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tv   Discussion Focuses on Same- Sex Marriage and Religious Exemption  CSPAN  October 25, 2016 8:00pm-8:22pm EDT

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focusing on i was a battleground state and looking at other battleground fol to follow up on that jason noble taking look at outside money in the congressional races. can you tell the folks at home about the story of what's going on? >> guest: sure, the story focuses in on two congressional races in the state of iowa. the first district which is northeast iowa, cedar rapids traditionally democratic areashs and the others at their district which includes the des moines metro and point southwest.t both have freshman republican congressman and both appear to be very competitive. the story reference was looking at the money that's coming from the campaigns and outside groups seeing a lot of spending on tv ads and other voter outreach which indicates republicans and democrats nationally are competitive and are seen as
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potential pickups and republicans see them on -- well over $3.5 million. >> host: by the way if you want to see the district debate of iowa take place live wednesday at 1:00 represented david younger republican and jim mauer the democrat. you can watch it is part of our c-span 2016 coverage live this wednesday at 9:00. outside spending when it comes to the presidential campaigns jason noble can you paint a picture there? >> guest: we are sayinges outside spending in this presidential race. priority usa is at big super pac spending money here. there are a couple of packs supporting donald trump as well. the bulk of the money being spent in i won tv is for the hillary clinton campaign itselfp if we have an seem quite as robust in the presidential race
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compared to the congressional races. >> host: hertford south carolina on our line for others is jim. hi. >> caller: good morning, how are you? a quick comment about her guests making that comment about the candidates not talking about the issues.ey we say don't talk about the issues because they think they know if they told the american people the truth and talk about the budget deficit or the tax increases of the spending cuts people would want to hear it hill i think hillary and trump know this so i think it's a lost cause. i wouldn't blame it really on the candidates. i blame the voters who really don't want to hear it in the people that we are electing who know this and aren't going to broach the subject. >> host: mr. noble? >> guest: that's one way of
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looking at it. at some point somebody needs to make policy. >> host: lived here from and i will president in clive, iowa. evelyn, you are on. go ahead. >> first i wanted toto congratulate the register on i what i think is an excellent writing on this and the stance it has taken. i think the register was one of the first major newspapers that kick doubt of any trump rallies or anything having to do with trump and then trump went on to battle the "washington post" and other major newspapers and given the importance of the media in america, i just wanted his opinion on the effects that has
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on the election where you have a major candidate who is fighting the media. >> host: mr. noble. >> guest: sure. i can speak to the registers experience a little bit into your other question. our editorial board which givess an opinion on better politics has been very critical of donald trump over the last several months.n the caveat here is i don't take part in those discussions or have a role in that but the editorial board has been critical of trump for many months and it led led to four times that getting press credentials and the axis that other journalists for getting to his events. didn't affect their coverage much because we were still ablee to get into the events and covel them with the general audience.
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but how has trump's view in the media affected his race affected his race i think was evelyn's question. he definitely made it an issue and they think it's something for him that has rallied hispo supporters then created a sense of solidarity among his supporters. the broader effect, i do worry that it undermines faith in objective journalism but i don't think it's anything we can come back from. >> host: mr. noble, one of the topics the candidates are addressing her jobs in the economy. iowa's current unemployment rate is at 4.2% and also other information at the meeting the family household is $50,000. how did those factors play out as far as how people decide to vote but especially when i look at economic features?
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>> guest: sure. i think that is kind of an important distinction that voters are going to make between the candidates. we asked the question in our latest poll about how you feel the direction of the country is going and the differences were stark between the two parties in between this clinton and trump. trump supporters, more than 90% of our iowa polls said the country was on the wrong track and among clinton supporters there was a majority or a slight majority said the country was on the right track. right track, wrong track question goes back to how a voter is feeling about their position and their opportunities in life and the numbers overall that you reference in iowa are pretty good. the unemployment rate and the
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income is relatively good but i don't think that's uniformly felt across the country and some of the smaller communities where a big employer has left in recent years and nothing hase come in to fill the gap, there's a real anxiety about life in the community and the way the country is going in the people that are feeling that anxiety in a lot of ways are going to trump. >> host: let me be more new ones.siness if you are in the agriculture business in iowa are you a candidate that is elected differently as well? >> guest: the question is an interesting one from the agriculture industry. corn prices and other commodity prices and iowa are down.owow they are down at or below the cost of production which is not good for farmers. there is a lot of angst over the obama administration and the way it's handled subsidies for ethanol and biofuels that i
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think are feeling resentment within the agriculture community here but on this trade issue that's been the centerpiece of donald trump's campaign he is on the other side with the farmers. agriculture groups really like free trade and asia in particular is a huge market for soybeans and other commodities that they are producing. they are not too enthused about the idea of a trade were with a major trading partner.s there is sort of an interesting push and pull going on.on nob >> host: jason noble from "the des moines register" joining us as we look at the battleground state of iowa. sherry joins us on the phone from indianola. good morning. >> caller: good morning. my comment is i heard a little bit about term as far as forolic politicians and i really want to
