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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  October 26, 2016 11:50pm-1:17am EDT

11:50 pm >> creek continue our focus on the door of ground states joining us now with a republican in consultant managing this statewide races then pennsylvania just before what you went through the current numbers show where hillary clinton is ahead of donald trump ifif there is a path to victory in the keystone state what would be quite. >> i don't think there is a path to victory in the keystone state.just, at the
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at the end of the day as political consultants we have to respect the math. in the spring i said i didn't think there was enough angry white people for trump to win but the big hurdle for republican statewide is how badly do lose in philadelphia? and he is the democrats' best weapon in their struggle to get out the vote with their cohorts in philadelphia so he does the job for them becoming so toxic especially with key components of the democratic base for the young people and hispanics. if you come out of philadelphia losing by 550,000 votes there isn't enough to make that up. and it was interesting to note that for so many people out there, they're part of
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the world is one way or the other. if you are in northeast pennsylvania there's a lot of people there that don't know anyone voting for hillary clinton bill likewise philadelphia suburbs to know anyonee voting for donald trump so i can see why people inou various pockets think it will go one way or the other because it will see by it -- be so bifurcated for preconceived donald trump to have verbally well for republicans northeast se but then get whitewashed in the suburbs because 40 percent of the people with in the -- they'nd the city. there waiting in the polls. >> persevere you supporting
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donald trump? >> i did not vote for him in the primary or the general i will vote for hillary clinton. >> why can't you vote for him in the general? >> i don't think he is fitf to be leader of our partyy orc the country or of the free world which the u.s. president does on a day-to-day basis. idol think he wants to be prepared. he has a run a campaign that never looks like it is focused on winning. people say that it is very accurate him being successful seems to have a lot of grievances. after eight divisive years of barack obama i think that is the last thing that we need. was at a diner recently
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somebody got into my conversation to say how did we get to this place withsupport two such hard to support nominees crooks my friend said it is a tough choice between corrupt and crazyzy and that is where we find whoever is president in 13 days will have unfavorable rating above 50% and even mitt romney guy said election day 2012 so in the business we say it is plus three but the favorable car and of negative 37 unfavorable sir in the bigig '50's that is new ground and normally we like one of the candidates. >> talk about respecting the
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of mouth of the race at the presidential level democratic groups are asking to spend money in the state the trump campaign spending 1.8 million dollars 508 paid staffers republicans have 62 paid staffers. what are the numbers in your mind that matter? >> before i get into the numbers about how many field staff from one side or the other. and the democrats given the coalition members need more field staff in general. there are more officials somo they need more care. a dissident so to have some more field staff slow i
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don't know with this division is normally large?oterm the likely become voters and have to favor react? looking at the most updated numbers 640,000 more active democrats and republicans. take affect some are still voting mostly republican and have been switched registration that is about for her to 50,000 for the democrats if you start off with that mathis is more downhills sledding for the democrats. pennsylvania not counting with the elected officials right now five are democrats and the only republican is the u.s. senator pat to me so look at that legislature
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so republicans do better in the district races and democrats do better in the statewide races. >> talking about all the races and the election day are the valid. we are taking your calls. >> caller: how are you? i can stand enabled both for a man who isn't turn his taxes and. day. >> did our -- in his a hard alexian.
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but is this what it is. i don't trust somebody like donald trump won the first day he said was when he started the debate howard you feel about the minimum wage? >> it is too high profile one somebody in there like that. got bless america. >> touching on the senate race. focus on now for a second? en sure. and then ran the department of the epa here in the state . she went to work and ran for governor 2014 s started them off in first place and ended first-place but she served
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in the capacity for the bulk of 2015 than in the one to the race here. . .
