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tv   Simulcast of the Bill Press Show  CSPAN2  November 1, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> that's fine. >> right. how was vegas? >> oh, man. it was kind of outstanding. >> really? >> well, just the experience. >> yeah. >> i have never been in the seat before. this is quite something. >> did you ever get to vegas? >> i did get to vegas, that was far less excited, actually. i find it very depressing. >> so funny. in a provers way, i guess. >> i was all over. >> oh, no. >> the show was about me me to
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enjoy. so what are we talking about? >> we need to stay on theme here. [laughter] >> we have to talk about comey. >> talk about comey. we are doing a thing called trump has 99 problems. you may know the song, 99 problems. >> yeah, yeah, we can talk about some of that. >> good.
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it's hard to understand when he says bullseye. no. just the first one about -- yeah, yeah, no. and also you know, the -- worst
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since watergate. >> we have a real-life russian in studio and ask him about his involvement. that's a cheap joke. i'm sorry.
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there are -- maybe we can touch on early vote. there are seven states where you can get your ballot back. >> no? >> and do what with it? >> change your vote. >> really? >> yeah. seven states. seven. i don't know which ones they are. yeah.
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>> did you guys early vote? >> i voted. >> bill lives in california, he does the mail-in thing. i go on election day. >> i do too. >> the first year i voted -- >> this is still fresh for me. >> you were 18. 2008. >> that's right. i'm actually aging backwards. >> broadcasting around the nation on your radio, on your tv and online. this is is the bill press show. >> one week to go, we will survive and on november 8th, we will decide and -- i don't care what donald trump says, it'll
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all be over. welcome, welcome to the bill press show on this beautiful tuesday november 1. so great to see you today and we welcome not only all of our regular viewers and listeners, those of you listening in local progressive talk radio station and those of you watching on free speech tv and on video stream youtube/billpressshow. we welcome viewers of c-span one week before decision day. you can join the crowd and join the conversation at any time with a different number to call today, not the regular c-span number, republican, democrats or independent line but give us a call 866-55 press. i just realized we have to pay for all the calls from the c-span people? >> yeah. >> toll free for them.
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>> are they sending us a check to cover the cost for that? >> don't count on it. >> it's going to cost us a lot of money. >> we will put a go fund me account. don't worry. >> you can send us comments on twitter. we don't have to pay for that at ppshow or facebook, i get that confused with the video stream. great to see you and great to welcome you in the program. we want to talk about the russian influence on the election so, of course, we have -- [laughter] >> we just discovered. >> our own russian spy joining our regular team here peter and jamie benson. >> good morning. >> all right. >> barely.
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barely. >> the same club expanded. >> i feel like i'm right in front to have camera so i'm ducking down a little bit. i don't want to get in your shot. >> don't overthat -- overshadow. >> our videographer as well. we have only seen rudy giuliani and trump brought back another big supporter, bobby knight. there is what you would expect when donald is in the white house. >> you heard him talk, he has a couple more things to say, i'm
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running out of things, in a donald trump administration there will be no bull -- [cheers and applause] >> all the conservatives christian conservatives. >> lots coming up here today the democratic candidate for vice president tim kaine will be joining us, senator tim kaine, i should say but little bit later in the broadcast and we will have also a later in this hour aliza colins from usa today. >> stories making news, it is the day after halloween. i brought in some leftover halloween candy, by the way. the la times took a look at exactly how much halloween you would have to eat to kill you
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right, because can can overdoes on sugar and die. it is a real thing but here is how they put it altogether. you would need to ingest 13 and a half grams of sugar for every pound of your body weight. so if the average american is 195 pounds, which they are -- >> average american? >> 195 pounds. you would have to eat about 155 fun-size snicker bars or 102 fun-size packages of plain m&m's, you have to do it in one sitting, in one sitting. >> well they're on sale now so it'll cost you $5. >> i have never eaten 555 fun- size -- >> i have come close. >> thanks for the warning. >> be careful and you sit down and you find in a candy bench spiral. >> one week away from election day. [laughter] >> i think you're fine with
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those. >> election day is one week away. here is news you can use if you want to get out it have election coverage. amc theaters have partnered with cnn and they're going to be showing election night coverage on the big screen, cnn's coverage on the big screen, here is how it works. in 50 different cities, excuse me, 25 different cities they are going to set up one blue screen and one read screen. so if you wanting to watch it with a bunch of republicans, you go to the red screen, if you want to watch it with democrats, you go to the blue screen and you sit and watch the election coverage from cnn on the big screen. >> i want to be careful here because i work for cnn. >> can i catch you in the theater? >> i tell you one thing, i'm not on the red screen. >> they should have fox on the
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red screen. >> right, they'll be showing the same content, it's just the crowd, really. >> we need to bring the country together. >> i agree, make everybody watch it on the purple screen. >> think of how much security. >> stay home. >> stay home because you can drink at home and then you can go to bed. i think we are all going to want a little more to drink on election night. and the stock markets performance in election year between july 31st and october 31st has been used to accurately predict the president. it's got a really, really great track record, in fact, it's picked the last presidents 86% of the time, okay. now, if history is any guide donald trump will be the next president according to how the stock market has performed.