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know, there's not been a lot said about it. could you maybe tell me what's's going on, continuing the long-term that they have? we have a lot of young kids in this world that are coming up and i think some of these people need to resign. we have to have shorter terms. can you see where the register has covered any of that because i haven't seen much of a? >> host: you are concerned about the length of terms that senators or representatives have in congress? >> caller:exactly. we need some youngblood. the n >> guest: the notion of term limits is a perennial topic in politics and one that i have heard mentioned by different it just groups in the campaign cycle. i don't know that there's any
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real movement toward part of the reason is because the people who make the decision are the ones who don't want to see it happen. i will tell you you obviously don't have term limits if they congressional the federal level. they don't have term limits in iowa. ord in the state of missouri they do have term limits and they have been in place for about 20 years now. it's been sort of a mixed there is something to be said for expertise and seniority and the understanding of the process that comes with spending a lot of time in the legislature. you can see the effects of that where they get a maximum of four terms, eight years in the house and another eight years in the state senate and i think there is a sense down there that that may not be enough time to really understand the nuances of statee government and to make politics
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the work duration. 202-7488000 for iowa residents like sherry. if you want to ask our guests questions and people in other states want to learn about iowa as a battleground state, (202)748-8001. mr. noble on the front pages off one of the papers, that's not your paper, the press citizen. it's all about the lbg tq. has this been a topic of the campaign and how it has changed in iowa's recent political history? mr. noble? i think we are having some audio issues. we will get those issues hammered out. james and tennessee go and to be
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the judge the grassley honor. >> caller: in missouri we are in the our center has been up there for 30.whole his wife nning
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the country. is now representatives that are supposed to be representing us. as they are writing the bills and everything. i really appreciate. that is my comment. in jim, go ahead. your thoughts. caller: i wanted to ask of the young reporter, it seems to me that most reporters these days i older -- are a bit
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quite a bit older than his young man. does he see the bias in the media like we see the bias in the media? my daughter goes to the university of honolulu and she is in journalism. keptdid their own -- they they kept track, of what was being set said on both sides. they came up and it kind of blew me away when she came home and told me that 87% of everything that we are watching on the news mainly cable but 87% was something to do with the campaign this year and that 80 807%, 69% was negative for trump you know i am a democrat. everyone in hawaii is democrat.
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you are never going to see a republican governor again or anything like that. i'm really wondering, they used to be the state. you had the freh was supposed to tell us, get people down there and route around and find out what is going on. i do not see that anymore. like the clinton foundation, nobody has ever looked into the clinton foundation. , do theyeople in iowa realize how terrible our press is these days? noble, let's ask you about this idea of media bias. what is your perspective? do you get questions? guest: it is something that comes up on the campaign trail, especially at trump events when i told his supporters and get an ear full about the way the press
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has handled donald trump. to the caller's point about the volume of coverage of truck -- trump and his perception of the nature of that coverage, we're talking about somebody who has been a public life for decades but has not been part of the political process. it is sort of a natural vetting process that comes at the politics that the media had a lot of catch up to do with the donald trump as he emerged out of, you know, the entertainment industry into politics over the last year and a half. there was a lot of vetting to do of his character and passed and political position -- past and political position. hillary clinton has been a s, 25, 30or -- politic years.
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and to his point about the clinton foundation not being covered, that has certainly been in the media and covered at the national level. this is jim from san antonio, texas. am i on? , it, about the term limits is up to the voters to make that periodn about the time in congress or the senate. production,n ethanol, i do not know how great that stuff is. they willoncerned have to grow corn for food? -- guest:e sense here
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the sense here is ethanol is a fairly mature industry and well-established and there is a sense that if there is a phaseout of the federal subsidies and it that help would -- happen gradually. issue during the iowa caucuses last year and where all the candidates were on how to handle the renewable fuel standards. i think there's a sense that overtime ethanol will stand on his own two feet as an energy source, but the industry wants to see it happen gradually. indianapolis.d in you are next up. [indiscernible] that whereis like everything on the political spectrum is left. rifta here and you are
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probably on the left also. no studies of the environment. let's flip it all upside down. obamacare is perfect. yokelsocal -- you are spinning in their great. host: what is the question or comment? get thedo des moines ?arching orders from rifta guest: i do not get marching orders from anybody. my stories myself based on what i am seeing here on the ground and talk them over with my immediate adhere -- editor and we go from there.
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was going to ask you for two weeks out of election day, what is your focus? was stories are you going to be most interested in? what the campaigns are going to do, their closing arguments and the state of iowa. i am closely watching the early vote returns that moment in. iowa has a 40 day early vote period that begins in early september. there is a lot of readily available data and how democrats and republican and new party voters are casting their ballots. that is a great data set to surmise how the campaigns are doing and what we can expect on election night. i will be watching polls that show how i what is shaping up over the last two weeks. -- and we willes
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see the candidates here are a few times. hillary clinton will be here. from "the desble moines register >>


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