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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 5, 2016 8:00pm-9:21pm EDT

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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> tonight on c-span2, republican vice presidential candidate mike pence speaks at a campaign rally in here as in junior. then democratic vp candidate tim kaine in philadelphia. a discussion about the future of transportation with bill ford, executive chairman of the ford motor company. >> in his first campaign appearance after tuesday night's vice president shall debate republican mike pence told supporters that quote donald trumps a vision to make america great again one of the debate. from harrisonburg, virginia, this is a half-hour. [cheers and applause]
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♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ >> hello, virginia! [cheers and applause] >> it is wonderful to be here. thank you to ed gillespie and thank you for that wonderful warm welcome. i'm mike pence. [cheers and applause] >> just a few short months ago i accepted my parties emanation to run and serve as the next vice president of the united states of america. [cheers and applause]
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>> i have to tell you, ed, i appreciate that introduction more than i can tell you. but, he knows me well and not to know that introduction i prefers a bit shorter. i'm a christian, a conservative and a republican in that order. [cheers and applause] >> and i have to tell you, i joined this campaign in a heartbeat because you have nominated a man for president who never quits, who never backs down. he is a fighter. he is a winner. until recently it seemed like he was out there fighting on his own, but now this movement is coming together. this state is coming together. we are going to elect donald trump as the next president of the united states of america. it is great to be in virginia. had a little debates last night. [cheers and applause]
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>> it was at longwood university and i was humbled and honored to be their. donald trump called me late last night from nevada to congratulate me on the debate. that's meant the world to me, it's truly did. some people think i won. [cheers and applause] >> but, i will leave that to others. you know, what i can tell you is from where i sat, donald trump: the debate. [cheers and applause] >> donald trump's vision to make america great again one the debate. [cheers and applause] >> when we take the vision to every corner of virginia and every corner of this great nation, this movement, that man and that vision are going to win all the way to the white house. [cheers and applause] >> i truly do believe donald trump embodies the american
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spirit. strong, freedom loving, independent, optimistic and willing to fight every day for what he believes in and he's going to make america great again, i promise you that. people asked me sometimes, what is it about donald trump and i say-- i'm from south of highway 40 in indiana and we speak pretty plainly down that way. [laughter] >> we have a hoosier in the crowd. good to see you. i thought,-- i tell people donad trump just gets it. are you with me? i mean, he is a genuine article. he's a doer in a game usually reserved for talkers. and when donald trump does is talking, he doesn't go to killing around all those thousands of rules of political
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correctness that the media puts in the way of men and women that want to make a difference. he speaks from his mind. he speaks from his heart. the american people hear him loud and clear and they are going to send that man and that all the way to the oval office. [cheers and applause] >> the funny thing is, the party in power seems helpless to figure out our nomination. of course, i'm talking about the media. [laughter] >> you ever notice that? i mean, seriously, they all keep telling each other the usual-- usual message will work. now, we got him. now, we found this thing he said. now, we founded this thing he tweeted. they think they finally done him in and then you turn on the television next morning and donald trump is still standing stronger than ever before and fighting for the american people. it's really is fun to watch. you know, the thing about donald
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trump is he is never forgotten. he is never forgotten the men and women who built this nation. people who work with their hands who grow our food, build our roads and bridges and 102 hour set teach our kids. donald trump, i promise you, will never forget the men and women who serve on the blue line of law enforcement all across the state and this country. [cheers and applause] >> and they know it. it's probably why the largest police officers in union in america, 330,000 strong, fraternal order of police endorsed donald trump to be the next president of the united states. there is a lot of law enforcement with us today and i'm honored to be with each and every one of them. it's been out challenging time for law-enforcement in this country. would you mind just take a minute and chinese men and women in law-enforcement how much we
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appreciate the job they do? [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> i promise you, as chief law-enforcement officer of the united states a president to donald trump will stand with the men and women who serve in law-enforcement. we will provide them with the resources and the tools that they need to restore law and order to every city in every town in this nation, protect our families and go home safe to the heirs. that really is remarkable when you think about the choice in this election. at the very moment when america is crying out for something new and different, the other party has answered with a stale agenda and the most predictable of names. i mean, it really is pretty amazing. at a time when people in both political parties are restless for change.
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we know we could have government as good as our people against the other party nominated someone who literally personifies the failed establishment in washington dc. so, virginia can i just ask you to decide here now, the first stop on my best to her that we shall resolve over the next 33 days to not rest, to not relent until we ensure that hillary clinton will never be elected presidents of the united states of america. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> of the truth is-- >> lock her up. >> the truth of the matter is that this campaign has been amazing to be a part of. i mean, it's like to on one out there every day with the media doing half of hillary clinton's work for her.