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s&p 500 is down since it closed july 29th, because of that, they think that donald trump has the advantage. that's how it's worked in the past. i'm just saying, if you're superstitious, that's a sign. >> bsi say to that study. like yesterday whoever sell it is most halloween mask will be the next president. >> who was that? >> of course, donald trump. you want that oriental -- who -- orange. the eyes were through the hat and it took all his face. >> wow. that's a pretty good one. >> your chance to weigh in on james comey, does he survive? >> you know, i actually have a bet going with my husband and i told him that he's going to have
7:15 am
to step down because this is so much more become a -- a comey scandal than it is now a hillary scandal. >> absolutely. >> you know, when you're in a situation where it's now discovered that you didn't want to go public with the fact that it was the russians who were releasing the emails we all know and love because it was going to influence the election, but you had to problem writing a bunch of republican committee chairman that there's emails that you discovered that you don't know what they are and they're part of investigation. i mean, that's a real problem. that's a real double standard. >> and when you have the republican chair of the senate judiciary committee writing to you saying what you did is a real disservice to the american people because you dropped this bombshell with no information, very, very vague letter, you just made the situation worse. >> yeah, you know, i think part of it is also -- well, let me
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just say. regrettable part of all of this of what comey did of how he has been in political process. we have so much doubt as americans about our institutions, institutions of government or faith or every kind of institution, there's just so much out and this takes the fbi, which you think a lot of americans saw as this great american nonpartisan nonpolitical entity and put it right in the middle of the political fight. that's a shame. >> takes it back on the days and reputation -- >> yes. >> as a political monster. >> worked so hard to shake, by the way. >> all right, here is my question, why do we hear from the white house yesterday when josh earnest is asked about the president's view of director comey? >> the president doesn't believe that director comey is intentionally trying to
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strategizing to benefit one candidate or one political party. >> why is the president defending comey? >> all right, he appointed him. he could say i made a mistake. >> well, i think that's exactly what i said. it's probably too soon without knowing what was exactly was motivating and -- >> we know he made a mistake. >> it's pretty clear now that he made a mistake. for a sitting president to say i have abandoned comey with three days into the story, i think it would be irresponsible. he goes onto make it clear that the president believes that comey should follow existing precedent which says don't do this so close to an election. >> we know that the attorney general advised comey, don't do this, don't do this when you have former attorney general eric holder, democrat saying mistake, former attorney general alberto gonzález, he should not
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have done this, republican former attorney general michael no, he should not have done this. the only person who loves him, of course, today is donald trump. >> yeah, within minutes he was using it on the stump. >> do we have donald trump -- here he is about praising comey. >> it took guts for director comey to make the move that he made in light of the kind of opposition he had where they are trying to protect her from criminal prosecution. you know that. >> yeah, yesterday a lot of people were saying, well, trump is saying that today, he said the opposite in july but democrats are condemning him today and they were praising him in july too, but nobody made the point july was a lot different right, what he did this times 1 days before the election. [laughter] >> you know that. >> i don't know who else knows
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that. >> if you look at the numbers and voters don't care. this scandal feels baked in, you're either outraged by the emails or you're not. the numbers really stayed the same. it's not really hurting hillary at least so far not in voters eyes, it is hurting comey within the people -- you mentioned other republicans that are saying what's going on here. one of your judgment is in question. that's what really hurts. your judgment. >> american progress action fund have been looking at donald trump's 99 problems? >> so donald trump keeps talking about a rigged election, he has for weeks and we've decided that donald trump has 99 problems but a rigged election about won so it's part of our closing argument we went through and found many more than 99 and then spent as a group kind of
7:20 am
narrowing down to 99 and it's really, you know, what we have been all talking about, 12 women accusing him of sexual assault the fact that he hasn't released tax returns and won't and refuses to do so. the fact that his tax plan gives biggest benefit to the richest americans and now we should add these problems, should update our list, the fact that it's now coming out that he maybe a secret agent put forward by putin. which by the way as a former russian i was upset i wasn't approached. >> some of us -- [laughter] >> you actually had to pay, had to pay to get rid of your russian, soviet-russian citizen to be able to leave. i had to pay my former
7:21 am
government to renounce my citizenship so that i could leave. >> you paid your price. >> i paid my price is what i'm telling you. >> back in mother russia. >> that's what it was like. [laughter] >> so we also have to add that came out is on the tax's issue he used the crazy loophole that was later declared illegal to avoid millions and billions of dollars of taxes. >> yeah. how foolish mike pence looks this morning, right, who insisted, don't worry he will release tax returns, he's told me, he promised me before november 8th. he's not going to. >> trump never gives his people any rope. he doesn't help them out at all. yeah, two out there and tell them i'm going to release tax returns and mike pence is the
7:22 am
same guy that has to go out and say, he's not going -- >> or during last debate. we haven't had a chance to talk. the center for american progress action fund. you know the number 866-55press. weigh in on james comey. anything else in the news today. look forward to your calls, we will be right back. >> it might not be as rigged as i thought. [laughter] >> very odd weird thing. >> do you need anything? >> i'm good. >> can you move to your left? >> left, left. okay. is that better? okay.
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>> will you have voted before you come? >> i was thinking about that. i think i'm going to vote after -- >> when? >> after the show next week. >> did you change when you moved, did you change your polling place, your address? >> so, yes, but i have to double-check to make sure that -- to make sure that it actually went in because i may have done after a deadline or something.
7:24 am
>> how about early voting? just the importance of it. >> yeah, yeah. >> it dominated everything. >> richard. >> yeah. we should talk about that. i will translate it.
7:25 am
>> i mean, both the guns and the supreme court justice. he will do what he can to keep the seat open for four years. >> he said that too? >> yeah. >> was it cruz? i don't remember, something said insinuated that. >> tremendous four years we are in for. >> can you imagine? >> i need to take a vacation right after election day to prepare. >> yeah. >> i even thought about it.
7:26 am
i don't know what i'm going to do. >> yeah. we are already at the end of year list stuff. best apps of 2016. >> i don't like that one bit. >> can you imagine the election? >> oh, my god. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> this is the bill press show. >> 26 minutes after the hour and here we go. the bill press show on this tuesday november 1.
7:27 am
eliza colins with me today joining us in the studio in half hour here with center of american progress action fund deputy director. let's -- you came back from your writing a book about gun safety. >> yeah. >> came back from a little experience out in the nevada desert. >> two-day handgun training course. 16 hours of gun shooting. >> and we still allowed you to come back this morning? how about that? speaking of guns, richard up for reelection in north carolina yesterday visited -- was talking to a group of second amendment nuts, right, gun owners and here is what he says about hillary clinton. >> it didn't make me feel any better when e talked into a gunshot. [inaudible] >> it's got a picture of hillary clinton on the front of it. i was a little bit shocked at
7:28 am
that. it didn't have a bullseye on it. >> hard to understand. he says he sees a copy and magazine, picture of hillary clinton on the cover. i'm surprised it didn't have a bullseye on it. >> again, the crowd chuckles and laughs. >> yeah. >> and as someone who spent two days with 600 gun owners that sentiments is not unusual. >> wow. >> you hear it and they are there in case hillary clinton wins and takes their guns or in case hillary clinton -- he knows who he is speaking to and it's really truly scary stuff. >> it is. it is of a piece of donald trump at one point, nothing you can do -- well, you second amendment people will know what to do if hillary is elected or if she tries to appoint somebody to the
7:29 am
supreme court. they are playing to the worst i think stinks of these people. you're absolutely right. having those guns is using them against their political enemy. >> easy to get a gun in america, that's what makes it really problematic. grate to see you. >> the bill press show. >> that's it dude. >> wait a minute. there was 600 people there. was this a convention? >> 500 acres. >> i thought you were there for a training course? >> that's the regular training course, 600 people. huge huge. >> they were fun to hang out with. >> you had so much in common. [laughter]
7:30 am
7:31 am
>> you have been on the road. you have been -- >> yeah, i haven't been on the road this week. the debate, but i was there. >> what have you been write about this week? >> i think a lot of email stuff. the fbi email. >> any particular angle to it? >> i mean just pretty much general, how how everybody is reacting, doesn't really look like it is affecting polls. >> yeah, yeah. >> let's see. i did an interesting thing, i don't know if you talked about voter trading. >> voter? >> vote trading. >> i think that i did interesting story, people in swing states are trading their vote with third party candidates. >> that's interesting. >> yeah. >> to try to stop trump. >> how about early voting?
7:32 am
we haven't looked at that at all. >> [inaudible] >> let me just talk in general how important it is. there are more and more people who vote early. 21 million. >> is it? >> yeah. >> like a massive number. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> really huge. >> [inaudible] >> eliza, i have you scoot a little bit closer this way. >> is that good right there? >> yeah. >> i want to move your mic. dispositive cha. -- gotcha.
