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tv   After Words  CSPAN  September 25, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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on. just during the last two election cycles during barack obama's president lee, we have crossed this amazing threshold. we have moved from being a majority white christian country to a minority way christian country in just a short amount of time. even if people don't know the stats that well, many white christians, particularly by conservative christians feel the shift in their bones and this is part of the reactivity readers been. just to put one more symbolic issue across the same time. come i put up your support for gay marriage over the same period of time. if you go back to 2008, what you see is only four in 10 americans supported when brock of almost running for president 2008. the number today is 53%. we've gone from a country where foreign 10 supported things that make marriage. that is a major cultural shift
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on a bellwether issue in a short amount of time. part of the story the book is telling us about unpacking the reaction and the grief and anxiety to the cultural change we've seen in the last decade of our nation/. >> annbeatnik ann coulter come
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you're an author, columnist and also to the person. i think the assumption is tv people don't write their own books. you're offended by this idea. >> i think it's an excellent assumption in pretty much every case but i'm. by the way, if you turn on the tv in the last year, you haven't seen me. trump supporters who don't be too much of. but first, they are usually bad and i wish that were better understood. i have told me at times reporters who mostly hate me, but i've always said to them the bestsellers fiction, nonfiction, paperback, hardcover. i want separate for authors who written around both a nice one thing every knew your times reporter agrees with me on because they are writers. my second book, my editor called me and said congratulations. you are in the bestseller list.
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finally come you're the only non-the less he wrote own book. >> host: how do you write your own book? what process? >> guest: usually i take a year off. this is unusual. i think i may have done back-to-back years, but that was an emergency and this is an emergency. usually i take a year off. after i finished the book, i'm moving on. for one thing i'm never going to write a book. >> host: why do you say that? >> guest: i thought i was done. that's everything i have to say. i wanted to rights in some time about a year into reading the new york times, probably when i was 11. and then i thought that's everything i wanted to say. but then something comes along and i think i have to work this out. from darwinism, mccarthyism, french revolution. and then i have reading,
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reading, to see if there is a point to get these days. i drop some ideas for books. in fact, that's not originally what it was going to be about. i was going to be one chapter. it wasn't that it wasn't a good idea. i just sounds so much more that these are books have been with from the american people. for a while i take some time off and i read and formulate and then i start writing and i'm completely cut off from the world. people who know me every time i'm writing the book and this is number 12, i get an e-mail from someone i've become friendly with recently. like a month and i'm sorry, have i been obtained to offend you? are you mad at me? my friends are gnomish is writing a book, do not expect her to e-mail back. i have a couple of talking partners. one of whom you but no.
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i cannot tell. >> host: what does that consist of? do you read chapters to nine, seven step you're working on? >> guest: just chitchat. i guess there are about three. >> host: what makes a good chit chat partner when you read a book? >> guest: if i can maneuver the conversation is something i'm writing about, unfortunately with actually arnold then that's very difficult to do. i have to listen to 20 minutes of him calling the appliance repair man before i can work the conversation into whatever trump says that day or whatever i want to talk about. a lot of it is talking ideas that when i can get to that part of the conversation. and that is fine and back it may go in. do i ever get them to listen to me read portions of it?
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that is way harder. kicking and screaming really annoys me. >> host: jack the process of writing the book? >> guest: i thought the head i like giving speeches. i used to never be able to remember, which do i like more? tv, writing, which of these? when i was writing, it is either demonic -- i think it was demonic. i was so happy every single day. i let the research. also i don't have to wake up to an alarm clock. i do whatever i want all day and luckily this is why i think my books are fun because i get bored easily. i only read about stuff and read about a fifth interesting. the french revolution has been hidden from us their entire life. so it was totally fun. it is not an assignment.
