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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 17, 2016 4:12pm-6:01pm EDT

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♪ and when i die and when i ♪ lay my body down, i will ♪ ♪ find that will be the ♪ peace that brings you all ♪ around. ♪ just look at it.♪ ♪ bring us all around.♪ ♪ and tell me, doesn't my ♪ ♪ mother cry like everyone?♪ ♪ doesn't my father agreed ♪ for his only son?
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♪ because who cares whose ♪ arms i'm all wrapped up ♪ in? ♪ who cares whose eyes i see ♪ myself in?♪ ♪ who cares who i dream of ♪ and no it doesn't matter ♪ who i dream of.♪ ♪ because you can only ♪ imagine that i was in love ♪ and we are all love, love ♪ ♪ has no face.♪ ♪ love has no face.
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♪ love has no faith so cares ♪ who i love west and mark.♪ ♪ [applause] thank you. >> thank you. we have to apportion your real quick, dds gunn, this was formed out of the need after orlando and here we act up and support in our community and thank you. >> what we need to do is raise our voices and not object so what we need to is talk to congress because congress is in the pockets of the nra.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, daughters and sons. please welcome to the stage from the campaign against violence shira tarantino and the team.[applause] [applause]
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>> hello? i'm going to be brief. i'm run tech era from connecticut against gun violence and these are some of the people that have come down today. i want to thank you for coming here on this day. as we do what we must doto disarm hate . that is, together with each other until all learn that nothing meaningful in the world has ever been accomplished through hate. the mass shooting at the pulse nightclub in orlando was a hate crime pitted against the lgbtq community.
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this should accomplish anything by committing the crime okay? he did not. but we will in all or of those who suffered and died that night and all victims of gun violence. mass shootings and gun deaths generally affect all people, not only the victims but their friends, families and loved ones. it is the rare done death that affects only one person. in connecticut we are fortunate we have strong gun laws, we had the second strongest gun laws in the nation and we have lowest rate of gun deaths in the nation. in fact, of the 10 states with the strongest gun laws, son of those are among the states with the lowest gun deaths. the smart gun laws work. smart gun laws save lives. we're here today to demonstrate our commitment to our partners in the lgbtq community and all
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organizations who understand that we need to strengthen our federal gun laws in order to keep our communities safe from gun violence. we are here today, our nations capital to demonstrate that we will not quit until our congress has the courage to stand up to the gun lobby and call a vote on significant reform allowed on bills. we can't stop the haters from hating but we can stop them from getting guns to kill the people they hate with. we can feel that a political shift has taken place since orlando's massive hate crimes. what makers are taking destructive actions to call attention to their indefensible inaction of the past. and if our congress does not change our gun laws then we are committed to change our congress. [applause] thank you very
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much for being here, so glad to be here with you, thank you. >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the podium jonathan pirlo reading a press release from connecticut congressman chris murphy. >> thank you everybody. i'm happy to be here. i want to pass along from senator murphy was not able to make it today. i want to thank every advocate gathered here today, i wish i could be there with you in person but i wanted to let you know just how powerful it is that you are altogether in washington right now. for too long the city has the long the gun lobby and their vice grip on congress has made it nearly impossible to pass even the most common sense reforms. that era is over. 90 percent of americans port
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family background checks including an overwhelming majority of gun owners. congress cannot remain out of step with the american people for long. in the wake of mass shooting after mass shooting and the daily bloodshed in our cities, people across this country are outraged that congress has done nothing to stop this violence and so am i. that's why i served on the floor set for 15 hours following theshooting in orlando . that's why my colleagues and representatives in court sitting. that's why you're here today, this country is rising up to demand longer gun violence invention laws. i can feel it with each passing hour of my filibuster and every day since. the lobby won't go down without a fight so we are ready, we are larger, we are stronger and most importantly we are standing together and if we are able to push through and keep fighting we
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are going to win thanks to senator chris murphy and the entire connecticut special delegation for being such a leader in this movement, thank you. [applause] >> thank you. keep guns away from suspected terrorists and require background checks strongly supported by amajority of americans . [applause] we have lots of contemplation, plenty of time to pause and reflect, we have moments of silence every week on the house floor because so many thoughts and so were many prayers but no votes area orlando is the latest in an awful series of mass shootings, all of which we can easily say in hindsight were committed by people who should not have had guns.
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some choose to make committed by people who claim to be inspired by extremist religious ideologies, cities like portland, colorado springs, san bernardino. cities are created by users, stalkers or perpetrators of domestic violence. and significant others are family members of mass shooters have the greatest risk of being numbered among the fallen. nearly all mass shootings like newton, laura, lafayette, virginia tech are committed by people who later said that they exhibited extreme signs of mental instability. virginia, everyone knew that young man was areas we mentally ill. only mass shootings like emmanuelle amd charge in charleston, community college in oregon, temple in wisconsin, are committed by hate filled individuals who target victims because of their identity. the person killed 49 americans in orlando was all of these. he committed horrible acts of violence against his ex-wife. he exhibited such
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arrangement that he frightened classmates and coworkers. he was investigated as a terrorist by the fbi and he chose as a target a gay nightclub on latin night. he was in every respect literally the last person that we would want to have access to legally buy the gun and yet he went into a gun store and legally purchased an assault weapon, a block and a huge amount of animation. hedidn't violate any laws to purchase these weapons because outlaws are not good enough . these , there are things that we can do to help this problem. we can expand background checks to prevent dangerous people from getting guns. we can allow the attorney general to remove it suspected terrorists from buying guns. we can pass my bill that keeping guns from the criminals at old gun owners accountable for making sure they only sell weapons to responsible people. we could try to pass another
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great bill, the atf enforcement act which will allow the atf truly enforce gun laws and call block of those who say about laws are good enough. we can pass on violence restraining order like they had in california law enforcement and family members can temporarily remove guns from family members who are in moments of crisis and each one of us has had family members were either in the depression, maybe a psychotic episode that we didn't want to have done there are a lot more things we can do instead of having these and was moments of silence and then getting out of town or six or seven weeks. doing nothing is not rational. that message is morally wrong. and we only to the victims of gun violence and their families to do something and we only to ourselves. why don't we do anything you must be wondering? why does congress failing to act especially when all of the surveys show 90 percent, 85 percent would support these measures? we don't do anything because congress as leaders are
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beholden to the gun lobby. we don't do anything because the speaker is afraid of having his numbers in moderate guesses have to take. we don't do anything because the republicans are also behind their nominee, a standardbearer who thinks the answer to a problem he can't silence his second amendment people. we are standing behind man who encountered an anti-áuntran8á rally this week , three months after peoples nightclub shooting, rally they held in orlando. we are standing behind a candidate who wants to appoint a supreme court judge will strike down marriage equality. we call this way and we are not going to go back. [applause] i'm here to say just that loyalty but sally trump isn't as different as you might think. house republicans decided it was more important to them to try to attack lgbtq government workers and regulate transgendered people
