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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 19, 2016 4:30pm-6:31pm EDT

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they with us following the debate for viewer reaction including your tweets and facebook posts and watch the debate live or on-demand using a desktop, phone or tablet listen to live coverage of the debate on your phone with the c-span radio. downloaded at the google store. >> this tweet from huff post politics, obamacare expected to grow next year but not by much here's health and human services director sylvia burwell. >> as we look to this new open enrollment period, the marketplace will grow by another million. at the end of open enrollment for 2015 we expect 13.8 million people to have selected a plan. we know it won't be easy but we are confident that americans will choose to enroll when they discover the quality affordable options that are available to them. the president set during the debate over the law, we did not come to see the future, we came to shape it. the affordable care act has
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helped to shape a better future. >> in florida's senate race, incumbent republican marco rubio and democratic congressman patrick murphy debated the records in congress. the presidential candidates addressed florida's coastline and gun control legislation. >> good evening, i'm jonathan wall with the university of central florida for this debate between senator marco rubio and democratic congressman patrick murphy. tonight's debate is broadcast by ftp in orlando and political florida. i will be moderating along with panelists nancy alvarez of wf tv and mark caputo of political florida. my statement goes to patrick murphy first, let me explain the rules. there will be questions , you will have one minute 30
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seconds to respond to each of them and in 30 seconds for a rebuttal. the candidates were not allowed to ask questions of each other, that is something you agreed to do. we will be doing the questioning in this. and now congressman murphy. >> thank you very much, it's great to be with you all this evening.i was born and raised in the florida keys. got my start is an auditor and cpa and i decided to get involved in public service because i was tired of the name-calling, finger-pointing, all the bickering and i'm proud of my accomplishments in the congress over the past four years, proud that i was able to prevent cuts to medicare, founded legislation i was able to pass to lower our funds and proud of the provisions i passed in the house intelligence committee to upkeep this country safe and that's exactly why been ranked as one of the most independent members of congress because i will work with anybody to solve the problem . compare that to my opponent, marco rubio who tells us he doesn't even like the job. which explains why he's got the worst voting record of
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any senator from florida in nearly 50 years and still hasn't committed to serving a full term in the u.s. senate. if that's not bad enough, he just double down on his endorsement of donald trump, showing he will continue to put his own political agenda in front of what's best for florida. i believe we can do more, we can do better and that's why i'm running to bethe center for florida. >> i want to thank all of you and the congressman and university of central florida for having us today and i will begin by saying 18 years ago tonight i married my wife , it was the best decision i've ever made and i want to thank her. i want to thank her for working on alongside me in public service. many of you know my story already. i'm the son of a bartender and made were immigrants from
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cuba if they had gone to any other nation in this planet, there is no way i would be standing on a stage like this tonight. i have love for country i will never fully repay but i've chosen to repay a part of it through public service and i'm proud of what we've done. in my nine years in the legislature, two of them as speaker and in my two years in the united states , through the debate you will hear about the numerous accomplishments, things that i've done , not just letters i signed on to, not just bills i cosponsored but laws i passed that have been good for america and good for the state of florida and i invite you to compare that with his record in congress who after four years as not a significant achievement he can point to. i look forward to that debate tonight and it's important for our state to know what their choices are. >> congressman murphy, hillary clinton's campaign has raised concerns about her use of a private email server to send the classified information, helping the fbi extremely careless and we had a recent transcript showing clinton saying that it's important for politicians to quote, have a public and private position on issues. you said you trust her 100 percent but most floridians don't.
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my question to you is, why should they trust you given your unqualified support for a candidate that six out of 10 americans say they do not trust? >> secretary clinton has already apologized for what she did and made it clear she regrets that decision and in hindsight wouldn't do it again. that's a lot more than you can say about donald trump. you see, i trust secretary clinton with the nuclear codes. my opponent marco rubio made it clear not only does he think donald trump is a con man, he said he doesn't trust donald trump with the nuclear codes so i don't know what's changed from now to them but i do believe that secretary clinton is as qualified as anybody we've ever had to fill this role. she will hit the ground running on day one and you compare that to donald trump who's as unfit and unqualified as anybody we've ever had in this office, who is bragging about sexually assaulting women. >> the vast amount of women have come out recently with these charges, it is shameful
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to me and i don't understand how senator rubio can look himself in the mirror and still take donald trump's sideafter everything that's come out about him . >> i would see if congressman murphy trust hillary clinton 100 percent, not even tim kane is willing to say that he's a running mate. i don't trust either one of them and the job of u.s. senate is not to blindly trust the president because they happen to be from your own party. the job of senator or republican is to represent their state to fight and uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. i am prepared to do that no matter who is elected and that is one of the big differences in this campaign . of the two of us, there is one person who if i go to the senate will stand up to the next president of the united states and that is me because i have done it consistently through this campaign including repeatedly taking on the nominee of my own party area x if you can't
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stand up to donald trump as a candidate, how in the world will you stand up to him as president of the united states? think about what he's done, how unqualified he is. just a couple of weeks, it came out he has violated the embargo, something i know you hear a lot about and you still end by his side. he says mexicans are rapists and criminals. he wants to throw 11 million people out of this country, makes fun of disabled people, veterans and you continue to stay by his side. you see there's been 16 us senatorshad the courage and fortitude to not only disavow donald trump on endorsing . you've double down on your endorsement of him so where's the courage? it proves to all of us you are going to continue to put your own political ambition in front of what's best for florida. >> in this state there's one person that ever run against donald trump and that was me. there's one person on the
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statements ever voted against donald trump and that was me and there's only one person on the stage tonight whose family made millions of dollars in partnership with donald trump and that's you. >> another lie. >> as far as your party's nominee, a little bit more here. you questioned donald trump's sanity. you called him a con man, a lunatic. then you would trust him with the nuclear codes. you said quote, he's the most vulgar person ever to apply for the presidency and that was months ago, before the grid revelation. now as congressman murphy has alluded to, at least 10 women have come forward to allege they've been inappropriately touched or worse by trump in ways that precisely describe. my question to you is how do you explain to your son and your daughter why you believe that a man who boasted of sexual assault can be president of the united states of america? >> if there are any kids in
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this country that understand what a horrifying choice they have in this election, fine. it's not just terrible for the young people across america i run into every day that this is the first time i never going to vote and what they have in front of them are two equally flawed candidates. i stand by everything i've ever said in the republican primary and right off the bat, this is not the most inspirational place i've ever had in american history in terms of these candidates, there's no doubt there's a lot of things i disagree within the nominee of my party and i've taken him on and he says things that are wrong on policy and condemned him when he says things that are aggressive, outrageous, vulgar and inappropriate and i will continue to do so. the other party has nominated someone who's repeatedly violated federal law. they nominated violated, we cannot trust with classified information, they nominated someone who lied to the family of four brave americans who lost their lives in the service of our country in benghazi and who
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today on this very day it was revealed that her state department was trying to get the fbi todeclassify certain documents so emails would be compliant , a person who has a 30 year record of scandal and outrage, that's who they nominated so this election is a choice between someone i disagree with on many things and someone who i disagree with on virtually everything. it is a difficult and less than ideal choice and that's why it's so important are next senator is someone who's willing to stand up and take on whoever is next president of the united states and the only one running on the stage that will do that is me. >> senator rubio, is there anything donald trump would say or do that would cause you to rethink your decision to support him to be president of the united states? >> of course, like a lot of the things hillary clinton's dance for him does. we would have no choice in this election. it's clear donald trump is not my first choice or even my 10 choice to be the nominee of the republican party. 14 million voters chose
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differently but one of the reasons why i changed my mind and ran for reelection is because i know no matter who wins this election, you are going to need people in the united states senate willing to stand up and to the next president of the united states when they are wrong on policy, and i'm the only one running well. i have repeatedly done so for the nominee of my party. congressman murphy has once spoken with the nominee of his party when she's calling all these things, she has not once lifted a finger against herbroken with her on her behaviors or any of her major policies . >> is disturbing to hear my opponent say this after it was came out that donald trump had been taking advantage of women, that he's a serial abuser area senator rubio tweeted something out, tweeted 160 gop officials had the courage to stand up and say that is wrong and they unendorsed donald trump.