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nobody is telling me you must read about the french revolution. i just find more fun stuff and i love the research part of it. i love tracking down how the media is hiding status. not only to media, but the government hiding true and important information about immigration and obviously the trump book which was unusual in a few ways. most of that was watching trump. >> host: you said you bang this out quickly. how long does this take? >> guest: i had the idea in january. i started talking about it. the january before i thought what never trumpeters think of him now. and then he won my heart forever. the primaries were going on. so i was talking to my agent,
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but i had the idea in various people seem to like the idea. i couldn't seriously force myself to writing it until crews conceded. whenever that was. there are some errors in it. >> host: how long did it take? >> guest: so then i turned it in a month ago. so april, whatever it was. may, june, july. that actually seems like a long time. i can do that on one hand. >> host: what is that book about? >> guest: i'm always the worst at describing what a book is about. >> host: it is for him we trust. >> guest: no, i trust no one. but i do think the things i
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trust him on are his basic philosophy of putting america first on trade, immigration, wars. he has made so many missed eggs. he backed tracks then he gets back on. but when the entire media and i mean the entire media moves up to crash him after the mexican trim 11 speech. in fact, i started e-mailing with cory lewandowski and every once in a while i've been a point come you might want to mention x, y, z. it was six months, however many points i had, one of them would always be don't let him back down on immigration. i think it was after the muslim then i finally said okay i think he's not backing down. >> host: now he appears to be a little bit. >> guest: not really. i'm annoyed, but it's a rhetorical thing.
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i never thought deportation was going to be inhumane. he's almost responding to immediate caricature. i wish he had phrased it differently, not used or is softening, not have this drip, drip, drip and driving supporters crazy and allowing media to go crazy. ice is going to be able to do its job. we are going to have a major cutback and ask her what is going to happen to law abiding with children immigrants, why doesn't he just say by the way, everything i said is something we would not get under any other president. not jeb, not rubio, not walker. and probably not romney. we are 8 million aisles ahead of anything i ever imagined would happen in my lifetime. but why this may just say what is going to happen with the illegals?
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no one has a right to be in this country illegally and we as america will decide whether it's good for america whether you stay or go. maybe we'll want to keep you. but it will be determined on the basis of what is in this country's best interest. not what is in the best interest of someone who's not an american. >> host: how do you think a statement like that would be received? >> guest: fine. >> host: how would the price received that? >> guest: is softening. >> host: so you live in an affluent zip code. presumably most of your neighbors are anti-trump. a lot of people you've known most of your life. what is it about trump is that certain people i mention the way he does question or >> guest: well, washington is much worse than any other place. it is existential. it's like there's something in the water. i know two people who are not
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anti-trump in washington and i suspect like dr. strangelove they are drinking rainwater and grain alcohol. there's something going on in that town. first of all, in two of the main cities, new york city and l.a., and i have approximately 30 of my top-tier and second-tier friends immediately all but one were 100% pro-trump and that's both new york and l.a. to paraphrase donald trump, i'm not talking about uneducated people. i'm talking about lawyers, doctors, comedy writers, producers, and highly -- freakishly highly uneducated people in to my pro-trump. only one in each city was anti-trump in washington it was exactly the worst.
