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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  October 31, 2016 8:31pm-9:38pm EDT

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licenses. normally the deal that doesn't involve the fcc that's what are called pro from her payer -- pro firma. there's a big case around us in the 90s with the merger with mobil. that produced the largest transfer of licenses in the fcc issued a statement saying we don't review it but in this case where you feel the fcc ought to be involved but they are not involved because at&t time warner might be a case where they say normally we don't get it but these types of licenses but this time we really got it. >> guest: the justice department has to challenge the merger. the fcc has to approve the
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merger and so the conditions that they ask for are very different. >> guest: at this merger is approved what you think the impact will be on the markets and on consumer's? >> guest: i don't think there would be much impact on consumers at least in the short or medium term. i think it depends on how they try to use time warner content. they believe it will be viable and allow them to introduce new services and we will have to see. we'll have to see how all of these business models play out but it's hard to see how it would be bad for consumers. >> guest: i think first of all when you have these sorts of things you will have another one of these arms races where everybody starts to try to grab a partner. it's not just with this particular merger will do. verizon may want to buy cbs because they will need more
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content. or you might have charter-time warner cable tried to make a go of it in terms of buying more content and argument will always be you let that guy do it and now i need it. so there's the longer-term issue of fewer choices, more concentration of media power. i do think for consumers the biggest problem here is likely to be with content and data overages where the most short-term effect is right now at&t is slated to release their directv video where they will not charge it so the effect is to make it more expensive to watch netflix on your handheld manages to watch at&t's competing video products. for consumers that leads to greater expense. >> guest: so far netflix has
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not posted a merger. pepsco we have to leave it there. gentlemen thank you very much. scott wallsten technology post institute and harold feld and lydia beyoud the bloomberg dna.
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with eight days before the election donald trump campaigns in grand rapids michigan. usage days by grand rapids basketball coach bobby knight. [applause] >> hey general to stand there for a second, general. i want you to know that this is one of the great generals in american army history. [applause] and i happened to be his favorite psc. that's as far as i got. this is a five-star general you are looking at here in one of the best ever. [applause] let me take just a moment to
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explain donald trump to you. donald trump is tough. [applause] and there is and going to be anybody that pushes an administration around that donald trump is in charge of. [applause] and i know, i didn't go to one of your favorite schools. i went to ohio state instead of one of your favorite schools. i knew you would give me that let you know, we beat you most every time we played you. but let's talk about, let's talk about donald trump for just a moment. i was a major in history and
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government and i studied abroad my life about presidential candidates and presidents and so forth and i believe very strongly that at this time in our life, we need a donald trump more than we have ever needed anybody since george washington. [applause] and we need a donald trump and i only know one and that's the only one we know is donald trump we need him. you need him. your children need him because we need to have somebody in there that is smart, that is tough and that loves the united states of america. [applause]
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donald trump doesn't care whether he has a sound. he doesn't care about anything other than doing all he can to put us back where we ought to be. how many of you are really happy with our past eight years? [booing] i don't think any of us want that to continue. and it won't continue under the donald trump administration. i'm going to absolutely guarantee you two things. in a donald trump administration, there will never again be more americans set out on the hills somewhere and benghazi and left to die. [applause]
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that is the greatest criminal act in our history and government is what happened in benghazi. and there is another thing. [chanting] [chanting] one more guarantee is this. there will never be a member in a trump administration that receives money from foreign governments and puts it away somewhere. [applause] i think that we look at the past and i am not knocking him.
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not his fault that we have spent eight years with probably the worst repair president for the job that we have ever had. it wasn't his fault. it was our fault for not finding somebody better than he was. now, now in donald trump, let's just think for a moment. donald trump is not national. he is international. everybody in the world knows donald trump. you know isis, the people everywhere to cause problems for us, they don't want donald trump as president because they know how tough he is. [applause] and they know how dealing with him is a different situation than we have had. i am just so sold having been around him and having known him for a number of years that there
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is nobody that can do a better job at what we need being done than this man donald trump can do. [applause] right now, we have the highest deficit that we have ever had. we owe the most money that we have ever had to owe anybody. he will get that stuff all straightened out but he brings the tools with him. he is prepared. you know the things that he has done worldwide, there is nobody that even begins to have the kind of background for this job then donald trump house. it gives me a great deal of pleasure here in michigan with this crowd of great people, great university, great sports team. let me tell you something.
