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tv   Book Discussion on Progressive Racism  CSPAN  July 31, 2016 10:45am-12:01pm EDT

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they're still editing and bureaucracy but that is at the level of the director of national intelligence and his senior officers. i did ask george w. bush in his administration this change happened, i said, what did you see when suddenly this thing that had been going on for decades in this institution is transferred to a new organization? what did you notice? he said, i didn't notice any difference. most that it was still being written by cia and my briefer was still the same briefing, cia officer, there is nothing that much different for me. it didn't really change for the president of the united states who after all is the first customer of the product. spirit we were talking earlier and i read kate's book, the residents. one thing i didn't mention earlier we were talking was she
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said all those made in dollars and everyone who works in the white house, he also trusted as the president leave something important on his nightly cable to iraq would be the president's daily brief or not but if the president's meeting with his closest advisers in the oval office with the situation room of the cabinet room and he realized he left something important on the nightstand, sometimes they'll have a butler bring it over, so you'll have a butler come in with a plate of chocolate chip cookies and maybe some very sensitive document. >> right. that would not surprise me. the handling of anything that touches the president or is give the president has that ritual and a particle around it. it would surprise me if many of the butler's another help at the white house were touching the president's daily brief, even in the times was disseminated more widely and passed around. general it was kept within the national security folded every national security advisor gives to the president.
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when that's back in some office they may be flipping through it or they would have to assemble and the symbols as for the everyday back what was a paper product. i don't think he would get about much more widely than that. it is important to remember, it is the president's book at if the president decides the president wants to take it upstairs and leave it on his nightstand all day, that's what's going to happen. if the president decides instead of a typepad or a printed product, that he or she once received a presence daily brief in the form of interpretive dance, a lot of intelligence officers learning how to dance. it is a product tailored to the current president no matter what the personal style. thank you all for your attention. i look forward to seeing you outside. [applause] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] >> booktv recently visited capitol hill to ask members of congress what they are reading this summer. >> i have a bigger stack and i've got time i fear of right now i'm reading the wright brothers wishes david mcculloch's book. a wonderful american story of ingenuity and creativity and the library of congress does a great series for mos much of congresse to bring in authors and to talk about, the entity them. to talk about the most recent books and opportunity to see david mcculloch talk about this book. and then they gave us each a copy of the book for those of us
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who come to the event. it's a wonderful story. >> booktv wants to know what you are reading this summer. tweet us your edge and booktv or posted our facebook page >> good afternoon, everybody. we should get the proceedings underway. when barack obama was first elected, he was writing a swell of hope however illusory that help maven across the country that our first lack or at least have black president would usher in an era of postracial harmony. seven years later i think we all know how well that turned out. obama has sealed the racial
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divide about as successful as his promise healing of the oceans. racial unrest in this country has gone from a tense simmer to a raging boil. the left would like to pin the blame for this on what they claim is the rights racial refused to accept a black man as president. in fact, what has exacerbated race relations in the united states is the inherent racism and grievance mongering of the last identity politics, spearheaded by obama himself the progressive racism, not the right and is the reason for today's heightened racial conflict. david horwitz needs no introduction from me, so let me focus if i may honestly book instead, "progressive racism." it is so i gave it two thumbs up. "progressive racism" as a physics and recent volume of david horwitz's collective conservative right is called the black book of vinegar left. and this book collects nearly 50
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essays of his thoughts on the politics of race over the last 20 years. the book, not to give would india but the book concludes the racial bias which the left demands quote tears at the very fabric of social order, compromises true equality and is the antithesis of the american dream, unquote. if i could quote a little more from it, in a free society composed of individuals who are unequal by nature, the highest government goods at newtown and the treatment of its citizens before the law. one standard and justice for all. this is the only equality that is not at odds with individual freedom. is the only equality that can make a diverse community one. lives and gentlemen please welcome the founder of the freedom center the opportunity to mention, including progressive racism to one of your intellectual going to talk on a about race and still the left most hated adversary, david horowitz.
