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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  October 26, 2016 4:00am-6:01am EDT

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announcer: washington journal continues. host: our next guest is danny homan, the first vice chair of the iowa democratic party and the president of iowa council 61. danny homan, welcome to c-span. guest: good morning. abouti want to talk looking at the polling data. it shows mr. trump by the lead -- a good lead at this point as far as the state. does that number concern you? guest no, it does not concern me. it depends on what day, what , il, any number of factors do not believe polls elect candidates.
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i believe polls are a snapshot in time. i believe hillary clinton will do just fine in the state of iowa. host: our previous guest spoke about the republican influences. and you think it is going to be good for hillary clinton this time around. what makes you say that? i believe that although iowa can probably consider republican leaning state, that is not been the recent history. barack obama won the state the last two times he ran. that we had 12 years where we had a democratic governor. i believe that we have a democratically controlled iowa senate. folks areate, starting to look at the issues. if you look at the issues,
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donald trump and how he has attacked women, how he has attacked disabled people, how he has attacked veterans, and prisoners of war -- i do not believe it sells well with the majority of iowans. there is a group that will support to that and apparently our government -- governor. that common,eve everyday americans do. the one i think is most egregious is how he considers and thinks of women and treats them. in theve those traits end will propel hillary to a victory. host: is there a way looking at hillary clinton's chances of house she is performed in the iowa caucuses and can you relate
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one to the other? guest: our caucuses were of very competitive race. eight years ago hillary clinton lost the iowa caucuses. this time around, hillary clinton wanda caucuses -- won the caucuses. won at every stage and the state convention. i believe that hopefully the enthusiasm and what transpired during those kocsis will propel her to victory on november 8. host: our guest until 9:15. , (202)a residents 748-8001. , what is the on the ground effort for hillary clinton?
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the hours you are investing from now until election day? guest: our organization is investing personally a lot of time, a lot of energy. we have maternal volunteers out every day -- we have a time of volunteers out every day, canvassing. iflecting absentee ballots, folks want us to come back and get them. and checking that they mailed them in. that is right now, for our organization and for the iowa democratic party, i believe job one. and to get the ballots in an democrats have always had a great ground game. membership voted for
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years ago and that is very high turnout. we are encouraging all of our members to go vote. addition to the presidential campaign this year, we have a very competitive house and senate race in here in iowa and we want to make sure that folks are voting up and down the ballot and are voting for folks that will take care of working men and women and not take of the 1% and not take care of those who do not really need any help. overalle of the themes over previous cycles is that of voter fraud and things of that nature. how is iowa set up and oversee that votes are counted and taken in the proper way? pedro, i did not catch your question. host: how is iowa set up to make
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sure when the votes come in they are counted? how is i you what set up -- i was set up -- iowa set up? guest: iowa is set up fine. as our governor said, there is no fodder rod in iowa -- voter fraud in iowa. folks andhe county based on the state folks, there is going to be no problem whatsoever in voter fraud here in iowa. frankly, i believe there will be no problem with voter fraud in this country. i think that seeing them that theme is an- attempt to drive down voters and
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convince people not to vote. i think that is a shame. this is a constitutional right, and everyone should go vote. i think everyone's vote will be counted. and it will be done fairly and accurately. and the votes will be counted and they will be counted accurately. i am not worried about it at all. host: we will start this morning from iowa for our guest danny homan,. go ahead, wayne. our representatives are not talking more about the we need, i do not think to be another flint, michigan. thank you. caller: -- guest: there are opponents on both side of the pipeline issue. that -- i do not
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know if i have an opinion one way or another. ,s long as it is done properly it will be ok. i really do not know. i am more concerned about trying to figure up how we pull working men and women back to work in this state and how we give -- provide them job security so they can raise their family and put a roof over their head and feed them. the pipeline, i know the people passionate on both sides of the issue. that issue is going to be determined. i hope it can be determined without any more violence. host: for context, can you tell our viewers about this pipeline? guest: there is proposed pipeline that is going to run across the state of iowa.
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i do not know exactly where it ends up. , fromes oil from canada my understanding -- some toxic down andaking it having get refined somewhere else in the country. it is running across not only iowa but south dakota, north dakota. that is where some of the bigger fights are because it is running through some indian reservation land and they do not want anything to do with it. there have been farmers who have welcomed the pipeline and there are others who have not. is sort ofissue that above my pay grade. we have members that support it. we have members that oppose it. it is not an issue ideal with every day. host: let's hear from nevada.
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caller: hi. homan, when donald trump first lost in the primary in iowa, he called all iowans stupid. i want to get your opinion why people in iowa would still vote for him? to me, that is a million-dollar question. not only did he say we were stupid, he is also said very egregious things about veterans, about a family that their son was killed in action, defendant other troops. my son is an army veteran. my father is a world war ii veteran. i am a veteran. iraqn was hit by an ied in in 2007. is --m to attack veterans
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i do not understand why any veteran, any veteran anywhere would support this man. and then to attack senator mccain from arizona because he was taken prisoner during the vietnam war. again, those things are just atrocious. insultedidate has about every group of u.s. citizens that could possibly be insulted other than his 1% of ends andnd oh -- fri those who are supporting hill with money and other issues. ma'am, i do not know. he will not get my vote. i can tell you that. he will not get the vote of anybody in my family. up on iowans wake
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november 9 and hillary clinton has won the state and donald trump has lost the national raise and then we can get back fixiguring out how we can the problems that is in this country because there are some problems. i do not believe donald trump is the answer. i do not believe donald trump can fix the problem. all he has done is divide groups. again, that is my opinion. and it is one i firmly believe. host: washington, connecticut. caller: i have a couple of questions. is there any attempt of the democratic party to change the private prison system in iowa? well, iowa does not have a private prison system. due to the wisdom of folks
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m administration, iowa passed the law that prisons. private fortunately, we do not have that played here in the state. . hope we never do with everything that has been publicized about private prisons and those companies that run those and the deals they cut to say we get x number of prisons. you are going to pay for x number of prisoners regardless of the beds. that is clearly a scheme i hope the state never gets involved in and right now they cannot do it in the state. host: we are talking to danny homan, the first vice chair of the iowa democratic party.