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another fancy love how, i'll tell you i spent christmas in palm beach walking around at christmas time. i know some of the pro-trump or is, but that time was 100% more jeb than rubio. they were wandering around shellshocked, saying i don't understand it. we were offered jab. the hispanic help is all for trump. >> host: here you have the richest guy to ever run for president and rich people don't like him. >> guest: i think it is less the rich. my experience does happen to be true, but i think palm beach, beverly hills, manhattan tells us a lot. a lot of the rich people, there's two categories. i'll find which are patriots and which ones just want the cheap
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labor, ebay try and then move onto the next country. we are finding out right now. some of them are patriotic, lovely people. they think that's better to the company and they've just been snowed by campaign consultants who say jeb is their only shot. you've got to give me a million dollars. they are busy making millions of dollars. trump has shown the "wizard of oz" to throw back the curtain. now they know, what am i wasting my money on? they don't know their don't know there has her metal on the ground. >> host: why. >> host: why does the press hate them so much question mark here you have a candidate who says they think there's a lot of reasons to be concerned about trump. here you have a candidate who
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says i represent the people without a voice. traditionally you think of the process be a populous petition. that's what they tell themselves and the rest of us and almost to a person they've come out against trump in a very sort of way. what is that about? >> guest: part of it is what we were just describing. who benefits from not only illegal immigration, but a lot of low-wage illegal immigration. but they've cheap gardeners, cheap made in the gardeners and maids don't live in their neighborhood. they live out in the suburbs. so it's other people's emergency rooms that are being bankrupted. they can't have pageants anymore because there's than in all their money as english as a second language. the media is part of that elite, which is just utterly self-centered as love interest in forcing the middle class to
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subsidize cheap labor. the other part of it and that is the political part which drives them the most crazy. the left was just on the verge of total hegemony. it started with teddy kennedy's 1965 immigration act. obama put it into overdrive. but while, obama left clinton in the gas. bush didn't slow it down. but he's fine and then from central america. i have read various articles about putting all of these third world immigrants to flip live. the long-term plan of a kennedy democrat with 90% from the third world. 80% vote for the democrat. 50 years will have an unbeatable
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majority. suddenly they look at it next year. along comes trump and says he's going to shut it down. >> host: sounds like you're making the narrative if the narrative if you were to narrow down what makes trump solo some to the people in power if his opposition to immigration. if his opposition to immigration. so this is about immigration. >> guest: i think so. immigration is the great unifier. >> host: even factoring the fact you just wrote a book for immigration, have been undermined. a lot of people say the exit polls don't tell us that. >> guest: whenever they say that, i look at what people do say is their number one issue and it is always things like jobs, terrorism, cultural
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change. they are all synonyms for a immigration. americans are nice people. i think they have the sense especially with the media telling them is that of its integration they say something mean about immigrants. they are nice people. we like immigrants. as trump always says, he loves to stand there. a lot of things he's done other that mexican rapist speech. that was so making fun of multiculturalism. it was hilarious. i screamed when i first read it. i love hispanics. last night and found like you appreciate the performance art element to this game. >> guest: idea. he is very funny. he is very politically incorrect.
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there is a big appeal. host does you no trump and you have been following this closely. what percentage would you say of his statements are ironic, sarcastic, designed for shock value, to amuse him? like when he says mccain got captured in a metal, they wear their medals. was that serious? >> guest: in fact, i write about it in the book at one point. i think that was lied about. he was angry and he was lashing out and he deserved to be angry and lashing out. i read about that as well as the attack on the disabled reporter. i wouldn't say either of them or ironic or sarcastic, but i think they were both lied about and he was justified in those cases you to take the mccain case, i mean, these poor arizonans have been so overwhelmed with illegal
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immigration. cattle being slaughtered, there's just an overwhelmed with illegal immigration bake in the federal government to do something. they have that famous, as the media calls it a required what has been required of immigrant and 1840s. immigrants are required to carry papers on them. it was attacked by all the bush people as unconstitutional and so outrageous that if the wall was an arizona state trooper, if they are in the process of arresting someone, they suspect him to be an illegal alien may ask for is immigration. and you remember how that remember how that was announced high amount? it was upheld by the supreme court. you get the foot out on what happened with that?
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the big constitutional scholar? no, of course it is constitutional. after all of that, all the sneering, trump goes to do his first event after the mexican rapist speech. he's going to be at the hotel. too many people were coming. they have to rent the stadium and the day after it happened, trump goes to "the new yorker" said he can call them crazy. the american people who show up. mccain went to "the new yorker" to call these lovely americans concerned about illegal immigration, to call them crazy and that is the trump was angry about. he calls mccain a dummy and says he graduated second from this class and when he was being interviewed by frank luntz, franklins coming in now, it's
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not presidential to call senator john mccain a dummy. he is a war hero. so trump starts to explain that i was just explaining. i'm having this event and he calls these people crazy. he said i'm not crazy. these people were not crazy. in the middle of trump explaining this, he interrupts him to say he is a war hero. and that's when he said he is not a war hero. he got captured or perhaps he was a war hero and then goes on. just a flash of anger. i haven't told you yet, but it's in the book, when trump attacks, he attacks the powerful on behalf of a decent, long-suffering americans who are ridiculed near died in the media all the time. he was attacking of the americans called crazy by john
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mccain. >> host: mccain is the senior senator power full. >> guest: fairpoint. i think it's about time democrats put an end to this human shield pack is demanding out said that dems to prevent their issues. they were standing out there who say they were a muslim family. he was being sent out to claim to the american people that our constitution requires us to keep something or been more muslim immigrants in the country. i think americans have a right to dispute that. if you send out someone were not allowed to respond to come in the kind that shows the debate down. with the jersey girls, they have all these policy proposals and you attack them. but there has been died. i have an idea. but i do have someone else make the argument?