7:33 am
>> was that national poll that had trump ahead? >> yeah. i was actually reading that. >> is it daily tracking poll? >> just looking. yeah. the latest "abc news/washington post" tracking poll shows trump is up one point. >> wow. that's -- >> doesn't change electoral college. >> no. but he hasn't been up. >> here we go. >> 33 minutes after the hour. "the bill press show." it's tuesday november 1, folks. one week to go. i think we can make it another week. it will be hard but i think we can make it another week. great to have you with us today as we come to you live from
7:34 am
washington, d.c., our nation's capitol. we are here every day monday through friday, for three hours bringing you the news of the day and giving awe chance to sound off about it. wherever news is happening here in washington, d.c., around the country, around the globe, we're on top of it. we'll tell you what is going on. you can tell us what you mean to do. give us a call at 866-55-press. that is the regular number. we have a lot of friends visiting today, a lot of guests today. all you great c-span regulars, we welcome you to the program. good to have you with us. and so the number to call is not that old c-span number. republican, democrat or independent, but our to free number. 766-55-press. let us know what you think of the james comey announcement -- 866-55 press. send us your comments on twitter
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and press show. we're brought to you today by the good members of the aft, the american federation of teachers. the teachers of america under president randi winegarten making a difference in our classrooms every day, you bet, doing the lord's work. check out their good work at their website, one week to go. eliza collins here from political report for "usa today." bear up, right? almost. >> we're so close. >> one week left. >> now here's one thing i find very interesting. we haven't talked about this at all yet today, is that with a lot of this conversation about the comey announcement and what impact it might have, 21 million americans have already voted. 21 million americans. their votes are in the bank. and, by election day, 40 million it is estimated, 40 million 40%, i'm sorry 40% of the
7:36 am
electorate will have voted early voting. i mean that's huge. >> that is basically one out of two people by election day will have already decided. >> yeah. >> and those people now, we thought that, at least i always thought once you voted that was it but there are actually seven states where if you vote and then you change your mind, you can go in, get your ballot back. in wisconsin you can do it up to three times. >> are you serious? i didn't know that. >> i know. >> i'm sure that is a big haul -- >> you have to show up, cnn reports, you have to show up on election day and say i mailed in my vote but i made a mistake. i want to change my mind and get another ballot and nullify somehow, they have machinery for nullifying the old ballot. i think it is good. that could create a -- up to a
7:37 am
lot of voter fraud. >> sounds like a little bit -- >> like the woman in iowa, trump supporter voted twice a rigged election, believe me. >> also participate. >> john king reported friday night when i was on the a-360 anderson cooper on cnn, what the clinton campaign did, these are not just, some of them are just average voters, like me. i vote absentee all the time in california. so i mail it in. what the clinton campaign did, they identified, strategy, is so sophisticated these days. they identify voters who might have been leaning toward trump and then they reported, now they were leaning toward hillary. well they know who they are, get them, vote early. >> but maybe their votes are not sealed in now.
7:38 am
>> vote before you change your mind again. it takes a lot for somebody to say i will change my vote, right? >> right. if you're going to vote early you feel passionately enough. >> you have been reporting on different phenomenon which is trading votes. i never heard of this before. >> this has actually been around since 2,000. there were nader traders. do you remember this? >> i vaguely remember this. is that trader or traitor? [laughter] >> trader. >> trader. >> with a d. >> with a d. so it is not -- >> not traitor with a t. >> so it is not a big phenomenon but i think it is super interesting. the concept that you don't like hillary and you don't like trump and you want to vote for a third party, but you feel uncomfortable. kind of looking at the binary
7:39 am
choice. you have accepted even though you will vote for jill stein she will probably not be in the white house. they go on these websites, there are a few of them, they're all a little bit different, you basically go on the website, i'm a jill stein voter in florida, but i'm willing to trade with a hillary voter in a safe state. like a, like california, where the vote or like alabama. not just a battleground. and they trade. and some of these websites, they find each other and they agree. some will get matched, like two to one. get two hillary voters for one johnson. but they basically, word of honor trade their votes and ideas that no popular vote goes away for this person but it is helping to stop trump. >> what -- can you name one of the websites? >> yeah.
7:40 am
there is a #never trump app, which i think is probably people looking for that. >> you -- >> how do you get that. who are you voting for? where are you? oh, are you interested in trading your vote to help stop trump but still have someone vote for your person? but there was -- >> you would only do it in a state where it would not, not affect the outcome really? >> yeah. >> like california, you know it will go for hillary. so you can trade somebody, get somebody there to vote for johnson? >> exactly. >> if you're in a key swing state like north carolina or georgia, vote for hillary? >> yeah. i talked to people -- >> damn, i could have traded my vote. >> you could have been a vote trader. >> i don't think that is okay.
7:41 am
i don't think that is okay. it is a rigged election. i take that back. i didn't say that. >> cut that out. cut that off the tape. >> might not be as rigged as i thought. >> shut up. good thing today is not the day we're on c-span. we could have gotten a in real trouble there. >> i was going to say, one of my favorites, there was someone in texas and colorado, and they agreed to swap, clinton voter in texas, stein voter in colorado they agreed to swap. as colorado started to widen and texas narrowed, the clinton voter in texas asked for vote back. he wanted for someone in florida. he couldn't find someone. he is totally fine. texas is becoming close. they're all maneuvering and stein voter in colorado, well i can still vote for stein and clinton will win.
7:42 am
they don't always end up trading. >> i talked with a republican friend from virginia, writing in john kasich. doesn't matter, there is no way trump will carry virginia anyhow. >> sure. >>. might as well -- >> make a statement. >> sure in terms of making a statement, james comey made statement on friday. we've been talk about it throughout the day in "usa today polling" will it make a significant difference, have real impact on what happens a week from today? >> we don't totally know yet. we haven't had any polls at "usa today" specifically. couple came out yesterday showed the race is narrowing. everybody expected that. that is not necessarily because of the announcement. looks like people that were anti-clinton before, yes, of course this makes me like her less. people for her feel like she is being wronged. i don't think it will really sway much. what do you guys think? >> i kind of agree with that.
7:43 am
if you had a problem with hillary's emails, you're already not going to vote for her. if you didn't have a problem with they were emails, this latest thing doesn't give you a reason to change your mind. >> this latest thing is very vague. >> super vague. >> so it is not like there is any detail someone on the fence, well, it looks -- confusing and doesn't look good the fbi is reopening something. but they haven't seen the emails. >> they just started to look through them. >> right. >> sunday night is when they got authorization from the courts to start reviewing them. >> they don't know how many are doubles, right? that is what they're doing right now -- i don't think it's a good thing but the clinton campaign is, and democrats are really saying this is, what is going on? this is not fair. if you like hillary you will be on that side. >> best thing they did. they have successfully, i think correctly shifted the whole
7:44 am
focus on this particular controversy from hillary clinton to james comey. now it is all about james comey. >> trump and russia. they're bringing trump and russia. >> trump and russia. the clinton campaign out with another ad, a deja vu ad back to the daisy, famous daisy ad of 1964. we'll talk about that with eliza collins when we come back, from "usa today." we welcome your calls again. 866-55-press is our to free number. take advantage of it, we'll talk to you other side. >> your progressive headquarters for the 2016 election. this is the bill press show. >> woman who was a little girl. then it is basically trump being pretty loose about, all those bites we've heard before. >> yeah. i remember looking at the release yesterday but didn't actually watch it.
