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babies. pesticides -- people have an irrational fear of pesticides. in this case -- pesticides aren't the whole answer. the way to eliminate -- we talk about one mosquito here, the adisease aegypti. it loves to bite humans and doesn't bite periods or deer or horses the way some mosquitoes do it likes to live in human gardens, lay eggs in relatively clean water, like in a bird bath, swimming pool, your rain gutters if you have rain in them. like in your best water dish if it isn't cleaned regularly. theft the kind of places. they get inside your house and lay eggs in your shower drape if -- drain if it's not flushed with water regularly. so, it's a mosquito that likes to live in very close proximity to humans, tends to breed in human gardens. and will fly into your house and hide under your bed nor your closet until it's quiet enough
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and safe enough to come out and bite. so, it's a -- the cdc refers to it as the cockroach of mosquitoes because likes to hang around humans and hide in dark places. very different from mosquitoes that traps mitt west nile virus or others. so, pesticides are dangerous if you inhail them in large amounts, but the occasional plane going over for fog in your garden does not pose a serious risk to your unborn child. an irrational fear 0 deet and other chemicals. it's bad science. it is fear of something that is not real ya that dangerous, and the virus is extremely dangerous and many more babies will be kept safe and will survive if this mosquito is beaten than if we ignore the mosquito because
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of an irrational fear of pesticide. >> host: pat, from coastal, pennsylvania, democrat line. go ahead. >> caller: good morning. i just have to say i've heard several different discussions about just exactly where babies are being affected, and i understand that it's a very limited space, that it's in northern brazil and french poll knee should. am i wrong in that? there are babies been no, say, puerto rico with microcephaly? i understand they think it might be a combination in the areas where microcephaly has an outbreak, that there's concern that there's combination of other viruses like people of that already had the dengue virus or agricultural check cams. is it true the microcephaly has been local to only two locations or are babies having microcephaly in other areas? thank you.
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>> guest: the epidemic in polynesia ended in 2015 and no cases since then. brazil has had more than 1,700 cases of microcephaly but there's been microcephaly in colombia, panama, i think in mexico, definitely a bunch of cases in the united states. that has been -- yes, microcephaly in puerto rico and a number of babies born with microcephaly in united states but it's mothers who picked it up in other countries and had the babies here. there have been babies born with microcephaly in slovenia that is a travel-related case. there was some suspicion that it
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was necessary to be -- there might be what is called antibody enhancement which creates -- having had dengue fever before would make it more likely you would get a serious case of zika or mike row receivefully a baby. that has not been proven. it seems possible that a woman can just get zika virus and have severe damage to her baby. the jury is still out but it looks as if zika alone can cause the condition. sorry. i forgot a part of the question. >> host: it's okay, we have done. >> guest: sorry about the agricultural chemicals. nothing do with it. most of the disease struck people who live in urban areas, often in the large slums, and there was -- they live where there are no agriculture
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chemicals at all. did not strike farmworkers. that was an absolute redding her. >> host: one more call from elin in florida, republican line. >> caller: hello? >> host: you're on, go ahead. >> caller: hi. i just wanted to tell you first of all i'm 77 years old, i'm not having anymore babies, i'm not having anymore sex and i have lived in florida 14 years and near seen a mosquito, never gotten bit bay mosquito in florida. what are my chances of getting this zika virus? >> guest: where do you live in florida you have never seen a mosquito? your chances of getting -- it depends on where you live in florida good whether there's local transmission. congratulations, i guess, on being safe from sexual transmission, but the mosquito transmission in southern florida right now is a risk. right now it's confined to one
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neighborhood of miami but that doesn't mean it won't spread later in the year. we're waiting to see what happens. and if you can avoid all mosquito bites in florida, you're doing a great job of personal public health. a lot of other people are at risk. so it remains dangerous for pregnant women in florida, remains potentially dangerous for pregnant women in florida. >> the book i "zika virus emerging epidemic." mr. mcneill thank you for you time this snow thank you for inviting me. >> this weekend we're in montgomery, alabama, with the help of our local cable patter in, charter communications. next, we visit the last home of the great gatsby author, f. scott fit jerald -- fitzgerald. >> currently we're in the last of four houses f. scott and
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zelda lived in it's rogered on the national history. this house was saved from demolition. this couple averaged five months for 14 years. this house that we inhabit has been significantly expanded after they lived here. was broken into apartments but we still use the downstairs as a museum and you'll find artifacts that date back to the mid-19th mid-19th century. s da's grandparents, family bibles, baby shoes, odd assortment of books but to show you that our family as affluent. their daughter moved back to mont comery and lived here 16 years and everything in between. obviously the things that are most important to us and we treasure the most are our direct artifacts from 0 scott and
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zelda. we show you a house that was a turning opinion for scott and zelda, sitting on her trunk, the piles of war. and this trunk saying, 919 filter avenue. when they moved here it was to regroup. zelda just another out of the hospital in switzerland and the clinic -- diagnosed as schizophrenic, when they get there she is told she is cured, which is not possible, and probably not her mental illness. so this house was a lapping pad, regrouping stage, and it wasn't the sort of place where you're going to find scott and zelda engaging in domestic activities