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said that hillary clinton. senator mccain to make the argument. don't send out an angry muslim we are not allowed to respond to waving our constitution not us and claiming absurdly it requires us to keep that many muslim immigrants. most americans do not know this. we've admitted were muslim immigrants after 9/11 and before 9/11. would admit more muslim immigrants didn't immigrants from the entire british isles. after san bernardino, boston marathon, orlando, this is an important public policy that americans have a right to discuss. democrats will find some orphanages and that their argument because you can't respond. >> host: to what extent does the average american have any influence? >> guest: a lot this november. is there polling on this, on the
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level of knowledge about who is coming in and in what numbers before this election? >> guest: is a lot for a promenade, thank you donald trump. >> host: i don't remember this being a public debate. >> guest: no. in fact in my book i cite trump's very first interview after the mexican rapist speech with bill o'reilly. first question. what are you going to do about isis? he went through syria, iran, muslim brotherhood and the russia and you can not one question one month later from o'reilly introducing trump say illegal immigration is not being dealt with in this country and not impart his lead shoes.much onto the top of the polls. here he is coming to the top of his rally. >> host: you obviously know a lot about it. aren't you concerned that trump whose instincts and impulses you agree with have got to be on the low end of the articulate scale
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of this question, who might wind up discrediting the ideas you care so much about. >> guest: i was worried about that at first. but now, you take the rough with this news. he has this boisterous bragging personality that attracts a lot of people did people start listening because they want to be entertained. you are listening to him -- people are driving five and six hours to hear him. probably a lot of them were calling because they thought he believes everything. some of them at least in part, probably a lot of them like the speech as much as i did, but some of them knew he was entertaining. you hear them and you are laughing. you have a good time and it's funnier than listening to stand up comedian a lot of the times.
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and then it hits you. i agree with this guy. he's making some good points. >> guest: that's clearly have been on a good scale. if he loses what happens. and so, in california, you know, 20 years later people of a completely distorted view of what happened. if trump loses, what the message say this is what happens when you run immigration. it's a hateful subject inherently. never do that again. >> guest: i don't think so and i don't think it will not or cannot get to the i don't think so point for 42nd. if trump loses, the country is finished. you do what i do. i guess you can -- hillary says she's granting amnesty. it's not 11 million. phillies 30, maybe 4 million.
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>> host: were to get the number? >> guest: is in my last book, audio samaritan. you should be suspicious. we been here in 11 million from within a decade now. 11 million are based on the fence is, which asks people, are you here illegally? many people thought perhaps struggle across the desert, risk death. broken many laws come the stolen ideas. you might not be filling out government surveys accurately. first, some bear stearns analysts about their money, they said this is an inane. we can't trust any of these and all the groups come to the same 11 million because they are all using the census report. they serve at the same that input. so two of the big ones where remittances of money back to
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mexico i looked at illegal alien hotspots where it under illegal aliens and other places have looked at school enrollment. among other things. but it was a massive intensive study and on the basis of that, they determined that the 20 million this was more than a decade ago and then bruce bartlett and steele, these two investigative reporters won pulitzer prizes. they spent a year investigating illegal immigration also a decade ago a year after the bear stearns reported they were down at the border interviewing people. one year they spent doing this an estimated 3 million illegal aliens are coming in per year. if you start with the 20 million then you assume it's only a third of 3 million coming in for the next 10 years, were already at 30 million.