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[applause] >> sorry for all those words but somebody has to do it. president obama has said that racism is in the dna of america, and transmitted through the generations. this is a malicious libel. it is, in fact, the most malicious libel every uttered by an american president against his own country. slavery existed in africa for 1000 years before a white person ever to set foot there. slavery existed in all societies for 3000 years. just was, it is what you did when you call good your enemy. you enslaved the men and the women. from the beginning of time, no
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one ever said that slavery was immoral. not aristotle, not moses, not jesus, until white christians in england led by wilberforce did toward the end of the 18th century. and in the british colonies at the time, a white slave owner named thomas jefferson wrote into america's birth certificate that liberty is a god-given right that government can't take away. and equality, too. within just a little more than a generation at the cost of 350,000 union lies, slavery was abolished in america, and quickly than in the western hemisphere. every black person alive in this country owes their freedom to
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america. that is the true beginning of america. it is liberty, not racism. the libel that it's racist has a second malicious effect which is to persuade, unfortunately, margins of the black community that is the truth and to alienate them from this country and make them feel like outsiders. when black people are as american as any other group, they were on this continent from 1619, he can speak of american culture without black culture. it doesn't exist. i'm going to go on and on. so this has a terrible effect on black people in this country and on the rest of us. it sometimes takes years to get a crucial fact like this right. and then it can be undone by the
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next generation of ignoramuses, people come into this world without any knowledge and explained that it sometimes takes a lifetime and sometimes like the president you don't learn even over a lifetime. we had to sing in the '60s you can't trust anyone over 30. that was just youthful arrogance. nobody should respect. the rail that is you can't trust anyone under 30 because they just don't know enough. they have not had his life experience. when i was a youngster, about 11 or 12, a book came into my progressive household. my parents as you all know where card-carrying communists. and the book was titled we charged genocide. what it was in fact was a petition, the book was published by an organization calling itself the civil rights congress.
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it was a petition to the u.n. to condemn the united states for genocide against black people. there was a photograph. do we have that photograph projected? is a project that's going to put the photograph up? thank you, elizabeth. anyway, this is a photograph. this is the most famous photograph of a lynching, two black men hanging from trees and a white man facing the camera and pointing at them. everybody who has seen any pictures of lynchings have seen this photograph, and hopefully we will be able to get it up briefly. it was incredibly disturbing to me as an adolescent.
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and it's still disturbing. it's so disturbing the hotel didn't want us to short while the step is present their so this hotel is a safe place. but it is a horrifying photo. it took me 10 or 20 years before i read enough about or read about lynchings to understand that lynching was not devised for black people. there is a racial dimension to lynching and it's a terrible, evil one. but actually lynching was just frontier justice. there was let's not waste time with their due process. let's have the punishment before the trial, like alice in wonderland. first the punishment and then we
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can have the trial. i also learned a third of all lynch victims were white. that tells you a couple of things. first of all, that wasn't devised and wasn't a practice, just against black people. but also that they were lynched because the allegedly committed crimes that were worthy of hanging. so most of the lynching cases are not a bunch of white racists grabbing a black person and stringing them up from a tree, but were hangings to punish people for crimes for which they had been accused. in this particular case, the two men hanging were named, ship and
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abram smith your there was a third, they had a companion named james cameron who was 16 at the time who was not lynched, who was present. what had happened was, and i learned this 50 years later am listening, i just happened to tune in an npr program where they interviewed james cameron who was then an old man about what happened. what happened was, the three of them had been accused, arrested for murdering a young white factory worker and raping his girlfriend. ..
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but, they had been accused of murder. according to james cameron they actually had committed the murder. according to the white woman who was allegedly raped, she had not been raped, so that rate charge was false, which would've turned up in a trial. this does not make a lynching right. lynching is wrong and evil. we have due process in this country for a reason and that's to protect the innocent. another thing about this lynching is way they didn't write anything to hang james cameron was also black and arrested with them and of the
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reason was, james cameron said that he did not participate. he did not want to commit the murder, robbery and did not participate. he stayed in the car. he probably would have been hung for being black. there was a racial obvious dimension. except, that a white woman in the lynch mob stood up for him and so they let him go. he was subsequently tried and convicted of being an accessory before the fact and deserved seven or eight years and spent his life fighting for civil rights and in 1991, the state of indiana pardoned him and you can find this out on wikipedia if you look at this indiana lynching. this is the most famous lynch picture, a picture in which an american communist wrote the song strange fruit that billy
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holiday sang and it's a symbol, and was obviously used in this the book, recharged genocide" and the symbol of right-- white racism. although, obviously want to know the fact, it's a lot more cops can get that. another thing i learned years and years later-- probably when i became conservative, so the point to a later was why this book recharge it genocide in petition was brought to the un. after all, it was brought to the un around 1950, 51 when america had been through the second world war and we had fought a master race, the nazis were driven by fury of the master
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race and the cautious of america was awakened and the barriers began being broken down. the military, in 1947 was integrated. truman integrated the civil service, jackie robinson became the first black purchase but in america's national sport. it was only a couple of years before brown v wade, board of education integrated the school, so why the charge of genocide, a deliberate campaign to exterminate a people, which is going on with the jews today in the muslim world. obviously was not the case. well, the civil rights congress, which offer the petition was a communist party front and therefore it was run from moscow as we have also learned through the opening of the soviet archives.
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in eastern europe, there was a show trial taking place, czechoslovakia. the kremlin has accused the top leaders of it czechoslovakia in communist party of being trotskyites and zionist. of the zionist was because 11 of the 13 leaders that they hung were jews. in other words, if we charge genocide campaign was not about white people at all work it was about using black people as a battering ram against the united states to neutralize the bad publicity the kremlin was getting for its campaign against the jews, which then spread as everyone knows to the soviet union itself. battering ram.
