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  US Senate  CSPAN  September 27, 2016 7:14pm-8:01pm EDT

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♪ ♪ wow. wow. [cheers and applause] t20 everybody to 20. one group. wow. [cheers and applause] we have 12,000 people outside we will get them out on the runway we have 12,000 people outside incredible look at this we will then
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florida so big it will be amazing. [cheers and applause] this is a movement like they have never seen before. [cheers and applause] last night was very exciting . and almost every siegel poll has us winning the debate against crooked hell larry wu dash hillary clinton. [cheers and applause] she is as crooked as they come. i will tell you what. we put them out today almost every poll that was an exciting evening before me. and it set the all-time record for television. who knows and?
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[cheers and applause] unbelievable. is there anyplace more fun or more safer to be vannatter donald trott rally? --. [cheers and applause] we will take all the special interest and a lobbyist and corrupt corporate media upper cowrite back there. they are as corrupt as you can get. [booing] this ecolab then, she could not even pass her bar exam. for she failed. the single weapon is the
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media. without the mainstream media she would not even we here. she would not have the chance. so we will create a new government that serves you and use of your family and your country with the kind of government you have them looking for for a long time. [cheers and applause] i will send the plane and i said wow but the fire marshal bois close as down at 12,000 people. when i looked at this side said al i understand. where is the fire marshall? let them and.
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led the men's side. our country is filled with so many amazing people who left the set and inspire us. where is ready guiliani? [applause] where is he? look at him. he is a good man. we lost one great person and a heartbreaking accident on sunday for borland's he was a pitcher died at the age of 24. i just spoke to the owner of
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the team just about as good a pitcher as there ever was at that age. we send our deepest condolences during this very painful time. also those truly great american icons. arnold palmer was very proud to call him my friend. a truly great demand. his legendary accomplishments for are well-known. his love of the fans to the
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legions of americans and is probably even greater and all of the thousands of lives progress assemble for america and he will be sorely best. our thoughts are also with his loved ones. ours is truly special country agree will never stop fighting to keep the american dream alive. never. but fortunately the american dream is out of reach. our country is not working.
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when i debated secretary clinton and on america's future. for the 90 minutes i watched her very carefully i was holding back i did not want to embarrass her. but she was stuck in the past. ninety minutes issue after issue. she defended the terrible status quo while i laid out our plan all of us together to bring jobs transix charity in prosperity back
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to the american people. [cheers and applause] with the bits 90 bits she argued against change we have to get rid of a public care and strengthen the depleted military. we will do a lot of great thing is. get out and vote to perk you have seen all the polls but those were a savings of beauty. one after one of the places that don't even like we but i was on the cover of "time" magazine laugh laugh but one first of all, a fantastic guy but drudge 80% donald
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trump. but more importantly look at the different polls we are up nationally cnn, most importantly look at the state's we are leading in florida. [cheers and applause] ohio. [cheers and applause] iowa by all what. [cheers and applause] north carolina. [cheers and applause] we have states that don't are believed eight of terms of republicans it is us. don't call us anything it is just as. and beans common-sense to bring civility back to our country use the law and order to protect our police
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with everybody else i watched class night i found it so interesting going into a situation with one of the largest audiences sent the history of television. i took a deep breath and pretended i was talking to you my family. and she was talking about what she will do to get rid of vices or child-care or all these different things. i add -- 26 years to have done nothing. [applause] nothing. when she ran for the senate in new york mirror having a hard time to keep judges
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fear because it was treating the jobs out of our country going to mexico and it was a disaster. now the worst deal ever signed by anybody in the world. it was a disaster parker she promised years ago to hundred thousand jobs upstate new york can't it was a disaster. they lost so many you have to see it now. but it is a disaster. they have gone to mexico and other places. and she said she would do something about it and the day after the election bye-bye. that is exactly what would happen if she ever would.
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>> we cannot let that happen in. she is the candidate of yesterday and ours is uh campaign and the people of the future. [cheers and applause] hillary clinton defended everything she helped to create. the iran deal one of the worst deals ever. [booing] she defended her role to a leash isis' responsible with proper obama to create a vacuum by getting out of iraq that they should never have been there in the first place. everybody believe me i was against going into iraq. [cheers and applause] it is so well documented
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there were absolutely against it. because they don't want to hear that. but the conditions of the editors cities where african-american families are living in a situation that nobody should be forced to live in. and they should be ashamed of themselves. i explained how she has been there 30 years and has not fixed anything no action typical politician and in fact, her all the experience is a failure like everything she has touched one failure after another after another about how she traveled all over the world and that is true she traveled all over the world and got us
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nothing. debt and death and unemployment and i said last night secretary you are experienced but everything you did turn out bad. [cheers and applause] the price tag n data least is $6 trillion. we could rebuild the country to times over or more than that. sirach end in libya are in chaos. of the calf to nuclear leftists fee just sit back nine more years to have all the weapons they want how
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stupid is that? how about the $400 million of cash? and then that turned out to be wrong he was $1.7 billion of cash radical islamic terrorism is spreading everywhere we have a president who will not even issue the term but a former secretary of state does not want to mention the term and allowing that people to come into our country by that thousands and thousands and we don't even know who the hell they are. you watch. here in america we have seen wide terror attack after another with the attack on
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the pulse nightclub with the worst attack ever on the lgbtq community worst in history the york and new jersey and minnesota and san bernadine no. before that, these attacks go on endlessly all over the world. and they are made possible by our extremely open immigration system that is fostered by a president that doesn't know what the hell he is doing. [cheers and applause] and by a woman that i take it is incompetent is
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secretary of state. hillary clinton virtually incompetent but she had a 550% increase of syrian refugees. what do you think of that? we have to make our country great again. we cannot do it. 550% of his already high number something funny happened the dishonest and by the way igo hall my wife says how was the crowd?
