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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 30, 2016 12:29am-12:52am EDT

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on somebody. he knew exactly the moment to ask what he wanted. he asked repeatedly for authority to wiretap. in the end bobby kennedy gave it to him. in the end he gave it to him without defending that decision at all. he gave it to him for strategic reasons. the kennedys were about to propose a major civil rights bill. . . >>
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>> was martin luther king at point when he said he is no good. wiretapping was a bad thing but by the end the this tenure p. was calling in federal troops most of your old enough to remember george wallace in tuscaloosa and bobby kennedy learned from his mistakes in birmingham and montgomery and having to call in troops early of the segregationist. with this there is nobody in america not just civil-rights but bobby
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kennedy in his life talking about j. edgar her hoover he was a tutor in the body can be despise roue and because mccarthy was the of boss. he detected jimmy hoffa that bodies out was corrupt. those people you could argue that the fourth person on his hate list was a great tragedy and that was lbj.
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one was a harvard it to -- harvard-educated rich and in massachusetts that grew up or and resented anybody who was harvard-educated and with that coalition they could've gotten more extraordinarily things done. and now across purposes is a huge tragedy. tuesday end vietnam but bobby would track things and with an anti-war speech it would seem like every day he increase the of bombing. >> one of the things the. >> tell them how many times
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you have read the book ; the layperson america there read the book twice. [laughter] pdf. >> his wife read that five times. >> but what lyndon johnson did for was to put bobby in charge. and he had bobby to blame. that is exactly the purpose that you said. and nobody better but jack kennedy filed that bill.
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but the only one of his advisers if you file a civil rights bill 51 to win reelection 64 imagine it is one who bobby kennedy was. essentially that was a different generation. and then to be listed in the navy. that is what kennedy ended up with. and to be a little inadequate spending so much of his life and when he was born but early generation of
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kennedy kids. that is the run of the zero letter. but then he wanted to show his dad he could get things done. and what he boasted to endure it at the end and there was nothing more important that executed that the state. other than bobby kennedy. one more question. >> my question is what do
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you think that bobby kennedy would have thought about the younger bobby kennedy? >> unknown owe this will then but that was the perfect last question. and while i thought i was being tough and i used precisely that standard. in what he said about the mccarthy era but in the early days it looks like standing up as a threat.
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but was town deaf to all of his victims and never let him get away with. and then said in vietnam we think you can win the war. one of the primary authors of the counter insurgency stood up. to do that with the issue after issue. so later it was bobby kennedy. he called them the twins the good bobby and the bad bobby. in the one running for president was one of the great presidents and military as their role model more than any politician for
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:solemn like to say one last thing. i wrote to a battered feet of superman the like to present this church to bill green. [applause] wonderful round of applause. fifty this bill dash could not have known that is what everybody called me. [laughter] speefive.
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>> >> i am reading fearless. this is a book that chronicles a flawed american who became an american hero. with that characteristics of risky behavior and what made
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him a great warrior. actually colleague of mine a congressman from the central valley he was very emotional but i was intrigued he wasn't a super emotional but clearly been impacted closely by the story. so i had to get a copy after he described it. i devoured the book it was a page turner from the very first paragraph which begins by saying on march 17, 2010 navy seal team six operator
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not knowing he would be killed later that evening in afghanistan his little boy will couple worried about his daddy. that is a compelling introduction until the last words of the book you cannot put it down. this is about overcoming personal challenges. an american hero, a courageous service and sacrifice those fighting the global war on terror. >> i am reading a book of jimmy carter. i had a privileged to attend his sunday school where he taught and i was in the conservation.
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its and of course, it has been turned into a wonderful museum he is brilliant and continues to be a moral leader to be way ahead of his time in the gives history but tells you food he is as a man and as a person and how he applies his christian values and his public lives. >> at the present time my reading a book called president kennedy.
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i thought one to read that book is pretty thick and pretty heavy but it has and to mess when dent is trustee of permission and the challenges we face i have never seen of the four. the highly recommended book spinet highlight biographies but in a like peter's book. extortion. i wish every american could read those. with "the new york times" best-seller banks for being
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with the. >> good to be here is a liquid is the message behind the latest -- from bad? >> the main message is that he would bring economic opportunity and prosperity to the nation. but then to be more of the same as the person who can bring real change of what
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americans disapprove of. >> to make america a great again the title is called to america's focusing on the economy of this senator john edwards campaign. >> absolutely. that is an interesting parallel in that stance of donald trump but this points to a wider issue of up politically the to work in such a way of those ordinary people. and that is in this case even more so than the separation between prosperity and poverty.
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>> a new 32nd spot. >> and hillary clinton's america taxes go up middle-class is crushed and hundreds of thousands of jobs disappear. more of the same but worse. with donald trump's america america, families get tax relief, and millions of jobs created, wages go up and small businesses thrive. day american dream achieved. change that makes america great again. donald trump for president. >> k. approve this message. >> joined by the hill newspaper editor where is the ad on the air and how much is the campaign spending? >> the total spent his $10 million and of course, it is primarily focused on the battleground states but quite a number of them. this is in a total of nine states to run through them
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quickly ohio pennsylvania north carolina, of florida new hampshire i was nevada and colorado. to cause a releasing a new ad over the weekend. >> he wears it like a crown make american agreed again but he made his shirts in bangladesh and the thais in china in the suits in mexico in fact, real donald trump outsources products and jobs 12 different countries. don't believe that you can make america great again if you don't make things in america. >> the latest from the hillary clinton campaign how big of an issue is the economy in the selection? >> i think it is huge there are millions and millions of americans who don't feel they are getting ahead
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economically or the benefits of the supposedly covering since the great recession so would is particularly important with a number of battleground states as they are heavily oriented toward manufacturing with elsewhere in the rust belt and what you played from hillary clinton's campaign is to head him off that the past schenectady's are two spots paid by the campaigns in 2016 was so many mediatory says with social media how important is advertising by these candidates? >> but her campaign spent more than $60 million in
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nonetheless the point is well made inevitably there was a saturation point with tv advertising or we don't know when they come into the contest and a true fashion. >> this is the headline trolled hitting clinton on the economy with a new ad. banks for being with us we appreciate it "star wars".
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spinnaker congratulations to t9 with his new book "the world according to star wars" -- t11. the professor of behavioral economics in the author of politically minded books with that background unity is surprised as anyone you would write a book after introducing the "star wars" series he began researching the series from a new perspective. from history and politics to behavioral politics and cue


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