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really, sometimes i get up the morning and i have to turn on the television with a stick. you never know what's going to be there. the amazing thing is even though the media is doing half of her work for it is to on one, donald trump is still winning hearts and minds every day and he will win all the way to the white house. the media is so busy parsing every word donald trump said her tweeted in the last 30 minutes that it seems like they have not had time to talk about what the clintons have been up to for the last 30 years. let me see if i can help. i mean, the truth is this campaign is about serious things. i mean, you heard that last night. it's incredible. your senator tim kaine sat across the table from me and after an avalanche of insults, he said that he referred to as as running an insult driven campaign. i mean, hillary clinton called half of the people that believe we can make america great again
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a basket of the portables. despite their avalanche of insults this election really is about issues that matter to the people of virginia and the people of this country. it's about security, about prosperity, about the supreme court of the united states and it's about preserving the highest standards of integrity and the highest office in the land and on every single one of those issues donald trump is the right choice for the united states of america in 2016. on security we talked about a lot last night, seven and a half years of the leadership of barack obama and hillary clinton on the world stage has weakened america's place in the world and emboldened our enemies. despite traveling literally millions of miles as our secretary of state the world is more dangerous today than the day hillary clinton took over
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the foreign policy of this country. our allies are less secure in our enemies more emboldened. its import to note, it's important to note that it was hillary clinton who failed to negotiate a status of forces agreement. in iraq, that resulted in all us military forces pulling out of those hard fought game that had when one by the american soldiers in 2009. it created a vacuum in which isis was literally able to be conjured up out of the desert to overrun past areas that had been won at great sacrifice by the american soldiers. you know, i see today few people wearing caps that acknowledge their service to this country. would you mind either standing or sliding your hand in the air. if you wear the uniform of the united states of america, would you let us say thanks one more time? [applause]. [cheers and applause]
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>> thank you for your service. it was alert clinton who initiated that disasters agreement with the radicals in iran. $1,150,000,000,000 and as i said last night for years we imposed punishing sanctions on iran and said they were never go away until iran completely abandon its nuclear ambitions and what we did was deliver $1,150,000,000,000 and all we got was a delay of game. because when the period of the agreement runs out there are no restrictions at all armed iran developing for the leading state sponsor of terror able to develop eight nuclear weapon and the worst of it was that on the date and land released for mac and hostages, this administration with the full support of hillary clinton and tim kaine delivered 400 million in cash on a wooden pallets in a ransom payments to a terrorist
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sponsoring state. you know, it's really is extraordinary. the white house said it was not a ransom, but the iranians said it was and i will make your promise, when donald trump becomes president of the united states we are not going to be paying rent some to terrorists or terrorist sponsoring states. they will pay a price. if they threaten or detain the people of this country and lastly, it was hillary clinton and her state department who left americans in harms way in benghazi and a state department facility. then she told the parents of the following when their hallowed remains arrived at dover air force pays she told them it was because a filmmaker in florida when she knew full well she had sent an e-mail to her own daughter on the very night of the attack that it was in a qaeda style terrorist attack
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would she was question on that she actually said: what difference at this point is it make. let me tell you, as a proud father of a united states marine let me say this, anyone who said that, anyone who did that should be disqualified for ever serving as commander in chief of the armed forces of united states of america. [cheers and applause] >> we cannot have four more years, we cannot have four more years of apologizing to our enemies and abandoning our friends, for the world to be safe america needs to be strong and donald trump will lead on the world's stage with american strikes. we rebuild our military. we will restore the arsenal of democracy. we will provide our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines with the resources that they need to copy the mission mission and they will hunt down and destroy isis and any terrorist
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organization that threatens our people. [cheers and applause] >> at probably why 160 retired admirals and generals including 17 medal of honor winners have endorsed donald trump to be the next commander in chief so, this election is about security and real choices, but it's also about prosperity. we heard again tonight, didn't we-- or last night we heard the things have gotten better in the economy of this country. it's incredible. we are in the midst of the slowest economic recovery since the great depression, millions of more people are living in poverty today than the day that barack obama became president of the united states, but hillary clinton's plan is more of the same. more taxes, more regulation, more obamacare, more of the war on call that is stifling the
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american economy. it really is astonishing. i mean, a lot of talk about taxes last night. my counterparts sounded like a broken record over there. i said to him, all you need to know about taxes this election is simple, hillary clinton will raise your taxes and donald trump and i will cut taxes across the board for working families, small businesses and family farms. we are going to end death taxes once a drop, lower business taxes in america so businesses in virginia, can grow and keep jobs here in the united states and not see them going overseas. [cheers and applause] >> having donald trump has a plan to get this economy moving again. it's a time-honored principles that have always worked. at work back in the 1980s when ronald reagan did and in the 1960s when president john f.
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kennedy did it and as you let keep more what they earn. rollback relation and red tape. on day one of the trump administration we will sign a moratorium on any new federal regulation and repeal every single obama executive order that is stifling growth and jobs in this economy. [cheers and applause] >> i'm a donald trump and i are going to work with members of congress like my great friend from texas who is with me today and did such a great job on television last night. could you give it up for congressman jeb? he's an outstanding conservative. donald trump and i know that congress actually convenes before the new president is inaugurated and so jeb, if you all don't mall if we could get to work and put it bill on this president's desk and we will repeal obamacare lock stock and barrel on day one. donald trump and i also know that the strength of this nation
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can be found in the vast natural resources of the station. to get this economy moving again we will end the war on coal, once and for all. we are going to develop an all of the above energy strategy. lower the cost of energy and lastly, when donald trump becomes negotiator in chief-- are you with me on that? we are talking trade, now. i mean, negotiator in chief isn't in the constitution, yet. [laughter] >> when donald from becomes negotiator in chief i promise you we are going to have a president who we negotiates nafta so it works for the american worker work we are going to get out of tpp and hold our trading partners accountable with the promises they made to the american people. when it comes to trade we are going to put the american worker first.