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than it was to fund the government. i don't mean that figuratively, they actually stop the entire appropriations process because they couldn't pass an amendment attacking lgbt people. we have to makeprogress . lgbt people were targeted and murdered, hate crimes made with guns in recent years, places as far as seattle and orlando. we can't stop this problem by denny doesn't exist. we must fight back to disarm hate. congress must listen to the american people and set enough gun violenceand active change , is that the american people will want to say to congress.i want to say one more thing, i love my country, i'm very proud to be an american and i find meaning in doing my best to serve the people of my country and i treasure our constitution and its amendments but i also know it's not perfect.our original constitution only the white men the right to vote. our original constitution counted as slaves 3/5 of a
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person. alcohol had been revealed to van that it was not until 2008 that 234 years after our independent supreme court had the narrowest of votes, 524 in the heller decision side of the second amendment protects an individual'sright to keep and bear arms for self-defense . it drives me crazy but our colleagues in congress elevate this latest and most controversial interpretation of the second amendment about the sanctity of life. [applause] bear with me, today an african-american man is going to live every five years, a longer, killing 2000 americans a year. 79c2,000 is 2 and a half million people. in my lifetime can't do it half million people are likely to be killed by guns. this is more than 1 million more deaths than all the deaths in every war we have
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fought, the revolutionary war, civil war, every single one. 2 and a half million gun deaths during my lifetime. we honor and respect our veterans as we must. yet we disrespect and we dishonor those 2 and a half million who will be murdered by their hands or another's during our lifetime becauseof insane abundance . how can we possibly justify a public consciousness that will sacrifice 32,000 innocent done that year and idolatry of gun manufacturers and the nra. how do they sleep at night and what do they expect a waste when this light has passed. they ignore the most fundamental precepts of every world religion . god is love, not hate . thanks for all that you are doing this afternoon to change our future, please be patient and these be limitless, thank you very much area thank you very much
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congressman. thank you gentlemen. please welcome to the stage timothy lerner and christopher giuliani family of the person killed in orlando pulse. [applause] >> jason lindsay, executive director of the fun to end gun violence that we are here for important reasons, we are here to disarm hate area people with hate in their hearts to have access to weapons of war. calling on our elected officials to choose life over the gun lobby's campaign contributions.
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it is my privilege to introduce someone near and dear to my heart, someone who should not have to go through what she endures every single day the pulse tragedy, someone who lost her only child during our nation's worst mass shooting. her name is christine lyons, mother of drew lyons who lost his life with so many others. christine is a former michigan state trooper and has become a national voice and call for common sense on reform. she spoke at the national democratic convention and is speaking out against candidates as marco rubio war profits for the powerful gun lobby. she is taking action. she is this on hate. she is a woman that needs no further instruction but deserves all of our deepest gratitude forher leadership, she's an inspiration and a beacon of hope or it . >> education. on june 12, a little over two months ago at 3 am i was rushing to the hospital in
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orlando unable to reach my son christopher. i was hoping and praying that he did not fall victim to what appeared to be yet another mass shooting in our country . christopher drew had been celebrating latin night at paul's nightclub with his boyfriend juan and all their friends. when i first heard about what happened at paul's early in the morning on sunday, i was panicked like every mother who was trying to find their son. i rushed to the hospital hoping that i would find my son. without success i said, hoping to find my son sitting on the curb with oneinstead i found no answers , no one knew where my son was. no one could help find him. three hours later i found out what no mother, no father , no
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sibling, no friends here. my son had been murdered and instead of walking out of the club after a night full of fun, love, friends and dancing he was gunned down by a hate filled man with a weapon made for war. christopher was the light of my life and as i used to tell him, you can't do better than perfect. he had so many friends all of his life he brought people together. in high school he wanted the anne frank humanitarian award or starting the gay straight alliance. because of that his friends started the dual projects, a nonprofit to promote dha's a clubs in the united states. every day i miss his face, his life, his loving spirit. today in honor of his
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remarkable yet short legacy i have joined you all in our important effort to disarm hate. [applause] when christopher was born i was a michigan state trooper.when i went into labor the hospital place my off-duty gun in a lot case and i didn't even think about testing because i know that common sense gun policies save lives. [applause] settling out today i am asking where were those policies the day my son was murdered? the man that killed my son and 48 others and injured 53 more use a weapon that could fire30 bullets in one minute .
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why was he able to get his hands on this weapon i will neverunderstand . that is why i have dedicated myself to the movement to pass common sense gun reforms in our country. [applause], i have joined five funds to end gun violence in order to turn my grief and shock into action in memory. [applause] in memory of my wonderful son christopher drew i will be fighting alongside price and all of you as we take on the gun lobby and stand up to prevent future gun tragedies, as a former state trooper i know we can reduce the amount of gun violence in our country, it is time for us to stand up
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for lives, not the pockets of gun manufacturers. [applause] the best way we can fight back is by raising money to elect pro- lgbtq candidates who support common sense on reform. we must hold our elected officials accountable, no one, no mom wants to be part of a group that has to speak at events like this and talk about our personal tragedies, gun violence is a solvable problem. all we have to do is shift our focus just slightly, just as we did before with car safety and today nobody questions the fact that wearing a seatbelt saves lives. we must do the same for gun reform . [applause] and if we want to
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win in a society where moms don't have to fear losing their sons while they are dancing or while they are at school or at a movie theater, then that's the kind of society we have to fight for. that is why we must stand up to the gun lobby and their candidates in congress . [applause] we want, we demand along that keeps high-powered weapons out of the hands of people grew up in an arena of violence and hatred . . we do not have to have the guns in the hands of people who have hate filled hearts, listen, i know we have our work cut out for us but together i know we can, just an example of what we are up against, the manufacturer of the gun that murdered my son and another gun manufacturer just gave over half $1 million to the gun lobby in
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massachusetts because the attorney general in massachusetts is trying to enforce her own states assault weapons ban. why is rsa. these weapons do not belong on our streets. and if every one of us are today dusky $10 to the prime project we would be well on our way to defeating the gun lobby thisfall . [applause] trust me and i think you know from seeing me that you do not want to go through what i have been going through every single day since june 12. so you can get out your phone, go to and
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donate now, it's really easy i wake up every day knowing i have to get through the day without talking to christopher. i hate filled man with a weapon made for war murdered my son, his boyfriend juan and 47 others. help us disarm hate. donate to the private project today. [applause] enough is enough. >> enough is enough. [chanting] enough is enough. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much christine. please welcome to the stage domestic violence done victim
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survivor christine ran top. [applause] high. my name is kate grandpa. i'm a longtime dc area residents who moved to florida six years ago. after being there only three months my emotionally abusive husband became physically violent. i let him and obtained a temporary restraining order but in november 2012 he stopped me to my apartment door and opened fire on my father and me and my son. bullets flew through the door behind which we were standing and then he came in and fired some more, holding us hostage in the apartment.
