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tv   The Communicators  CSPAN  October 24, 2016 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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democrats last couple of weeks but they are in much better shape and in the of high 18th on a goodnight maybe the twenties which is very hard for them to get 30 seats. that would take extraordinary blowout for them to get the majority back in the house. >> just the quick comment delectable -- electrical -- electoral college works gives republicans. but mr. trump is a populist. >> but he said i am voting for trump i am not voting for comstock. that is an interesting comment.
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but what happens in the republican party but to be very careful but is on hillary clinton there is a franchise element but i guarantee that the next time this comes around there will not win the presidential election. i don't care if it is peter pan. there is a real frustration from a lot of people out there with the republican party has not come together you will see that in the future. of the autopsy to sit back and look at that. >> >> i will send the streets
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of the others. >> i was there over 22 workers. [laughter] but i was also a poll watcher for george mcgovern i remember that being about change as well aside from the fact they've made a lot of money what does donald trump think was so great about those times the we should change back quick. >> so the reason that i paid joined up but that frustration but democrats and republicans as well. did talk about change urdu this.
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and we cannot even get the budget passed on time. it can even get a balanced budget. the national defense authorization act end but that washington and d.c.. and when they come on line to do that. as a believer in patterns. people don't change to their really are. once you become into this system to invest in
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washington d.c.. and it is hard to change. recently the whole concept of constitutional amendment. will maybe it is time we change the constitution and do something like that. may be that is we want to go i don't know. >> pet mr. trump nobody put one year of that that was the hillary clinton campaign to say to go back to slavery were jim-crow. make america great again means what it makes for you. over the past four years or eight years and if your students don't have any stallone debt you own a home. then congratulations vote for hillary clinton but if there is a time the in your life when things were better
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than i can only speak for me their retirees and things were better and that is what makes america great again means. to make that narrative enough to put people back in change and to get traction by the media. >> when ratings better for you? have liked to see the answer to that been. >> my question is for the professor.
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>> i stacked the audience with a favorite student. [laughter] i have to make this point but to put the mall and one box but it obama ran against a well established politicians how about running again as the anti-establishment populism has although the helper is in the general election to get bigger crowds but. >> added interesting i'm curious of my colleagues think what did bernie sanders due to a hillary essentially is your question.
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bernie sanders mobilized a lot of people to politics just like rock obama which is good for the long haul anything and there's a period when that would be iffy for her when the constituency was so disappointed that they were not so much to vote for trump a friend said that a clinton third party or the couch in the trump wasn't in the calculation because of what he did nonspecific issues white student loans and with all due respect to my colleagues from what
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donald trump is done and about the election might think young people will vote but he restored our sense of the political spectrum and what it looks like. when people call barack obama a socialist i have friends who were a socialist. they were in seoul said gwen barack obama was called the socialists. [laughter] we've had a truncated view of the political spectrum. with the full range of debate that is hugely useful for the country ha they had positive views so the idea is somehow they ran out there to grab that had no
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residence i do still think there is a challenge but my guess is they will turn out. that they will set back rather than be actively involved. when this election is over the chapter that will be written is michelle obama and barack obama. without a doubt. in both the moral terms sent to be able to stimulate what clinton needed to have. >> as far as i aware either the boston with a father as unwilling to endorse the
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republican candidates. so tell me from the gop's strategy perspective what about the party on november november 9 quick. >> no. i cannot do that i don't assume that i think they are incorrect. remember this is not somehow unprecedented time of history of the division but if you recall back with the democratic midterm election they ran away from president obama back if you recall senator mccain to invite them to speak at the convention can is not uncommon in for the life of
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me for them to speak at their conventions but that narrative that somehow to be on the campaign trail that incoming nominee what you have to do politically one would. do what you have to do. that an order to advance that opportunity agenda with every american including minorities and women and children he has to do that he knows he cannot enact any of that that is why he supports donald trott in why he adds in by the republican leadership stays behind because they know the alternative is so much more dire for the american people . that is why the majority of the republicans will stick
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with mr. trump. they can do with they can do politically to answer to their base or their lobbyist but the ballot box and promise they will vote for donald trump. >> i think that will depend before donald trump and a large part in the size of the defeat ended is a close election the most interesting purely political story will be the recriminations within the republican party to blame the part of the party who nominated somebody for those to kid not get behind. that is the recrimination before they get to the point to figure out the path forward. >> we can do this all might
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this is why it is such a remarkable election. so thanks. and has spent a terrific conversation. [applause] select how many electoral votes today get? >> donald trump to hundred 70. >> clinton 347. >> 269 / two under 69. [laughter] best answer of the night. >> clinton is 371. >> i cannot go there i am still trying to figure out how jeb bush did not get the nomination. [laughter]
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donald trump's window is closing as we're following this story one. >> q have been talking to republican operatives to basie a path for donald trump at 270 greg. >> most of them do not most of the warning since he was nominated it would be the uphill battle. land at this point there are
