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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  September 13, 2016 1:01am-1:58am EDT

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>> "washington journal" continues. host: looking at the concerns of voters and campaign 2016. two guests joining us for this conversation. joined >> also enjoyed a the above the hispanic leadership council serving as the chairman.
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good morning to both of you. >> this subculture what are the most if concerned about off quick. >> extended community. of mind s normally i at the top is the economy and jobs not surprising. with by a good job but she tried with dignity and an education allows your kids to do better. that is as american as apple pie. it has been not when the immigration debate gets toxic and has been nothing but common starts to go up in the prior 84a the latinos. cantinas and united states 76% a united states citizens but because of how depreciates, how the latino community is perceived so in
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a recent poll it had risen to number two. >> >> actually a disagreed and if you look at the last big poll it is jobs economy education health care national security benefits is immigration.immigration. course fascias write the conversation has come toxic using that as the wedge issue crocodile to make it into a battle when you looked at the dialogue. it's crusoe 53% of the country is looking for some type of immigration reform berger o --.ti
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>> even from the very start of his campaign. >> yes and no. and then says something that is very funny. what donald trump says sen 34 words and that is very true. but if you look and take a setback medicine that much t >> day would greet it is a line with other people have said? >> i think after one year listening to the statementsnto and anybody wants to dig into that would have to disagree with the statement. but we are addressing this particular issue a couple of weeks ago when he made his speech, which way is itt
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going? it became clear while some were looking for immigration and that may be clear wega
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will go along way to make sure they are coming manfully that'd rather than illegal channels. >> the positions that donald trump has now are no different than president clinton or secretary clinton from the past, it is a very similar situation. the obama situation has deported more than any of other that is what they are doing. get rid of criminals just the of the day you saw how guided and 18 year-old kid in to a park and stabbed him 40 times in maryland. that was about law o
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of sovereign country. it all led everybody come in.s clear. with the background check is t clear. do we want to import people with low skills? doctors or scientists.our thoug. i'm sorry i did not mean to interrupt you finish your
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thought. >> i forgot laugh laugh i am just it was a policy speech.k and gef >> because everybody was so fired up about the speech after we get rid of the criminal element and it should've been more than two were three sentences and i want to see that trump is
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just trying to continue all bosses immigration policies. cad certainly president even by my organization has been called out but i'm insane many members of the republican party and that is why that is just one example with phil hall food fight if you are partial one side or the other but that is the problem. in with those with the are providing to them and mr. trump has been fairly consistent but the reality is that if 80 percent of
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americans like can we get the legislation doesn't?tem wire they so dysfunctional? especially for those that can get through that is more important i am not here to defend trump. >> me there mib were doing a good job that they're less unless americans voting when we need to engage more notot less. >> and with participation mor
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spee14 thank-you of latinos generally. with the family values issue with many latinos working in the of military of several generations that either party tries to take latino voting for granted.hey th an not respect the fact that they may want to make decision based on the issues. talking about not either
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kennedy in particular by the party trying to exploit the latino vote. >> >> that is why we created the pact i'm not a surrogate for the trump campaign so the reason may put it together so that party has failed to engage the hispanic vote.h and to spend the pamphlets with the rh so there is a gap there. >> that is a lot of reasons. maybe a 30,000-foot view. imbedded with every election cycle.ispanic
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and with the hispanic community.p contrast you can drive sharp contrasts. we d allegis to a terrible job of engaging them. we used to say if that it isn't about our reach but inclusion and that is where we need to start to do all what as a party the democrats take it for granted and force the message then they try toov stuff the government instead of a hand up it is a handout a it is a terrible situation for my community and we go into that little more in. >> what about taken for
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granted? >> we had a round table last week the poll shows that 60 percent of latino voters already registered have had no our reach from anybody. have one elections have become centralized mathematical equations buy you don't have to be in a competitive state you will not hear very much your get attention but they have to be concentrated for better or worse that they consider them competitive california or texas. we're that the of rest of the electorate to the places country.da and colorado will never see them unfold
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across the country. as part of a nonpartisan organization that is not only for your community because then it will start competing to see who put the best solution on the table. >> good morning. did is a discriminatory policy and then to come over to this country where the whole bunch of countries come without a visa. but it is so political if they were interested
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white-owned dave repeal for that westford drive to allow illegal cubans come into this country and we spend $600 million per year on them while we repeal that? because historic leave the cubans voted republican histo mexicans as starkly vote democrat. it is politics. >> our immigration policy right now send some ofod modernization but in the meantime of the economic andon social forces so what happens with those pressures if we don't have legal
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channels that work than they need themselves outside the system that balancing is elusive that conditions have changed but we should be guided by what is the best solution rather than to p treat people as the worst we treat immigrants.ry with every have the experience of backlash.