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or than anything i've done in my life, the opportunity to have a chance to introduce to the great american people the man who can put us back where we should be and i now give the that man and that is donald trump. [applause] [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> there is a great thing that we can all be proud of, black, white whatever our color is, we can be proud that we are americans. [applause] and i want you to know from the bottom of my heart, this is the best man that we would ever be able to have two take care of the circumstances we are in right now and that is mr. donald trump. [applause]
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>> thank you, coach. boy oh boy. [applause] he is something, coach knight. no games. with him there are no games. thank you, coach. thank you general. what a combination those two are. you know we set this up 24 hours ago because i hear we are doing great in michigan. we are going to win michigan. we are doing great. we are doing amazing. we are winning in ohio. we are winning in iowa. we are winning in north carolina. we are winning in florida. we are winning big in texas.
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texas is setting new voting records. we are winning all over the place, folks. this is going to be something special. in eight days we are winning the great state of michigan and we are going to win back the white house. [applause] 100%. let me start today by making a very important promise to you. when i win on november 8, i am going to bring your jobs back to america. [applause] you know it better than anybody else in this country. jobs leaving michigan will be coming to a very rapid end. we are going to make michigan the economic envy of the entire world once again. it used to be the economic engine. the political class in
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washington is betraying you. they have operated your jobs come your communities and they have shipped your wealth all over the world to mexico and all over. they put new skyscrapers up and aging where your factories in michigan were crumbling. these were our politicians. i will and i will and the theft of american prosperity, believe me. i will fight for every last michigan job. he will have plenty of jobs, get ready. when we win it's going to be america first. so you have to make sure you get in your absentee ballots and get out to the polls november 8. has anybody sent in the ballot? anybody? november 8. we will never chance to do this again.
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this is a great movement. the whole world is talking about it. i don't care who does that runs you are never going to have this chance we have to get out and vote. vote with all of your heart in all of your soul because this is it. show the world how much you love michigan and how much you love america by voting so we can take back our jobs and rebuild our military and do so many other things including the border. we have to have a border. i'm asking in your -- for your vote. [chanting] we will build the wall. you'd not worry about it.
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[applause] if we don't build a wall bobby knight is going to be very angry at me. and you know who is paying for the wall, right? they don't quite know that yet but they are going to. they are good. they -- i met with the president of mexico. we have to stop the poison from blowing in. the poison are the drugs. they are flowing in poisoning your state and poisoning new hampshire. new hampshire tells me for a year and a half in new hampshire they have been telling me stories, unbelievable but every state. the poisonous pouring in and we are going to stop the drugs and stop the drugs fast. we are going to work on the people that are so badly at that didn't get them better. i'm asking for the potic republicans, democrats, independents and first-time voters who want great jobs, safe neighborhoods and the government
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that works for the people. [applause] i am asking you, so importantly, to believe in america once again. but to bring back your jobs we must also immediately repeal and replace up to care. [applause] what a disaster. it's just been announced that michigan residents are going through and experienced crushing double-digit premium hikes. congratulations. [booing] in fact a number so high it don't want to give it to you because i want you to have a good time today. i don't want to ruin your day. i do want to see you slump out of here. by the way is there anyplace more fun to be than a trump rally? [applause] and honestly the subject right now is so positive because
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that's what's going on the country. we are going to make it so positive. in minnesota where the premium, you have to see what happens in minnesota. the increases over 60%. the democratic governor has said and he's a big democrat, the affordable care act is no longer affordable. he took a little heat for that. hillary clinton wants to double down on obamacare, making it even more expensive. in fact much more expensive than ever before. she is going to double down. all fairness folks based on what we are reading, in all fairness i think right now she has bigger problems than obamacare. [applause] they may finally have gotten wise to the clintons. perhaps they finally got wise. [chanting]