7:45 am
>> looking ahead to the tim kaine thing, he is giving that speech in spanish on thursday. we should get a little preview of it. >> sorry? >> he is giving that speech entirely in spanish on thursday. we should get a little preview of it. has a preview of a speech. give a little bit of the spanish. >> yeah, yeah. >> yeah. i was going to bring that up. >> oh, really? >> john mccain going to write in kasich? >> what a doofus. this is silly to me. i know that is on brand for kasich but boy, oh, boy. >> he is one of the few people that stuck it out. look at all the people, kasich
7:46 am
he was like, just trying to get the best of both worlds. >> i can't endorse donald trump anymore but i will vote for him. >> there is a tweet where he, i will not vote for him and look at my daughter in the eye. >> yeah. >> this came out, i will vote for him. can you look at your daughter? >> so great. so great. >> kasich, they have never stuck to it. >> a absolutely. yeah. >> more candy out there, bill. >> i have more candy right here. >> all right. all right. >> stocked up. >> i had to do my whole check to make sure the candy was safe last night with the kids.
7:47 am
like the best griffith with parenting -- grift. got a couple -- >> took all the good stuff and brought it in? >> my youngest hates chocolate. >> really? >> so i don't know who is real father is but he ain't mine. taking chocolate candy. is that crazy, nuts? what a goofball, right? >> what is he like? >> lollipops. nerds. >> gross. >> sweet tarts, garbage candy, trash candy. >> wow. hopefully he will grow out of that. >> yeah, no. we can't keep living like this. >> that's a problem. >> we can't keep living like this. [laughter] >> yes, please.
7:48 am
>> live video, bill's commentariry, the best clips from the show, all in one place."the bill press show." >> 13 minutes before the top of the hour. at top of the next hour, igor bovich. as friend of bill the entire hour. we'll talk to the next vice president of the united states, i say with absolute certainty, senator tim kaine from virginia, joining us. and we like the fact that you are all joining us today. don't forget, give us a call at 866-55-press and also check out our video stream."the bill press show." so those of us on c-span, you don't have to forget about us tomorrow. you can join the video stream. sign up, subscribe to the video stream. peter, jamie, and ray will send you all kinds of good video and
7:49 am
good news links. >> subscribe. all you have to do. >>"the bill press show." >> you got it. >> eliza collins with us from "usa today." is it today or tomorrow that donald trump's going to release his tax returns? >> you know i just think there are some he will spread it out over every day. he is not going to release them. he made it and i don't think that is going to happen. >> that i think is key, he made it. why would he at this point? it will not help his chances. not give him any kind of a bump. if anything it would really, really hurt him. he got away with it. >> but it is stunning that will get away with it. >> yeah. pretty incredible. >> lose and get away with it looks like but it has been over 40 years since presidential
7:50 am
candidates, republican and democrat just automatically -- i mean mitt romney took some pushing. never still got all of his tax returns but got more than he wanted to release. everybody else, everybody else has done it except donald trump. >> we've seen all -- >> we know why. got to be stuff in there. >> there is another one today, you know that are just showing things in his tax returns and he, he is in a good place right now because he has gotten to talk about the fbi thing and clinton and step back. so, why would he call any attention to himself? he is not going to do it. >> but "new york times" again with front page story today yet again evidence that donald trump paid no taxes using some little gimmick that was in, probably did, probably did not do it illegally but again using little gimmick since has been declared illegal, that he used it at the time to avoid paying tax. >> that is his argument, right? remember during the debates he
7:51 am
basically admitted to not paying taxes then said, well, hillary clinton was senator. if you really think these are bad you should have outlawed them. and that argument works with you know, his base. >> or he, and rudy giuliani backing him up, saying no, i didn't pay any taxes, i'm smarter than you are. you dummies pay taxes but somebody smart like me doesn't. i mentioned this ad, the clinton campaign was very powerful ad i thought, released yesterday. now the speaker, you will hear her say this. this goes back to an ad that lyndon johnson, wanting to warn the country when barry goldwater said, in terms of our relationship with the soviet union at the time, that maybe we should just lob a nuke into the men's room of the kremlin. anyhow, goldwater picked it up said, president johnson picked it up, this is the guy you want
7:52 am
with his finger on the nuclear button? hardly, right? and the ad depick ad little girl picking a daisy, he loves me, he loves me not, little daisies became famous as the daisy ad. by the way it ran once. >> really? >> it ran once. it changed, it decided that election. it was such a powerful ad, such an impact. it also created such controversy that johnson ran it once, took it down but it is a little reprise here yesterday from the clinton campaign. here's what it sounds like. >> this is me in 1964. the fear of nuclear war we had as children i never thought our children would ever have to deal with that again. to see that coming forward in this election is really scary. >> trump asked three times -- >> three times, why can't we use nuclear weapons. >> i want to be unpredictable. >> what safeguards are there to stop any president who may not
7:53 am
be stable from launching a nuclear attack? >> the commander-in-chief is the commander-in-chief. >> bomb the [bleep] out of them. >> yeah. >> i forgot about that line. >> shows the little girl saying, he loves me, loves me not. that was the woman who was then the little girl who opened the ad. i think delicious to hear joe scarborough as the voice condeming donald trump for his flippant attitude about nuclear weapons. i mean, this is serious issue, eliza. >> the thing we're talking about how that first ad was aired once and changed the whole race. it is fascinating to me that was just like an, it was implication where we are having donald trump saying over and over and over, joe scarborough thing is interesting because he never ended up citing sources for it but it made a huge splash because it was, but, donald trump is saying it. >> yeah.
7:54 am
you know, the whole, what's really scary, in this country today we have a system where one person, an one person alone, one person, not congress, not the pentagon, one person, the president of the united states makes the decision about whether to go to nuclear war or not. the president under our present system has six minutes to make the decision. the question whether you would trust somebody as unhinged right, as donald trump to make that decision i think most americans just have to say, no way. i think that is very important issue and very powerful ad. eliza, brace up. week to go. thanks so much. thank you for your good work. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me, guys. >> we'll tell you what is on the president's schedule today. >> bomb the [bleep] out of them. >> like us at press show. this is the bill press show.
7:55 am
>> we're good. you're free. >> what are you guys going to talk to kaine about? bye, thank you. >> 2016. >> where is he today? >> wisconsin i think. >> okay. bye, guys, thank you.
7:56 am
7:57 am
[background noises] [inaudible conversations].
