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tv   Interview with Lisa Lucas  CSPAN  September 6, 2016 12:45am-1:01am EDT

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anthony wiener how do incorporate the media? >> that's right to. think of that water -- atwater and when you are talking of the morning shows and talking about news and features and how much was show business. for once joking hardly get a word in edgewise laugh laugh is hard to tell. i would say the whole thing is fun to watch but it is so scary to watch.
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>> the name escapes me but committed political suicide to just say one word that was considered slow. a. >> now we almost 60 years later that we have to do something very very very bad for political suicide. doesn't that say something about our civilization? >> yes. of course. the the but inseams that indian life i am the first
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to complain of nobody having manners and egos from their. i don't think the white house but close to that. >> obama said in his book. >> if he can run the country . because that builds the nitride in college but i did not inhale. [laughter] and then it is like anything then one more step and one more step in now you're on stage talking about the size of your membrane. >> [inaudible]
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in the future would uc those cops that would take diamonds from the developers is in brooklyn when bohai epps were sticking to their guns and badges and reassigned? also some of them supposedly had working girls on a yacht that is something so how much time would have to relapse before you could investigate? >> if you want to wait for and tell the court case has then settled as far as call girls and diamonds and free doughnuts i suspect fan the.
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>> does the ideology played in the role of what type of politician goes for what type of scandal republican is attendant to these types of scandals put. >> i didn't notice that the that is a good question often get a chart. [laughter] >> how do feel about barack obama is presidency? >> i love it. [applause] >> thanks for coming out tonight we have books available for purchase she will be more than happy to sign them for you. and there is the calendar of defense and pick one of
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those up as well. >> the button says stupid never sleeps. [laughter] speefive. >> i and the executive director of the nationaldo book foundation for the national book awards and also year round we support readers for colleges or middle school level. >> when did he become thees and executive director craig. >> started march 14. prior i was of publisher of
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an online magazine of party and politics. that has been around about 12 years. >> cayuse to working in film and seven years as the director of education at the d non profit arm of us tribecaca enterprises the was always a big reader in the was my primary cultural out with film in the oasis just kept coming back to that. but i knew wanted to do something different so well as doing that ever is helping to put together nonfiction of always doing that a college friend of mine was working on her first novel. she said i am the fiction editor and we need help witheede
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the events or the brooklyn festivals of ywca you can be helpful to them back site called the editor in chief to you need anybody?t person, yo i think i can help and one week later i was set up as the associate publisher of the magazine as a volunteer but it was pretty much a full-time job. but we grew and worked on the infrastructure to make it more popular and robust and that is how the job came to be. happenstance. >> of first non-white and anon mail to be executive director. >> i am.point? the way the job was hired of
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the search conducted through different cultural institutions in publishing to see who was fit for the job by did not approach them vice but to somebody and was getting ideas for people i did not think me but somebody said what about you? what about me? i was a bit younger i did not think that would be in my future at that time. my futue i ended up talking to them and i was so intimidated at first by the process i just went in there as myself this is why i believe and what i can do i don't know of i thought about being a black woman while i was doing that or how do i articulate to these very successful board members of ollie's different fields like non-profit or
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publishing how do i approve and i am confident? and that i can bring something interesting to the foundation? that is what i was focused on in the end howard you take people who are excited about long form journal politics in the same question lies before the foundation hired to make people feel excited about literature or feel glamorous or exciting without changing what it is? and think that i made the case to do that and to be up person of color and gives a special way to think about the audience and how you access because people do
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look like me are feeling that they're not the audience globally or books or television or anything with theater or dance me feel like we're not the audience and that is changing demonstrated by me being there but that is a conversation i could have vaughan purely professional terms. also because you feel included you can think what about people in the rural areas or from different socio-economic backgrounds? have to widen that message to include everybody? >> two is on the board? >> it is a big and growing bored. representatives from cultural, nonprofit, lots of publishing, but we are widening so there are those coming on that we are moving
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outside he was formerly with perseus books. >> is a tough to answer to avi big board? >> no. they're so collaborative and invested in the success of the national book foundation is funny because they couldk be viewed is interested parties but they are capable to step back from their day to day rule to say how the negro or make this a bigger?e t lot of people say is that challenging? that is a powerful board they are collaborative and smart and interesting and i feel tremendously they are confident i can do my job so i feel supported by them absolutely 100 percent this board makes me stronger.
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some people feel it is a hindrance or they are scared but not all they have been wonderful. >> when does the process of the national book award began by. >> submission is close to t16 on monday.h. we are in it. the judges were announced. right after i started it was a world with a show about my desk and innocently are announcing a cable opening submissions so very much a world and. we have the judges and now we go. to then they give me a phone call at the end of the summer for the long list which is weird. who was in our family all the sudden you get the phonene
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call of khalil will liveu with forever. >> we will be live at the national book awards in november from york's city thanks for introducing yourself to the book tv audience. >> i got involved in the naming rates from mile high stadium with a compromise with several different people that were all politically astute said it is non-partisan you should run for mayor so i thought about it went around the country for about 18 months. there is a fellow named chris gates ran the national civic league at that time to engineer so i can meet the budget of mayors can you make a difference? would i be good? what i like it? kind of putting your toe in the water but even then you
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think why would anybody do that? cited a hangout with officials or the student council or the class president they did not hang out with me. >> you were a geek with coke bottle glasses quick. >> with acne and scrawny we don't have to go over too much. [laughter] but. >> and you could not get the girls. >> thank you. [laughter] that to pinpoint on the decision is there was a point i was toying with the idea of all of these traditional political types almost like the made-for-tv movie the embittered city councilwoman the city auditor the state senator who was a brilliant speaker but they all did it seem to
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have any experience with business or small business in my customers could sing every elected official was the bomb they only care about their own circle. so with seemed there should be more people from business to go into government. several people from the early meetings when said natalie will we not do any negative ads we will not do opposition research people got up and left the room and said he inhabits a chance. we didn't expect to win but there was an appetite for somebody that wasn't just like everybody else to do the attack ads. there was no epiphanies that i all of a sudden became the general election i was double the votes not quite 50% of wessex kennedy's


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