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>> wow, thank you. i love you too. [applause] i have to give the fbi credit. i was so bad would happen originally edited guts for director comey to make the move that he made in light of the kind of position he had trying to protect her from criminal prosecution. you know that. it took a lot of guts. i really disagreed with them. i was not as man but i will tell you what, what he did, he brought back his reputation. he brought it back. a lot of people want him to do the wrong thing. what he did was the right thing. i'm asking for your vote so we
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can replace obamacare and health care in this country is in such dire straits. we are going to save health care for every family in michigan and every family in our country. [applause] much less expensive, much better health care. repeal and replace. we have so many alternatives. so much better, so much less expensive. real change also means restoring honesty to our government. as you know, the fbi has reopened its investigation into hillary clinton and discovered, and discovered, you learned this yesterday, it's hard to believe, has discovered another 650,000
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e-mails. [applause] [booing] she lied under oath when she turned over all of her work related e-mails. just one more lie out of so many and general cartwright of four-star general lied one time and i think he did it for national security purposes. he lied one time. he may go to jail for five years she has lied so many times. this is the biggest scandal since watergate. hillary wants to blame everyone else for her mounting legal troubles but she has brought all of this on herself. hillary is the one who set up an illegal private e-mail server in a closet to shield their criminal activity. hillary is the one who engaged
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in the state department and now there are five fbi probes into the clinton foundation and their pay-for-play activities. very, very deep investigations. hillary is the one who sent and received classified information on an insecure server putting the safety of the american people at risk. that's what she did. 650,000. do you know what i call back? that's the motherload. i think you are going to five 33,000 that are missing. a 15,000 are missing, the batches that were missing two weeks ago. they have boxes of e-mails missing two weeks ago. i think we hit the motherload as they say.
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[applause] hillary is the one who lied to congress under oath. hillary is the one who lied on so many different occasions to the fbi and they know, they know. they know hillary is the one who made 13 phones disappear, some with a hammer. hillary is the one who destroyed 33,000 e-mails. after she got the subpoena. before is no good but after, no. that's why something should happen then. hillary is the one who broke the law over and over again. we can be sure that what is in those e-mails is absolutely devastating and i think we are going to find out by the way. for the first time. [applause] thank you beyoud -- huma abedin.
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thank you anthony weiner. [cheers and applause] and the statements that were made about him a year ago when i made statements that were well, like how can she be allowed to live with this guy how can she have access to this important information and i was badly criticized. now they are saying, trump has good judgment, wow. he's got good instincts. i've got good instincts. [applause] hillary is not the victim. the american people are the victims of this corrupt system in every way and this is your
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one chance right now, november 8 to change it. hillary is likely to be under investigation for a very long time. one of her longtime supporters, a top democratic pollster, a good guy, smart guy, a sharp guy doug sean is now totally withdrawing his support. he has supported the family for years. he wrote an article, he wrote an article quote i'm a democrat. i have worked with bill clinton but i can't vote for hillary. this is so important. sean writes, i am now convinced that we will be facing the very real possibility of a constitutional crisis with many dimensions and deleterious
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consequences should secretary clinton win the election. i don't think that's going to happen. if that happens we did a bad job out here, folks. sean warns that hillary is elected she would under -- be in a protracted criminal investigation probably a criminal trial i will say. ..
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our country will continue to suffer. she is unfit and unqualified to be the president of the united states. and her election would mire our government and our country in a constitutional crisis that we cannot afford. folks can we have to get back to work. we have to get back to work. we need to be going to work for the american people. we can't do what hillary would like to do, and that's become president. you can't take it, i can't take it. nobody can take it. and by the way, we do not need four more years of obama. that i can tell you right now. that i can tell you. for mother years of isis. running wild.