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progressive tradition, my parents who were communists never referred to themselves as communists, always as progressives. this progressive tradition lives today in the democratic party. the democratic party doesn't care about black people. it doesn't really do much more black people expect-- except throw them crumbs and strive their leaders to keep the community in line. that's basically what goes on. the big perks go to the leaders. but, the black masses as we would have called them in our inner cities, they get crumbs. of the democratic party controls every major intercity in america. 100%, 100% and has 450 to 100 years. everything that's wrong with that inner cities in america,
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every oppression, every deprivation, democrats and progressives are responsible for. the destroyed school system that year and in your out don't teach these kids to read and write, massive failure, non- graduation the democratic party will go to the death to defend the teacher union, which provide a slush fund. i don't have to go on about this. although, i will come back to it later, maybe. but, using blacks as a battering ram is what progressives do and that's why every election year the democratic party will run on -- donnell trim is racist, black churches will burn if the republicans are elected and so forth and so on. this is their bread-and-butter. it's disgusting and its racist.
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i didn't-- well, as i say i learned late about these facts. to take a lifetime-- i have done nothing but politics, basically. since i was 10 years old. i understand that most people can't devote themselves fully to political arguments and investigating these things and i'm sure the facts that i have laid out here are obscure or invisible to most of the people, actually been watching c-span, which are people who are probably highly politically educated and informed to begin with. i went on in the 60s and raise a lot of money, as you know, probably. i have written about this extensively for the black panther party.
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black panther party was seen by the left as the vanguard of the black revolution. i bought into that and they were seen as a vanguard because they would take up arms against the police. stand up for the oppressed. actually, prior to the 60s in that period from the 1940s to 1960, the greatest social revolution race relations ever in the history of mankind was taking place. in 1940, 40% of black americans were in the middle class of professionals. in 1960, the figure was 49%, just a remarkable transformation. it was still only the beginning.
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only the beginning of the transformation that was taking place, but we on the left, we progressives saw blacks as an oppressive people and revolution was the only thing that would transform their lives and therefore the left as it likes to forget now despised martin luther king. we supported him in 1963, but then as things got more and more radical the left despise martin luther king. turned its back on him. pretty isolated figure when he was assassinated in 1968. anyway, i saw the black panther party as a blacks went to stand up for themselves. it didn't occur to me that the black panther party had no significant following in the black community of oakland and areas where they were prominent and in fact feared by the local community.
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i had this progressive racism and saw black people as symbols of everything that was wrong with america and that's why i-- that's why i raise the money for the black panther party. i didn't pay attention to the sign. well, in 1973, 1974, a woman i had-- i raised a lot of money for building it black panther school entered by a church and turn it into a black panther school. the woman i recruited, a white woman named betty the encounter had three children and who worked for me when i was editing the largest magazine and in 1974, but he disappeared and by the time the people fish herb
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body out of the san francisco bay i knew the pampered-- panthers had murdered her. that was really the end of my career on the left because all of my progressive friends defended the panthers and i knew that if i said what i thought i would be denounced as a cia racist and i had a family with four children. took me some years. i said this information to journalists and one brave leftists named kate coleman published the first story. the panthers were a street gang. they were criminals. they murdered a dozen black people and got away with it. but, the solution of this progressive delusion, this melodrama of america having racism in its dna-- actually, this delusion has metastasized
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if we come to the presence. in 1999, or thereabouts i was walking down the street. i had spoken on 100 college campuses and so what the students were being taught and said, which was that america was a racist country and it occurred to me and i was familiar with the curriculum and i was just struck by this thought that it's politically correct to hate white people and this became and i determined them i'm going to write a book with the title that it's politically correct to hate white people. i did write the bill, which came out i think in 2000. i don't remember the exact date. first of all, when i told my new york publisher, new york
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publishers that i want to write a book called hating white people is a politically correct idea, my editor-- editor told me we will never publish a book with that title. of course, if it had been titled hating black it would've been a bestseller. so, i had to go to a little texas publishing to get this book published. it was called hating whitey and other progressives-- progressive causes. in 2001, i became aware of a campaign on american campuses called reparations awareness. it was a campaign to get reparations for slavery. this was 137 years after the fact. it would've been a reasonable campaign and, one the
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reparations were to be paid by the confederacy and not by the united states government whose as citizens last 350,000 lives in savory-- to end slavery and spent i don't know how much government spending. obviously, it was a lot of money and it also would have been reasonable if there had been any slaves alive or even children of slaves or if white america was opposed to any federal program that would actually help black people. so, i conducted a-- i took out ads or attempted to in college papers called: ten reasons why reparations for slavery is racist and bad for blacks.