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let's hear for roger. he is in iowa. hi. caller: good morning. mainly about these -- how do you call them? your limit controls on senators. to me, this is not really an issue. we, the people, like i am watching c-span, we are the ones who can do it. all we have to do is get off of our rear end. we do not need other people to control that. i would like to talk about hillary. you know -- the people have called her a liar, i do not
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understand why they see the point of what other people say. i heard her comment about e-mail, one way or another, as feel she of state, i cannot talk about her duties as secretary of state. i think she did a wonderful job instead of listening to people who say she is wrong doing these things. opinionwell -- my hillary clinton may be different than others. i have known hillary clinton since 1991. i have a personal story about my relation with hillary clinton. in 2000aid earlier seven, my son was hit by an ied in iraq. when i got the phone call, i was on vacation. that is a tough call to receive for a parent and i know there
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are a lot of other parents who have received tougher calls. my son was alive. but i made a phone call to my political director and said i would like my son to be in the system as soon as possible so that his surgeries could be done here. harkin, called senator who in turn -- called senator clinton. senator clinton made some phone calls, real it did -- really do not know me. me and was not running for president. i was not her constituent, but i whoa father of a soldier wanted his son back in the united states so i can be there when his surgeries were done. and that happened. , put on a stabilized plane, returned to the united
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states and had his surgeries done in texas. when people talk to me about her being a liar or her not caring and her not really caring about anything but herself and her family, that is not the hillary clinton i know. have the time i privilege of seeing her in talking to her, she always ask s about my son. she asks about my 20-year-old daughter. she asked about my family. wifef my best friends' passed away in the last 3-4 months. hillary clinton sent him a personal note of condolences. this is the hillary clinton that i know. i know everybody does not know her. and people base their opinion based on other news stations that have reported about her.
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that is not the hillary clinton that i know and this is personal for me, a lady that went out of for ay to do something young servicemen getting the back to the states and his wife and his family could be with him when he went through surgery. is here. he is alive. he is pursuing to join to become a professional -- dream to become a professional bass fisher. , at leaster she did she took the call. she cares about my son's well-being. for that, i will always be grateful. i think she's a very compassionate, knowledgeable, smart, and she is ready to lead this country and she will make a
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great president of this country after we elect her and she is sworn in of jenni rivera year. host: let's go to georgia. this is frank for our guest, danny homan. caller: good morning. -- yes,tand what understand what the gentleman was saying and i am so proud that hillary clinton was able to help his son. -- whatl the matter is i am concerned about, and i think she's a good lady. i do not think donald trump is make himillain people out to be. i am torn in between both. that might have been an isolated issue. but hillary clinton and barack obama has destroyed our economy and our nation. i do not know whether donald trump would be any better, but
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my concerns are the e-mails that she refuses to release or they refused to release to find out if there was anything illegal. whooncerns are the people ssi.n social security and nobody seems to talk about barack obama and hillary clinton in eight years of office, we only got an increased ssi twiced a very minimal one at that. the price of everything goes up and we have not got no increases in six years. host: you can respond. vast -- fastly approaching social security, since i am 63, i would rather had president obama and hillary clinton in charge of social security and medicare
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than the republican plan of privatizing it and turning it over to a voucher system. quite frankly that scares the living daylights out of me. i do not know what kind of raises you got, i know there are a lot of citizens in this country who have not gotten pay raises. i know some have. security to acial private entity and let them run it like they were run any of the other companies like donald trump has run many of his into the ground that would scare me. if there nears to be some improvement, we need to make sure such security is sound because quite frankly, i hope i have many years of social security in my lifetime but i trust her and i trusted
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president obama much more than i would trust paul ryan who was to turn that system into a voucher system and i believe the folks that will be hurt are those that really need it the most. , wertunately here in iowa privatize our medicare/medicaid system and it is turning out to be a total failure with folks not getting the care they need. vendors not getting paid. a systemyou turned over to a for-profit company, as they are more worried about for-profit than for service. , may be in asir couple of years i will be worried about my social security increase. you have a sound social security system only because of president obama and i believe secretary clinton will keep that system
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sound and into the future for myself and my kids. guest is the first vice chair of the iowa democratic party, danny homan, is our cast -- guest joining us to talk about the battleground state. politics to real clear and look at the current senate race featuring chuck grassley, average insurance and 15 points ahead. does that suggest this race is done or things could change before in two weeks? guest: i think a lot of things can change in two weeks. again, i believe polls are what they are. out some time on the early morning of the ninth or very late on the eighth who won what because they will tell me. i will accept that unlike some
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people who may not accept the results of this election. i can only go back to a time in iowa where there was a senator from mount pleasant who was running against a sitting congressman. senator by the name of tom millsap. senator ville sack was behind in double digits, big time going to to the last couple of weeks. weeks,d that last two his fortunes turned and he won that election. he was down by more than what patty judge is. he turned it around in two weeks time and won the election and served eight years as governor. he has gone on and served as eight years of secretary of agriculture. finest secretaries of
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agriculture we have ever had in this country. thatnot willing to concede mr. grassley is going to win that race. i hope, we are working as hard as we can to help had a judge. mr. grassley stopped to doing his job. he stopped when he would not give the nominee for the supreme court even a hearing. it does not say the man is going to get confirmed. he were not even give him a hearing to send his nomination up to the full senate to let the full senate to vote on that issue. all they had to do was do the hearing and send it to the full senate and let the senate do what they wanted. if the republicans wanted to kill the nomination, they could have done it there. they would been following the constitution.
