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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  September 27, 2016 6:00am-8:01am EDT

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we have been telling you all morning about coverage of the span including what is available at the theicularly in light of debate and the first presidential debate. joining us to give us some of the details is emmanuel touhey with c-span. what happens when folks go to as far as what they can find for tonight's debate? if you come to at 7:30 tonight you will be able to see all the c-span has to
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offer in terms of resources. .his is our hub you will be able to see all the debates on this page. there is a main player just below. will be able to watch on all your digital devices the c-span radio app. first of allht -- our coverage begins with a preview program. we will throw to the hall were the debate is taking place at hofstra university. the cochairs of the commission will introduce the whole proceeding, explain what's going to happen and then they will introduce the moderator lester holt. he will introduce the spouses, the candidates go through housekeeping. at 9:00 the debate will be underway. at 9:00 on this page just above the player on your home screen,
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two other boxes will appear. the pool provides the coverage for all the networks. you twoasically giving choices as to how you want to watch the debate. the first is a split screen that will focus on the candidates. the second will be a split screen like you are watching any television program where you're going from shot to shot. we want you to have the choice of which one you want to watch. people like to see the reaction of the candidates being asked questions and the one that is listening. you have that choice throughout the debate. what happens as it goes on? you have questions and answers. you will be able to watch them back within a few minutes of them ending. we are going to clip each question and answer and allow you to watch the on demand. people have the ability to
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make clips and share them with people. absolutely. we encourage everybody to do that. it's a great source of aggregating material from the debate. it's an important role for you to be able to play and people can share their favorite moments. we are basically providing everything without commentary or interruption. after the debate is over you can watch the spin room. how the commentators are able to weigh in on what happened as the debate transpired. one of the things i mentioned when i was talking about the screens. when the debate is over we will actually show you the spin room as well. host: people want to watch what's happening today. what if they wanted to go back in time and compare and contrast the debate? anniversary is the
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of the very first presidential debate between richard nixon and john f. kennedy in new york in 1960. they had four debates. two of them or in new york. president ford and governor carter had debate in 76. you can look at them in reverse chronological order. now. got the 1960 debates we've got mitt romney and president from 2012. it's an important part of our video library to be able to watch a lot of archival material including the presidential debates. host: emmanuel touhey is a web editor here at c-span
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a ♪ ♪
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♪ [cheers and applause] >> hello, everybody. thank you. [cheers and applause] book of dea to white house
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tribal nation conference. what an amazing honor and what a kind gesture for the honor song in the blanket, that. i have to say that i am very glad that you also have a blanket for michelle said that she doesn't deal of mine. last night she would, too. just saying. that was very moving and as a reminder of the great friendships we have developed over the last eight years. i have a couple people here i want to acknowledge for their lungs and a commitment to the indian country. sally jewell, our secretary of the interior. [cheers and applause]
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or include you see, president of the national conference for american indians. [applause] we are honored to have thomas, one of the last surviving now though -- navajo code talkers. [applause] and we have amazing young people here had a chance to meet earlier including those participating in generations indigenous. please give other people around of applause to we are so applauded them. today the most important thing i want to say is thank you. after eight years as your president, i've been so privileged to learn from you. i spent time with the love visiting more countries than any other president.
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[applause] choctaw nation, alaska natives [cheers and applause] may try to your nation are days i will never forget. michelle and i still talk about those things, those remarkable young people, the white house, taking them out for pete to. my staff still talks about all the wonderful people. alaska. you know, and they tried and try to step forward and care that many brothers of the crow nation. and his sisters here. i may be an adopted son of the crow nation, but i try not to play favorites.