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four more years of no borders. four more years of losing all of your jobs. four more years of a depleted military. we're not building our military, for the great people in our military. that's right. hillary clinton's corruption, eight days, you're right. -- is a threat to democracy. and the only way to save our democracy is to get out and vote by the millions. by the millions. don't lead if to chance. we're all hearing about our system is so honorable, it's so honest. in the booth, right, so honest. so honest. you can name ten places, but you hear so much about the honesty. let's do this. let's not worry about. get out and vote by the millions and we won't have to worry about what has taken place behind the scenes. remember this.
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1.8 million people that are dead are registered to vote. they talk about, oh, that's a threat to democracy. 1.8 million people, 2.75 million people are registered to vote in two states. so they vote here, go to another state, vote there. there's so many things going on, folks. and obama, the other day on television, talked about the bedrock of our foundation. but the other day, eight years ago, when he was rung for the first time, talk about how corrupt the election system is in chicago. i saw it. i said, he's telling us how trump shouldn't be saying these things? and this guy, eight years ago, is on television, last night, talking about how corrupt it is in chicago, and saying, i'm lucky, i'm from chicago. in other words, it's corrupt. it's corrupt. he is lucky he is the beneficiary of the corrupt.
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get out and vote by the millions so they can't do anything. we can't let them take it away. the clinton crime spree ends on november 8th. going to end on november 8th. and when we close the chap fer on the clintons, we open a bright new chapter focused on the american people. so we want to now be a little uplifting, because you know what? he have such tremendous potential. tremendous potential in our country. my contract with the american voter begins with a plan to restore honesty, and accountability in our government. i want the entire corrupt washington establishment to hear and to heed the words, we are about to say. get ready. when we win on november 8th, we are going to washington, dc
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and we are going to drain the swamp. we're going drain the swamp. and speaking of draining the swamp, donna brazile did it again. wikileaks today. she gave the questions to a debate to hillary clinton. and that was from a couple of weeks ago. happened again but this time, far worse. she gave the questions to a debate to hillary clinton. now, they're all blaming donna brazile, and i think she just got fired from the network. she should be fired from the dnc. by the way, could you imagine if i did that? bobby, what would happen to me if i did that? electric chair issue think. the electric chair.
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if i did that, can you imagine? so donna brazile got fired from the network, but here's the real problem. uh-oh. i want to ask you all of you folks that have been -- excuse me -- in any branch of the military, male or female, or you have had sons, daughter, fathers, mothers, that have been in the military, how many of you have done that? raise your hands. i want to tell you, that there will be no president that has ever been closer or who has ever had a greater respect for our military people than donald trump will have.
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there's nothing more important in today's world than our military, army, navy, air force, coast guard, whatever, gets everything it needs to have and this man will assure that is done. i guarantee you that. now, you've listened to him. you've heard him talk. he has a couple more things to say. i'm running out of things but i'm going to tell you one thing. in a trump administration there will be no bull shit. thank you very much. >> there's only one. only bun bobby knight. thank you. thank you, bobby. [chanting]
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>> thank you. what a great place to be. thank you, bobby. and you know, we also have the endorsement of a great, great guy, jack nicolas. talk about winners. jack is such a winner. bobby is such a winner. we have so many endorsements, from such great, great winners. we love jack. at the core of our contract, is my plan to bring back your jobs. michigan has lost more than one in four manufacturing jobs since bill clinton signed nafta, a deal strongly supported by hillary clinton. before nafta went into effect, there were 280,000 auto workers in michigan. today that number is only 160,000, and believe me, it's
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going down and going down fast. our country is roes. listen to this. 70,000 factories. 70,000, bobby. you hear that? 70,000 itch thought it was 700. i thought it was 7,000. 70,000 factories. since china entered the world trade organization. under bill. that was another bill and hillary disaster. we got nothing. we get losses and unemployment. we have nearly $800 billion in annual trade deficits with the world. 800 billion. we do all this trade. we have a trade deficit of $800 billion. we are living through the greatest job theft in the history of the world. and the people of michigan perhaps almost more than any other place know this. our trade deficit with china grew almost 40% during hillary's tenure as secretary of state.
