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tv   Book Party for Shall We Wake the President  CSPAN  October 23, 2016 11:15pm-11:54pm EDT

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horizon donald trump and i can't quickly say you let me do that. will let's do the white house dinner party. and then to do something spectacular. and then to negotiate those deals with the russians just
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like the character in die-hard. and then really into die-hard. and then par-3 comes out there was 1.with they are cut off and he says hoodie thank you are, hillary clinton? [laughter] that is shocking the also the issue would still come up after 30 years. [laughter] and with that governmental credibility.
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and one of those reporters talked about donald trump. [inaudible conversations] the donald trump in the first debate talks about terrorism and he was talking about diehard part for.
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me. >> [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] one eyed been [inaudible conversations]
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invested mendez their children that were teenagers but would come running appealing grandmother. [laughter] [inaudible conversations]
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>> congratulations on your book citadel look forward to hearing about that. with those conversations that you need everybody should read your column. >> taiwan to talk to. [inaudible conversations]
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>> you are the london told me to be more each fission device would just listen. >> detox really fast the average american talks 150 words per minute. [inaudible] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] but my nine year-old was out there with the entire graphic novel.
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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senate there are some great books out here. >> is so good. >> thank you select how they line up compared to others? what do you think? >> but that presidential disaster speaking of disasters that isn't the kind of thing that you can measure. >> but to say that we're in the middle of a disaster right now. >> but did right which candidate would be better but that is not quite as big
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a disaster i love writing that but looking at the progress we had made with those countermeasures if we have dealt with in better today. >> but i think when my grandmother came to america. >> qsr very famous relatives. >> yes 16 she spoke no english.
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[inaudible] and then died from the epidemic. [inaudible] >> that reduce the average life expectancy in america at. that was around 38 or 40. [inaudible] >> around the world i can
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explain the but they show one the city's how the population changes overtime. [inaudible] [inaudible] it was done so well. [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] >> come to the other side if you cannot see. >> thank you for coming. have kathy and charlie parker eye have not been around the room. [applause] there you are. we are here to toast tevi troy book another remarkable piece of research and
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important contribution of history and everything we are supposed to watch and it meyer with the presidential candidates. i have known him just a couple of years. he has been one of the most brilliant individuals charming and moral and the great dad. tallest about the book then we will do some que en day. >> thanks for coming and also posting. we do know each other for awhile a few decades we used to be in the same party circuit in the '90s. [laughter] of course, she became the super party hostess that she is now. and i remember in the '90s we knew each other mostly
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from the party ticket she was working for senator ashcroft and i heard he had some positions available so i sent that by fax and she called me almost immediately after to say something to the effect of holy crap you have a ph.d.? laugh laugh based on the reaction i got the jobless senator ashcroft and then ended up with the bush did ministrations and with that combination of the ph.d. working in politics that i wrote this book. while i was in the bush administration i was there during 9/11 and at the white house during katrina. i worked on the of plan throughout the 2000 and was deployed by the obama administration 2009 so have a lot of experience how
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government prepares for disasters in the lilac at presidential history from my previous books and also with pop culture. so i have a good friend who says then write about disasters. said the nitride to marry that with the presidential race. i came up with the concept for the book decided to look back in time to see what presidents have done over time with disasters and a founder of something very interesting. that is not always the case that the president should have to deal with as it is their constitutional role response ability but because of lack of modern communication, and they might not even know about disasters when they happened so i tell stories of 1811
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the earthquake in misery the president doesn't know about it over six weeks. [laughter] i think about that and washington state there was an earthquake in washington d.c. over here i happen to be on twitter and i knew within 30 seconds that it in earthquake happened in my home city. so that strap me how different communication is today. hugh cannot do anything about it but talk about communication technology moving a little bit faster was the telegraph they still don't have the sense the president needs to get involved. with the johnstown flood, a 2000 people died in the slide it was the largest loss of life american soil