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donald trump at arms length denouncing the statements that trump has made in real time not andnot a week later has served m well. second i think most voters have processed that he's going to end up supportive of the democratic. nominee and people kind of get that joke. so i think that she has made a couple of errors in saying she was the first member for theed extended family and has nine siblings and was the first to go to college and she kind of used a derogatory curse word to describe the state setting and said she had endorsement from the groups but couldn't say whop they were from during the t
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debates i think that gets the edge. so you want to get most of the vote ivotes in the state outsidf the philadelphia area and then you want to do better than he well in that part of the world. i did a survey in the district in southeast pennsylvania recently ended the main township which is about 15% of the district it used to be republicans now it is reliably democrat in the township he was losing 66 to 16 but they were tied to so when people talk about will there be people splitting their tickets they already are when they talk to pollsters so i think that we will see more at thepr presidential and senate level. >> host: you mentioned how he is walking the line on donald trump. here's how he answered a question over the weekend about whether he is supporting donald
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trump. i'm running an independent race and i think voters are totally v capable of distinguishing between the presidential race that has to very badly flawed candidates. we are talking with the republican strategist in pennsylvania. go ahead. >> yes, thank you for taking my call. you run a great program and i watch it on a regular basis. listening to all of us out there i'm pleased to see people make their commentary. my comments and questions would be number one, we are allicans. americans.ei if politicians are following up doing their job and make sure the people that are going to make a difference tomorrow forn
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all of us would learn about history. go back and read the declaration, the bill of rights. learn and relates to the decisions and understand the agenda when people speak to us. that's important. we have two candidates, very different. certainly people think different things for different reasons but the plaintiffs usually the past will predicate what you're going to do in the future. we have had eight years of mr. obama and we had only 30 years and running for the presidency. you take a look at the history and that is what it is and thato is a good predicate or for the success. success. you take donald trump on that particular occasion and a man that has been a success and despite the locker room language that men and women use on a
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regular occasion doesn't make it right the point is it is the issues.who is goi who especially will be on the supreme court. so i ask and it doesn't make any sense where we are from. that's going to be who they put into the judgeship down the supreme court, how our schools and the people are going to think so sure especially the millennialist should give consideration, talk to the elderly cannot read their histor, read their historybooks. we have a meeting and that's what makes it so different to weigh out the issues because you don't have to like the people but the plaintiffs donald trump has demonstrated that he will get the people to do the job. he's a good negotiator and today history is different.
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we need somebody to get out there and talk to these people and as they say make america great again. >> host: your thoughts on that pitch for donald trump? trump? >> guest: that gentleman perfectly encapsulated the argument as it relates to donald trump. we are in a change election. one of the best truisms in america is people like change. it's how we are wired so after eight years of one-party, it's logical to think let's try something different and when you look at voters who say it's time for a change even there among the subset hillary clinton is tied or leading among thosek tr voters. so he has disqualified himself in the eyes of too many voters
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in the crowded republicann primary where he was one of 14, 15, 16 candidates, the politics of the division worked because you were looking for your 30 to 35% and he came in with 100% name id the only one who had th. that and the general elections have to be about addition and not division because you can't win if every republican vote for you because it's just there's more genius than ours so you have to build a coalition and i don't think he's ever had to do that before in his life and it shows. and even given all of this walls the most recent caller detaileda quite well, people are still saying we don't want trump, we are going to have to put up with clinton. so i think this is baked for
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election 2016. we know where the race is going and now we have to think about 17 and 18. when she first arrived in 93 she overreached and they created a groundswell that became thed thd great pickup for republicans made in 1993 and 1994, so when she gets to the whit white house will overreach again becausese that's how she is wired. 17 and 18 are looking to be gooa years for republicans at the state and national level.nnsylv >> host: diane, good morning. >> caller: good morning, sir.era my observation here in the battleground state in pennsylvania is you have an epic battle between the speakers and the makers. i like donald trump because i see him as a warrior on behalf
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of the makers.aded up the the takers have loaded up the wagon and it's getting too heavy for the makers to carry so as far as i'm concerned, go donald trump. and as a woman i am more than willing to forget of locker room banter in exchange for the substantive issues. tv. thank you very much. i will listen on the tv. >> host: any thoughts? >> guest: i think that would make a great tv out for donald trump, so get yourself to new enterprise and put her in front of the camera because i think she made a very good speech for trump better than he's done himself. >> host: in terms of good tv ads, i wonder how you think the surge in premiums for the affordable care act that were announced by the federal government how do you think tha? could play in the last two weeks of the election?
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>> guest: one of the things that happened is a lot of people lost their insurance and some got insurance. more people have health insurance so guess what happens when you enter the marketplace, you realize how difficult it can be to maneuver through and how the price increases are going up and i don't think anyone is going to get a 22 or 25% pay raise next year but if you are on some obamacare plans, that is the increase that you are going to see so i think it will impact some people but again, no matter how many people are using obamacare, there are more people that don't use it that have private insurance, so i think it is better to focus on the increases their there are steept because more people are dealing with that van obamacare. >> host: tennessee is on the line.
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good morning.caller: >> caller: yes, good morning. thank you for taking my call.i e i hope you give me enough time to talk. thank you very much but i think the supreme court is one of the most important issues for me. when it was filed for the republican appointed justices who voted for citizens united now most of the people at least probably 80% disagree with citizens united. it gave the same rights and the right to put all their money into politics and break the system and most people don't like that.
