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tv   [untitled]    October 26, 2016 7:46pm-8:20pm EDT

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that case it goes to the house of representatives where we like our chances. >> host: and one of those states you're there today not voting for democrats since 1964 but with the governor plans their campaign is very much in play. why? >> use of the conservative states and trump is no conservative throughout his entire adult life with abortion or health care or the second amendment he changed those positions to run is up republican in the primary they rejected donald trump had concerns about him from the beginning and it is impacting their views on the republican party more so than republicans who are conservative. we're the only conservative ticket in the race standing on constitutional principles
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>> host: today to see divisions with the g.o.p. what happens after the election? what role day want to play where is the future of the g.o.p. heading for a quick. >> we do believe it is it clear negative believe it is part of the conservative movement we do leave some possibility but after having direct experience with that effort we know how difficult it is in we believe they are challenges they will face on a generational basis it is very difficult to imagine they can shake off trump after the election we knew about them after 2012 the party could not adapt and
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now he's had the success that he has had the people who are supporting him will be empowered even after the election so the reality is we believe the conservative movement may need to take the form of a new political party it is simply true those of us who are constitutional conservatives all men and women are creative wirth -- equal and government should be limited and for no other source that it can no way support a party of nationalism where donald trump would like to take it. there is no way we can be a part of that we have millions of people supporting us many feel the same way.
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>> host: i say we could see a new political party with the creation of a new party? >> yes. that is very much a possibility. >> not only donald trump but 13 million voters in the primary supporting him there is a base in the g.o.p. were the trump message has resonated. >> it is well-founded they have been left behind due to automation the party for too long has been more focused on those the right the big checks however donald trump although maybe bombastic but
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he uses them for his own political power and he tears the country apart to undermine our democracy by demeaning hispanics and people with disabilities we had a legitimate reason to know we are ripped apart and then even calling into question if the democracy is rigged they are turning on each other party is falling apart so we need to think about the future those that understand of what gravitated towards donald trump for the fact detox directly and plainly to them when to unite the country not tears apart. >> what is the headline the day after the election and?
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who wins the presidency of the house in the senate? >> it is very difficult. i believe it reflects the accurate state of the race competitiveness sadly i expect her to win to be an ex-president but whether it is her or donald trump bought and who don't respect the constitution in the way that it should be a but leave that is the outcome of the presidential level i believe republicans will hold on to the house it is hard to predict but i do think donald trump is making it much more difficult for republicans to hold onto the senate for them to hold on to the margin they had in the house the last couple of years.
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>> host: thanks for being here with us we appreciate it.
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been been
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>> today donald trump cut the ribbon avenue hotel and used the occasion to talk about the economy and begins with his daughter off, if. >> is this an honor to stand before you today to welcome you. this has been an unforgettable year for my family is. our business at trump hotels in the last 12 months we have completed the redevelopment of trump national in miami for the the iconic resort in
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scotland and ireland. next month, we will open a hotel in vancouver canada we also launched which will enable us to expand beyond the five-star luxury market such as this one. we have celebrated many milestones that the grand opening of the redeveloped building is incredibly special to each member of my family professionally and personally. a renovation is much more complex than a ground up construction project the redevelopment of this building has been the most challenging and gratifying of them all. when this property was originally built 1899-degree injured was a signal to the rest of the country that pennsylvania avenue of
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america is he did not have to be a visionary to see the potential despite the fact in recent years time had taken its toll on this national treasure. 2011 the old post office was considered the most sought after redevelopment opportunity in the country and we fought hard as the largest hotel company with the developers to win the deal. over the course of eight months our team worked nonstop to study the building to strategizing best approach to restore to its full potential and then some. after exhaustive evaluation process, ultimately we rewarded the deal by united states government and selected by a panel of judges based on criteria that included division for the property the strength and experience of our development team, company financial wherewithal, a track record, implant to bring vibrancy to
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pennsylvania avenue. one of the reasons i love real-estate, a passion inherited from my father, is because at the end of years of hard work there is a tangible validation of efforts of so many people. my father trained my siblings and me to see things not for what they are but what they can be. this is a great example of that. a gift he had his entire life. over the last 18 months he has been focusing on campaigning for president but everyone on his team put in the extra effort not to let him down. across the board hundreds of men and women involved in the design and construction and now the operation of this project may disappoint of personal pride to be extra precise to ensure that it was completed through his extremely high standards. my brothers and i included.
