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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  September 27, 2016 2:00pm-2:16pm EDT

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this country and we believe with the blessings that we have been given we should do our part. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> you know, the other thing he admitted last night was that he actually rooted for the housing crisis to happen. i don't think i would make a big bragging point out of that. but, he seemed to feel like, hey, this shows you how smart i am. he basically said, ya, if the housing market crashes i can go in and buy stuff and make more money. i got to tell you, what kind of
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a person believes that? what kind of person would want to root for 9 million families losing their homes? one who should never be president is the answer to that question. [cheers and applause] >> and he made it very clear that he did not prepare for that debate. you know, at one point he was kind of digging me for spending time off the campaign trail to get prepared. i just try to keep track of everything he says and that took a lot of time and effort. i said yeah, you know what, i did prepare and it will tell you something else i prepared for. i prepared to be president of united states and i think about the good.
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[applause]. >> so, as i said in the beginning we have two different divisions here. i believe we are stronger together. that is at the core of what i have done over my years of advocacy and public service. i believe that's america is already great and it is our responsibility to make it even greater. [cheers and applause] >> i believe that as we make our economy work for everyone, we also need to keep our country safe and we need to provide strong, steady leadership in the world with our allies and our partners. i laid out my views on a range of national security and
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foreign-policy issues. i have laid out my plan for defeating and destroying isis. and to what we hear from my opponent is dangerously incoherent. it's unclear exactly what he is saying. but, words matter. last night it sounded like he was basically telling our treaty allies in asia, we are not sure we are going to be there for you even though we have a mutual defense treaty. words matter. people here that and they start to doubt america's word, america's intention i felt like i had to jump in and say, just want to be clear, we will honor our treaty. we will support our allies and our partners. [cheers and applause] >> you know, this is not reality
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tv. this is real. it's as real as it gets. so, we are going to get that economy working for everyone, not just those at the top. we are going to keep america safe, provide strong steady leadership and we're going to bring our country together across the divide that has pitted americans against each other. [applause]. >> economic worries are not the only ones keeping families of the night, are they? there is still a lot we don't know about the recent incidents in tolls and charlotte, but to this we do know, we have got to bring communities together. we have to listen to each other. we have to make it clear that everyone is safer when there is respect from the law for the
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communities they protect and respect for the law from the communities it are protected. [applause]. >> and we have got to do something about the epidemic of gun violence that has taken too many, too many lives in our country. again, i think we can come together, you know, a very large majority of americans and the majority of gun owners believe in comprehensive background checks. they believe in the second amendment as i do. of a believe in the right of individuals to have guns as i do. but, they believe along with me that we should not let guns fall
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into the wrong hands of people who will use them to kill other people and make it so easy to get them. [applause]. >> so, there is work to do, but it is great work. it's important work is starting right here in north carolina. we have 42 days left. this election will be close. they all are these days. that's why every call you make, every door you knock on, every friend you register to vote could make the difference. i want to you to text join to 47246 good for and sign up to volume-- volunteer here in north carolina and i know there is a big over
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40 room and they can hear me, so to my friends in the overflow, we want you to be just as involved as anyone else. thank you for coming. [cheers and applause] >> so, remember, here in north carolina starting on october 20, you can register and vote early at the same time. at any one stop early site in your county and remember it's not just the presidential race, it's the governor's race, lieutenant governor's race, u.s. senate race and other races up and down the ticket. because we want to prove who we are as americans in this country. we are not fearful. we don't want to build walls.
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we wanted to build bridges. we don't want to turn against each other. we want to work with one another. we want to set big goals again here in our country. i have some big goals that i know we can achieve. take climate change, which my opponent says is a hoax perpetrated by the chinese. i think it could be one of the biggest economic opportunities our country has ever seen and i want us to take advantage of that. do the right thing and benefit from it. that's what i'm offering. we will deploy half a billion more solar panels in the first four years of my administration. [applause]. >> and we will produce enough
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clean power to power every home in america within 10 years. we will lead the world because some country will be the clean energy superpower of the 21st century. now, the way things are stacking up, i think it's either going to be germany, china or as. i want it to be as and it will be as. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> that is exactly right. i love this country. i'm proud of this country. i wanted to be a leader who brings people together in our country. set those goals. get about the business of achieving them and prove once and for all that love trumps hate. thank you. [cheers and applause]
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> later in this evening, live coverage of donald trump in florida at 7:00 p.m. will depend on whether the house and senate are still in session. check your listings for schedule
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information for donald trump's rally later on tonight in florida. the senate is ripped-- returning from their caucus luncheon voting on whether or not to move forward on the continuing resolution for short-term funding measure. the clerk: we, the undersigned senators in accordance with the provisions of priewl 22 of the standing rules of the senate do hereby move to bring a close debate on senate amendment 5082 to h.r. 5325, an act making appropriations for the legislative branch for the fiscal year ending september september 30, 2017, and for other purposes, signed by 16 senators. the presiding officer: by unanimous consent, the mandatory quorum has been waived. the question is, is it the sense of the senate that debate on amendment number 5082 offered by the senator from kentucky,


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