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  The Making of Donald Trump  CSPAN  October 2, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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look at the best-selling books the history and sp qr. they examine the 1692 salem witch trials. they give the thoughts of the current state of black america in between the world and me. as a look at some of the current nonfiction bestsellers according to policy bookstore in portland oregon. many of them have or will be appearing on book tv. you can watch them on her website. >> good evening everybody. thank you so much for coming. on behalf of the owners here and want to welcome you.
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please sounds yourself once. so we don't have any info -- interruptions. we are recording in this event. were also doing our own recording in about a week. we are can have about an hour long proven -- presentation here. we have a one one microphone over here for questions if you could make your way up to that microphone we will be able to capture it on our recording and everyone will be able to hear you. before you get into the signing line please pull up your chairs sorry but so everybody can move around easier. to present his latest books. no matter what side you are on i think we can all agree that the rapid rise to critical stature is shocking. it sheds light on many of the
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beliefs which evade those of us who are repulsed by him. and those who have relinquished the moral values. they are reflection on my own beliefs and not necessarily the stores. he is a journalist who has appeared in many media outlets. it has appeared in the detroit free press. his journalism has have a major influence on the topics he is covered from exposing political spine in the police department to change american government policy and freeing an innocent man. he racks of weekly column.
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is also consultant on electricity regulation for the netflix serious. please join me in welcoming him. [applause]. see make how wonderful to see some new people here. i want to start up telling you about donald and me and how this book came about. i don't do a politics i politics i do policy. this is a very strange place for me. in 1988 and left the los angeles times i believed that casino gambling was about to explode across america and almost immediately on arriving
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i met the most important person in atlantic city donald trump. it became almost obvious to me that he was our selling you tickets and other things like this. shortly after that a serious successful gambling mogul with government officials and with donald's on people and they all told me he doesn't know anything about the casino business. the person we set down for a cup of coffee i said to him that was false. it have to do with craps and of all the documents i've saved at one point i was renting two storage lockers.
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i can't find that no book. i put in a false statement. and donald immediately embrace this falsehood and put it into his answer. this is what the psychics you see do. i have prepared several other questions like that. i had dropped things into the conversation that was false and every time he immediately embrace the falsehood and put it into his answer. and that's when i realized this guy is a con artist. he is fundamentally at heart running a scam. i chronicled the behavior back then.
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when the official government proceedings establishes a few months later we ran. the story with the lead that would begin. a negative net worth. i have followed him ever since four years ago. he was treated quite seriously. a new contract with nbc for his television show. this time when he announced i was at the only national journalist who said right out of the box. he's serious this time. he might get the nomination. and the difference was that his shout was very long in the tooth. the worst thing you can imagine happening in and
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besieged term. donald saw this field that had no real obvious leader and the one guy who might have been if he ran, would be establishing that he has a bigger audience. i then was appalled at the news coverage covered by my peers i watched live. to make his announcement and he went into this racist rant against mexicans and muslims and others. and all of the young people are plotting.
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ronald ragan launches campaign for the white house. he bussed in some people. they were actors paid 50 bucks each to show up. and in understanding donald trump an understanding that he is a fraud it is because you like what he sold you not who and what he was. i said we had to go here. nobody believes she's getting at the nomination. it is with a can happen. and in the meantime i wrote about two dozen pieces about donald. and the newsweek and some
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other places. and they say can you do this in three weeks. and i said no but i will do it in for. i did. i wrote this book and 27 days and i was able to do that because having done the lead rewrite those of you who have read the book no unlike my other books there aren't a lot of literary values in it. with 44 pages of notes at the end. i want to tell you a couple of the key things. donald trump is all about money.
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you either recognize his greatness and bask in it and glory in it or donald has a word for you. donald is a man who is publicly humiliated the mother of his children who you will read in my book made up stories they were pounding on the bedroom door because everyone in america has got to have a donald. not only did none of these want to do this. two of them have never met him apparently and the third one have a brief conversation with him and refers to him as the key -- king of sleaze. donald has spent his entire life doing business with con artist with mafia with
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swindlers, his entire life. not surprisingly since his father a very industrious guy who also was a profiteer have a business partner he was an associate in the front. donald not unsurprisingly after graduating from college he keeps saying nobody else has ever seen in the people who played basketball with him. he was hardly anybody. i did introduce candace bergen and ended early.