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because i pledge to all of you when i first ran for prez and that i would be a partner with all of you in the spirit of the true nation-to-nation relationship to make to give all of our children future they deserve. they begin to elevating native american pairs in the white house and across the federal government. the american people are served in so many dedicated, talented native american like larry roberts. [cheers and applause] morgan rodman, our executive director at the white house council on native american affairs. terrence steinberg. [cheers and applause] and tracey goodlatte, i native american affairs team in the white house. that's just a few. by creating the white house
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counsel, we create a permanent institution of the long-term cabinet level focus on indian country that involves you through the decision-making is. i've been proud of what we've been able to be together. we have it on every issue. we have it right every wrong. but together we made significant progress in almost every area. together we permanently protected lands and restored more than 420,000 to travel home as to which no owners. by signing the historic settlement into the, we established a buyback program of $1.9 billion plan to consolidate individual may have been restored and to travel trends. together we strengthen your sovereignty, reauthorize such rights can prosecute those that commit domestic violence against
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women whether they are native american or not he had [applause] will work to ensure your right and justice under the law and given more power to tribal court and police. many of you have come together across tribes in the country for fear of making your voices heard. [applause] any spirit of cloth ration initial race i could made a lot of progress over the last eight years. this moment highlights might so important we redouble our efforts to make sure that every federal agent he truly come of enlistments and works with you sovereignty sunroom. together we create jobs in an opportunity by investing in clean energy projects, high-speed internet that connects to the broader economy. we were to scare quality
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affordable health care for my own indian country to the affordable care and quizzing permanent reauthorization of the indian health care proven fact. [cheers and applause] with an excellent job training and tribal colleges and universities and together we afford to return control of indian education to tribal nation as we prepare our young people for demands of a global economy, we also teach them their own language and our own culture. [applause] because we believe all of our native youth deserve a future as bright as any american child. that is what has driven her work at regeneration indigenously work to connect more of our young people to each other and one big network of opportunity across the country. that is some of the progress we've made together. we've got to keep fighting to the finish line.
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after my time in this office comes to an end, i will be standing alongside you because i believe they guessed our progress depends in part on who is in the oval office the oval office and whether they set the right priorities, and the lasting progress depends on all of this. not just the president picks it depends on making decisions that are good and right and just generally to organize, mobilize, pushing for opportunity. i'm optimistic that you will continue on the path forward that we have set it i'm optimistic that our progress in the young people he met on this journey more than anything else make me feel domestic. students who sang the lakota national in an thoughtless about the obstacles they've overcome common share for the streams for the future. the students at the
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middle-school taught me a traditional dance. [laughter] i can only do it when they are around because i am basically just watching them. they were very patient with me. and a young woman named for the relief at the comanche nation and oklahoma earlier this year wrote me a letter to tell me she was actually at a campaign speech in texas way back in 2005 pledge that i would do my best to represent native americans. lindsey said in her mother when she heard my pledge to the people in the middle of my species screen with automation code from the balcony and look, look, if your president and someone screams, that could mean many things. sometimes good, sometimes it's not so good. according to lindsey up as good. i hear you gross and when i am
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in the bit i won't forget you. eight years later, when he has gone on accomplish some pretty remarkable things. she was raised by single mom like me, didn't have a lot of you obviously managers in life, but she earned a scholarship and graduated from college. no-space home to care for her 92-year-old grandmother. she took a job developing a new assisted living facility owned and operated by the comanche nation and after that opened, she joined teach for america and now she teaches kindergartners in her community by day and native american history to students at the tribal college at night. there is a young woman who knows the meaning of giving back. [applause] her whole life, people told her how smart she was in told her how smart she was in some issue told her house merchandising someday shoot growth in the low to mid the changes that in
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school she came to realization and here's what she said. it was not going off that would make indian country better but returning to the inside education brings with students on a sense of pride about who they are as indigenous individuals. but then i think they realized they are in control of their own destiny and that is such a power thing to ask. if you listen to somebody they could see the wonder scene she's in charge of our destiny is able to transmit that to the next generation. how can you not he optimistic about this country's future? how can you not be optimistic about the future of the nations represented here. lindsay, i want you to know that i heard you and i didn't forget you and i want everybody in this auditorium and all the folks back home in your respect if communities to know that this
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whole time i've heard you, i see you and i hope i have done right by you. [cheers and applause] and i hope i set a direction that others will follow. he i hope they set a direction that others will follow and i hope that even more young people like lindsey and her students that since the pope and the sense of what an incredible gift they are to this country and that they are in control of their own destiny and that they will help shape the future of the united states of america. thank you for your partnership. thank you for this journey. i'll see you on the other side. may god bless you. god bless the united states of america. [cheers and applause] ♪
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>> the next presidents make an appointment to the supreme court of the united states will be president donald trump. >> with hillary clinton in the white house among the rest of the world will never forget but it always looked up to the united states of america.