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it's massive. he trade deal with south korea, you know all about that one. pushing it so hard. instead of making 100,000, it killed 100,000 american jobs. so when you look around michigan, and you see the rusted out factories, the empty buildings and the long unemployment lines, remember, hillary clinton did much of this to you. she wasn't there. and during the debate, you watched the debate -- did i win the debates? by the way. oh, the debates. i love those debates. but you know, i watched her say i'm going to do this and that. say, hillary, you've been there for 30 years. why didn't you do it? she said, i'm going to change the tax code so that donald trump doesn't do that. she doesn't say all of donors are doing the same thing. said i don't mind. change the code. nothing gets done.
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the reason she'll never do is because her donors don't want it. i'll have over $100 million in my campaign, which means $100 million of people that aren't giving me money. i will tell you this. on the internet, people, $61 average. $61. we're setting records. setting records. amazing. hillary got rich. selling your jobs, the same specially are interests who pushed the jobs out of america are the people who have given countless millions to her. she's not going to change. hillary gets rich. making america poor. look at the devastation here. delphi laid off 3,627 workers. you know that. and you know where they moved? different places. most of those jobs went to mexico. by the way, mexico is doing very well. if she is working for mexico,
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she's doing a great job. we're going to fight for the workers at delphi. anybody here from delphi? delphi. a few? they don't want to raise their hand. this guy had his hand partially up. he was like, huh u, u. you'll be proud of it very soon. they got a raw deal and deserve better. gm, laid have 314 workers at the lake oahe ryan assembly plant in 2013 because of the immigrant ports from the south korean trade deal by hillary. lear corporation laid off men people in rochester hills and moved their jobs to south dakota. fde automotive, laid off 166 people in auburn hills. a place ill know well. their jobs went to mexico. chrysler laid off 5,300 workers. those jobs went to mexico. china and india. and numerous other countries.
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ford, laid off 2,155 workers. their small car division is out. they're gone, they moved to mexico. now ford is moving a lot of different production facilities to a lot of different areas, but when you look at what is going on in our country, we want them here. a trump admission will stop the flight of american jobs. in ford or another company announces they want to move their jobs to mexico or to another country issue will pick up the phone and if i have to i'll do it personally, into the some say it's not presidential. do i care? it's not presidential, sir. but i have some of the greatest business leaders, carl icahn, endorsing me. they'll do it well. but we'll -- we'll use our great business people. we have the greatest.
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>> ors in the world. we use political hacks to make trade deals. our trade deal with mexico, nafta, is a defective deal. it was defective almost from the beginning because we have different tax systems. they're in a vat system. we're in our system. there's a 17 -- almost 17% difference. so every deal we make, we are behind 17% before we even start. people have known that for years and years and years. it's a defective agreement. nobody ever changed it. believe me, it's going to get changed very quickly. okay? i will call the executives and i will tell them that if they want to do vat, where they're taking their factories and taking everything and moving and it they think they're going to sell their cars or their air conditioning units back sunny country, we will charge them a 35% tax when they try to ship their products back across what
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will end up being an extremely strong border. and you know what? just the fact that we're going to do that or we would do that, they'll never move. they're going to stay in michigan. somebody said, please stay, we'll do this and that. they would say, we're leaving and going to mexico. you say, all right, here's he story. no more mr. nice guy. make your cars -- carrier air conditioning, indianapolis. 1400 people laid off. violently. guys were laying -- people worked there 30 years. they laid them off. so all i say is this. you want to build your plant in mexico? have a great time. but if you think you're going to ship your product across the border -- which will be a very strong border by the way -- you think you're going to ship your stuff across the border for no tax no nothing, so we end up with unemployment, empty plants and factories, and you end up
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with the money, the jobs and the plants, you can forget it. and you know what would happen? if you said that right up front? nobody is leaving, folks. you stop it right away. the politicians don't want to say that abuse most of them are too stupid to even understand it. but the ones that aren't are taken care of by the special interests and their donors because they want those companies to move because it's to their benefit. it used to be that cars were made in flint. and you couldn't drink the water in mexico. now the cars are made in mexico and you can't drink the water in flint. not good. but we're going to turn it all around. and we're going to rebuild president in. was to flint recently, and it's gone down a long way.