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i was hit twice. one bullet ripped through my right hand at point-blank range and one went through my left chest, just missing my father was also hit twice one penetrated his left arm and another entered his side, also at point-blank range my son who is seven now but was poor at the time stood next to me screaming don't do it daddy, don't shoot mommy. he witnessed the whole thing. it was a miracle that no bullets entered his tiny body. it's a miracle that we all live, my ex-husband who had lost power and control over me decided to seek ultimate control and nearly took out three generations of our family. i'd like to remind you that 57 percent of mass shootings that include four or more deaths involve domestic blacklight violence where abuses take out not only their wives with the children to. these stories too often don't
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make sensational headlines but it's happening in our homes and in dc, virginia and maryland and across the country in epidemic proportions. easy access to firearms and loopholes in walls around restraining orders are to blame. a woman is 500 percent more likely to die in a domestic violence situation if a gun is present. 52 women among our murdered by insect order. guns in the hands of men are clearly lethal. i left florida and am now backing area to continue advocating for women whose voices have been erased by violent abusers. it is my mission to elevate my story so that others can understand the terror, the pain and the lasting effects of violence has on those who have been unfortunate enough to find themselves looking down the barrel of a gun. it's terrifying. it has changed my life and my families lives forever.
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it's time for republicans in congress to stop kowtowing to the nra and gun manufacturers . stop putting their political careers and money and greed first and start listening to their constituents who overwhelmingly support recent legislation that has been introduced, please do the right thing for american families and support these gun safety measures thank you. [applause] >> and now i'd like to say a few words. >> after hearing i went to the police station and talked about what happened and then i went to the hospital and found in the hospital that it was, that's why i don't like guns, thank you.
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[applause] >> please welcome to thestage david stowe from the newtown action alliance . >> good afternoon disarm hate. while we are at it maybe we can disarm the kia little bit too but disarm action alliance is a grassroots organization that was started by members of the newtown community after the horrific shooting in san diego elementary school. i saw little girls that were in elementary school that day, fortunately they were in a different school but that day i made a promise to myself that i was going to do something to make sure my kids to grow up in a world where they didn't have to experience that kind of violence and do anything i could so what we did was we started newtown action alliance from the very start
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we recognize what happened in newtown was and not an outlier with gun violence. gun violence happens in our inner-city communities, one-on-one and domestic violence cases . we need to reach out to those communities and we made it our mission to reach out to our urban centers in britain and hartford and bridgeport and we've worked with them, we've reached out to families and victims in brooklyn and chicago, some of those people are here today. but it's all about, we also recognize that there is this huge group of gun violence prevention organizations all working as different organizations andwe made it our mission also to bring these groups together and get them to collaborate . things like this today, look behind us. we have over 50 organizations that collaborate, that's how we're going to make a difference. [applause] this event, what
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happened at paul's, what happened at newtown, what happens every day in our urban centers, 100 people were shot in chicago last week, and it has to end. weight is and is everybody gets off their. [bleep] and does something about it. everybody gets involved area one thing that everybody has to do is vote. don't say you are going to vote, don't talk about voting, go and vote. talk to your family, talk to your friends and if they have differing opinions, listen to those opinions and tell them why they are wrong because they are. if you're close to gun violence prevention, you are simply wrong. all the statistics point to us needing to do something. that a gun in your home does not make you safer, it makes those of you and your home more likely to be shot. if you introduce a gun in the situation it makes the occurrence of gun violence more likely so what we need to do is we need people to be educated. we need people to talk about gun violence from a sane and educated level because so much goes out there is rhetoric that people are not talking to each other.
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they're talking past each other. even when you have friends and family that might disagree with you, listen to them. acknowledge what they are saying and telling the truth because what they are promoting here is the truth. along the lines of collaboration and a lot of what we've been doing with the action alliance is we started after our one year anniversary, we started in washington dc and we've done that every year. this year it's going to be december 14 which is the anniversary of the sandy hook shooting at st. mark's which is our capitol hill but we also tried to build a bigger movement and when we started this we had about 100 different satellite events all around the country so i invite you if you came here for this and the visual that's going to be here, join us. last year we had over 39 dates, over 500 different independent vigils and events so that's a way to get your community and your family and your community engaged.
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feel free if you want help with doing that, reach out to us. contact and we can help you arrange an event in your community . i'd just like to thank everyone for showing up and keep up the safe, it's not easy fight but we will win this fight because we are on the right side of history. thank you. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage nardyne jefferies. >> good afternoon and welcome to washington dc.i'm excited to be as well as upset to be here.
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i'm sorry. every day we hear about shootings that go on all across the united states of america and every day my heart bleeds because march 30 2010, my only child was gone down right here in washington dc about seven miles from here in what was known at that time as the worst mass shooting in dc history called the south capitol street massacre. my daughter was gunned down with nine other people and i do show a photo of what my daughter looks like after she was hit with an assault rifle , and ak-47. she was shot in the head at close range, also in the shoulder. it's not a pretty picture but that's the reality of what gun violence is i'm not going to show these gun violence
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because this is what the reality is. my daughter was killed and people are dying every day. this is not the america i grew up in. it is not the america that i will accept . my father was in the military and he used these types of weapons to protect this great nation. this is a first world industrialized nation and we should not have human beings longer every single day and our government that does nothing except keep their pockets lined with green paper and refuse to acknowledge read human blood so every day when i hear something and see something, it tears into me because i know one another family is going to gothrough, the same thing that i have to feel of having a child taken from me . this is not acceptable and we
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all have to worktogether , there is no it's a black thing, it's a white thing, it's a inner-city thing, it's a gang thing, this is a human thing, this is an american thing. [applause] and we as americans of the first world nation, we are the leaders of the nation. this is not acceptable. other countries are frowning upon us and the love affair of guns that we have. we should be frowning upon ourselves as a nation to allow such rhetoric to be feuded into so many minds that hate and now he has a platform in the face that wants to run for the highest office in our great nationand that's not acceptable . we have to fight this together, all of us.
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like i said, it's not a rich thing. i know a lot of people like to think that well, that only happens in that area. i don't have to face this, i don't have to worry about that and i think when newtown happened that was an eye-opening experience for a lot of people. that's not it in the inner city, that's not a poor area . when you cannot walk into your own neighborhood, you cannot sleep in your own bed, you cannot go to the store, you can go to the movies, we may not even be able to stay in here, this is the reality that we have to look at. we are not safe, we have police out here and look at what happened in dallas. that doesn't mean you're safe, that's the kind of trauma that the pcs even i live with every day always looking around, always tends to stomach always and not, waking up this morning after i went to sleep at 4:00 just to wake up at 5:15 six. vomiting.
