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tv   Book Discussion on Long Shot  CSPAN  August 6, 2016 3:45pm-4:01pm EDT

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this concludes the 1984 presented by the shakespeare company bar association. enjoy the rest of your evening. watching the nonfiction
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authors is the best television. they can have a longer conversation and jump right into their subject. they bring the author after author it's the work of fascinating people. i am a c-span fan. one of the things we like to do a book tv is the author of this book. that triumphs and struggles. the three-point shooting specialist. they call attention to pressing social issues.
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>> for me it's one of those things from 1968 on my mom was there with the civil rights movement. to study our situation i was blessed to be able to get a chance to go to college. and hope we have some impact. especially in inner-city communities. when i think about all of us who are professional athletes. we all have the same idea to want to go back and do the right thing. i still feel that. who gets much and gives much is required.
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i think a lot of people made it here. they were trying to stick me against michael. one of the things i still feel that sammy or you to tell anyone what to do with their money. hopefully everyone can play along with it. >> where you a political activist why you played for the bulls. i think that's one of the things. for me i person that wants to see justice. the economic exploitation.
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was a controversial. i think the biggest controversy they give the president a letter. that was considered controversial. for me it was the cultural norm. you make sure that you are responsible. you represent more than yourself. it comes from a family that had great honor in the community. the controversial part of it i know the impact this from the standpoint of plane for a living.
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that's your career. they have more power. and not being able to get a job it was crazy to me. it's so crazy to be. when someone has a certain ability that she get a you get a chance to do what they do. what happened in 1990. it was after her first championship. we have a chance to go to the white house for visit i call him daddy bush. for me with the opportunity to represent the community and those who are a different franchise. i wanted to write a letter to the president and represent
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him and let people know that i'm not coming on behalf of myself. i wanted to be a champion for people maybe someone else it wouldn't have a chance i would never have a chance to go to the white house have not been for a championship. it wasn't amount of meat being respectful. it was a matter of those who were on the outside looking in it wasn't different than that. for me to have the nerve. what did that later say. once again they consider the issues of the different franchise and know how we oftentimes go against balance. we can get billions and billions for fighter jets.
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but when can you do something before that. that is piggybacking on dr. king's movement. i think the rest will go into place. we will get better as a nation. >> did you ever get a response. >> not at all. it was kind of shocking we wrote letters to our mayor. getting the opportunity and make the most of it. what was reaction from the chicago bulls. my teammates was there as well
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as entire staff. it was the first time that i was on the international scale. it was funny to me how my teammates at the time to work for. they were somewhat apologetic. for me for the right audience it was fun for me. when you're feeling uncomfortable. it was a great day. one of the greatest days. the fact that we went to the capital at that point in time it doesn't matter who is sitting in the seat this is can continue to run. and i was really powerful for me. >> you put this in your book how much money remaking that year.
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>> i think my last year i made $600,000. was that a healthy solid weight? >> i was in my ninth season. the amount of money that i could receive was an unrestricted free agent. the gap of economics and jobs if we have the recourse we can create some jobs. from that standpoint what is your connection to arthur ashe?
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>> in between sets he would come back and sit down he would close his eyes and meditate. the next time i went out the coach called a timeout. he said what are you doing. he said you have to watch what you're doing. they take it to a different level. in my household they were family even though they weren't there. my uncles and my granddad the time at a young age that year the athletes to watch. and they were the ones that they always told me to watch. there were athletes that came
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through my life that impacted me because my family put it on to settle there. he introduced you to that. we knew something about it. but at that time when he told me was a chance to take a look at another part of the world and see how it impacted us and how we could impact it. we took that stance. as a lack studies major i learned at an early age that black people even the wealthy of us had been conditioned to wait for the white man to sign off on our movement.
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>> to that degree where we are right now who do we make our ally. oftentimes you make them outside of our community and that doesn't allow that trickle-down effect to happen. to me it's necessary for us have freedom of mind in resources and freedom of movement from the same point that i don't have to apologize for being black. we can take a step up. they have taken that position to make sure that we could set an agenda and place so that our future generations can understand what it means to be a leader in the community. >> when did you experience what i just read? >> probably when i was in elementary school.
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and they say enough to be if to be back side on this by 6:00. watch out being on the west side. it was never said that this is what was going down. if you are over there this can happen to you. likewise similar to today when a mother would tell her son when you see the police picture you carry yourself in the same kind of way. now if feel like something is almost wrong with you. you can't move like someone else now is a matter of you marginalizing yourself to bring that here. it might be the next einstein for all you know. but you been conditioned not to be outspoken and articulate that. i feel so blessed that i have the family upbringing that i
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have i was a secretary. i'm sitting there watching the leadership. i am watching my mom and doing petition drives for the movement. i was blessed from that standpoint. >> you said you made $700,000 in 1992 i was blacklisted. more.
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it just happened to you. i will ask questions whether it is scotty or something else, patrick ewing, i was a union rep and it


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