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tv   Book Discussion on Ghetto  CSPAN  October 23, 2016 7:39pm-7:46pm EDT

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it's interesting that it was the nazi ghetto that's the main ghetto on my mind growing up because in fact for most of history if you refer to the ghetto you were not referring to anything the nazis did, you were referring to the ghetto in venice in 1516 which was the first created for the jews and it is the first time the word to get out was used to refer to that which the jews were actually placed in. i rely on another sort of
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monumental field of history of the modern historians that did work on this topic including professor benjamin whose work i relied on heavily in this particular account. one of the interesting things about the accomplishments of the early modern historians is that they have shown when they decided to place them in a ghetto they were not trying to create a whole framework for how they should be treated. they were trying to solve a particular problem at a particular moment and the problem they were trying to solve is the needed people to loan money to the lower middle class and working class people and in order to get loans they
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have to get on a boat and travel 30 or 40 minutes away to get small loans so they created a space for them right there in this most catholic city. they were not trying to create a framework for how they should be treated everywhere, but they created a solution for their own problem and then that word came to be known as this place where they were living and as i see it, the crucial moment wasn't venice which is now celebrating its 500th anniversary in which at the very least one could say they flourished as they've demonstrated was a great accomplishment in the production of books and philosophy anddrama
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and family life. it wasn't that which i was the crucial ghetto in my opinion. it was forged in 1555. and when the counterreformation was leading to a certain need on the part of the vatican to make rome into a more attractive space and to create an environment in which they could be shown as an example of what
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happens when you don't convert. but when the pope created this, he wrote it up and it was distributed around the world and now it becomes a cognitive framework that becomes an example of how they can be segregated around the world
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