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this is the trauma i deal with every day because you don't know what's going happen and that's not good. so i'm just urging you, he didn't start with these young lives with voters in orlando. he began when we have something called a slave trade, when this nation decided that human beings could be bought and sold and treated like cattle. and we're still in a society that is spewing hate and it don't look like me, think like me, walk like me, pray like me, love like me then there's something wrong with you. that is not america. we are a rainbow coalition and so many different ethnicities, so many different religions, only different people that make this great melting pot and i am proud to be an american and i want america to become safer for all americans again.
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not just a select few, all americans need to be safe and the only way we can accomplish this is if we get all our high horses and stop thinking that one organization, one individual is going to accomplish this alone. it's not going to happen. it takes every last one of us working together as a collective unit. we are stronger in numbers. we are stronger together and we're louder. and this is just the beginning for a lot more to come. we're not going anywhere and were going to keep coming so when our congress gets back in, we are going to keep comingstronger and were going to come harder and were going to come in larger numbers . thank you all. >> thank you marty.
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i want to make sure everyone is heading over to the tent and hydrating. if i can have everyone grab your neighbor a water so we can stay hydrated, thank you very much. open to the stage eddie weingart. >> thank you. good afternoon, my name is eddie weingart. i'm a survivor of gun violence and an activist for gun violence prevention. in the early evening of february 22, 1981 my mother's estranged ex-husband came to our house and intoxicated and enraged. after an hour of his abuse he went to his truck, retreat a shotgun that he had brought with him. my mother saw this and ran toward me and before she could reach me the car and fired his shotgun, blasting her in the back. her lifeless body fell less
4:55 pm
than two feet away from me. she walked over to me, press the barrel of the shotgun against now, attempting to fire it several times. if it hadn't been for a malfunction in the firing mechanism, i would not be speaking to you today. i can still see and smell her blood pooling around me. i was only 2 and a half years old when she was taken from me and my life forever changed. i grew up in my childhood and into my early adult life with acute ptsd and my legs are still haunted extremely by vivid flashbacks of that deadly day. i became an activist for gun violence prevention and the movement in my early teens and over the years i have heard far too many stories of despair from my fellow survivors. many of us have fortunately found comfort in taking action together while at the same time taking turns crying on each other's shoulders. we belong to what we have coin the club that nobody wants to be a member of area
4:56 pm
the gun violence epidemic in our nation has been out of control for far too long. we've seen gun violence affects are too many campuses and elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities and it has affected our place of worship , movie theaters, military bases, office buildings and parks area gas stations, highways, banks , restaurants, community centers, casinos , salons, shopping malls , grocery stores, offices and yes, you can even add gun shows to that list. for us presidents have been assassinated. every one of them by a gunman . and 18 out of 20 assassination attempts on us presidents all involved going holding assassins and two months ago yesterday an attack on our training community, 49 vibrant souls
4:57 pm
snuffed out by one hate filled heavily armed gunmen, 53 others seriously injured, is there not anywhere we can call anymore? have you had enough marked there has never been a more dire time than right now. if you don't believe me, listen to the republican party presidential candidate donald trump. this man has done what no presidential candidate has ever dared to do before. my so brazenly voicing and hate filled rhetoric on the center of his platform. he also continues to. the lies and anti-gun violence prevention propaganda and just this past week he more than he did to his supporters that his victory would be swift and easy if second amendment supporters were to assassinate his opponent democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton,
4:58 pm
this is unacceptable in this nation . on the other side of things, we have a republican congress both in the house and senate that continues to ignore the demands of a majority of americans and they continue to profit off the nra's chunk change and as we rally here today in this summer's heat they are on summer break while 289 people are shot every single day in this country and 88 of those victims died.our congress refuses to pass any sensible common sense gun legislation and instead they are vacationing. have you had enough? have you had enough? i certainly have had enough. and the men and women of congress will be returning to washington soon and this is election season . not just collecting the person who will fill the office of the presidency but for many of you, nra backed
4:59 pm
politicians who are up for reelection this year. this is our make a great opportunity to finally grab the reins and get control over this out-of-control gun violence epidemic. for the first timein american history , presidential candidate has made gun violence preventionpart of one of her key platform issues . we've also yes,. we've also seen congressional democrats take action like never before on this issue. we the people have the opportunity to make history and save lives but it's going to take every single one of us gathered here today and every single person that you know. as of now, i'm proud to be a member of the lgbtq community. and as a survivor of gun violence i ask you, i plead to you, i beg you to stand with me and so many others to disarm hate. gun violence plays an
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intricate part in the violence directed toward our fellow sisters andbrothers of different ethnicities, races, gender identity , sexual identities, immigrants and so on and now more than ever it threatens the very core of our democracy and what this country is founded on an hour right to life, liberty and the pursuit ofhappiness, have you had enough ? have you had enough? then i ask you to face the person next to you and i want you at the same time to repeat after me. we are the people we have had enough. we are the people. we will disarm hate. we may grow tired but we will remain committed.for the sake of the people i love and
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for the sake of the people you love, we the people have had enough. we the people will disarm hate. want to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to you today and share my story and for the incredible work that jason and his many committed volunteers have made today in making this event or reality. q and together let's disarm hate. >> thank you very much eddie. please welcome, please welcome to the stage from one pulse for america, let's take a moment to explain what one pulls is. it is a facebook community group started by george to kay who reached out as we were struggling to pull this rally together and put out a
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call to action to all of the members on one pulls and help us raise the nearly $50,000 to pay for this rally today though that this gentleman had a significant part to play in that as well as george to kay and jake you oh so please welcome to the stage brad everett ladies and gentlemen. [applause] >> all right. don't you wish it was george to kay? me too, to be honest. he's great, he's delightful. thank you so much for coming out today. there's not a person here that couldn't be on the couch right now with the ac cracking watching the fix. but you are out here because you had enough of this incredibly senseless violence you're seeing on a daily basis. i applaud you guys. for getting out. particularly those of you over age 30. for real, for real.