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they always keep right on your face the only good thing about the protesters. but we don't have to many protesters. do you know, why? because they had spirit and give that hillary protesters have no spirit. but it is over and above the thousands sent thousands of people coming from obama 550 percent more and the press called me out. it is in five under% here rego. was it like? they tell lies you would not believe it then they say
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that's not correct and i said what is the number that is the first time that ever happened. she was 550% overseas russia and china certainly if you look at what is going on with the rand -- iran and remember that not so long ago? here we are we give them all this money back, 1 billion in cash which cannot imagine what that looks like and they hate as. they are emboldened because we're dealing with stupid leadership and stupid people. north korea is more dangerous than ever.
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syria is a catastrophe on clinton's watch is in ruins and only those countries are meeting got benefits of spending requirements. you have to pay your bills you have to pay your bills. [cheers and applause] do you remember that? then they said trump does not like nato. but if past to take care of terror and all of a sudden end with the "wall street journal" i don't want to be a deposition were but nato will not open a terrorist operation. but also for that reason we have to pay their bills.
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we want to defend them and that is fine. so we have five out of 28 house stupid are we? to help us. is the two-way street. you do now that? with jobs and use the money. me get the drugs and they get the money. not any board. [cheers and applause] no more. [applause] t6. [applause]
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>> we will build below wall 100 percent. 100 percent. are you ready? who was going to pay for the up -- pay for the wall? they will. they may not know which but the answer is mexico. it is one clinton official year after another. what has hillary clinton accomplished for your family in the last 26 years? nothing. nothing.
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very negative things. thirty years of disappointment to help with then or children and she has done nothing for cauchy named the post office i think she named a road. she has done nothing. she was terrible. deal may think she succeeded was to help poor donors to cover-up for crimes. that is what she succeeded at. [chanting] hersey gold greatest achievement in my opinion is to get away with a horrible
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crime that she committed with the classified information with her phony bills. with illegal servers when dash have then destroyed let's see what happens. to talk about how we have the worst so-called recovery since the great depression. the worst recovery. i laid out details for a specific plan american people rendered their verdict. we exposed to real position on nafta which is by the way on the single worst deal you'll ever see.
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and the trans-pacific partnership. another disaster that she lied about. she lied and finally they said that she lied. i could not believe it. she said the gold standard she would routinely approved they say she will approve it and i tell you what and will be a disaster for florida and pennsylvania and ohio it will be a disaster. you cannot allow tpp to happen and will be a catastrophe. nothing is that as nafta but this is close. hillary clinton is a vote with tpp with the destruction and continued destruction of american jobs. america's jobs are in deep trouble companies are moving all the time as they are negotiating but don't worry
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about it. [applause] if they company wants to fire all of their workers' m. move the plant to mexico when they make that something over the strong powerful border and only if they pay a base tax and then they are not leaving. that upsets the apple cart. on for the 2 percent of the company's for those that do believe it is okay because that country will make a lot of money as they pay the tax.
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so just remember. that i have been doing this by year's. nobody ever told me about that? and then to have low interest loans? and then to do all sorts of the is. you want to leave our country and take these people had move to another country if he can just sell it to less? it will not happen that way anymore. that will not happen. [applause] one other than the small donor imf funding by zero campaign. i n this for a lot of money i have spent a lot of money. but the nice part i know
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have hedged find people all over the place like hillary clinton that have total control of what she is doing. i am working for you. food the hell knows what will happen but it is a big day. today we have something where i under steven through largely small donors and others because of the success last night they raised almost $80 billion today. [applause] that was largely because of last night. fed vice part if they want to move a country to mexico and cannot get approval one lobbyist will call in and
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they take their called the i guarantee they will get nothing. they will get nothing. we will keep our jobs with tax reduction. and that is the way it is. but i explained last night the support for the massive tax hikes 1.$3 trillion that will further destroy the jobs a regulatory situation and killing our jobs. and then the issue of debt it took 233 years for the
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united states to rack up and now the first $10 trillion of debt. president obama lead double the debt and less than eight years. congratulations. [booing] as i said last night what do we have to show for it? infrastructure is crumbling of it. we have to budget but beautiful highways and roads bridges and tunnels and schools we haven't done anything. we double the debt and our country is the best. airport is third-world. think of it will guardia, kennedy lax third world airports.