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i do not believe the founders of this country and the writers of the constitution ever met that we should who the nominee is. country and he needs to be replaced. host: a bit about patty judge, who don't know her. guest: i've known patty judge was a state senator. served as nt on and the agriculture secretary of iowa.lture here in she then went on and served as ieutenant governor for four years with culver, and now
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the united states senate. have always ay not agreed on one thing, but i know ne thing, patty judge will do her job. as hat means upsetting me the leader of this union, then she will do that. job and she her doll what she believes is best men and women in this state and this country and candidacy.port her host: next to dave in des morning.hi, dave, good caller: good morning. guest: good morning. morning. actually -- andrew he victory and from ps sent me a letter
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the democratic party. a bog us letter from a bog us person. it doesn't mention asking my clinton.for all it does, basically attack trump. in any event, i voted on the first day that you could. vote for her or any other clinton-crats or republicans. republicans. are mr. homan, go ahead. guest: i don't know that there a question there, i don't believe senator sanders was caucuses, ithe iowa was a close race. i believe that the iowa there were though some issues, were run fairly. there are people that don't believe that, that is their
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right. i don't know what letter the caller is talking about. say, i don't believe that i have ever sent out a letter to anyone telling them to vote for f. we send out a out a letter d with comparison of the candidates and it is up to each ndividual person on who they vote for and i respect that right when they go in and vote, their vote, not mine. and i don't have any control or how they vote for they vote, all i can do is try to educate. take exception with the fact that senator sanders was cheated. involved in every step of the caucuses, i was a hillary but there were times where i believe hillary camp right.hings didn't go there were times when the bernie camp didn't feel right. he bottom line, that is done and over. and hillary clinton is the
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i hope that folks will go and support her. host: does bernie sanders play a role should hillary clinton win the presidency? guest: absolutely. i think senator sanders has. i was also a delegate to the national convention, senator sanders spoke at the convention. sanders is campaigning for hillary clinton. sanders' e senator ideas have been incorporated democratic national plank. so, yeah, i believe senator believe we have a tuition program for kids going to college. with that.ed i don't want my daughter to raduate from the university of northern iowa with a mountain of debt staring her in the face the stage. walks off that i believe senator sanders and clinton have worked on a program jointly together and a
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ideas have been incorporated into a lot of things she's doing, along with a ideas of other progressive folks, liberal in this derate folks country. you know, senator sanders should involved, senator sanders is a good man. that's t my choice, okay. eight years ago, president obama wasn't the person i supported in iowa caucuses, but certainly supported him since he's been elected. senator sanders should be involved and i believe president clinton will have senator theers involved in a lot of things that she does and a lot of the programs and policies she puts forward. yeah, i firmly believe that. ist: post falls, idaho, here tom glad. caller: good morning, mr. homan. first, i'd like to say thank you your son's service and i'm rateful that you were able to
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get him home in one piece. i would like to ask you about uper delegates and the whole idea that one person is given the lead prior to the primaries being started, it seems very clear to me, i've been my whole life,cs that both parties are corrupt is rigged insystem that the party chooses our nominee, not the people. ears, the with my own republican came out, donald trump was wining and they were furious, they said, the people politicians, we do. t seems the democrats simply stacked the deck for hillary prior to anything starting and honest not at all to the american voter seem like our votes are what counts, it seems that buys oney politicians and supports you run the parties are
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he only ones with power to get anybody elected and us american citizens are getting the short end of the deal. can't imagine anyone think the $20 trillion in debt is a good it., yet we have we've had a two-party system since we started, both parties party, who simply divide and separate the american power.nd he will maintain thanks, tom. guest: i will try to address super delegates. delegates the super did not elect hillary clinton. hillary clinton won the majority delegates. hillary clinton won the popular of those states that had a popular vote. there is no way you can address that had caucuses. so i don't know the super the election. at this and i looked one time, i believe hillary clinton had more pledge
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that barack obama had eight years ago. a super delegate system is system that i guess i've served on both sides. gat in pledge diagonal denver and i was one of those in the last es convention. you know, i don't believe that system rigs it. of the ll majority delegates that are elected are pledge delegates and hillary won that early election. as far as the other things, i you know, yeah, we have some debt. i wish we didn't have the debt. pay hat's way above my grade. i know in my role with the party, i'm the first vice chair, not the party chair. meetings, i do what i'm asked to do and i go out and
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things better for folks and make sure that the efficiently and other than that, i really don't know hat to say to the gentleman, other than i don't believe this side.m is rigged on either clearly the party leadership on want publican side didn't donald trump and donald trump went out and won that election. and hillary clinton won the bernie ic side and sande well s, he did very, very and he amassed a large number of supportive delegates and folks that believe in his cause i believe a lot of his auses have been molded into where we go from here, so i on't see anything rigged about that, but one nominee believes so i verything is rigged,