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donald trump will see to it. you know, the truth is they tell us this economy is the best that we can do, but donald trump and i know different. it's not the best that we can do. it's just the best they can do. when donald trump becomes president of the united states we will put those commonsense conservative principles into practice and we are going to get that, he of virginia and that the comment of united states of america back on the move. [cheers and applause] >> lastly, before i get to a close and i have to thank you for coming out today. this is such a blessing. i mean, i know i'm not the main event. i'm the other picture on the bus so, give yourselves a round of applause for coming out for this movement today, will you please?
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it's very humbling to me, but i hope you leave to-- leave here today and hope you tell someone. folks, this is really about our country. so, we need you to leave here today, not just having heard a speech on a platform with hay bales and a great virginia setting. i hope you leave here today and you go find neighbors and friends and say i saw mike. he looked a little tired. [laughter] >> but, he reminded me despite all of the distractions that come up in this campaign it's about big issues. is about security, thou stronger america standing tall in the world stage again. it's about a more prosperous america that gets this economy moving again. but, i also lead to tell them while we are electing a president for the next four years, that president will probably set the course and
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direction of the supreme court of the united states for the next 40 years and we better think long and hard about that. we really do. i don't think i need to tell the people of virginia about the constitution. i don't think i need to talk to people about james madison. [cheers and applause] >> i think i need to tell you about the miracle of that document and the god-given liberties that are enshrined there. i got to tell you, whether it's our freedom of speech, our freedom of the press, our freedom of religion whether it be the right to keep and bear arms of law-abiding citizens, whether it be all of the god-given liberties enshrined in our constitution, let me just say this, we have to decide here in the home of james madison in the great commonwealth of
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virginia. we had to decide here and now for the sake of our constitution , for the sake of the rule of law, for the sake of all of our god-given liberties that the next president of the united states to make up women to the supreme court will be president donald trump. donald trump will appoint justices of the supreme court and will uphold our constitution in the tradition of the late and great just did-- justice antonin scalia. they will interpret the constitution and uphold our loss. they will not legislate from the bench. they will be strict constructionist and the american people will be proud. so, it's about security. it's about prosperity and it's about our supreme court, but it's also about having the highest standards of integrity in the highest office of the land. i mean, truthfully, you look at
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the avalanche of controversies coming out of the clinton years and it's almost hard to keep up. we talked about it last night. we talked about the fact when hillary clinton was serving as the third ranking constitutional officer in our government, secretary of state of the united states she had a private foundation that accept a counter lesions from a foreign donors. also, from foreign governments and then she had a private server presumably so communications about what she was doing there would not be susceptible to public disclosure and public accountability. we will never know because we are still waiting on those 33000 e-mails that she has and when you're talking about the server i actually said this last night, i mean, she had a private server where she had classified information, including e-mails about drone strikes, military
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operations, even e-mails from the president of the united states, classified information that was put on a private unsecured server that could be susceptible and vulnerable to hacking and exposure to the enemies of this country. i got to tell you, as i told senator came last night if either of our sons of the military handled classified information the same way secretary clinton did, they would be court-martialed. i mean, that's the hard truth of all this. the american people are tired of it. the whole point is they have said now that they won't accept contributions from foreign governments and foreign donors if she becomes president of the united states because it would be a conflict of interest. if it would be a conflict of interest when you're president of the united states then how is it not a conflict of interest when you are secretary of state of the united states of america? the truth of that matter is you really get paid to to play politics and it's exactly the kind of paid to play politics
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that's going to end the day donald trump becomes president of the united states. i will make you a promise. the day donald trump walks into the oval office, the days of the rigged system for the favored few will come to a crashing and. when he becomes president of the united states his only special interest will be you. the american people and he's going to fight for you and for the people of this nation each and every day as our great president. so, security and prosperity and the supreme court and high standards of integrity. that's what this election is about. i don't know what issue that will be fluttering on the news tonight. i don't have any idea. it will be something. but, when you leave here i hope you go tell someone that i ran into mike and he said this is what this is about. i expect this is why you're
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here. it's why the enormous throngs of everyday americans coming out all across the country or donald trump. he's always the first one to say to me when we campaigned together, we will look out of the car window and he will say to me this is not about me and it's not about us, he says this is a movement of the american people. and we will make america great again. when you go i want you to do two things. awake you to tell people about the choice. we try to do that last night. point counterpoint; right? but, i also hope you tell people that can donald trump and yours truly you have a couple people that will always believe that there's always more in this country that unites the people of the united states then we'll ever divide us.
