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tv   Book Discussion on Hillarys America  CSPAN  August 7, 2016 12:15am-1:19am EDT

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when breath becomes there, -- are look continues with nancy eisenberg's examination of trash in america and the poor white reconstruction to the neil deal in the new book "white trash". that's followed by nathaniel philbrick's look at the relationship between revolutionary war generals george washington and benedict arnold in valiant ambition. next up is the life-changing magic of tidying up by marie condo. followed by the book "be immortal". and bobby kennedykennedy, look at the former senator. and persistence rather than geniuses a better predictor of success in the book "grit". that's a look at the best
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sellers area and many of these will appear in book to be and you can watch on our website, >> of morning everyone. thank you students, staff and supporters for attending young america's foundation 38 national conservatives are in my name is jim and i'll be transferring from to the university of utah after having spent two years at the university of miami. had the privilege of interning with young america foundation this summer and we are honored to start the day with the notable activists in the conservative movement. the foundation is dedicated to conservative outreach striving to inspire america's youth to uphold the conservative ideals that built this country. we use programs like this conference to promote ideas of
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individual freedom, free enterprise, strong national defense, and traditional values to people across the country. each are the foundation succeeds in introducing thousands of people to these ideas during numerous conferences, entering ships, lectures, freedom chapters and center for entrepreneurship and the national journalism. in 1998 the foundation stepped forward to save ronald reagan's ranch in the ronald reagan's ranch in the sky. his ranch has been fundamental in helping with our ability to pass on ideas to future generations. for more information on our mission or our programs, you can visit our website or call 1800, usa 1716. our first speaker today is wanted the most greatest speakers. dinesh d'souza is a writer and scholar music producer. a a former policy analyst at the reagan white house he also served as a fellow in the american enterprise institute and the robert and karen fellow at the hoover institute at stanford university. he he
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served as president of the kings college and -- from 2010 - 2012. in 1995, he published the end of racism which, he published the end of racism which became one of the most controversial books of the time. his 1997 book, ronald reg and how ordinary men became an extraordinary leader was the first book to make -- in 2002, he published the new york times bestseller what's so great about america, and it was critically claim. his letters to young conservative has become a handbook handbook to a new generation of young conservatives inspired by his style and idea. he stands out among our distinguished credible speakers, not only has he encountered great success in literature, he has managed to infiltrate liberal hollywood.
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his most recent endeavor, the critically acclaimed documentary that will change the landscape of the new cycle from now until november launch nationwide on july 15 and has become the highest grossing documentary of 2016. before we bring them to the stage take a look at this. >> who are these democrats? >> dinesh d'souza was sentenced on tuesday to spend eight months >> it all began with the obama administration tried to shut me up. what did i learn? all crime is about healing. the criminals are still at
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large. the system doesn't go after them. time to go behind the curtain and discover the souls of the democratic party. [inaudible] the democrats support slaves. the civil rights act has a lot the men to sit at the same table is like us. >> the democratic party, why has all this been swept under the rug. to cover-up the tracks of the democratic party. >> were not even talking about ancient history. the racism continues well into
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the 20th century. >> as long as black men continue to ravish white women we will continue to lynching. >> you have to give him a little bit. >> the democrats went to slavery to enslavement. corrupted city offices that i get corrupt unions. what is is progressive actually mean? social engineering, social control. >> a large family judge, one of its members -- the opening video with the democratic convention, government is one thing we all belong to. government longs to us, we don't want to eat. >> what are these democrats hiding? >> when you follow the light what is the goal of the democratic party's most valuable thing that the world has ever
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produced. who will stop them now? [applause]. >> thank you very much, for me it is an honor and privilege to be here at the young american foundation conference i'm thrilled to be accompanied by my wife debbie, we are both, debbie from venezuela and me from india, whenever i look at you i
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always think of when i first came to america. i was 17 years old i was exchange student from india going to public school in arizona i remember the airplane descending on new york city and i looked out the window and i saw the skyline of new york. i saw the statue of liberty and kind of a strange feeling came over me. i realized that my life from that moment on would be totally different. i realized that without being political intuitive leap that i was moving from the margin of the world to the center. i realize i'll be able to do things with my life that i would not be able to do if i had stayed back to india. if america i have experience the american dream.