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so they need to get a judge appointed by hillary but more than that, i want to say alsod that donald trump is blaming the media and he said the system is rigged and he's not claiming the right people. it's the republicans that are not behind him. this is the first candidate i've seen that his party was against him and i think that he would have a good chance of winning if the people would get behind him so that's the argument they should be making but the republican party got what they deserved. when obama came in, mitch mcconnell said the most powerful republicans main job was to make obama a one term president. so they wanted to run against him from the beginning. now, the american people suffered behind him to make him a one term president and now the
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party sees that. they did a good job of criticizing obama. they didn't ridicule donald trump when he came out and tried about his birth certificate, they laughed at it and they blew it off and he did all this stufi because it was hurting obama. >> guest: it's a little frustrating when i hear people get excited about the fact that the republican senate leader said he wanted to make the democratic president a one term president. a democrat wanted to make him a one term president and that's how the business goes. i would note for the record they allow the corporate money into politics and some of the most of tha stories said that
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democrats are raising more of that money and using it theneryl republicans, so each election is different. they've done a better job of fund raising and i think that's because too many folks have been and remain uneasy with trump and they see him as a way to quite frankly stay in power because they've been in power for eight years. the other thing i would say is played to an election where you think that made a difference because now both parties do it fairly equally and most of it is reported in some way, shape or form so i would disagree withyi that gentle man saying that it's been determinative one way or
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another. >> caller: for me the issueser: come down behind the issues. if we want to vote for a straight-line socialist you will vote for hillary. if you want a capitalist and i'm basing my non- socialism capitalism what system do you want for the country do you want to keep going down or return to jobs that workers. that gentle man said he can'tsa vote for trump but if you were basing it strictly on ideology or socialism versus capitalism, who would you choose them?it >> guest: that is a good way to put when president obama came into office he pretty much said he wanted to make america more like
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europe and i think that he succeeded especially the first-term where he had control of the house and senate and because of some of the things he did, the pendulum swung back and republicans took control of the house and the senate something is kind of evened out. america may not think about this consciously but subconsciously, they like divided government and they like the checks and balances. so i think as we get close we will see more republicans message on the fact that they will be a good check on hillary clinton. it's interesting i point out what i'm talking about politics all of america is a nation of elections it is actually the
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series of the states plus dc. affected northeast pennsylvania in the small town a small town,s waiting, good morning. is about my comment is about gerrymandering here in pennsylvania. your guests earlier mentioned that in the races here in pennsylvania that democrats tend to dominate in the statewide elections. and we have in the congress and united states we have 13 republicans, and five democrats.
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also, would like to comment on the senatorial race between senator toomey.e while much has been made of the senators cosponsorship of the background checks built. my estimation is that bill didn't get past because the leadership of the republican party didn't back him in his effort to do so. so if that isn't the case then really was allowed to go ahead
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and do that without the backing of his party, and therefore, hen could go and what they've been doing is playing a double side saying they will take away the. guns aime and at the same time y know he had the backing of the nra while at the same time they were pushing forward the idea that he wouldn't get the background checks. >> guest: they are not endorsing in the u.s. senate race and i think with the gentle man said about pushing the bill even though he knew his leadership wasn't for it speaks to his independence on the issul and the ability to forge the coalition's people say in general we want more people working together but then you get situations like this whereem the gentle man says it wasn't a
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true effort. to say that it's all due to gerrymandering they think is quite frankly a lazy argument. one of the reasons it is the way it is this the democrats live clustered so close together. i do a review every year of a booklet that has legislation by the state party and the house district, senate district. when you look there are 203 fm so they are the most we have in the states and i like to use them as an example. the most democratic state is about 91% registered democrats. the most republican states c district lancaster county 64, 65%. so they have an overwhelming
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majority of the voters because they live close together and they are clustered in the cities and right around the cities and they are spread out so there's officeholders but only have to worry about a primary election so you have a lot of republicans who developed better general election muscles because they have to raise 54-46 whereas a lot of democrats once they win the primary in the spring, the general election is anylvania callrthought. >> host: good morning. >> caller: good morning. i would like to make an argume argument. i think the rise is the best argument for college education. i think it is a win-win situation and it's good for our democracy.
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any thoughts on the free college education?ome to >> guest: that is an issue that strikes home to me. it begins the first of three consecutive years where both of the boys are in college. our oldest son is at the university of pennsylvania and my son is at the university of pittsburgh so i've got to tell you the idea of free college is looking more interesting to me. >> host: big bear california is up next. >> caller: someone mentioned something about citizens united. there's a documentary on hbo who showed that in 20 days, obama was the one that united citizens united has basically responsible for that.