7:58 am
>> my sister is saying she is disappointed there is no hillary sign in our studio. after all, we're non-partisan. >> yeah, right. >> this is "the bill press show." >> president obama on the road today again, with another hillary clinton campaign event. this one out in columbus, ohio. gets daily briefing at white house at 10:00. about 3:00 he takes off on marine one for andrews air force base, then on to columbus, ohio, where he will be appearing at capital university in columbus for a, again a hillary event this evening. back at the white house by 8:00 tonight n our next hour, igor bobich from the "huffington post" will be along.
7:59 am
van newkirk from the atlantic. we'll be joined by senator tim kaine, democratic candidate for vice president, joining us from the campaign trail. hour three of "the bill press show" coming up. look forward to talk more about the issues in the next hour. >> this is "the bill press show." >> all right. igor is here. >> igor is here. you're here for that first half hour, right? >> first half hour. >> all right. what's igor been working on? >> we can go anywhere with him. friend of bill. >> yeah. >> so -- >> hey, bill. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. >> i hear you have exciting day coming up? >> today. >> interview, sorry. >> oh, yeah. >> feel free to have a seat.
8:00 am
get all the way in. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> how have you been? >> excellent. how is your -- >> i was in new york. >> oh, were you? >> yeah. what have you been working on? >> just consumed by this mess, dumpster fire the hillary and comey. so, seven more days. counting down. >> who am i kidding. >> yeah. >> any particular aspect, have you looked at russian stuff or -- >> yeah. so, while we got another source yesterday to confirm the cnbc report, now they're saying that -- >> your lead story this morning is all about the different aspects of the -- >> yeah. it seems like there is a leak war going on in the fbi. it is just competing groups who are leaking different things to the media. it is bizarre.
8:01 am
feels like comey completely lost control of the bureau. really weird. i don't know, what do you think? >> this trick-or-treat story has all of the, lays out all the different aspects -- russians. >> yeah. then the server, that apparently was, i don't know, seems bizarre. >> oh, yeah, over there, server with the connection to the -- >> yeah. >> you're serbian, correct? >> bosnian. >> bosnian okay. >> serbs are getting a little friendly with the russians again. what you got here. >> what's that? oh, this? this is our run-down. >> other igor was here earlier. totally missed him. >> have you guys met? >> totally.
8:02 am
we know each other. >> i would think. two eagan -- igors in washington. >> so you have got c-span today? >> yes. we're on right now. even during the commercials. >> that's great. >> the mic and camera are, we warned you about that ahead of time. >> she did. she did. >> yeah. always on. >> that's good to remember at all times but today literally correct. [laughter] yeah, kaine for about six minutes. do a quick -- >> cool. >> obviously i want to get his take on comey. >> yeah, i thought he was going to be in studio. >> that would have been nice. he is in wisconsin or someplace, yeah. >> yeah, they are --
8:03 am
>> if he has time to be in washington, d.c., he is not doing his job. >> trump did. >> tim doesn't have a hotel to sell, right? >> that's true. >> he doesn't have a brand he has to protect for -- >> got his brand. you should ask tim about playing harmonica. >> oh. >> so do you guys have any special plan for the election, election day? doing normal radio morning program? >> last year we did, last time we did a special from san francisco, live. but, that was, no, that was in 2008 actually. but that was before we were simulcast. now we need to be where the cameras are.
8:04 am
if we did something late at night, we would have to be here. >> right. >> and, most of our local stations out -- but they will be taking either their own people or taking the network. >> yeah. you and peter in the studio spitballing the entire night. >> yeah, right. hey, jamie? i still think the best thing we have is that obama thing. yeah. yeah. and -- you know, we haven't
8:05 am
played that, you used it once, the trump watergate. why don't you have that handy. i like that adam schiff big mistake. maybe josh again too. >> wow. >> i -- >> move because of camera angle? >> we get a camera angle with our guest. if you had a guest you couldn't see them. i have a great back of the head. that is what the c-span audience is getting most of today. scoot a little towards me a
8:06 am
little bit? got it? okay, cool. >> november, can't believe it. >> i know, right. oh man. >> my friend actually tweeted the receipts from my bad haircut. [laughter] >> glass of rum behind him. >> here we go. >> this is "the bill press show." >> had enough of this damn election? only one more week to go. that's the good news today tuesday november 1, what do you say? great to see you today. thank you for joining us here. it is "the bill press show." that's me. and it is good to have you along.
8:07 am
wherever you happen to be in this great land of hours, we are there right alongside of you on your local progressive talk radio station. good to see you in radio land. on tv, free speech tv. video dream on"the bill press show." today, big news. great to have the whole c-span audience join us today. for a very special day, one week from the november 8 election. we welcome all of you c-span junkies. i joined you many times over on c-span, on the c-span studio. nice to have you come over here to our house today, an our studio on capitol hill. we're down the street from the united states capitol building covering again the news of the day. we'll tell you what's going on and depend on you to tell us what you think about it all. don't be shy. i know you're not. so just give us a holler anytime at 866-55 press.
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that is new number for many of you. not the old c-span number. 866-55-press. while you're there check out our video stream"the bill press show" and sign up. subscribe and be part of our bill press team. we'll be sending you updates all throughout the day. once you sign up at bill press show. takes a village to run the show. jamie and bill. >> here we go. c-span hasn't left yet. they will stick for the whole show apparently. >> they like you so much. >> it might burn to the ground before 9:00 a.m. >> c-span had a good run. for this to be the last time they ever broadcast, they had a good run. shame what happened after they took our show but they had a good run. >> if anybody is going to kill them, might as well be us. >> they survived brian lamb
8:09 am
they survived us. >> at the they can survive brian lamb, how many years after that. 40 years of brian lamb? ray rogers here to take your calls at 866-55 a-press. other member of our team here. he is really the team leader. that is why we keep him on the locked door. our videographer on the job, keeping us looking good on the video stream. we thank the c-span team today for making us look good on. consider span, i guess. i haven't seen it. but -- c-span. yesterday, halloween. lots of kids at door. lots of kids, peter? >> yeah. we had lots of trick-or-treaters. >> i forgot to introduce our guest. >> hello. >> trick-or-treat. [laughter] yeah, igor bobic, that was two hours ago igor volsky. >> we had doubling egores.
8:10 am
>> igors. when we had igor versus igor the game show, this igor won. he will be that until igor volsky with rematch. >> igor volsky from the center for american progress action fund. igor bobic from the "huffington post". igor bobic from bosnia. >> yes. >> yesterday was trick-or-treat. kids lining up for all the doorstops including white house. south portico, south lawn, president and first lady greeted military families and their children with lots of goodies. the president had the message, that every kid in america wants to here. >> on this day at least you don't have to pay attention to michelle and healthy eating. >> canned i did for everybody. -- candy. >> in fact the more candy, the later you eat the candy the
8:11 am
better. >> later you eat the candy the better. >> but, mom, the president told me i could. >> earlier you eat the candy the better. peter brought in left over halloween candy. i'm going to indulge. >> excellent. >> we'll be joined again by the next vice president of the united states, just a little bit later. but first -- up to you, peter. full-court press. >> stories making news. tonight is the night. it is game 6 in cleveland. >> yes, yes. >> world series picks back up. do-or-die for the chicago cubs. one more loss they are gone. >> come on, they have momentum. >> i'm saying cleveland indians could close it out. if chicago wins it keeps them alive for a game 7. kicks off tonight at 8:00 eastern time. like i said at progressive field in chicago, excuse me, in cleveland. stay up late to watch that one.