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which is not just a dream of economic success or opportunity, it's really the dream of being able to be the architect of your own destiny. it is a dream of being able to write the scripts of your own life. so here in america if your parents say to you hey young billy what you want to when you grow up, they can advise you at the end of the day they know it is you that will supply the answer to that question. now password about 25 years is about one year ago that i found myself locked up in a federal confinement center under the supervision of the obama administration with 120 seasoned hoodlums. i was going to say
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season of them like myself, but they were certainly seasoned hoodlums and this was for my crime of exceeding the campaign-finance limit. i've actually given 20,000 dollars to a college college friend of mine who is running for the senate. normally this is an offense when there is not any corruption you are not trying to buy favors or to any kind of underhanded dealings, normally this is something to the federal election commission, it's not a federal matter at all, maybe a finding community service, but in my case the administration unleash fbi agents on me, and that and there was with united states of america versus dinesh d'souza. kind of a chilling feeling down my spine.
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kind of a chilling feeling when you are an immigrant. did i exceed the campaign-finance law? yes. but no american has been locked up for doing what i did. in fact read about the same time that my case was migrating through court another guy, whose fellow's name was -- and asian indian guy, we asian indians appear to specialize in the campaign-finance violation area. in any event, this dude gave $180,000 in donation to hillary clinton and a group of other democratic candidates. he he was also found guilty of witness tampering and he openly boasted about his corruption about trying to buy these politicians. the sky gets no prison, no confinement. so i mention this because
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justice is not simply a matter of did you break the law. justice is also a matter of death penalty fit the crime. did other guys who did the same thing get roughly the same penalty. i think we can see from my case that the progressive justice that i was subjected to was a sham. this was actually a kind of selective prosecution. while while i think that? because just a few months earlier i had made the film 2006 she obama's america in which i got not only into obama's world but obama's world but also got into obama's head. people say, g what do you make makes you think the president the united united states we care what you did? the reason i know that he did this because right after the film came out the attack on me in the movie began to appear on a website called barack
12:28 am these attacks these attacks were on-site, but if you actually read them closely in their peculiar mixture of arrogance, incoherence, one could recognize the unmistakable signature of the man who currently is the white house. so, this was why i found myself in federal confinement. the confinement center. initially i was jubilant. the obama administration wanted to lock me up for up to two years. by the way had they succeeded there is no way i could i could have made this movie on hillary. in fact, i'll be locked up now. but instead i got this eight month confinement center in which i was spend the night in a dorm, about the size of this room with 120 other guys who serve prison who served prison sentences. these were not white-collar guys. there may be five to eight
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criminal stress were drug smugglers, rapists, the whole gamut initially i was terrified the majority were hispanic so everybody seemed to be in some group or gain. so even the hispanics were not in one game. the american who are called's outsiders were in one gang and the mexicans had their gang. so i thought i can't talk to this guy can affect as you want to kill me. i did consider starting my own gang, the asian indian gang but after about a month i thought to myself, look i'm in a strange place, and sort of like an anthropologist lunch anthropologist in strange land. this is not not a place where you normally find conservatives.
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>> >> i would like to talk about that briefly this morning. now we will talk to route the democratic party. ion the creature of the reagan revolution and reagan used to say i didn't leave the democratic party, it left me. you get the idea the democratic party was a good
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party it was coming along pretty well until the late '60s with the mcgovern campaign when it went off the rails. it left him. but i regret to say this is one area that rated was wrong because as i began to dig into this objective research realized had a stream that define the party from the very beginning. and the reason we didn't know about it or reagan didn't know is because of the success of progressive historiography the progressives have been ingenious that covering their tracks. i will start by giving a small example because it is one of their horrific events
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of the 20th century, the holocaust. in the 1930's the democratic party was fascinated natalie by fascism but by also not see is some. it seems little hole believable but kennedy went to germany in the '30's and came back super excited about hitler and full of praise calling him a legend. there are some people that don't like to but they are jealous of him as the nazi claims the nordic people are better than everybody else and that is because they are. this is jfk. by the way i should tell you that nothing i am about to save this morning is controversial in the sense it is debated whether not it occurred you can actually google jfk thirties nazi germany and in 30 seconds you will see it is true.
