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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 5, 2016 9:47am-10:01am EDT

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teachers, actually import. i said about aleppo we do agree the notion as we have to create a few mentoring zone in northern syria. it's very important. >> moderator: governor pence, you mentioned the no-fly zone.zo why would you propose setting up a safe zone specific records how would you keep it safe in the first and foremost donald trump supports our troops.l, donald trump supports our veterans. he is paid off a taxes that he -- you not -- do not know if this works? [talking over each other] kaine: it is about our troops can suck i understand why you want to change the subject. let me be very clear on this russian thing. the larger question is -- [talking over each other] pence: there's an old proverb that says the russian pair never dies, it just hibernates. the truth of the matter is the we close for feckless policy of
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barack obama hillary clinton, first appeared a few years ago with the moving georgia and now they've moved into crimea. now they move into the wider middle east, and all the while all we do is fold our arms is a we are not having talks anymore. to answer your question, we just didn't american strength. we need to marshal the resources of our allies in the region and in the media we need to act and act now to get people out of harm's way. >> moderator: exactly have a safe zones work? pence: the safe zones would have to be, as the senator said. is already a framework for this that and recognized by the t international committee. that united states needs to be prepared to work with our allies in the region to create a route for safe passage into to protect people in those areas including within no-fly zone. this is tough stuff. i sort of the foreign affairs committee for a decade. i traveled in and out of the region for 10 years.
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ice with the american soldier one in operation iraqi freedom, and to see the we close and feckless leadership that hillary clinton was the architect of and foreign policy of the obama abo- administration, it seems troubling to me. [talking over each other] kaine: he does what to acknowledge that we stop the iranian nuclear weapons program. he doesn't want to acknowledge that he was part of the team that got bin laden because want to acknowledge that it's a good thing, not a bad thing but it's a good thing not a bad thing that we're down from 175,000 troops deployed overseas to 15,000. let me tell you what would make the middle east dangers. donald trump stated that more nations should get nuclear weapons.s. saudi arabia, japan, south korea. ronald reagan said something interesting about nuclear proliferation back in the 1980s. he said the problem with nuclear proliferation is that some fool or maniac could trigger a catastrophic event. and i think that's who governor
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pence's running mate this. exactly what president reagan warned us about. pence: that is even beneath you. that is pretty low that i do think we should mourn the weapons that will make us safer? pence: ronald reagan also said nuclear wars should never be thought because it could never be one.. and that united states of america needs to make investmenu in modernizing our nuclear -- [talking over each other] pence: let me go back to this iran thing. he keeps saying that they prevented, hillary clinton started the day with iranians, prevent iran from getting a nuke. they got -- [talking over each other] pence: that's not what israel thinks. kaine: go check it. pence: i know you boycotted prime minister netanyahu's speech. you boycotted the speech. the point is, what this iran,
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so-called iran deal did was essentially guaranteed -- when i was in congress i fought hard on a bipartisan basis with republican/democrat members to move forward the toughest sanctions literally initiative of the united states. we were bringing them to heel by the goal was always that we would all live in the sanctions if iran permanently renounced ty their nuclear -- they have not -- let me finish a sentence. they are not renounced the nuclear ambitions. when the deals period runs out, with no limitation on theit obtaining weapons -- a ransom a ransom payment payment. try to six times than i said to governor pence i can imagine you could defend your running mate position on one issue after the next. in all six cases have refused to defend his running mate.and [talking over each other]
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kaine: and yet he is asking everybody to vote for somebody that he cannot defend the i just think that -- >> moderator: let's talk about russia. i will give you an opportunity to do that.nations gov. pence:er each other] >> moderator: gentlemen, russia.. russian president vladimir putin invaded ukraine and annexed crane and provided crucial military support to the assad regime. what steps if any would your administration take to counter d regi these actions turn one you've got to be tough with russia. let's start with not praising' vladimir putin as a greatt leader. donald trump and mike pence have said he is a great donald trump has business dealings with russia that he refuses to disclose. with ru hillary clinton has gone to to do with russia. she went on to do with russia secretary of state to do the new
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s.t.a.r.t. agreement to reduce russia's nuclear start. -- stockbroker she would toe to toe with russia and launched protest when it went to georgia. we put punishing economic sanctions on russia that we need to continue. donald trump come on the other hand, didn't know russia had o invaded the crimea. he was on a tv show a couple months back and he said i'll guarantee you this, russia is not going into the ukraine. he had to be reminded that they've gone into crimea two years before.before. hillary clinton has gone toe ton toe with russia to work out a deal on new start. she got them engage in a meaningful way to get iran's nuclear weapons program an hered yet she stood up to them on issues such as series of and their invasion of georgia. you've got to have the ability to do that and hillary does. on the other hand, and i'll come get some of your praises vladimir putin all the time. america should really wonder
