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tv   Armageddon  CSPAN  October 1, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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hardly ever been more divided than they were now and hostility between people of different beliefs and they're still that light out there in the darkness there that people leak john lewis are carrying on. >> yeah we talk about reconciliation george wallace went on reconciliation tour, and made a strong pitch trying to reform his life particularly by going back to you know african-american pastors saying help me fix what i've done. >> well on that note of hope john, i thank you very much once again. the bock is wonderful, it is a great collection of memory us but kind of stories that can give us u guidance and maybe some reassurance. not to get crazy in this election season. >> i hope so clarence thanks a lot. >> my pleasure. c-span created by america's
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mister morris is admired his probing, insightful hard-hitting and clear commentary. and other international media outlets. time magazine has dubbed him the most influential private citizen in america, very impressive. a well-known political strategist dick morris was the architect of bill clinton's comeback landslide in 1988. and has handled the winning campaigns of more than 30 u.s. senators and governors
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internationally has piloted the successful campaign of president and prime minister's a five continents. together. >> they did not write that down for me. including ten new york times bestsellers. quite impressive again. tonight it is my very great pleasure to introduce to you a very impressive and highly respected man mister dick morris. >> thank you. it might be my fourth or fifth speech for you.
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i so -- i shop each year. the selection is really about something very simple and easy to understand. both of them have very high negatives. they have totally different concerns over each candidate. with the donald trump there they are annoyed at what he says. the temperament, the language and the fighting with people. the fund raising. all of the scandals aback. and so on. the very simple fact is that
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it is a lot easier to change how you act any race what you have done. and there is no better way to change how you act than on a nationwide tv debate. it will will be watched by 50 to 60 million people. and therefore in the sense the bar for trump isn't that high. he has to be not deplorable, not sexist, not dangerous. not psychopathic, not sociopathic. not homophobic he has to be all of those knots. it isn't that hard. there are probably a hundred million americans who can pass that test i would like to think the majority of our country can. and as long as he does not
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enact all of hillary's accusations does accusations are going to fall flat in the hundreds of millions of dollars she spent on media convincing people that that is who donald trump is it will be evident that he is not because we will see him for an hour and stressed situations and if he is any of those things i don't think he is any of those things. my father was his lawyer. and he was fred trump's lawyer. and from the time i was a teenager i can recall having from his wife and donald over for dinner. what he is is a doer who gets things done who is a manager and entrepreneur an incredibly creative guy who finds a way to win and finds a way to get
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his way and that is not a bad thing. that's a good thing in a president. there's a very cute story about him that probably illustrates a lot of this. there is a woman whose name about having you would know. who owns the most beautiful estate in virginia. it was an incredible estate. and she lost it in bankruptcy. donald, would you buy my house? >> she said 20 million. i'm not can a pay that. if you can think of a way i would love it. so then he called back and said i'll tell you what i'll do i will buy all of the land all around your house and by that i don't just mean your acreage i mean when you open the front door and put your
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foot down you will be on trumpet territory. and i'm not granting an easement for access. she sold it to him and he owned it. in the bank now what are you going to charge me for that. you just can't enter it you just can't exit it. because you can step on my land. they gave it to him and a very good price. thus that's not to be the latest trumpet resort. it's near monticello. on his land. that is donald trump. it's a real way to make it work. and he is unconventional. his unpredictable but not at a danger sense but when you work with them usually stuff turns out right. and gets done. if there's anything that obama is not is not. by getting back to the
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debate. all he has to is not be do is not be any of those long list of things hillary says he is. in hillary's campaign has a very juvenile quality to it. it's like a kid calling someone else names. and when they run out of that they come up with a new name. it's sort of a speech writer coming up with things that you call donald trump. when you see he is not those things. it is not that he is for this or against that. it's how could you possibly even think about voting for this guy. he is beyond the pale. how could you even think of doing that. when you see that's not true
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it goes away. and she has no rear line of defense. it's the brittle front line defense. donald trump is a so-and-so. she is nothing left to run on. the point is that hillary cannot recover from what she has done trump cannot say the things he is accused of saying and come across as he is. he would make a heck of a good president. but hillary cannot in the space of an hour or a year or ten years live down what she has done. and that is the key to why i believe that trump can't and will defeat hillary. and let me just discuss this
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not from the perspective of a political commentator but the perspective of that person who was once their chief advisor. when you know somebody for somebody -- 40 years. the stuff that you knew about them when they were 30 has changed their different people. they always have a big nose but not that big. you kind of notice the change in the evolution over the. of time. it feels like a first marriage. i said what was i thinking. back then she got annoyed when
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anyone pried into her affairs. she was not above making a fast buck and exploring an opportunity that came her way. but now, corruption in moneymaking is the be-all and end all of this couple's life. they have gone from a romance in the 1970s and 80s to a partnership partnership in the '90s to a rico racketeering organization today. bill's job is to pass the bag in hillary's job is to offer access into favors to those who put money inside of it. whether the bag is called their personal checking account in which they had 238 million dollars of speaking fees and book sales you would never know this.