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if you will. it was the sort of place where they were going to be planning their next move. so montgomery enters the story of f. scott fitzgerald in 1918. shortly after the dropped oust princeton because his grades were so bad the administration would not let him stay on for a fifth or sixth year. it's during world war i and he is probably remembering the stories his father told him about how he would help cop -- confederate spies in the civil war. southern girls, something he is interested in abuse he considered himself, even though he was from st. paul, southerner. when he gets here he is 21 years old. he has a rejected novel in his knapsack, a second lieutenant-bottom of the totem pole, and the place he was staying was camp share -- sheridan. two miles north of the capitol in downtown montgomery, a camp of 20,000 men between 1917 and
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1918. obviously most historians know the war ends in november of 1918. so he gets hereafter six months before his opportunity to become a hero in battle ends. but during that time period he meets a young woman and there's two stories. we at the museum believe he originally met zelda at winter place, marvelous mansion in downtown montgomery, a lot of fancy parties but only officers were invited. if you are a grunt in the army you wouldn't get an invitation and there was an exchange between scott and zelda, a bit of a flirtation and it ended with them saying, let meet at the montgomery country club next weekend for the dance that's going to be held there that where the legend comes forth. scott and zelda as a country club dance falling in love. following the publication of the second novel "the beautiful and
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the damned" the couple needed new vistas so they moved to europe. during this time period, zelda's personality created a to fire storm of interest in her because, after scott's second novel, she wrote a review of the novel in which she said he had been pulling lines from her letters and her diaries and using them as dialogue for his main characters. this ended up with zelda being declared queen of the flappers by hearst international magazine in 1923. that same summer they show up in france, spend a lot of time on the french riffairearch especially in places -- and during this time period, zelda findded out that being the world's first flapper does not ingratiate you with people like gertrudestein. coal porter, ernest hemingway and other serious artists working in france or visiting france during the time period. so, she begins painting.
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early pastorals are her initial foray. these are, by the way, being done as scott is finishing the edit as a 28-year-old boy for "the great gatsby." fit jerald believes the best option, the best vehicle for bringingsellel zelda's paintings to the public is to have a joint press run with the publication of his new novel, and zelda's first paintings being sold on exhibition in insurgence city. the problem is that scott's novel is not well-received by the critics and only sells 2,000 copies and zelda's paintings are also rejected as being the work of an amateur play girl sort of painter. the tension in the marriage, though, is a result of zelda's quitting painting professionally but continuing to do many -- dedicate many hours to artwork at home. for example, in the museum --
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these are from the collection at yale university -- we have the earliest known paper doll that zelda ever produced. these were multimedia paper dahls and were done as gifts for children or just for their own daughter, scotty to play with. however, theit -- it "girl was no longer the flapper. it was the actress, when they get to hollywood scott tells zelda, more or less you need to be more like women like lois who is a 17-year-old girl when they met, and already had a career in which she dedicated already artistic mind to making money with her artistic production. sell does not find this very flattering and has a huge fight with fitzgerald in which she burns all of the artwork she had
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produced and the couple very much, tail between legs, had to leave hollywood, very, very soon after they arrived and move to a country house where hope any they would be better in terms of damage control. as we continue, we find out that zelda soon dedicates herself to ballet. under the tattoo tallage -- tutelage of a woman whoa was acting as an instructor at the russo i parissan ballet school. the relationship between madam and her apprentice student, zelda, would be the equivalent of a modern celebrity, such as miley cyrus, retiring from her career and taking up the life of a professional athlete. today modern scholars see this as the first major showing of zelda's bipolar nature.
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for the next two years, zelda practiced ballet as if she was meant to be a prima ballerina. however she was 28 years old when he began, and it ends two years later with a mental breakdown in paris in which she tries to take her open life. for the information 14 months she is at a clinic in switzerland, and after her time there, she moved here to montgomery to this house we stayed in. at the clinic they diagnosis her schizophrenic and also pronounced her cured of schizophrenia and when he moves to the house she wants to write a novel about what happened with a girl in her late 20s in who decided to become a ballerina. that's what she works on in this house, very hard for six weeks, writes the majority of the novel and when fitzgerald comes back from his second trip to hollywood, he reads the novel and it becomes the major spat of
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their marriage. fitzgerald feeling he is the one who is the novelist and the one who should get all the accolades for writing and zelda feeling since she failed as a painter and as a ballerina, this was the last resort for her creativity. we are now are in the great room or the receiving room of the house when scott and zelda lived here. their time here was very tumultus because of zelda wanting to write a novel and zelda's father died when she was living in the house and fitzgerald was given his second contract job in hollywood, one which he initially turned down at $507 a week but could no refuse a raise to $1,200 a week by mdm. then zelda has a second break down when scott gets back to montgomery, and they had to go to a


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