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it's not just a binary choice and there are people who have the courage to stand up and do what's best and i appreciate your question because you do have to look your children in the eye and 10 to 15 years from now and explain this position. there's a famous from james hart, there's a politician in the nextelection , sometimes in life you got to dig a little bit deeper and you've got to dig insideand think about the consequences of what we are doing, what we are saying , what are country represents and that's why i have one of the most independent voting records in congress because i don't put on blinders and vote, i do what i think is best and i will always end up for something if i think it's wrong . >> let me interject, i am thinking about the next generation, i'm thinking about my four children which is why i don't want to see hillary clinton be president of the united states, because she will redefine the supreme court in a way that will redefine the constitution of the united states for the better part of a quarter
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century and i've also thinking about my children because of the iran deal which is president, which you wholeheartedly support, and randy look that delivers billions of dollars to a leading sponsor of terrorism and in iran that's already delivered hundreds of billions of dollars in cash to the ayatollah and karen, it's a deal that you said is going to lead to peace in our time, look at the history of the last person who said that has regretted it for over 80 years. this deal will not lead to peace in our time, it will lead to an iraq capable of a missile reaching the united states of america, that's what i'm concernedabout and those are the seeds that he supports . >> you said you don't trust donald trump with the nuclear said on the intelligence committee , donald trump wants to be buddies with vladimir putin. that there's nothing wrong with him, he's a strong leader. you should know better than that. >> we are both on the intelligence committee. the difference is i show up to the committee and i'm there because it's important when it's national securityat stake. my opponent continues to put his own political ambition in
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front of what's best for florida . >> i am and so are you on the intelligence committee and if any of your staffers had ever done what hillary clinton did to classified information they would have been fired and prosecuted and yet you still stand withher. i don't trust hillary clinton with classified information. she has proven she cannot handle it and she would expose it to foreign intelligence agencies . >> do trust donald trump with classified information? >> when it comes to this election, i've already admitted this is to less than ideal options that we have for this country. i'm not arguing this is a race between abraham lincoln and george washington. these are two deeply flawed candidates which is why it's so important that we have a candidate that if elected will stand up to these people and this election the only one that stood up to both candidates is me.
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apparently congressmanmurphy thinks hillary clinton can do no wrong. the vast majority of floridians disagree with that. >> another question, the nuclear codes. you said you don't trust donald trump with the nuclear codes because of his temperament . you said he's a lunatic. >> i have deep reservations about the nominee of my party. >> do not trust hillary clinton with the nuclear codes? >> i do not trust hillary clinton on foreign policy. i don't trust her own foreign policy because she's the opposite of russian recent which is emboldened russia in a way we have never seen so she not only hindered that agreement but bragged about it. i don't trust her on foreign policy because she supports the red deal which is delivering billions upon billions of dollars to a radical nation led by ayatollah only wants to acquire nuear weapons but use them against the state of israel. i don't trust her foreign-policy. >> thank you john, thank you both for being here. congressman murphy, you call for gun buyers to be checked against what's known as a terrorist watch list. yet the polls my club shooter happened about 12 miles from re when he bought his weapon and some worry that
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such a watchlist would actually racially profile lawful citizens and infringe their second amendment rights. can you explain what i tack this would have stopped? >> thanks for that question. it's so important to talk about that as we here in orlando, from newtown to orlando, we cannot let people become the new norm. i had the advantage to meet christine lyman. she's one of the bravest people i've ever met. her son christopher was killed in the polls shootings. and christina has found the courage to stand up and look for solutions. if she can find the courage to find solutions, we should be able to stand with her for solutions and that's why i believe we must close the terrorist loophole, that we must expand background checks to ensure these weapons are getting the wrong hands. we should be investing more in mental health and these
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are things that are supported by the vast majority of americans, the vast majority of gun owners. if you think about my opponent marco rubio, taking millions and millions of dollars from the gun lobby, who does their bidding in the u.s. senate. that'sshameful. he just dropped a piece of legislation before this so-called terrorist loophole . it was written by the nra and he's putting it up as his legislation. it would do nothing to prevent these actions of violence from happening again. we can do more of my opponent continues and again, every sensible piece of legislation, things like background checks, closing the terrorist loophole, it's unconscionable to me that in this day and age the suspected terrorists can walk into a gun store, buy a weapon that day and walked out with it. how in the world are we going to live with ourselves? senator rubio is too concerned with his next election, nextpresidential bid, whatever it might be and too worried about his special
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interest donors . >> i think a couple points are important. we are here in orlando today and irrespective of our political views i don't think there's any doubt that all of us are heartbroken about what happened in orlando. the stories of people who lost their lives though i didn't know any personally, i had a chance to meet their family members afterwards and i recognize people in my community and that we love. but let's not forget what happened and pulls was not a random act of violence, it was a terror attack by a radical islamic terrorist, a jihadist who pledged allegiance to isis, a group i have been working for four years. this law was not written by the nra, it was written by my staffers and the nra hasn't even come out in support. it is a law that says if you have been investigated for terror in anytime in the last decade and you try to buy a
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gun, that sale will be suspended and the fbi will be notified and given the opportunity to see if you are up to anything and investigate you and they find out if you are up to terror they can immediately arrest you. by the way, the law i wrote has a chance of passing is a fundamental difference between congressman murphy and i. i get lost. i get things done. he does not and we cannot afford a us senatorthat cannot present ideas as policy . >> cannot comment because i don't think the senator knows what his bill does. his legislation that was put forward, this says the fbi has to prove that it's a suspected terrorist. if the fbi knew they were terrorists, they be in jail. the bill does nothing, it's a sham and it's shameful you sit here in front of christina and brandon in orlando and look them in the eye and say you are trying to do something. the audacity that you have say that you decided to run for the senate after this pulse nightclub shooting when you've been one of the most anti-gay senators in the country and done nothing to prevent these tragedies from
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happening. >> excuse me. what's shameful is your effort to politicize a horrible tragedy for our country. attacks by radical islamic terrorists that we could have defeated had it not been for people like you who continue to support these devastating cuts to our military and you said would make us stronger. that is not what my bill does. it says anyone who's been investigated for terror, obviously you if you are in the terror watchlist that would trigger this letter. the reason omar martin was able to buy a question weapon is he was no longer under investigation and what this bill would do, if you've even been suspected of terror in the last decade the fbiwill be notified and have the opportunity to stop that sale and investigate what you're up to. it does have due process because while the laws are informative, they are not perfect . i want anyone in this country once up on that list to end up being cleared and even a journalist at the weekly standard in washington dc. >> senator, let's say on the topic of what happened at pulls because as you know, you say you met some of the
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families, most of the victims at the polls nightclub that night at the attack were hispanic. some survivors and family members of the victims spoke to me personally about being afraid to ask for help for fear of being deported. people working across our state including students at this very university share those same fears. some are terrified about what they happened in november. when it comes to immigration reform, what is your response to some latinos who say you could have made something happen during your first term but you simply sold out first of all i would say that we help support the families involved in the polls nightclub attack. my office fitted staffers, victim aid centers for over a month and helped numerous people not just navigate the process but bring relatives from abroad and we never asked anyone that is in our help to intervene with the director of the fbi because there was an issue in getting
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eight because the fbi was involved in literally their letterhead impeded the ability to deliver a. i understand, i'm going to get to that part of your question. on the issue of immigration that you asked about, immigration is not something i read about in a book nor is it isn't an issue i discovered four weeks ago and patrick murphy's consultants told him he would do better among hispanics, this is an issue i understand personally. my wife is an immigrant, my grandparents were immigrants, i live in a community of immigrants. i know people, children included who are in this country that were illegally brought here as a young age and i see the sadness they are going through. i want to fix the problem. we cannot fix it with a comprehensive approach and a one-size-fits-all bill. there's only one way forward on immigration and involves a three-step process. step one would be to prove the american people that illegal immigration is truly under control read the second step would be to modernize
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our illegal immigration system, that it's not bureaucratic and it works better, you don't have to hire 1000 lawyers. i know once we've done those two things, in norma's majority of americans and the enormous majority of floridians and republicans would support doing something very reasonable with people that are being here a long time and especially with young people who were brought here through no fault of their own after hearing a story again, it's even more shocking as you turn your back on those who trusted you the most. we are a nation of immigrants, that's what this country is about and you used to be thechampion, you were part of the gang of eight, you are the champion of comprehensive immigration and then what happened? you decided to run for president . and you now don't support a pathway to citizenship. you no longer support those dreamers and if that's not
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bad enough, you double down on your endorsement of donald trump. a man who wants to build the wall, who thinks mexicans are rapists and criminals, was to deport 11 million people and that's in your supporting? it's shocking that you continue to put your own political ambition in front of what's best for florida first of all, congressman murphy, you've never been involved. you only heard about it for weeks ago. you might have signed letters on a facebook page. you were involved on zero. in 2013 you voted for the homeland security bill to support deportation and you talk about flip-flops, congressman murphy in december 2011 you changed your name. you changed your party and you from south beach to west palm beach to run for congress. that's a metamorphosis. >> senator, let's be clear. you're the one who lost florida and spend all your time in iowa and new hampshire.