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guess people can believe what they want. the sonally do not believe system is rigged, i believe the system works fine and yep, it is two-party system, a lot of folks want a third party. then i guess you got to go out make a third party, but right now it is what we have. host: we have a line for those iowa residents, 202-748-8001. for iowa residents, 202-748-8000. n the line for others, robert from michigan. hi. caller: hi. ahead, you're on. morning. caller: yeah, i'd like to say a things about -- ahead, you're o on. caller: yeah. i'd like to say a couple things bernie sanders. bernie sanders is running in the he turned and then and said he would go for hillary
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clinton. or er you're a democrat you're independent, you can't be both ways. either you are -- lep leopard never changes spots. he should have ran as democrat and quit trying to lead people n the wrong direction and that's what he did. he did that. and then on the electoral votes, electoral vote was put in by you people or some people, people of the united states of america. they did not have a vote on that. guys not having a vote on nothing, but the politicians make all the decisions. host: thanks, caller. guest: you know, that election is over. hillary clinton is the nominee. bernie sanders is supporting er, i don't know what else to say. i'm sorry that the caller feels that way. host: one more call, then this doug from tennessee. harimen, tennessee g. ahead,
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are on.u caller: i would like to begin with thanking you and your amily for service to our country and i would like to say you're -- donald trump's veteran's o the families, but hillary clinton caskets of dead americans and lied to their families. you feel o know how about that. well, you know, benghazi was a terrible situation and the world wants to attack a lot of people want to for that.lary clinton 6000 or more brother and sisters in arms that went to war over weapons of mass estruction and they lost their
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lives and i believe every -- was wrong. and we had no business doing i haven't seen any investigations into that war. attacks about any those lives being lost. women thatve men and are in harm's way. i can only tell you from my personal experience. hillary clinton cares about our ilitary, cares about the men and women that have served and will do everything in her power make sure they're not put in harm's way and i don't believe an we're going to be aggressor under her administration. i feel sorry for in four folks killed benghazi, but i feel sorrier for
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-- over 6000 folks killed in iraq and afghanistan war prior to that. 68,000 men 00, over vietnam.n fighting in i wear pow pin on my lapel because i don't believe they all been brought home yet. quit wearing that areuntil i'm convinced they home, those are my brothers and so i again -- it is done. host: danny homan, iowa party, vice chair. also, the president of the local iowa council 61. you, danny homan, for being part of the program today. guest: thank you,
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"washington journal" continues. host: we finish out the program conservative ce, talk show host and author of deace, ot," mr. steve good morning. guest: good morning, how are snu host: for those who don't know your show and the perspective you come from. show is syndicated across the country on salem etwork from 9 p.m. to midnight eastern. in iowa, born here. i've been involved heavily in a lot of campaigns, primarily republican campaigns from dog to presidentwa, up of the united states. i was one of the first people on during nd here in iowa the last caucus cycle, for example, to begin organizing for ted cruz. got a pretty extensive
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background in grassroots politic iowa.ary host: you said you organize, rotect cruz, here two weeks before election day, what is likelihood donald trump could win iowa? is a tough state for any republican to win and that's think republicans have won this state once since 1988, pedro. are an aging state, one of the oldest in the union. older the state, higher subsidy and big government votes for. he other, we are major agricultural state. that has been a tremendous heavily to us, subsidized industry. it's very difficult for people of limited ge government to win this state in presidential election with turnout than mid-term elections. the government would say anything or promise anything to and he's also somebody that appeals to base of rural white
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traditional ore republican candidates struggled to reach and polls have shown this. despite trump the last few eeks, one of the last pacificy holdouts that withstood has been iowa, although you are starting polling change on that, as well. organizationally, he is behind. he is s of trajectory, behind, but i would give him probably if the election were the today, depending what trend line around the country was, 50/50 chance to win it, of republican ot nominees have had coming down the stretch in this state over years. host: how are republicans looking at the last couple weeks the t of the release of tape and other things that stemmed from that? guest: pedrothat, is part of tratjectory, no question about it. something i said to the radio audience across the country he became the presumptive nominee in may. going toelieved he was win, i'm not surprised to see
4:46 am
any of this. we vetted him closely in iowa that is why he lost in the highest turnout iowa caucus of all time. real issue here now is we're at this juncture i warn body for f. we get down to the end, pedro, and he can't win win.oks like he will not a lot of people will say, i don't want to be one dude at the defending g dinner the indefensible and ruining everybody's holiday. what is the point in plugging my nose and voting for him. zone. in the danger i thought nate silver had an thought a couple days ago and i think when you go out and tell people the system and i can't win that, is one of the strangest cotton-picking get out to vote seen.s i've maybe it will work, but i don't know why anybody think its is a tell people, to vote for me, but it won't work anyway. november 8. host: 202-748-8000 for iowa
4:47 am
residents. 202-748-8001 for all others. mr. steve deace, i know that has certain amount of people in the state that are religious in their beliefs, how play with mr. trump? guest: i think he's going to underperform among evangelicals in the caucus. about to be careful throwing around terms. there are liberals in the northeast that think they are because they went to st. anthony for one day. a card nk uchrist is game. a lot of people think they are evangelicals because they live there is a first baptist on peach tree street and first assembly on the other side of peach tree street and they went on christmas and easter mae, the rest of the sundays they areats the football ames or off, you know, working on marksmanship.