12:22 am
bein the other thing about the voting if you go on dot site, it shows that obama started in 2009 but it ramped up in 2015 the money that he has given people to stream -- streamline he spent at least $103 million doing that which is buying votes basically and also, they don't have any of the rules they have to follow like others. they don't have to speak english, they don't have to say the pledge of allegiance, they don't have to write a paragraph or an essay in english and they also are not paying any fees at
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all like other immigrants are. >> host: bring these concerns. last week he said i year these shows and we have to make sure that it's not stolen from us or taken away from us and newt gingrich, the surrogates sent to suggest you don't have fast in philadelphia is to deny reality. concerns about making sure they are counted correctly? >> guest: i think they are. a lot of the claims are overblown but some of them are legitimate. i like to stress if you are voting in person please take a moment to thank the nice people behind the table running your local precinct. my mother was one of those nices people back in the 70s who iss a minority inspector because we were in the minority party and these folks worked 12 to 15 hour
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days for very little money for a really important cause in the machinery of us having free andi fair election.d that m i've long said most voter fraud is democrat on democrat violence because it is perpetrated in the primaries. as i said earlier so much of what they care about in their o elected offices happens in our april or may primary so that's where you have some shenanigans. as to the fact th that couple precincts in philadelphia called and divisions but others often precincts where obama got every single vote i think if you you d actually visit that little part of philadelphia you would realize everyone is african-american or hispanic and they are all democrats, so i ca believe that there were cases where there was division obama got every vote and ronnie didn'y get any. remember here in pennsylvania they are run by the counties so
12:25 am
i don't think if you have some republican run county in the state that they are not going to have free and fair elections and the folks in philadelphia try to do the same thing there's just so many more people but sometimes you hear more because there's a lot of people. i think in general, the fraud is more in the primaries and then in some cases you have some absentee voting because you are not doing it in person but i don't think that they are rigg rigged. i think that there is 640,000 more registered democrats than republicans, so that makes it easier. >> host: just a few minutes left. the phone number is two for
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27488001 and if you don't get in this segment hang on the line and we will continue to talk about pennsylvania and at theo election in the next segment asn well. thank you for taking my call. i would just like to say that i really can't support donald trump at all for many reasons and i'm not so crazy about hillary clinton but one thing i am crazy about his climate change which no one seems tototo care about and to me i learned in elementary school davis and renewable. we can't go back to taking coalt out of the earth at the arming rates and continued that for thy future because it will destroy our earth, and it just saddens talk t it's not a big deal and
12:27 am
also the candidates need to talk about the protest that's going on over the pipeline. i realize there are pipelines everywhere but this has just been a tragedy for the native american people. it really breaks my heart toes think about these things. these are the major things i will be considering when i vote and next would be the economy, and after that -- >> guest: at the national andve state level these issues haven't been at the forefront and the people interested in climate change are very interested couple of people are not. education is more of a state-level issue that getsbo bandied back and forth when you
12:28 am
look at more of your state issues. i did want to note i put a document on my website that hasv folks can download that has statistics for every county in the state and by 2012 presidential results by county so if they want to play along they would have the document they could compare what they did versus what is happening. >> host: and they can see. a time for one or two more cal calls. >> caller: i just want to let you know i am supporting donald trump and i'm from southeastphih pennsylvania and the last twooyo commentators, the one you haveth on there now and the one prior
12:29 am
they both said nobody from southeast delaware county,o vot pennsylvania are going to vote for donald trump and if it isn't true because i'm one of them. there is a trump vote for florida and that's all i need to say. a >> guest: good for john for being active in the political process. i can't imagine what it's like to have that many brothers. i only have one but yes there will be people voting all over the state i think when you looka in general, delaware county has gone democrat and at least the last four presidential races ann it will go democrat again. it doesn't mean there won't be a lot of good people who vote for one of the third-party
12:30 am
candidates but in general it starts off more tilted to the hm democratic side and it's become even more magnified in theing te presidential race so there's going to be a lot of counties vote this year that vote differently than they have in the previous folks were talking about northeast pennsylvania and the perp the world that is more democrat especially in the two larger counties are going to go more republican and a trump will do better there than the average republican candidate. i quite frankly been surprised that his strength not surprised in some other places but here, yes. you will have situations wherein clinton or trump are going to be just running away with it and it will be interesting to see what
12:31 am
happens with the under card and thaundercard andthat is a challr candidate. if you are katie she is also polling below where hillary clinton is. a lot of people have written stories about how can toomey overcome donald trump's clintomance but i think in general if he gets clinton's vote she loses and hillary clinton will get 47, 48%. i don't think that wins the race so you have both senate candidates, more of an issue for toomey having to go about the managbove thetop of the ticket. in 2004 i managed republican senator arlen specter and we figured out a long time before that unfortunately president w bush was going to lose pennsylvania probably less than he lost it by him 2000, so weun would have to run four, five,
12:32 am
six, seven points ahead of bush and we were able to do that so the challenge to a larger extent is how do they do that as well so he will have to find thetoom voters. we will find out on election day, the republican consultant you can follow him on twitter. appreciate your time this on morning. he served as the pennsylvania, communication director including hillary clinton's 2008 primary run. do you have an official role in the campaign this cycle? >> guest: not this year. it takes more than four years to recover from the last one.
