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tv   US Senate  CSPAN  September 9, 2016 4:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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common core, but were going to change it. [applause] i will fight for every child in this country. who deserves better futures. the african-americancommunity has heard my message , that i am going to make communities safe again and i'm going to bring back jobs and i'm going to bring back great educations. don't be surprised, remember this, november 8. don't be surprised because we have been given a lot of support over the past three or four weeks. on november 8, i get more african-americans and hispanic votes than anyone thought possible about a month ago. and you see what's going on. people are starting to hear about this and they're saying while. wow. they're liking it. again, it can't get any worse
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but it's going to get a lot better. but only if i do it. immigrants, what they've done is incredible. hillary clinton would be absolutely more of the same. rigid. they would never change. remember, 100's not going to change, it's not going to happen. let's talk about anotherissue that will define the future of this country . for generations to come. the united states supreme court. [applause] earlier this year, we lost a great justice antonin scalia. the next president will not only have to fill this seat but as many as four others. but we could end up with a total of five judges, one president, would be record-setting. probably three area could be
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four or even five. and we picked the wrong people, you have a country that is no longer our country. it will be disgusting. one of the most important issues frankly other than maybe defense because we're going to build up our military. were going to take care of our veterans. were going to protect your second amendment, so many things but one of the most important, some people actually think it's the most important is the filling of the seats of the united states supreme court. you see what's happening right now, for four and you see how bad it is. we're going to pick great judges, i've already put a list of 11, the federalist society highly recommended. there's great reviews on these 11 people and we are going to put truly great people. maybe we use judge scalia as
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the ultimate example of what we are looking for, okay. [applause] this will determine whether or not we remain a constitutional republic, frankly. that's what's going to happen. i have pledged to appoint judges who are upholding the constitution, to protect your religiousliberty and apply the law as written . [applause] we reject judges who rewrite the constitution, who oppose their own personal views on 300million+ americans . i've made public a list of judges, as i said, who will guide my selectionprocess. hillary clinton has refused to provide such a list . if you saw the list, you would walk out of your not feeling very well.
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but she knows, the three judges she would pick would be rejected by the overwhelming majority of the american public , they be rejected. these judicial pics would allow her to completely take over american healthcare ,the american economy , american religious liberty. not to mention your second amendment which is on very thin ice right now as you know because of the fact that we are here for. if they pick one judge, as you know you can kiss the second amendment goodbye. and we don't want to see that. another issue that is of great importance to everybody in this room is the issue of course of national security. just today it was announced that north korea performed its fifth nuclear test. it's forth since hillary
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clinton became secretary of state. just one more massive failure of the failed secretary of state. [applause] she failed at everything. her policies have also put iran onto a path of nuclear weapons and i have to say, it gave them overnight and absolute power. they were dying three years ago. sanctions were choking them. it would have fallen but obama didn't support people that would have taken over and in this case probably would have taken over the right way. they had no support. but look at what's happened to iran in such a short period of time. but remember the ransom payments, remember, it was $400,000,000.02 weeks ago.
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then they made a mistake. this is cash. remember, they said they paid cash because they couldn't open a bank account?there was no way of sending it into a checking account? all lies, just like obamacare was a big lie. you can lose your doctors, 27 times, right? 27 times. use your doctors, use your plan. it turned out to be a lie, it's all a lie. it's a rate system and its ally and i'll tell you what, i'll tell you what. before hundred billion for those who haven't been reading the paper over the last few days, it turned out to be $1.7 billion in cash area and i actually said, theysaid that money is going to be used for terror. they don't need it for terror, they got 150 billion. that's in addition, there's 150 billion they are giving them.this is going into their swiss accounts . they're not going to use it for terror, they have plenty of money for terror. 1.7 billion in cash. massive, big that's of cash. you saw.
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cartons, they've never seen anything like it. i've seen a lot of cash, i've never seen anything like this. 1.7 billion. can you imagine these guys? they stopped, remember they wouldn't give them back to us and they waited for hours and obama kept saying no. even the hostages said,they kept us waiting for a certain claim to come in. not to take them back , they were waiting. it was just another lie. can you imagine these people sitting there? they see 1.7 billion in cash? they think we're stupid. they think we are stupid. they will be thinking for long. [applause] very sad. at the same time, isis is
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hunting down and exterminating what it calls the nation of the cross. isis is carrying out genocide against christians in the middle east. we cannot let this evil continue. [applause] isis must be destroyed, has to. we have no defeat isis, we must use military warfare but also cyber warfare, financial warfare. and ideological warfare. it's a whole different ballgame since 50 years ago and 200 years ago, it's a whole new world. we must also establish a bipartisan goalin the united states , an international bowl with our allies of the
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feeding radical islamic terrorism. [applause] words that our president will use and words that hillary clinton won't use. just like we won the cold war by identifying our enemies and building a consensus to guide a long-term strategy, so to must we do the same with islamic terrorism. by the way, president obama has allowed syrian refugees to pour into our country at unbelievable rates. and hillary clinton wants to allow 550 percent more but it's almost impossible to get a christian in from syria.
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they take others but they don't take christians. very rare, very rare. so i said that we need to take safe zones, we want to take care of people but we absolutely cannot allow this potential, tremendous threat to continue and we have to stop this. this is going to be potentially a catastrophe for our country. it's from within, it could be the all-time great trojan horse. did you ever notice, you look at the migration trail and see people with cell phones. some of the cell phones have the isis flag. printed on them. some of them have things far worse than that. so it was the failed policies, you have to
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remember, of hillary clinton and obama that unleashed isis in the first place. they did the right thing, you wouldn't be talking about isis right now. now she wants to get rid of, oh, we're going to get ridof. she tells them already, there will be no boots on the ground. you don't want to say it . don't say it. now she just says, i hope she wins. with a be great withhaving her as president. they dream about it every night, having hillary clinton but even if you believe and i can understand that, no boots on the ground. you don't say it . let them think they're going to go through hell . don't say it. can you imagine the great general douglas macarthur. can you imagine the great general george patton or one of our great general that we have today, general flynn,
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easier someplace. i love general flynn but can you imagine these people saying, i mean, they're basically giving up the strategy. there will be no boots on the ground. if you don't want that, i fully understand. don't say it. don't say it. could you imagine macarthur saying where going to fight the enemy and move our troops in about a month, we're going to hit from behind. we're going to hit them from the front and everything they say turns out to be true. i hate to say this, there's a lot ofevangelicals in this room . maybe we shouldn't be so honest when it comes to military strategy. i hope i didn't lose your vote for saying that. [applause] just look at what her policies have left us with in iraq, syria and libya.
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the problem is, hillary clinton is trigger-happy, she really is. she's trigger-happy and yet she says, there probably will be boots, it turned out to be another disaster. she has brought us only war and death. she's just too quick to intervene, invade or to push for regime change with people we don't even know who they are. sometimes they are far worse. this creates the power vacuums that are filled by terror and groups like isis. my administration on the other hand will work with any country that is willing to partner with us to defeat isis and halt radical islamic terrorism and by the way, that includes russia. if they want to join us on
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knocking out isis, that is just fine as far as i'm concerned. [applause] it's a very imperfect world. you can't always choose your friends read right? but you can never fail to recognize your enemies. we have some real enemies. unfortunately for our country, our enemies probably hacked into hillary clinton's emails. these are the same emails she destroyed after receiving a federal subpoena. using software in order to bleach the email so you can never, ever detected. she even mysteriously lost 13 different phones before the fbi got to them. and many were destroyed with a hammer.