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>> warehouse raid less than 10% of the population at that point. >> guest: yes, it may seem strange in the north east. that does not seem strange at all the southwest. >> host: the first reason is because of immigration legalization. >> guest: yeah, that essay. democracy committing suicide. hillary wants to triple the number of refugees. a lot of conservatives say that's great. we are going to make more money. if you can't win a game anymore, ask people local los angeles politics. when all you do is lose, lose, lose and lose. i do think the country is over and i'm sorry for those of you with children for those of you who need jobs or those who live in america because it's overdrawn.
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adams that all democracies commit suicide and if hillary is elected is this democracy committing suicide. i'll start writing mysteries. >> host: what does the country become at that point? >> guest: brazil. california. what will happen is the president of indonesia said this. it is a somewhat famous quote among the immigration restriction is like myself. i forget his name but he was a famous quote. why he thought immigration. maybe it is singapore. he said would happen in a multicultural society is people at a one-off invoked by political party. they vote by ethnic group. that's what's happening in california. it's not nancy pelosi democrats versus chuck ringel democrats. it is hispanic democrats voting against asian democrats. suddenly it becomes very, very british allies.
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it is sad because there has never been as magnets in a country as america and we can't assimilate anyone and why are they taking them in and such numbers. it's about cheap labor for the plutocrats and about the votes for the democrats. >> host: as you know after the last presidential election there is a postmortem order by then committee and the central conclusion was the republican party needs to become mark and edited some of these emerging groups and broaden its appeal and there's fairness on the part of establishment does he know that instead of doing that with that donald trump. >> host: they are and the faster they are thrown out the better. he did addition to get rid of these consultants. >> host: this list for 50
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years of the immigration act. the country is demographically different from what it was. why wouldn't she try to increase your appeal? >> guest: they are increasing their appeal. trump is increasing the appeal to hispanics and african-americans. the problem is their idea as will be just like the democrats but often not as much. we'll give you amnesty but you can't have citizenship. we will have affirmative action. it is not just because you're not an american. harvard is spilling its quotas with foreigners. the children of foreign diplomats coming dictators, warlord. african-americans are losing out to those people. madness that we have affirmative action.
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>> host: isn't diversity our strength? >> guest: yes, that is what his name, general hayden said after -- no, it was after the fort hood shooting, the real tragedy in all of this would be if we give up our diversity. >> host: the real tragedy might be if you got shot. >> guest: this is how the marxist march through our institutions has been so successful. >> host: to get back to my original question, in order to maintain the status as the two main parties to appeal. >> they are doing it in a way idiot republicans. what i hated about my old republican party and i've never seen it so clearly as if trump
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is they should not be at knowledge chain the ethnic politics. why should they acknowledge bourassa as long people. they are americans. they're happy. they like america. that's the great unifier. they made on their cheap labor coming in. he's just making fun of the whole identifying people as ethnic group. >> host: so that is interesting that you say that. what do you think when trump does that. they hispanics was made. african-americans love me. is he playing the same game? s. don't know african american voters do love him and he should keep bragging about it. >> guest: perhaps --
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>> host: perhaps you know something i know. it is possible that these 2% of people pretending to be african-americans. it seems pretty low. >> guest: it does seem though i admit. i don't live in the polls but i don't believe this poll. either the black turnout will be down or trump will get more of the black vote is richard nixon. i think he does have an appeal. on the issue of immigration, they keep attacking. he don't keep on illegal immigrants. i think a lot of blacks the same right. >> host: if you're been a place that people i think you have cause for concern. you describe the republican party transform not just factly,
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but ideologically by this man donald trump. it believes different things from six months ago. >> guest: which i didn't realize x months ago audio mac >> host: why hasn't trump sponge trumpets them? there are very few people around him building a framework there are a lot of people, not just goldwater style think about what he represented a number of books about it. >> i think not only -- that was your next question. the country -- i don't think the ideas will be just credited when
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you have paul ryan coming out against the truth is that the partnership the day before his primary after just getting a standing ovation from the coat rather saying don't worry we are going to push this through. i think politicians realize what they are pushing is unpopular. and if hillary being protested that her own convention and god bless those standards on transgender supporters. i've never seen less hecklers and it wasn't because they were protesting hillary. when they were interviewed to articulate in giving real beaches. they said she doesn't help the working class. i'm working class. two of them talked about the transpacific partnership. it's not just i hate the rich. and now we have hillary pretending she opposes the tpp. they are lying. i don't know how much discounts, but politicians and they need to
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lie to voters about. >> host: you at think a massive change shakes a political party to its foundation that you would see this way of a magazine piece is and books. but where are the others explaining what this means and do you fear some people reading into ideas not on the latter point. because he's been a businessman as whole life and what is happening this week with the softening. we been through this a million times. he came out for h. one feet visa. my internet blew up in the next day. >> host: reagan said may be russian icbms in cuba is not a big deal.