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but when he got to new york. he regarded him a second father and a mentor and he sent in writing he would brutalize for you. he have a business at the age of 15. and when he died two days or three days after the funeral a new great grandchild was born. i descendent in the line of freddie trump junior who have died early he was an alcoholic and did not have a happy life.
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this child immediately became ill. like many family-owned businesses they provide everyone in the family with health core and universal healthcare. robert trump wrote a letter to the insurance administrator and said whatever the bills are paid them. i turned out instead of a dividing his pie five ways it was divided for. the line of the late freddie trump junior was cut out of the well except for some minor gifts. that line of the family went to court arguing undue influence. although he had been diagnosed with alzheimer's about a year
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and half after he wrote his last well some influence have been quiet on him to cut him out of the well. the reaction to this was that he immediately cut off all healthcare for this child. donald trump over money put the life in jeopardy. when he was asked about this he said what else can i do. do you think this would look coldhearted. i don't like people who sue my father's estate. no empathy for another person. because other people to donald
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are simply objects to be used. a judge ordered that a continue he settles all the time the condition was they have to field the record. we don't know exactly what was done. donald was confronted with the issue of mercy a few years earlier. donald have no mercy for his own grandnephew. he have a famous helicopter and 80s you may have seen him flying around in it. then in a fleet of helicopters. these were provided and managed by a guy named joe
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voxel bomb. he was an associate of the mob families. there was a lot of companies that had helicopters. it turns out he have a second business he was a major drug trafficker. they picked it depicted up in miami. according to the port -- court papers he was indicted in the fall of 1985. when you own a casino you have a privilege those of you who read my book know that casinos are not a right they are a privilege.
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into the state of new jersey said you must prove that you can pay your bills on time that you are morally fit and that you do not associate with criminals. donald, getting get rid of this copter at this point. he ask that his asked that his case be moved either to miami where the drugs began or new york city where he lived. the case instead it was moved to new jersey which neither the prosecutors nor the defense lawyers had ever been able to explain. it came before and of the more than 800 district court judges in america his sister. judge barry is required to
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recuse herself from this case. and she did about three weeks later. i can't handle this case because my husband who is a lawyer he flies and is helicopters all the time and i fly and is helicopters in your the chief judge seen i have it flying around there. potential here for real embarrassing things to happen for the federal judiciary. donald, meanwhile shows his mercy to this man, he writes a letter pleading for him to get a short sense it -- a sentence. he should be treated lightly by the courts. when the new jersey division goes to ask him about the lighter he said i don't know what you're talking about. you could construe that as a cover. certainly as line. they go back and get the letter they didn't head.
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and donald says yes that's my signature. and of inquiry. not my why are you doing business with this guy. what other business relationship did you have with him. an apartment that joe and his brother rental under rather unusual circumstances. it was owned personally by donald trump. he gets a very light sentence. eighteen months after he walks into prison he walks out. he says he has no money he can't pay his fines. the people who drove the drugs 20 years. up to 20 years. this guy got a light sentence. not only in the context in
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terms of all of the attacks about murderers and rapists in drugs in the black communities of america he has said nobody has a job. think about those in the context of that. you make when he came out he said he didn't have money to pay the fines that he owed. but he did move into a $2.4 million apartment in trump tower. now, all throughout his career. he has been the subject of lawsuits he cheated employees he cheats vendors, he's been accused of swindling investors in projects that his name was on. he settled many of this cases these cases and have them sealed.