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>> the postdebate spin room are surrogates for hillary clinton and donald trumps the reporters. this is just outside the stage at hofstra universe in hempstead new york. in an unusual move, donald trump cannot speak to members of the media. sam mack --
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[inaudible conversations] salama i'm true [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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>> you really felt great. i have to tell you. we want to save this country. our country is gone so bad, brian. you know it. you know it. he saw the 800 people who became citizens that were supposed to be deported. our country is in serious trouble. i was able to ask them in a based on the online polls afterwards very much to one-on-one. the republicans are very smart. when you go against ted cruz and rupiah and all the guys i went against with the republic, i enjoyed that in a very much
7:20 am
enjoyed that. you know this. it's about making america great again. i think we're well on our way to doing it. the polls came out on your show. we have to do a lot of that country. but cannot you may market anything else that she talks about all the thing she's going to do. where she done for 26 years? [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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>> to debate and many people attacking about how you did and she did. >> i wish the media would be fair. that includes you. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] she takes all of these commercials literally spending hundreds of millions of dollars. they are lies. i didn't want to deal with chelsea like he gives a wonderful young lady. i didn't want to say what i was
7:23 am
going to say with chelsea in the room. but i thought it came out really well against all of the online polls. >> she also attacks on seaside about women. do you think i was fair or where those cheap shots? >> i thought it was a cheap shot. my father gave me money but i learned so much for my father. but the number was actually the wrong number, number one. but i thought that was fair except the number was wrong. much more disgraceful than to matter the commercial she's taking because she's desperate. you know her better than anybody. we are leading now. not just type that one came out of pennsylvania. we are doing very, very well. they're going to make america great again.
7:24 am
she cannot make america great again. >> how is your pipe? did you think your proposition ? >> yes, my prep was good and i really enjoyed it. vote for shrub. make america great. [inaudible conversations] six [inaudible conversations] yes, i think it was very fair today. i love the people in westchester. are you kidding? where is your camera? are you ready?
7:25 am
i love the people of westchester. we are going to carry westchester. i think we did great. every poll has me winning. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> i'm very happy i was able to hold out with the indiscretions of her husband. i have a lot of respect for hillary.
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[inaudible] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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>> of the long island. the estimate laid. we are doing well there. about 80%. >> mr. trump, great job. [inaudible conversations] >> well, i think we got the point across. it's about making america great again. i'm happy with the way it worked out. we did very well. i am very happy. you know, it is the same talk. it's always thought it she's been there for years and nothing
7:29 am
is happening. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> as soon as they are fully audited, we will get them out. [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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>> are you worried about the margins, which are so normally this day -- [inaudible] [inaudible conversations] >> well, every say you have a very good sense of what you need to win the election. the competition is different in every state. hillary clinton has a chance to do better with the suburban swing voters than we do. there is a battle for working-class voters and i think that's an important part of the campaign is a phony and a fraud. tonight is very important and tonight i would expect there was an energy created for her.
7:32 am
i [inaudible] >> listen, trump has all of the verses are deployed to get. i think donald trump saying i don't pay any taxes. he's bragging about good business and i think the iraqi exchange. [inaudible] again, i don't think trump added anything to the coalition tonight. i think it is fair to say. this is a big night. he could have over 100 million people watching. it's a remarkable opportunity. the people sitting at home, that preparation is a big moment.
7:33 am
she's prepared for the presidency that comes almost eagerly jumps back into head ideal black face started to be sedated kind of in a straitjacket. as he got into it he started to get annoyed. [inaudible conversations] i think he tried to behave himself, but he had trouble doing that. >> you think american voters really moved at all? t. think any opinions were really changed? >> i've been through this a couple times now. a pretty decent number of people were there. i [inaudible] again, i don't think trump
7:34 am
really added anything. my suspicion is historic laid the first debate had thought was the largest audience. in 2012 we didn't have a great first debate. this is a big moment and i think she took advantage of it. having been through this, this is an odd addition. so in addition to that there is some preparation. i've tried to study donald trump psychology. i think that is what comes through. i [inaudible] >> well, it's not going to change overnight.