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did anybody ever hit a hammer, maybe two or three people. they were just released from prison, those three people. can you believe this? destroyed them with a hammer. the old-fashioned way, i guess. the other night , the commander-in-chief, did anybody see that? how did i do? [applause] but we have a big debate coming up, who knows what's going to happen there but i will say every poll has me winning big league, the commander-in-chief. the polls came out after that event and we won big league. now we have a debate coming up. i don't imagine any of you are going to be watching the debate. i won't, i promise. hillary clinton answered
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questions on her emails horribly. she lost, that's why she did so poorly, she was terrible. she was honestly, i shouldn't be saying this. it was terrible. she keeps talking about the emails every time she talks about them, she talks about them differently. she says each week, she has a different answer. but there can be no answer when she deletes 33,000 emails, bleaches them so they can never be recovered, and unheard of practice. hammer them into total silence. you know what had happened. i always say getting away with that will be the single greatest accomplishment of her career. it's true. [applause] so her answers were bad.
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they were bad. and a lot of people said it was so totally dishonest. you know, she was blaming matt lauer. i thought matt lauer did a very good job. his questions to me were very tough but the gentleman who stood up and said honestly, she should be in prison for what you did. to me, that was the top one. that was the top one. that was a tough question. sort of a question in the form of a statement, right? clinton is unfit to be our president for many reasons. [applause] true.
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>>. [crowd chanting] lock her up. >> she's unfit for many reasons the first of which, her judgment is so bad. it's time to restore honesty and integrity to our government, we have to do it. and one more issue, and a final issue i wanted to discuss today is the economy and helping those in need. there is no more important group in our country than christians and all of us here today are determined to lift suffering americans out of poverty, we can do it. but a lot of other people are going to hell. as your president i will pursue a complete reform for our economy to bring back millions of new jobs into our country.
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millions of new jobs. we lost our jobs like we are a bunch of babies. they gone to mexico, they gone to many other countries. china is taking massive advantage of us. it's also easy, believe me. also easythat includes , we will be doing massive tax cuts to working families and businesses. it includes, very importantly, the elimination of all needless, job killing regulations. [applause] it includes lifting the restrictions on american energy which is under siege. i will also renegotiate nafta
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and if they don't want to renegotiate it so it becomes a two-way highway, not just the one way i way out of the united states forour companies and jobs, we will terminate nafta , believe me. we will stand up to china and we're going to fight for every last job. it's going to be america first and it's going to be the american worker first. crucially, i will also fight for the american family and american family values. the family must be at the center of any anti-poverty agenda, has to be. [applause] thank you. our country just lost one of the great champions for the american family.
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phyllis schlafly, great woman. we sent our thoughts and prayers to her loved ones. i will be going to herfuneral tomorrow in st. louis . [applause] phyllis fought very hard to the very end for a free and prosperous america. she understood that to be truly united as a country, we can't simply turn to government or to politicians. the bedrock of our unity is the realization that we are all brothers and sisters created by the same god. phyllis understood that. phyllis understood. by the way, phyllis endorsed me a long time ago when it wasn't necessarily something
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that was so easy to do. and she was incredible. she was so brave. that was not the thing to do at the time. people said trunk, she said he's going to win. he's going to win. they said phyllis, it's not going to be trouble. then it went boom, boom but i will tell you, phyllis endorsed me at a time when it wasn't necessarily the thing to do, even the popular thing to do and i will never forget that, a huge impact. she was a great, powerful woman with a tremendous part and i look forward to being with her family tomorrow because that's a celebration, she was 93 years old. [applause] we are all equal and we all come from the same creator. and we remember the fact that our future is truly limitless. there is nothing we as
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americans do. there's a biblical verse that often read, i want to repeat it again because i think it is so important to what we are trying to achieve right now for our country. it's from first john chapter 4. no one has ever seen god. we love one another, god lives in us and love is made complete in us. it's so true. [applause] so true. imagine what our country could accomplish if we started working together as one people under one god, saluting one flag. [applause] is time to stop
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quibbling over the smallest words and time to start dreaming about the great adventures that lie ahead for our country. this is my promise to all of you. starting in 2017, we will be on american nation. it's time to break our ties with the bitter failures of the past and to embrace a new american future. together, we will make america believe again. we will make america united again. and we will make america great again. i do very much and god bless you, thank you.
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[applause] [music] >> thank you ladies and gentlemen, i'm trying to think of how i can transition from that to letting you know the restrooms are right outside your left but that's my job.
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hey, just a quick point i wanted to mention. that mister trump pointedout so eloquently and i wanted to give you those stats , in the last year there were 10,801 syrian refugees, 56 were christians. think about that. that's like 99.3 percent muslim and the remainder were christian. now these gentlemen speaking about questions about whether our military is ready or not and we put together an impressive panel to answer that question. coming to lead this group is one of the original members of the us army's delta force and a three star general who has been involved in nearly every major american conflict during his 36 year army career. today, he serves as the executive vice president for the family research councilso ladies endowment, would you
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please welcome lieutenant general jerry boykin and our panel . >> thank you very much, thank you. we're already behind so i got to make up a little time here. if i can get my panel out here. it's kind of hard maneuvering around the secret service. come on. anybody know a joke? hillary clinton, yeah. well said. all right. okay, we're going to jump right into this in the interest of time. we're going to talk about military readiness, the title of our panel is the us military, ready or not. we have three distinguished panelists today. first we have elaine
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donnelly, starting on the other end here. [applause] and this lady knows more about certain aspects of readiness in the military than anybody, she in 1992 was the president of the commission on what we saywas women in combat . as she was also a member of the back wits and today she is the president of the center for military readiness and one of those people that knows an awful lot about military readiness. i actually have congressman jim bryson from oklahoma. yes. one of the most conservative members of congress today and a true warrior in his own right. he is lieutenant commander in the us navy reserve. he flew the b2c hawkeyes in iraq and afghanistan, is now an f/a-18 pilot in the navy reserve, i was out there a couple weekends ago and missed him because he was doing his reserve duty and finally we have nature general retired gary harold,
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former commander of the delta force. commission in the infantry, served in the 82nd airborne and then in special forces and came to delta while i was there myself. and i this english, record, he commanded all the special forces and special operations forces for the central command after 9/11, he took them all into afghanistan there and he's a very dear personal friend of mine because we share something very unique in that we were both wounded at the same time and he is a very special friend so i want to jump right into it and i'm going to ask einstein to give us a presentation on where we stand with military readiness so doctor, please. >> thank you general. everybody here on this microphone?'s an honor to be here. i always appreciate speaking at the values voters summit and of course a lot of us in
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congress the family research council for good advice and information when we make important decisions in washington so thank you to the frc, thank you general boykin for having me on the panel. i want to make a point of something, one of the reasons i initially got involved with running for congress is because i was a pilot in the united states navy reserve. actually, i'm in the oklahoma air national guard today but time i got elected i was a pilot in the navy reserve flying e2 hawkeyes and i was doing drug operations in central and south america. we would fly to places like curacao, el salvador, colombia, and other places. my squadron, chw 77, the night wolves were responsible for requesting $2 billion worth of cocaine every year on the high seas area $2 billion. every year.