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we don't know exactly what happened. you are lucky if you invested in this. you could put all of your money in the project. you would've lost more money. that is his approach to these things. donald, when it comes to these deals also pleads that he doesn't know. and you will see some answers and that he begins. his answers are gibberish. i don't know what else to call them. you may have watched in december the republican debate and in a debate the very smart right wing . and he asked donald trump what is your priority and donald
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trump's answer which i quote in full was to gibberish. i don't know what else to call it. he asked the question a second time. that is like it is so massive and impressive. it's a big deal. same question. while let me first if you tell of the american people what the triad is if they don't know is the ability to deliver nuclear weapons from you have to be schooled by him. you don't know much. but here is the thing that my wife and i were watching that debate. and that should be the lead item in the coverage of the debate this is the most crucial matter. and .-dot doesn't know
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anything. i said however my guess is it will get minimal mention. a lot of the stories did not even mention it. politics reporters cover the horse race. they don't know what that nuclear triad is. nor do they know the significance of this question. that's what they ask the exact same question. we had four months to skip and get schooled on this. never met him before. i told him the story and he said while he had four months to get ready for that. and he didn't do a thing. donald doesn't know anything. it's not within the powers of the president of the united
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states to tell corporations where there can spend their money and where are the principal conservatives. can you imagine if barack obama came out and said that. donald trump through his company owes millions of dollars to the communist chinese bank of china which is essentially controlled at the end of the day but the nine thugs that lead it in beijing. donald trump has received millions and millions of dollars from russian oligarchs. they said they are one of the biggest sources of money that we have. there was a really terrific well-done story. for all of the people who are enemies of putin. they had been murdered and down and the story was this little line. they passed a law so that he
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could kill people. they are people that declared himself as enemies of the state. having people shot. you are either a friend or you are in jail or you're living in fear and trying to get other country. donald trump keeps advancing his objectives. we can or destroy nature -- and nato. the trouble he would be in over this. donald trump is a master at a couple of things. he is a master at setting up business deals in which he puts up no money. that is why his casino
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business was among the first to fail. trump's name will disappear on october 10 from the last casino because he have badly run places and instead of investing in the business and doing what they said we reinvest in the business so it keeps growing to create wealth. pull money out as fast as you can. just get cash. when donald trump filed bankruptcy some of who their businesses failed many of him for years struggled to keep the doors open because they felt an obligation to their employees donald demanded big huge fees to be paid to him. or he would tie them up in litigation. and so they paid him. they paid him to go away.
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he is the most masterful manipulator. they are accurately quoting people. and getting other sides of the story and quoting them but had no deep understanding of what is going on. the tabloids especially the new york post had no real regard. the longtime mistress who i knew about it long before they take off. you will read in the book has
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disclaimed that statement. he creates this image of himself. there is nothing there. and i know some of you i cannot want to ask how much is he worth. in a matter of days last year. more than 10 billion. 11billion. under oath when he have to answer questions about how much are you worth. he said it depends on my emotional state. the lawyer who is now the head of the enforcement. that is what is happening in the world. and how my mood is. that's how i determined my net worth. if this guy was not running for president of the united states we would all agree that is crazy. it's absolutely crazy.
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nobody does it that way. and throughout his life donald just got in the way of this. almost no one challenges him. the best reporter who ever worked in new york city very early. he have the most extraordinary law enforcement sources and i and a guy name neil barsky until donald pulled a trick on him and got fired we were the only people really examining donald. everybody else he was a good story. donald said this thing and it's a good story. we would say let's go look up the records. we would question what is going on. before we go to questions i want to get across to you the person you have seen the image created i donald trump and the complicity of our major national news organizations
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who are utterly failing in their duty and has tried has tried pretty hard. one tv reporter has at least ask the tough follow-up question on him by and large donald trump has gotten from the press what he wants. .. >>
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>> he is like a train wreck. people turn away from the tv fox news has put stories of when they plan on donald trump people will go to the header channel this is no way to run a democracy. this is serious business. and unlike donald trump to can say on his tv show vice said this to somebody that might teach graduate business students part time. will your fired. he cannot fire the dictator of north korea. he cannot fire the speaker of the house seat in a fire a federal judge to order'' -- issues in order. he has a vague plan, a trillions of dollars for
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hundreds of billions however he does that to round up the people illegally. not to mention those who work for him and it cheated out of their wages. but round them up. one he cannot do it unless congress passes it -- passes legislation to give him a the money. picking a fight with the speaker of that house? then appointing to run his campaign ad guy like steve who says by bart and to buy bargain is a double agent for hillary clinton. [laughter] so this is crazy. i hope you will read the book is this a quick read there are 44 pages of notes at the end so you can market up if you don't believe me. my personal e-mail is in the
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book for. if you have questions were the material comes from a double the do with this last thought. was a 1811 recorded to be a reporter and through my career i have written stories through the editors or the l.a. times dirtier times that can be. when i said the police chief was assigning police officers to sleep with women to get the permission that could not be. starting a riot. that could not be. it turned out to be true even the police chief bragdon his autobiography. but in 50 years right have accused people of murder murder, retirement benefits benefits, losing your job the only tax policy change, the clintons filing
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their personal tax returns it has all held up. it has been scrutinized and it has been held up. in this book you'll find stuff that will hold up i wish i had five weeks to do the book there is more i wanted to put in there. [laughter] [applause] the microphone is over here. announced a question because a bunch of people want to ask questions. >> you make a persuasive case. why has the republican party allowed donald trump to be where he is today quick.