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you met the mayor of tallahassee i was with not too long ago who never even met him and that your home state. don't lecture me on florida and flip-flops, you're the king of flip-flops. >> covers minority, speaking of flip-flops, three years ago you did vote for a homeland security bill that would have opened the door for the deportation of breeders so how do you explain your actions then and your words now? i support comprehensive immigration reform and i always have. it is comprehensive, we have to make sure number one we are securing our borders, that we know exactly in this country, we have to make sure there is a pathway to citizenship to make sure that everybody's in this country undocumented that they have that pathway. they got to pay back taxes and we got to make sure there is that pathway. we got to make sure those students that are in this country going to our great university don't get deported today they graduate. they deserve apathway to citizenship . >> question for you congressman murphy. do you support the affordable care act? people have seen their premiums arise even though it's called the affordable care act, people are going for an affordable plan. people are told they can keep
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their plans and they lost their plan. what you say to the people and what you propose to do about this problem? >> the affordable care act was a huge step forward for our country but is not perfect. there are many things we have to do to improve it. that's exactly what i spent my time trying to do is find those moderate reforms to improve the affordable care. and when i think of my opponent, senator marco rubio who has spent the last six years in the senate trying to undermine that legislation. he wants to take us back to the days when women could be charged more than men just for being women or insurance companies could deny coverage if you had a pre-existing condition, for insurance companies to drop you if you got sick. that's where senator rubio wants to take it back to. i believe there are reforms we can make like expanding medicaid, that would be 900,000 people in florida alone that would have access to health care but you've got to be willing to work across the aisle, to find common
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ground. there's no legislation that is perfect but it's better than spending all your time for political purposes to rob your base and tell them you are going to play it down. why don't we work to find common ground and get it done question mark. >> i would say obamacare has problems is the appointment of saying the titanic had some problems. it has enormous problems. number one, it's running up i guess, number two, people are losing their coverage and in about three weeks over half 1 million floridians are going to lose their coverage again. it's collapsing under its own weight because it doesn't work. one of the things i'm proudest of is i led an effort to defund the stabilization's they have built into obamacare. they put up on where they were going to use your taxpayer money to bail out private insurance companies who lostmoney under obamacare and . >> quickly, we only have 20 seconds but you made estate with one of the highest uninsured rates. the plans you guys came up
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with didn't work so how can you criticize obamacare when your solutions have failed? >> the solution we offered is one that prided the competition and i believe the governor undermine that effort for two years in charlie crist but i also offered a plan to replace obamacare. i do not believe what congressman murphy said, i offered a concrete, detailed plan to replace obamacare. every american will either have tax-free money from their employer to buy health insurance, provided health insurance from their employers or have a refundable tax credit to purchase insurance from any company they want in america across state lines. >> we've got to take a quick break, we will be right back. >> welcome back to the florida senate debate. congressman, next question goes to senator rubio. you had the worst attendance record in terms of votes of any of your colleagues in the senate area and over the past year, you have just a third
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of all rollcall votes. my question to you is in that voting record, why should the voters of florida back the senate given this time you are not even willing to promise to serve the full six-year term? >> i didn't like those built like every sending senator in history of this republic that mounted a campaign for the presidency, i did. i ran for president because i deeply believe this country is headed in the wrong direction. i ran for president for the same reason i ran for the senate in 2010 and the same reason i see election now. i believe if we continue on the road we are on now we will be the first americans to see our children are soften ourselves. that's why i ran for the presidency of the united states. as far as my commitment to theoffice, that's proven by the results i've gotten for the state and this country. on foreign affairs, i passed the act , a bipartisan law that takes on human trafficking. i passed laws that sanction
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the toughest sanctions ever to the point that has blocked this has attacked me by name. i've passed sanctions on maduro and his dictatorship in venezuela. we passed the va accountability act, my law that we got past that helps a critical issue in the state because of our veterans. we passed the transparency act. these are achievements of things i've done that we passed and not only my commitment to the job and my commitment to the state but my commitment to my service in the united states senate. >>
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>> the. >> and i am proud of my accomplishments of what i was able to do in the minority in the u.s. congress would of the more dysfunctional bodies in the history of our country. if that's not enough what about the $2 billion i could reach across the aisle to find some friends to authorize to help fund the cleanup efforts for the everglades. the intelligence provision to help protect this country i am proud of those accomplish. will you join me to sign a secure pledged if you are committed to serve this job is what? >> do you care to answer questions mckenna have a rebuttal? >> i have served six years and other six years god willing and afford to whip.
5:02 pm
since i was in this and i was in the minority your opponent by most accounts is interesting. [laughter] and he got many more things done despite himself standing in the way nt talk about the everglades? after years of opposition the chairman of the water committee to support the central everglades process i got more done in one day then you did in two years. >> use serious? that is laughable. without the senator changing his mind he was the chairman of the committee that bill never would have moved forward . as senator in half one of the of leading opponents of the central everglades' planning project vice been two years with him on that battle the disease changes mind in march chief featured the everglades one of the reasons why we needed to pass the water bill. this is a significant achievement because when
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your colleagues in the senate trusts and listen and you have influence that is how you get things done. that is why you never got anything done prepare your colleagues don't trust to endure not effective. with all due respect weaken not afford to have someone in the u.s. senate who doesn't know how to get things done. >> for clarification you will serve all six years? >> you will serve? >> not only will i served in the next six years we will get a lot done on behalf of the state. i will give you an example. >> you're not running for president? marco: i will be a senator for the next six years you cannot be a president and senator the same time for rivals are six years god willing. what i really want to work on is the everglades is
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personal. to create extraordinary memories for me and my family. i want to ensure 20 or 30 years from now to make sure my children have their say memories and i have something to do to preserve after them. >> congressmen murphy you describe yourself as a small-business owner will your company is a subsidiary of a billion dollar construction firm you call yourself a cpa? andrew website you had to degrees from the university of miami beach only had one have you misled floridians by your experience and qualifications? murphy: absolutely not for over the past the independent fact checking agency has already debone to these accusations last six attacks have all been
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labeled as false. here is the fax i am a cpa and have my license in 2009 and one of nine in the house of representatives rainout then i would -- right now what would be the second one in history to serve there. would get our fiscal house we could probably use a few more. i am proud of my small business experience to help prevent that terrible wales bill affecting florida. i will continue to do right can do to reach across the aisle and will continue to use my background as of small business owner i am happy to put my resonate up against more core rubio as a career politician and lobbyist for. >> after reporting the score in miami here are the facts.
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you ran saying you were experience working as a cpa you never had a license in florida or you were working illegally as of license. number to you never had a single contract to clean up the gulf of mexico. lost money from the beginning and you didn't have the degree from the university of miami been no hell of a dual degree why with somebody make things about their record because they never really want to talk about. physical major legislative achievement for a cause he has read with as she has led. you are a sitting congressmen and we are 40 minutes into the debate you have not told us this single signature achievement you could achieve in your four years in the house. >> i feel bad how little that you know, . >> they have the same exact
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test all 50 states. because i can understand with small-business owners are going through. and how tough it is to start a business with the that is taxes we can do more to help those small business owners. that is exactly why i have done so much to reach across the aisle. you can not even committed to serving full-time. marco: what i do know is in the state of florida we have laws and says you can now work as a cpa if you do not have a florida cpa license which you do not have. if you did so it was illegally. it is tough to open a small business but i have respect for your family and your father has an excellent reputation.
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but it is not that hard when your dad opens it for you. >> to clear that up by never tried to hide that the name of the company was coastal environmental the parent company was coastal construction if you try to make that up. >> i am not making things up >> moderator: let's move on. senator rubio you said you're not a scientist but yet $400 billion of property is at risk because of the rising seas and routing the streets in south florida that happened just yesterday what will you do yesterday to protect floridians from clearly the a deniable threat to our coastline and our kids? rubio: the false water intrusion. yesterday miami beach was a result of king tied.