9:16 pm
and we're going to help you rebuild detroit. and mr. gilbert's done a great job, by the way, friend of mind. done a great job. we're going rebuild michigan and we're going to keep your jobs and lots of other things. so i'd like to share a special message with the african-american community in michigan. which has been so terribly harmed by the policies of the clintons and a lot of the democratic politicians. look at the city of detroit. take a look. it used to be the manufacturing hub of the world. now nearly half of detroit residents don't work. it has the second highest violent crime rate in the united states. and the children are trapped in failing, horrible, government schools. yes, yet as the people of detroit suffer, hillary wants to
9:17 pm
spend trims of dollars on government benefits for illegal immigrants and refugee pouring into our country. i've outlined a plan for urban renewal that i believe so strongly in. it's called a new deal for black america. that deal includes a plan to use the money we will save by securing our border and curbing reef rev admissions to invest in communities like flint and detroit. we'll bring in big numbers of jobs. tremendous incentives. it includes a pledge of school choice for african-american children. my plan also includes a promise to cancel billions and billions of dollars in climate change spending for the u.n.
9:18 pm
it's insane. a number that hillary wants to actually increase, and instead use that money to provide for american infrastructure, including clean air, and clean water. you saw this recently. we're going to spend billions and billions and billions of dollars for a plan we don't even know where the money is going, and in the meantime our companies won't be able to compete because they're being regulated and restricted. they're not going to be able to compete. and i'm an environmental list. i've received many environmental awards but i want clean air, and i want crystal clean water, and i want safety. and we don't have to give hundreds of billions of dollars away to people that are probably laughing at us. you know where the money is going. not going to happen.
9:19 pm
my plan also includes a pledge to reduce violent crime. every child in this nation has a right to grow up in safety and in peace. and my plan includes a pledge to restore manufacturing in the united states. we're going to start making things again. hillary and the democratic party have run the inner cities for years, and only produced more poverty, more crime, worse education. the time has come for real change. i'm asking you for the honor of your vote so together we can turn decades of political failure into generations of lasting success for your children and your grandchildren. hillary, on the other hand, wants to destroy what is left of
9:20 pm
manufacturing in michigan with the transpacific partnership. a disaster. a disaster. a trump administration will stop the transplantation pacific partnership and we'll have tremendous trade deals but no a deal that is 6,000 pages long, ties in all of these countries together. you have to see a bar chart. lines all over the place. if somebody does something ongoing -- we'll have single lines going to single different countries and if they don't do good by us, we send them what is called a letter of termination. 30 days. and during that 30 days, they'll call and we approximately probably make a new deal and it will be even better. simple deals, folks. you have to see this crazy transpacific part inner inship and they don't take care of monetary manipulation. which is the single biggest weapon that foreign country used to kill us.