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>> he got the votes. simple as that put on a broader scale parties are not important anymore. said decisions united hammered this home. those that are financing the campaign those narrow groups that finance. the parties don't have discipline. when the german tv interview with all of the national shows and the australia and germany and france, one of the correspondents said one of the few things that he said but the party if that did not work they would get him now. the party has no power. that is what is happening you will see a major realignment on that. it could be the end of the republican party as we know it. they will have to have a knee-jerk realignment and those that have not
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separated themselves from donald trump, even glenn backs of the same thing last night, i know how you get the stench off after the election. it is like permanent skunk juice. >> two quick questions. there is a book that can mount six months ago that was a political biography on sari, campaign biography and i am sorry i forgot the name >> i have all the names of the books. it was called crippled america that he has three titled -- we title that. >> in any case nobody in the and media has mentioned that book.
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>> it did get a fair amount of coverage when it came out. i would caution against saying no one but yesterday's somebody on twitter said no one had written about hillary clinton state department and her e-mail's. [laughter] 19,000,800 places in kugel found. [laughter] but it is written for the audience and it is not serious we have had a few exceptions i'd like barack obama his book was a very merry exception. >> can you predict the new donald trump they try to invent now, how successful might he be quick.
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>> i am not a politics reporter. i have no idea. but when people argue over the new donald trump vice sought a snippet on tv by chance where there was the group of middle-aged women talking about him. once said it is like your girlfriend says i found this guy we will get married and then after we get married i will change and and he is 70 years old. [laughter] >> this may be to local but supposedly around the 12th of september trump international hotel is most to open in washington d.c.. it has been buried one columnist who has a good fight. the mayor apparently had to
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be involved when they cut the deal before all of the of lawsuits with the restaurant. it was not made public. it was tough to get the details but the colonists indicated maybe because of what you have written he had to have a guarantee of $45 million to get alone to cover from the bank. sold in theory if he walked away white cheated the others, the city would not get hosed and get something. >> i have not seen the contract in this case but american banks will lot loan him money. he said i borrowed money knowing i did not have to pay back. and a bar lot of money i did not pay back and deutsche bank that is that all parts
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of the tax shelters years ago that is one of the few that would load him money and secured him pretty well. but with this project if we had internal audit we would find out he had no money. because he does not put money into anything all of his deals are you give me money. >> apparently there was some type of guarantee. but he guaranteed the city a least $45 million if he walked away. is that a joke quick. >> if we had the contract we would find out even if the says that personally there is something else we have not see because he does not. in 1990 he borrowed $900 million in essentially
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on a credit card because although the banks thought they were the only one making the loan to him. [laughter] we'll enable and then ask a question? or is it all the old white man? [laughter] >> i acquistion on conflicts of interest. the polling data suggest he is in a hole and probably will not win. >> a do not like the poles sightseeing there is a lot of white people under their skin they don't want to sit next to a black person on an airplane. >> if he were to win what sorts of conflicts of interest would we see? from your knowledge about trump university, where do you see that going quick. >> areas of call section about drop university in my book. as a matter of law and don't
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see how she can. it is bait-and-switch from beginning to end. the attorney general denied to bring litigation civilly neighborhood laid out his defense and it would not stand. i don't know what he will do their. there are two class-action and then the york state attorney general also campaign finance contribution the irs would shut down the trump and foundation but they have done nothing because you stripped the irs of the assets to do its job. but if he is elected president conflict of interest is a minor problem. [laughter] i will give you the big problem. he will sue me unless i write what he likes. from the santa cruz city
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council to the white house he is the only one who has told me that i have attended a fair number of careers. democrats and republicans. if he is elected i believe some federal agency will start causing me trouble because he will go after the people he does not like. i talked at length the is personal philosophy which is revenge. deal layperson who says i immigration brews all philosophy is to destroy a other people. i would be worried if i were a senior united states military officer. we can reasonably assume that men and women in the situation room have pulled out their lawbooks to have a precise understanding of what happens call you refuse an illegal order because he says what we use nuclear weapons in europe?