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it has a lot to do with faith. first, it's faith in this thing we call the american dream. it's really as. i believe in it. donald trump believes in it because to be quite honest with you we have lived it. i mean, if you think about it his grandfather immigrated to this country. my grandfather immigrated to this country from ireland. his dad was a self-made man who built a business with his own hands. my dad followed work at a small town in southern indiana and built a small gas station business with my mom and self-made man. donald trump and i were both raised to believe that if much is given much will be required and so for him that meant the kid from queens went to manhattan island and started a big-- though big buildings. for me, it was a colony to public service. you know, i was tell people, if
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you think about it other than a whole bunch of zeros donald trump and i have a whole lot, and. [laughter] >> a lot of zeros and that the belief in the american dream. we have lived it. we have lived it. is simple belief in america that's new every time we consider it, different from much of the history of most of the world. it is here in america, regardless of race or creed or color or gender, anyone can be anyone if you work hard, study hard, treat others the way you want to be treated and you never give up. i want to promise you, donald trump and i are going to work every day to revive the american dream for every family and every american. [cheers and applause]
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>> it's about faith in the american dream. lastly, it's about that faith, it's about that faith that's always underpinned america. it brought the first settlers to our shores, sustained them through those early harsh days. it represents and i believe always will represent the foundation of american greatness , that we are now and shall ever be. one nation under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. [cheers and applause] >> so, the choice could not be more clear. the american people can elect someone who literally personifies a failed establishment in washington dc or in virginia we can do
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different. that is we can elect a leader. a truth teller, a broad shouldered man who will fight every day to make america great again. that's the choice that we face. we got to lay it out. i will lay it out you one more time and then i will let you get to lunch. this is another time for choosing. if you want a president who will protect this nation, rebuild our military, restore the arsenal of democracy, support our troops and those who serve in uniform and who will give our war fighters the resources, ability and clarity and mission to hunt down and destroy isis and any terrorist organization that threatens our people, if you want a president who will restore law and order to every city and every community in this
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nation by supporting law enforcement with the tools and resources that they need and deserve, if you want a president who will cut taxes, grow this economy, squeeze every nickel out of that bloated federal bureaucracy and repeal obamacare , lock stock and barrel , if you want a president who will build a wall, enforce the laws of this nation for the people of this nation and and illegal immigration once for all and if you want a president who will append the status quo in washington dc, i mean, really, he's going to up and the status quo in washington dc and a president who will uphold the constitution of the united
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states of america then i went to tell you, virginia, we have but one choice if you want all those things. i am here to tell you that man is ready. this team is ready. this movement is ready if you will go make sure that virginia is ready, we will elect to donald trump as the 45th president of the united states of america and we will make america great again. thank you very much. let's go get it done. [cheers and applause] >> hillary clinton's running mate senator tim kaine was also on the campaign trail today. he talked about last night's debate before an audience of sheet metal workers in philadelphia.
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senator cain also has a plan to campaign stop in pittsburgh thursday. ♪ the work of. ♪ ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the assistant director of development at the university of pennsylvania, arielle bruce. [applause]. >> welcome. i'm here to tell you a little bit more about what you already know. that donald trump is unfit to be our next president. my name is arielle bruce. i was born in atlantic city in
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the 80s. on the daughter of an immigrant. i was raised and educated to be a woman who is unafraid to speak up for what's right. [applause]. >> which i think makes me one of donald trump's worst nightmares. donald trump would love to have you believe that he is the candidate that will bring jobs back to america. he wants you to think that he will stimulate the economy by trading this country like one of his many businesses. my parents who are here tonight worked in trump casinos. i grew up watching his empire rise and i grew up watching it fall and i can tell you what trumps success looks like. he declares bankruptcy six times in 18 years, closing three casinos, putting thousands of
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people out of work and restructured his companies each time to avoid personal liability and he calls it success. key vilifies as for the size of our deficit, but avoids paying federal income tax and he calls it success. perhaps, most galling he contracts with small businesses and laborers like the ones right here at sheet metal workers labor union and local 19, which would be great except that he refuses to pay them when the work is done knowing they do have the time, money or wherewithal to fight back in court. in my hometown of atlantic city, 1991 alone that meant 21503 subcontractors were stiffed on
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$69.5 million worth of negotiated contracts and labor, hundreds of small business owners were destroyed by his mismanagement and his callous parasitic business practice. he is still doing this to the american public and he calls it success. after all of this, did he take any of his many billions of dollars and put it into building my devastated community backup? no, but he did spend money recently to sue to have his name taken off the shuttered up trump plaza tower in the hopes we would not be reminded of his failures. whose success is this, mr. trump not ours. not the american people. this is not the kind of person we need for president, so tonight i'm thankful to be introducing tim kaine, the
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running mate of a candidate that we can trust to be our next president. hillary clinton has been fighting her whole life for better-- better america. she and senator cain are subpart-- fighting for an economy that supports the middle class, if your pack structure, per labor rights and personal businesses. >> they fight for diplomatic foreign relations and expanded national service, something i feel pretty confident saying trump knows little about. they don't just a fight to these people fight for us. i'm proud to say that i'm with her and i'm glad that tonight senator tim kaine is here with us. please help me welcome our next vice president of the united states, tim kaine. [cheers and applause] ♪
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[cheers and applause] ♪ >> billy, how you guys doing? what a great group. give a round of applause for arielle. isn't she fantastic. she tells it like it is. she's telling it like it is, talking about this nominee donald trump, a nominee mike we have seen probably ever, someone who is claiming to be a big success, but who has a track record of stepping all over small people and that's how he defines it success just like he defines smart as not paying taxes to support our troops and our veterans and our teachers and that's what's at stake. it's great to be back in philadelphia. you guys ran one heck of a convention. thank you so much.
