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tv   Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford Discusses the Auto Industry  CSPAN  October 5, 2016 11:49pm-12:29am EDT

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some of the issues that we talked about and then i'm going to close with how we win this thing. so many people have stories and then they found they got stiffed or strong-armed and i'm glad she shared that with us. we have two great members of congress to talk with you. give them a big round of applause. [applause] and then we are in the house of labor, very, very good.
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give them a round of applause. [applause] and my mom and dad right here. they are from kansas city and they are the best pairings anybody can have. my dad ran an iron working shop in kansas city. i thought about the dignity of craft and trade like welders and ironworkers and i learned about the partnerships about the owners and workers and management.
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stronger together, right? [applause] [cheering] i've never had that before so at least for the next couple of weeks we are having fun traveling together, just great friends and it's great to be back with 34 days left. we are in the midst of making history. [applause] >> all are great. there was a military dictatorship, so you couldn't vote for your leaders and people prayed for the day they could pick the leaders of the country and i came back from that and
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took it for granted i should be serious about it. when you are working on an election that will make history you have to stop and savor that a little bit. we are in a history of making time right now. the earliest days of the country we set out this vision for ourselves and even people who couldn't live that way were smart enough to say that the quality will be our northstar and all our created equal. thomas jefferson, he wasn't living that way. no one was living that way. there was a spark in its brain
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that made them say that will be the northstar that he will pursue. how can we justify the war and writing the constitution and that 60 or 70 years later how can we justify at the end of the 1960s how can we vote to keep the other minorities away from the pole and then this generation struggles how can we justify that they are treated equally like everybody else? so now a major party after women get the right to vote has nominated a woman to be president. a strong courageous woman and we are on the verge if we do what
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we do to make history. [applause] so to say that it's an exciting time i'm so proud to be on this ticket with hillary i talked about an important woman at the debate last night in farmville virginia that is a rural southern community, prince edward county virginia. and i talked about a beautiful young woman, a 16-year-old named barbara. i just told this and i'm going to tell you click it's the story of us going ahead and it connects us with hillary. she was going to a segregated school in farmville virginia and one day, she and her friends decided we don't want to go to the second-class school.
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they said let's have a meeting here and let's walk out of our high school and say just let us go to the nicer school and they had a walkout and called the civil rights. the teachers are telling them not to do it. several kids signed on as it became brown v. board of education. and it led to equality for everybody in the schools. [applause] and it was very tough. barbara ended up having to move away because of threats against her family. we did the civil rights memorial on capitol square, the colleagues walking out that they that we unveiled when i was
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governor of the christ on the stage and said we are standing in a special place. this place where barbara showed that even a 16-year-old in a time of segregation everybody can stand up and be a leader. she believed that we are stronger together and i'm happy to be on the ticket with a courageous woman that believes we are stronger together and that is hillary clinton. i have to admit, there were a couple of important things about the debate. first, my opponent came in wanting to lay gloves on hillary
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clinton and didn't really get to do anything. [applause] i never played hockey but i think i would be a good goalie. nothing was going in the net last night. then the second thing was my opponent again, he is pretty smooth but there is one thing he can't do and that is defend donald trump on anything. again and again i say something i can't believe the governor will defend that and he wouldn't defend it so we went one, two, three, four, five, a bunch of times i put that out there and each time he thought about it and said i would rather talk about something else. then about two thirds of the way
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i said let me point out what is happening here. you are the running mate and i'm putting these things out on the table asking you to defend him and you won't. if you can't defend your own running mate, how can you ask one person to vote for your running mate? your running mate ought to be able to defend you and have something nice to say. [applause] so for me i got dinged by my wife for interrupting too much. but the key part of the debate i felt like the fee and mike were debating donald trump. i was going after him and he was kind of going after him with me and i can't imagine that made him happy so there may have been interesting conversations about on the other side of the aisle.
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we were not just there to debate and trade words. we were talking about pretty important issues. some of the things i was challenging them about our issues that are at the heart of the campaign. so to go over a couple of them we talked about the need to do comprehensive immigration reform. [applause] and i laid out his plan that we worked on to do this in a comprehensive way to look at all of the immigration reform issues and to do that comprehensively. ..
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>> >> do we want to be as initialize or immigrants with the solid immigration policy or be known as deportation? that is a clear choice and hillary and i have the right side of it but donald trump is a scary guy. we talked about
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criminal-justice. this is a very tough and challenging important issue. i was the mayor of richmond. and when i was elected and we brought it down dramatically by building community building. in respecting each other and work well together and the great thing about community policing is by narrowing the gap with the neighborhoods he reduce the danger for people. is dangerous when the person they think about the most pdf bis beautiful young guy in minneapolis that was killed.