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there was a time when members of congress decided we needed to cut federal spending which we all agree with you and what they said is going to put together a plan to cut discretionary spending, actually it was a plan to cut mandatory spending. we think about federal spending, mandatory spending constitutes about two thirds of federal spending. when i say mandatory, i'm talking about medicare, medicaid, social security, obamacare, the food stamp program. these are mandatory programs. what that means is, you remember the congress. we do not approve those programs on an annual basis. we don't appropriate the money for those programs. if you qualify for the money, get the money and the only way those programs get modified or changed is if congress intervenes and changes them. to spend more on those programs. i doing nothing, those programs grow and they have been growing.
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very rapidly. republicans are scared that if we touch those programs, somebody will make a commercial of republicans throwing grandma off the cliff. so republicans don't touch those programs either, even though they are growing very rapidly so what we fight about in congress is one third of federal spending causes depression very spending. after that one third is defense spending and back in 2011, here's what they said in congress. they said going to come to an agreement on that two thirds of federal spending is mandatory and if we don't, come to an agreement, we are going to institute something called the sequester which is an across-the-board cut about discretionary side of the ledger, half of which is defense. this is a major problem that the department of defense has been going through now for a long time. my thought in the aw 77, $2 billion worth of cocaine every year on the high fees without being eliminated, just like that. and that is one of many units
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across this country that eliminated and this limits the ability of our commanders and the folks that make decisions for our national security, it limits their opportunities to make good decisions because they don't have the resources available that they use to have available so now you got $2 billion worth of cocaine in the country and even worse you got $2 billion worth of cash going to fund land criminal organizations out of central and south america that are destabilizing the countries in our own hemisphere. when this happened, i said look, if you voted for this and you're a member of congress, you guys probably remember they call it, well it was the budget control act and is peaceful, they created a super committee. none of them were from oklahoma. had to come to an agreement to cut mandatory spending and if they didn't, then it would trigger the sequester and
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these 12 members of congress got to make decisions to cut spending and increase taxes, there would be an up or down vote on the florida house that there would be no debate, no amendments, no filibuster and if it failed it would decimate the department of defense and the purpose of this was to be so thankful that it would never happen. the congress would have to come to an agreement. congress didn't come to an agreement. so now the department of defense has been decimated, our capabilities have been limited and there's a whole host of programs and challenges we've been working through since i've been here. here's a challenge. since i've been in congress, what we've been doing year in and year out is we've been doing the 12 appropriations bills that constitute that one third of federal spending that we authorized an appropriate every year, no. have we been increasing spending for the department of defense? number what we've been doing is we've been going to the end of the year every year just like we are right now, we got a shutdown at the end of this month if we don't do something and we roll all 12
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appropriations bills into one massive package and we fund next year exactly as we funded last year and you either fund the whole government or the whole government shuts down. that's not the way this country has ever been run before this president but that's the way it's being run now. why? they don't want to see one dollar more going to the department of defense unless you also increased spending for all the other federal programs and by the way, here's what they say when they do this. we're going to fund the planned parenthood or we're going to shut downthe part of the fence . that's why they roll all 12 of these appropriations bills into one massive package. that's why we aspirations bills in house and go to the senate and harry reid kill them all. eagles all of them. why? he wants to make sure if we don't fund planned parenthood or the syrian refugee resettlement program for all the epa rules and regulations
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or the president's illegal executive order for amnesty, the constitution says congress has the authority to create a uniform rule of naturalization, if you don't cut all those things they got this trump card call the department of defense and the whole discretionary side of the ledger will shut down unless you find those programs. unfortunately you've got congress that is unwilling to fight and instead has these continuing resolutions that have beenhurting the department of defense. with that i will yield to my other panelists .[applause] okay. elaine? thank you general. i am so excited to be here and thank you so much for inviting me. i'm going to pick up where the congressman left off. is our military ready or not? this should be the topic. perhaps some of you remember earlier this year fox news carried a program on this very topic and it talked about shortages and equipment failures, aircraft falling out of the sky and a lot of people asked why is this
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happening? resources have been taken away. this program also broke new ground. because remember the image of our own ccs marching in red high heels? why did that happen? what is going on with our military? that was training to deal with sexual assault in the armed forces. it shot a lot of people and i'm going to give you a few reasons to understand why this is happening. back in 1992 i was a member of the presidential commission who studied the issue of women in combat for a full year and the first thing we decided was how are we going to decide on the issue of women in combat, we had a very simple principle, revolution we voted on. equal opportunity is important but if there is a conflict between equal opportunity and the needs of the military and needs of the military, first. you have no idea how controversial that was.
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we had a huge battle, it was not a slamdunk position because there were several numbers he said no, eo should come first and they were all in favor of women that went into combat, even in 1992. fast-forward to the present. the military leadership diversity commission issued a report, you see it there in 2011, this commission turned military values upside down. the results of that report is , political correctness now is the standard of review. military readiness is important says the obama administration but if there is a conflict, a political correctness comes first. the new definition of diversity is about group demographics. not about individual rights, it's not recognition of merit, it's about group rights and the pentagon
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really believes this stuff. there's been a lot of talk aboutgenerals and admirals lately . mister trump made some news when he said the officer corps, the senior leadership in uniform, he doesn't have confidence in their advice at this know why? he's right because admiral mike mullen seated there at the left, the former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, he was theprime mover behind what we now call lgbt law in the military . he said diversity is a strategic areas for the security of our nation. to his right, arichief of staff general george casey junior , a few years ago said when there was the attack on fort hood , they knew he was a jihadist but walter reed sent him down to fort hood and you know what george casey said? this is a tragedy but i hope it doesn't our efforts on diversity. diversity is being extended into the combat arms so when the order was given, military
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salute and they say how high should we job # the marine corps started doing research study. see there on the right, a very courageous officer, we give her a lot of credit for trying, she was not able to get over that wall or succeed on the infantry report. there were rotc tests done. 20 or 30 percent of women could not do the heavy lifting, only one percent of the men could not do it. a fatigue levels, higher fatigue creates more injury rates. over 10 times often when someone gets injured. there were field tests, nine months of field tests. they held units and they had expended units. all-male units outperformed. 69 percent of the time. that's why when the secretary of defense said we are going to ignore all that, we're going to have an indirect women in combat anyway, people said wait a minute, why did this happen? it's because diversity is the
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primary thing. i want to define what combat is and what we mean. ground combat means attacking the enemy. it means infantry, special operations forces, armor, artillery and the like. women have served in danger. they have served in harm's way. they have not been in the units that attack the enemy in direct groundhog. marine corps asked for exceptions, this is general joe john for. i would exempt him from the general set. mister trump decides. he in the marine corps said well, our standards says survivability and lethality and balance in battle would be hard with gender integration but general dunford was overruled. the secretary of defense said no, their paramount concern is gender diversity. so the experiment is in progress. you know what this means? if you have a son or a nephew or someone you care about the military? that person needs to be evacuated from the battlefield?