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hillary-- that was the best week of the entire campaign with the possible exception may be last week. wasn't hillary fantastic in her debate? i will get to me and i second. hillary's debate last monday was just a wonderful. she did such a great job and then it turned out to be the gift i kept on giving because it donald walked off the chain-- stages so mad that he lost that he just kind of his fingers could not stay off the tweet button. it's going down and the down and and so i think she's in a pretty good spot, pretty good spot going into the debate sunday with donald trump. and here we are 34 days away. let me do some thank you zen and i went to talk about my debate last night, which i had a blast at. some of the issues that we raised and we talked about and
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then i'm going to close with how we win this thing, but let me do some thank you's, first. i deftly think arielle ford shared her story. semi people have stories like that about trusting trump and then getting tricked by trump like the businesses but got stiffed or sued or strong-armed and i'm glad ariel king to share that with us. we have two great members of congress who talk to you, thank you very much. brendan boyle and bob grady, give them a big round of applause. then, we are in the house of labor here with the sheet metal workers with tonight's team. very very good. very very good. and not only sheet metal workers, but i know we have break who is the head of the state labor. eval state labor applies. [applause]. >> i'm lucky that i have some special folks with me here.
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where are my mom and dad? my mom and dad are right here. [cheers and applause] >> my mom and dad are alan, kathy came from kansas city. they are the best parents anyone could ever have. my dad ran an ironworker organized welding and iron working shop in the stockyards of kansas city. my mom and my brothers and me grew up working in that business with my dad and his employees and i learned from my father about the dignity of craft and trade like welders and orient workers and i learned about the partnership between owners and workers, management and labor. is to does it have to be a fight. issa doesn't have to be an adversarial relationship. we work better in life when we work as a stream-- teen. stronger together as a team.
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after the debate i said mom dad, what you travel with me i have a my name on it now. i've never had that before in my life, so at least for the next couple weeks the name of still be on it, so anyway we are having fun traveling together. great friends from labor here and it's good to be back with 34 days left. it's, we are in the midst of making history. do you feel it? all elections are great. i mean, i was a missionary in honduras, a military dictatorship, so you could not vote for your leaders and people i knew pray for the day when one day they could pick the leaders of their country and i came back from that 35 years ago and i thought wow, i take this for granted and i should not take this for granted. working on any election, city council, any election is so
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important, but when you are working on an election that will make history, you just have to stop and figure that a little bit. we are in a history making time right now and exactly the kind of history we can do, we can make exactly the kind of history that is our story that's been the story of our country since philadelphia and jamestown in the earliest days of our country. we set out this vision for self and even people who could not live that way were smart enough to say equality will be our north star, all are created equal and thomas jefferson wasn't living that way. , no one was living that way. when they said it, no one was living that way, but there was a spark in their brain that made them say that will be the north star that we will pursue and our whole history is about this, about waking up one day and said
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we said this about ourselves and we promised equality would be our goal, but how can we justify slavery and so that pain and a war in rewriting the constitution and 60 or 70 years later we said this about ourselves, equality, but how can we justify that women cannot vote and then the 1960s heck we justify voting restrictions of african-americans and other minorities in this generation struggles, how can we justify lg bt people are traded-- to quickly-- equally like everyone else and, so now a major party for the first time in our history, 96 years after women get the right to vote has nominated a woman to be president, a strong courageous woman. we are on the verge if we do what we know to do of making history. [applause]. >> the debate was a little feisty.
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i mean, i got to admit, i am irish. but, there were a couple of important things about the debate. first, my opponent mike pence is a pretty good debater and came in really wanting to late gloves on hillary clinton and did not get to do anything. didn't get to do anything, yeah. i've never played hockey, but i think i would be a good goalie based on last night. nothing was going in the net last night. the second thing was my opponent mike pence again he is a pretty good debater, pretty smooth, but there is one thing he cannot do and that is defend donald trump on anything, on anything and so again, again and again and again during the debates i would say something that trump said, i cannot believe governor pence
8:46 pm
will defend that and he wouldn't defend it, so we went one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, a bunch of times when i put that out there and each time he thought about it and said i would rather talk about something else and then about two thirds of the way through the debate i said let me point out what's happening here, you are donald trump's running mate and i'm putting these things out on the table and i'm asking you to defend them and you won't defend them. if you can't defend your own running mates, how can you ask one person to vote for your running mates? i mean, your running mate ought to be able to defend you. your running mate ought to have something nice to say about you. so, for me, i got dinged a little bit even by my wife or like interrupting too much. okay. but, the key part of that debate
8:47 pm
was at some point i felt like both me and mike pence were debating donald trump. i was going after donald trump and mike pence kind of was going after trump with me and i can imagine that it made the donald to happy, so there may have been interesting conversations about that today on the other side of the il, but we were not just their two debate. it's not just sitting around trading. we were talking about pretty important issues. some of the things i was challenging them about our issues that are really at the heart of the campaign, so just to go over-- we talked about the need to do immigration reform, comp rents of immigration reform , really need to do it. really need to do it. i laid out this planet hillary and i had that i have worked on as a senator to do it in a comprehensive way to look in all of the immigration reform issues and do it, principally, to have a path for citizenship for people who are working hard
8:48 pm
paying taxes living by the rules, but also to have better border security. to put as our top value that we don't separate families that we keep families together. that is so important and we ought to put that into account-- i challenge-- on the one i challenge the other guy. donald trump's plan is that we would become a deportation nation and have a deportation force that would go house to house, school to school, neighborhood to neighborhood to deport 16 million people and of course, when i said that the deportation force thing governor pence said donald trump never said that. well, they went to the tape, folks. they went to the tape because if it donald trump is anything, he is like a human highlights reel and there's a lot of it on tape, so they played at this morning, donald trump again and again we have a have a deportation force.