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fdr was enamored by mussolini. he actually dispatched members of his brain trust to go to italy to study i italian fascism because he thought that was more progressive than the new deal. he thought he could import five ideas to america and mutual admiration and mussolini and viewed his book in an italian magazine and loved it. upon the conclusion is he is one of us. he is a fascist. now after world war ii progressive historians look at this and says fascism carries the order of the holocaust and the gas
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chambers and dachau and we cannot have this in the textbooks because people may find out selfie that out we will not lie but we just would not say anything about it silly small but telling example that to the great progressives leaders have been protected by the progressive left. let's continue with fdr because when elected he wanted to push through the new deal. but it was difficult because he needed the support of other democrats and the democratic party was racist to the core. he needed the racist and democrats to get the new deal through.
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so he goes to them and says basically please support the new deal i will give you all kinds of benefits we will build the tennessee valley pride project in your neighborhood but they said that isn't enough but only if you agree to block all anti-lynching laws proposed by the republicans. for he agrees and that the two main occupations of occupation no new deals for blacks and fdr agrees again so here is the progressive hero of the 20th century in bed with the worst racist in america that were a critical part to get the new deal through.
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once again this is a fact. now back up to the big picture. they can be summarized as follows the democratic party , who founded it? me who started it? maybe thomas jefferson? no. his party was called the democratic republican party is split later became the democratic party andrew jackson was the founder of the democratic party. he is a controversial figure because of his indian wars known as a savage indian fighter but i want to
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highlight a side of andrew jackson that is never mentioned somebody who figured out how to profit greatly from public policy policy, so here is what he would do. he would get ready to have the fight with the indians to push them off their land than they would be auctioned off to sellers but he knew which land would become available before the fight he would send in the private surveyor who would determine the value that would be reported privately to him then he would contact his buddies in before they're even thrown off the land.
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un from dead broke to becoming one of the richest men of the country. and bought a big slaved plantation. i tell you this because the roots of the clinton foundation can be found in the policies of the andrew jackson. while we see today that the clintons can market policy think about the clintons if i can fast-forward but it is true they did it come into politics with money. we had residents who were rich but they were rich before they didn't have a
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whole lot of money saudia go from zero at $300 billion on a government salary? how is your foundation accumulate $3 billion when you haven't done anything? you didn't start the i felt our a business how do you do that? is that even not plausible way how that could legitimately occurred? no. in other words, people who have learned how to market policy for private benefit. back to the democratic party they begin natalie as the party of the indian relocation but also slavery. this requires the explanation because clearly the democrats did not invent
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slavery. that has been around since the dawn of mankind. but it is the positive good that they invented the idea that slavery is good only for the master but also for the slaves. it is a function of regrettable necessity. the democrats came up house lavery benefits the slaves. and there is an echo today the way democrats rand urban plantation this is the echo of the pro slavery argument
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they defended consistently in the civil war is understood better as a fight not between the north and the south in the antislavery republican party. we think of the civil war of a fight but it is a triumph that they took their own crimes to say let's play with the south. was make the south the bad guys and make that anti-slavery north and prose slavery south. did most owned slaves? no. 3/4 did not provide the same
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token the northern democrats protested slavery to with the same aggressive enthusiasm is the southern democrats. console right away you can see that north-south divide that this actual argument is between the two parties. they lost the biggest feeling project because slavery is best we can call say you work i.e. to steal a behan's labor his whole life. after slavery the democrats came up with new stuff. segregation, jim-crow lynching and the kkk. before a landmark democratic party policies after slavery
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then every segregation law without exception was passed by it democratic legislature side by it democratic governor there is no exception to the rule. the clown -- the kkk and for 30 years this served as a domestic terrorist arm of the party. to revive the klan in the midwest in the west.