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until 9/11 benjamin harrison gets a telegraphic message from the elders say a disaster has happened please help us we need resources and he responds with a message back that says to paraphrase you get the exact text in the book, i'm sorry about your tragedy that is not a government responsibility. imagine today for president said that. the lawsuits and the protesters would be of wages. is a very different time. president harrison to be fair does something in response, he sends a $300 personal donation that would be $7,500 in today's dollars
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facility is not giving all billions of federal dollars but his own personal money as they were just turning red cross. you may say he was a republican but grover cleveland that the president the lead time he succeeded in succeeded a president congress would appropriate the funds to deal with the drought and cleveland would veto the funding. why? he writes a message they were frowned upon in the bush and obama years but in the message he says it is not the constitutional role to deal with these types of disasters. a very different mind-set. over the course of the 20th century things
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change. talk about communications possible the growth of government so then there is another disaster. 675,000 americans died and in response to the terrible tragedy they do nothing. there were 116,000 americans who died in the military almost six times as many are dying as a result in the reaction is the one thing he almost does at the consideration of his personal doctor thinking of stopping of what is taking the servicemen to europe to spread the disease among themselves instead of spreading it across europe
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and the almost certainly started america. so he is asked to stop so he meets with the head of the people at the time the army says that is not possible. it is essential to operations in europe fell one month before we ended world war i but they do not stop the two transports pet take the americans over. so we see that there are terrible things happening in the government doesn't do anything about it. then there is a watermark when we start to see that change between all these people that die in the floods and president coolidge is in the white house he does understand limited government and who should be involved with the constitutional president to
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get involved but he did under outside pressure in fact, the comedian says that coolidge response to this disaster in the hopes that most people would die in the meantime. [laughter] not exactly as sharp as today but not far from the joke that jay leno made that bush is finally sending troops to the gulf because he found out there is oil in the louisiana. [laughter] that same sense of the joke although i think there were sharper comedy writers. also pressure in the form of the secretary of commerce and the undersecretary of everything else. that coolidge found hoover
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and knowing. to have an unsolicited vice over six years. so you have pressure on the white house with the annoying cabinet secretary and they said godown to the gulf. by a all accounts he does the great job to collect resources and gets people rescued to help develop supply lines and actually he was well practiced he helped to bring starving people food from world war i in europe. he was considered the master of the emergencies he knew how to deal with it disasters and he earned the reputation as a national hero because he is elected 1928 but we know how the story ends. doesn't get to keep back the great reputation but today
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is the one who is known to allow the great depression to happen in. that is in part because fdr succeeded him to dinner brilliant job to major all of this is put on hoover said when he becomes president he does not discuss matters with hoover with the policy initiatives even the with the transition roosevelt will have nothing to do with hoover so not only is he active in building the response to the new deal but he has his famous fireside chats with cheap things about very carefully. he doesn't do that willy-nilly. he carefully would marshalled those and how he
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gave the talks to cross off any five for $10 a words. he even used a special paper so when he would switch pages people would think u.s. speaking off of that but is this some model how to communicate in the time of disaster. also to preside over a large growth of the federal government in the response to to crisis of the great depression but also world war to end and the and with a government that is much bigger. said the changes in the 1950's that what is known as a presidential disaster declaration. so i found it has steadily increased over time of there was a political element.
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i also have found a number of disaster declaration spike with summer olympics source of other even to. [laughter] so you see these in the presidential election and then with hurricane camille he doesn't send his secretary down but the vice president so agnew comes back to say one of the problems is that people could not gauge how big of a problem of the hurricane is. they decided to shelter in place but then nixon says little did they know matthew is category three in then comes out of that bureaucracy.