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all shootings are horrible but this grabed me. maybe because he was working in the school with the parks and racks but he got a job as a janitor and he worked his way up to become the supervisor. he would take a janitor or health worker or nurse you love even more than your teacher or the of bus driver? he was the big guy he had dreadlocks they called him mr. rogers with dreadlocks because he was so friendly that he was killed by the police in minneapolis suburb when they went into the story of what they found he was stopped by the police 15 times over the course of the previous years and yet never done anything wrong.
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so i talk about him to grapple with these challenges. with the gaps of the system but governor pence said widely have to bring up the institutions? these issues that all? i said we have to because of this guy. [applause] >> if you are not able to talk about it how can you solve it? how do cover get better? >> and donald trump to says what we need is nationwide stop and frisk.
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these are important issues. i'd think we had a good exchange. about women's reproductive rights. and it was one part but we were sharing who we were. even the religious feelings. like reproduction and abortion but the point that i made you have points of view but donald trump famously said there should be punishment for a woman having an abortion. now some if you are to leong to remember row vs. wade 1973. what was it like before
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that? the states would pass criminal laws to make it a crime for which you could be prosecuted and jailed if he made the choice to terminate a pregnancy. you can have the of moral discretion but to prosecute and jail to make their own decisions? that is what trump and parents want to go back to. of course it is but at the end of the date trust with intimate protestations. [cheers and applause] we can trust women. but the notion and to say we
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will make the decision. 81 percent male. and that is the best we have never bend. we're 75th in the world so this is an important topic so we expose us differences in the tickets. this is a big difference. our economic plan is to invest in manufacturing and research for the new energy jobs for tomorrow and infrastructure. [applause] if you invest in these you're hiring people today then you raise the of platform for success over 40 years 50 years. that is number one.
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number to invest in the workers starting at prekindergarten celebrating great teacher. [applause] all the way through the apprenticeship program. the more skills of work force has been would be about fairness minimum-wage should be of bubble if he worked memo wage you are not below the poverty level. equal pay for women? what a radical concept. [applause] number three. less focused on small business. sixty-five% of jobs in this country come dash small-business. my dad was small-business. hillary clinton's dad had a small drapery business.
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this is where jobs get started and then refocus on small business success. if you are too many of $50,000 below no increase of taxes you'll get a tax credit for child-care and tax relief for small-business is. but we ask those individuals coming not of that recession we will last them to pay more city can make those investments in even better for those who pay more at the top end. but we got into the back-and-forth.
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the first one donald trump's wages are too high when. that's when he says. and he thinks we should get rid of the federal minimum-wage. when mike pence was in congress he voted against raising the minimum wage above $5.15. n now was governor of indiana and he has fought very hard as minimum-wage even passing laws if a city in indiana they decide me will raise the minimum-wage the state has cracked down to say you cannot even do that even if your voters want you to. and don taxes to give massive tax breaks to people at the very very top.
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indianapolis -- analysis says to give back increases under the trump proposal. and he waved his arms like abracadabra. the all these jobs would be created by those atop and it is like this. but he is wrong because that is what congress did when mike pence was in congress and bush was president and that did not create a lot of magic. but that was the worst recession since the 1930's. i remember those days. and trying to tell me i'm a
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minnesota born at night but not last night laugh laugh i remember what happened last time we tried this. that is a huge difference if you do it every clinton said if you do with donald trump says you will lose 3.4 million jobs this 40 million jobs. between you are hired and you are fired. [applause] and one more thing because we're on the subject to taxes, let's talk about donald trump.
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what taxes? i need a speech writer. what taxes? is an important issue because it is about character. every president since nixon has released their tax returns to the american public. is interesting he did not do it during the campaign but at some point he was audited when he was president. with that news got out he said he may have suspicions i will release my tax returns because i am being audited to show the american public i have not a crook. has started a tradition so every major party candidate
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upon getting the nomination has released their taxes. donald trump figured he would run for president. he said absolutely. absolutely but first promise. so now we are in the campaign. he says because he is being audited it has nothing to do with the. maybe there is more reason. but then we get to the heart of the matter. why wouldn't he released them? and then that would scare the people out of them. but maybe he isn't paying
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taxes are all of the above. >> did you see what happened with the debate last week? hillary went after him. >> when they said it will not pay taxes he got a smirk and says it shows that i am smart. so i guess you are smart for not paying taxes those who pay taxes to support teachers or veterans to support our troops what does he say about us? that we are stupid and brcs suckers and jumps and he is
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smart. i have words for him and smart is not one of them. i have a boy in the military right now when i see him smirk about paying taxes that makes me very angry. let's talk about him not paying taxes than your times now said he took a $1 billion loss in 1995 said he would not do pay taxes 18 years. he said that because he is brilliant and he is a genius that he lost $1 billion. takes a lot of genius this is the type of genius assad for the entire american economy?
