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tv   Book Discussion on The Assassination Complex  CSPAN  October 31, 2016 1:38am-1:46am EDT

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we are living in a moment where a man wh who's in the white houe is a constitutional lawyer by trade and a training who won the nobel peace prize and was a transformative figure in politics and is presiding over a global assassination program, is presiding over the most intense
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persecution and prosecution of whistleblowers, has used the act more during his two terms in office than the presidencies combined since the act was signed into the wall. president obama is a liberal leader who had support and get dick cheney i imagine him flyfishing having a chuckle over how great this period has been for their agenda that mitt romney would never have been able to implement. [applause] barack obama used his credibility as a democrat and constitutional lawyer to think to legitimize it leads to the
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global assassination program. every president since gerald ford has upheld an executive order that says the united states doesn't assess and meet people and get the congress hasn't avoided legislating that ishii of the end of the reason is because if congress defined the assassination and said that is an executive order we are going to translate into all it would mean you would have 500 plus lawmakers responsible for the policy s policies of insteaf assassination but we are told as we are engaged in the high-value targeting campaign. what we are engaged in is a
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program and body mint of richard clarke who told congress in a seat at hearing the reason clinton didn't want to do all al the things we're doing right now as he didn't want to give the perception of running into israeli style program. fast forward and we have a liberal democratic president who's basically said that it's legitimate for the united states to have a parallel system people are sentenced to death by meeting on terrorist tuesday, it goes up the chain of command and at the top of that is the president of the united states who acts as a spirit of the emperor and besides who will live and die on any given day because he says so.
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i want to know for all the liberals supported this policy, and at one point it was 77% said they supported droned strikes. i want to know when people hear the phrase the kill list, they will still believe because there is no such thing as a democratic or republican crews missile. a
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this is a great point. people were gathered around. before that, radiohead event may background.
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