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those female soldiers were being carried out on the training field right here in this picture, that female soldier will she be able to rescue that young man in the battlefield? it seems like the military says no, that's not our primary concern. it would be female soldiers. there infantry training. look at the backpacks they have, very heavy. you see the curvature or leaning forward of their spine? these women are injury prone now. 10 times more likely that they will suffer injury. 6 to 7 female marines were not able to get through their training, they didn't have the strength, stamina, the running speed and get, and yet the military keeps fighting quotas and they say we want play for five percent women in the marine corps. how is that going to work? you're either going to bring a lot of female bodies or you
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are going to have to build a standard. the last thing we need are more female veterans who are disabled. it is not fair to women and it's not fair to men. we don't do this in the olympics. we have wonderfully female gymnasts but they don't do what the men do. look at the men there with sheer muscle power making a t-shaped from his own body. body strength is something already that men have, most men do. women do not, well, not all men can do what women do but certainly androgen hormones difference matters when we are talking about physical strength and the female gymnasts of course do wonderful things that the men are amazing to one who gets all the money? the female gymnasts. but we are talking about warfare, we are talking about, talking about my being at risk. now comes the result of the experiment. are you ready for this? if you haven't heard, there is a bill in the senate that would put in registration for
4:44 pm
selective service young civilian women who don't even know this is going on. i'm telling you parents, this is the week right now. you'd better tell the senate this is out. guess who put it in there? senator john mccain. put this provision in the defense bill. get on your twitter feed right now. it's called hashtag, don't draft our daughters. send messages to every member of the senate right now, it's critically important. selective service is only an insurance policy. if international emergency we need to bring into the military people who are prepared or can be trained, we don't need to have thousands who are not physically prepared. to become what are called, ready. we don't draft women towards the jobs, the marine band, it's the infantry, is the
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largest branch in the service. we don't need to include our daughters in selective service. again, taking gender diversity to extremes, this is a poster from the pentagon. did you know about lesbian gay bisexual transgender pride month? it had eight of them at the pentagon and the white house and it's become like a special interest faction. all the promises that were made, there won't be any liberty, that wasn't true. religious liberty is under siege all the time. there was a promise of no same-sex benefits, that of course was implemented very quickly. there have been steve increases in sexual assault cases, both male and female. and the new lgbt equal opportunity standard means special rights status now we are headed straight for transgender's in the military.
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promise that we've made and denied at the time now since we are with the pink flag as well as the one we are more used to. if you have a doctor or a nurse in the military, if you have a daughter or son at the academy, if you are a military family, who have children in schools, guess what? doctors and nurses will not be free to avoid having to do this statement including surgery, all kinds of clauses. personal privacy rights are secondary and in the schools, this is the largest schools system and childcare center in the world. going to have transgender reflections at all levels of the pentagon? that is the logical conclusion to diversity being the primary standard of review. you saw the movie 13 hours, you saw warriors. [applause] i want to pull
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this together.why does this matter? the only military we have and when you see warriors, even in thecivilian status going to fight , you see a station manager in the movie, his name was bob putting political correctness of military objectives, this shows you how political correctness that weakens military culture threatens lives. we are headed for what i call the general block of solitary. if you keep taking the bottom of the tower and you keep loading them on top, guess what? you get a shaky power and eventually it falls. our national security is at risk and the military is under threat. in the military restore? yes it can. here's good news. the republican national platform calls for a new hierarchy and an end to social experimentation and
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political correctness. [applause] it calls for an objective review of social policies and appropriate administrative legal or legislative action to correct problems, support for women's exemption from direct combat, support for their exemption from selective service, support for high-end compromise standards of religious liberty, due process rights and matters of sexual assault and misconduct. national security depends on sound values and priorities in our military. and here's the last slide. if you support the military, they have to know that you have their back . keep talking about we may lose the supreme court in the next election. i'm worried about losing our military. we have to choose carefully and i'm not going to tell you how to vote but civilian control of the military means we have to choose our leaders carefully. we have a responsibility to fight to keep our nation safe .
4:49 pm
that means we have to restore sound priorities in the only military we have.[applause] >> major general harold. >> thank you very much. it's a real privilege to be here today. i sometimes wonder if some of our politicians have forgotten what our military is for. it may sound rude to some of you but the purpose of the military is to kill people and break things in the defense of our nation. [applause] in the defense of you and me. it is not to conduct social experimentation. [applause] one of my favorite quotes is from orwell who said we sleep peacefully in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to do violence on our behalf. and i was very fortunate in
4:50 pm
the military to get to work with a bunch of those guys. and even commanded them. and there are two things that are an essential part, if you went to some of our most classified unit, look around on the wall, one of the first things you will see is a bible verse that was quoted earlier, isaiah 6 eight. and the lord said who shall i said and who shall go for me? and i said your mind, send me. a lot of people in our nation have answered and continue to answer that call. the other thing is, ... [applause] if you work to be privileged enough to be in the right before a mission was lost, where is highly likely that everybody will not come back, blasting we do and is singing unless america
4:51 pm
before we get on that helicopter. so that gives you a little bit of an idea of the mindset of people that carry out some of the most dangerous missions that are military conducts. as a matter of fact, i still remember the night that we send god bless america before we launched black hawk down. and it was a very solemn occasion. even if corporal boykin did lead us in song. ? sorry, i couldn't resist. but we lost that night after we sang that mission and all of us didn't come home next know, i was also fortunate enough to be selected to go to work for tommy franks during the war and franks is a great leader. he had a wonderful plan and
4:52 pm
he's often been criticized because he a contingency plan. you know what? he did not have a contingency plan. he had a contingency plan and guess what? none of them work. you know why? the any has another side of the story. they both and a lot of people don't understand. and for those of you that might think there was no wmd in iraq, i would suggest that you go home and look up sarin gas, among other things. artillery shells uploaded with serengeti for the most deadly nerve agent that's been invented and it was in the rack. experimentationwith chemical weapons that were in iraq . we found rockets that exceeded the un mandates so
4:53 pm
i'm a little skeptical and i'm not telling things that i read in reports, i'm telling you aboutthings i saw . were reported to me, those under my command. during the war, our mission was to keep the iraqi forces of north while the us forces came in from the south and just to talk about how important teamwork is, i received a morning update and my intel officer was talking about the fact that one of the iraqi divisions that we were tasked to keep in place was getting ready to move south and get into a fight. i said,, telephone da to move over there and stop the division. my intel officer looked at me and said sir, " da is 12 men and he says i know that. you know and iraqi division
4:54 pm
is thousands of people. i said, i know that. i'm not picking on you. however, tom, when you got the us abraham lincoln and the air wing in direct support, those 12 guys can stop the division. you know what? that division did not move south. [applause] i will also tell you that these rough men, to use orwell terms do a lot of hard work and they live life on the edge. and if the force gets too small, none of them would say this to you. if you ask them where they having multiple deployments, more than anybody ever counted on because the course is too small? they wouldn't say anything. they say no, we are fine. however, i'm telling you they
4:55 pm