12:33 am
>> guest: victory >> host: in the last presidential election, the victory was fueled by young voters, the african-american population that makes up about half of the vote. are those going to come out in the same numbers this cycle? >> guest: i think they can and should.. there was a certain appeal he h had. perhaps those populations came out a little bit more easily in 2012 and 2008 but i do think they are accessible and it's just a matter of the campaign taking the time and effort into the hours it takes to get them to turn out.think >> host: and are they doing that?t >> guest: that is one of the
12:34 am
unnoticed advantages the campaign has probably in a lot of other states but they are far better organized than do trump campaign and they spent more time and invested more money organizing around the state opening offices in the big communities, small communities all over the state so they have in operation infrastructure toth help turn out the vote novembe november 8.talked about >> host: one of the guests today talked about the needs not just for hillary clinton to wina philadelphia but when to offset some of the margins in the other parts of the state. if we are watching on election night, what does winning big mean in philadelphia, which is a good number to end the night on when all of the ballots are counted? >> guest: i think roughly speaking anything smaller than a 300,000 vote margin just in
12:35 am
philadelphia county, not talkinp about the surrounding suburbs but just philadelphia county from anything smaller than a 300,000 vote margin is probablyi going to make the campaign very nervous. i think when they start getting to 350, 400, if you look at 2012 i think that obama wanted a 500,000 vote margin, maybe a little less. so the fact is the population in philadelphia and the surrounding suburban areas if the democratic candidate wins those areas by a big enough margin there justto aren't enough left in the state to offset and by contrast if you want to think about the primary in pennsylvania, i worked for secretary clinton on -left-bra -left-brace. she lost philadelphia county but won enough votes she was able to offset by winning in the suburbs and winning in northeastern pennsylvania at and out in
12:36 am
western pennsylvania and was in to offset the giant margin senator obama had by winning in some other places but i think that is good to be a difficultlt trum mathematics equation this here because i think that those suburban counties are kind of shout outs to him not to say havee o are not voters there tht support him but i think you'll have a hard time turning out those independent-minded voters. >> host: is it different when you are looking at the margins coming in around the state? >> guest: it is win big in philadelphia, when the suburbs, you have to win in the suburbs
12:37 am
and when allegheny county to the south west and when in northeastern pennsylvania which is stranded and in lehigh valley. if you can put together a coalition of wins in thosebably areas, then you probably have enough of a margin to offset the fact you will probably lose the whole rest of the state. harrisburg goes as well but when you look at the map you will be shocked at the fact is the population centers are winnable ce and they can perform well in the population centers. deborah is the first caller in the segment.a good morning.ote for clin >> caller: i could never voteere for clinton. i am a bernie voter and i going
12:38 am
for trump. it is an either/or and i think that he can upset everything. he can bring change. claimed him as nothing but the same and man i think we need at of change. >> host: >> guest: she's probably in the minority. i don't hear a lot of democrats voting for donald trump but i think what she touched on is at the root of what drives people to support a donald trump and in a lot of cases it is driven by the dislike of secretary clinton but in a positive way i think what they are touching on his frustration with the status quoc and the powerful desire for change and i think what scares a lot of people is they don't know what that change is going to
12:39 am
bring. there is no plan or agenda people understand or trust to replace whatever it is they object to. >> host: julie, good morning. >> caller: good morning. how are you. >> host: you are on, go ahead.ei >> caller: yes. i was talking specifically about donald trump in his own way but he also has the strength when he was in scranton he was specific about the issues. when hillary spoke in pennsylvania, she spoke her we are great, america speech, actually the same everywhere shn
12:40 am
goes.. where is the republican voice? >> host: watchword of specific issues that you appreciated donald trump addressing? inf >> caller: for one thing, our infrastructure is awful. our bridges, roads, we were largely a blue-collar state and he brought up the steel industry having left. he brings up specifics in each area that he goes to but it goes without saying he's gotten off policies where hillary doesn't speak policy specifics.
12:41 am
>> guest: most of what you hear in the conversations of the candidates is the opposite of that. most people are concerned they don't hear enough in the way of specifics from donald trump and secretary clinton has a lot of e specifics. i think you can find what you are looking for for either candidate on their website you can find policy specifics from each of them. she touched on an important issue and i think the last was o pennsylvania, ohio, that sort of region that stretches across the middle of the country.onomy in infrastructure drives the economy when it can't move the goods in or out, it's going to paralyze the economy so i think
12:42 am
it is a critical investment and that's something democrats and republicans agree on. >> host: we talked about the premium surge in the affordable care act that's been reported on this week that came out from the federal government. this would be the last straw but democrats hope of winning in the last senate. >> guest: when it comes to the news the last 24 hours, i have a political view that if there were anybody else running at the top of the ticket sites donald d trump, this might be a significant issue that he is such a distraction he has trouble breaking through on anything but himself and i think
12:43 am
it is hamstrung in the ability and a mean dad with large it's made it difficult for them to break through on this issue and get any traction because as soon as he goes out and says something outrageous it is going to take this issue and push it off. there's also the substantive issue which is the affordable care act. there are improvements that need to be made and there are some things they did get right when c it passed and they found things they can improve and the premium costs are significant andnore legitimate but we can't ignore the improvements. the fact is in pennsylvania the number of uninsured has gone
12:44 am
down since the passage. we have eliminated about pre-existing conditions and lifetime caps on insurance coverage. the context can't be lost and it's a net positive but there certainly are improvements and i think democrats including secretary clinton haveant acknowledged those problems and want to work to fix it. the problem is when you talk about repealing it, nobody isng presenting the alternative so people will be concerned about leaving the affordable care act because it will be a giant hole in its place. >> caller: good morning.