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bay are our allies. we will torture people we executed japanese officers for water boarding people. they will not commit crimes to put them in jeopardy of their freedom and he will order them to do these. if you see a fire one general or admiral then get worried because that is the indication of where that is going. >> this question is in context only of losing. the good news the republican party with the racist institution with a silent majority is totally gone.
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>> do you agree it is done quite. >> i don't know if it is gone. we certainly will see a massive realignment don't just beat up on the republicans after all the democrats in the south to branch of growth. -- ran jim crow. but we have a conservative party where we are principal party who believe in the markets. my books are about undermining market economics . we are not racist. and he is trying to sell that message because it is not saleable right now. you will see a huge crisis with the effort to figure out where do we go? but that will not matter unless we stop campaign finance.
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citizens united is the worst part. chief justice roberts is wrong about this. the founders wrote at length about their concerns of inequality to destroy america. i have written about this in "newsweek." the founders were worried money would lead to a society which the business aristocrat would set up rules to persuade workers only. they had no property. they would deceive those to vote for policies that would damage their own interest like we have seen in the last 35 years. where it will go i don't know. democrats need a realignment and stop being like republicans. >> with what you brought to
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light why doesn't the media or even hillary clinton bring this up? talk about his father's tie its. >> satellite hillary does her campaign the way she does. i know i sound like i cop out i don't like politics i like policy. did you say donald trump is involved with mobsters and drug dealers, i have had a number of tv shows to say we need somebody from the other side. but they cannot find anybody . i said call the double tromp campaign asked for a surrogate. they don't want to participate. the national not allow you to kill the story.
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they even have in libel concerns even this is court documents with his own testimony. the reality is the fastest disappearing white caller job in the last 15 years has been journalist. newsrooms are dropping people like crazy. i went back to the new york times that 2:00 in the afternoon i could fire a shotgun and not hit anybody. there is a lot of people there but with that shrinkage there is a lot more concern of having money to burn with litigation and the public does not want aggressive journalism. the american people have given the top journalists and editors and publishers we don't want you to do what i do.