3:40 pm
on his core issue, he knew what he thought and a pretty unassailable way. he would wake reagan never made it safe and ask him and he knew what he thought. >> guest: that is true. they have different vantage is in different disadvantages. trump has not been in the world of ideas. reagan was in the world of ideas for a long time. it is true you could make them up in a dead sleep and he would know the details. you can make trump up any know whose side he's on. he's on the american middle class he is always bad for the working class. it were recently that he figured out how immigration bill before the campaign. jumping low-wage workers would hurt in the middle class. it is absolutely solid and you could throw a class on in the middle of the night and we will say american boy should be time for another war in the middle east right now.
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i bet he was better on the trade deal than reagan was even. >> host: was that a trough one for you to swallow? >> guest: no. for those of you who don't know, i was a bigger iraq war supplier -- supporter than donald trump -- i had a few friends, most of my friends agree with me. we didn't have these terrorist attacks back then. since we haven't been there. i think it was important for a lot of reasons. the weapons of mass destruction was the last of the region. he sheltered terrorists from the first world trade center. where do they end up? iraq. he is sending suicide bombers, family of suicide bombers.
3:42 pm
i think he was trying to get weapons of mass structuring. he attempted to assassinate this a populist but a crazy leader were in the arab world it was always one or the other. either you have a crazy leader basically the same people or you have a scene later with insane people. you want to go where people are pro-western and literate they were waving their fingers and it was great, but then i put the blame on for pulling out every single last thing. he had to turn her victory into a defeat. whether i'm right or the people who say this is always a
3:43 pm
failure. including donald trump, my friends, chris matthews. at this point, couldn't even do it again. that is water under the bridge. we can argue whether it is doomed to failure, but now until the end of time, look what has happened since then. why would you do it again? all these people i thought were my allies in the iraq war. i then ask in friends at dinner for a few months now and all of us, i think one or two of my friends were against the iraq war from the beginning because they said they are ungrateful swine and there will inevitably be a disaster. perhaps they had a point. or maybe i'm right. whatever. >> host: your position is that is open for debate. >> guest: going forward, we
3:44 pm
are all sitting, looking at these crazed warmongers think in everything they are accusing the least to laugh at, our allies are those people. part of it is the same thing with the campaign consultants. so they always want to be at war. >> host: if trump wins, what happens? just go life will be grand. poster will it be? the people oppose trump don't simply oppose him on the issues or his temperament, but on the grounds that he is a threat to the country, that is evil, that is a bad person in his election will be effective fascist takeover or authoritarian takeover. sincerely. a lot of people feel that way. could those people ever accept him as the legitimate president? >> guest: well, another moot point is whether they believe
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this'll be a fascist takeover. >> host: do you think they believe that? >> guest: they are losing their power. they will have to do with marco rubio tells the poor steelworker. improve your education. they be political consultant should do that. we don't need them anymore. we don't need pollsters. we don't need phony conservatives. go back to school. marco rubio has a plan to help you further your education. he's going to have to adapt to the way they are telling us for out of work collar workers. you have to adapt. i mean, it's crazy. >> host: you are not concerned if trump were to get elected that get elected that she was an actual fracture in the country where we are not acknowledging his authority, whatever that means. >> guest: they will be hysterical and i'll enjoy it. >> host: struck capable of bringing those people over?