12:45 am
[inaudible] why national health would lower the product overhead significantly and allow us to keep the industry by generating jobs and i right or wrong. >> guest: i think what he's talking about is the single-payer healthcare system where people would sign up for the government run or government-sponsored healthcare. there's a lot of proponents to that and it's been discussed and debated. there doesn't appear to be a lot of support for it in congress whether it is in the house or the senate. i think if enough people want the system, that is something
12:46 am
that will be discussed but presently there doesn't seem to be a lot of energy behind it and congress. >> caller: good morning. my question is very simple, talking about voter fraud by only question is in pennsylvania like a lot of other states especially the important ones for the vote, are there any of the 50,000 electronic voting machines in pennsylvania? >> guest: i have to admit i don't know who purchased or manufactured the machines. i know there's been a lot of talk about the voter fraud and the fact is the documents of the voter fraud is so minimal as to be frankly irrelevant in pennsylvania and i think a lot
12:47 am
of the talk about the undermining of the authenticity or the legitimacy is frankly harmful to democratic process. >> host: this is the first year there won't be specifically a paper trail at the polls is that correct and why? >> guest: it depends because different states have different styles machine so i can't answer that broadly on the state level. but like i said, the numbers of cases of voter fraud is so minimal it really has no impacto on the outcome. >> host: about 20 minutes left. 2027 or 88000.
12:48 am
outsidoutside, (727)848-8001. plenty of calls, washington isni up next, caring, good morning. >> caller: hello. i'm calling because i used to be a democrat and i will never vote democrat the rest of my life and i will make sure my children know what your party is all about.ic for you to pick hillary clintont is revolting and i just want you to explain why she is so entrenched in self-enrichment. she signed off on that do get a good deal. that's after she got 145 million-dollar donation to the foundation and bill got his money, 1.1 million on the speeches and russia.
12:49 am
she had to sign off on it and bent her campaign had had interest in a company. it's self-enrichment and she has done nothing for us. >> host: do you care to respond? >> guest: i'm sorry to see her leave the party. look, i'm not familiar with most of what she said but i think that if you have a concern about ilationships and connections to russia and vladimir putin, i think that it's a hard argument to make that donald trump is more likely to be tough considering what he said about f vladimir putin and the fact than former campaign did business and
12:50 am
the sort of documented trail of onnections between the campaign and russia is fairly well-established. it's certainly a concern ofnd growing animosity and the electc continued description and electronic surveillance. certainly democrats and republicans should agree.ow >> host: hell do you think the current campaign has done when it comes to managing not just the fallout but the clinton foundation and the issue was the caller brings up, the pay toaveh play concerns that many have? d
12:51 am
>> guest: i think they've done an incredible amount of good all around the country. i think a lot of the criticism is either poorly documented oron unsubstantial david. the foundation raises money and creatiit to do good on aids awareness, creating infrastructure and water supply. it has a well-documented record of doing that.t. if you want to compare foundati foundations comparing the clinton foundation to donaldke trump foundation is an easy comparison to make. >> caller: i heard that donald trump and pittsburgh but thes infrastructure on the highways and bridges are so terrible that's a little hard to see when
12:52 am
you fly around in a corporate jet and another person said the only infrastructure i know in pennsylvania was the railroad south side of philadelphia but i don't have to wait in traffic because i'm always being stopped because they are fixing a brid bridge. it's been going on since president obama was in office. >> guest: the infrastructure issues in pennsylvania are not small. it is a significant problem and i think that we probably underestimate how many bridges and roads are in desperate need of repair and the unfortunate thing is too often you don't sen the urgency until an accident happens and you hope it doesn't end with some sort of fatality.
12:53 am
>> host: arthur infrastructure w issues it is the house race but we haven't talked about before yet? >> guest: there are candidates talking about the infrastructure issues. i'm not sure there is a partisan divide i think both sides agree investing in infrastructure is a priority and it's a question of how much and where will you spend the money. >> host: let's go to pittsburgh. if
12:54 am
>> caller: there's a good chance of donald trump is elected we will have a wall street crash and possibly a financial collapse worse than we experienced in 2008 and 2009 ans what it means to these that are going to vote but people will i'm their jobs. >> guest: i don't let the base of that is or that you could argue necessarily one candidate or another would cause necessarily a wall street crash. i think it really comes down too which candidate you prefer inu terms of economic agenda. for anybody that is undecided in an increasing number my recommendation is educate
12:55 am
yourself, go read about the candidates. there is no shortage of m information. educate yourself and take the time to go to the candidates website and read about the positions and try not to be influenced by everything out there because it has become so sensational it is hard to separate. >> host: robert is on the line.. go ahead. >> caller: i really have to say all these folks that come in and say they are democrats and then all of a sudden vote for trump i would like to ask did they really vote for obama but however, growing up -- i'm 80-years-old and i've seen a lot in pennsylvania other than the 20 years plus that i was in the military.
