right, liberal or conservative, because that's a death wish. just tone it down in the classroom and understand where he's coming from or she's coming from and call home once in a while. bring the book too. who has -- you haven't heard from you yet. hi. >> i want to know why you think so many educated. >> what's your name? >> oh, amy. hi. >> amy. >> educated baby boomers, right? who aren't college kids, who haven't been indoctrinated all their lives still support someone like hillary or a democrat? >> it's amazing. i'm doing a special tonight on hannity, and through this whole special i have, i have a -- tom
8:38 am
fenton who runs judicial watch, who keeps pulling out, exposing all these clinton corruption issues, jay sekulow who runs a high profilelaw firm who exposes clinton corruption, kimberly -- it goes on and on, this whole list x there are so many clinton scandals, there's not enough time to cover them all in an hour. and i'm wonder, what is it that makes everyone -- i have no clue. laugh i cannot be -- [laughter] i cannot understand, i can't. i can tell you i think it's wrong, and i can tell you how i think you can fight it, but who knows? no idea. why, what scares me is young people now think socialism is okay. bernie sanders got 40% of the democratic vote,40% of democrats voted for bernie sanders in the primaries. >> baby boomers should know better. >> that's a horrible thing, but it's also a good thing because be of the 40%, 25% of them --
8:39 am
right, venezuela. 25% of the 40%, a quarter of 40 is ten, that means 10 percent of all democrat votes will never vote for hillary. that's an opportunity for trump. couple more, yeah? how about someone who hasn't asked. how about this gentleman right here? >> so you've been a big inspiration to millennials, and i try to reach out to as many as i can. i just wanted to know what advice do you have for entrepreneurs? i was a teacher, and and i'm kind of now going to be starting my own business educational company, and, you know, starting your own business for the first time, i know you were talking about it the other night. you know, like, what approaches do you have especially being a republican and a young person and really try to change a millennial frame of mind as well? >> i think within business, and this is literally the last two
8:40 am
words, i was with my here as she was moving on, and the last two words out of her mouth were never quit. she literally whispered in my ear, "never be quit." if this business doesn't work out, keep trying. but always be passionate about what you do. i've been very, very fortunate. i played baseball for the first part of my career. injury took me out of that. i ended up working all around the country trying to find my way to get to new york where i thought the money center of the world, worked my way into that and then one day cnbc happened to be on a trading floor and said, hey, you know, can you tell us what went on, and the tv career started from that moment. you never know what the path is going to be, but giving up is not an option. or a lot of money for various, you know, there's a lot of money for women-run businesses. just say, i hear it's okay to say you're identifying as a female, and maybe -- [laughter]
8:41 am
female small business money. [applause] i'm kidding, but kind of. one more? who's got one more in someone who hasn't asked yet. how about right over here? i'm sorry, guys, i just want to get everyone in here. there you go. your name? >> lisa. >> hi, lisa. >> i'm going to go in a different direction here. do you think it's possible to hold pro-choice beliefs and still call yourself a can conservative? >> pro-choice. i don't claim to tell people what to do. i will tell you one of the chapters in the book is providence. i go to church every single day of my life. i go to -- not every day of my life. i go five days of week before "the five," and i go on sunday every wife with my -- every sunday with my be wife. i believe god lit the path for my future, my success, but i won't tell you what to do. it's just me. this may tick off only people, but i, i'm just in the camp that
8:42 am
says you do what you want with your body. i'm fairly libertarian too. libertarian, i thought, was a really interesting concept for a while. i kind of wish it would grow a little bit. i think it would bring in some more young people where it's not as, you know, as cut and dry as some of the far-right conservative ideas. i like a little bit of it, but i like the core values, and those are the core values that i stick to here. one more? one more? someone who hasn't gone yet? right behind her? be. >> oh, thank you. i am a huge fox news fan. i watch it all the time. but i never hear -- and there could be a legal reason for this -- i never hear anyone talk about the possibility, although it's probably too late now, of president obama being impeached. >> ship has sailed. >> the ship has sailed. >> he's just biding his time.
8:43 am
>> but in eight years -- >> you might get hillary clinton getting impeached before she gets sworn in. [laughter] wouldn't that be fun? >> i, show of hands, you guys all fox people in hands up? how about all the five? there you go. o'reilly stuff? can we give tony a hand for cashing in? [applause] okay. we good? where are we? everyone's good? where do you want me now? i guess i go over there. nice to meet everybody. thank you so much. [applause] [inaudible conversations]
8:44 am
>> you're watching booktv on c-span2, television for serious readers. here's a look at what's on prime time tonight. we kick off the evening at 7:15 p.m. eastern with colorado governor john hickenlooper discussing his path to public office. then at 8:15, representative marsha blackburn sits down to talk about the books that have influenced her life and career. at 8:45 eastern, the nation's michael smith on his life as a young black man in america. and at 10 on booktv's "after words" program, eric fehr recalls his time as an interrogator at abu ghraib prison. at 11 we wrap up our prime time programming with a look at the curious sides of humans at war with mary roach. that all happens tonight on c-span2's booktv. >> bill ayers, in your upcoming book, "demand the impossible: a
8:45 am
radical manifesto," the use of the word "manifesto," why? >> guest: well, i liked it because, you know, it was finish it's an attempt to write a clarion call. that's really the attempt. the attempt to say, you know, all these issues that we debate in this country, i think they've been framed incorrectly or they've been framed in a way that narrows our imaginative land scapes. i wanted to write a little pamphlet-y kind of book that took eight issues that i care about and, incidentally where i think i'm in the majority of public opinion, i don't think i'm a barricaded minority with some weird outlier ideas. i think i'm in the majority on issues like war and peace, issues like mass incarceration. so what i wanted to do was take it out of the frame that's been begin to us and make it kind of in the form of a manifesto, this is what we're fighting for. i wanted to say, you know, that let's just take one example, health care.


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