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very few republican operatives that will say publicly that they feel confident that he has power. >> early voting is a place over half the country so what did those trends indicate for democrats republicans quick. >> they're encouraging for democrats in florida where republicans have consists of me out to perform for the early voting that narrow advantage has narrowed further questions as they tend to outperform and in north carolina the republican sen 2012 totally dominated that margin has shrunk considerably in both places republicans need those margins to be competitive. in nevada, we saw very, very
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well organized effort by democrats with the help of the unions to get people to the polls and keep perry was out to urge people to get to the vote polls early so overall it is positive but discouraging for republicans >> you wrote about utah that has not voted for a democrat since '64 when johnson defeated cold water right now which shows a tight race with the independent potentially to pick up the state for the first time since 1968. >> that race is tight but the polls tend to show mcmullen and trump neck-and-neck. clinton is sending more staffers to the state to deploy a resources privately
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the independent to pick up the votes for of you are a republican in this design of a potential catastrophe. >> another place they deploy more resources where the republican senator in a tough reelection battle what did the poll say in that race? >> said to go neck-and-neck he has struggled with his position say he was voting for him but not endorsing him but then bragging about the sexual assault she totally disavowed him but the latest poll was last week showing her eight points behind that speaks to where the republic, and - - republicans are in he has
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some die-hard supporters so when the candidates disavowed trump they can also face a penalty kick. >> guess trying to run up the score with the electoral college to pick up the keys and erases to put the democrats back into the majority as they hoped for that possibility to recapture the house of representatives. >> air going on offense into refocused. we have not heard hillary clinton do much up on the stump but we did hear her go after that to me in pennsylvania we have seemed barack obama issue endorsements for the house races to pick away at the public majority so in many
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ways this is just how bad the congressional losses would be for republicans. >> based on all of that had to democrats make certain their voters still go to the polls election day? as a prematurely rest on their laurels quick. >> that's right. largely it comes down to executing on the ground game democrats have an advantage and donald trump is with the gallup of operation they have to manage expectations. there is a danger for bull's-eye aids that when the race is over the voters will stay home if they think it is a done deal so managing expectations. >> bottom line for donald trump and hillary clinton in
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the remaining 14 days? what can we expect from each candidate? what is their approach quick. >> to focus on the increasing focus to give for the strongest possible hand to play. but to win this thing. to have a wild card in with those allegations of sexual assaults, he is ratcheting up their rhetoric with the vast conspiracy of the journalist and the banker said it is possible as things get down to the wire it is more clear that he will find a new rhetorical extremes it is possible for
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others to take the blame for unexpected loss. with the post campaign media venture and what he has to say about that. >> we will be reporting on line "politico".com. we appreciate you to be with us. be a lot.
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>> james lewis former state department official and seven security expert serving as senior vice president center for strategic international studies and as organist this week. the topic is cyberattacks and cybersecurity on the communicators. what proof is there any that the russians are behind the recent cyberattacks quick. >> at this point there's three kinds of proof of forensic evidence found by the commercial company. if you back into a computer something is left behind that points to the perpetrator berger like a footprint in a lead back to moscow. the second source of evidence is the intelligence
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agencies to be fully confident of the russian government using their own sources and technology. >> that smile he has not denied this. so that evidence is solid. >> how did he get this information? how did that happen quick. >> it is pretty straightforward. most people still suffer from the illusion that the e-mail is somehow private when it is like a postcard. so to secure the date of their own networks. as they got in to a fishing e-mail then to get control of the network over a period
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of time to extract the data including debt e-mail. >> joining our conversation today from reuters one. >> my and understanding by the way that the intelligence agency the gain evade the leaders of the intelligence committee but this past summer about one year ago that this was going on. for quite some time to speak to the people of the democratic front party they say they were approached some months maybe one year ago dundee fbi was very opaque the way they approach this.
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so they're asking questions that you have then had. and they did not even realize they were hacked. that was larger april. and the clinton campaign still denies although i had heard to have their personal e-mail's fact that it literally they got 50,000 that is enough to go every day between now and election >> the favorite tool for the russians is wikileaks there
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is some questions with assange he cannot be called the unwitting agent he knows where it is coming from but with a confrontation with russia that also did want to compromise intelligence to get the deal with syria. >> it sounds from your conversation that they had been hacked. how does the fbi knew that had a time? >> they knew well before they told the dnc because they had intelligence and place. that is different from my experience because they came
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and told us we have been hacked by the russians there are pretty forthright about who was responsible. they have their own sources that they monitor with the victim not knowing for months is commonplace i know there were very explicit to the hilt some months ago. but the reasons behind it is to say be were very confused >> isn't that unusual because russia hacked into the campaigns of 2012 and
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2008 with the release of the data. with any male donor list of the campaign strategy that is the third time they have done that but what is different now is the overt political use. >> at '01 to be to this piece said he said the fbi came to cfis to say you were hacked. was cfis surprised to learn this back. >> the first mi. >> you had the knowledge it was happening? >> this is one of the interesting things. so to be vested in the world prior to these incidents to be very discreet to be very determined one of the things the was cellmark of russia was not to see them do things.


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