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wise about for blacks? the same reason as the president's statement that racism is in the dna of america, because it alienates them from their country. even the name african-american, africa is not a country, it's a continent. i don't know how many differently witches are spoken and and how many different nationalities-- nationalities they are. african-americans for better or worse are americans and they should be proud of it and taking as their heritage and there are obviously some courageous blacks like sheriff clark from milwaukee, who do so or jason riley of the "wall street journal" who do so, but they are considered race traitors by the progressives. progressive is biggest misnomer as liberal. liberals are bigots. they are intolerant. they all are not liberal about anything except harder drugs or
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sex and spending other people's money. that's what they are liberal about. they don't want to sites to conversation. that's why i have to take bodyguards when i appear on campuses and sodas and culture and other conservative speakers and i'm sure everyone is familiar with 100 atrocity cases that are committed by the totalitarians who run our universities and particularly the totalitarian students who call themselves progressives. their reactionary. this is a throwback of 100 years is what it is. and it's no accident that they support a totalitarian threat from islam that we are now facing. where are we today? today we have a movement called plaque lies matter, which is a
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roving lynch mob. by lynch mob i don't mean stringing people up from trees, but, i mean, let's have the punishment for the trial. so, they help to burn the city of ferguson, just 60% black, punishing on the blacks who live there. with the demand for the head of a white policeman because he was white. no evidence, no trial, we want his head. that's what it was about. that is a lynch mob. that was supported by the president of the united states. if you don't think barack obama is a racist, then you tell me how the chief adviser on race relations have been to the white house more than anyone else is the racist al sharpton and convicted liar who ruined the lives of six people by spreading
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the lies of tuan a brawley and never paid the penalty. he owes the government foreign half million dollars in back taxes. who can get away that? gets away with it because of what i call black skin privilege. if he were white, he would never get away with it. he would never get away from being-- he would never go away with being a racist and get near the united states president. he's a racial arsonist. he incited his own mom, the action network or whatever it's called against a white, obviously also a jew store owner in harlem some years ago, the owner of freddy smart and incited on his radio broadcast his followers to get the white interloper out of our community. get the white interloper out. one of his followers torched the store and killed seven people of
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color. al sharpton today is the presence go to person on race relations. this is what we have descended to and it's really started with sharpton and jackson, two racist targeting white people. if you are white, you are guilty before the fact. you are guilty just by being white and if you are black you are innocent even if the facts eventually show that you were guilty. like o.j. simpson. black lives matter claims and it's not just black lives matter , but it's the entire so-called liberal progressive culture, which supports black lives matter may be don't know this, but the democratic party, the democratic party officially
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endorsed black lives matter movement. these are the people who have ruined the life of darren wilson , the officer who was defending his own life against a street thug named michael brown who attacked him in his police car, reaching for his gun. how many people out in the television audience would do something like that? that tells you everything you need to know about it. he wasn't picked on by darren wilson because he was black. he was picked on because he had just committed a strong arm robbery. the like, hands up don't shoot that michael brown was alleged to say was invented by his accomplice in the robbery. this is a civil rights hero today. or freddy gray or garner, career predators and who do they prey on? they prey on the black community.
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black lives matter and many other people with university courses in this and if you want to know where this problem comes from, it comes from turning the school system over to what i call neo- communist, people who are from like the community i grew up in. its oppressive country and anyone who goes to war with america has our sympathy. i remember clearly in the first gulf war, if my ex- comrades on the left work going to support a monster like saddam hussein and they did and they did it again in 2002, and 2003. anyone who hates america they support. the hatred of america is a deep-seated among progressives and in the left that it's really hard for conservatives to fathom. otherwise, they would be many
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more conservatives talking away on talking now, but i know it because i was there. white supremacy, america is the white supremacy nation. you hear that. whoever says that is either a lunatic or a racist. happens to be an antiwhite racist, anti- american racist, but a racist nonetheless. this is a country who is now the end of eight years of a disastrous presidency by barack obama. we have had two black secretaries of state, a black chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, three black heads of the national security council including the current susan rice who just made a racist statement that the nfc is to white who is a liar, who went on television after benghazi line about what happened, knowing it was a lie.