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i charge ten or 15 if i'm really lucky, 25. they can charge of 200. when we talk about it. we are talking about a bribe. or whether it is the hundreds of millions collected. they have a thin veneer of charitable acts to disguise the massive scope. the billions of dollars in the clinton global initiative. and when you put those together they're talking about one of the fastest moneymaking corrupt institutions on earth. its total business. fees that have any good size drug quartile.
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pay money to get access. what was the pro crow. when you have a meeting with the secretary of state you don't need that. john kennedy was running for president guy came over to him and said jack i want you to win. i give you a million dollars. just get the nomination and then we will talk. what can i do for you. what do you want. nevermind. after kennedy took office he said the cabin is filled. what you can do is meet me for dinner at the most fashionable
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washington restaurant on march 4 at 7:00. and he said i will bring you to the white house. you can use the white house dining room. the guy got his entire family all of his friends, all of his clients all of them together in the restaurant at 7:00 kennedy walked in. access is really all you need. last week when i was having lunch with the secretary of state she said and at that point you want it for the country.
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the meeting is the message. it's all you need. when he wanted to buy 20% of the iranian supply in the united states. we were not self-sufficient in uranium. he tried to control the uranium supply in our plants have not been self-sufficient. that sale had to be approved by the state department. they said no of course not. crazy. a huge bruise the company that he moved merged and was run by
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frank and he controls 20% of the uranium supply in the united states. he was allowed to do that. when it came up for review at the state department. they gave the global initiative for climate change. and to top it all off. they invited bill to moscow and paid him $1.1 million for two speeches and four months after that hillary is signed off on the deal. this kind of thing goes on all the time with her. a lot of people say but every politician takes money and everyone doesn't favors. but those who give the money. but there is a wall in american politics that
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separates political contributions from income. in plenty of people have gone to jail for abusing that line. in using the campaign contributions to head dinner or to pay for a vacation. there are at least a dozen members of congress who have done that. and it's tempting. they live on very limited incomes. you have to spend it on television commercials. you can't spend it on your cell. when they would get campaign contributions in the past that was for television and advertising and winning the election. but when you get a speaking fee that the personal money and when it goes to your foundation or global initiative that you control that is personal. you can use that anyway you want. it becomes a part of your estate.
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and that is really what hillary and bill have been selling. so when i knew them they wanted money in order to get power give me campaign contributions and i use that to get elected. they did every way they could. they sold it to her's and everything else. and they got the campaign money in return for it. i was one of the reasons they did that. i made the change how much money they were to spend way up too and told it have to go out and raise money but none of that was personal money. all of that was political money. for the most part the people that from it it was just trinkets and night in the lincoln bedroom. there was nothing potentially
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bad about it. but here we are talking about personal income. they sought money to get power now they seek power to make money. elect me president so i can get that. and i can and some extra zeros to my has been speaking fees. the has become the nature of the transaction that they had forced upon the world and that is new that didn't happen back when i was working for them. there would be as happy eating mcdonald's as any place. once we were in the white house and we would meet every week i would have my team there and the president would be there. we would order pizza and we were eating the pizza he said i haven't have dinner and i can't eat the pizza i can't eat anything that wasn't cooked in the white house cooking kitchen.
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that was bill clinton's cuisine back then. but my have they have changed and evolved. and from that has stemmed a degree of secrecy and paranoia that is truly incredible. we have a major reform in america that really protected our democracy in the mid- 1970s when j edgar hoover was forced out of the fbi. and they rained in the cia and the shadow government. they made the point that these operations are not above board hoover ran the government by blackmail he have a file on everybody. and everybody knew he have a file on everybody.