12:56 am
i remember there was a town i know that they wouldn't let black folks move in there and that's why you have all the folks in the suburbs because they wouldn't let them buy homes.ll and if you really loved trump -- what he said about women committees are christians, thest understand it.e >> guest: one of the things i personally find concerning an alarming about donald trump is not only the sort of cavalier way that he talks about sexual assault and whether he was joking or if it was locker room talk it seems to strike a sour note with a lot of the voters and a lot of the women politically speaking there are moderate republican women in the suburbs in philadelphia where he
12:57 am
needs to perform well who just can't see voting for donald trump and that's going to be aef problem for him they will either vote for hillary or just not at all and that will suppress hisuc bass boat and i also find equally concerning the stories you read about donald trump ands his father's business. it was a long time ago but the stories are concerned they would mark applications for apartment rentals with the letter c. for colored if it was somebody minority or african-american orm hispanic and they would use that as a way to determine if they wanted to rent to these people. these are the stories or anecdotes or facts that i think people need to take into consideration when they are deciding whether they want to
12:58 am
support a candidate fort, frankd president.he big scam >> caller: i'm one of those lifelong democrat and i did vote for obama twice because i felt -- name one person and his cabinet that wasn't already in washington or entrenched in washington, and i felt for the same thing from governor wolf when he said he was going to pay for our schools and infrastructure and he turned s around and said he would but then did nothing just like obama said was we wanted to hear and then does nothing. hillary clinton will be the same way. i'm voting for donald trumpin because a change to the he independent. i think that he will drain the swamp in washington and that is what they are afraid of and then don't want him to become president and you see such
12:59 am
lopsided news coverage of trump. and clinton. >> guest: like i said before, there is a current concern among voters out there particularly in places like newcastle with economic conditions where people feel like the system is leaving them behind and they wanted somebody that is going to blow it up and even if there is nothing to put in its place and no specifics for how they will start over with some sword of at new system, it doesn't matter. they are comfortable with someone saying they will tear down the whole system. that concerns a lot of voters, not that caller but they are
1:00 am
concerned we will tear it all down and have nothing in itsts le place.d morning. >> host: let's go to steve also in pennsylvania. >> caller: the reason i'm calling is because i'm one of these liberal democrats can't take trump. i am a vietnam veteran and i was working in a factory and for me this is personal. i had a friend was killed in thd in action at 18-years-old and it makes my aunt and uncle gold star parents and i'm also upset with the way that donald trump disrespects the pows and he singled out john mccain that there were 114 that died in captivity in vietnam and he also
1:01 am
talked about the people that have ptsd not being strong. he wants to build a strong military that wants to fight with everybody but when it's his turn to it didn't do it. i also have a handicap grandson. he is a pleasure and we are a military oriented family. she goes with us to the hospitals. .. donald trump has gone to. pittsburgh, we have an individual on the 18th of to ber and he stood with me hold the flag for 15 minutes. this is all personal. you attack people that veterans and ack fellow veterans accept this, it is beyond belief. been so disenchanted with the people in this country that
1:02 am
who stand up for somebody did this and even with the women, i have a mother, i god -- she is dead, thank she has gone to her reward, but my mother would hear this is crazy. daughters. i have sisters. whenever you think that it is abuse some woman is beyond belief. these people, this is what they are nod the reason there jobs and we lost our job system because of people like donald rump that will buy from foreigne foreigners, steel and everything else. union, if it wasn't for the union, i probably wouldn't have what i have today. people in this country, they -- these are veterans that people i the union, went to war with, most were union people. nevins.ark guest: yeah. first, thank you to steve for service and awful story about losing your cousin in vietnam. think that what steve is expressing for a lot of people
1:03 am
is not uncommon. a lot of people this lection is very personal, whether women or veterans, the comments,rved the sort of approach or the sort demeanor of donald trump and his message has struck note with people and that has made this election sensational, a lot more personal, perhaps a lot vitriolous than previous elections. even when things got tough or was undercurrent of undercurrentere was of substantive discussion, but like s election, it seems there is more personal attack, a vitrial and the to running for president, which is certainly different than anything we have
1:04 am
sure it is i'm not a net for the country. host: the caller mentions gold star families. showed this to viewers in the opening segment. khan electified the democratic national convention is hitting trail in virginia, this according to the l.a. times, stop around norfolk on wednesday, according to hillary campaign. go ahead. who : i mean, for people have seen the commercial with khan, even if you heard him speak at the convention, i was there and heard him speak, having heard him speak before watching the commercial to him is still chilling listen to him talk about his son and what that sacrifice means being a muslim american and with or his oncern problem with donald trump.