4:48 am
not that there is anything wrong is america, is afterall. religious identity, in some culture may be cultural identity n. iowa, you are ou are evangelical, we not like dominant cultural force here, not the dominant world here. a lot of people say they are evangelicals, that is a creed, system, not a sector of the population or faction and i think you saw this. had the highest turnout iowa caucus by a longshot in a long people thought on february 1, most people thought at g in, if record turnout the polls were forecasting turned out to be true and voters turned cus out to be true, trump would win f. they did turn out to be true lost, why? we had groups on the ground like the family leader, very influential organization for evangelicals going to churchs that had g people out never voted before. to vote their values, not vote
4:49 am
or who fox news said could win or who was on the inds of people because of the media coverage. i think he will underperform romney has done with evangelicals because of the hings you just eluded to, but may make up for that by getting rural white voters that in the republican nominee didn't have a chance to get. dozen six and one half of the other. from iowa, talk show host, steve eace, talking about the battleground of iowa. first call from eric. .ric is in delaware ou are on with the guest g. ahead with your question or comment. caller: yeah, hi, steve. i want to thank you for your show. i've been listening the last closer ths, i'm coming to understanding god is the only answer for this country and i election, fear the god is in control. why are on is that
4:50 am
evangelicals trying to twisting pretzels to support donald trump, but when it comes to the devil in influence her to into christianity, into the get her to y to change? that is my question. to that.e answer guest: i'm glad that this was one of the first questions that morning, pedro. one thing that is really been he most -- among the most disappoint nothing this election is to watch evangelical, so-called, i should say, bastardize, leaders if not out right deceive what the scripture means, the bible culture becoming increasingly secular and ignorant of the
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foundings in the first place. alienating people with what you actually believe is bad enough, doing it with what you believe is just dumb. when i hear christian leaders say things like in the bible god flawed people. it is true. but number one, we're not god, future. know the god knows how things with david are going to turn out, he's god. knows how things with samson cyrusu and nebechanezer are out. to turn often evangelical leaders will use flawed moral repru baits like donald trump, can't use bill clinton? what a puny god we serve, that peopleonly seemingly use with magic r after his name. corinthians, n two 6:66. credited to him all magicness, absolved of all sin.
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is not hackry that, christianity. if you cannot represent christianity in the public compromising it, get out. we have seen too much of that. a partisan hack, work for the rnc or dnc and leave the bible out of it. from tamma, iowa, linda up next. caller: good morning. mother, grandmother, sister and an aunt, i cannot believe iowa support a presidential candidate who is so of women.ful do voters of iowa think trump his negative attitude about women, veterans, disabled, minorities, minorities that have been called to the front by his ridicule?
4:53 am
do you think he will change his ttitude toward women in this country? guest: that sounded like you did a great job reading off a script. criticisms. your there is proverb that says one man's story seems true until you side.he other many things the caller is referencing criticisms i have ade on my radio show, explanation as to why i never thought he was going to win. ou don't win by shrinking the electorate. i mean, the republicans needed to do in this mitt on, hold on to romney's base and add to it. i thought all along the number group was suburban voters, main group obama flipped in 2008 the presidential election and republicans needed to win them back, they have not poll withing are catholics and white college graduates and white women. those are three groups a lot of live in the suburbs. if you can't win those groups, suburbs.ot winning the remember newton's first law of
4:54 am
physics, for every reaction, opposite reaction. i will not apologize for donald trump. callers the most leftist to c-span, unless they are low nabob tion conspiittator will put donald trump down more than i already have. when hillary clinton spends years saying my husband didn't assault these women. didn't harass these women tis vast right-wing conspiracy. hen hillary clinton says in primaries things like, my number one enemy are republicans and of wants to run on campaign we're better together, when she has for example, told christians the bible teachings about morality are true, out i ht said, if i'm president, will sick government on you and your first amendment liberty and freedoms ensidelined in the constitution. it works the other way, as well. side,you pick on the other you are going to create your own backlash. when you call people who deplorables, you, there are people supporting
4:55 am
donald trump and spread this pepe the frog crap. people are supporting hillary clinton that are deplorable. it is part of the human condition. when you do those sorts of things, make the other side's as trump has t done. when trump told racial minorities, said things about should not be surprised he will see backlash against him he will see on november 8. other way, as well. hillary clinton is told key constituency groups of the other are not welcome in my home, not welcome in my administration, vino interest in out your reservations, beliefs or concerns, don't be backlash that creates against her, too. she is no saint. high, atives are record except for trump. host: from glenville, illinois, glenview, illinois, john is up next, go ahead. caller: good morning. a question about i have
4:56 am
not heard your show, i'm not iowa. i would like to know how you covered, if you did cover, how the issue that had to do with the f.b.i., the quid quo pro in the news recently. i went out and looked at the upset t myself and was the way fox covered it. at least i can make it short documents, the f.b.i. wanted resources llocated in a certain way, f.b.i. was currently investigating hillary's e-mails over and rned classifications. f.b.i. agent asked, looking at classifications, asked the state department if they could quo pro, the id state department said, no. allocate ll not resources regardless. they noteified the higher ups in that f.b.i. person was fired.