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he got johnson to keep him on the job because he shared all of the files with him. the techniques used were very different. he would just get a hold of hoover and find out that this guy was gay or that he had beaten his wife or that this guy have a criminal conviction in the past. it would be a shame for this to come out. do you want to pass the civil rights bill. it was very bad. i believe if hillary is elected president this will right against the woman who kept the file on all of them who hired private detectives to investigate the women her husband was accused of being involved with not for divorce and not to get them to stop them but to threaten them with stuff in the background to shut them up so he could get
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elected president i do not think that women should control the fbi and the cia and the nsa and the irs irs and epa and everything else. [applause]. i think were just asking to go back into the government by blackmail. i have a real insight over the last ten or 15 years. running a political campaigns i have the good fortune to help elect the president of poland and the president of ukraine. the weight of the communist controlled people was not that they would send out troopers and drank them they would get blackmail material and i was once with the communist leaders. they were supporting a young kid who was running. he said get something on him.
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and that was her philosophy in dealing with these women on the bimbo patrol. that's when i began to break with hillary. i saw how outrageous that was. her sense of paranoia and secrecy her obsessive desire to conceal staff used to just be a fetish it just used to be something that was an odd quirk in her character now it is deliberate. she can't run this with everything being public. if all of the quids and the probe crows are spelled out in e-mails you can't let this become public. she would rather adopt a private system and lie about it which risks foreigners and north korea accessing our top-secret than to permit the
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american media where the public with freedom of information to access this. that's why she can't afford to let them do that. because of the material that is in it. if there is a possessiveness. and they tie herself in knots. when i worked for the clintons i began to understand that every problem we have every scandal we have related back to hillary clinton even the neck scandal said. when he first took office as governor there was a big reform and the nations to confirming loss because chicken dung was getting into the water supply posing a real public health menace. they imposed new regulations in arkansas the biggest political company in the
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country was tyson foods and they owned all of the chicken have a guy who worked for them who happen to be an expert at the futures market. he knew his way around it very well. and jim went to hillary when they took office basically said i would like to help you with your investments. he said give a thousand dollars. then he invested it in the futures market for her. what he did was take ten or 12 other people and invested their money in it. then they made trades and in this you could allocate the wins in the losses to the tent are people that you want. she'd gone $100,000. and then she dropped out and she quit.
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in return bill waived the environmental enforcement of the chicken stuff in arkansas for ten years and they were permitted a level of pollution that was only ended federal action on the nf asked after he became president. that was the original sin. now nobody knew that because those trade are not publicly disclosed. in 1981 our opponent in the governor's race release his tax returns and i said you guys had. lease your tax returns also. hillary said no he won't and bill said maybe we can release 70 and 79 and 81 but we can't release 80. hillary said we can't release any of them. ten years later the washington
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post was investigating the whitewater scandal and they published an editorial saying we demand to know if the clintons made a profit off of their whitewater dealings and the only way we can tell that is to get hillary's tax returns from 1980 and 81 to see if they made money off of the whitewater deal if we see that they did it that will satisfy us. they will appoint a special prosecutor that will be on your neck from day one he will be asking you like a guard dog just released the damn thing. i find five and she wouldn't do it. then, a year later she
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released the tax return because the ten year statute of limitations on insider trading had lapsed. and have she really released it earlier she would've been prosecuted and likely convicted. so she wasn't in a release this until after the statute of limitations lapsed. i said that's what it's all about. she almost gets indicted for some fraudulent legal work she did. as a result there is a huge investigation and it turns out paula jones who said that bill ask her to come from the hotel lobby to have and she sued clinton for millions of dollars in damages and all of that. and then in the middle of the lawsuit in the early years she said i'll settle the lawsuit
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no money no apology no admission of guilt all he want his i want is built to admit that he sent a trooper she is a state worker how is that a problem. heller said no when i can. she said the american spectator have published an article saying bill used women to get state troopers. she don't want to ratify that. she conceals everything. and we get a special prosecutor. and he asks under oath about michael lemanski and bill lies and he pays a million-dollar fine to paula jones he loses is a law license has to plead guilty to perjury and he leaves the white house in total disrepute not only that
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but selling the pardons that he did including to drug dealers who are represented by hillary's brokers. the biggest crack dealer in minneapolis. then, they are leaving the white house what the hell do we live for now. bill just got disbarred what we can do. i have an idea, why does that bill go around and give a lot of speeches and make money for it. the banks well. the banks want to be deregulated. they want repeal of the gas --dash my glass-steagall act. bill oppose that for seven years. he switched and signed the bill at the end of 99. and on his way out of the white house the first speech he got was morgan stanley for hundred $25,000. he got speech after speech as
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payoffs from the banks in return for signing that legislation. you can have an e-mail trail that tells you about this. you can't lay the stuff out in public. you better keep it secret. and that is how the secret e-mail server got born. they carried it over into the secretary of state's office. and then she have to lie about it and may be defeated for election because of it. all of it goes back to the original sin of 1980. that is hillary's mind. that's how she thinks. everything is tied in with everything else in this gigantic effort to conceal everything so that nobody can ever know what's going on. and if she goes to washington she will do the same damn thing there. she can't help herself. and the bribery scheme will become enormous. and it will completely take over the american government.