8:12 am
it should be a good game. >> it will go to 7 games. >> i love to see that, can you imagine? >> want to get millenials out to vote? liberal super-pac, nextgen climate. this is the group from tom stier you know in california. this is what they're doing, to get millenials out to vote, they are going to have puppies to the polls. >> oh, man. >> puppies to the polls. different events in pennsylvania, new hampshire, iowa, nevada, north carolina. >> i'm there. >> they will have puppies delivered to the polls. before you go in and they will have little puppies you play with before you go vote. what is cooler than that? >> they need go step further, to have puppy cams. we know millenials have puppy cams. >> they need to have uber but for voting. a voting booth. >> exactly. i don't have to leave the house. the group said -- >> can you take puppies home with you? >> no. unfortunately can't take the puppies home with you. the group said in their press
8:13 am
release, quote, we'll do anything to get you to vote, we mean anything, including a bunch of little puppies to play with. you have cat cafes. you can hang out with cats. vote with puppy. >> when i was democratic chair of california we used to give people a dozen doughnuts for voting. if you took your stub to any doughnut stop in certain key precincts where they needed extra voter turnout, you can get a free doughnut. dozen free doughnuts. we'll talk about that. >> there are a lot of places, if you come in with eye voted sticker, a people will give you free stuff. >> sweeten the pot. >> literally. >> which way do you do, dog owners lean? are they republican or -- >> well, that is a good point? i would think to go play with puppies you're animal rights person, right, you're a democrat, right? that is kind of what i think. how about this? coming up later this month emma
8:14 am
murano will celebrate her birthday. november 29th is other birthday. she will turn 117 years old. assuming she makes it to november 29th. >> come on. >> i'm not trying to be dark. she could make it to 111 if she makes rest of the month. she is 1116 -- 116. this is question i always ask. >> horrible combo, like bourbon and cigars. >> you're not far off. she eats two eggs every day and quote, i eat cookies. for the eggs she eats them raw. a doctor tolder several decades ago eat raw eggs helps her with anemia. she likes cookies. so she eats those. >> raw eggs and cookies? >> i don't know if it is together. >> i would rather die young than eat two raw eggs a day.
8:15 am
>> ever eaten a whole raw egg like rocky does? it is disgusting. >> have you? >> yeah there is old man bar there is old man bar, you used to get, if you had breakfast beer, they have a cart on of eggs at end of the bar and crack an egg in your beer and drink it in your beer. >> just drinking raw egg? >> still a raw egg. still tough to get down. i promise. ♪ >> here we go 14 minutes after the hour now. where do we start? let's start with the fact that donald trump says how bad this james comey thing is worst thing we've ever seen in american politics. >> this is the biggest scandal since water lgbt. hillary wants to everyone cycles for the mounting legal troubles. she brought all of this on herself. >> biggest scandal since watergate.
8:16 am
is that what your reporting is? >> you would never expect a man like donald trump to overstate anything. if he had any knowledge of history that absolutely not the case. second of all, politicizing, making a big deal out of it, this whole james comey announcement played into his pocket. he was looking like he was down for the count. now he has new ammunition. he has been whacking hillary clinton over this day in, day out. some polls have shown softening for her, which may or may not have started even before the comey announcement. he has some ammunition now to work with. so we'll see what happens. >> yeah. and you can count on hymn to overplay his hand which we just heard. lead story in "huffington post,"
8:17 am
the headline is trick-or-treat? the large he can tent, shifted from hillary to comey particularly on the russian connection. seems from leaks in the fbi there is a, they may have just discovered this trove of hillary emails or huma abedin emails. >> right. >> but meanwhile there is also an ongoing investigation into the trump campaign and connections to russia. as you point out, there are all kinds of levels of possible russian connections here. i mean work us through some of them. >> well, first of all you've got trump's former campaign chairman paul manafort has all the ties to ukraine and pro-russian separatists there, that they're investigating. there is purported server, trump organization server has been making some kind of contact with the russian bank. you've got all different ties. trump's own finances we don't really know what is in them.
8:18 am
he has been touting putin on the trail. he has been praising a strong leader. all these different strands. >> you have roger stone, clearly with a connection to julian assange, wikileaks. he knows what wikileaks is talk about ahead of time. john podesta emails and wikileaks, according to our intelligence agencies are getting hacked emails from sources close to the russian government. >> right. >> and so, combine all of that then comey had decreed, again, according to leaks from the fbi, that they would not talk about any of this trump-russian related stuff because it might be seen as interfering in this election. >> i mean that part i just i don't understand. comey reportedly earlier this month, this year, made the decision not to come forward and tell the american public about
8:19 am
this investigation out of concern that it would unfairly influence the election. and then came out last week and said, you know, that he was restarting this email investigation, basically deciding that one was more important than the other. i still don't understand his reasoning there. i think might be a case of cya. he might be trying to cover his job later on after november 8th. it's, it's a little bit perplexing. >> you can say cover your ass. on c-span. >> sorry c-span. >> it is allowed on c-span. >> they say worse on c-span. some of the things brian lamb says on c-span is a shame. >> i wanted to point out that congressman adam schiff, who is ranking democrat on the intelligence committee from california made a point about implications of what comey did
8:20 am
was very good point. here it is what it is. >> transparency, they will have a different word, mistake. we have been led to what will go down as colossal mistake about it bureau. >> because it takes, really injects the bureau into the partisan political game. >> yeah. i mean i think -- >> and justice department. >> and, to make matters even worse, the justice department is just totally gone. nobody has heard from them. loretta lynch obviously made a mistake herself meeting with bill clinton on that tarmac. tarmac meeting that trump has been still hammering about. and now she chosen not to intervene. she is obviously comey's boss. she could have said something if this meeting never happened. and so you have got that playing out. you have got the fbi leaking more than the titanic right now. it is a weird way to run this campaign off fbi leaks. seemed to be competing interests
8:21 am
in the fbi. one hour you've got one leak. another hour you have got another leak. there is a whole lot of moving parts and doesn't appear to be slowing down. >> and comey seems to be out of control. >> he's, he's -- >> lost control. >> lost control, that's right. and it doesn't seem likely that he is going to come out and clarify what this investigation is about. he is kind of in a damned if you do, damned if you don't position right now. >> here on "the bill press show" this tuesday november 1, igor bobic from the "huffington post." you are welcome to join the conversation. that number to call is 866-55 press. do you think this will have any impact either way on this election? what day this week is it that donald trump is going to release his tax returns? i forget whether -- four days left here, so. we'll be right back. >> november 9th.