4:57 am
the news was in the exact opposite of what the state hat department maybe offered quid uo pro, which is opposite and makes hillary look bad. they did exactly what they should do, say no and let the know what was toechlted. host: caller, we'll get our that. to respond to guest: you know, there is only one really, if you look at two hillary clinton's polling has suffered in this ace, pedro, during her health scare. i think a lot of that was when we got out of august, media trump ve was the comeback, because these people ay or may not be liberally biassed. i think in many cases they are. one thing liberally biassed cover, on't want to three-month route, they were upng to create drama leading to the debate. hillary suffered in the comey investigation, the reached rector conclusion. go back and watch what james
4:58 am
comey said in the press basically said hillary clinton is guilty of everything you think she is, but prosecute herg to anyway. and there are people that have gone to prison for the things is accused of doing. i have a hard time believe thering has been too many multiple field offices have gone to the justice department requesting allocation resources for investigations and have been denied, not just multiple and that is something that definitely happened in this race frchlt a perspective, what is a shame, a portion of the epublican electorate chose to throw a tantrum, rally around essentially a cult leader, chose go with ially just whoever the media threw up as most likely nominee because as reported during the primary, trump received about 60 times more coverage ran the same candidates who did. it is a shame because none of these sorts of issues are going of majority minds of the american people when they go vote november 8 and 5% have
4:59 am
voted if you look at early voting numbers. this entire election comes down to one issue. reason why the republicans the t correctly prosecute corruption that is the stench of corruption surrounding hillary and people don't like hillary, trust her less. the raeb why they can't prosecute this case is because going to ssue that is decide the outcome november 8, nominee publican actually sane? they nominate somebody who is crazy and spent three debates and 75 million people confirming the entire democratic of this race, donald trump lacks temperament and president.e he has confirmed that. as much as hillary clinton think vote for , they will corrupt over crazy. corrupt may cost them a job, may pend more money when the tax man come. crazy means they wake up one morning and we're sending submarines because
5:00 am
donald trump got troeled on night.r the previous they will never vote for crazy over corrupt, that is the deciding issue in this election today.ks from host: richard, line for iowa, colfax, iowa. good morning. caller: morning. ahead.ou're on, go caller: yeah, my concerns are grassley, his strict constructive things about the constituti constitution, when they can interpret one part of the constitution or amendment to done, verybody to have sanctity of ut the life for unborn, but after they're born, they strap an ak-47 on them and send them sxout say, go ahead. just don't add up
5:01 am
to me, the same way with the gun with the laws.or they don't really have any ground and then they run on iowa valu values, gee whiz, i know many who lived here all my ife and there is not any iowa values connected to the stance taken in his has senate. -- in the host: thanks, caller. pedroi have my hands up. ak-47 just walked in, i will give him my wallet. i'm married, there is never any money actually in there.
5:02 am
teenage daughter likes to say, i can't even. please point me o the tidal way and skurj of toddlers with ak-47s might be so safety locks.em host: to his point, not only in for the potential over to turn democratic power this fall. after this election. guest: it is likely. i think it is likely there is really only one time in modern political history that we have seen a political party survive a, you know, monstrosity at the op of the ticket, it was 1996, 20 years ago with bob dole. republicans survived that was dole was losing for different reasons than donald trump. lot of people still admire bob politically.t favorables were relatively high.
5:03 am
people don't feel the same way donald trump. two reasons they are going to lose are different. ole's nomination didn't split the party as much as donald trump's has and frankly it hreatens to split it irrevokably going forward. you go back ng, if the 1996 election, two weeks before the election about this juncture, the republicans led by newt gingrich and trent lott, made a clean break and said, if you vote for bill clinton, keep us in control of congress to hold his feet to the fire and the him accountable and american people respond to the message and i make the argument what we saw the next couple years, where we had balanced budget in terms of outlay going budget, if not paying down the debt, what we reform, defensee of marriage act, some of the best conservative government was had since reagan left the second term of bill clinton, working hand in hand with the and lican congress sometimes nose to nose as the case may be.
5:04 am
the republican party for reason in this election, has chosen not to do that. hey have chosen not to say, if you vote for hillary clinton, vote for us in order to hold her accountable. it is because the base is more split over the trump nomination than is bob dole. we have seen in the race, republicans when they try donald trump paid a terrible price for this. go back to the primary with jindahl, ker, bonnie stood up to donald trump early n the primary, they paid a price for it. republican convention and ted cruz epic vote your conscious saw his d you favorables with republicans plummet immediately thereafter. suffering through this, his favorables with republicans are plummeting, as well. know, if the reason republicans are when they challenge trump, are seeing down is because we're in the heat of an election win and ase wants to doesn't want hillary to win or trump is rebranding the
5:05 am
republican party in his own image or if it is a little bit of both and i don't think we will get the that until after november 9, once the smoke clears. deace, our guest out of urbandale, iowa. and -- f "the plot," caller: good morning. this is a breath of fresh air. i'll be quite honest. announced you were going to be conservative talk adio host, i was wanting to change the channel and go to cnn, or something like that. saying is so in is. face true, it really and the thing about the they ican party is that have so much baggage of that is why a lot of people, like myself, i'm a -- i
5:06 am
masters degree, i'm orking right now on my first semester working on a doctoreal program. say all that because a lot of have like myself, we do republica republicans, we could be swayed republican. but we stay away from the epublican party because of the hypocrisy. let me say real quick. pre-life, an you be okay, and when the baby comes, ou run away from the baby and deny a mother all types of programs? but you are , pro-gun, to me nmy mind, you are pro-death. real quick.his i got a chance to visit iowa in going out on as the obama campaign and so, you contingent of us from
5:07 am
illinois, i was in pinefield, we and do knock on doors that thing. the people in iowa were so nice. so, i mean, they would speak. 'm like, are you speaking to me? excuse me for saying this, i thought the white people there you different and nice and validate that. thank you for what you had to say. ost: david, thank you for the call. mr. steve deace, go ahead. guest: couple things. rather iate the fact than stereotyping me, you heard me out. i think we need to be careful. stereotypes on both sides, obviously are not critical thinking. what you just w, said was i could not believe how much nicer the white people were. and i understand why you would say that, i understand the historical context of that. this is, i think, one of the problems we have as a culture. conservative? i'm a conservative because i want to conserve things. conserve?want to conserve the things i believe
5:08 am
history has shown is best for human condition. what is best for the human condition? celebrate life and it are best for the human condition. part of celebrating life is giving people an opportunity to protect themselves. the question really isn't a -- the debate about is not ence in culture about guns, but about violence. the question really comes down to when the cops show up and someone is doing an armed robbery at the bank, do you want them showing up with sfors or guns? when someone walk intoes your , the n a home invasion police are 15 or twenty minutes way, do you want your elderly grandparent in that situation to defendnseless or able to themselves? is not about guns, but about violence. the question really comes down see, what is happening in many cases on the right, the caller guilty of a e are huge level of hypocrisy. why, more than anything else, both sides are guilty.
