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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  September 27, 2016 8:19pm-8:33pm EDT

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next tuesday between senator tim kane and indian had governor mike pence the vice-presidential abilities. was joining us is the political editor at mood for the richmond dispatch. thanks for being with us. first of all why longwood quick. >> the commission has a long history of these schools that are not the largest we had one in 1992 the university of richmond small schools and misery that it is an interesting place because of the surrounding community has a civil-rights story so that's why, there
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will be a home field advantage one way and he sat in office 22 years bottles so steeped in the civil-rights story that epitomizes that former civil rights lawyer and they decided early on to make reconciliation their mission was because of the scar tissue of richmond to but he probably will try to sketch to that importance of the civil-rights struggle to relate the story of barbara john's african-american girl who was in high school the to 51 protests ebs substandard facilities which
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helped to underscore the separate but he call that was not equal the naacp to complicates -- took on the case to make a landmark supreme court case. so that is that coveted spot it part because of the surrounding area and the civil-rights story. >> and named a the running mate what will love basketball redo look like and how will university officials including the president preparing the students quick. >> students will be off but they have a big hall set up to accommodate their mobile lot of invited guests. a big filing center 700 people have credentials.
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they are working norways' to incorporate this into studies of curriculum it will be at opportunity for those who can't take part but students will be off and will not be there. but obviously is an important role for the school to play and a coveted spot in their history. >> we saw this on the campus for the first presidential debate on monday it was a festival like atmosphere with the students seated administration and media and political operatives in anticipation of the first debate will that be a similar seed quick. >> yes. we have thus been room set up data ready to go. can i feed it will be festive and reporters will be riding on about the area
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at large one. folks from richmond will be excited not just because it is tipped cane but also the moment in the sun. >> also the purple stayed that double trouble hopes to with right now the polls show that hillary clinton is ahead of the commonwealth. give a snapshot where the race is today and what you expected election day. >> is interesting. prior to 2008 they have not given a republican and a vote sends johnson but that change with barack obama and he repeated the word got the votes and 2012. there has been a market demographic shift over the last 20 years with of burgeoning golden crescent
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one of the tidewater area and have seen alive of diversity that has been a boon for the democratic candidates if republicans have not one i statewide one vote and what we see here is the advantage that it democrats have demographically is accentuated in presidential years because the turnout spikes at 70 or 75% to relent and 40% the of the off-year elections for the u.s. senate that are much more competitive. democrats have the advantage. but donald trott is working hard to learn his electoral votes and taking nothing for granted.
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as hillary clinton introduced tim kaine as her writing meet in florida but donald trump and walk and his running mate have been here about nine times sent this diverse state and they are breaking a pledge to give them a better chance in the electoral college steve reich's work is available on-line and the political editor for the times dispatch. >> makes for having me. >> ex-president making appointments to the supreme court of the united states will be president donald trump. >> keller it clear to the white house the rest of the world will never forget that they always looked up to the united states of america.
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our buses traveling through a new york what questions would you ask the candidates that the debate? >> my question is how do you feel about the tpp and if elected would you do anything to change iterative more favorable for americans as a whole? a lot of people are saying we are being screwed over in general and even though i am
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completely in favor howdy feel quite. >> i am a professor and my question is to ask mr. trump quiet tokyo so long with all the evidence to the contrary to finally agree that president obama really was a citizen when all the evidence that came out in 2008 why he still persisted to proposing that idea? >> cavy junior political science major here in new york. if i could ask any question question, what are your thoughts on common core and what direction do you see the american education system if you are elected in the next four years?
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the day after the debate hillary clinton talked briefly to reporters about the debate. >> we had a great time last night. i have to say i was thrilled i got a chance to lay all the middle-class economic policies we have spent talking about throughout the campaign i felt so positive and one of the thoughts that pop did my head was my favorite baseball player growing up he would say let's play so i am looking forward to the next debate
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had the one after that. i think viewers got a real chance to begin to compare us on policy. it is lost a lot of the time with the coverage with of back-and-forth that goes on to lay all my plans for fair growth with the family economic issues and the dead free college but no real response coming from my opponent. had to explode the defensed end that to the wealthiest of americans and that all began to come into focus. >> what about the way he kept interrupting and answer
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the question about gender? katie king is to be eager eager, his temperament and his behavior on the stage people can draw their own conclusions. . .
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>> what about his stamina? [laughter] [inaudible]


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