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we have thousands of black elected officials. we have major american cities like atlanta, run by blacks. black mayor, black police chief, black superintendent of schools and there are other cities just like that, baltimore and who suffers by the way by this aggressive racism? who suffers are black people in inner cities, the assault on police, the war against police that black lives matter and these other racist clear-- declare has led to epidemic homicides, speights in the homicide rate in crime rate. in cities like baltimore and ferguson. where the victims? black people. it's time for black people to wake up and start voting for republicans or you are going to
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be in this prison-- i mean, the blacks in inner cities will be in prison. let's not forget the thriving black middle class in america and black upper class as well. it is so diabolical that people put faith in the democratic party as a protector of blacks and a champion of blacks when the democratic party is the worst enemy that black people that black people have this country and don't forget the party is the party of slavery in the party segregation. it's also the party of the inner-city, the party of a welfare system that is destroying inner-city black communities because it has huge incentives to kick fathers or
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men out of the household. so, you have a single mother then bribe the mother like giving $200 a month or something like that if she has a baby, so you encourage large families, no wage earner and if the mother also gets a job, if scheer is the money she loses her welfare benefits. how evil is that? and the democrats are responsible for it and respect-- republicans are responsible because they are not screaming this from the rooftops every time they make a speech. our national culture, the "new york times", the network, the universities encourage this kind of racism, and lunacy.
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and you can't always tell what's going on. the winner of the national book award this year is america's most pampered racist. son of a black panther who didn't graduate from college, that was made a visiting professor at mit, nonetheless took was offered a calm in the "new york times", currently receiving a $650,000 genius award from the macarthur foundation, celebrated, praised by the atlantic, by all of the institutions and written a racist screed and got the book award for a racist screed called "between the world and me", which is in the form of a letter to his son. the me just quote one passage
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from it. and so that beauty, writes codes, that malcolm x pledged as to protect, black beauty was never celebrated in movies and television or in the textbooks have seen as a child. every one of from jesus to george washington was white. was born in 1975, and was eight years old when martin luther king became the only american with a holiday in his honor and in order to get that holiday, which was created by ronald reagan, george washington had to be pushed to the back of the bus so, we are presidents they now are washington and lincoln, the two formative figures in the creation of america are bunched together with no name for a holiday.
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the first motion picture, it champion civil rights and equal dignity form blacks, most notably, the parade began appearing in 1949. sidney fortier when i may award as best actor in the lease of the field, which was not about civil rights. it was about a wonderful black person. in 1964, in 1960 harper lee's novel about racial justice for blacks when the pulitzer prize and went on to sell almost 60 million copies. in 1977, when coates was two years old television featured roots, epic miniseries about black oppression which was the most widely viewed show of its time. reviewed by more than 30 million americans and one a score of emmys. as is typical of the black lives matter racists and left this
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like him in our academies, he simply lies to sustain his hatred of whites. in his book he actually says his best friend was killed by a policeman. best friend was black. the policeman said he was trying to run him over in his car. easy coates eases this as an example of america's white racism. however, the police officer was black. he excuses this by saying the devil made him do it. he was thinking white. how racist is that? and this is a celebrated figure in the progressive culture. people are shaking their heads. yeah, this is what our country has come to. this is why donald trump is such
11:30 am
a compelling figure for so many americans, because they are tired of this crap that's been thrown out and they are tired of the lives that are lost because this racism is human, just because it comes from black people. how is it that civil rights heroes, so-called are now rear predators and prey on black people? has screwed up is that wax what is wrong with the progressive? what is wrong is that our schools have been turned over to racists, anti- americans, racist now, for 20 and 30 years. the whole curriculum in our universities are devoted to teaching that is politically correct to hate white people. you have this spectacle at the university missouri, of empty
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charges that there were four charges that there was racism at the school, not one of them examined. think again, lynch mob. not one examined and moms appeared demanding the resignation of the head of the whole missouri university system , they achieved in getting over nothing. over empty charges. this was a school where the president student body was black, vice president of was black and the leader of the lynch mob was the son of a multimillionaire railroad executive. black skin privilege. you can lie and people will believe you. it's time for america to return to its roots, which is individual rights, individual circumstances or even of a lynching. you can see the bad dimensions
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of it. you can see the racial dimensions of it, but there are other dimensions as well. those other dimensions instill a certain sense of humility before you go screaming black lives matter, if a black lives matter you would not be crippling the police who are the only line of defense for people in the inner-city. has the democratic party and these democratic-controlled cities and states have deprived them of their second amendment rights by stringent gun-control laws where the only protection may have his guns. hillary clinton has the secret service. the white middle class and people living in gated communities have security systems, but if you are a welfare mother living in a high crime area, the only security you have is what you can reach for in your night table drawer and democrats are determined--