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especially china. they're grandmasters. we'll renegotiate nafta, and if we don't get the deal we want, we will terminate nafta and get a much better deal. we'll make a much better deal. we are going to lower taxes on american business from 35% to 15%. we are going to massively cut taxes for the middle class. we will unleash american energy, including shale, oil, natural gas, and clean coal. we're going to put our miners back to work. the obama-clinton war on coal is going to cost this state 50,000 jobs at least. and you have a war in your steelworkers, too. your steelworkers are suffering. we'll also work to restore and
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protect the great lakes. we are going to become a rich nation again. but to be a rich nation we must also be a safe nation. hillary clinton wants a 550% increase in syrian refugees pouring into this country. hillary's immigration plan means generations of terrorism, extremism, and radicalism, spreading into our schools, our communities, and every other place right near michigan, and all throughout the united states. when we win, we will suspend the syrian refugee program, and we will keep radical islamist terrorists the hell out of our
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country. we have no choice. and we'll build safe havens for them. we'll get the money from the gulf states. they have plenty of money. we'll lead the effort because we all have heart, we see what is happening. but we can't do this. we don't want to be the great trojan horse of the future. not going to happen to us. you see what's happening in germany, in paris? people don't even go to paris anymore. my friend used to go to paris. oh, donald, love paris. so beautiful. for years i said to him the other day, how is paris? he says, we don't go there, are you crazy? we're not going be the stupid people anymore, folks. we'll be the smart people. a trump administration will also secure and defend the borders of
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the united states. and, yes, we'll build the wall, and you know that. we receive -- so important -- you have to have it. i don't know if you know, hillary wanted a wall. did you know that? and you why they didn't build it? a big fence, wall? they couldn't get environmental impact statements. can you believe that? the united states of america wants to put up a wall, in '06, hillary was in favor of it. they couldn't get the approval to build a wall. can you believe this? and then you see china in the middle of the south china sea, building a massive fortress, and you know what happened? they said, sunday evening, let's do it. you know when work started? monday morning. jokingly said to a friend of mine in china, how lounge did it take you to get the environmental impact statement
9:25 pm
approved? he looked at me and goes, you're kidding, aren't you in i said, yeah, i'm killing. so they're ripping it up with the biggest excavators you have if seen and they're riching its up and they're building -- not posed to be doing it. the only reason they're doing it is because they have no rerespect for our president is out campaigning all the time. this guy ought to cement more time -- time in bringing jobs back to michigan and less time fighting for somebody who is under criminal investigation, which he shouldn't be doing. we received the first ever endorsement from our i.c.e. and border patrol officers. 16,500 border patrol officers. the first time they've ever done that. because they know we know what we're doing. they tell us the border crisis
9:26 pm
is the worst it's ever been. it's a national emergency. they also warn that america's plan under hillary clinton is the most radical proposal, quote, radical proposal, in u.s. history. when i become president, we will end illegal immigration, deport all criminal aliens. we have people in this country that are serious, serious criminals. and we will put america first. you know, we have some very, very rough people, and we want to deport the people while she is secretary of state, and they bring these people back to their countries. and the country is very intelligently said, no, we don't want a murderer. we don't want a drug dealer. we don't want the head of a gang in los angeles. we don't want them.
9:27 pm
they call up the secretary of state's office and said, that's okay, bring them back. so we release them right into our country. how stupid are we? i promise you, it's well known. promise you, whether it's four years or eight years, we'll figure that out. there won't be one time, there won't be one time, when any of these thugs come back into our country. not one time. we will also repeal the obama-clinton defense sequester and rebuild our badly depleted military. we need a new foreign policy that puts america first and we're going to have it very, very quickly. hillary led us to disaster in iraq in syria, in libya, then after benghazi, she looked the families of the fallen in the eye and lied.
9:28 pm
she blamed their deaths on a video, which was a lie. remember when she came back to bosnia? under fire. so dangerous, remember? but they had a video clip. she landeds' these beautiful little girls were handing out flowers. turned out not be true and she apologized. she apologized. but you have to ask her, the media -- the most dishonest people, they have to ask her, they have to ask her, they have to ask her. they have to ask her. so when donna brazile, who i told you just got fired, when donna brazile gave her the question to at the debate, ask
9:29 pm
this question, why didn't she report it? she accepted those questions. she accepted those questions. to the debate. she had the questions to the debate. forget about -- i don't care about donna brazile. why didn't hillary clinton report that she was given essentially unethically, probably illegally, why didn't she report that she had the questions? hillary and our failed washington establishment have spent $6 trillion on wars in the mideast and now it's worse than it's ever been before. has obama and others gone to the beach, obama could have gone to the golf course, would have been in much better shape.