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>> guest: they go around saying his adolf hitler in a fascist. at some point they have to see he's not a fascist. i think it's going to be great because they will negotiate trade deals. i really think it is awful what has been done in the name of this religion of free trade. we used to have 20 million manufacturing jobs not that long ago. we are down to 11 million on a much larger population. think of all the jobs we will create. if we do nothing but renegotiate trade deals, build a wall, but ice do its job, pretty severe damper on more muslim immigration. he will be the greatest president in storage washing 10 if he does nothing else, nothing
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off. >> host: do you think he's interested in running the country? so it's not simply about winning? s. go know. i think he's a genuine patriot, genuinely loves the country and i think he looked around and saw so many things going on that he can fix. in the opening speech, he said something to be effective if we don't stop now it's going to be too late. it will be unsalvageable. i don't think he said this, but i'll say this. he can fix it and the rest of them can. just to get back to america for americans. i don't want to know they dedicated the book to house democrats because this is the first time all the chatter of taking a dedication that. this is the first time in his life he will vote republican. i went to a party in l.a. a month ago to quinnipiac beach in
3:48 pm
and there were all these nice republicans and they said to me, he's a liberal democrat. yes, that is with us on immigration. first disintegration of the argue. >> host: sounds like your politics have changed. i know you don't like to admit it. everything is changing in america. trump has changed a lot. how do you think her personal views -- would it be re-examined? >> guest: the main thing is in you cynically said no, you always knew the republican party was lying to us. i thought they really did care about the working about the working class and the middle class and not just the donors and business roundtable. joy has trump flush them out. i mean, in a way there are bad things unintentionally ronald reagan did to the country. can we learn our lesson from that?
3:49 pm
number two was when i was a kid, i guess when i was in a school after reagan was president, we were all as kids are right in. a lot of young people, young right-wingers came to washington after reagan in their assault this young blood in washington and it seemed like it was going to be a great thing. it is to be the permanent bureaucracy, the per minute in tanks, everyone in the city was liberal democrat and republicans would come in with their bats and people working. so it was great. it had kato, just people and "washington times." bettis turned out to be a curse. because i think it has become an end in the south, the
3:50 pm
organization. the party, the territorial republican party. >> host: is that really fair? we have conservative think tanks in the net result is a country that's much more conservative than it was. maybe you do have a point. so you think because they have a structural incentive to keep things exactly the same. >> host: and they need the donor money. reagan brought thousands of young people to washington. if trump wins is it conceivable he would do that? >> guest: at least we know they will all go home. it's okay. hopefully coming out. >> host: this is your addition by distraction. so when trump said the other
3:51 pm
day, if i don't win, it is okay because i'm rich and i have lots of other hobbies and interests and i'll go on a long vacation. does it occur that might be offensive to keep oil who are sincerely concerned about a hillary presidency who watched him mow down 16 other contenders for the job, get the job and say i don't really need this job. i think he wants to be president. he wants to face the country. we been hearing back from the beginning. it's weird to think the press has been banging and it shows you the power of propaganda in the press. just a month ago i had a friend of a friend say to me completely seriously, do you think he really wants to be president? he's getting now. at this point, probably over time hundreds of millions of dollars. he works harder than any human i've ever seen.
3:52 pm
maybe this would be fun for a few weeks, but yet he wants to be president. he wants to fix the country. the thing that does run through donald trump's life is absolute patriotism and love for this country. i'm not worried about the details. he is stephen miller. >> host: what about the chief policy advisor, has this effect that your friendships? >> guest: i think i've only lost one friend. >> host: would have been? >> guest: he happened to be a friend that all of my other friends hated so it was kind of a relief. it ended this probably had. after he crews withdrew he sent me a snippy e-mail asking me not to e-mail him again >> host: because he was for ted cruz anywhere. >> guest: because he is hysterical anti-trump. >> host: why? >> guest: i don't know. i do not know.