are road hard and put up wet. and they are stretched very, very thin area that's why our military, shrinking our military is extremely dangerous. we don't want to find out that our social experimentation failed in the field when our forces are surrendering and by the way, the navy found that out the hard way. they saw that who was apologizing when he was captured and his guys were captured and he said, we were treated wonderfully. i don't think so. anyway, you do dangerous work and you are spread too thin, it plays with your mind. it is a very dangerous situation to put our people in. they don't think that way and they are, please don't make take my comments as negative
4:56 pm
towards troops in the field. i have nothing but the utmost respect for them. they are superb and simply outstanding. but we can't run them into the ground. we can't overuse partial operations forces because we work best as a team, just like my illustration of the oda stopping the iraqi division. that was teamwork. that was the enemy of teamwork. we've got great support from the navy even though our kid andmy needy colleagues wouldn't want to go without them , or without the air force. again, i worry about the force getting too small. not trained to the same level that they use to be because they are spending too much time on some of these, i will be kind and say social experiments. thank you very much. [applause] >> okay. douglas macarthur stood in
4:57 pm
the west point mess hall in 1963. if you go to west point, you can still stand in the very perch where he spoke to the assembled cadets there. he said something very important, he said your mission remains fixed, determined and malleable and it is to fight and win the nation's wars. this administration seems to have forgotten that. they don't seem to understand that the mission of our military is a single-purpose mission. fight and win the nation's wars. but we deploy our military into africa to handle an evil outbreak, we are misusing our military. they did not sign up for that. they will go where they are told to go. it will follow the orders of thecommander-in-chief but it is not their mission . and it is an abuse of power
4:58 pm
in my viewto put them into that situation . our next commander-in-chief has to get back to a realization and an understanding that our military has a single mission and it needs to stick to that. is my video loaded? okay. i was going to show you a video and gary just mentioned it . and i'm sorry that it won't load because i can show you two videos that will tell you more about the seriousness of the readiness situation in our military. 1965, it's off? in 1965, jeremiah benson was shot down, unable academy graduate shot down in vietnam and in 1966 after 10 months of torture, they forced him to make a statement on
4:59 pm
camera. that is prohibited the geneva convention. the rule is, when you reach the breaking point, go ahead and do what you have to do to stay alive and he went on camera but while he was on camera said i don't know my governments policies but i still support it. he did something else, this 1966, i want you to watch this first video here, is very short. >> alabama senator and prisoner of war. probably best known as the pow who let his eyes do the talking during 1966 interview from north vietnam when hewas held at 7 and a half years . >>
5:00 pm
same place admiral denton wind. 2011 naval academy graduate. show the video. >> there was a mistake. that was our fault and we apologize for our mistake. >> show the next video. >> the behavior was fantastic. we thank you very much for your hospitality, and your assistance. >> does that tell you anything about the readiness of our military to fight and win wars? it says more than i can tell you with all the statistics i can give you. do you think that our enemy fears us? do you think that our allies trust us? what happened to our military?
5:01 pm
and utterly what happened to, the things these people talked about here today. we cut the budgets. we reduced the force structure we started all these social experiments, and all we've done is contributed to the demise of our military. i'm very worried about the future. congressman brian stein, could you quickly tells what's the truth about the situation with aviation and the air force and the navy? we see a lot about cannibalization what's the truth? >> i'm on the armed services committee. we get a lot of testimony about this kind of thing. a lot of people in this room might be familiar that our b-52's on average our 55 years old. is anybody in this room who by chance flew b-52's or work on the b-52's? if you would, raise your hand. thank you. >> so that your father. so 55 years old is average age
5:02 pm
of the b-52 fleet. that means half of them are older than that, on average. when you think about the fact that you're united states air force is planning to keep these planes flying well into the 2040s, we're talking about planes, some of them will be 100 years old. that's what we're dealing with. i'll tell you a story. i know we are at the values voter summit. a lot of us believe in the resurrection. [laughter] there was a b-52 not too long ago that was at the boneyard. a lot of military folks are probably familiar with his bowling at the that's where airplanes go when they're too old where airplanes go with her two oldest light or too broken to fly. it came to the point where our united states air force and to go into the boneyard and grab a b-52 that a been there for eight years rotting in the desert, pull it out, and that it is in service of the united states air force. that's one example. another example, not too long ago the united states marine corps took an f-18 hornet,
5:03 pm
needed a spare part. we didn't have a spare part. so they went to a museum, the uss new york down, it took a spare part for an f-18 off a a museum display in was integrated into a workable f-18 t f-18. by the way that f-18 the receipt that part flew in the raid on gadhafi in 1986. that's your marine corps f-18 fleet. so we think about the air force, we in this country used to have 134 fighter squadrons. 134. you air force today has 55. the generational leaps in technology do not make up for the fact that we have cut our capabilities by the much. i told the story earlier about my own squadron that got eliminated. so these are just some examples. there are many others. liklike you said we can talk abt
5:04 pm
statistics all day and i just been going over a list of them here that i printed out before i came over but the challenge today is very, very real. we are operating within military when there are more threats than we've ever seen in history of this country proliferating all over the world come operating with the military that is not where it needs to be. and quite frankly as i mentioned earlier, i blame our politicians who could not come to an agreement back in 2011. they created the supercommittee. the supercommittee failed and that triggered the defensive posture. our united states military is still dealing with that in ways that i don't think our united states congress ever intended back in 2011. that's one of the reasons, i'm a republican, i ran against an incumbent republican in a republican primary not believing i could ever win the race but because it was the right thing to do because that was a terrible vote. surprise myself and a lot of others and actually won, running
5:05 pm
on a platform -- [applause] running on a platform that said we need to make sure that our department of defense is well-trained, manned and equipped to fight our countries battle. with that i will yield back. >> thank you. [applause] >> elaine, a question for you. the social experiments are one of the reasons why this review is so powerful. because that crew and its commander never got conduct from the basement of time in a classroom on diversity, equal opportunity, sexual harassment, right privilege and a variety of other things that contribute nothing to were fighting. can the president refers that by executive order or is this going to take an act of congress to reverse those kinds of things, or do you don't? >> it's going to take a combination of things.
5:06 pm
when ronald reagan ran for president jimmy carter had what was called a hollow military. it was, it had the same shortages as we're seeing out and the congressman has expired so very well. however, when reagan came in his job was easy. all here to do is build more ships and planes, and he talked about missile defense. he didn't have to worry about the basic culture of the military. the next president is going to have to deal with the culture, how things are done, what is taught, what is considered important. all these years to eight years of diversity training instead of writing is training. this is the kind of thing the next president will have to deal with. i have talked with the trump campaign, all of the elements in the republican platform that i mentioned had to have a green light before they went in. the delegates voted for the. i was very reassured by the. so when mr. trump said yesterday, well, the generals, they are in a shambles right now, i knew exactly what he meant.
5:07 pm
what we need to have come and to think it is his intent, is to give new orders and because it isn't the fault of the brass, the people in uniform, some of them i do blame, that they have to follow orders. so under new orders, just like the platform says, a combination of things, legislative, executive order or judicial. i do things in court like for instance, befitting the extension of women from select service. of course, the next president can make all the difference. that leadership will be felt in congress, too. so i'm very encouraged by that. we've got an election had but i can tell you this. if hillary clinton wins, everything bad we are seeing will get worse. their platform is all about diversity. that's their primary objective. >> okay, thank you. i'm going to finish up with a quick comment. i would like your assessment on what the overuse of the special operations forces, what's the long-term impact on that?