1:05 am
is articulate and authentic. clinton mercial by campaign late last week. you can find it online. wakertown, pennsylvania, go ahead. caller: i want to say if donald be a miraclet will because hillary clinton has the pocket, the f.b.i. in her pocket, the i.r.s. in her the justice department in her pocket. and wood in her pocket george soros in her pocket. ow i find out she's got the atf, too, because they destroyed in ence in that bombing north carolina, and painted right over it so nobody could see it. i just, the only question i have s when is the democratic party going to apologize to richard nixon? mark nevins. guest: sound like big pockets,
1:06 am
to have lot of stuff in your pocket. i'm not sure i agree with the caller. i think that, you know, those independent agencys and they have been pretty tough n secretary clinton at various times. but one thing i do agree with, it would take roughly something of a miracle to have donald trump win this election, that is not opinion, that is just based on the math and of the national electoral college math. t's going to be very difficult for him. the path he has to winning in so narrow now that it is really getting to be a for him. road host: outside presidential race,
1:07 am
democrats hope they can win back the house this cycle. what would that mean, what would need to happen in pennsylvania to contribute to that effort. that it is interesting, race, in a way has very little to do with the candidates. they are debating and running ads attacking each other making their cases, why you should vote for one or he other or why you should not vote for one or the other, but really in my view, the end of it will have more to do with what happens at the top of goes cket f. pennsylvania for secretary clinton, by five, six, seven points or more, i will be hard for senator toomey to overcome that, and i think ind, that could carry katie mcginty whereas e finish line, if pennsylvania is more narrow i gin, five points or lower, think that obviously senator toomey's advantage. the presidential election will lot to do with how the senate race plays out. host: what about the house race pennsylvania? guest: sure. you know, the redistricting, i
1:08 am
this in talked about the last segment, redistricting in pennsylvania at the level was done at the beginning of the decade and in a way were drawn that basically ensured that all safe.ents were pretty so a lot of districts are not hands, there are a small handful of competitive congressionalghth district, north of philadelphia in buck's county primarily, open that is particularly competitive in the sixth district. is pretty good mix of republicans and democrats, that more republicans since redistricting, that is competitive race. out are handful of them there, for the most part, the incumbent in pennsylvania are in that is whereape, they drew the line. host: another pennsylvania caller, lan caster, pennsylvania, john, go ahead. caller: hello.
1:09 am
arguments, i'm for change. is, you know, the tax code is changing in this years.y over the last 30 i'm 67 years old. the way trade is conducted has hanged through the trade agreements. you have corporations now through the wto, not even a organization, but government agreed to rganization has access to the united states treasury, if they perceive that their profits were laws sovereign nation passes. i'm totally against that. people that benefit from globalization through the tax code have the that.ty to do that are an people left behind don't. and both taerts have left this setting the stew. you can look and see the income has ality that this created. host: john, running out of time.
1:10 am
give mark nevins a chance to its is and perhaps appropriate we end on trade, an issue that has been such a big speeches the ump candidates are making as they travel through pennsylvania. guest: sure. this, working on races all over the country and we're hearing the conversation place rade taking everywhere from california to upstate new york. diverse lot of very points of view on this. frankly it's one of the areas donald trump and bernie sanders agree, they both were to sed or are opposed transpacific partnership, the know, and deal, you there are some candidates and some elected officials who great way to a expand the economy. i think people, that is an issue defys partisanship. voters interested in trade or an issue in ade as this election should take time o learn about those issues, understand what they mean and figure out where they stand on
1:11 am
their ues and match up position with candidates who share those positions and that s one of the areas that probably doesn't get a lot of coverage on the news, doesn't get a lot of conversation and people care about the issues, take the time to learn bout them and vote for candidates that share their position. host: mark nevins, with the dover trategy group, strategy group dot com. check him out at twitter. this iate your time morning as we focus on pennsylvania.
1:12 am
1:13 am
>> the real birth of advertising, with the ad agencies to go from madison avenue as the center of an industry that is dedicated
1:14 am
to the systematic involvement of the advertisements over and over to keep you buying stuff. >> taken with the adm of reproductive rights to help me figure out and how to for of the allied for my peace. >> taken approach to the process that was as dense. sunset was trying to come up with my team of was doing research at the same time
1:15 am
then i would come up but the idea that is a great shot and then a new idea for something else to focus on. and then scratching what doesn't work. >> your message to washington d.c.? tell us.
1:16 am
we it in class will once we have as free development from miami florida as if common the icon did resort


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