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has for sterilization is did eugenics later progressivism became a metamorphosis of a new scheme. but the genius of progressive historiography is to take the crimes of the democratic party to blame them on the south or the republican party or america as san philadelphia. america is responsible for slavery and segregation. but america was the responsible if ameritech did those who would still be going on. so the americans did those things others stopped them. who did them?
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the democrats. but the storytelling to take the stuff that we did to believe that on america. that is like poisoning though well then showing up to be the water commissioner. how can anybody get away with this? have you pilaf ischium this magnitude the khedive sinful reagan and dinesh d'souza and others? basically you need to control three institutions academia, hollywood and the media. those of the three biggest megaphones of the culture. there is a bunch of propaganda you can put out with no one around to save different.
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in for those who are your opponents and come to except that. the democrats are like lawyers who make a legal defense my client was nowhere on the scene of the crime. but whenever this is produced unmistakable s.c. was but then he did not own a gun did you say not only did he owned a gun but pulled the trigger the democrat said that was in self-defense. so that last line against this indictment which do is irrefutable is called the big switch. the most important intellectual task.
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paul so the big switch. what is this? the basic idea that now that you have the goods we did with this but just at the last minute we change. we saw the light in became the good guys and all races became republicans. this is a very cunning argument because on the surface it appears to be supported by two momentous fax that blacks to use to a republican to vote democrat so this seems to support that idea that there was a switch don't they realize
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their friends are the democrats? wailes with a switch? number two southern whites used to be democratic are now largely republican so that the a pierced you corroborate the big switch but i'll tell you why it is a lot. first of all, blacks did switch but not because of race. when did they switch for republicans to democrats? of during the era of the new deal because the fishes were economically desperate the they were bribes. they knew they were leaving the party of the emancipation to join the party of segregation and the kkk but they did it anyway.
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i don't blame them because conditions were terrible. but long-term this is proven to be a really bad deal for blacks. but now southern whites. when did they switch from the of democratic party to the republican party? spee between the '70's and 90's. why? it isn't because of racism but in other words, if you look at survey data you can see racism is declining dramatically in the south in the second half of the 20th century so as the south becomes less racist it becomes more republican.
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there is an inverse relationship so that one over the non racist in the south you identified with patriotism and economic opportunity. christianity. did said dixiecrats become republicans? no. it relies on one guy strom thurmond who did become a republican but was pretty much the only one. you can do this very easily yourself that the vast majority remained in the
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democratic party. so that is bogus. so the deep south wind for wallace working with segregation today and tomorrow and forever. he carries the deep south will this may seem like i.m. fighting for history but why? because that moral capital comes from the idea of the good guys. war immigrants or latinos but in fact, it is the
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deadly enemy of the anti-immigrant party from the beginning and those murderers. you might say what about today? and then decided to take a walk to see a very interesting site but i will call that the urban plantation. end of the inner-city philadelphia. yes.
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but i will mention as i draw this from his book called a peculiar institution. but on the old slave plantations we have ransack a - - rendell living quarters slave quarters. a family structure to be bought in unsold under slavery with that legitimacy and family disintegration. number three. a high degree of violence needed to keep the place in tact. >> and if you don't have the display of force. number four.