5:03 pm
if i collapse, a couple of young people here maybe pick me up and take me offstage. great the day, jason hayes deserves and on unbelievable amount of credit for putting this together. there's no way i'm getting dehydrated here. there's no way i've had, someone handed me a water every minute. jason is making the best of it. he's done a phenomenal job with this thing. with one pulls for america, what we're trying to do is get people to call their legislators, attend rallies, do things like that. it could be something as small as wetweeting something . jason has put together a rally in the city he doesn't live in. that is really significant and i think it's really reflective of the energy that the gun violence prevention movement is being given by the lgbtq community. thank you, so much of you. i've talked to quite a few of you so far who are telling me i'm long time involved in lgbtq rights, this is my first involvement in the
5:04 pm
issue of guns but everybody's telling me that i'm going to be bringing it. everybody is like, we know how to win. the club. we welcome you. we welcome you. everybody with this issue as different entry point. we've all had a shooting that for whatever reason or shootings that personally impacted us. if we are looking, we are not directly victims of gun violence. if we are lucky we can think of something like newtown that changed our minds on the issue but as you see from the speakers, many of us have been personally affected. i'm so happy that i really do feel what right now i can finally see an end in sight on this issue. this coalition we have and the gun violence prevention movement is growing so rapidly since the town and the capacity we have built is no incredible sense newtown. this whole thing today isall grassroots . my facebook helped raise money for it, newtown national alliance help with the organizing but it's
5:05 pm
really all grassroots. it didn't take any group to do this. 10 years ago or 16 years ago when i started working on this issue, this would never happen nothing like this never happened, this is an incredible day. that's so much to jason. your energy level up. idon't care how hot gets , beat the heat are in your energy level up, we are going to win on this issue. we are going to be the nra. say it with me on time so you start to bleed a little bit. we are going to be the nra. were going to be then. were going to be spent convincingly. we are starting a tide right now that is going to overcome them and we are going to go through them for me, we're not going to beruled by ted nugent and company any longer in this country, we're going to do this . thank you for being the foot soldiers, grassrootspeople that come out even when you maybe should be watching the olympics . you did the right thing today
5:06 pm
, we love you guys and you are going to make the difference, thank you so much for what you do. , >> thank you, thank you one pulls for america, find a page on facebook. please welcome to the stage jason lindsay from the private fund to end of gun violence. >> friends. two months ago a man filled with hate and assault rifle left 49 people dead and 53 others hospitalized, before that he walked into a church and opened fire. even before that, he marched into an elementary school and gunned down children and their teachers. you know what has happened?
5:07 pm
any action whatsoever from our congress. shame. shame. there has been no action by congress to help people from with hate in your heart -11. but today we are here to call on all members of congress, we are here to say enough. it is time for action. too many people have died and to many more will continue dying until sensible gun policies become law. that is why i am here today. my name is jason lindsay and i'm an iraq war veteran and founder of the right to end gun violence. >> thank you for your service. >> thank you. seven weeks ago i started private fund because i had enough. 14 years i served in the army reserves and throughout the world and restrain excessively on howto use an assault weapon. let me be crystal clear . these weapons are designed
5:08 pm
for the specific purpose of killing human beings as quickly and as efficiently as possible. the weapon that i carried in a rack does not belong in america. let me also be clear, these weapons are for sale on our streets and they become the number one weapon using mass shootings area we do not need to defend our homes andwe do not need these for hunting in the woods . these are killing machines. private fund is here to give the lgbtq community and our allies the important movement to pass sensible gun laws. we are supporting pro-áuntran8á candidates across the country who will act to reform our gun laws and improve the safety for all americans. i started private fund because i know our community is battle tested. we are fresh off a very important victory in achieving marriage equality and repealing don't ask don't
5:09 pm
tell. i know we can come together and we can take on the gun lobby and we can win. but my friends, this is not going to be easy. you are facing an incredibly well-funded and highly organized opponent, just in the week , one week the gun lobby has committed 3.6 million dollars to keep weapons of war on our streets . their mission is to protect the bottom line of the gun manufacturers, not the american people and massachusetts, the gun lobby received $600,000 from two manufacturers to take on massachusetts attorney general margulies efforts to enforce the law and prevent the sale of illegal copycat assault weapons. also this week, the national rifle association submitted $3 million in buys falsely accusing hillary clinton of wanting to abolish the second
5:10 pm
amendment and friends, you know that's not true. >> go hillary. >> side is clear, theyprotect the massive profits of gun manufacturers . friends, our side is clear to. we protect the american people and it's our mission to go so. we are standing up for people while they are setting up for money and more trees and nevertheless, even though we are on the right side of history, right now we are being outspent every single day and in order to turn the tide we have to meet them dollars for dollar in the battle for safety of all our communities posting on facebook, protesting and rallying is not enough. we had to act. i want each and every single one of you take out your phones and go to private sign up for our emails, join our movement and stand with
5:11 pm
us. make a donation. the only way we can fight this nra and make americans safer create lasting change is to mobilize our forces, elected officials who championed our policies and to do that we need financial support. you know, like many of you i'm sure every gun tragedy has had an impact on you but the orlando massacre was the tipping point that pushed me to take action and while i watch the horrific views on hold that fateful day i was terrified and upset, i didn't know what to do or what to feel but that day i saw an incredibly strong and great brick and mother, christine lyon talk to a reporter about her missing son drew. at that point she didn't know whether he had survive or not. in the interview, christine pleaded for people to do something about assault weapons in our country to prevent another mother from having to endure such a tragedy.
5:12 pm
christine, you motivated this gay combat veteran to do something about the assault weapons and many other critical form policies such as expanding background checks to cover all about sales. supporting federal funding for research on gun violence and prohibiting suspected terrorists from purchasing guns. christine, that day on the news you gave me my marching orders and i have reported for duty along with thousands of people standing with you here today and around this country. we said with you christine. , your supporters and the people of the gun reform movement our information and we are ready to create change in this country. everyone in private fund is incredibly honored that you have joined our board of advisors in our efforts and we know we will achieve great things working together. if we let the gun lobby win, people will still be able to easily get a weapon of war on background check and more mothers, more fathers and
5:13 pm
more partners are going to lose their loved ones. [audio lost] ... can still get a gun and murder are innocent civilians. the gun lobby wins, domestic abusers and people convicted of hate crimes can walk into a gun show. they can buy guns and they can murder. but if all of us, a little more like christine, if all of us do a little bit more to this cause, we can the scales and we can be the gun lobby at the ballot box. this november and every november. actions of brave compassionate citizens are will what will make a difference in this fight. by working together we can truly make 2016 a turning point in the fight for gun violence.
5:14 pm
we can only do this with your help. please join prior fund, help us continue the efforts of this remarkable rally and help us disarm hate. thank you all for being here and dealing with the incredible heat, thank you. [applause] >> thank you jason. please welcome to the stage from sandy hook matthew soto who lost his sister at sandy hook. [applause] >> high. on december 14, 2012 my sister was murdered in her first grade classroom.since that day i have fought for not only my sister but the hundreds of thousands killed by gun violence since the last time i was able to tell her i loved her.i have watched the news in regards to the shooting since the day
5:15 pm
got worse in sandy hook and on june 12 i saw the news out of orlando and my mind went to some of the victims might not have been out to their families because i didn't get to tell my sister i was gay. i didn't get that moment with my big sister. the last voice i left my sister, i said the words that he, i am gay because i had never been able to tell her. that was stolen from me. the lgbt plus community, i implore you to talk about this issue area in 42 states can buy a gun with no background check area and to all my gun violence prevention family, we need to take up the fight for equality. we need to take up the fight for equal rights. we need to have our voices to the fight before it gets too late and in 1978, hardeeville
5:16 pm
was planning to break down the myths and presidents for the lgbt community and now we must break down lies and disorientation that we are trying to take away guns. we are not anti-second amendment, we are not anti-gun, we are for smarter gun laws . , we just want to live. i just want to go to school and not feel scared. don't let my sister die in vain. don't let the 49 nine in vain . take up this fight and do something, thank you. >> thank you matthew. , please welcome to the stage chris and john for representative in the national action network and representative also can. >> no justice no peace. >> no justice.