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but that does have flooding issues i am in favor of irrigation they are rising in impacting committees we should spend money to litigate that. but we've funded millions of dollars my community used to flood severely here is the only thing i have said. has a policy maker you have to show me if the laws that you want me to pass will impact the issue you are raising. people say but what you to pass these laws on carbon emissions. how many inches of c. rise will prevent? nine. but will set a good examples of and ask how many jobs will this destroy? or increase the cost of living? pdf asked me to support policies that have no impact on the environment but will have a devastating impact on our economy?
5:10 pm
number one is mitigation. that includes wind and solar and biofuel and renewals. is irresponsible to not say we will fully utilize natural gas and nuclear energy in clean coal technology we should have the most diverse subset possible. look at the company headquartered here in and florida that is an excellent example that has diversified its fuel source. pdf but will do so in a way that is economically responsible. >> "national geographic" name to miami as the number one city in the world to be impacted by climate change. senator reveal said he is not a scientist. you don't have to be. look out your window there is to or 3 inches of salt water of the what roads right now. the acidification and
5:11 pm
bleaches come to my district you'll see the algae in what is happening the most biologically diverse estuary. piquancy oysters dying because of fresh water flows are changing. senator rubio denies science rubio: to water examples of nothing to do with rising seas. bill waster is because georgia takes the water in georgia will pay for it. [laughter] and the second thing is with lake okeechobee the problem is that nutrient rich waters 90% is coming from the north into the lake and that is what is treating those serious issues. has nothing to do with rising sea levels. you do not know that or a cpa. >> republicans have referred to you as somebody was benefited from a financially
5:12 pm
secure upbringing how can you relate to address the concerns of the working for of the struggling working class of florida? murphy: everybody needs some of whom my dad is because that is an attack on the american dream. my dad never graduated college who was a union worker and worked his but off every single day and taught me the value of hard work. the first job was not in the air-conditioned office as a day laborer digging holes and pouring concrete. i never forgot the value of hard work. but it is shameful to me we have one senator with one flight out the door to what might even show up to work. think about what is the stake at this election redo so much more but we have to show up and feed their. you cannot be in the pocket
5:13 pm
of special interest groups. when he does show up, he builds for the coke brothers 98 percent right wing special interest groups. free will be serious we have to be willing to show up bank get things done and that is exactly what i will do the. rubio: i have something to show for my hard work. from my time in the florida of legislature today is lower because of my work today there are children's songs here and in jacksonville because of the laws that we passed. we did that without common core n time and again with the bipartisan law. i wish it would have because i work with a democrat from new hampshire to pressure foreign countries to ensure
5:14 pm
that they have persisted in its if we save one little girl from slavery that is meaningful work and took to accomplish. you don't have a single bill that you can cite. >> you told me earlier that you opposed abortion for women even if that meant they would give birth to seriously deformed children. your opponent use your words in an ad then you can now withdrawn spanish-language ad that said that his characterization was false. so why would you say that and what is your position and what can you clarify quick. >> i do not want to take away reproductive rights for women but i will talk about the issue of abortion. isn't any -- an easy issue of talk about a young girl with a crisis pregnancy
5:15 pm
people sometimes on my side of that debate is a no-brainer but it is difficult and painful also difficult because it involves two competing rights of a woman to choose is a real bright and recognize that but in this case there is another right of the unborn child to live. as a policy maker they are in conflict and i have to choose which side do i air i will air on the side of life i understand a vast majority of americans and floridians disagree but for me this is not an issue of policy and is something i feel deeply and passionately that all human life is worth protection and i respect those who have reached a different conclusion but this is how life feel i know what the poll will say. but it is extremist and outrageous those that believe no a portion of any
5:16 pm
kind should be legal that if it should be illegal even have to the day before they are due to be born and partial birth abortions. that is horrifying to most americans how come they never pointed these extremist positions? >> my opponent does not support the women's right to choose of rape or incest my opponent wants to put on his own political ideology and if that isn't bad enough to support legislation to be known as the scarlet letter. that a woman who wanted to put her child up for adoption imagine a woman of rape taking a newspaper ad to disclose her sexual
5:17 pm
history? >> keyword down in tallahassee that has the vote of a bunch of democrats. that was immediately repeal them this is the first time tonight you implied and some allied of respect women or condone the a religious behavior of my party for you posted a picture for years ago when they spoke a few groping a woman and that is inappropriate. looked at my record and what i have done some of these issues are very difficult. murphy: talk about donald trump began think about love my opponent has endorsed to be the next president bragging about sexually assaulting women greg saturday to have a lecture for anyone women's rights when asked about equal pay for women to say it was a
5:18 pm
waste of time. was women are paid 85 percent of demand for the same job that is a waste of time? we can do more in making do better you have to show up to get these done and unfortunately you have not been there 87 the women in your office may not so here is the second point talk about equal pay of course. i have girls under 16 and 14 double be in the workforce that they are not paid the same amount of money. the law you are talking about if you have to excellent employs one is a woman one is the man? the woman is much better so another country tries to hire her and she tries to give her a raise you can unless you give the man of raids under what use of supported that is an
5:19 pm
unintended consequences to make it very difficult for businesses to give arrays to men and women. >> i have a question for both of you. of the of legitimacy of this election. who said this election is absolutely being read. not just media coverage but with voter fraud throughout the country. do you have faith in the democratic process for? to believe the voters should have faith in the results and on the presidential race >> absolutely. this is what i hope he stops to say that my he should. each of the county's second got their own election there
5:20 pm
is not 67 county conspiracy to rig the election. the governor of the state is republican who appoints the people who run the elections . there is evidence so this should not continue to be said of people should have confidence and i do believe they should vote. of some of the. this is the state literally has millions of people it would be a tragedy if they give up their vote as well. murphy: he said in a self he will stop at nothing to try to put up the of base. was counting at this point? i believe what sets us apart one of the many things is redo a speck of - - respect with fair elections were people will show up. we will tell you all that we will except the results of the selection.
5:21 pm
unfortunately were still standing by his side. there is too much at stake when it is a presidential nominee. >> moderator: one last question. of the question of cuba, you have praised the president's opening to cuba given that continued human-rights abuse do you support lifting the u.s. embargo greg. >> a do support the it tends to normalize relations i have answer and cousins that our cuban. so i understand that this is a personal issue. but we had over 50 years of a failed policy that has not worked.
5:22 pm
pdf give the castro regime but they fear, capitalism for kobe can turn the chapter to help the people so i support targeted sanctions in the bad actors of the regime. rubio: i would say i am not against changes the policies toward cuba about one cited changes. and this is how the opening to cuba is going. and then to open in a military base the question is of our people are in jail today all 57 of the ofs kasten wrote:negative residents least once. and one new bernardino jersey state trooper this is not working and for anybody but castro and is cronies. >> moderator: that is all the time we have four questions.
5:23 pm
>> thanks for being here and moderating. i am proud of what i have accomplished last four years. proud of legislation i have passed to lower the flood insurance rates. to help bring home the everglades and will show up because i am proud of my 97 percent voting record. if you compare that to margo rubio -- marco rubio 1 foot is already out the door. the u.s. supreme court hangs in the balance of the majority of the senate climate change has to be addressed in my opponent still denies that we have to support a woman's right to choose in invest education and infrastructure i am proud of the endorsements that i have received. with the orlando sentinel and to of those endorse my
5:24 pm
opponent but they also agree he shirking his responsibilities not showing up to be a senator from florida and i will. rubio: thanks for this hour we have then hear the over is passed and after you have much to hear from his record after four years he talks about medicaid he signed on to a letter by the way that i saw men as well to months before he did that i did not talk about that tonight the that is a sign of achievement in washington that tells you everything you need to know what is wrong. , a one to continue to do so will we have achieved. there is one in particular that is the work on behalf of the important people who still live in this community . to serve mendez segregated unit is given some of the most difficult assignments nobody ever recognize them for that. i along with my colleagues
5:25 pm
finally got the congressional vote and i was proud to be there that day when the president signed that into law. compare that to patrick murphy. rubio: but he has a part-time no show record. >> moderator: thanks to our host university of central florida, my colleagues with abc news. is it goodnight. [applause] [inaudible conversations] ♪ ♪
5:26 pm
>> teammates to candidates in one position as they debate the issues and open
5:27 pm
to face the state the senatorial debate. bayh. ♪ >> moderator: good evening thanks for joining us tonight with face the state in columbus. voters will go to the polls november 8 to elect ohios next senator. this evening you'll hear from the leading candidates. senator robb portman republican incumbent for ohio. elected 2010 and was born and raised in cincinnati. ted strickland is the democratic candidate for senate and served as ohio's governor 2007 through 2011 he was raised in ohio. now looking and a panelist
5:28 pm
have an anchor, tracy from news anchor public affairs editor at the columbus dispatch. also joining us in the studio tonight will be viewers throughout the evening. each campaign has agreed upon of rules and campaign we will start with a two minute opening statement candidates mit's seconds to answer the opposing kennedy has 90 seconds and the other candidate will have 30 seconds for a rebuttal. toward the end of the hour with vermonters team and a closing statement senator portman will be first to begin with opening statements. >> it is great to be in columbus with a great victory over the leak and.