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to other disasters very quickly. >> so those studies that you have looked at it is devastating in this category and. >> so i will answer that 1982 is hurricane andrew bushes in the white house with no response now it is seen as an act of presidential responsibility so that non involvement is not an option but he takes this lesson from his father and its great credit from the media to be really good with disasters in fact, there is some cynical reporters that say he is only good at dealing with disasters because of his father after resaw that in
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his reelection but he no longer has that reputation. so one thing that he did so well was of flyover flying back to washington and he looked down at that infamous picture of him from the puerto rico perspective was disastrous. >> i never understood why. >> that is a good question. the problem with the president going to the disaster area is that you take up resources the first responders should be using the ever-present it comes to an area you have to set up up, security, motorcades, but
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the first responders they all have to deal with the disaster now have to deal with a presidential visit. there is a good reason not to visit but flying over it appears that he was callous that he was a near for swann and was protected. in my book i do show the picture but lyndon johnson dealing with the riots with the aftermath of the nl k. assassination and johnson is then read one flying over the area of washington d.c. the picture is taken of him at that moment that is like bush flying over katrina. but sometimes they will send a president to go to the disaster area but you should never ever be photographed
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as a flyover. >> have you prepare for the disaster that is not foreseeable? i know you talk about as much as you can in advance but if they have never seen before crack. >> that is true the next president will face a crisis . we don't know what that will be but they will face a crisis. them facing that crisis they bring skills and attributes and preparation one thing if found in government ever much better after tabletop exercises that federal officials show up to disaster area to hand out business cards we have failed the don't know what people are supposed to do so with is not a good way. but if you have those
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exercises with the senior officials actually participate instead of referring to the deputies deputies, and then they are much better. i tell the story in the book of what happened 2009 swine flu. i told you with the bush influenza plan. but 2009 happened with this wine flu outbreak. already the plan is for some other type of disaster. so you take the disaster to prepare for that you have to same building block. but this happens 2009 not to single senior officials is confirmed. all the nominations are behind.
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there was no senior officials there. so they took that avian flu plan that was good because they did not the political officials in then the head the ctc communication did such a good job he put that into the chief medical correspondent. but i know that with those tabletop exercises because i participated. but one did a terrible job that was joe biden he cabbages experience but not executive experience. at all think anybody should go into any enclosed spaces. [laughter] and robert gibbs had to walk that back and not very
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subtle. he just threw him under the bus. but i thought about it and vice president biden has real government experience but not the executive side. you need to prepare for the executive side. >> with the twitter and the modern age how d.c. disasters? because the flyover no this is what i see. this is what i expect we will see out of the obama with tweets about matthew in the next few days you can see and from hillary and trump. >> he has about 60 million followers that is a growing number but it matters in part as a great resource.
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in the fed is over the political it will check out. so some type of bipartisanship. a flu is what we care about. so whoever is president needs to maintain a level of credibility and partisanship into step above the fray twitter isn't good tool but use that wisely not just during a disaster. >> this is a lovely event. spec everybody should buy a book. [applause] [inaudible conversations]
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>> thank you. thank you. >> woody like my card? [inaudible conversations]
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>> when my visa expired at the age of 14 mother was very reluctant to tell me about that or to tell me how expired and then as could not renew a because of our financial circumstances and that it was as student visa and i was studying bridge there was 14 i never asked to come here but here i am
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no having to understand what it means that might be set is expired. >> this data was sent to me days after president barack obama was reelected in 2012. the top of the new mill from the christian coalition of america. i was struck at the time because literally came right on the heels family at prayer pennsylvania. 1942 is the image. black-and-white photo a white family saying grace and this line of text further explains the chance titian butted did say that
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we will soon be celebrating the 400 anniversary of the first thanksgiving still not withholding his blessing upon the nation although we richly deserve condemnation. we have a lot to be thankful for but also prey to the heavenly father asking him as to protect us from the enemies outside and within who want to see america destroyed. that is the message that is attached to the image right after the reelection of the obama in 2012. a was in working on the book quite yet been eye immediately save data as the seemed an artifact and davis reaction in 2012. part of the of booking is what is that about? when we see these kind of reactions and this throwback


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