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about a president trump who had a campaign manager with ties to putin, program elements in the ukraine who had to be fired for that reason. they should wonder when donald, trump is sitting down withr vladimir putin, is it going toin be america's auto model will be donald trump bottom line that he will be worried about what all this business dealings. this could be solved if donald trump would be willing to release his tax returns as a told the american public that he would do. i know he's laughing at this bu: every president, every president since richard nixon has done and donald trump have said i'm doini business with russia. tony wayne american public will see whether -- [talking over each other] pence: thanks.m ju just trying to keep up with the insult driven campaign on the ne other side. kaine: i'm just saying fax. pence: don't put words in my
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mouth that i'm not defending him. i'm happy to defend. most of which is that is completely false, and the american people know that. senat [talking over each other] pence: look, this is the alternative universe of washington, d.c., versus reality.y. hillary clinton said her number one priority was to reset with russia.rity was a reset that reset resulted in the invasion of ukraine. after the infiltrated with what are called little green men, russian soldiers that were dressing up like ukrainian dissidents and then he moved all the way into crimea, took over the crimea peninsula. donald trump knew that happened he basically was saying it's not going to happen again. the truth of the matter is what you have in the rise of aggressive russia, which has haa increase its influence in iran, it's now because of this deal is on the pathway in the future to obtain a nuclear -- the leading state sponsor of terror in the
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world in iran now has a closer working relationship with russia because of hillary clinton and barack obama's foreign policy. and $150 billion in sanctions on be lifted. and then, of course, synergy. it really is extraordinary. series it is imploding to you just aske asked the very thoughl questions about the disaster in aleppo. isis is headquartered in rocket. raqqa. it is the isis from rock is overwhelmed vast areas. and yet senator kaine still sits there, loyal soldier, i get all that. insane the foreign policy of hillary clinton and barack obams somehow made the world more secure. it really is astonishing. on the date that iran released for american hostages, we delivered 400 million in cash as they reins and payment for americans held by the radical
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mullahs in tehran. >> moderator: the dayll mr. trump said putin has no respect for hillary clinton and no respect for obama. why do you think he would respect your administration? pence: strength, plain and-- whu simple. t it's donald trump, nonsense their donald trump, donald trump is a strong leader who -- [talking over each other] pence: we are going to rebuild. our military. this whole putin thing. look, america is stronger and russia to our economy is 16 times larger than the russian economy. america's legal system is superior to the crony crop atlas system and russia in every way. when donald trump and i observed that as i said in syria, and aramco in ukraine that the small and bowling leader of russia has been strong on the world stage than this administration, that
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is stating painful facts. that's not an endorsement of vladimir putin. that's an indictment of the week close and feckless leadership of hillary clinton and barack obama. kaine: governor pence said and arguably, vladimir putin is a better leader than president .: pence: that is absolutely inaccurate that but i just think the guy . pence: he's been strong on the world stage. kaine: you said later. i will just say this, governor. if you mistake leadership for dictatorship a dictatorship and you can't tell the difference, the country that's running its economy -- [talking over each other] kaine: he can't tell then. difference you couldn't be commander-in-chief.should not be com donald trump sunset have all these business dealings with russia. those could be disclosed with tax returns but they refused to do that. americans need to worry about whether donald trump will be watching out for america's bottom line for his own bottom line. >> moderator: what went wrong with the russia reset?
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kaine: vladimir putin. vladimir putin is a dictator. vladimir putin is a dictator. he's not a leader. anybody who thinks otherwise doesn't know russian history added that no vladimir putin. hillary clinton is exactly who this guy is. john mccain said i look in hisse eyes and as a kgb. hillary has that same feeling. how did you within? we do have to deal with russia in a lot of different ways. there are areas where we can cooperate. it was hillary clinton whoon worked with russia on the new s.t.a.r.t. treaty to reduce the nuclear weapon stockpile. it was a plan that worked with w russia to get them engaged in ai community of nations to stop the iranian nuclear weapons program without firing a shot. she's that going around praising vladimir putin as a great guy but she knows how to sit down that the table and negotiate tough deals. this is a very challenging part of the world and we ought to bee a commander commander-in-chief who's prepared and done it rather than
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somebody who goes aroundo praising vladimir putin has great leader. a >> moderator: i like to ask about north korea, iran and the threat of nuclear weapons. north korea we so conducted as this and most powerful nuclear tests. what specific steps would you take to prevent north korea from developing a nuclear armed missile capable of reaching the united states? pence: first, we need to make a commitment to rebuild our military including modernizing our nuclear forces. .. modernize our nuclear forces and we need an effective american diplomacy that will marshal the resources of nations in the asian-pacific rim to put pressure on north korea, to abandon the nuclear ambitions. it has to remain the policy of the notice states of america, the demilitarization of the korean peninsula. when donald trump's president, we are not going to have the kind


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