5:29 pm
we will hear about public service i will talk about the fact i have been independent voice for ohio 45 of my votes have then pastor signed into law by the president. the issues and are incredibly important to ohio one is the epidemic of heroin in prescription drugs unfortunately devastating communities by legislation incomprehension addiction recovery act will make a bigger difference. i am running for andrea umno side of columbus. she is a recovering addict. and also watching her mom died of a heroin overdose.
5:30 pm
a victim of human trafficking with four different bills to increase sentencing for those uttered in trafficking. i've taken a lead on jobs so trading works better for ohio workers to get our infrastructure projects up and running without a federal permit and to crack down on imports from countries like china. also worked in for the steelworkers all over our state i running for them. i am proud of our record but the status quo is not acceptable the middle-class squeeze is very real. and particularly health care expenses are up into deal with those issues you'll hear a lot of partisanship with negative partisanship does the one talk but his record or his vision because
5:31 pm
he does not have one. governor strickland? strickland: by group and a family that new-line struggle but we survived because we loved and cared for each other. might family lost there first common was destroyed by a flood and the second was destroyed high tide at five years the third column burned to the ground. my dad was a hard worker my mom raised nine kids and i was the first to go to college. i learned what it is like to live paycheck to paycheck and just one bad break can cause real hardship that is why i spent my life as a minister and teacher of psychology the congressmen and as your governor fighting for working people that is why will fight for in the senate. but bob's story is different
5:32 pm
of wealth and power and privilege. of a man who says one thing in ohio but then goes to washington to do something else. perhaps the most egregious things is the attacks to have leveled against women like donald trump rob portman was to overturn roe v wade in voting to defund planned parenthood and special legislation to allow of boston tell the female employe she should not have access to birth control and has voted five times against pay equity for women. i think the women deserve apology even standing with donald trump after he bragged about assaulting women. tonight you will see differences between the two of us he will do what he has
5:33 pm
always done with the well-connected and washington insider and upholstery bankers. thank you. >> it is time to begin that question portion portion. >> moderator: dealing with the subject of character for the presidential nominee? calling trump supporters deplorable she was not honest with immigration and trade and said it is a public and private position how to get politics done asking about support for donald trump so how do support hillary clinton as
5:34 pm
the clear majority believes she is dishonest and untrustworthy? >> is support every clinton ideas and she should be president and is only one of the to the disqualified and has been and subjected to political attacks i know her well and i have known her for a long time how she cares about children and families and the work she has done with the children's defense fund and as first lady to get the country to have a comprehensive health care system. five believe she is an honest person that doesn't mean she has not made mistakes but she said using a private server was a mistake and it was. i don't believe there's any evidence that she is actually lied to the american people. comparing clinton to donald
5:35 pm
trump to encourage the up proliferation to nuclear weapons and around the world with a physical disability and a man who was unfit to be president so this election is provided a choice in for a year-and-a-half he said he disagreed with the donald trump said but not until he made a political calculation of the last minute that he withdrew his support for donald trump. portland: i think you have raised a very good point that hillary clinton has said and done a lot of things he talks about the fact when he talks about what i disagreed with i did stand-up calling half of
5:36 pm
them deplorable. and racist he said, nothing to this day he refuses but this race is not between clinton and and donald trump this is between ted strickland and me this is our record and our public policy plan going forward. the difference could not be any more stark. my record is to get stuff done to make ad difference in the lives of all high winds. talk about the bill signed into law for ted strickland not one was signed into law even after he was in the congress words matter. and ted strickland in this
5:37 pm
campaign has said things that offend all with you highlands. at the republican convention he brought out fortune cookies that offended asian-americans all over ohio he used very recently use the word race will negative and also charter schools so words do matter. >> the race is between strickland and portman and he is a man who consistently takes credit for things he has not done. before the omnibus bill pastis and doubt 14 press releases and a weakened 1/2 to take credit for money to lake erie and so on and. fourteen claims money for drug addiction and voted against the bill to take
5:38 pm
credit for things that he voted against. >> moderator: the second question comes from our setter portman one negative four portman. >> we have an inflammatory statements but he waited until one month from the election that is perceived as a comfortable lead in the polls to pull support wide you hold back your support and greg. >> republican nominee still is. line made an extraordinary decision not to support mitt own party's nominee because i found his words that i did support john case it give the primary when he lost an donald trump won that i step with the voters but his words were offensive and
5:39 pm
wrong and demeaning and to me that was the final straw but i did not make the decision lightly i respect the voters to take a different position he did win the nomination of our party. my pencils also elected by those but this isn't about the clinton or trump but it is about strickland and portman to give this a comfortable lead because the elected mayor record and delicate the teamsters and the united workers and the fraternal order of police to look at our records and what our plans are for the future and is this a big distinction. so to talk about these
5:40 pm
issues we are not done. >> the truth can ever talk about women. during the 10 years did the senate the senator has attempted to overturn roe v wade take away a woman's right to choose. voting to defund planned parenthood he stood by a with donald trump and said i disagree but not dead disabled person disagree but it's still the president. when he said john mccain was not a hero i disagree bitty should still be president. but he didn't have the courage to break with that he chose party over country. governor case it did the
5:41 pm
honorable thing and said he could not support the man and i have applauded him for that. he was ahead of the polls and summoned the courage to say i cannot vote for him. mike pence is the most anti-gay political theater in the united states of america. i think the senator should consider hillary clinton. portland: i know he wishes he was running against donald trump that maybe easier for him because that is all he once to talk about everything he comes up with with the attacks am partisanship with the effective record. not a single bill to his name.
5:42 pm
with 350,000 jobs 47 other governors figure that out. after those jobs center-left he left ohio. to cashing in as a lobbyist. >> the columbus dispatch as the next question. >> moderator: talk about what separates you the most in this campaign. trade. senator strickland your abode -- opposed to the trade bill as u.s. trade representative's rather then getting all caught up that is where ohioans came in. talk to me whether the north american free trade agreement? >> bank for that question i
5:43 pm
will answer but i do want to respond to with the senator said about ohio having lost jobs during the recession it was a national recession. you read the budget director leading up to the national eve economic collapse you have a lot more to do a job loss across america than i did and with nafta be were both there when it was drafted your newspaper has written that rob portman has never met a free trade deal he did not like. as a trade representative at a time when our trade imbalance exploded 21% he did not take on china for currency manipulation. there was a recommendation that china be punished and he recommended to take
5:44 pm
action against china. so i am proud of my record and senator portman i think that is the best senator that china has ever had. >> we have heard falls partisan attacks with what he said me here is what is important governor strickland has never stood up to china. and then voted to not hold accountable. and we have vast of the political playing field lacked with the chinese imports this steelworkers of ohio have the breathing room
5:45 pm
we are having success because we also passes senate to keep them to circumvent those of take the lead to protect of mineworkers. end of currency manipulation. the governor talks a good ebs that nothing he lost theaters 50,000 jobs might attend went to other states so 47 other governors got a right. concept of a trade office in china so what has he ever done? i have results i am proud of those results and continued to work hard for the ohio workers. >> i invite the fact
5:46 pm
checkers. so senator portman seems to forget. but the fact is, excuse me? it is my time i will yield. >> the fourth question comes for senator portman tnt minimum-wage is more than $7 an hour per carol is that table wage? >> a livable wage? >> it is indexed to the cost of living and the
5:47 pm
legislation that governor strickland backed. now he supports a huge increase with the loss of 30,000 jobs. and 700,000 jobs would be lost nationally. on behalf of minimum-wage or under the age of 24, you don't want to have that go up. we have a huge problem right now for men it is the lowest in history so should go up and be done in a way so let's have been indexed to inflation that is what i supported to have the first
5:48 pm
round of the latter. we want to be sure that people have the opportunity to get to work and that is why the minimum-wage as they have the opportunity to have a job. >> want to raise the minimum wage if person works hard and don't have to live in poverty and i calculated how much senator portman gets. to make real dollars per hour based on a 40 hour work week. and the bill and the senate to raise at $10 and $0.10 per hour.