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. . we have painstakingly preserved the original architectural elements like the façade extraordinary no work on the wood doors, moldings in the marble wainscoting throughout the building. we surveyed each of the almost 1200 windows and restore them all.
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a few weeks ago i met a contractor here on site who was wearing a trump shirt. he was very proud to tell me that he had helped my father build trump tower in new york city more than 15 years ago. as a daughter this political season has been one of the most interesting journeys of my life but each day i have heard critics attempt to discredit my father's business but honestly i will tell you one of the most telling signs of his success over the decades are the thousands of people i've worked with him, worked for him, fought with him and continue to stand by his side in her quest to achieve great things. when this property was put out to bid congressman john mica chairman of the house oversight committee held a press conference in the vacant building. it was without heat in the freezing cold.
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he admonished the crowd about government excess and losing the government between six and $8 million a year. at a committee hearing following are opening last month congressman mica said the trump international hotel washington d.c. is creating hundreds of jobs and is a stellar example of turning underutilized properties around with the help of the center. when we commence construction at the groundbreaking ceremony of place my family's commitment to this project and insuring its successful institution. i told you that we would not disappoint you and that we would never let you down. today is a celebration not just of meeting but exceeding those goals. this achievement wouldn't be possible without our extraordinary team at the trump organization. thank you all for the design and
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preservation architect and interior designer betsey hughes for their tremendous contributions to the project. i would also like to thank the many elected officials and staff members of the federal and d.c. government who i've had the opportunity to work with so closely including the general services administration, national park service, commission of fine arts, national capital planning commission d.c. merits office fire department the police department and the historic reservation office. additionally i would also like to extend a special thank you to congressman eleanor holmes jordan. she has been the fiercest and most passionate advocate for this development and a great partner over the last five years. she is someone i have great respect for him that i have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know. finally, thank you to my father
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who took a few hours away from his grueling schedule on the campaign trail to be here today. two years ago when we promised the city of d.c. the trump would be coming to pennsylvania avenue and 2016, we had no idea what we were foreshadowing. this is an important moment for our family and our company and they wouldn't be possible without the hard work and support of this visionary man so without further ado let me introduce my father, donald j. trump. thank you. [applause] [applause] >> thank you everybody. i appreciate it. thank you melania, tiffany, thank you very much. we are very proud of our company. we have built one of the great
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real estate companies of the world but it seems very insignificant compared to what we are doing now and as soon as we are finished cutting the ribbon i am off to north carolina, new hampshire and back down to florida. i hear we are doing very well. with the notable exception of 1600 pennsylvania avenue, this is the most coveted piece of real estate in washington d.c., the best location. i'm honored to be here today to support my family and especially my daughter ivanka for a dedication to this project. she works so hard to do most honored to the chance to thank the incredible team of people who brought our vision to washington's historic old post office to life including hunters of construction workers, electricians, maintenance workers and so many others who helped make this project a reality.
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they are really the important ones. a project like this demonstrates what is possible when the team works together on a totally common purpose. it also shows how to work with our government and to get things done. my theme today is five words, under budget and ahead of schedule. that's what we say. [applause] it's so important. we don't hear those words often in government that you will. our agreement with the government required completion of the project by 2018. we were dramatically ahead of schedule on this project and under budget. we returned or property that had been neglect it for decades and losing huge sums of the federal
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government into major revenue producer and job creator. this is what i want to do for our country and this is what we are working so hard to do. right now just about everything our government touches is broken it's always over budget, behind schedule and simply nothing works. look at the veterans administration for new hospitals come in, hundreds of millions of dollars over budget and yet our brave veterans still don't get anywhere near the kind of care they need or deserve. look at our decaying infrastructure. look at our aging military equipment. our military is so depleted despite having the greatest people on earth. they are the greatest people in our military but it's so depleted to the tax code is broken. the education system is broken.
