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tv   Summer Reading with Senator Mike Enzi  CSPAN  August 27, 2016 8:36pm-8:46pm EDT

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18th of september it is the brooklyn festival held in downtown brooklyn. later in the mont it is the boston farook bear. and on september 4th we are live at the nation's capitol with talks from gordon reed, stacy shift and jody warrick. and for more information about the book fairs and festivals booktv will be covering and to watch previous coverage, click the book fairs tab at our website. >> reading is such an exciting thing. i read about a hundred books a year and i did a book report on every one of them since getting out of the graduate schools. makes for nice reference to find other reading. i am rereading some of the
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mystery books i have read before. there is one author named cj box that writes phenomenal stuff about joe picket who is a game warden in wyoming who winds up solving outstanding mysteries and acquainting people with wyoming and special things there. i get advance copies of his book and this is "free fire" about yellow stone park. on that one i got to be involved before we wrote the book because there was a zone in wyoming in yellow stone park that was actually considered to be part of idaho but nobody lived there so there was no juror of your peers so consequently you could commit murder there. so he asked if that was a possibility.
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fascinating person. yrth wyoming author i am rereading is craig johnson who dooz the lone mire sheriff series which is on television but the television ones are not the same as the books so i encourage everyone to read the books. another phenomenal character study writer y. do a little international reading. i have been out of the country to work on things and interesting things got my attention and i helped write the bill and after we wrote the bill they sent me over to see what the problem was. that is how we do things. but one of the places i went to had a series of books called "the number one ladies detective agency" that is great about bringing out the culture of a lot of africa.
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i carry books with me all of the time. everybody has to have their cellphone with me and there is a kindle app on there and on that one right now i am reading "my 60 years on the plains" and that is about a guy who was a trader, trapper, and indian fighter and his diary has been written into a book and fascinating stuff about the west. the kindle is in my pact and easier to read outdoors because it doesn't have the color depth the other does. on this one i am reading "girl on the train" a strangely written book, different style of writing, and some could consider a chick novel but i saw it was in the top-10 reading list and
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thought better read that. and i have. well i haven't finished it yet. i am a third of the way through it. i also read technical books that have to do with my job. one of the reasons i read several books at a time is you can get tired of reading one book or style so it switches around and keeps the interest going particularly if they are textbook types. one i have been working is "dead man ruling" and that fits in with my budget work because this is about the people that wrote the budget act who are all either dead or former senators. and there are some problems in trying to redo the budget act and there is a lot of health in that. another excellent book, when i read a technical book an actually try to get the gist from the intervention and switch
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to the last chapter to see if they are good suggestion and if they do i read the part in between. i highly suggest that for any of the technical reading. you can tell between the first and last chapter whether the middle part of the year is worth reading. i dog ear books. don't lone me a book and i write in the margin as i come up with ideas. i learned that in grad school from a guy teaching complex enterprise which shouldn't have a lot of reading but he gave us a list of books that didn't have anything to do with business. the lost science of money is another book i am reading. it takes a little different approach to the federal reserve than the ones that are
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anti-federal reserve and those that are pro-federal reserve. this has money and suggestions from the last chapter and i am trying to fill in the pieces in between right now. so, another part of my reading every night when i finish up i have to get my mind off what i am doing. if i keep talking working health, or working budget, or working pension or small business or whatever committee i am really focused on that evening, if i go to sleep i keep working on it unless i read something different and that is when i read some of the novels. right after 9/11 i got a translation of the koran and started reading that and i had to go see the chaplain because it is a bloody book and really
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concerned me and he said you need to go back and read the old testament. the difference of course between the koran and the bible with the new testament is the new testaments are teachings of jesus which are recognized by the other great religions and much more peaceful. so i am reading another translation of the quran that was given it me by a muslim that said yul find this to be a less violent version. it might be. but there is still a lot of violence in it whether you believe or don't believe reading biography of billy graham also and i particularly like the chronological bible. the different books of the bible were written at different times and even some pieces of them were written at different times. somebody took and compiled it so
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that it flows straight through and you find out they were not sent into babylon six different times. it was a punishment primarily once. when you get to the gospel it is possible shorter than the gospel because of the repetition and they don't repeat the same verse four times because it was the four gospels. that is a pretty good way to read the bible. i was challenged once to read the bible over a short period of time. it was suggested to read it over three months. my son and i took the challenge and did it. you can do it with any bible. you look at the number of pages it has and divide it by the number of days in those three months and read that many pages each day. the advantage of doing that is you are looking at the big picture then instead of the ridge verses when we sometimes get hung up on.
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so that is a little bit what i am reading and what i am doing with my summer. i have a plane trip to wyoming every weekend and come back it to vote and you get quite a bit done there. >> booktv wants to know what you are reading this summer. tweet us at booktv or post it on our facebook page. >> good evening, everyone. how is everyone doing tonight? all right. [applause] >> thanks for coming out. i am brian, the host and the


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