5:49 pm
i tried to take that minimum-wage challenge him live off of that for one week. a couple of years ago. i a tough the dollar menu i ate a lot of bananas that our cheap i did not make it on the fifth day he said he was in town for some special trading. and i decided to take about to dinner. in a broken and a wage challenge. but then i thought, another monster negative source sisters having a loved one who was going somewhere who cannot afford to take their loved one out? that is the way they have to live in.
5:50 pm
>> when strickland was governor he supported the ohio minimum-wage the was indexed to inflation. and also presided over his state losing 350 dozen jobs unemployment above the national average. after those 350,000 he went to washington d.c. to be $400,000 per year per but that is all minimum-wage but also the interest of ohioans but those used to represent. >> moderator: governor strickland coming from a viewer. we sent our cameras out to get a perspective. this question comes from a column this viewer. >> and benny ms. sydney i live in columbus how do
5:51 pm
foster an environment in ohio to create better jobs and more jobs? strickland: first ready to make sure it education does of high-quality and affordable for the young people. i work as governor to make the case through 12 education higher-quality. when i became governor of ohio was ranked 27th in the nation quality of our schools my left the governor's office it was ranked number five. as it comes to higher education i froze tuition my first two years and during those four years i was in office i believe ohio had the slightest increase of tuition of any of the 50 states prior about of the record that i had to foster education but to contrast record with senator portman when he was the george bush
5:52 pm
budget director spending millions and billions of dollars he advocated the elimination of the program and with high interest rates this senator is opposing to allow ohio students to refinance student at a lower interest-rate. why would he do that? because he does what he always does and does what is powerbrokers asked of him rather than the people of ohio. portland: great question is pretty clear what he did did not work at the time we were at the bottom we were number 48 for job creation we lost hundreds of thousands of jobs and actually cut
5:53 pm
education funding silky increase the cost for students. what we have to do is exactly what the republicans and legislature is trying to do to make it better for economic activity and investment and more worker training. from the career action it helps to take federal money and for worker retraining. i'm a big fan of career and technical education and tim kaine and i hopes to encourage more technical education right now we have to under 50,000 people had of work in ohio in other words, those employers are looking for work but the
5:54 pm
skills gap could be closed if we provide the students what they need and for those who could take the vantage of better retraining worker programs that is what has to be done we have to do better job to prepare our young people for the 21st century workforce. >> $400,000? senator, that is say what right have never made $400,000 in my life. education is important you have to make it affordable and for some reason you turned your back on ohio students they want to refinance their student dead and do say no. i don't understand.
5:55 pm
>> moderator: and open do better than that after a question. of the everyday fund a simple question isn't that what it is for the state revenue was tanking at record levels? what would you have done specifically greg. >> 84 reminding us of the fact a buy from $1 billion down $0.89 he also left the state with in a billion dollar deficit with the third-party investigation. it wasn't just that the jobs left ohio with the ability to create jobs he also trained in the everyday find some there is nothing there for the next industry shin and left the next a administration in january
5:56 pm
january 2011 with a shortfall that is unprecedented never happened before. that is exactly what they did remember they said we will reform the tax code to create more economic activity so to date is more than a $2 billion surplus. to bring back jobs and economic activity. so the last thing you want to do is have more regulations with higher taxes this spending you did as governor that is the problem. there is too much of that to have a positive pro-growth agenda to help people get a job.
5:57 pm
to create that economic opportunity that is why we have to form a regulation and work on the skills gap. that will help. >> moderator: governor strickland? strickland: i don't know how '02 say this view is simply not telling the truth. i did not even a billion dollar deficit. i balance the budget each year talk about the 350,000 jobs that were lost but america lost over 8 million there is a national recession that was caused not by ohio or me as governor but the bush a ministry shin policies and you were the george bush trade representative and budget director meeting up to the collapse of the company.
5:58 pm
says something about the raid the day find. if you have a real need a fund to use when it was raining and i use did. also went was its intended purpose it would of been irresponsible not to use the redefined. because i would not cut education from police or fire i balance the budget i handled the state and irresponsible way with the rainy day fund. three out of four years of is in the governor's office i've left the state in a recovery mode we were the fifth fastest-growing economy in america when i left office inditing that is a pretty good record. portland: your in that deep of a ditch you are easy to show growth but it does confirm there is a budget shortfall of $8 billion when
5:59 pm
you left office that is what they were left with unprecedented. but it is not just that if it was the national recession what did you do about it? because that is where we are now. and middle-class squeeze is very real, expenses are dramatically increasing. >> moderator: this question is for governor strickland. talk about guns the overwhelming majority of americans want to mix band background checks and on the no-fly invest where do stand on these issues? strickland: i want you to know i have a history in terms of guns and gun in use of lead in the second
6:00 pm
amendment but now also know that 33,000 americans lose their lives each year to guide violence and unfortunately two-thirds are through suicide. and i do believe it is possible to honor the second amendment and still support common sense efforts. . .
6:01 pm
maybe that's why the nra has spent almost $2 million in this race attacking me because they know i will stand up to them and they know he will do whatever they ask of him. he voted against a republican bill put forth by senator collins of the main to keep guns out of the hands of suspected terrorists and he voted no, so there is a big difference between rob portman and ted strickland when it comes to gun violence. >> senator portman. >> as you know ted district and has famously said earlier in this campaign that i have a nixon spotty record on second amendment issues, gun control issues and i can be criticized and that is true. during this campaign he campaigned that is a plus record with nra during this campaign, not two years ago. i support tightening up the background checks. specifically mental health records in the background checks and i support more in terms of
6:02 pm
general health generally because so many of the problems we see related particularly to these school shootings and other is mental health issues and what-- i'm one of the cosponsors of the legislation to change our health system. i also dealing with the drug issue because what i'm told that one-- enforcement is at the wonder when driver of crime and gun violence and i went to ride one night with a columbus police officer a few months ago and asked why we have gun violence in columbus and his answers, drugs and gangs and that's why it's related to the drug issue where i've taken the lead. i also believe commonsense efforts like saying if you are on the no-fly list you should not be able to get a gun and i voted for the legislation to do that that was bipartisan and got the most votes of any legislature in the senate on that. it's as if you are on the no-fly list you are prohibited from getting a gun. i think that is the sensible
6:03 pm
approach. >> governor strickland, your rebuttal. >> welcome every time we talk about guns senator portman wants to talk about mental health. i was a psychologist and i'm concerned about mental health and i know there help robins that need to be addressed, but guns need to be addressed as well, senator. you always pivot to mental health and you don't answer the question. would you vote to close all the loopholes, gun shows, internet sales, would you do that? would you say that and i will yield my time to let you answer. >> we don't have time. we have two go to the next question. >> is a question from the public. >> this next question is for senator portman and in keeping with giving you a voice it comes from acolumbus viewer. take a listen. >> i have scott from: this, ohio, and i would like to ask the candidates what they think about the wells fargo situation with a 2 million phony accounts that were opened and what they would do about that.
6:04 pm
>> i'm appalled with what i've heard about it. this is a situation where there were actually fake bank accounts set up and consumer fraud, basically. my understanding is that the senate committee that is investigating this has uncovered information that might end up being part of a criminal probe and i think that's appropriate. i do think that it's important that we have a speculation of our banks, not just the wells fargo of the world, but all of our banking system in one of the things i'm concerned about in ohio right now is with regard to community banks they are feeling unbelievable pressure from increased regulations to the point that a lot of them are consolidating. summer going out of business altogether. i want to be sure every community in ohio can have a community bank. they support the little league teams, the county fair and what they tell me when they come to see me is that they are looking at if they had one person doing
6:05 pm
compliance three years ago, now it's three people doing it and they cannot afford that overhead and that's why you see the consolidation and closing and so you have bigger banks coming in and taking over where these smaller banks once work. i come from a small business family and it's tough to get a loan as a small-business person. community banks are where people to go to go because they know you and trust you even if you don't have a strong record or background they know you will be there and that's one thing i'm concerned about today in ohio is our community banks under more and more pressure from regulation and overregulation that duplicates. >> governor strickland. >> what happened with wells fargo is an example, the latest example of how the rich and powerful are taking advantage of regular working people. that's one of the reasons that my opponents billionaire friends from outside of ohio and spend up to $60 million to buy this
6:06 pm
senate seat for him. listen, the ceo of wells fargo has resigned. that's my understanding that he left with a parachute, golden parachute and i think it was $41 million. are not sure that is the exact amount, that millions of dollars. i think he ought to be tried. this was an egregious mistreatment of people without their knowing it were actually signed up, charge for accounts they did not know they had and it's just the latest. we need .-dot frank and senator portman has opposed dodd frank and that's because i think he is the who didn't to the wall street and big banks. community banks are important. we need to have community banks, but the big banks have mistreated as. we have bailed them out and he objected to the bailout of the rescue of the auto industry.