8:22 am
>> yeah. exactly. >> it's "the bill press show" on the district productive network. >> the what? what's that? >> that is for the podcast. >> district productive? >> that is what the podcast is going out on. >> oh. >> i don't know what you're talking about, the hair looks fine. >> here's the thing, so saturday i had, or sunday i had to spend a good chunk of day cleaning it up on top because there were wild hairs everywhere. >> when he finished did you notice it was bad or did you wake up in the morning you said, oh, my gosh. >> later the next day i got in front of the mirror. there is like a weird long hair here. yeah, it was bad. yeah, it was bad.
8:23 am
>> so we want to is kaine, comey and early voting? >> definitely.
8:24 am
>> talking the septa strike in philly? >> what? >> septa strike in philly. >> that is not bad thing to make little news on. >> what's that? >> transit workers on strike in philadelphia. >> i think they're out today.
8:25 am
>> so, you know howard from c-span? >> yeah. >> he put up the shot of igor. i was tweeting him, just the shot of him -- all right. all right. >> i was saying our print irhas never gotten so much airtime. tweet copy hp.
8:26 am
[laughter] >> all right. now i can talk. cup of coffee. >> you got the juice now. there we go. popeye needs his spinach. >> all right. here we go. ♪ >> this is "the bill press show." >> you got it. 26 minutes after the hour now at the half hour we'll be joined by senator tim kaine, democratic candidate for vice president out on the campaign trail. not sure exactly where he is today but we'll catch up with him and get his latest take, particularly on the fbi and comey's announcement last friday.
8:27 am
i wanted to ask you about a, we saw yesterday that the clinton campaign, some people thought, as a way of getting focus maybe off the emails they released the so-called daisy ad where the woman who was the little girl back in the daisy ad back in 1964, comes forward again saying we never thought our kids or she never thought her kids would have to worry about the same thing that they had to worry about in 1964. do we have a little bit ad there, jamie? >> this is me in 1964. the fear of nuclear war we had as children i never how the our children would have to deal with that again. to see that coming forward in this election is really scary. >> trump asked three times -- >> three times why we can't use nuclear weapons. >> i want to be unpredictable. >> what safeguards are there to stop any president who may not be stable?
8:28 am
>> joe scarborough leading spokesperson on donald trump on this issue. it is an issue that hasn't gotten as much attention as it deserved this presidential election. >> i think this is a second ad in the same theme on nuclear weapons. >> one released by a pac. >> then i think another one was, they got a former nuclear missile control guy out of minnesota, something like that talk about the rick of having somebody like donald trump with his finger on the button. that is really effective. not something any campaign has ever run since lbj i guess. it is very, evisceral ad. people remember, people remember that ad being, they can connect to it. i think it is, as you said timing was dead on, the fact they were trying to sort of shift the conversation. >> right. it raises the ultimate question about who do you want, who do
8:29 am
you trust, to have their finger on that button, or close to the button even, in the time, god forbid, when we have a serious threat of a nuclear strike against the united states. with that we'll take a quick break. we'll come back and welcome, senator tim kaine. >> this is "the bill press show." >> all right. i'm going to get out of here. >> okay. >> i believe he is in madison, wisconsin, by the way. >> we'll find out for sure. >> oh, sorry. man, mitt romney dressed up as mitt romney probably. >> ah. >> hey jamie? jamie?
8:30 am
>> how are you? >> how are you doing, man? >> all right. >> this is igor. >> van knew kirk. -- newkirk. >> have a seat in the chair. we'll get you up. yeah, perfect. >> senator kaine, you want us to? >> yeah. just, listen in and enjoy. we'll talk about it after. >> okay. jamie, confirm madison wisconsin, right?
8:31 am
confirm madison, wisconsin. is that where he is? okay. . . >> today, not sure where. yesterday, now.
8:32 am
>> raleigh, durham? soyuz interim? so he is in durum?
8:33 am
right. and he's on the line. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> your place to talk about the 2016 election. this is a bill press show. >> thirty-three minutes after the hour. we are coming to you live from washington, d.c., our nation's capital. joined today but all the great viewers, c-span. good to have you on board. thank you for joining us.
8:34 am
we are brought to you today by the national association of firefighters, the men and women of our fire departments on the front lines nationwide protecting families every single day of the year. check out their website. very are am pleased welcome to the program today to all of our regular viewers and listeners and to the c-span audience. a great senator from the state of virginia, democratic candidate for vice president, and i think i can say confidently, the next president of the united states, senator tim kaine. good to have you with us today. >> bill, so glad to be with you. i will be in madison later today i do know if a big affiliate there. i'm glad we can talk this morning. >> out to madison with her friends at 92.1. i forgot to ask you, are conducting this interview in english or spanish?
8:35 am
i wasn't sure. >> in english. i'm going to give a campaign speech in spanish live is weak in phoenix. under back-to-back events in phoenix and tucson, one in english and one in spanish. we will stick with english on this one. >> thank you, senator, for that. let me ask you the big news of course that we can talk about the last few days, the announcement by fbi director james comey on friday. did he make a mistake come in your opinion, in raising this whole issue with 11 days ago in the campaign? >> i'll say this, bill. i know jim comey pretty well because he played a key role in the u.s. attorney's office, the eastern district of virginia when i was the mayor of richmond. i have high regard for them but i'm very troubled by this puzzled by. i think it's pretty clear what he did was in violation of the least two really important protocols that the law
8:36 am
enforcement community follow. and what is not talking about an ongoing investigation. you don't do that. and second there is a clear, long-standing pattern in the fbi and justice department of not putting out information that could be politically controversial on the eve of an election. we know from reporting yesterday that director comey is very aware of both of those. he appeared before congress at the end of september and was asked questions about investigations into russian activity, come from a the american election. he said we don't comment on pending investigations. and then about 10 days later on the seventh of october, a whole slew of national intelligence agencies put out a statement saying that they had verified that russia will try to engage in activity to influence the american election. and jim comey would not sign that he didn't disagree with the conclusion according to reporting yesterday by the
8:37 am
reporting was he didn't cite because i don't want to put out controversial information right before an election. if there are those to clear protocols and he understood them and has been following them, why would he have broken both of them last friday? he had to almost immediately within a day kind of the way to over letter. i'm just very troubled by what appears to be a double standard. i've called upon the director to clarify why is there a double standard in this case? >> do you believe, do you also believe he broke the law as senator harry reid has suggested? >> harry suggested that and i've not read his letter so i don't know the legal argument there. and have no opinion about that. but what i am really focus on is our these two protocols and they are there for a reason. he don't talk about an ongoing investigation because what if it turns out there's nothing better? leaking information that somebody is being investigated
8:38 am
is itself harmful. on the thought that you may find there's nothing there and not go forward, you don't talk about it while it's painting. that you important principle. very important principle for a justice official. the second one is equally important. don't inject into the closing phase of the campaign you know people take and use for political purposes. donald trump took that letter the director sent and within minutes he was misrepresenting it, misrepresented it at the fbi was reopening the investigation into hillary clinton which they are not. that's why don't put up that kind of information right before an election. >> are you worried about what might be in these e-mails? what we notice in these? what has hillary clinton told you about these e-mails? >> i am not worried about it. i've community with hillary but not with huma. the fbi did such an extensive
8:39 am
investigation on this matter months and months and months with a lot of manpower involved. and huma was completely cooperative with them and gave them everything that she had. and then they reached a conclusion and the conclusion was every unequivocal what as director comey testified. he said there is no reasonable prosecutor, not one would take this case for the. when he was asked at the hearing about even that strong conclusion he said and i reached that conclusion. it wasn't even close that should be the conclusion. so given that you looked at this for so long and they reached a conclusion military unequivocal hillary says find can to look at anything you want but we don't expect it to be any different than the elaborate investigation you already conducted. >> would love to have more time but i know you've got to run. another week to go. good luck in this final week and will talk to you again soon i'll. thank senator.