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hillary clinton is determined to take that right away from all of us, but in particular from the black citizens of the democrat controlled plantation. returned to individual rights. return to what is so remarkable about this country. people say 400 years of slavery. of their warrant 400 years of slavery in america. there were 400 years of slavery if you include the english colonies that the british empire, which we defeated. america was created in 1776 with the constitution in 1787 and then within just a little over a generation slavery was eliminated. america is the liberator of slaves, the liberator of black people and until that is instilled again in our young people and in our culture at
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large we are in a heap of trouble. thank you. [applause]. >> we are going to take some questions. because we are recorded on c-span i would ask everyone to line up at the microphone if you want to ask questions. >> david, you mentioned donald trump twice. some time ago there was an interview with david horowitz in which you are asked, many inside the gop see him-- that is donald trump as a sign of a third world pollution and unite an unfit to be the republican nominee. what is your opinion. your answer was somewhat enigmatic. you mentioned kennedy assassination, lyndon johnson, european 10 to look down their
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nose at american-- >> no, no, no. >> let me get to the final point you said one moral of christianity is that saviors are crucified, so are you suggesting that donald trump is a savior? >> no, this was a comment about how people think and trump has excited conservative intellectuals because he is not read their books. that's what any probably won't read their books. i was recalling-- i have learned because, of course, i was brought up as an intellectual and ideas were imported and i have read a lot of books and when kennedy was assassinated i was in england. the europeans always looked down
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on america. starting from 1776, the children that went astray, the product, we are that particle children of the europeans, so they always sneer at our culture. they sneer particularly at texas , which is a very american frontier sort of state and i remember when kennedy was assassinated and lbj became president, all of my english friends living in london, did they look down on it. lbj dogs, lbj did cufflinks. it was lbj ties. this was the american-- what is it, everything that is wrong with america, crude, rude, boulder, heard these comments about trump, but what happened
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next was this, kennedy had all of these reform programs. he couldn't get them through congress. he didn't know how to do it. johnson came in and unfortunately for all of us put through the great society and a couple years and i learned in that there's intellectual spots in their first treat smarts and political smarts, so to underestimate trump, which is what ever republican on that platform did and what a national review and the weekly standard are doing today is a huge mistake. that's all i meant by that and when i brought up-- i don't know why i brought up jesus, but a rabbi actually taught me this that people resent being rescued and saved. they resent that they are dependent on someone else for their salvation and they crucified him.
11:38 am
i don't mean to compare donald trump to jesus. it's just a human response i also probably do too many interviews on the radio. >> what do you think of donald trump? >> well, i think-- first of all i think he is an incredible breath of fresh air in that he is not intimidated by what's called the political correctness , but which is actually communist party line. that's what it is they keep you in check with that, so to be politically incorrect is to be driven from decent society and you can see that reaction among these republicans conservatives. brilliant intellects, but they went trump out of the picture. it's too much for them. i think, like all presidents he will disappoint as if he's
11:39 am
elected. there are thinks he can't possibly do. he can't reform the whole corrupt washington culture. on the other hand, i like the confidence such as it is that i have been trump and it's not insignificant. this is a man who takes his name and reputation very seriously. trump towers, trump airlines, trump this, trump that. when he gets to the white house, should he get to the white house he is going to want to furnish that reputation, not destroy it. he has made promises that he will build a wall. you better believe he's going to build a wall. is that important for america? you bet it is. no country can exist, as he has said, and i thought for many years before he said it without borders. not only that, we can't keep ourselves safe if we're letting
11:40 am
terrorists and criminals-- there are 550,000 illegal convicted criminals in this country. 200,000 in jail and 350,000 roaming our streets and preying on innocent americans. that's an outrage and a crime and of the democratic party is responsible for it and all of those republicans who keep trying to appease the democrats wish for open borders so they can get both, so i am for trump. [applause]. >> i agree with hands up don't shoot that it was a farce. my question concerns some of the other black african american police confrontations that you lumped into it, which i think-- my question is can tension the conservative group make teaching moments for example the following two, you mentioned
11:41 am
aero gardener, but there was a situation where he was resisting arrest and was talking calmly and selling cigarettes. let me finish. and we have a liberal city with a liberal mayor passingly wildly high taxes-- taxes and are cops inserted human with violent crime are tax collectors were the liberal establishment and the other example i would ask about as we have a man who was shot in the back six times and i believe south carolina, not resisting and it was wrote that the teaching moment is that this guy was being put back in jail for not pay child support and when we put people in jail for not paying child support they cannot pay child support and again-- >> wait, wait, wait, the first teaching moment of that is that the officer who shot him in the back is on trial for murder. that's the real lesson of that. the other stuff is interesting, but the real lesson is when cops commit crimes like that they get
11:42 am