6:07 pm
i'd never heard him say a word about the bailout of the big banks and that's one of the major differences between senator portman and myself. >> senator portman, your rebuttal. >> in terms of the big banks i don't think dodd frank has worked very well. they get bigger and better and so much more too big to fail. governor strickland has talked about the rich and powerful and again partisan attacks that are totally false. let me say something about that. the rich and powerful do find it strickland ohio. with 350,000 jobs were lost and hope was lost, 40th in the country and job creation and when you had is a billion-dollar deficit the rich and powerful were fine. >> thank you. >> it was the guy that punches the time clock every day that had his wages cut who were hurt. >> been nice question comes from scott ennis were governor strickland. >> we are going to talk about immigration when we all got
6:08 pm
together and wrote these questions we wanted to ask you to answer this way, put aside border security because most americans want a secure border. do you support a pathway to citizenship or process of legalization or neither for the 12 million people who are already here and wire why not? >> thank you for the question. i support conferences immigration reform similar to what was passed in the senate. a bipartisan bill that together by john mccain, senator marco rubio, a republican in effort to deal with this issue a conference away. i do believe there should be a pathway to citizenship. i don't want a two-tiered society, but senator portman as a senator voted no. we have had this problem drag on
6:09 pm
and on and on and he supported a man who has taken out outrageous positions would consume gratian. a man who has called the mexicans a rapist, murderers took a man who wanted to ban an entire religious group from entering this country, so i believe we need comprehensive reform. i believe that reform should include a definite pathway to citizenship. i believe that it would be good for our economy. i believe that is consistent with our national values and i support it very strongly and here again this is another difference between senator portman and myself. >> senator portman, your response. >> scott, let me just say that border security has to be part of it because enforcer in general is important, but not getting into border security, would have to say that would
6:10 pm
have departed, but we need to do something for people who are here and people are living in the shadow's. it's wrong. we are a country of laws. we need to be sure that's respected and we are also a country of immigrants and frankly, those who are here have roots in the community and are willing to come forward and pay a fine and pay any back taxes and certainly if they have a criminal record they should be deported. the others should have a path to legalization and that path to legalization should be one where people have a chance to come forward and get out of the shadows. i think that is important right now, but it has to be done with enforcement because of it's not it won't work. this was tried before with the last major immigration reform in 1983, and there was a legalization, but no enforcement either at the border or the work place or terms of our visa program, so i do support much a stronger enforcement along with that including enforcement at the workplace and in as one of
6:11 pm
the issues i focused on in washington and you have by porcine support for that. we believe we had to tighten up enforcement and at the same time as a country of immigration we ought to have our borders be much more secure, but we ought to continue to be refugees and immigrants to this country to enrich our country. >> i'm really happy. it sounds like senator portman and i have some measure of agreement on. he indicated pathway to those asian. i think that is certainly the beginning, but i would like to see a pathway to citizenship ultimately for these folks. >> the 10th question comes from tracy for senator portman. >> campaigns have focused on the heroine and opioid epidemic. how do you explain the attention to what is considered a middle-class issue while the drug academic was ignored when it was occurring in urban or
6:12 pm
african-american communities? >> tracy, as you know i spent a lot of time on this issue as have you and jerry and i told you guys before i appreciate the fact that you have covered this so thoroughly with an hour special on even if you-- i think you saved lives by raising the visibility of this issue and making people aware with the connection particularly prescription drug and heroine peered tracy, it affects every zip code. i mean, i got involved over 20 years ago and i started my own anti- drug coalition back home. i was very involved and engaged at the time, the crack cocaine issue. obviously other drugs like methamphetamines and it's now switch and now it's everywhere. you are correct and it is in the suburbs in a rural areas. again, i was at mary haven today outside of columbus. i have been a four other tribe-- drug treatment areas of into the house of hope and had the
6:13 pm
opportunity to see the cripple success of some recovering addicts when they get on the road to recovery and get back together with her kids. andrea i talked about today once to get back together with her son who she is been estranged from for several years because of her addiction. i think it's an issue that everyone ought to pull together on. they should not be one that divides neighborhoods as you said and if we don't address this issue we will continue to see high crime rates. we will continue to see the loss of people with their god-given potential. i have talked to probably several hundred addicts in the last two years-- >> thank you. we want to continue to get to the questions. thank you. governor strickland, your response. >> thank you for the question, tracy. was a candidate for governor i remember standing before the metropolitan club: attention to the fact that there was disparities in 17 with powder versus crack cocaine and i indicated that i thought that
6:14 pm
was the result of racial issues. it is true that we sometimes have different levels of concerns depending which community members are involved. but, in terms of what we are dealing with right now it didn't just start yesterday or last month. it started a long time ago when i was governor i started a prescription drug task force because it was becoming obvious to me that oxycontin and other addictive drugs were being prescribed. people were becoming addicted and then they were going when the prescription was no longer there were became too costly they were going to the streets and finding cheaper alternatives and we are seeing that now. i have dealt with this personally. my nephew overdosed on oxycontin a few months ago. the problem i have with senator
6:15 pm
portman is that he is focusing on this issue and i congratulate him for that, but he actually voted against the funding for his own bill. he let someone else carry the water because he didn't have the courage to pass the vote and then he travels around ohio, boasting about his bill. communities need resources and resources require spending. >> thank you, sir pick senator portman, your rebuttal. >> it's ridiculous and other could-- nothing could be further from the truth. i went to fund my own bill and i just did that with $37 million in the spending for the short term between two weeks ago on december 8. that allows my legislation to conference of addiction recovery act to get up and going. governor strickland is right when he was governor there was an epidemic that started with prescription drugs and has led to the heroine issue and others and at that time he cut funding for drug prevention drug treatment by 30%. >> thank you, senator.
6:16 pm
the final question comes from daryl boland from the colonist dispatch and it's for governor strickland. >> this is your chance to tell us what you think is the most egregious or misleading thing your opponent has said and this is your chance to correct that record. >> i think the most egregious thing he said that i'm responsible for the recession, basically. he hasn't said in those words, but he blamed me for losing jobs during the great national recession and he has had his out-of-state billionaire friends, the coca brothers and others, i don't have to convince people they have done this because they have seen the ads, unprecedented amount of ads the story may record governor. i don't think it's correct, not fair and he said some things this evening that are blatantly untrue. i did not leave and 8 billion-dollar deficit. i did not make $400,000.
6:17 pm
i've never even approach making that kind of money in my life. so, i think there's a matter of basic fairness here in terms of how people see this senate's race. i meant have the kind resources he has had. if had been that kind of fair fight where he was raising money and i was raising money and we spent our own money and did not have the billionaires interfering and try to buy the senate seat, i think i would be ahead of this guy by 10 points, but the fact is i still intend to be him because the issues are on my side to the people of ohio-- you know the people of ohio watching this tonight, you know that you agree with me when it comes to education, when it comes to women's issues, when it comes to trade, you agree with me. when comes to taxes, what to cut taxes were working people-- >> thank you. senator portman, your response.