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and latinos that bear the face of the current wave of immigration and at that we get through this chapter and modern day and night is immigration policies. >> we do have legalay immigration so that is sent up problem to be reformed. there is hallway we need too fix the system but the problem that we have right now with the immigrationisas. that people come in illegally through the border.yover so then we can ask them to go home.
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that is normal every country should have the right to do that. on the heathers' side if employers are hiring illegal people then something needs to happen. to talk about the guest worker visa.ugh. they need to be evaluated. if they're hiring illegals they should be fine.ey're if they should not be here or be working. the responsibility goes both ways. with illegals coming in anding r ard evading our country because there is a demand. >> the chairman of the hispanic leadership council
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with the deputy vice president and the next call is from goodyear arizona.. od-ahead. >> caller: good morning.nts th both the view are right but was the young lady there? talking with a group of other women. did she have a program here in arizona? >> i don't. of latino voters in partnership with others as save our reach for the party
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of there is selling on the video library the arrearages very lucky. but thanks for watching that. >> but in 2012 latino voters specifically 11 million turned out for that election in 2012. and they supported barack obama over meant romney.mbers lo what do those numbers look like no? with a solid participation. >> there is a tremendous opportunity in republicans are doing a terrible job to engage in the hispanic community.
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if we have a real conversation with compare and contrast with the policies with lifting people wi with free enterprise? that will win every singleri time right now the number-one issue is jobs and the economy right now is in terrible shape the slowest economic recovery on the history of this country. unemp you look at the unemployment numbers of hispanics that are so much higher than whites. every single factor that you look at it should be an excellent opportunity for that republican party and overwhelmingly and they are not.
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that has been so polarizing in the message that it is driving a wedge with uh community and republican party. and regardless of the outcome of this election or se whether it is trump or secretary clinton be have to evaluate what happens.een a >> says there has been a lot of talk if you look at of patterns of the latino vote overall i would describe a swing voter let daddy election results whether florida california rathers.
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places that if they are willing to consider that the candidate matters for his or her position with meaningful of reach and they're considering a canada regardless of in where the democratic is winning on one way but the percentage is different in another. one of the interesting things after 2006 when the republican party started to be seen as more embracing it planted that factor. but and with these voters if their actions are who they support so that is why we
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try to make sure more latinos are part of the process of the candidates feel it the needed a meaningful way to address the voters then hold them accountable after words. >> kubota these people are very intelligent. and then they get together run for president. >> then to have very good ideas.
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so let's face it. a pos so come me a prisoner. [laughter] >> we need to get your spain but -- >> to see with the candidates go through it is easy to see those who would be excellent public servants but i will not go down that route but it is an opportunity for us as voters to say yes we have to hold them accountable. but at some point to say these are the folks that we are helping and are reacting that is problem-solving? for those that are willing w to work to actually get legislation for some of the
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big problems we have?t if we are doing that the economic expect our elected officials to do that. it is a wake-up call. i am hopeful to go from y venting to say yes because they cannot stay stuck where we are right now. >> with the latinos were the hispanics running for officewe is there some type as far as the future? what is your estimation? >> we will see what happens in this cycle. he's definitelyinton winss she will still be running for tissue was in 2012. it is a matter of time to be excellent super articulate great guy real conservative.lly
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with the base really likes marco rubio. p. will play a major role.l, >> and latino, one at a six people and i would like to see them represented in every segment of society n commensurate with the numbers of the population. that is only one out of six if politics in the boardroom where no where near close that. let me be clear i don't think it is because if you have a latino elected officials but then adds a country with all the different opinions are at the table with vice president on the horizon. in looking at historic times
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looking at the first to his african american woman running for president i do think it is coming but i do hope that people see it who happens to be a woman african-american and latino or a hispanic that can speak for the hispanics. >> there is so much play right out on the identity politics. the first african-american, first hispanic why we take the best person regardless of which race or gender? i can speak as a republican but we're always looking at the best person. we don't care their skin color or religion or an accent, but the other side seems to play the race card t all the time and it is just
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disturbing. look at that toxic environment we're living and with the selection of control. and a candidate dismissing half of the country, what did she call was saved buckingham deplorable spikes that is crazy. >> i do feel it is a little unbalanced because obviously you're defending republicans as a favor come here to talk about democrats but the love all of the equivalency that is talked-about in this campaign spanish poolsides are responsible.