8:49 pm
this is a fundamental choice, do we want to be a nation of immigrants that has a solid immigration policy or do we want to be known as deportation nation? at the clear choice and hillary in a high-- and i have the right side of it and no matter how much they buzz it up donald trump is a pretty scary guy. we talked about criminal justice reform. now, this is a very tough challenging and very very important issue. i was a mayor of richmond with the police force, work close with my police force and when i got elected as city councilman week had one of the highest homicide rates in the united states and we brought it down dramatically, cut in half over 18 years. building what we call community forcing where the neighborhoods in the police respected each other and worked well together and we trained everyone on how to do it and the great thing about community policing is by narrowing the gap between neighborhoods and police to actually reduce danger for
8:50 pm
people and for police. when the gap is right between neighborhood and police at his neighbor-- dangerous for people like for lando casteel, the people that i think about the most, this poor beautiful young guy in minneapolis who was killed and of all of these shootings, you know, they are all horrible, but this one really grabbed me. this guy minneapolis, may be a grabbed me because he is working a school in minneapolis and one of my kids works in the rex and parks department minneapolis. he got a job as a janitor and that he worked his way up to become a janitor supervisor and i bet everyone if you think about elementary school you will think there is a janitor or a health worker or a nurse that you love even more than your teacher, like or a bus driver that was like really good to kids and lando casteel was this kind of guy. he was a big guy with dreadlocks and they called him mr. rogers with a dreadlocks. he was so friendly.
8:51 pm
he was killed by the police in a minneapolis suburb a number of months back and when they went into the story what they found was this mr. rogers with a dreadlocks had been stopped by the police 50 times over the course of the previous years and he had never done anything wrong. he was going to work in helping kids and paying taxes and was a great citizen, but he had been stopped 50 times, so i talked about him and about the fact that we have to grapple with these kinds of challenges and talk about biases and gaps in our system and how we can respect each other more. you know, governor pence said we shouldn't-- why do we always have to bring up institutional bias come a wide we have to bring a bias issues at all and i said we have to because of a guy like lando casteel. we have got to and if-- [applause]. >> if you are not able to talk about something, how do you ever
8:52 pm
solve that thing? if you can't sit down and the honest about challenges, how do you improve and get better? so, that was an issue we talked about, two very different approaches, community policing or a donald trump with nationwide stop and frisk or expand stop and frisk policies. these are important issues. we talked about women's health. we had a good exchange, i think. we had a good exchange. [applause]. >> about women's reproductive rights and it was a good exchange because it was probably the one part of the debate where we were not really feisty and back-and-forth, but just sharing who we were and our own even religious feelings about tough issues like reproduction and abortion and how to do the right thing, but the point that i made is okay, well you guys have points of view, but you wanted to mandate them on everyone.
8:53 pm
dominant-- donald trump famously has said there's got to be a punishment for a woman having an abortion and mike pence says we got to repeal roe versus wade. some of you are too young, some of your two young to remember roe versus wade, 1973, so we have some young folks here. what was it like before roe versus wade quake? before roe versus wade they will pass criminal laws making it a crime for which you could be prosecuted and jailed if you made the choice to terminate a pregnancy. again, you can have all the moral discussion you want, but to use the criminal law as a bludgeon to prosecute and even jail people for making their own decisions, well, that's what donald trump and mike pence went to go back to. they went to the back to that in the point i made was look, we could have all the moral discussions we want to and that's good. it's good to have discussions about hard issues, of course it is, but at the end of the day we
8:54 pm
have just got to trust women. trust people to make their own decisions on moral issues. we can trust american women. we can trust all women. the notion and the notion of, you know, of a big government deciding we are not going to make-- that you make the decision, we are making a decision for you. congress is 81% male. why would we-- and 19% feel-- female is the best we've ever been in this country. we are 75th in the world, below the national-- the global average, so this is an important topic that even in the back and forth we expose the differences in the ticket. last thing i want to talk about is the economy and taxes before i get to okay how are we going to win this thing. this is a big difference, economy and taxes. hillary and i have an economic plan and here's what it is.
8:55 pm
we will invest in manufacturing, research for new energy jobs of tomorrow and of the structure because if you're investing in manufacturing and investing in infrastructure, you are hiring people today and then you raise the platform for success for 40 or 50 years. best number one. number two, we regard it-- we are going to invest in our worker starting at pre-k, celebrating great teachers to debt-free college, two career and technical programs and union apprenticeship programs, we are going to invest because the more skills your workforce has, the better off not only individuals do, but society. third, we will be about fairness minimum wage should be raised to a way where if you work full time you will not be under the poverty level. i mean, that's purdue basic. that's purdue basic. equal pay for women. what a radical concept. i mean, that's pretty basic.