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now, quite apart from the fact that hillary clinton is the one running a stock a little bit about what the selection this election means in terms of issues. i said i believe that if trump loses the selection it will be the last election and i don't mean that we will become a dictatorship but i do mean that we will never went another election for 20 or 30 years. because she is can let 12 million illegal immigrants in the united states vote and encourage more to come. she will appoint supreme court judges who will ratify that and we will never went another election. and because we will never went another election. america will pass its permanent tipping point about which reagan warned us. when the money we spend in welfare exceeds the money we collected taxes the tax eaters out vote that taxpayers and
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the taxpayers and there's no reason not to raise taxes. and the stocks are fairly daunting. we had $76 billion in welfare not counting medicare or social security. seventy-six. and now it's up to a hundred and seven. and when obama took office a hundred 37 million americans worked full-time now it's down 214. they have almost across. they get hillary there for four years or any democrat they will cross. we will inevitably be in the downward spiral that ultimately leads to where greece is in detroit is. but there is no american to bail us out. i don't know if the world ever recovers from that.
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i think also were at a juncture where we come to the issue of crime and terrorism. who can look at what's going on in france in belgium without feeling for them. that they have this huge muslim population that are generally law-abiding people but are seated with terrace. in the neighborhoods that the police will go to. and indeed law applies in most of those areas. even enforced by french courts. and the black male coercion the power to force observance of muslim law and the ability to head terrorist who rise up and destroy thousands of people in these countries. is unabated. and obama wants to let hundred 10,000 new immigrants from muslim terrorist sponsoring countries into the u.s. next year. so over the four-year term
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there'll be 500,000 or 800,000 or a million come in. and there is a survey that i write about my book which feuded that company and ask american muslims is there ever a reason why you might support pilots. 85% said never. i don't think so. they could be. it's possible. if you're looking for a 10% of 3 million people nuts and that's an incredibly large population to vet and it makes transparent sense to keep them out of the country. the only reason they want them in the country is because they vote democrat and just like they want illegal immigration to continue they want refugees to continue. but they have to wait to be
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legalized and then naturalized and then registered to vote the refugee can be registered like that. they come in as illegal immigrants. they passed the test register to vote and they are there. and this is a shortcut to taking over politics. he is the congressman from minnesota he is a democrat in his muslim he is way over in support of the palestinians he is elected because that is an area that they have settled in. if trump loses we will lose the ability to stop that. it is totally been destroyed. credit marco rubio with that. while everybody else was giving speeches against obama
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care he recognized the weakness and obama care that the insurance companies would have to ensure very high risk people in charge them very high premiums because the government requires them to offer extensive coverage of everything and therefore had to be high-cost the more the risk pool got bad and obama seen that had put a provision in the bill saying that the insurance companies would be bailed out by the federal government. and they would not be permitted to lose money. he defended that in the last budget bill. they had left. when they leave that as a crucial link that makes obama care possible.