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so the issue is that we know divide and conquer but that is why for ever. by one of the interesting things but it is a new thing that he created unfortunately those have been used for a very long time as they come together to solve problems. and then to rip of veneer of civility covering that strategy exactly to many inn the republican party.make so folks really had to make decisions to seek which candidate does not offend my values to make a choice. and not be distracted by
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false equivalencies either. >> ahead >> thanks for taking my calls. but he was the hypocrite. he called trump which is common or a racist.le. pet day are not robbers are repressed. i dunno but the indian people. they will lose. because all of the minority women, they are racist.presid
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and she could not help herself. >> >> bug both sides play into the divide and conquer strategy. think it is terrible but every single election cycle and becomes more and more prxic. and one of the biggest problems is the redistricting that has happened at the house level across the country say uc people in the house, and they are so polarized and so far away from each other republicans and democratsu don' you don't see that bed in that house pdf but as far as
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racist i am not going to remember the mayor will have the partial dialogue together semitic we are out from the next round of redistricting but this is the purpose of redistricting renown is largely at the hands of the elected officials. that is like the fox watching the hen house. so people try to favor who was already in there or the power of whoever is leading the state legislature at the time. but what happens is we're electing people less unless willing.
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>> weirton not rewarding people in mind doc about compromises like it is a beacon is but it takes a lot of working and courage but we are now rewarding those cmbers. we need to look at that, whoever it is, look at people and ask them what have they gotten done? we are getting buried. ask people what is their biggest accomplishment and helen went about doing dashin and i think that compromise they will see with your personal life and work you don't get 100 percent of what you want but it is so
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polarized and toxic somebody give saying little bit then there in that person's head.he's because he had ideal. w your the president so he wins but he did it when one a to percent of the vote by 53%. so that is the type of situation unfortunately where you talk about isn't happening or reward those that work and that's nott happening. everybody is so focused on their polarized district that it is crazy. but it does need to happen look at maryland that is a disaster. logistic number two and looks like a spider all over
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the place it is ridiculous. how could anybody have approved that? >> whoever should have approved that be thrown out of office. the district is also gerrymandering still makes situations like that make this conversation. >> thank you for taking my calls. but going up by that area of interest with illegal one of the ladies said and
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then to make a passion to canada but that is not true. banal what is better is everyone that i know. but the issue:those that go that effete agenda of the day euhemerus overstayed youbo will, but nobody does anything about it. so most times, but that's not true because i've often before. so blacks or whites as the spectacle all doing things. mexicans or africans. >> we are short on time. m
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>> my apologies to the caller i think my comments were misinterpreted. i do think people who come through the illegal immigration system has a status but that is what we want as a country that what you said isn't that we don't have legal immigration but we have not kept up with the times to modernize our system rather than going around the system we have legal channels to come through fully vetted.'t modd we have meant in more thaned. the even with the rhetoric 85% to . that but what you think it is because of
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security or other reasons there should be of way most of them have worked hereun more than 10 years. care encouraging them to come forward to have a way to earn their legal status. for those are concerned about -- concerned about security, that is the policy coming up from american support. >> politically had just will not happen until we can secure the border. we did that with reagan with the big amnesty millions of people said it would not happen again and here we are. >> but especially on the
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republican side before pathway and f to say let's find a solution, first secure the border to make sure we can control who is coming and and those who should not be here are a threat to us. but once that happens everybody will say yes. absolutely. been not that those that are committing crimes are law abiding or hard workers. we work hard. we struggle to wirth three different jobs that nobody else wants to do and down the other side we haveve excellent professionals one of the best doctors in the world.eople. we are excellent people. we just have some bettery
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caught in the grey >> one important thing talk about policy or the fax, not just what we feel but it is important to match. with record high off employment they do think the reason i 81 destiny for smart to employment not just throwing in bodies but here it is another interesting fact with the document by enforcement pendent groups enforcement is at the highest bubble. part of the reaction to the notion of securing the of borg -- the voter to do with your members of congress what you need to secure the border and what that means they cannot tell you but if
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that is why i think the majority of americans support the resolution because when you get the opportunity to the american public, they may be frustrated but they will back the solutions everytime >> one more call from south carolina. we public and line. >> caller: hi. i am a republican self supporter -- donald trump's supporter i'd like both speakers i think there is a lot of good points. i don't feel like she is prejudice about anybody if the key is for the american people and i feel i don't care what color or nationality he is for everyone. p i may pour white person it
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is about the blacks or the hispanics or other nationalities but is still care for trump because i did not like what clinton said the other day about putting assault in a basket becausets we are not educated that was terribly wrong. it is like a think because they are pour have any common sense. latinos and the blacks i know he says a lot of things but he is off the wall the he is good hearted. >> we will leave it there. >> so why and more question. when it comes to the places then how prepared are they to deal with the language barriers to help us adapt with the voter identification issues?