5:17 pm
>> no peace. >> what do we want? what do we want? when do we want? when do we want is an offer and a privilege to stand here among the courageous conscientious citizenry on our country. we are all grateful to jason for his vision and his leadership. we are all grateful to those who supported him in making this day happen. nevertheless, it is unfortunate that we have to be here. it is unfortunate that we have a government who has advocated its responsibility to protecting its people from
5:18 pm
every scourge foreign and domestic. we can spend trillions of dollars on the wars for oil. but the people we pay withour tax dollars to protect us from dangers here at home are doing nothing . we have been throughout the history of this country divided along every line you canimagine . we've been divided along racial lines. we've been divided along class lines. we've been divided along gender lines and sexual orientation lines.we've been divided along lines that don't even exist. lines. imaginary lines whose whole purpose is to keep us divided one from another. and if we respect those lines
5:19 pm
, if we allow those lines to continue to exist and continue to divide us, this country will lead to death literally. tradition would have it as unfortunate as it is that i could see, i'm a black pentecostal preacher and if you ask certain people, i have no business being here but i'm here today because i don't buy into that nonsense . [applause] i am here today because enough is enough of the intolerance, of the bigotry and hatred. because the smallest amount of intolerance results in the biggesthorrors that we can find .
5:20 pm
there will be people, some of them outside today who say if you love jesus, you can't stand with those people but i would say you don'tknow jesus . i would say if you are here bemoaning intolerance and bigotry and hatred, you don't know the lord like i do and you have no business seeking his name. if i subscribe to that kind of bigotry and hatred, i would have no love for myvery own sister who happens to be a proud lesbian . we are no longer going to be divided along. lines. america has had great oppressors throughout our history. slavery was a greatoppressors .
5:21 pm
paternalism is a great oppressors. segregation, jim crow, mass incarceration, great oppressors, homophobia, islam local beer, great oppressors that have this country from reaching its fullest potential. but if you look back on our history as a people, we have every single time we've been confronted with a great oppressor, we have laid the oppressor and taken this country forward area whether it's homophobia, whether it's racism or now gun violence, we are going to slay these great oppressors today like we slayed a great oppressors of yesterday. i have a message for the do-nothing congress who does not believe that 33,000 deaths a year from gun violence is significant
5:22 pm
enough forthem to act . as i have a message to the nra whose sole purpose is to turn the blood of our loved ones into profits for corporations. i have a message for you today. that your worst nightmare has come true. the walls of division have fallen, the walls of intolerance are coming down, the walls of bigotry are being destroyed and the more you hate us, the more we unite, the more you slander us, the more we rise.and the more you stop doing your job the more we are motivated to take your job away.
5:23 pm
we've been given a mandate in our generation. the generation before us has their calling. our calling is to preserve life. our calling is to disarm hate . our calling is to speak truth to power. it is to tear down the walls of division and make sure they are never rebuilt in this nation again. i have a message for presidential candidates who think that building walls can make america great. america is great today. america is great today because we tear walls down. not because we build them up.
5:24 pm
america is great today because we are willing to give our lives for one another, not because we are willing to allow our lives to be taken by one another. america is great today not because of the second amendment but because of the first amendment. because we have the right and the ability to speak out against injustice, to organize in the face of oppression and to be back those forces of darkness that would take this country back to a place we will never allow it to go again. the days of hatred and bigotry have met their match. we have shared too much blood . the blood of our children. the blood of our parents. the blood of our police officers.
5:25 pm
the blood of our servicemen and women. sacred blood has been spilled. and whenever sacred blood is spilled , those who have taken that blood must answer for it. so my message today to the forces of darkness and hate and bigotry, to the forces of profiteering of a blood, you have met your match. you have been confronted and been warned and now you must either answer to the people or you will find yourself going the same route as the ancient oppressors ofthe past . we will bury the nra right next to jim crow. we will bury the nra right next to slavery.
5:26 pm
we will bury the nra right next to paternalist and homophobia and islam a phobia. we will dig a mass grave or all our oppressors and we will throw the dirt on that brave and we promise you nra, we promise you donald trump, we promise you as a hate that that day that you long for, that you dream about, that day when your foot is on all of our next and we have given up, that day has never been written in our history and that they will never be written in our history and we promise you that the next time, the next time you convene in the name of the government, the next time you convene in the name of progress and you don't deal with the surge of gun violence and you don't deal
5:27 pm
with phobia and hate, we promise you on that day, on that day every single hope and dream of your political agenda will be dismantled and destroyed and we will rise as a nation full of hope, for love and the real example of peace to the world. not just rhetorically but literally, we will not let you destroy our future and bleed our children in the name of the dollar bill. that day will never come back to america. god bless you let's continue to fight. let's continue to organize. let's continue to move
5:28 pm
forward . two weeks from today, i close with this. two weeks from today the civil rights community, the labor community, the lgbt community, the gun violence vegan community, individuals of good conscience, gays, straights, every single person who looks forward to an america where bloodshed is part of our past and not part of our present and our future will convene in washington as part of the nra. that's two saturdays from today. we are going to the nra to take our message of hope and of love and of peace and of prosperity, we are going to hell's gate and we are knocking on the door and we are going to drag satan out and flogging in the streets
5:29 pm
until he realizes that the just will live in peace in america and the day that you pray for, that you hope for our long gone buried and forgotten. god bless you, real america. god bless you, real america. god bless you, real america. disarm hate. disarm hate, no justice ? no justice? what do we want?what do we want? what do we want to mark when we wanted? when do we want? >> thank you chris and john ford from the national action network. is welcome to the state christian ambrose in this courtier from the orlando sisters of the perpetual indulgence and let's give her
5:30 pm
some serious applause, she's been in that ensemble all day long. >> thank you, thank you, good afternoon. my name is sister ambrosia this courtier and i am a founding member of theorlando chapter of the sisters of perpetual indulgence . and i am overjoyed to say that we have representatives from both the dc house, the north carolina health, new york city and boston with us today so our round of applause for mysisters here . for those unfamiliar with the sisters we are an international all volunteer charity and activism organization. we use greek theater and drag to minister to our community the same way traditional nuns would. when we take our bowsas community service we do so to put the fun back in fundraising . and fight for queer rights, visibility and inclusion.