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because it upsets us and tells us what we don't want to know we want to believe what we believe. >> in 19,271,000 men in white robes and supporters got into a battle with the new york city police in queens. it was reported when you went to the cop shop they gave you the of arrest report donald trump told "the new york times" that was not my father. he never lived at that address and there were no charges. you are not supposed to write if there were no charges. it was him. public records showed that in the idea we should not write about it unless there
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is a criminal charge? that is not applied to the real clinton. [laughter] >> why do you think with the politicians all over the world? >> why all over the world we see fundamentalist religious leaders in dieppe, hindu in the of muslim world actually i read the magazine of prices they are apostate. they are not muslims. because the speed of human knowledge there not equipped to cope. they're looking at what is
12:51 am
coming and they are uncertain. economic surge changing worldwide and the rise of the internet that has eliminated jobs to make things more efficient. it leads people to be fearful and how we do television news. people think there is a lot more crime than there is. we have very low crime compared to the '80s or the '60s or the 20's. on national lovell is way way down. roughly one hour before from the '80s. most are committed by teenagers. usually boys. not serious burglars. so the change with the
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explosion of television driven news has created fear and anxiety. and we do have some societies from our friends from saudi arabia where children are taught every day the same thing from north korea. >> okay. what do you think can be done to get trump to release his tax returns? [laughter] if you read the book you will see what is in his returns. i have shown almost certainly he committed tax fraud 1984. his own taxman disavowed the return he has participated in sales tax fraud. this is the area i am best known for. we will never see his tax returns. but what i said is
12:53 am
journalist will start to say okay you said you cannot release the returns under audit we will take you at your word. let me see 1978 through 2008 because you said the audits are closed and he should be counted about that. what about pre-2009? and this was suggested by the former irs commissioner the 1040 + the charitable deductions the complete return. nit romney would not give us his returns because he was not done manager of bain capital management and was the sole owner. did anybody know that? one person who read my coverage. [laughter] he was the sole owner and congress has special rules
12:54 am
if you were the manager you can live tax-free if your profits are paid back and. so they loan you at zero interest all the money that you pay. this is help people laptop get rich. the government says somewhere in the future it is o interest imagine how rich you would be if all of your taxes went into investment account and pay back with no interest. we will never see his returns. we need to pass a law. i rode a column how to do this house to come clean but if he had the courage it would get him elected president. the speech that could get him elected. then congress should pass
12:55 am
the law if he were on the ballot of more than 10 states the irs will fall back to social security number and home address that sit. tax returns are public you can find out about the guy who built sears roebuck. but you'll read a lot about his taxes in my book. . .
12:56 am
[laughter] i don't want to preach to the choir, the reason why i took a job at 64 years old is because i want to convert those who don't believe in what they should and
12:57 am
don't understand yet what they should. >> what's the question. >> the question is how do we do that. how do you and i do that. is it writing a book, is it going out there. >> i'm not in the business of trying to convert people to what i think is the right way to think. my class, when they asked me to teach, they thought i would teach modern tax policy. at the end of the day that just becomes, no matter how hard i try, about what i think about tax policy which teaches them nothing. i want to give them useful information in a way they can understand it at the point that you are raising, we have a lot of people in this country who will not pay attention to facts. there has been a lot of psychological research done. if you want to read a good quick little book wrote a book called true enough. when you look at the cover you will think it's a boy scout. it's not, but it's true enough to being a boy scout.
12:58 am
what the research shows is if you tell people something they believe is not true, saddam hussein had nothing to do with osama bin laden. you show a videotape of george bush saying of course osama bin bin laden had nothing to do with 911. their response will be they were just trying to appease the media. you can see it about football games, people on the left, the famous football game between princeton and harvard. i don't know how famous that would be, but there is lots of research where people double down on what they wish to be true and i think that is a failure of our education system. we have an education system that was designed to prepare people for drone jobs, not for critical thinking skills. you can have a better conversation with the average waiter in slovakia or canada
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then you can with the average mba sitting first class on a jetliner. i think that's a failure failure of our education system. we need to make people more politically sophisticated and critical thinkers. one of the things i was fascinated by is that my children grew up with very good schools and they know you don't trust anything on the internet. i have had students and i've lectured at high schools where students say what donald trump said. it was on the internet. they assume it's true. i think this is not going to get solved in my lifetime or in yours. >> i'm going to go teach. >> go try. hi there. >> you have told us many bad things about donald trump, but are there any positive things about donald trump? >> yes i can can tell you a couple positive things. he built trump tower which is quite an accomplishment. he successfully shut down numerous law enforcement and
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journal investigations about himself. that's an accomplishment. it may not be what most people think of, but it is. it's positive from his perspective. the fundamental fact is, no, i tried very hard. when you read the book i think you will see why. donald is a world-class narcissist. he is only about donald. you don't exist except to either glory donald or be a foil. he has no empathy for other people. everything he does is about money. cutting off the health care for this child is about money. when i was working on the book and i was sleeping and writing and i called up some other people and i said i need some perspective. let's go through some things donald has done and nobody could come up with anything. his businesses fail because he doesn't know how to run a business. he's not a good negotiator. er