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everybody has a meager provisions if you get sick they call the doctor. but there is no opportunity. everybody is stuck were they are and there's no audience mitt. no education. so is it not a factor if we want inner-city oakland, said detroit, chicago, philadelph ia, dallas you see the same features today? the roll plantation and its characteristics have been transplanted. this is interesting to save people and the same party are both they are stealing the people's labour and
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today they're only interested in their throats. but in fact, may have a vested interest that their lives never get better. but these places never get fixed. how is it possible? >> a time anybody wants to you gentrify the city we will create of a new living space, companies, starbucks space, companies, starbucks, of lot of the new letters of opportunity they fight it because you give them ladders of opportunity with no further reason to want to be democrats and they know that. >> people say we need to
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know history because you live it. the echoes of the past are in the present. for most of my career but movies have the potential of recreating a telling story that people chancy and identify with. isn't yet if you see the movie that makes extraordinary claims, it is substantiated in my book. i have a line that any to 60 though republican known this way if but then they say are
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you serious? it is true. the left-wing critics are thrashing around they can find one little fact in the entire movie or the entire book that they can even plausibly dispute they can't so it is just empty rhetoric and i love it a love to see my opponents thrashing around helplessly looking for weapons not being able to find any. so we urge you to learn our times demand that.
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though we don't need to know about the founding of much. you don't need to know the blueprints of your house just to walk down the hallway to sit on the couch only when it begins to shake to figure out how it is put together we're living in such a time. is the most encouraging all the virtues it takes courage to carry all the other virtues. the creativity. knowledge june the bravery and we can help america to restore america and save america. this is been a very bad obama period and i think
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hillary is even worse because he has a goal. you we not agree but the goal is principles. he has said direction to remake america. of the clintons have been running rackets and win day when though whitehouse they were renting time to rooms a and selling things to racketeers and criminals. my gosh we have had corruption before the daily racket in chicago we never had a secretary of state who figured out how to make money and foreign policy by:net -- collecting money from canadian millionaires
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were selling alcoholic cost or selling out those for heartbreak relief but to the coffers of the clintons in this is going on in the media is not to be seen. it is one thing. >> that does carry a distaste. this. >> it will not make our girl looking that could. this is our predicament. our generation hasn't -- passes the baton. may you be worthy. [applause]
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submit we have a few minutes for questions. >> ago to the university of colorado. what do expect hillary clinton to focus on in her speech tonight? >> it will be the fact that the democrats have always been the party a civil-rights and she writes in the historic middle we never had a female run this country said she would be a historic first. no. we'll hear the usual dog and pony show is a movie directly contradicts that she will give you the story then "hillary's america" will give you the real story
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>> as a future history teacher fineness super interesting. few find that trend in the education system never trending with the historical narrative? are there any specific policies you would advocate for public education? >> 30 years ago conservatives have almost no response per we would have to start a 300 campuses to rival the domination of the left but because of technology and other means to deliver information that this version of truth and
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fact is crashing because precisely because the left is hiding so much to sweep that under the rug off gives the emotional power to my movie. or they would be saying tallis something we don't know but you don't know because it is kept from you and once it is out there is a challenge to put down the gauntlet social me on a waiting and will be a long time. it is powerful but we have to deploy them. and i just wrote it in the op-ed nobody would see it by sticking it on 1200's creance it is hard to ignore >> wiedmaier rising freshman
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georgia is becoming republican leaning is that a result of them being racist? >> this is called the end of southern exceptionalism the book looks to divide the most racist and non racist and it shows they never switched and in fact, they felt comfortable staying in the democratic party the non racist move to the republican party because of economic opportunity. racism was a technique to provide consolation to the four white man your life's shocks but the good news is you belong to this exclusive club of whites only so even though your unbelievably stupid and unsuccessful we will still put you on the totem pole this is a
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political strategy why the democrats held the outpour whites fighting never laughed it is important that there is now out because the evidence is the other way it is important to be familiar so get my book together it is like muhammed ali the one-two punch. >> with all e-mail scandal against crooked hillary it seems the system is rigged so what can we do to get back to the rule of law? >> off number one expose a lot is going space. look at these recent scandals.