tried and should be tried for it. the garner case, look, this is a career criminal. i know the cigarette thing. you don't want to make an excuse for a guy who has been preying on black people for whatever it was, 30 years. also, he was resisting arrest. also-- excuse me-- [inaudible] [inaudible] >> i'm not going to argue with you. i'm just going to tell you what my view of this is. they tell you, you assume the position when they arrest you. you put your hands-- if a police officer says to me you are under arrest my hands are in my back. i'm a law-abiding citizen. the second thing is the officer in charge, the sergeant on the scene in charge of the arrest is an african-american-- [inaudible] >> i'm not going to argue with
11:43 am
you. >> high, it touched on the influence of unions on city government and i apply that. now, there is an organization called the industrial area foundation, which was a salomon ski and started in 1940, and there are a lot of branches of this in los angeles. they pretend to be motherhood and apple pie. however, on their website it says that they proposed to the head of the housing committee in la city that he proposed a registration measure and, of course, that is being pushed through. now, i would like to ask you what you think of the influence of organizations that incidentally my temple belongs to, thank you very much-- >> i wrote a pamphlet, don't know if it's here, which
11:44 am
3 million people have read called "barack obama's loose revolution". it's an analysis of saul omc. he's a communist and an anti- american and very dangerous influence. that's my view. your temple should not be part of it. >> i agree. i tried to say that. i oppose it, but i'm wondering what you know or what you think of this organization called one la? >> i've never heard of it. i know los angeles is gone. all of these cities are gone. their 100% controlled by the democratic party. how can anything good be happening in them? unions, one in the same. we have an encyclopedia of the left published-- posted at
11:45 am
discover the it's encyclopedia. >> would you consider the cold reluctance of the leaders of the black lives matter movement to repudiate the cause of their rank-and-file to kill police officers should designate that movement as a hate? >> it is a hate group. is a hate group. they hate the police. they are defenders of criminals that home and our enemies abroad. that's what progressives do. of course, i'm not-- obviously not every democrat, certainly not ever every democrat voter is aware of what they do because they are incredibly deceptive. when i was a young boy and joseph stalin who had murdered 40 billion-- 40 million russians
11:46 am
who did not get on board for his socialist schemes, the ones bray sanders seems to lie, the slogan of the communist party was funny dictatorship. it was not calling for-- their slogan was not to call for a soviet america, it was peace, jobs and democracy. so, people get fooled. of the left is very seductive. they get fooled all the time. that's why social justice is a mirage. that's one of the big reasons why moral progress is a mirage because people lie and they are very good liars. we have seen wonderful examples of it in the presidential primaries of both parties. just a normal i guess human thing to do, to live. politicians have a vested
11:47 am
interest in line because after the together coalitions of very diverse communities who are normally at each other's throats , so they might say went into this this group and another to another and every politician does it, which doesn't mean there are people with integrity and politics, but they are rare. >> you talked about genocide and you have talked about or just mentioned 40 million killed in russia and we could add 60 million killed in china. i hate it when someone is killed unjustly, even one. those kind of numbers i can't comprehend. now, back in the 20s, margaret sanger the founder of planned parenthood said that some words to the effect that we should not
11:48 am
let the africans working out in the goal is to exterminate african race. wouldn't it help prove that america is not racist if planned parenthood was abolished and abortion was made legal again? >> i think planned parenthood should not get a dime from the federal government. margaret sanger was a racist and genesis who hated black people. the left can overlook that, can't it? it can overlook with the communists did as well. i don't think there's anything that will prove that america-- people who in their very being, and they're very identity hate america and that, to me, is what the black lives matter movement in the progressive left is about. >> just wanted to add that
11:49 am
roughly 1.2 million babies or abortions in america and the vast majority of black-- it is a movement against the black people, therefore, it should be abolished. >> but, if you propose something sensible like if you are receiving welfare and can't afford 10 children or for children, the price of welfare until you get a job and start earning a living, have a norplant, which is a implant that prevents you from having children and if you recommend that then you are called a racist, a progressive racist. the book i've written is like 30 years of my wars against the progressive racist limits and you can see that we have lost
11:50 am
most of the battles. we have got to start winning some. >> last question. last but not least, so we will see what happens. first of all, thank you for coming and i appreciate you being here. i was in san diego and try to get down to see you, but that did not work out, so i'm glad i'm here. >> students preemptively excluded anyone-- >> i applied you and i'm a public school educator and i appreciate your stance. my question directs us up to the idea under ronald reagan and number-- bill bennett was a secretary of education and one of his first speeches, ludwig he said, he said what we need to do in the department of education, again, he is the director of the department of education and he said we need to eradicate the department of education. i applauded that so fully. it didn't happen, but it was a
11:51 am
thought. i am forced to be a member of the california teachers association and i realize that the american federation of teachers also are the largest computing groups to the democratic party. >> socialist causes. >> right and i relay she don't have a magic pill for an answer, but you are right education got us here and as lincoln said we are doomed to repeat that which we have, so what you have for thoughts on a sense of how do we steer this aircraft carrier? >> i wrote five books on universities and how to reform them. they just coming to a whole. republicans-- i have boosted and spoken to chairman of education committees. i spoken to republican leadership in various states. it's not a money issue for them.