5:31 pm
most often people see us in their local bars and nightclubs in love, laughter and lessons on how to stay safe, respect yourself and keep going for tomorrow and we have done that across our nation starting in san francisco for over 30 years they created the perpetual indulgent fall. in the tradition of parents it was a night of authentic voting and competition. polls welcomed up with open arms, connected us to local folk
5:32 pm
houses and families and helped us raise money for local lgbt youth charities and the most delightful and reverent ways possible. i am am a native floridian born and raised. over the last three decades of my life i have watched orlando grow into a modern progressive oasis. it is easy to take for granted that the parks, the tropical weather, which we are experiencing here. and the rich and thriving lgbt community all for granted. it has its flaws, but more times than not it is ideally. but in june 2016, we got a wake-up call. in the form of a good man, someone spent years of anti-gay rhetoric walked into one of our bars, someplace our community knew very well and killed 49 people. not only was pulse a gay club,
5:33 pm
but it wasn't latinate so most of those killed were both lgbt and, or people of color. they were our friends, they were our family. i personally live walking distance from both pulse and the hospital they rush the victims. they notified trend notified the next of kin in the building next to my apartment. literally bringing tragedy to my backyard. although i am one of the lucky ones with no personal friends injured or dead, there was no ignoring this. the stories were my friends of near misses, of people, friends of of mine hiding in dressing rooms, going to funerals, consoling friends as they cry in the middle of a makeshift vigil as the names of their coworkers were released by the police. the words it devastated does not begin to cover it. but then, our our community did what we have always done, we
5:34 pm
responded with the strength and determination of generations before us. this is what our community does best. we face hatred and violence against us head on. [applause]. ladies and gentlemen, five decades of community service and activism have woken up and is alive once more. i am here to say to all of us, we got this. [applause]. whether it is june 1969 at stonewall or june 2016 at pulse, our community knows how to stand back up. every every age and stage, seniors to millennial. this time people of every walk of life are giving their time
5:35 pm
and talent, even our straight friends and allies are joining and letting us know where they stand. in orlando, our food pantries and blood banks are being flooded with support and generosity. people in my. people in my community have stood in line for hours waiting to give. sports fans like the orlando pride and the orlando city soccer team are flying rainbow flakes at their games, not caring what they might look like , proudly carrying the banner for those not here anymore. politicians in my community are doing some hard soul-searching, finally seeing where they have been wrong in their rhetoric for years. [applause]. in my community people of all faith or no faith are sending thoughts and prayers, but also realizing that they need to be the thoughts and prayers made fresh. hope in action. the community of orlando has joined together so far over
5:36 pm
$17 million and counting to help the victims and their families. [applause]. we are also raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for misplaced staff and performers, the management of competing clubs are working together as if they were all the same bar. giving people work, stage time and making sure that show always goes on. mr. rogers went to college right up the street from my house. right outside of orlando. he once he once said that when he was a kid he would see scary or sad news on the television and his mother always told him to quote look for the helpers. no matter the the tragedy you can always see people helping, she would say. i am proud to say that today you do not have to look very hard to see the helpers.
5:37 pm
everywhere. calling for change, calling for common sense gun control, that can keep us both safe and free. they are not mutually exclusive. [applause]. we know how to petition. we know how to rally. we know how to play the long game. we will not drop anchor in our grief and we will not fear, hate, or distrust our fellow man or think that escalating arguments will solve anything. no, we are better and stronger than that. the road ahead may be long and rough, but if there is one thing i am sure of ladies and gentlemen, we got this. [applause]. thank you ladies and gentlemen. we love you. >> thank you sister ambrosia.
5:38 pm
ladies and gentlemen i would like you to direct your attention to the video monitor. gaze against guns have pretty powerful messages for you. [inaudible] one moment. we are checking on volume. not on. [inaudible]
5:39 pm
[inaudible] >> we are going to add our voice to the chorus. i have been around a long time and i have seen various things happen to this community. the gays have a lot of tenacity, they have a lot of history when it comes to organizing. we have also the wherewithal to address this topic is a health issue, as a public health health issue. >> we are very excited to see these that started out to take hold of the moment. >> i think what happened in orlando and veracruz and so specifically targeting lgbt people, a galvanized us in a way
5:40 pm
that we have not really experience the epidemic. we felt targeted, we felt responsibility to respond as a community. >> i think that what we are looking to do is to create a conversation about this. the nra is very well-funded and they're very tenacious. the thing that i hope gaze hope gaze against guns can do is to keep agitating and keep the focus on this topic. anyone anyone out there has the capacity to help us do that. >> we claim that we get upset, get out of our way. >> it gates against guns. the nra is going to gag. please welcome please welcome to the stage from the greenwich council against gun violence, jonathan pirlo. >> hello human rights activists. i am so honored to stand before so many people committed to making our country more tolerant
5:41 pm
and safer for everyone. i lead the greenwich council against gun violence, grassroots lgbtq organization. that unthinkable jolted us from complacency to action just like so many others here. a reporter last week asked me why the greenwich council was participating in this unprecedented coming together of human rights movement? we are here because 13 million americans voted for presidential candidate who glorifies american gun culture. we are here because we are not going to let their perversion of the constitution go unchallenged. we are here because america will not get strong gun laws it needs
5:42 pm
if we sit on the sidelines. we are here to put the gop congressional leadership on notice. we are going to make our country separate from gun violence with or without you. we are going to make the election in november a referendum of where members of congress stand. do they stand with a corporate gun lobby in the minority of gun owners who spread hate and lies like donald trump? or do do they represent their constituents who cannot imagine why a suspected terrorist can legally buy weapons of war. who cannot imagine why we let 40% of gun sales happen without checking if the buyer is a criminal, a domestic abuser, or dangerously mentally ill. when caring people like you get involved we can do amazing things. we can get our community to send thousands of cards to members of congress. we can get our republican state representatives to change his no vote on a good safety lock to yes.
5:43 pm
we can get our towns republican and to declare june 2 national gun violence awareness day. we can come here today amplifying our demand for real gun safety loss with the help of the lgbtq community because one hairdresser from new jersey said, enough. thank you jason. many times that we advocate's color color sells ordinary people. it is not true. you are not at all ordinary. you are the most compassionate and passionate people i have ever met. that is why we are going to succeed at making our country separate from gun violence and like marriage equality that so many of you fought for, i think it is going to happen sooner rather than later. because of you, thank you for all that you do. [applause].