5:09 am
seen ny times have we video of leonardo dicaprio and is salvation by recycling buddies showing up at carbon emission conference, where they sev 747 and suv's and carbon footprint. don't pee on me and tell me it's raining. both sides of guilty of hibock rase. i'm concerned what we do as conservative that plays into the stariotypes the last caller had. issue, we operate under flawed premise. e said, i could be -- i'm successful, i'll a college graduate. is, i hear him saying to me i don't want my money wasted. i want the opportunity i've earned to be maximized. he's open to our message. well, the question then becomes, over? we win him we've operated under 1970s and for far too long. majority out t
5:10 am
there, if we use a few buzz words, they come rolling out of pews and corporate offices and vote republican. the reality, this is not the same culture. give funny to hear trump the same law and order speech richard nixon gave at the 1968 convention, 50 years ago. richard nixon barely won 50 that, won the popular vote by a point and the electoral college because he was able to win california. candidate, rd-party george wallace sweep the south. that message trump was run og tis 2016.ayed in 1968 we actually need to try winning people like the last caller over assuming we have majority sentiment in the country we don't have. how do we win them over?
5:11 am
solutions. i think, for example, the issue of guns come up, you will hear republican conservatives say, i believe in the second amendment. that's great a lot of people don't know what the constitution don't agree and don't it.rstand post-constitutional society. the conservatives argue, i believe in the second amendment, i think it is a bad idea we have a tragedy where a young person got ahold of daddy's gun and blew their brains out, how tragic. we need to ban guns so we don't issues like that in the home. someone debates for a living and consulting with cam pab pains all over the country, this i beats value tions necessary any argument, period. it doesn't matter if the values arere bad and good, solutions are going to pun, in lue, pardon the an argument. we need to make our point and in but state t values, our values as arguments. for example, the reason why i good idea to a have the second amendment is, you know, i think that a young woman walking by herself on a
5:12 am
college campus, where we're concerned about rape culture and being of that nature discussed and i'm the father of three daughters, two daughters, want my daughter to defend herself. she will need something stronger the mace, particularly if other person is armed. i want my elderly grandparents a rural area and the police can't get there and they are suffering home invasion, to defend themselves. i'm into solutions, not just having benign values argument. in women in believe government, my mom was 15 years old when she had me, pregnant at 14. i've ate government cheese and it is not that bad. lunches as a kid. we were on food stamps as a kid, there is a difference between and welfare net state. we're $20 trillion in debt, not unfunded liabilities and mandates to keep entitlement flowing for next several days. we cannot afford this. more people on food stamp than population of spain. we cannot afford this.
5:13 am
grow s not the way to prosperity and to have college degrees, like the caller just said he had and the doctorate he working on actually become profitable and fruitful in a society. engaging the very economic systems that we defeated during the cold war. implement them here. he reason why i'm a conservative, i'm trying to conserve things of value. i want to see the caller, that investment he's made in college education and the people around him made in helping him get i want to see it pay off. i don't want to see it abliterated in hypocrisy. host: lan caster, california, with p next, you are on the guest, glen, go ahead. steve. hey, pedro, and this is glen. here is what i think is crazy. to ourterrorists brought state departme corrupt artment and hillary clinton and expect the
5:14 am
american people to let that into the white house? we have pandering with the sickning.e you, it's when are american people going country back. we're not behind a roped press is this re -- where woman been lately? she goes out and barely has -- have a press conference, she provides the questions that her, she is k corrupt, she should have been in long time ago. she lies to mothers and fathers, people she didn't even send anybody to help. it is disgusting what is going with mouth here, just going on, he should be speaking people.he american host: we'll let him respond. mr. steve deace, go ahead. learned, we need to be care bfl saying people who
5:15 am
are not the ith us american people. we don't like it when obama does know, my bibleyou says to love your neighbor as yourself. i don't like it when he does it us, i don't like when hillary clinton does it to us. will not do that to other people. that is get even-ism, not justice. he caller's complaints about hillary clinton, i was listening to the democratic counter part n the last segment and i listened to bernie sanders caller after bernie sanders complaint the exact presidency hillary being corrupt and dishonest we just heard from this caller. something unique to right wing, right nationistic liberal media want to fantasize in their most fevered dreams. the reason this election is reasonably close nominated, publican only reason he is within five points of the polling average is because the democrats
5:16 am
nominated the woman who defaced or the washington corrupt symbol, the s the mascot, first chair. many complaints are shared by mojority of americans, that is why they gave this crazy kon man, donald trump, her friend, hoar voter, her don't or, supporter who supports all of her ideas and defended her post-benghazi, the positions mascot, first chair. many complaints are shared by mojority of americans, that trump had until last year. fraud son they gave this conman trump as much time to make the case as they did, they to vote for her. they believe she is as corrupt outaller you just had point and several bernie sanders callers that called pointed out. it., i wish i could change i did everything i could. i'm not rush limbaugh, i'm not hannity, i don't have the platform they do. i wish we would have had a sane candidate, a candidate that could have prosecuted the issues this caller raised in front of