5:08 pm
>> well, the long-term impact is it, once you get so low you can't just snap your fingers overnight and build it back up. it takes years to bring a typical soldier into the special operations forces, as you know. and so that time than it takes to build everything up, you won't have them available to the missions. and then that goes back into the comment about, you know, they are stretched very, very thin here and when you are stretched very, very thin you might make a mistake. if not, you know it's a terrible burden that your family, your wife, your children has to bear because you've gone on multiple, multiple deployments. and if you're doing a very dangerous mission time and time and time again, even though you are highly trained, the best
5:09 pm
person to do it, sooner or later you're going to start thinking, wonder when the odds are going to catch up with me and the guy i'm going in on, you know, he beats me to the draw. >> thank you, gary. and get our panel a hand. thank you very much for your attention. [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, and now our final speaker to the former cops become your senator and presidential candidate, he's been a leading voice for the voiceless, standing up for those struggling in this economy, protecting life at every stage and fighting to ensure that our nation is secure from all of those who wish to do us harm.
5:10 pm
in 2012 he and his wife karen cofounded patriot voices. aggressors in online community of americans committed to finding ways to restore the american dream for hard-working families. ladies and gentlemen, would you please welcome a true american conservative statesman, best selling author and a great friend of the family, senator rick santorum. [applause] ♪ been thank you very much. thank you all for sticking around. i know it's way past everybody's bedtime here. i appreciate you being here. is a tremendous opportunity for me to come and be, again i think i've been at every turn seven, and it's honor to be back -- values voter summit. it's a bit of a sadness that i can your. i know others have mentioned it i have to. my dear, dear friend phyllis
5:11 pm
schlafly, passed away this past week. her memorial service and nesting debarment i feel really bad that i can't be here but i just had to point out to your to talk about the original value voter. , phyllis was really iconic and a great leader for our movement and some who i can tell you inspired me. she was not just a great leader. and, obviously, founded equal forum and boosted the conservative movement at a very difficult time in the 1960s and 70s. but she was someone who was similar to our nominee. she wasn't anti-elitist. she realized that elites in our society were corrupting our culture in a variety of different ways. she never quite fit with some of the republican establishment that many others in the republican and conservative movement did.
5:12 pm
i really, she was a bit of a precursor, if you will, to the struggle that we are seeing in this election cycle. i want to me than someone else that is a dear friend who passed away just a few weeks ago, and that's another person who, with his wife beverly, start another great movement, which was concerned women for america. and beverly along with him really were great champions again early on in the conservative movement to bring values into the conversation of conservatism. so we didn't get off into a libertarian is type direction the state as a real complete conservative movement that had an anchor of the importance of life and marriage in the culture. both of these giants will be missed, and i want to mention trench in particular because i the privilege of this past year and have been working with tim on a special project within. tim as you all with jerry jenkins wrote a very popular
5:13 pm
since a book called left behind. as you might remember, i've been involved with the movie biz for a while but one of the movies we've made this a movie called bandish, the next generation, which is based on tim's book, left behind, the tribulation series. what i want to do for you, this movie comes out. it's a one day showing on september 28 in theaters across the country. i just wanted to share that trait with you right now. if it into the trailer so you can look at what tim and i have concocted for you. >> is it crazy how much we get caught up in the own lives? not really noticing the things in front of us. taken for granted those around us. not realizing how our entire world can change in an instance. >> are you okay?
5:14 pm
>> all over the country and even internationally. >> we can't stay in the city. >> high school feels like a hundred years ago. >> we have restore calm to the world under one government, one currency, one religion. >> i knew it wasn't your fault. >> it's going to be bad.
5:15 pm
>> we are going to find you. >> we really have to leave. >> it's about time. everybody is asking, why am i still here? if we stick together we will find out. [applause] >> thank you. you can go to and that's how many social conservatives are feeling these days when it comes to politics. why am i still here? because things have been getting worse and worse and worse. as i mentioned before i have been coming to values voter
5:16 pm
summit for i don't know how many years, i think every year they have had them. and every year as we look around the culture in america, things continue to degrade. the values that we hold and that we cherish, the judeo-christian values that built the greatest country initiative the world were the bedrock of our society, strong nuclear families, the idea of respect for life, the dignity of all life, the family relationships, marriage, all of those things seem to be disintegrating. and then we wonder why is such unrest and discontent in america. why there's so much violence, why there's so much disunity. it's because the things that hold us together are not holding us together as they used to. the question is, how did we get here? i mean, we have to take responsibility for this, ladies and gentlemen. it's been on our watch. i look out and i see some folks
5:17 pm
with gray hair, some with actually know where. and some -- with no hair. some of been at this for a long time but we are not making progress. here's what i would suggest. because that was talking about with phyllis a little earlier. the principal problem that we've had is that the elite's in our culture, those who are at the levers of control if you will, or those of the levers of influence, have begun systematically to turn and change this country. just like in every great civilization. particularly ones that are founded on faith, like ours found on the idea of god-given rights, founded on the concept of individual liberty and freedom is that people start replacing the god to their god, themselves. and start to believe that it's of them that the great things that make the world work well
5:18 pm
instead of getting on our knees and thanking god for the blessings that we have. and so what happened, and it's been a very clean and predictable path. it started with our elite universities. that's where the elites are and they systematically taken over colleges, universities. it's almost, you can almost count them on one or two hands the number of colleges, universities in america that are not just completely secular, elite, politically correct institutions. that don't teach american history, not the american history that's the truth. they don't teach the values that made our country great. in fact, they don't teach anything that we believe. and yet what do we do? we continue to support them. many of you probably give money to them. and we have government programs that subsidize them in the billions and trillions of dollars through student loans and student aid to inculcate values into your children that
5:19 pm
are everything you don't believe in. and we sit silently by. and that, ladies and gentlemen, has consequences over the decades. because those universities trained our leaders. they trained our leaders in business. isn't it any wonder why in indiana or in north carolina or a whole bunch of other states when they try to pass religious liberty, the business community stood up and fought. why? because they are trained in the same universities. hollywood, where do you think their training comes from? the news media. all of these organizations do not share your values. do not share the values that made our country great. and they are the elites. and they are not telling them that i don't ensure your values but your values are bigoted. your values are sexist. your values are discriminatory. and, in fact, because of such we would not even allow you to
5:20 pm
practice those values because they are so offensive. we've gone from tolerance to in tolerance, to adherents, as we continue to set and allow it to happen. but something happened. and it wasn't the agent that we thought it would be. but it wasn't agent that said we are no longer going to tolerate the political correctness of the elites. and it came from a source that we would not have expected. donald j. trump. [applause] himself arguably an elite, but someone who recognized all of the junk the left has perpetrated on america needed to be called out for what it is. and did so in a way that was
5:21 pm
crude, but at least to the elites come if you look at the folks who don't support mr. trump in this election within the conservative movement, who are they ?-que?-que x they are the intellectuals. they are the elites who are offended by his style and his manner. it wasn't phyllis schlafly. she endorses donald trump early. why? because she recognized that he was tapping into something. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, if we are going to be successful as a nation we have to get him solidarity with the people across this country, you who are being discriminated against and will continue to be even worse than today. those who have been discriminated against in the economy, who has seen their trade deals and immigration,
5:22 pm
seeing jobs shipped overseas of people coming to this country by the millions. utah many legal immigrants we allow in this country every are legally? over a million a year. according to miller clinton that's not enough. we are not creating a whole lot of jobs and were not critical lot of good paying jobs with 1% growth in the economy. but there's plenty of room for more people to come in to keep wages down for the elites and business to make the profits as wall street continues to go forward. this is what trump has tapped into. and believe or not, values voter, you're part of it. value voters are part of the anti-elitism. it's a new coalition. it's not a coalition that has ever been put together certainly under the republican banner. but it is a banner that is the only chance, ladies and gentlemen, the only chance for
5:23 pm
the people to rise up and say we are no longer going to take the political secularism is being jammed -- being jammed down our throats everyday. [applause] so i encourage each and every one of you to think about this election more broadly than just your issue or issues. and think of it as a little bit of a mini revolution. within the republican party and within america. of no longer allowing the elites in either party or both parties did it take to us what is best for us anymore. [applause] and if you any doubt whether
5:24 pm
donald trump is someone that you can trust on the issues you care about, understand first that paradigm shift that is his campaign. the anti-elitism that is his campaign. and his vow. you heard him repeat it here from this very podium today. the most important issue from the standpoint of elitism and government, think about the three branches of government to which branch is the elite branch of government? the one that's farthest removed from the people. the one that is less accountable to the people. the one that only the highly educated highly intellectual are selected to been rule for us. the supreme court of the united states. is it any wonder that the court, that branch of government has been the one that has jerked us down the road to radical liberalism? why? because they are the elite branch of government.