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of been especially to hispanic motors quick. >> agassi any issues. you up and they have them in different languages. i don't think there is a is an issue that all. what i do think, i am for voter identification unique one to cash a check or get on an airplane why not to vote? of f there is probably a lot of fraud that needs to be controlled. rid that would probably get caught -- get rid of a lot of it i was working a couple of locations and it was crazy people are getting busted after they voted they would come out. that is just crazy stuff.
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and bluenose were they really who they said they were? as far as hispanics and the language but i haven't caught seen any and i have travelled around not just here but also florida. guest: vssue of voter identification where you need and what that facts are. many this has been argued in court it is more than what these messes -- more them what they're trying to solve . but at the same time, okay. i cannot prove that. >> but there are people walking in the.
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>> but focusing on the problems that we need to solve. i am astounded by the continued attacks on politicians to determine move votes for them has opposed to the other way around for the voters to o choose flu is elected. so the gaming of the system to make a hard for eligible americans because we tried to impose an identification that people don't have. it is a minority but that it would be disenfranchised and then you are going to implement and indoor and then the requirementswe have
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because we are young population so there is no and mission but to make sure that they have that. >> you just heard from ms. martinez. there is the website if you're like more information on their organization also from the hispanic leadership >> i want to begin restoring begins today, a non health issued that is now a hugely
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problematic to the clinton campaign. had this evil friday through today? american is very interesting issue was diagnosed friday with ammoniac and apparently a lot of people on the campaign did not know this. only topic pfizer's. but fast-forward on sunday she wobbles and nearly falls and is overheated, taken to a van and immediately cools off but then only hours later to find out she deals with this illness and that is the cause of some consternation among some very close hands and then in
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with the communications director to say we could have done better yesterday. but is this part of a larger issue inside clinton's inner circle or campaign or a white house? >> it is a part, obviously there was some disconnect with clinton on this and a bigger issue perhaps a continuing trust issue and how to deal with that. about what happened was some people were not aware but that n and of itself is a problem so they need to continue to explain why this happened, her medical records need to be released. allies are saying if there is no smoke been getting out and clear the air. they are dying to hear
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certain issues come to light . they think she will fare better once the public sees the whole picture. >> she certainly had a very busy primary season with the convention this summer but a relatively quiet august for cushy and i actually into take dash break. but she was sent to hold up somewhere with pina coladas she was fund-raising and with those with the of media buying. so she was resting a especially for someone like her who has traveled 112 countries as secretary of state and only did a couple
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of defense publicly. but to say why isn't she out there? these story lines started to choose not to play with the coughing spells and energizes and has given them ammunition where it could have then put to better lot sooner. >> and those of us serving as the secret of pfizer is what you write about antibiotics can care and dash care the pneumonia but what about the privacy that repeatedly creates unnecessary problems greg. >> is of a definite problem for her because she is a reserved. it is a big question i'm constantly asked. why can't she show people more of herself for be more
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likable? she does add a protective wall around her and once to maintain a level of privacy. but she will do that. but basically everything. this is an example where they need to learn and try not to protect her as much or to be more transparent so the public doesn't think they are hiding bigger things some account damaging is this to her or her campaign and where does this put her in the race question in dash indefinite stumble with a comment on friday night where she said half of trump's supporters are in a basket of deplorable. and the campaign is still trying to come out of that over the weekend berger she walked that back little bit to say she regretted using the word have. but baghdad turmoil leaper''
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the fetish -- and has been up in the short term but they feel good about long-term progress and how they fare in the swing states in particular. and remains to be seen it gives them more ammunition about her health concerns and she has enough stamina as donald trump said. in addis dunno how much air hurts long term. >> and criticism coming from inside the clinton campaign and her allies so far done a job as the relatively quiet on the tough issues remain she was one of the ones but
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it was always out there that this is what he meant. so it is definitely a departure and is a very smart move by them to let this play out to offer a kind and gentle talk to hillary clinton to hope that she fares well. sun today they are focused on the deplorable comment. >> also the co-author of my book
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>> we will get things done. big thing. >> we will have one great american the find is an unlimited. >> >> doesn't timbre 26 was the first financial debate by in new york. then my vice-presidential candidate mike pence and senator jim kane decides to weren't to grow and then says hosting a second presidential debate. leading up to the third and final debate of hillary clinton and donald trump taking place of the university on october 19. live coverage ponce on the c-span.
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hillary clinton presidential election. this is an hour and a half. [inaudible conversations] and its. >> my job this morning is to get out of the ways to getne to the panel so we're excited to have thosee particular mrs


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