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once they're gone and that would leave us with a stark charge. go back to the old system. or had total government control. with rationing and all that stuff. the obvious solution is to eliminate the element let anyone by any policy they want for any amount they want covering whatever they want. or not to buy anything if they want. people will say i don't need drug addiction therapy. it comes way down in price becomes affordable and works. and let children stay on their parents policy and make them cover pre-existing conditions and stop them from dropping or
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raising premiums if you get sick. eliminate that element that says you have to buy a policy and it has to be as extensive as a policy we tell you to do. but hillary and obama who basically wanted to socialize the system from the beginning and several for this. will now attempt to enact it. they will probably be successful. there are a host of other areas but fundamentally it's written in clay. what is his legacy. will they not go nuclear will obama care work will global warming to me enough of a threat and his measures effective of effectiveness in encountering that. just don't know the answer to those questions. but we well in four or five or
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six years. and what hillary will do is to make that clay hard to where we can't change any of obama's policy. whether we like it or not. she is the ratify her. she is the one that will make it happen. and what we do need to do is before the clay gets hardened we need to change those policies and make them consistent with the country based on upward mobility and all of the stuff that obama would really ride roughshod over. those are the stakes in the election. i would be happy to answer questions. my co-author and wife could it couldn't be here because she has a knee problem she sends her love and regards. [applause].
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hi, first i want to say that is my friend's home in virginia. that makes sense to me. i have seen a documentary about the early days of the clintons at a time when clinton was trying to raise money for running for governor. i heard that he was dealing in cocaine that it was put in planes is there any truth to that she make i never knew about that. i don't like to speculate
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about them because when i don't know something i don't know it. i have no idea about that. i know trump is doing much better in the polls. i am on the trump train. but i'm very concerned about voting because i had been told that the voting booths many of them had been bought a couple years back it can rigged the election. i want to know what you think about that. we will see. the potential for fraud in american elections is significant.
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and the key to preventing it is a photo idaho. in north carolina, they did a study of everybody who voted in north carolina in the 2012 election and then they searched the voting records of 26 other states let them do it. and they found that 75,000 people with the same first name and last name. as 75,000 people who voted in north carolina also voted in another state. they voted in raleigh north carolina. they found 75,000 of those and the only reason they looked like that. it is so easy with such a large number of illegal immigrants there's no photo idaho.
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it's inexplicable to me why we could ban photo ids it's a ridiculous contention. that we don't have to. thank you for an amazing talk. you synthesize all of us. it seems to me in recent weeks her poll numbers are going down. and that that she has it seems to be is heightened. what is your opinion on the following. do you think the election currently is between trump and obama and a referendum it's
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overwhelmingly hillary. and she is no extended. but the erosion in the support it is certainly accurate. and going to get worse. i personally believe that they have all of her deleted e-mails and that those will be released in october. i think that is why obama and hillary head gone to great lengths to warn putin to stay out of the u.s. election and try to make them an item so if he does intervene they could say is trying to elect trump and he is a horrible dictator. i think i understand why they're doing that.
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bill clinton approached me and said we have to get gilts yeltsin reelected in russia because a guy was running who was a kg b guy. we worked very hard to elect boris yeltsin. getting the money from the saudis actually to pay back wages in russia. and all kinds of stuff that was documented in the movie. i know because it was about me. i think that he wants payback. and now he's trying to intervene in the u.s. election. i have no idea. but i do believe that it's crucial that we make her take an mri and release those results to the american people. because the consequences which
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many people feel she has is dementia and are crippling for our president. i think it's very important i think that we are going to have to watch this carefully and comment on it when there's things that indicate that. in term of the downward spiral i think we have to realize there's more than enough for the majority to vote against them. and the more trump comes across as a reasonable option which he is i believe that people are get to come over and vote for trump. there's no good reason not to vote for him. except kind of fear pandering.
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i think hillary would be much like margaret thatcher. i feel like there's no rational reason on that. she will make the senate pro-life. but so would in the republican. i think the concept is there. it has no basis in fact. if they can debunk that i don't think they have the second act. thank you so much for being here. there are two questions. if we are able to see if the clintons and the tax return do you think that would reveal quite a bit of their missed -- misdeeds. what do you feel are the three top misdeeds that you feel
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trump should really hit her with during the debate misdeeds that you feel trump should really hit her with during the debate the tax returns from the clinton foundation. and with that with a expose a lot of what they've would have done. we know a lot anyway because of foundations are required to make a fairly explicit explosion and we know that the clinton foundation gave up only 7% of its money in grants which is a lowest of any foundation in the world by far they say that's not our style. but to send in our people to do good things for them. a little bit more of the peace court model. and how convenient for them that they say that. but still you're talking about such a disparity between the amount they had raised in the amount they've spent.