5:25 pm
they are not accountable to the people. donald trump understands that. you may say i'm not sure how pro-life yes, i'm not sure how pro-marriage. he understands the elitism of the court. and he has put forward a list of nominees that is a fabulous list of people. [applause] >> and by the way, i could be wrong but i'm pretty sure i'm not, not a single one of those people on that list went to an ivy league law school. [applause] and by the way, i think everybody on the court did, maybe with one exception, go to an ivy league law school. this is the problem, ladies and gentlemen, and donald trump, as unusual, as those of us who are social conservatives and have been in the field come into trenches for a long, long time
5:26 pm
would see it, is, in fact, the answer. the question is can he win? in the answer is, that is up to you. i can tell you coming from pennsylvania, he can win pennsylvania. [applause] because i know a lot of very wise people, working men and women, and they are not angry. they love america. i hated his characterization that all these trump supporters are angry people. they are not angry. they are rational people who are looking and saying things are not working for me as well as they should be. and they can work better, and we need to get back to basic values and throw off the chains of the elite this secular liberal world. ladies and gentlemen, i call on
5:27 pm
value voters all over this country to understand the battle that we are in. we lost those schlafly understood that battle better than any. but in her memory go out and fight. this race is still winnable. all we need to do is keep our eye on the ball. a big change in washington, and throwing off the shackles of elitism, a supreme court that reflects the values of our founding, not those of the european union constitution. donald trump said it him and he's right, and i will finish with it. this race, if we lose, hillary clinton will appoint a new supreme court justice.
5:28 pm
and that will create a 5-4 majority that would begin a process, the process will be continued because there's two other liberal justices on that court, both of them are advanced in age. and i've no doubt will retire during the next four years if hillary clinton is president. and those who will be replaced with two other 50 somethings who are as liberal as the other two on the court right now. there will be five-50 something year old radicals on the court who believe the constitution is at best an annoyance, and at worst a document that should be shredded on the ashes of history. they believe the constitution isn't worth the paper it's printed on. and that's how they now rule. donald trump said today and the echo him, if you look clinton is elected, those five justices will be on that court for 25 years, and you, ladies and
5:29 pm
gentlemen, those of you who are sitting on the sidelines and i can't will resume because well, pick a reason. you will be responsible for the end of a republic. because our constitution will no longer stand. you have one shot. it may not be the shot you wanted. it wasn't the shot i wanted. number, i ran. [laughter] [applause] i wanted the perfect candidate but i lost. [laughter] so i have to take what the american public gave us. they gave us a chance. they gave us a chance. sees it. god bless you. thank you. [applause] ♪
5:30 pm
♪ >> all right. i'm going to give you your choice. i can give you a couple of announcements and jubilee, or i can share my personal testimony. which would you prefer? ..
5:31 pm
we have to options. tomorrow at 1130 to 130. there will be a job fair meet and greet. we want to have you participate in the conversation with twitter. we will reconvene at 7:15 tonight. we have a tremendous lineup tonight that you will not want to miss. please take your materials with you and we will see you this evening.
5:32 pm
in a couple of minutes we will show you the morning session. a bill that would let u.s. citizens over the 911 terrorist attacks. the measure is aimed at letting families of victims sue saudi arabian citizens. they passed the bill unanimously in may and now it goes to the president.
5:33 pm
here is what it looks like today on the house floor. >> the question is those opposed no. the rules are suspended. and without objection the motion to reconsider is laid on the table. some action about the houseboat today from senator john recorded. today's vote. on september 11. i hope the president will sign into law. the political was reporting that it's almost certain to
5:34 pm
eject it. setting up the first override of the presidency. the obama administration in defense have argued that allowing families of 9/11 victims to sue saudi arabia could open up the u.s. to retaliation. >> it came just two days before the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attack. they remembered that 9/11 victims. we will have that ceremony at 8:00 eastern. more on sunday with life coverage from the white house pentagon and pennsylvania. starting in the morning at 830 eastern on c-span. and now in the morning session of the value odor session.
5:35 pm
>> to bring our summit to order would you please welcome the president a family research council. >> good morning. thank you very much. let me welcome you to the 11th annual value voters summit. we are so glad that you are here i have the official duty of gambling as in to begin the 2016 meeting of the value of voter. it is going to be huge. we are at one of the most critical points in the 240
5:36 pm
years of our republic rarely has such a relatively small percentage of our nation and the values voters have the opportunity to have such a significant impact i know this is a steady stream of cynicism. i want to tell you that i am hopeful. about america's future why am i hopeful, i am glad you asked. many of you are aware of the devastating floods that took place in my home state of louisiana few in the area in which we make is spared. has never flooded before. i should have taken the warning signs somehow i missed that.
5:37 pm
but i am hopeful in the wake of the flood waters as we have seen after other natural disasters we have seen people risk their lives to save their neighbors. we've seen churches open their doors as places of refuge and sources of comfort. in the midst of storm. we have seen americans helping americans as resources and volunteers from all across the country have come to help those who had lost everything. despite what the left says america is the most caring and compassionate nation on the face of the earth. when you think about it when tragedy strikes anywhere in the world who is the first to respond. the american people and i'm not talking about our government i'm talking about our people in america's dna
5:38 pm
are found the world --dash make the words of jesus. greater love has no man than a man to lay down his life for his friend. we must not allow america's moral and political genetic code to be reengineered by liberal politicians or unaccounted judges who ignore the constitution. we must draw the line and take america back. in the pledge that we would just recited we said we are one nation under god. congress added those words to our pledge in 1954. the context in which those words were added i think is instructive for us. the cold war have begun as a nation we faced that threat.
5:39 pm
just as we do today from rogue nations. you might remember that some of you probably participated in it. in classrooms across our nation. a nuclear attack. president president eisenhower prompted congress to adopt those words after hearing a sermon by the reverend george dockery. it had pointed to those words because they were the words of the first republican president abraham lincoln. he was speaking into a divided nation when he said under god these people shall know a new birth of freedom. america's hope in future today is found in the same place it was found in 1863 in the 1954. under god.