5:44 pm
[inaudible] >> how is everyone doing out there? i can't hear you. my name is jenny and i am a volunteer with new yorkers against gun violence. as you know, most of the people you see arent you did not come from the d.c. area. we came from far and wide and people were here with us in spirit, and both reasons of that word. jason has asked me to make a couple of announcements, probably because i am a schoolteacher. we need to leave this part the way we found it. leave only footprints. which means, if there is trash around you, but don't don't go anywhere yet because there is one more speaker. and some excitement. bottles, paper, paper, anything you see, there are garbage all around. all of those cases of water in the tent and to thank goodness we have had those all day,
5:45 pm
please take a case with you. one because our amazing volunteers who have been here all day to not want to put them on a truck and to because you will feel the backs of the heat later today so you should have water on hand and drink as much as you can. yes? yes. can we give a round of applause to all of the volunteers and all of the people who have done so much today, that includes metro pd, that includes the swat team, that includes ems sitting around. fortunately we have not had to use them today because we have been hydrating. and there is one more person who is about to come out and speak to you, jason hayes. and i said we all know you is you been around, he's lost his
5:46 pm
voice but he still going to come speak to you. how would you like me to introduce you, and he is like, hairdresser. so without further do, so without further do, please get on your feet, cheer him on, jason hayes. >> ,. >> i want to thank you for coming. first of all, we did it. we actually did it. i asked her to introduce me as a hairdresser because that is a badge of pride to me. i take great pride in my career and what i has been able to accomplish in my life by doing that. it was funny to watch people use that as a word to dismiss me as to why today was never going to happen. this hairdresser did it. sorry, that is been there for a while it took all of us, but we are here, and i want to think those people those people who
5:47 pm
believed in me and actually stood up they often say it's an insane but i don't know what that says about me but i chose to do it i so wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart a thousand times. >> we have had a hot day, it has been brutal but we thank you to cms and george washington university and their staff. and the d.c. police in the park police. a national park service. robin owen and her teams. we were able to actually pull this off. i do not know how, i do not even live here. i need to think some key people. without them this never would have happened, honestly i do not know how the group of like seven or eight of us really pull this off. first and foremost, ms. murray. that that is one tough cookie let me tell you.
5:48 pm
i would call her at 1015 in in the morning and tell her, i give up. i would be in tears and i give up and they went. an hour later i would say i have another plan. and she and she would just roll with it. she waited for the second call, because she said she knew it was coming. that says a lot about her. also david stowe from the newtown national alliance. , all of the printing, everything. david has also been fantastic with same to me, to me, i have someone who is going to volunteer. i learned very quickly that he had not even told them yet. so david has been remarkable. kyle liddy, from connecticut. he has worked logistically 6400
5:49 pm
e-mails easily between every vendor from got a go for the porta potty's to allstate with a sound system in the stage and generators. it has been remarkable for what he has to do. he also works closely with valerie put together our website for us in a matter of two days. it was it was up, we were ready to roll. i am praying i do not forget anybody. an incredible guy who has been my partner in crime, our communication specialist, he typed up everything when my brain would not work. sam park. [applause]. he has been phenomenal. all of the allies, i do not even know how to begin. i'm just going to ask you to start up at the top on the left to work your way across. it has been remarkable. the love, the conference calls they have jumped on, the
5:50 pm
support, they have been remarkable. today i'm going to close the rally and we are actually on time. see, takes a hairdresser. [applause]. we are closing on time right to the minute. we have added about seven extra speakers today so that is remarkable. today was pretty rough for all of us, emotionally the stories, why we are here. so i thought what is the best way to close something like this and that is with a message of hope. i think claiming your personal space and using your body to do that is pretty fantastic. i think dancing is remarkable. it is what they were doing. it's what they were doing in orlando when their lives were taken. >> sorry have to interrupt for just one second. i am edward, jason's best friend for 26 years.
5:51 pm
and this crazy man is his dad. [applause]. we want to say we love you very much jason, you are our superhero. [applause]. >> that volunteer coordinator who literally rankled all of this insanity. you know these are going to be with all of the papers use. [applause]. >> thank you everyone. thank you. [applause].
5:52 pm
dance is a way to claim your personal space and your energy. it puts energy back out there. like i was saying it is what they were doing in orlando when their lives were taken. so i want all of you, i know you, i know you are tired and sweaty, i need you to shake your butt like you never have before. work for peace to clear grassroots movement that uses dance to promote peace. was formed in response of the tragedy in orlando. today they encouraged to use your body to occupy space and say we are here and we will dance. performing with work for peace cruise are. [inaudible] performance include lord of the dance kassman, urban artists, dance academy, and accra yoga
5:53 pm
dance artists. providing the music for the music is it d.c.'s on, one of the biggest dance party. you are in luck because he is tonight at the howard theatre. we are proud to have it as our official second after party this evening. bring join us at mixed tape at 10:00 p.m. for a night of dancing. let's show orlando, we are them. after the rally i would like to invite you all to cobalt to dance with us from for - 8. 7:00 p.m. this evening is a screening of 91% and then
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10:00 p.m. will be with mixed tape. please welcome work work for peace to the stage. [applause]. [inaudible] ♪
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♪ logo ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> later in q and a former defense secretary at cia director, robert gates. he discusses he discusses his book, passion for leadership, lessens unchanging reform for 50 years of public service. the the program airs at 7:00 p.m. eastern. book tv primetime begins at 8:0y through the decades. first the the 1960s with claire bingham,
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>> at 10:05 p.m. steve olson talks about his work, irruption, the untold story of mount saint helens. at just after 11:00 p.m., jacob weisberg and ronald wagon. tonight on c-span2. >> throughout the month were showing book tv programs in primetime. in case you're not familiar with their weekend peters, book tv and see spend two takes public affairs programming focuses on nonfiction book releases through book discussions. in depth, a life three-hour look at one author's work with questions from viewers. in depth airs the for sunday at every month at noon eastern. afterwards is a one-on-one conversation with an author of a nonfiction book and the interviewer, either a
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journalist, public policy maker or legislator. we'll take you across the country with the book festival and other events. authors talk about their latest works. book tv is the only national network devoted exclusively to nonfiction books. book a tv on two, television for serious readers. >> it during the last term the supreme court made it easier to use evidence obtained illegally by police against criminal defendants. in a utah case of the court ruled 5 - 3 that incriminating evidence discovered through any illegal please stop can be used if the suspect has an outstanding warrant, even if the warrant is for a minor crime like a traffic a traffic violation or on paid parking ticket. in 2006, a utah police officer sought edward's strife leaving a house suspected of drug activity. the officer officer
5:59 pm
stopped him and demanded his id. after running a check for warrants, the warrants discovered that the defendant had an outstanding arrest warrant for minor traffic violation. the officer then arrested him and discovered methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia in his pocket. the court really strips away the rule which prohibits evidence obtained illegally by police justice thomas wrote the outstanding arrest warrant for strikes arrest is the circumstance which is wholly independent of an illegal stop. the discovery of that warrant broke the casual chain between the unconstitutional stop and the discovery of evidence. chief justice roberts and justice kennedy, breyer and alito joined the opinion.
6:00 pm
>> will hear argument in case 141373. you taught versus strieff. stir green,. >> mr. chief justice barry approach the court. courts typically up by the exclusionary rule to suppress unlawfully seized evidence. the question here is whether to suppress evidence lawfully seized in a search incident to a warrant arrest. because the arresting officer from the warrant and the stop later judged to be unlawful. under this court's continuation analysis, such analysis, such evidence is admissible when here the person stopped resulting from an objectively reasonable miscalculation. extending the exclusionary rule. >> tell me what was objectively reasonable about it? the police officer knew the person he saw coming out of that house in question wasn't doing anything. he did not not know that he lived


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