8:56 pm
that's killer three. pillar four is let's focus on small businesses just like ariel talked out small businesses in atlantic city. 65% of jobs in this country come out of small businesses. hillary clinton's dad had a small drapery business. that's where jobs get started and then small businesses get bigger and hire more people and so we are going to focus on small businesses and finally, the tax code we have said if you are $2,150,000, no increases in taxes and you'll get childcare and paid sick leave and we will target tax relief for small businesses, but to pay for the education of veterans we will also have that individuals that are the wealthiest and that have done the best especially as we come at this recession, you know, small group has done really really well and we will ask them to pay more so we can make those investments to create
8:57 pm
an that works for everyone and if we do it will be better for everyone even those were pay more at the top and. that's what we want to do. that's what we want to do. but, we got into a back-and-forth about this because the trump pence economic plan is very different. it has two components, the first one donald trump said wages are too high. wages are too high, he says. donald trump thinks we ought to get rid of the federal minimum wage and when mike pence was in congress he voted against raising the minimum wage above $5.15 and now as governor of indiana he has fought very very hard against minimum wage, even passing laws so if a city, say a city in indiana elects a city council and mayor and they decide we will raise the minimum wage in our city, know the state has cracked down and said you
8:58 pm
cannot even do that if your voters want you to, so okay, so low wages is their thing, number one. second, the other thing on taxes , to give massive tax breaks to people at the very very tiptop. trillions of dollars in tax cuts to people at the top, and analyses of the plan say about 8 million middle-class families would get tax increases under the trump proposal. hillary clinton challenged dawdle-- donald trump about this on stage last week and he just kind of waved his arms like abracadabra. he said look-- no know, if you give those tax cuts to all of-- all of these jobs will be created by those at the top that you give the tax cuts to an again it was kind of like this. but, the problem is trump is wrong because that's exactly what congress did when mike pence was in congress and george bush was president. they give tax cuts to people at the very top and it did not create a lot of magic.
8:59 pm
it put america's economy into the worst recession since the 1930s. i mean, i remember those days. i got a feeling you remember those days. trying to tell me that you do the same thing now and it will work out well, we have a saying in virginia, i don't know if you heard it, i may have been born at night, but i was not born last night. don't tell me about that. i remember the last time we tried this thing. so, that is the difference, huge difference. ..
9:00 pm
[applause] [cheering] and one more thing because we are on the subject of taxes, let's talk about donald trump's taxes. the event even more important issue because it's about character. so, step number one, every president since richard nixon including richard nixon has released their tax returns to the american public and he didn'he didand do it during then that he was being audited when he was president and when the news got out he said i'm being
9:01 pm
audited so you might have some suspicions about me. i'm going to release my tax returns because i'm being audited to show the american public that i'm not a crook. getting the nomination they released their tax returns. step number two, donald trump 2014 thinking of running for president and asked will you release your tax returns and he said absolutely. though if this person does this or that, the first promise he made in the campaign, the first problem to the promise he broke a.
9:02 pm
why won't he release his tax returns maybe he's not so charitable or doing business with people that would scare the daylights out of a lot of people were maybe it's not paying tax taxes. did you see what happened last week hillary she didn't respond to those things but when she said it's going to show you don't pay taxes, he got a smirk on his face and said that just shows i'm smart. so you are smart for not paying taxes but those who pay taxes to
9:03 pm
support teachers, those of us who pay taxes to support veterans, those of us who pay taxes to support our troops, what he's saying about us, he's saying that we are stupid and we are suckers. and i'm not even going to get into the word i'm thinking about right now. i have a boy in the military deployed overseas and when you smirk about how i don't have to pay taxes that just shows i'm smart, it makes me very, very angry. and can i just extend it to two more points on this let's talk about him not paying taxes and where he lives. "the new york times" now came out with a story that he took a billion dollar loss in 1995 that would probably mean he wouldn't have to pay taxes for 18 years.
9:04 pm
he said that's because he's brilliant and he's a genius that he lost a billion dollars a. this is the kind of genius that we want running the entire american economy, you've got to be kidding me that he said okay that story came out 18 is not paying taxes come as one of the years was 2001, 9/11 that we focus on that year in particul particular. it's the worst terrorist attack in the history of the country in new york city and virginia and the pentagon.
9:05 pm
they signed up to fight terrorism. that happened. and second, hillary clinton goes to the world trade center within 24 hours where they are still looking for survivors and bodies and then she goes back to washington and fights to get funds to rebuild new york and then fights to get the funds to provide healthcare for the first responders that thrust into the world trade center and fire in new york city and the pentagon in virginia and worked with democrats and republicans to do that. then they wiped off the face of the earth. so that's what hillary clinton did when her home tow hometown s attacked in new york city on 9/11.