7:35 am
i think, trump not winning this race -- these things don't change overnight. she definitely improved my consensus for undecided voters did she date create a lot of energy which is really important. [inaudible] >> she came out of the convention with an unnaturally large leap. we had an unnaturally large state in 2007. we accelerated his recovery. but i think the timing has more to do with that. no doubt trump is doing fairly well in states like ohio and iowa. i have my money and hillary clinton to win this narrowly. her junior, colorado, florida. even before tonight and she probably helped resolve a great
7:36 am
deal. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> i don't have anything to add beyond what she said tonight. [inaudible] there's a lot of untruths that were uttered that we will have a few days to pour over a period that i don't imagine -- i would
7:37 am
say the undecided voters that is still out there. >> by the very strategy with a barely early on talking about the economy and seem to respond. >> this is a very unprotect double person. i find that what gets under his skin -- [inaudible] our goal was to get the audience watching, given opportunity for for her to talk about the economy and that is what she was repaired to do. his reactions are his reactions.
7:38 am
how did you see that exchange? >> we feel good about that. we feel good about that exchange and as we did in the primaries, and it is straight as an important issue. what we find is the argument she felt sorry particularly during the ohio primary about how you actually do with these challenges in things you can do to have more insert same. she has plans to do that. we find in those states that's what the voters are looking for. they have plenty of candidates watch complained and we think they are looking for solutions. >> when donald trump when donald trumps and hillary been doing this for 30 years and all of a sudden you come up with a solution now. >> i think that it's really hard to make change. it's really hard to make congress.
7:39 am
she's been added a long time. she has yet she doesn't give up. she fights really hard. she makes little progress and comes back for more. and she's always looking for solutions. whatever problem is in front of her she's going to try to find a solution. >> she thinks. especially if that it's there in spirit how you take that? i [inaudible] i think the value of her experience is showing good judgment -- [inaudible] >> even though bernie says he she does not have good judgment.
7:40 am
i [inaudible] >> trump on the debate. that is laughable. he was completely unprepared. if this respect all to come to a debate so unprepared. i [inaudible]
7:41 am
[inaudible] the reason he says he hasn't made back because he doesn't plan to pay any taxes. >> we take him up on the challenge of 30,000 e-mails? >> she has taken ownership. she's apologized for it and taken ownership of it. she has released all of the work-related e-mails that she has appeared decades worth of taxes. he is the candidate. he has historically challenged. he hasn't not sure on haul truckers. he's not given the american public the information. >> you're not going to do the
7:42 am
challenge? i [inaudible] [inaudible] >> there were a number of times when mr. trump was speaking out for the secretary. does that have to do with gender? >> i think -- i don't know that that behavior -- [inaudible]
7:43 am
[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> we do now by giving law enforcement the opportunity to go when and question -- [inaudible] >> it is. it is. i [inaudible] >> thanks so much for your time. the mac thank you.
7:44 am
>> i think you would hear that a little bit later on. [inaudible] >> i was to thought in on the twitter feed. he shows great empathy. >> one of the troubles for donald trump is he wouldn't say why he's not willing to put aside even though the irs -- [inaudible] >> no, he has been advised by his attorney not to put them out.
7:45 am
but issue with the portrait 33,000 e-mails, he would do it even against the advice of his attorney. he also directed people in the candidate -- [inaudible] than a one-year tax return. you do report your income. you do give an overview of all your holdings. i thought it was very tame, too. she never agreed to release her e-mails. [inaudible] thank you.
7:46 am
[inaudible conversations] >> what do you think that ants? t. think that means he didn't pay taxes? >> i don't now accept that on most businesses, your leader of a corporation and all the people is the duty not to pay my taxes then you have to. if i let their tax returns to minimize their tax bill. i [inaudible] he brags about how little his taxes are. >> it is essential donald trump in the american tax heirs pay what they are required to pay under the law. and that's what he said.
7:47 am
he's never been prosecuted for any violation of his taxes. i don't think the irs would avoid charging donald trump if he had done anything to violate the law. >> as you know, it tonight donald trump completely reversed its policy on immigration say we need to realize americans foreign policy and also how the war on drugs has led to a difficult situation. kenya's weak to that? >> i didn't hear that. where did you hear that? >> i heard him say it during the debate. that's what he said. he admitted he never wanted to become part event. and now he's living out a night air that he cannot then. can you speak to that? >> he was born in the united
7:48 am
states? [inaudible conversations] >> now in the case began there is some things around 600 a year. at the end of the case they were only a couple clement strauch. [inaudible] >> since there is crime has gone up. >> in what areas? another murder rate has not gone up, but other serious crimes have.