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the party -- the party called democrats are running a soviet-style election in america. when you listen to the private conversation of democrats you realize the party of racism has not changed that much the hispanic initiative they call it taco bell initiative blacks and homosexuals atheism against bernie sanders is a party and the uncensored speech so imagine if this was trump with the republicans the media would be all over it. is eight progressive embarrassment and this is their job how do we cover it up? have we minimize? we cannot deny it but how do we make it no big deal or
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let's move on? that is why it is important to realize how lucky to influence the institutions of media or hollywood caught -- comedy and academia it cannot continue the current monopoly in those areas. >> i am from connecticut the recently saw your movie "hillary's america" but one of the questions that came to mind was how did you do this everything in hollywood as a liberal bias so was there any resistance from the democratic side of the government to get your movie into theaters? he really did expose the truth side of the democratic party in the evils. >> there was a very pleasant discovery for me the left controls hollywood which is
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a movie production but it doesn't control movie distribution. that is completely different. so i aligned itself with the distributors. they said get them around the block. so we filmed this whole movie in dallas. this keeps us outside the influence of hollywood people but when the movie comes out, 300 critics are deployed to destroy that they will trash the movie happily lodestar ignoramus full of violent hatred but they don't know anything so really that is pretty good odds for me just in terms of knowledge i am not saying
1:11 am
they're not progressives that are smart to believe me they will deploy a powerful historians from harvard and stand for it -- stanford and i am ready for that but in the beginning it is of these ridiculous people and they just come up with a really big words to impress themselves just let catarrhine tomatoes than we would get 90% from the audience they love the movie so the effort to block the movie isn't working and we have shown a path that other conservatives can follow if you don't make moneys to do messaging but to entertain. one of the few things he does well people go to the movies for fun you can do a lot of messaging if you make a movie on obamacare or immigration go.
1:12 am
it has a story line with the drama and a plot in narrative character in suspense this movie is a thriller because of hillary it is a horror movie. [laughter] [applause] >> i am just wondering if you see a future to attract more minority to the republican party? how do you see that happening? >> two things. minorities him blacks have been told the story line that the republican party is the party of bigotry. is important to correct that perception so is the party of the emancipation and they fought for immigrants and
1:13 am
for blacks with the vast majority of history. och you feel a sense of vertigo you make your way in a new land climb up the ladder of opportunity then they say you don't need a ladder we will let down the rope hanging on is easier than claiming with little realize is they have no intention of pulling all the way up and then in permanent
1:14 am
dependency we were dependent on the rope down they go and that keeps them with the new form of sir richard accepted is a much subtler form with that plantation approach and that is where you strip away that moral capital. >> is great to have you here speaking at the convention to do elaborate more about the left being so vocal and how it impacted you on the left?
1:15 am
>> prison, for i was in a confinement center that was kind of prison. i am very up on america but not so up on the way things are done by government. if you'd asked me when i wish to lung 95 percentages of a federal crime plead guilty coated said because most of them did it the government is right to go after them but now that i know more realize that isn't the case. the government has ways to make innocent people plead guilty it is unbelievable it is the plea bargain system if they want to get a doctor he is done nothing wrong. the federal statutes are so accordion like they can find
1:16 am
something did you read minister pain medicine? we will charge you with the illegal administration of illegal drugs you say she was in pain but you exceeded the allowable dose we will charge with a crime to put you away for five years but if you plead guilty will get three months and you can practice medicine again. what is your chart choice? we known as a federal criminal be locked up for five years and undermine your family or take the plea? this is the strong arm tactics routinely used i used to think of lot of innocent people are locked up right now. it clears your mind of the way the world is it is true in countries of venezuela or
1:17 am
india they are run by gangs we like to believe it is totally different here it is but not totally. these experiences are i opening it has given my conservatism a more solid foundation. thanks for your attention and see the movie for the fate depends on how well does the opening couple of weeks of a does well in the beginning it spreads people say how do i get the movie scene by independence? then go see it this week for this coming weekend because if you see it now you put fuel into the rocket we shall learn to do is use your influence we is very little attraction influence you say i only have 300 friends on facebook but they have 300 friends so today you are a little publisher few use your influence to get the information out you can change the way people
1:18 am
think the duty of the movie you can watch it in 90 minutes but it changes your review on the inside. they have the power to do that books have the power to change minds by providing information so once again i urge you not to be apathetic be dangerous americans to go out and change society and help save your country. [applause]


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