3:53 pm
i think it's kind of a party man, which is weird because he's not a consultant, pollster. but sometimes people can get their heels in. that is an unfortunate thing that happened this time around. i don't know if you remember. i remember because i was a big fan of romney. he was an elegant person and i think the best candidate we run since reagan. as people walk to romney in that primary, 2012, none of them endorsed romney. rick perry -- even herman kaine. all of them as newt gingrich, as they dropped out, they would endorse anybody but mitt romney. for pete's sake it's romney with most lovely, sweet, elegant person. they're going to be mad at him. imagine how they feel about
3:54 pm
trout. -- trump. romney it seems like cruise the cycle where all the other candidates disliked him as a person i noticed. >> guest: well, most of the bitterness is directed towards trump. that is a different thing every place he's ever gone since kindergarten come in the senate, every place he goes. we read about it and now we see why. >> host: why hasn't trump given an immigration speech? why not explain about a lot of the fears of his supporters and affirmed the fears of his opponents. is in a speech the perfect way for candidates to tell you what they really think? you can't misinterpret it, read it off a prompter. here is what i would do if elected. >> guest: he has an immigration policy paper and he talks a lot about it.
3:55 pm
the issue is he has one scheduled and now it has been unscheduled and they've been dripping this thing, which is driving workers out of their minds. how many transgendered seat think there are in america? a thousand? okay, fine. but the estimate and say 500. there are more transgender in america and americans worried about the comforting feeling of security of people who have entered our country illegally. why are we spending any time discussing this? >> host: good question. >> guest: why not view it, h. one b. workers? these are taking white-collar jobs, your kid jobs did not just her nanny job anymore. how about a little time on that? >> guest: trend continues the
3:56 pm
conversation in response to every question close to hand and relentlessly turns the conversation back to himself. if you're hillary clinton and you don't want to campaign on which you believe i might do or whom you take the money from. you want to run a campaign that is a referendum on donald trump's hair. if you're donald trump, why would you keep the conversation alive? why would you help hillary clinton by talking about yourself? >> guest: wife is simply talking about corruption. >> host: if i'm elected, this is what america will look like. that's not the point. the point is if elected everyone else's ties were made here. >> guest: that's exactly right. the closer by in america are made in america like 3%. that's the whole point. but tice being made in china is such a point. he wants to change it so your
3:57 pm
ties will be made here. >> host: you follow this up as closely as anybody and clearly you have a lot of emotional skin in this game. when you watch trump on television and you think he goes off message, do you call him? you call people on his campaign? >> guest: no? >> guest: now, a tweet. >> host: do you think he listens? >> guest: i'm not saying necessarily to me. i think he totally listens to criticism. we have seen it over and over again where he will make a mistake and sometimes the full-fledged clarification. he absolutely listens to people and he is a quick study. he's obviously very smart. he's going in the direction we want to go when. one of the things they make fun of the media for because i think it is a time filler. they kept attacking them for no policy specifics. one thing i've learned from my fondest editor was the way he used to edit me was to
3:58 pm
unexampled me. i'm a lawyer so i like to make a statement and had 20 examples. he would say ann, give one example and move on. i got to this chapter and i thought i'm going to get 50 examples. i don't care if you want them or not. all of the no policy specifics and another major policy speech given by donald trump and then a 20 page policy paper saying xyz. no one in the media could get a hold of an internet out of which would allow them to read. it gets to the point that it is like they are saying jfk, i want to go to the moon. media, what is your policy on going to the moon? do you have policy specifics? the direction is what we want. he is saying he's going to go in that direction. the same thing with the muslim ban. i understood the first time he said we have to ban or suspend
3:59 pm
muslim immigration until we can figure out what's going on. i didn't take it the additional 17 steps that many in the media did. does that mean we have to ban king abdullah of jordan? no, there is a genuine will to not make exceptions. i understood that. you have to explain these things. .. some of it is written for trump
4:00 pm
fans to give them backup, but also it's written for the never trumpers. mostly what i hear from them, including an attack on my hero charges charles murray, because i've been appalled at the intellectuals on our side -- they the ones who are the social official snobs. americaners are voting on issues and they're voting on gold fixtures. i can we get beyond that? bill a wall. >> ann coulter, the book "in trump we trust" >> you've been watching ann coulter discuss her buck,


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