7:49 am
i [inaudible] the fact is that stop in for his quirks and protects the african-american community. [inaudible] the n.y.p.d. has saved more african american lives than any group in the world. in fact, 1700, a lovely 12 or 1300 based on previous numbers. because that stop in for his. >> congressman king, how do you reconcile your cognitive bias towards police officers with tears of board of a great deal of violence of police officers in the united kingdom. >> we can have a whole separate debate on that sometime. people like tony blair have
7:50 am
commended me for my efforts. if you have an issue, take it up with tony blair. [inaudible conversations] i will let many judges off i'm not ashamed. we've called on the commander-in-chief -- [inaudible] and that happened that quite often. in terms of this debate tonight,
7:51 am
people like judging by social media -- candidates have to be held to the same standard and quite frankly he didn't. >> are you worried at all he's going to pull out of the debate? i [inaudible] >> t. think hillary will get voters to vote or her come of the undecideds? >> she painted a positive picture in an optimistic picture and is focused on doing the right thing by the middle class with a very strong economy. improve wages, give people the tools they need to live better lives with equal pay, paid
7:52 am
leave, making sure you can get to college debt-free. those are all things that voters want to hear the discussion about. they don't like all this back-and-forth did they want to hear what you're going to do for them. i think she really connected tonight. >> do you think personally as an individual thing of all trump is a racist? >> what i said, which is look at his history with the way he runs his campaign. [inaudible] he pushes aside an entire religion. he attacked a gold star family, i tax their muslim faith.
7:53 am
[inaudible] >> why didn't you call him mr. trump? it was reported the campaign agreed -- [inaudible] all of his friends from his surrogates, everybody calls him mr. trump. his name is donald trump. >> so there was no agreement? [inaudible conversations]
7:54 am
[inaudible conversations] one of the most surprising things hillary said that even if she wants to end tracking and go to completely great renewables by 2030. can you speak to that? >> well, she's laid out a very specific plan and will produce clean, renewable energy. she said two very ambitious goals to deploy in her first term to deploy renewable energy to power every home in america. that very strong commitment builds on the progress that president obama has made. we think we can achieve that. [inaudible conversations]
7:55 am
>> but if hillary clinton -- she is going against obama's policy and maybe give him a cabinet position. [inaudible] [inaudible] >> your candidate was good tonight. [inaudible conversations]
7:56 am
and showed himself, actually? the tab are meant to be commander-in-chief. i [inaudible] >> thank you. thanks so much, everybody. [inaudible conversations]
7:57 am
>> i do not believe she will ever support the tpp. >> one cannot demand that she raised the issue of her stamina. >> it now, how many times in the last year have i said what was he thinking? i don't know what he was thinking. they share, share a couple out of thick. all of us have been there. and women, we typically try to keep working and not talk about it because they've got lots to do. that's the kind of secretary of state she was. that's the kind of u.s. senator she was. this is a woman who sat there for 11 hours in front of that committee with people wanting to tear them to bend over ben ghazi. so i think it was a mistake to say that somehow she does not candidate to be president. i think she shall not.
7:58 am
[inaudible] >> i don't think he really believes that. >> what you think motivates the stamina question? >> is trying to get away from the fact he said she did not residential. i think he didn't want to acknowledge that there really isn't a good reason to say that other than the obvious issue that she is out of the think he was trying to avoid explaining why he would say she doesn't want presidential and pivoted to stamina. i think that was probably didn't save him. i think he was already down the rabbit hole and had a hard time getting back out. i [inaudible]
7:59 am
>> i thought it was unprofessional and not very presidential. if al gore got in trouble for facial expressions in this debate, this guy gets in the hall of fame compared to al gore. you talk about interruptions and facial expressions. i don't think i look presidential. end quote like he was getting angrythat somebody was questioning was a great distance man or a smart guy or a rich guy. i don't think that is the temperament the american people are looking for. [inaudible conversations]
8:00 am
>> why doesn't she think russia could get this e-mail/of the secretary of state. trust me they can't. [inaudible] >> now, they didn't. you are lying. you did not do your research. go do your research. i'm going to use our shiny. that is bs. you go back and do your research. i'm done talking to you because your research is poor. you've done for our research. go back and look at it. in fact, colin powell said don't blame me for this. i didn't do that. go back and do your research.


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