11:52 am
they avoid it. i didn't get any real support of the republican party. until that happens, conservatives continue wanting to see our universities to the left it will go on and on like that. they have to get prepared to actually fight and i have to tell you, i can can on the fingers of one hand the republicans who fights. that has got to stop. now, i have a friend who is a democratic party pollster and strategist who will remain anonymous because in his heart he's a conservative. he explained to me how you get rid of the department of education. you increase its budget. you don't say we want to get rid of the department of education because people who are half listening or tent listening they
11:53 am
hear you want to do away with education. you don't ever say we want to eliminate the department of education. what you do is you increase its budget and then in the fine print you take away all of its power and make it just a pass-through to the states or whatever. or the best thing would be to convert its whole budget into voucher rising the entire educational system for everyone. that's what you need to do. [applause]. >> you are a light, seriously, a light in the darkness, so thank you for being the light that you are. we just need to have more light, so thank you. [applause]. >> i want to thank everyone and i went to think c-span and brian lamb because this is the only outlet i have that reaches people that are not in the conservative camp because i have been blacklisted since i had the
11:54 am
poor judgment to write an article for the washington "washington post" with my friend and co-author that we vote-- voted for ronald reagan. [inaudible] >> that's another funny thing because the name-- i mean, i use the name black because malcolm x said we need to call blacks not negroes as they were called, but blacks because negroes were tom and it was jesse jackson who insisted that it then change to african-american. i use black because that's when i was cutting my political teeth , but actually if blacks were called negroes we wouldn't have that problem. that black is a negative color, so it is itself inflicted wound, not by black people but by people like malcolm x, malcolm x. in particular.
11:55 am
african-american is a misnomer also. i call people what they want to be called. [applause]. >> thank you. [applause]. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] cement book to the recently visited capitol hill to ask members of congress with their reading this summer. >> i plan to do four things specifically. the first one am in the middle is bully pulpit. it's about teddy roosevelt and william howard taft and as an old history teacher ice the simply wanted to go into that fascinating era and i should have taken from the title bully pulpit that they would talk a lot about journalism. the author did you went to a
11:56 am
whole lot about the generous-- journalist or in the time and gave a i think some history really wanted. it whet my appetite for it, so for instance last year i read a book about speaker cannon and the relationship canon had teddy roosevelt. barely mention it at all, so i need to go deeper than that, but i'm at least through it now and taft has been elected and we will see what happens from here on and. roosevelt is in africa are quite as good. that's the first one. then, since i love baseball i will pick up of baseball book called the bullpen gospels. connection with this before, so i went to reread this thing about a kid who becomes relief pitcher in the major leagues after a long way to coming up to the minors, but it is written in such a funny style picked in the first three chapters i was laughing out loud, which was kind of embarrassing on the
11:57 am
plane, but it's a well-written book and cool about baseball and has a lot of insights about that year a. of the fourth, and last year when my staffers gave me a book about joe canning, speaker. this year he will kind of continue on with that trend and give me one about sam rayburn, so that gives me two of the great speakers in the history of the house we have covered, but what to me is so fasting about rayburn is not only was he the longest serving speaker of the house, he was also speaker of the house when the seniority rammed its place, so he cannot reward or punish anyone with any appointments and he was the one that always said when i meet a chairman of the committee-- he got his way, but he had to do it through persuasion. whatever he did, that's what i hope to find out. what was his secret of being such a powerful force in the house without having some of the over tools other speakers had had to force compliance because he had to do it by the force of his personality.
11:58 am
i hope that's in their. the last one is another retread. when i was teaching history post randy people concept of what it was like during the declaration signing and realizing full hand it's history, but not history. since it was written basically at the end of the 60s before was produced there's a lot of 1960 concepts that are thrown in there and also the characters are compilation. john adams in the play is really a compilation of sam adams and john adams, but i think the authors have done a good job and couch or of the people involved and that comes out so clearly in the play. other things i like about it is they use actual language and actual writings of these individuals. after i have read through the play several times and then you greet other stuff written by these individuals and i'm like wow, i remember that. that was actually in the plate and it's cooled away the authors
11:59 am
have done a good job in in leading an actual history. language style is much different in the 1700s than it is today, but they were able to weave that into something entertaining and enjoyable and when i was teaching school it was great. although, i have to admit at one time i had a kid that was baiting me on whether this was realistic or not and i said it was pretty close to history and he finally looked at me and he means that she said you me make thing back then and i said they do not saying and then they went on with it and one time we were watching the movie and he turned around and said what were they talking about and i finally said the revolutionary war. ..
12:00 pm
>> after wards is next on booktv. national security center director, karen greenberg, discusses her book "rogue justice" and looks at the laws enacted to fight the rar on terror an 9/11. she is interviewed by ali soufan the author of the inside story of 9/11 and the war against al-qaeda. >> host: "rogue justice," the making of the security state, what do you mean by the term rogue justice? >> guest: "rogue justice" is the


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