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when you look at their line item they head about hundred $10 million per year and travel expenses. that may include pain sarah jones to fly there. it also may include flying bill clinton to god knows where to give a speech. to set up field organizations. it makes it almost impossible to track it down. in the major ways to challenge her. the first thing i would do is i would ask her to take a position opposing obama's statement this week that he wants to admit hundred 10,000 additional refugees from
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terrorist sponsoring countries. i think they need to make clear that he does not want a religious test he originally proposed that but i'm thinking about it he believes it's now more consistent with our constitution to have a test based on geographic residence. if you come from an area that is now controlled by the terrorist you cannot come into the united states. in parts of the sudan. they are completely rational in their approach. and talk about the impact of letting us folks in. i hope that he goes after bill for de- regulating the banks in 1999 and 2000 and then accepting tens of million in fees from them. in the book i speak about the need for right jab. also the left hook to come
11:53 pm
around and get the very -- bernie sanders vote. the connections between hillary in the banking industry. i think you can really appeal to those voters in a very important way. and i think the final thing is that he should challenge her to say it will close its doors. it will not exist as an agency that accepts contributions from people that want access to the president. she will refuse to do that to because what is the point in getting elected if you can't steal i think that will be a major issue. >> thank you so much. >> i have a question about our president here we have the first black president and the
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opportunity that he have to do i thought to myself was overwhelming to go to chicago, we never told these children to stop shooting each other never did anything to uplift the child i am a former new york city school teacher. i thought with this man being our president it would do something for his people and he did nothing, compared to what bill clinton did. what an opportunity and a legacy he could have had if he went to chicago where he came from and went to the high school and went to those different places and said look what i became. you can become what i became.
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and that is a travesty of this president. see mcgee remember when bill clinton went to a black church in memphis on the day of martin luther king's birthday. and said he did not live and he did not die. so a 13-year-old boy could kill an 8-year-old black boy. i have just happened that we can memphis. i think obama i think that is such a tragedy waste of an opportunity. he made us more race conscious than we've ever been. >> what he wanted was a political force. here what an opportunity that this man have to raise up these youngsters and tell them
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and now we head in charlotte what's going on in charlotte. the most outrageous thing in the world and they are still going on tonight. they are still killing each other. people not going to work. one thing i think about that. it either shows he have a book or a gun. it's important to clarify that. we suffered for months of ferguson what really went on. on the other hand when we sought the video of tulsa oklahoma donald trump was the first one to say that he felt like the police officer had acted wrongly. i just wish they would release the tape so that we can get the facts.
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>> thank you. this was lovely. have a question is a bottom line question do you think that donald trump can win this election. >> absolutely. i'm not prepared to make a prediction like i did with romney but absolutely he can win it. the race is tied right now. and it's tied because he has come up about ten points there are so many polls. he is the only one of them is a political pollster as opposed to one that just doesn't market research.
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they have hillary ahead by seven at the end of august. hillary ahead by seven. and then ahead by two. a no-trump ahead by six. it reflects what's going on in the selection. [inaudible] i would appreciate if they would make a line down the middle again they are being sold at the corner here carol is waving over there.
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if you can make a line down the center he will sign them here. we have a great photographer. if you want to take some of your own with your own camera it's perfectly all right. thank you very much. >> here is a look at some of the current books. they reveal the personal and professional struggles as a woman in professional sports in forward. that is followed by bruce springsteen's memoir. next they explore hundreds of lesser-known destinations around the world.
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look at the best-selling books the history and sp qr. they examine the 1692 salem witch trials. they give the thoughts of the current state of black america in between the world and me. as a look at some of the current nonfiction bestsellers according to policy bookstore in portland oregon. many of them have or will be appearing on book tv. you can watch them on her website. >> good evening everybody. thank you so much for coming. on behalf of the owners here and want to welcome you.


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