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we spend the most of any country on education and we get bad results. so many parts of our country are in a state of disrepair and now it was just announced yesterday that obama carries in freefall with premiums going up massively improve places like the great state of arizona, going up over 100% and costs. unaffordable, unusable and it doesn't work even if you can afford it. the american people know what this election is about and they see it every time they get their health care bills in the mailbox or a ride on a highway that's broken or go to an airport that looks like it's from a third world country. remember hillary said herself, it was called hillarycare therefore was called obamacare. she made that statement in not
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too long ago and now she's trying to withdraw it. she wants to withdraw that statement so badly. by the way congratulations newt on last night. that was an amazing interview. [applause] we don't play games, newt. we don't play games. i love my life in business and i love getting to share my dreams of my family. it's in a credible family and melania i want to thank you very much. [applause] my job is to look at undeveloped spaces and imagine what they could be. these are spaces that have no hope, have no future but you need imagination and you need the ability to get them done and to unlock their potential and to unlock the potential of the people working on those spaces
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and on those projects. we have so many things we could do for our country. where others have only dead ends, i have dreamed of the amazing possibilities that we have. that's why government has turned to me in the past six projects that have gone nowhere, that were considered total disasters whether it's turning a landfill after many many years in the bronx new york into a world-class golf course that is now open and doing unbelievable business or revitalizing the façade that the grand central terminal for building and saving waltman ring in central park after eight years of futility and spending massive amounts of money and getting it done in four months for a very small amount of money. today is a metaphor for what we can accomplish for this country, the same kind of thing.
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this building is a historical landmark, a true american original. it had all of the ingredients of greatness but it had been neglected and left to deteriorate for many, many decades. sat there so beautiful and so empty. it was falling into a very very bad state of condition. you have the foundation for success, all of the elements were here. our job was to restore its former glory, honor its heritage but also to imagine a brand-new and exciting vision for the future. to create a new place for people and families to come together in a magnificent place. i have been very lucky that i have led a great life. now i want to give back to the country which i love so much and has been so good to me. i want to go into the inner cities, the poor rural communities and the failing
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schools and i want to work on a national plan of revitalization. i am tired of the excuses from our politicians. i am tired of being told what cannot be done. i'm tired of people asking americans to defer their dreams to another day but really what they mean is to another decade. enough waiting. the time is now. we can achieve our goals for this country and we can do so more quickly than anyone ever thought possible. there is nothing we cannot accomplish. the united states is great. it's great. it's people are great. there is no task or project, there is no dream outside of our reach. don't ever let anyone tell you it can't be done. the future lies with the dreamers, not the cynics and the
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critics. everywhere i go in this country all i see is untapped potential waiting to be set free and the biggest element of all is our incredible people, the people of this country. they are just waiting. they are waiting and waiting and i think maybe now their time has come. but we will realize never the potential we continue to put on the faith of our country and we have to say the word never will ever -- always have to be taken out because we have such tremendous potential. we have to choose the most optimistic path. we have to choose to believe not our politicians that in many cases truly don't know what they are doing but to believe in ourselves and in our country. if we do that anything is possible.
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i am asking america to join me in dreaming big and bold and dreaming for wonderful things in our future. let's close the history books on the failures in washington and let's open a new chapter of success and prosperity for all of our people. we have a divided nation, seriously divided nation. all of our people. that is how it will truly make america great again. thank you very much. [applause] [applause]
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we are now going to the lobby. i want to thank in particular the employees, the construction workers and all of the people that worked so hard to make trump international a reality. this will be one of the great hotels anywhere in the world. i want to in particular congratulate ivanka because ivanka, this was her baby and she worked so closely with the gsa, great, great professionals. the gsa people are amazing professionals and work long and hard for years and this is the culmination. so ivanka, congratulations. melania, thank you so much for putting up with all of the time and all of this effort. and we are going to now be cutting a ribbon and maybe what we will do is we will have some of the folks -- why don't you
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bring them up? i've never seen scissors that looked as beautiful before. [applause] that's great. that's beautiful. and thank you to the employees. it's all about service. it's all about loving what you do. so many of them have come up and thanked me. they now have long-term jobs. many many jobs and long-term jobs and we are really looking to make this one of the great hotels in the country but i think it's going to end up being one of the great hotels of the world. we have the finest location and we have the finest building. the building was built in 1899 and that was when this was a very very powerful rich country, when money was new -- no object. they built the post office with big, big dollars and the walls are sometimes and if you take a look when you see them but some of the exterior walls are 5 feet
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solid granite. it's really quite a place and we are honored to have been given the opportunity. this is many many years of success, many years of great jobs and i just want to thank everybody for your hard work and for being here today. thank you very much. [applause] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] all right, ready? many, many years of love and happiness. [applause] donald trump tomorrow will speak to supporters in springfield ohio. the road to the white house will bring you live coverage on c-span2 and at 1:00 p.m. eastern time.
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starting friday at 9:00 a.m. eastern the two-day conference exploring the legacy of former british prime minister winston churchill with a focus on the relationships between mr. churchill and his contemporaries from politicians to soldiers to statesmen to writers and friends to family members.
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