9:30 pm
we shouldn't have gone into the war. she thinks i'm a hawk. oh, donald trump -- shouldn't have gone in. and we certainly shouldn't have gotten out the way we did because she created a vacuum and isis form. isis is dreaming about her becoming president. she's going to fix it. there was no isis. when she was secretary of state. she and obama created it. through the vacuum they created by stupidly the way they got out. even, oown muss sill. we are trying too retake mose assault because we gave it up. now we're going in, did we give them enough advance notice? four months is enough time. right? general, did we geoff mosul enough advance -- general, did we give mosul enough advance notice? i keep saying, what happened to the element of surprise. imagine if some of the money had
9:31 pm
been spent, $6 trillion in the middle east, on building new schools and roads and bridges right here in michigan. now hillary, trapped in her washington bubble, that's blind to the lesson, wants to start a shooting war in syria. in conflict with a nuclear armed russia, that could drag us into a world war iii. she is actually -- i tell you what. she will get us into world war iii. will tell you this. she is incompetent. she will get abuse world war iii. the arrogant political class never learns. they keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. their keep telling the same lies, producing the same failed results. how can hillary manage this country when she can't even manage her e-mails.
9:32 pm
one disaster after another. one scandal after another. one betrayal after another. to all americans i say, it is now time for new leadership. all of us. and just in finishing up, in finishing up, just think about what we can accomplish in the first 100 days of a trump administration. we are going to have the biggest tax cut since ronald reagan. hillary is increasing your taxes. we will eliminate every unnecessary job-killing regulation. we're going to cancel every illegal obama executive order. we will rebuild our military, and we are going to take great
9:33 pm
care of our fantastic veterans. about time. 22 veterans a day commit suicide. can you believe that number? 22 veterans a day are committing suicide. they wait on line for seven, eight, nine days, when a simple prescription or a simple procedure could solve their problem. 22 veterans 'these are our greatest people. committing suicide a day. not going to be that anymore, folks. we'll take care of our veterans. have tremendous veteran support. we are going to totally support the men and women of law enforcement. we will save the second amendment, which is under total siege. and we will appoint justices to
9:34 pm
the united states supreme court who will uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. hillary wants to us think small. wants to us believe things can't change. and wants our lives to revolve around washington, dc. i am asking you to dream big. dream big. to push for bold change. and to believe in a movement powered by the people and by their love of our country. i'm tired of politicians telling americans to defer their dreams to another day when they really mean another decade or many decades away. america is tired of incompetence. america is tired of waiting.
9:35 pm
the moment is now. all we have to do is stop believing in our failed politics and start believing in each other. we have to. start believing in each other. and start believing in the greatness of our country. there is no challenge too great, no dream outside of our reach, don't let anyone tell you it can't be done. the future lies with the dreamers. not the cynics, not the critics. hillary has been there for 30 years and she has accomplished nothing. she is just made things worse. she is a candidate of yesterday. we are the movement of the future. we're the movement of the future.
9:36 pm
some of the greatest political pundits today, bill o'reilly, many others, said this is the single greatest political phenomenon of their life time. we don't want to throw it away that's why we have to vote. our movement represents all americans from all backgrounds and all walks of life. we are asking for the vote of republicans, democrats, inches, and first-time voter, or which there are so many. we're asking for the vote of every american who believes truth and justice, not money and power, should rule the day. we are fighting for every citizen who believes that government should serve the people, not the donors, not the special interests.
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9:37 pm
we are fighting to unlock the potential of every american community and every american family who hope and pray and yearn for a better day and a better future. with your vote, we are just eight days away from the change you have been waiting for, for your entire life. together we will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you, everybody. god bless you. get out and vote, michigan. get out and vote. november 8th. thank you everybody. god bless you. ♪


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