5:40 pm
our freedom to appeal and unite under god has been under study assault by this administration. we must stop those in our government and our courts who had in principle or practice attempted to remove these two words under god and all they mean from public life. [applause]. america's future depends on you and those that you influence in returning and keeping america one nation under god. thank you for being here. thank you for caring about america and folks let's make america great again. god bless you. >> [applause].
5:41 pm
back by popular demand. i actually have the privilege of introducing a friend. first in the house of faith, family and freedom. someone who has pursued it is living the american dream because he was rooted in what we are just talking about the fundamental understanding that we as a nation and individuals live under god. senator tim scott of south carolina has an amazing story as i mentioned but he has been a champion for the issues that we care about in congress first in the house and now in the united states senate he has a winsome way about tim
5:42 pm
for standing for those values in the things we care about but at the same time winning hearts and winning mines. i am proud to call him friend. i want to ask you to give him a strong value voters welcome. please welcome senator tim scott. good morning. thank you. thank you so much. good morning value voters. isn't it a great day in america let me double check those. isn't it an amazing day in america as long as jesus is
5:43 pm
lord don't make me come down there now. as long as we have the confidence that our future doesn't depend on elected officials say a man in the house. you won't get it this morning. not for me. i know our future requires this nation to rediscover lab and love of each other. matthew 2237 said is to love god with all of our hearts are sold our strength in her mind. and to love our neighbors as ourselves.
5:44 pm
my responsibility to come up with legislation that moves us in the right direction and i know and i know that you know that the right direction is a conservative side. four more years of the last eight years of the policies of obama it's not a good thing at all. if that doesn't wake you up and make you want to go vote i'm not sure what's gonna do it. we have an opportunity to move this nation in the right direction and so as an elected official i see my responsibility in part and making sure that we do just that.
5:45 pm
and so i can go into my office i can craft legislation to make sure that we protect our religious liberties where you have to fight tooth and nail to protect our religious liberties. in fight we well. i can walk into my office and i can cry for legislation that works towards protecting our religious liberty. we can do that in the senator's office. we can also walk into the office and work diligently to make sure that something has become so complex that should be very simple protecting the sanctity of life. i can do that in my office. i have done that in my office and i will continue to do that in my office. it's called common sense.
5:46 pm
i will tell you that i think back in my own past of a small business owner before i was in congress i actually have a job too many of our folks hanging around congress and maybe the white house they've never have a job with a paycheck. lucy i was doing pretty good in business and having a good time. in one of my employees came to me and told me that she was pregnant with a long conversation and so i took her to a crisis pregnancy center she was nervous those folks
5:47 pm
walked her to the process to help her make the choice of life when i have that response ability and opportunity in the privilege to protect rights i do so to do so having been in the private sector realizing the importance that we should place on life and the choice of life. i also understand whenever you have to work on some solutions as a legislative body to try to make sure that we undergird a sum of the pitfalls around this nation. we have many of them right now. there is work to be done and we can get that done. but when i think about what makes america the greatest nation on earth it's not legislation. it's love.
5:48 pm
if this notion that together as a nation we are undefeatable if you divide us in little corners black corners, and white corners, in red corners and yellow corners and brown corners. divided we fall. too many folks make their living so to speak using the common denominator of fear. it is so popular in election politics. to divide and conquer but i believe that god has a different plan for america and i am excited about that plan. i believe that god's plan for
5:49 pm
america is to make sure that we live up to who he intends us to be. the city on the hill illuminating an entire world dispersing and dispelling darkness it's who we are. it's part of our dna and that i cannot legislate. i can't legislate that. but if we want to see examples of how love conquers hate overcomes fear we can look to louisiana louisiana is a state that has been devastated with a disaster after disaster we can think recently in the last few months of the killing of alton sterling. it was then followed up with
5:50 pm
the murdering of three police officers. and when we saw the community devastated and heading to corners and then on top of all of that thousand year flood comes rushing through. but the good news is we have a peek of what god does when things get really bad. amazing things started happening. the people of louisiana in the area around baton rouge started taking responsibility not for themselves but for the neighbors. one of the sheriffs said and this is almost a quote.
5:51 pm
he said 75 of my deputies have lost everything. what am i supposed to tell them? but what do they do? they got in their boats and they went to work not because it was their job but because they love louisiana. they love their parishes. they love their neighbors the black once, the white ones, the brown ones. the overwhelming affection to do something that could be done and perhaps is only done
5:52 pm
by them. quite remarkable. when we live out scripture it is infectious. it draws all men not to us but to the work and those 75 sheriff's deputies demonstrated at this notion of rediscovering love in a powerful and effective way. i can always be seen after a disaster my question is can we get there without a disaster. and i get gotta tell you. i'm an optimist. i think all things are possible. my mama want to -- wanted us a preacher but she got a politician.
5:53 pm
let's pause for a moment and pray for my mama. i will tell you i'm just blown away by the notion of rediscovering love. and we sought again in louisiana now i know that we are all fairly familiar with article one section eight. raise your hand if you've heard of it. they spend a little time talking about empowering the military would you agree. i read it again and again looking for a cajun may be. it is what occurred in louisiana. you see every day people decided to get there john boats not their cruise liners
5:54 pm
where there hundred thousand dollar boats but there john boats and form a cajun navy because although they have lost all they have they have not lost what was most important. a desire and a conviction to do what they felt that maybe only they could do to go out and rescue their neighbors. help find people who are lost this is the brilliance in the beauty of america this cannot be legislated from washington dc. the things we have to do. this we cannot get done. this requires a conviction that comes from understanding
5:55 pm
that america's founding fathers got it right. the judeo-christian foundation that is seeped into the sales of our hearts commands us to do what we can for our neighbors and we don't need the government telling us to get it done. [applause]. we conservatives know that government is not god. it's not god. and in my home state of south carolina we too had gone through some amazingly painful times we have a police shooting as well we have a thousand year flood last october and we have a massacre in a church.
5:56 pm
i will tell you many people were waiting to watch the south erupt again all over the news you just watch all of the tv stations and the news stations. they knew in the deep south there was good to be division like we haven't seen in 40 or 50 years. what happens was remarkable. another clear sign that god is still god in the united states of his america.
5:57 pm
when 36 hours after the massacre nine children of the lord home to be with him sitting in a courtroom looking the hateful murder in the eyes simply said this. i forgive you. my life will never be the same. you have taken away my wife, my brother, my son, my father but with god your life can be
5:58 pm
saved. all things are possible if you give your life to jesus to the lord your life can be changed. that is a nation founded on biblical principles and then it became individuals who walked up and looked into the eyes and said there's something bigger and greater than my pain. it is the lord. i would love to sit here or literally stand here and tell you that this nation will be
5:59 pm
saved through politics but y'all wouldn't believe me anyway. i would like to tell you that one day we can have the perfect candidate to lead this country. i don't think well have any time soon. i will tell you two things as i close. number one, this year our election it matters. and it is a binary choice for me. either you are voting for the policies to continue a 40%
6:00 pm
increase in those eligible for food stamps 1% economic growth in our nation more division, disaster and challenges you can vote for an alternative. you can vote that he just said to make america great again. number two. i believe. the best is yet to come.


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