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  Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 17, 2016 7:40pm-8:00pm EDT

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that is unfortunate because this is where you get very nervous. >> now we are live at the convention center this was scheduled to begin a 7:00 p.m.. here we are. ♪ ♪ [applause] what a crowd. we want, to start by thanking the fire marshal.
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thank you. in 22 days we will win the state of wisconsin. [cheers and applause] and we will bring back the white house. it is starting to look that way. we're up in the ohio and we are doing great. be sure to send did the absentee ballots. together we will deliver real change to put america first. we are going to renegotiate and illegal immigration. stop the flow of refugees.
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with customs and regulations and common core common get them now. get him out. you can take care of now. there is always one in the group. but you always have to be very nice. we were not kind. get him out. thank you. [chanting]
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>> did you get him out? there is always one. thanks to the police very much. is there any more fun place to be and a donald trump proudly? is there no safer place and no more energetic place with a lot of energy. from those who did not have a lot of energy. get it cannot as fast as you can. lee will be peeled and replace jobs killing
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obamacare. your jobs will come back under the trump administration like you have never featured -- never seen before. your incomes will go up and your taxes will go down under the trump ministrations. and crooked hillary wants to raise your taxes just you understand. the companies will not be leaving wisconsin. believe me there would be consequences for those companies. and to end government corruption. hillary clinton is the most corrupt person ever to run the presidency of the united states.
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knew levy least fbi documents. everybody understands exactly what went on. and made public just today how deep the corruption goes. the undersecretary of state illegally pressured in the fbi to unclassified e-mail's of hillary is illegal server . that is a lot of illegality in the one statement. the state department was trying to cover-up for crime of classified information and that is what we are talking about. this had hillary deleting
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and bleaches 33,000 females -- e-mail's. [chanting] [chanting] get them out. [chanting]
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then you hear of voice then you have to thousand people by the way that is only a small percentage. but keep doing it. it is more fun that way. thank you. you have to disappear many were hit with a hammer. who appear has gotten rid of
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your phone and headed with a hammer? nobody? i want to find out the business he is did. whacking down with a hammer? two boxes of the bill evidence has gone missing. with the destruction of laptops and remember also that cricket hillary lied under oath to say she has never center received classified information. [chanting]
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and she pretended not to know that confidential information. she then told the fbi bad memory then in their written testimony she could not remember approximately 21 times. does anybody believe this? this is one of the great missed justices. what has happened to the fbi is so bad with so many incredible people. they probably don't believe themselves. we are witnessing a criminal
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enterprise at your expense. but it gets worse. the fbi documents show the undersecretary of state for altering the of classification with the quid pro quo. this is a felony corruption by any standards under secretary kennedy that he also resigned. [chanting] [chanting] [chanting]
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[chanting] >> i have to tell you we haven't had any of this bernie sanders had much more energy. really. so clinton and her cronies have sacrificed your family's safety and your country's safety as though it meant nothing to her at all. this in the opinion of
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law-enforcement this is worse. what does she get out of it? the run of the presidency of the united states. [booing] we will plan and end to that on november 8. [cheers and applause] we will win. nipples are great today but it shows the under current that they cannot pull. remember the primaries? bill looks like he will not win. the next day it was a landslide. what happened? we will take it anyway. people don't want to say they're voting for trump. we will take it any way be can't get it.
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the other series the females show them scheming to take masses of money. from the top of the official say take the money. this is bundled and is obvious on behalf of foreign governments. remember we are competing and i said it remember the we cns? how many delegates do i get blacks they showed me my opponents. i went there on a friday night so they say how many?
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this is the way this system works that it is a red system. but we figured it out. and bernie sanders i bet he wished he did not endorse her. she would have been special in history but we will not let that happen to was. not with this movement. the media tries to rig the election by giving credence to the stories that have validity. they take a story with absolutely nothing that did not exist to prevent front-page because they want to poison the minds of the voters. [chanting]
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[chanting] >> to poison the mind from 30 years ago or 20 years ago , by the way those events that never happened. [applause] it is amazing. that is why in our favor the backlash second nobody has ever seen before. with front-page news but it turns out it is small stuff. there isaak backlash from wisconsin. and said what to thank you.
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nobody who has ever run for office. a very prominent question. and most important former this wisconsin who got out of the apostle to be with us. one of the greatest people who got out of the hospital. it is an amazing person thinks for being here. [applause] we have our generals and our share of. and he was there early when
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he would endorse trump. and even more importantly. the media is an extension of the clinton campaign as wikileaks has proven but they won't talk about t11 they just keep talking about donald trump in. they have to start talking about wikileaks they have to start talking about the things that are going on. then even have the questions and answers. [chanting] [chanting] we need some truth.
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to make america great again redo need some truth. they poisoned the minds of voters. also to poison the minds of others. hillary even got -- get him out. that's okay. there's always one added time. [chanting] [chanting] by the way where is the i am?
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one of the great successful people she is amazing. she has the questions and answers in advance of a major debate. how do you do that? nobody even knows about that. she got the questions in advance. can you imagine? if donald trump got the question is an advance? they would reinvented the electric chair. . .
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96% of so-called journalists who make presidential donations gave their money come gave themselves comic if you rethink your crooked hillary clinton. can you believe that? they even want to try to rig the election of the polling booths and believe me there's a lot going on. do you ever hear these people? they say there's nothing going on. people would have died 10 years ago are still voting and illegal immigrants are voting. where are the street smas