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but he said he did not deny that. so over 9/11 clinton and donald trump hometown near city was attacked by a terrorist online 11. with the plane in pennsylvania and handed the york city. thousands of young men and women went to the recruiting office to sign up to volunteer in that happened. second hillary clinton who was a senator at the time from new york goes to the world trade center while still looking for survivors and bodies then goes to washington and fights to get
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funds to rebuild new york and provide health care for the first responders who rushed into the world trade center in new york city and in the pentagon and in virginia she worked with democrats and republicans to do that and then the secretary of state working with the national security team to make sure they revised the hunt for been allotted to wipe them off the face of the earth. that is what hillary clinton did with her home town was attacked on 9/11. what did donald trump to? those were the years and that he was smart not paying taxes not paying for the fight against terrorism or the funds to rebuild the york city or first responder health care or the salaries of the men and women in he
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says he is smart one. i asked governor pence i know you show you were qualified be vice president with your tax returns and the answer was he did. if you now have to reveal your tax returns to show you are qualified but the vice president and howl in the world could you explain your not owe the american public your tax return if you want to be president? that is like me coming to for a summer job. give me references. i'm sorry. just graduated from college college, and no. i vasari.
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running for president is a job interview in only a job and to view for the most important job in the world. [applause] and there are basic questions that the voters want to know and that they have a right to know and that they are asked if you go into the job interview to say i will take a pass on that one. >> you do that with the expectation that is what donald trump is thinking will be led him get away with that? >> talk about how we will win this. it is close. i like the vote of optimism. just eight days ago the polls had closed now is
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looking pretty good but no i don't know eight days from now. pennsylvania is looking pretty good. [applause] the thinking got it did with the city of brotherly love. a you just stuck with the spirit. pennsylvania is looking good. stable bled not landslide. in day have a few five and a thousand is the margin? i like the way that sounds. but let's be honest. if it was a dead heat nationally, next week we
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cannot take anything for granted. the advent is the season of surprises so we cannot take it for granted with this decision i did anybody can dump anything on tv to say whenever they want we're trying to do something that has never been done before. trying to do something that would donald says about delivery that she doesn't look very presidential? we know what is going on with that. so we have to assume if you we're doing something that has never bend done you have to do the big work.
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[applause] but now have to make you nervous. i am barely likable one of. a. when it is a win in what i say to young people as careered vice that you are barely likable person there are not many professions where you do just fine. you are a winner with 51 percent and 49 percent don't white ku. you are a winner. that is politics. if. [applause] but the reason is virginia has been tough. that we're better now than we used to be.
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the way that i went races that you are the underdog and tell you are the winner. when i told hillary clinton i hoped she would run for president in april i said no matter what poll you see that you are the underdog you are the winner because you're trying to do something that has never been done before. that is the attitude you have to have. but that attitude with that campaign i was chairman of the dnc to walking into rooms virtually every state to sit down with democrats. it and we had everybody.
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in that is why i minnesota democrat. won but there were some unifying things. in all of those rooms one of the most beautified is they were underdogs. if you think about it we have a heart for the underdog. that is part of the issue then dna. flexibility for the underdog genius. if we were that kind of people that my church we say good samaritan. into understand the story a person who is beaten up on the side of the road in a lot of people walk by. leaders, moral leaders they
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should have known better paper tend not to notice. they set will not do anything about it. igo know you but i think that i know it is not the liu are. we are not walk on by people. want we are under dog people . via the kind of people even if we don't know and to rulebook the sleeves into see if we can figure it out. that's in is what we need for the next 34 days. we are trying to make history. and to be the underdog, can i tell you that hillary clinton has spent the
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underdog again and again and again throughout her life? and try to do something for the first time in your family or in your school that has never been done before. anybody in this room have somebody look cute in the face to say i don't think you can do this? it isn't for you? the time isn't right? the person is the enemy. sometimes it is the friend. but sometimes the doubt of everyone of us to say maybe it is in the right opportunity. hillary clinton has her that her entire life.
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and donald trump is only the most recent person to say this to her. but if we have that under dog attitude. but you just made history. you elected the first woman president in the history of the united states now we're strong urge together to build any economy that works for everybody and not just those at the top. with a strong alliance with a community of respect and everybody is respected in value the history we will make for what we need to do. so everybody tell me the last day registered to vote in pennsylvania. i like this audience. if you are not registered to tell me where to go.
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i will fifty-one to do any volunteering a big round of applause. [applause] but if you have not yang volunteered to gather 47246 text filly you will be gathered up and then in virginia and pennsylvania all across the country will celebrate to be part of a generation that has made history to elect barack obama 2008 and hillary clinton 2016. 8q so much.


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