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we will fix our country. we will fix our country i talked about the corruption of government including citizenship to 1800 high risk of the graves that were supposed to be deported. 800 people that were to be deported they were in line to be deported. did you have to be pretty bad to be deported and of our country but they made a mistake. nobody ever says that and guess what happened to those 800 people? they became citizens. they became citizens. does anybody m. this magnificent room is there anybody here that is one of those 800 people?
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raise your hand. they became citizens. that they said they made a mistake. it wasn't 800 it was 1800. how bad is this? it is so sad. sodium and immigration and customs enforcement yesterday just endorsed when donald trump first of the average endorsed anybody. [cheers and applause] and the border patrol when has endorsed trouble so so the border patrol agents had we have a share of joe and he knows of borders vice officers but they have never endorse any presidential
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candidate ever before they are incredible people and responsible for all of the interior emigration reports the want to do the job but they are told to student back they called hillary clinton's immigration plan the most radical proposal in united states history. these of the people that know what is happening. the new fbi shows that they rose 15% and that is the largest single year increase in 45 years. houri feeling? i explained a policy like stopping addressed in chicago especially where it is going crazy could save thousands of lives and just like in your city under
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where guiliani. [cheers and applause] t6 overwhelmingly in it will save african-american end hispanic lives that they are entitled to the same protection as every other american one. every other american monolith that the inner-city is to see how bad they are the crisis through the roof the education is horrible. no jobs. and it is what is happening in remember hillary clinton calls them super predators'. that was her term. super predators'. but if you look at african-american youth with the unemployed rates in the '50s and say to people they
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are at numbers that you would not believe and what do you have to lose? i say this to african-american communities , what do you have to lose? donald trump and one will fix it. [cheers and applause] they cannot walk down the street in many cases. they are shot. the children are shot and killed and it is so sad. i will fix it just give me a chance. [cheers and applause] i also explained last night stop and frisk is constitutional. however there arguing with me taking a time that they can do stop and frisk and cities every day you have to do this.
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in chicago 3,000 shootings since january 1st of this year. 3,000. of course, you have to do what it is based on the supreme court ruling from 1968 that law-enforcement is a matter of life and death any even survival for our country so i mentioned thousand sent thousands of people are being shot in different cities chicago is one of the worst. sixty% of murder victims under 22 in this country are african-american we have to help them ended is unacceptable it is unacceptable 6,000 african-americans are victims of homicide in our country every single year. nine more people think of it nine more people were shot
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in chicago yesterday. yesterday. i will never back down. that's true. one i will never back down. i would never back down to save american lives. never. [cheers and applause] i would never back down through from by a to rebuild our inner-city is. how much more violence must there be before hillary clinton speaks authentically for even one second about the real problem facing our nation? she wants the votes then she is gone for years she has done an incompetent job the trouble we have because of
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her and president obama you will not believe. all you have to do is open your eyes. hillary clinton has nothing to offer but the same tired defense one of the same failed establishment for her friends said the donors and special interest, a representative for the global list, those that want to strip the job soon the wealth from our country to give them to every other country. i am not running to be president of the world i am running to be president of view as the united states. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause]
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cameras, a turnaround to show the picture. go-ahead. turnaround. show the picture. all above way show the picture. showed at up did the quarter way high upon. i have dealt with a lot of dishonest people and i would say certain elements of the press are the most dishonest people i have never dealt with. the most dishonest. i a. abbott for america first. my economic agenda can be summed up in three beautiful words. are you ready? jobs jobs jobs wobble [cheers and applause]
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we will cut your taxes. we will let you deduct the cost of child care. we will reduce regulations to create billions of two jobs for our country and unleash american energy from our workers. we will shrink the trade deficit to protect american manufacturing which will be led to slaughter. florida has lost when ratified manufacturing jobs that is the economic legacy of bill and hillary clinton. taxes and energy and regulatory reform will create at least 25 million new jobs over the next 10 years.
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let me tell you what else we will do. we will repeal the end replace obama care. [cheers and applause] clinton not be other hand wants to expand that disaster to put the government completely in charge of america is health care to of the major reforms i am proposing is school choice and nd, or. we will end common core. [cheers and applause] by one every disadvantaged child in this country including every pore hispanic child every pore african-american child in this country to be able to attend a public private charter magnet or choice of school.
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the great civil-rights issue of our time i will be a voice for freedom that includes freedom for people and cuba that is not right what is going on. how many people here are from cuba? [applause] i want to mention but this afternoon i spent a lot of time president obama made a one-sided deal with did you ever see him make a decent deal for this country? do you know what? crooked hillary will be worse end mark my words she will be worse than obama that is why you cannot let that have been in november
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we have to win in florida. [applause] t6 did you see these characters the electoral college? one month ago in is tough but they say it is a very small pad very narrow bed to read three weeks ago somebody said this is not good news. one today i am watching now they are looking we are doing good. we will do something that has never been done before
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we will get rid of that crooked woman she is very, very dishonest so as by executive order will, as we get the ideal that we want to protecting their religious and political freedom we gave them everything and they treated us like deer. know how precious freedom of this like the people of venezuela my administration will be of place against oppression in this