9:06 pm
not paying for the salaries of the men and women who signed up to fight terrorism after 9/11 and he's saying he's smart. i asked this to the governor last night you had to give your tax returns to donald trump. he didn't dispute it and we knew that was true it had already been reported. if you have to reveal your tax returns to show that you are qualified to be vice president powell in the world could you claim you do not own the american public your tax returns
9:07 pm
in a. can you give me references, yes i'm sorry i just can't give it to you. i'm sorry, i'm not going to give this to you. running for president as a job interview and only for the most important job in the world. it's a basic question that voters want to know and have a right to know and are asking. and if you go into the job interview and say i'm going to take a pass on that one i don't think i'm going to answer it. maybe i can do this over on these people, that's what he's thinking. let's talk about how we are
9:08 pm
going to win this thing. it's close. i am an optimistic person but just eight days ago the polls had closed even and now it's looking pretty good but i don't know where it is to be eight days from now. i think you just got in the city of brotherly love convention mode and stuck with it philly and pennsylvania has been looking good. solid and stable and that's great that we have a lot of other states that are dead heat.
9:09 pm
we have a few. okay. i like the way that sounds. i like the way that sounds. [applause] but let's be honest. if it was a dead heat nationally come in next week we can't take anything for granted and i know this is what hillary would say. it's been a season of surprises and the polls have been wrong and we can't take it for granted and people can dump anything on tv saying anything they want to change the race. but we are trying to do something that's never been done before. what donald trump says she
9:10 pm
doesn't look very presidential does she we know what's going on with that, so we have to assume if you're doing something that has never been done, then you've got to do your best work. i ate-0 and i'm going to be 9-0, i tell you that. [applause] but now i've got to make you nervous, i don't win by much. i'm barely likable enough. career advice for young people if you were thinking about careers you find you've are barely likable. 49% of the people not liking
9:11 pm
you, you are a winner. but let me tell you the reason i am is virginia has been tough. it's not the bluest state in the crowd. but the way that i win races is i put this thing in my head. you are the underdog winner. put that thought in the back of your head. when i told hillary clinton that i hoped she would run for president in april of 2014 she thanked me and said no matter what the polls you see or editorial, you are trying to do something that has never been done before. that's the attitude we have to have. we are the underdog until we are the winner and it's not just about campaigns.
9:12 pm
i was the chairman of the democratic national committee traveled all across the country, would walk into rooms in virtually every state would sit down with democrats and progressives. sometimes it seemed a little bit like fac that but there were soe unifying things and all of those rooms and one that most unified people i saw as we are kind of underdog people. if you think about it, we kind of heavy heart for the underdog and now maybe there will be some researchers like penn and the temple. there may be an underdog cheating. but we are like good samaritan
9:13 pm
people. every tradition understands this story. there is a person that is beating up lying at the side of the road and then a whole lot of people. some would pretend not to notice it at notice and not do anything about it. i don't know a whole lot of you but i know this about you. you are not walk on by people. we are underdog people. we are the kind of people if we see somebody that needs a hand even if we don't know all of the answers and even if we don't know everything that needs to be said, we are going to roll our sleeves up and wade into the situation and see if we can figure it out and be helpful.
9:14 pm
that's what we need for the next 34 days. and i will tell you one other thing, being the underdog -- can i tell you that hillary clinton has been an underdog again and again and again throughout our life? anybody in this room than an underdog anybody have to do something for the first time with your family or job or school, something that has never been done before? anybody in the room i don't think you are quick to be able to do this, this is not for you, but i isn't right for you. sometimes the person telling you that is an enemy they don't want you to get your feelings hurt or your hopes up or be disappointed and sometimes, that voice is
9:15 pm
you. it's the belt and every one of us saying maybe this isn't the right time. maybe this isn't the right opportunity. can i tell you that hillary clinton has heard that her entire life? and donald trump is only the most recent person to say this to her. but if we have that underdog attitude where we are going to be the underdog until they tell us on the evening of november 8, guess what, and you've just made history and now we are stronger together and we can build an economy that works for everybody not just those at the top. we can strengthen the world alliances and we can build a community of respect where everybody is welcome around thee table. everybody is valued and that's the history that we will make if
9:16 pm
we all do the work that we need to do. so now everybody tell me the last day to register to vote in pennsylvania? i like this audience. tell me where to vote for registering? i will and if you want to do any volunteering first raise your hand i if you're giving volunteering for the campaign, a big round of applause for all the volunteers. [applause] but if you have not yet volunteered and you want to all you have to do is tap together or philly to force them to forsake. if you text to bear you will be gathered up and put to work and then come november 8 in pennsylvania and in virginia and all across the country, we are going to celebrate being part of
9:17 pm
a generation that made history elected barack obama in 2008 and hillary clinton in 2016 come on we will go. thank you very much. [applause] [cheering] ♪ ♪ ♪
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bill ford executive chairman of the ford motor company sat down for an interview with david rubenstein, president of the economic club of washington, d.c.. they talked about new transportation technology into the plan to build a new plant in mexico. this is 35 minutes. can i have your attention plea please? everybody, please, quiet. if you are still eating, please eat and drink quietly. okay before we start i just want to acknowledge the presence of some people who showed up. deputy secretary commerce bruce
9:20 pm
is here. [applause] even better he used to work at ford. the honorable mary ellen, court of federal claims is here. [applause] if anybody has any claims you can talk to her. and the former majority leader and former board member. [applause] and the current board member and most importantl importantly fore partner and chairman of the fcc. [applause] and ford dealer. [applause] so, we are very honored to have you here today. let me just give people a little background. bill was born in the detroit area and went to school hodgkins


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