6:18 pm
>> i don't know where to begin your guy could go through the list like he said right there all of which is false. he said a number of things tonight that are not true, but i do not begin would be a good use of time. instead, let's talk about what he talked about, which is why we are winning this race and why he is not. he said it's because there are more outside groups coming in. well, there are no outside groups now i suppose, but for a while he was more dependent on what he called dark money, outside groups than any candidate in the country. any candidate in the country. harry reid's super pack was putting more money in ohio attacking the everyday on some of these false accusations. more money than every other candidate in the country. he has been more dependent on what he complains about than any candidate in the country and it's true he did leave ohio after the threat of 50000 jobs left and by the way he was not good at exporting when he was governor. our exports went down, but he was good exported jobs including
6:19 pm
his own, it turned out. he went to washington immediately after he was turned out of office by the voters and went there is a lobbyist and look at the financial disclosure form. it's about 4000 bucks a year and he has said it was his dream job. he said he never made so much money in his life. by dream job is representing the people of ohio. >> governor strickland, your rebuttal. >> when i left ohio, went to harvard and spent a semester there i worked at the un for several months i did spend one year in washington dc and i did not make $400,000. senator, i have released my tax returns and i invite these journalists to look at my tax returns and see how much money i made and it was a lot less than $4000. just one of the latest things that he is said tonight that is blatantly untrue.
6:20 pm
>> we are out of time, governor, but i think you and that concludes our question portion of the debate. is time for closing statements and senator portman, you have two minutes. >> thank you and i hope this has been unimportant opportunity for people to hear with two very different approaches tonight. i've talked about the fact that in my time in the united states senate i reach across the island has got stuff done and i'm proud of being an independent voice for ohio. the 45 bills we talked about some of them tonight have been passed and are helping ohio workers and families indirect ways. that contrast to my opponents record, not a single bill when he was in congress for 12 years and as a governor leading the stay at the bottom of the heap, 48 in the country and job creation. every day when i go to washington from our home in ohio, i take with me the values of ohio. these are values i learned growing up. i grew up in a small business family. when i was a kid my dad who is a salesman who had healthcare and
6:21 pm
a commission he was getting, he risked it all to start his dream , which was started his own business. it was a fork lift truck distributor and he started with five guys. my mom was a bookkeeper. he could not get any money from the bank. his family did not have money for finally got a loan for my mom's uncle to get the thing started. he lost money the first few years. through hard work and sacrifice he eventually found his niche. i worked at that small business and so to my brother and sister. i remember building a paint booth one summer and sweeping the shop floor a lot. i remember grading the rest and paint off forklift trucks. that's where i learned the value of hard work and sacrifice. i have also learned from appearance to get back to others that experiences when i take with me to washington dc. i recently ran into a guy a new most of my life. he was a forklift mechanic and
6:22 pm
he is now retiring with a healthy 4o1k. he is able to provide help to his grandchildren who are going to college with his help. he never got to college. he is living his american dream. i went to be sure that every ohio in has a chance to reach for their american dream and i ask for your boat tonight. >> governor strickland, you have two minutes. >> just let me say, senator, i have never been a lobbyist. check it out. you talk about being an independent voice. you were not an independent voice when president obama nominated garland to the supreme court. you did not do your job. went to talk to my fellow ohio. way to listen me because there is a choice in the senate race. you can send a message to the billionaire class that ohio is not for sale. i went to tell you why i'm running for this senate seat. you know, i was the first of my family to go to college.
6:23 pm
i was elected to the congress. my dad who was in his 80s had never flown on an airplane and he wanted to fly to washington dc to see me take about this. when he got out of the plane in washington dc a reporter put a microphone in front of him and said, mr. strickland, i bet you are proud of your son aren't you and my dad gave the perfect parental answer. he said i'm proud of all of my kids. my dad was proud of my oldest brother who fought in world war ii. you spread my three sisters who worked as nurses aides in nursing homes and proud of my three brothers who finished concrete for a living. i sure that with you because i have been fortunate. my family, my stay, my country has made it possible for me to live a life that my brothers could not live because i was able to get an education. i know how important education is. i know how struggling moms and dads worry about the kids and i
6:24 pm
want you to know that i want to spend the rest of my life fighting for working people. people who are being mistreated by a system that enables the rich and powerful to make the rules and to call the shots. i went to go to washington and be a senator who will be a fighter for you. thank you. >> think you, gentlemen. on the half of the: this dispatch i'm jerry reddish. good night. >> watches c-span live coverage of the third debate between hillary clinton and donald trump tonight. our live debate preview from the university of nevada las vegas starts at 7:30 p.m. eastern and the briefing for the debate studio audiences at 8:30 p.m. eastern and the 90 minute debate is at 9:00 p.m. eastern. stay with us following the debate for viewer reaction including your cause, tweets and facebook posting a watch the debate live or on-demand using your desktop, phone or tablet at and listen to live coverage on the debate on your phone with the free c-span radio
6:25 pm
app. >> nevada-- especially in presidential politics has been for a long time a very republican state. after lbj won the state, republicans want essentially every election here up until bill clinton, who won the state only twice only because ross perot was on the ballot and was able to split the vote. they then were in the wilderness again until barack obama came along. it is now seen as the swing states in the country, so-called purple stay although i would argue that it leans more blue. the state itself is a series of contradictions. there is a stream that runs through here, but there's also a very not evangelical, but the mormons here hope this proportion sway to their numbers. they are in single digits in the population, but a lot of mormons run for public office in the mormon vote is considered
6:26 pm
important and it is essentially three states we comes to politics. its southern nevada, which is las vegas, very urban. its reno and sparks at northern nevada very urban and then there is the other 15 counties which are very rural and very conservative where a guy like harry reid would be hung in at the chi welcome into the local bar. listen, barack obama won the state twice mostly because the state democratic party erected by harry reid is a formidable force from the best operatives in the country working here in nevada thanks to read prominence in the fact we became an early state in the 2008 cycle and that is we became one of the first four states to vote in the presidential race on both sides and so we have become very very prominent. once again the democratic party after losing very badly in the off year in 2014 has essentially retooled and now looks very very formidable for hillary clinton and i think clinton has the advantage in this state, but almost every production by
6:27 pm
people like me has been wrong this year, so i will reserve the right to change that. >> the final presidential debate of campaign 2016 will take place in las vegas nevada. what's most significant for the state? >> i think it substantial not really settled in how important this is for nevada. we had a couple of primary debates here last year, but to have the final debate and let's could be-- no one knows yet, a court close race, two weeks before election day and will put a spotlight on a place that's not often seen or thought about in nevada. they will have the cliché shots of the strip and that skyline, but it will put unlv, which used to be known as a basketball school that jerry tarkanian in the spotlight and now has a real up-and-coming law school and there will be a real spotlight on how far the university is trying to achieve what they call tier one status, so i think it's going to be the other side of
6:28 pm
las vegas, but also a scratchy show off the importance of nevada in the presidential political race and so i think there is no downside to the state. >> are there any people that want to watch on a national level here in nevada politics? >> the guy that's talked about most of the national scene is governor brian sandoval was a remarkable story. he was in the legislature, attorney general, first hispanic elected official statewide as attorney general and then got a federal appointment and was on the bench and let that to run for governor against the incumbent first hispanic governor. he has already been floated as a supreme court pick briefly and then withdrew, but i think he will be talked about even though i don't think he will be on a ballot again ever nevada. he does not want to be in the u.s. senate, but i think he is a potential pic for a federal court appointment may be eventually to the supreme court or more likely i think whether hillary clinton or donald trump wends or someone else we don't
6:29 pm
know of get as a potential cabinet pick. i think he's a natural even in a democratic administration looking out west, looking to be bipartisan the interior secretary, maybe even to be education secretary, department of energy. he is truly one-of-a-kind political talents. the question is what he wants to do with that. he still very young pick this is a guy who can go into a room and talk to everyone in the room, even people who don't like his politics and they will come away saying he is a friendly guy. he's a genuine guy. i have had criticisms of him for being too soft at times and i called him governor sonny for being optimistic, but this is a guy who just exudes affability and he also is impenetrable when it comes to trying to pin him down on things, which is a very very good talents for a politician to have and probably
6:30 pm
one of the top two or three most difficult people i've ever interviewed. >> what you think nevada voters are looking for the presidential election? >> it's interesting i say this all the time to national interviewers as if when you asked that question we must be aliens. we all sprung from area 51 and we're not like most people in the country took the thing about that people forget and harry reid made this point when he made nevada and early state is that we are more reflective of america and you might think. forget about the gambling in sin city, but most people who live here don't think about that as much and we are a melting pop with the virgin asked-- hispanic population which is more than a quarter now, significant asian and african american population. it's a real cosmopolitan population out and nevada with hits the hardest, maybe proportionately of any state in the recession that we are just coming out of and so i think all of those issues combined to make as kind of a microcosm of


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