5:17 am
70 million people in a national have the moral't pecadillos and scams and hane us donald trump is associated with, i wish we didn't have those things. my life wo years of missing time away from home, have somebody o come out of the iowa caucus that could be a candidate. tedd everything i could for cruz for almost a year, so we would not be in this position. decided they ople wanted ratings and decided they wanted to sell books, other decided they wanted to build a brand, because of that, saying madam president, the next four years. ost: who will you vote for in two week? guest: symbolic vote for me. i won't vote for him, i'm trying to ascertain what symbolism i think sends the message that i send.i want to i'm down to three people at this point. for own to either voting darrell cassel, evan mcmullin or
5:18 am
in judge roy moore, who i think is a man's man and kind of are sorely riot we lack nothing this day and age. host: our guest, steve deace, next couple minutes, talk show host out of iowa. richard from fargo, north others.line for richard, you are on with our guest, go ahead. thank you., my question from mr. steve deace, i went to a couple cruz and necessary your state he has a dedicated group of followers and supporters. i wonders what you think there chance of supporting him n 2020 are after he decided to endorse trump a few weeks ago? personally, when he did reddin, i ed bruce wanted him to poke him or slap him and say, what are you doing on that.t your opinion thank you. host: for people who don't know essentially cruz's body guard and overall pretty
5:19 am
guy. guest: you know what, man, i cruz, like a brother, we're good friends. y job is to call balls and strikes, more than make friends. his decision to endorse donald video andn before the other things have come out, i thought it was and said so at the ime and said to him at time and on my show. i think it is the worst i've cal miscalculation seen somebody who i really like make in recent memory and if it a close e worst, it's econd to rubio doing the gang of eight f. mar tlt co rubio never stands up with schumer and mccain and goes for amnesty, we are never in this position. and is coasting to nomination and probably leading this election by eight to 10 points looking at historic sim blans of victory. i think that is how much i think cruz made a political miscalculation, when he made
5:20 am
that endorsement and look at has happened since. in wisconsin says, trump corrupts absolutely and we of this election, the amount of people coming close to o trump's orbit that will come out with more integrity than hey began it, will be a small, miniscule, microscoppettaic, atomic level, subatomic list. cruz'sitalents and conviction, he is a senator, conservatives or on issues we care about, i would not write him off. task in e's made his 2020 tougher. imagine knows what we know now imploded, fakemp campaign he's running, two weeks before the election he will do d.c., he is spending, not competitive, spend hasn't beeninia, it competitive since hillary put tim kaine on the ticket, why? pedro, challenge
5:21 am
the audience at keeblth, mark the tape now. over, is election is somebody will go through the sec disclosure of the trump campaign things.d two one, find the number one expenditure of the trump ampaign was him reimbursing himself and his interests. two, i think they're going to is uncanny alignment f where trump spent money and energy and where trump owns properties. mark my word, i think you will this election is over. knowing what we know now, can ted cruz, will be sitting in the 19post-76 seat right now if he never endorsed trump, like me and his wanted him to. he made a big poi decision, he price.y the big boy best option, no question. he will not be a shoe in. a will have to win back portion of his base that he disappointed, that he had prior endorsement. host: a few more minutes with
5:22 am
our guest. modesto, california, jump in. caller: hi, steve, i'm a big fan of your show. after, you know, trump rose. done with tty much the republican party now. i don't even call it the grand old party anymore. think it is the grand old undead s dead and the corps of the republican party will walk along for a little while. you think ng what about a new party and what challenge it might face from "conservative media," about 40% you know, , republican leadership, the other peddlers who e just probably prefer democrats in office because they make more money. guest: got you. ost: mr. steve deace, two minutes until end of program. guest: well, when i've been sked in the past about a third party, my answer is, i would like to see what a second party
5:23 am
looks like first. is clear, given where we're at, exon stential tipping point on the right. of s ascism, not a healing people working together going forward. the question that remains, the epublican party in current incarnation is no vehicle, no vessel for conservatism. the question then becomes, can radiccally remade like they did in the '60s and took it party to a ng class fully leftistide logical can essive party, conservatives do that to the republican party? f not, you are going to need another vehicle and another vessel. too many people have corrupted themselves. hannity spent eight minuteos a how, extolling virtue of the integrity of the national enquirer. didn't get into this to be called names, to have my, you know, motivations questioned and
5:24 am
mocked in order to efend the virtues of publicati publication, every time i go to talks ermarket counter about aliens anally probing redneck necessary trailer parks. is not why i am doing this. i think there is a lot of people caller, what is he point, i think this is the exo stential argument, about november 9.tarting host: steve deace, talk show host. find out more about his program website steve mr. steve deace, thanks for being part of the program today.
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