8:40 am
>> seventy eights outsprinting. thanks bill. >> again, we're back in student in washington, d.c., igor bobic here for the entire hour. we are joined also by van newkirk, staff writer for the atlantic. welcome back. good to see you. >> good to see you student congratulations. you're pregnant. >> right. spent the last time you came in -- >> in april. >> okay. senator tim kaine is a north carolina. you've been writing a lot about north carolina. wanted to get that with in the wheel had a few minutes. a lot of efforts in north carolina to suppress the vote or, that's what it is really. any progress in that? how has it impeded the flow of could impact the vote a week from today? >> i think what we've seen through the early voting period is two different things that
8:41 am
both mean different things to do progress. we've seen early voting turnout over the first week, the first couple days, the first polls sunday. actually increased over 2012, or at least stay the same based on from what we've seen with the early returns. but in those numbers black turnout seems to have diminished since 2012. what we can't tell if that's a result of suppression efforts in some counties. that's what some people believe but they could just be there's a lack of enthusiasm among black voters after a state has tried to disenfranchise them for years on end. you might imagine that we have some effect on just motivation to vote. >> igor, want to come back to tim kaine. i should've asked right away. speaking for the campaign they're coming down hard on jim comey accusing him of double standard. standard. >> they are but i found interesting when you asked him whether he thought -- he did
8:42 am
want to go there. he said i have no opinion on the. i don't know the legal argument. he kind of dodged it. i think they are trying to put pressure on him that they are not going far as to call for him to step down. >> i believe hatch act violation is a stretch. to really violate you would have to join in the campaign, be part of a campaign, write a check to a candidate or walked precincts for something like that. >> and more so than that, whether jim comey had intent in doing it is hard to prove. >> but there's no doubt, vann they been able to shift the focus here from hillary clinton or huma with a little help from jim comey.
8:43 am
>> we have seen focus on e-mail, on the whole scandal more so than policy or disenfranchisement efforts. and i think that does have the potential to hurt voter turnout in a lot of these swing states. >> just because people are so turned off by the whole -- >> people are so tired of everything. i think you already see a motivation problem in early voting returns. so how will this affect that motivation on election day. >> on that question about the impact of this, hillary clinton said last week, it took them a while to get their act together in terms of how to respond to it jim comey -- it was such a bombshell, so unexpected. they did know what he had. >> nobody does. >> she said at one point in a little press conference she gave, i think most people have probably already made up their mind. do you agree?
8:44 am
>> i think that's true. in the extent this tour is having an impact on the polls come on voting, it's about enthusiasm, but what the democrats show up. it's not whether trump is bringing back republicans into the fold. whether this story helped down ballot candidates more than him. i think that will be the case. so i think it's not a bombshell the game changer he is portraying it to be. >> does seem to be because we've been talking the e-mails for two years now that by this time and this new batch of e-mails most people don't us in with some old batch of e-mails. e-mails, e-mails. may be what bernie sanders said over a year ago is right. the market people have had enough of your damn e-mails. we are here with the new court and igor bobic i invite you to join the conversation -- vann newkirk. we will be right back.
8:45 am
>> i'm from there. speak where? >> rocky mount. >> no, i mean -- [inaudible] >> charlotte. >> excellent. >> i thought hatch act thing was good. >> it was. >> and the double standard. he didn't use the phrase and has been asking, are you accusing him of double standard, and they needed. >> are you guys good? does anybody need anything? >> we are good.
8:46 am
>> he's like really good. >> yeah, yeah. yeah, i mean, we can think of all kinds of berries we could've gone within. and the whole faith-based, that this whole thing, rightfrom where he came from and he's got a lot of shift on the catholic bishops for being pro-choice with the catholic bishops. and then who would you recommend to replace them? that's a guessing game. >> always a fun thing. the top 10. >> i asked -- spewing can he legally appoint himself?
8:47 am
spearing plan on being gather next week so i ask him the question. >> he also, we had them on the show last week and asked, but he wouldn't, would even think about intel after november 8. you know they've got a short list. >> they have a list as well. >> yeah.
8:48 am
>> i worked with cnn. >> wrapping up here on a big tuesday, november 1, because it means we're down seven days away and we celebrate the closing moments of this campaign and the show with igor bobic from the "huffington post" and vann newkirk from atlanta, both of whom have been covering this campaign extensively. isn't it interesting that 21 million people already voted? >> yeah. i think we've seen in the last three elections early voting and
8:49 am
absentee voting had become almost their own sort of separate thing to consider about voting. >> why are republicans afraid of the? >> traditionally democrats will get out the vote early. they have traditionally, historically. >> because of the ground organization? >> right. that's why they want to restrict it, sort of hoodwinking that it's not what it all seems to be. >> but they could also put together a ground operation and get the people out to vote right? and why not do that rather than suppress the vote? >> i think when you're looking at the southern states, especially the ground operation republicans, looks so much different than for democrats because of who you have to target. so it's much harder to get rural people in the south organized in the same way that it is for say something like where you have a group of people and -- the
8:50 am
strategy is a bit different. >> i think the other day after a trump rally in vegas actually the world of all these black limo buses outside israeli to take people to the polls. they barely got anybody i think. >> is about right? >> either way, i love that souls to the polls movement. i think it's so cool. i love the whole concept. people go to church and a walk from the church or whatever right to the polling place. so 40 million people assessment will have voted voted i next tuesday, already have voted. >> we will see with the turnout will be versus 2012, given its clinton-trump, whether hillary does drive out african-americans african-americans. she's also some problems in florida i believe, early voting to a couple counties of there. i'm curious what, our black voters not as enthused about hillary versus obama?
8:51 am
>> the other thing happening in florida and north carolina is both hit pretty hard by hurricane matthew. both of the places that were hit pretty hard across, from florida to north carolina, that stretch of the states to the east of i-95 is the highest concentration of black voters. and so you see all of these different historical things. it's always been the place place at the turn of the most open to obama. you don't know whether it's some counties decided to suppress the vote issue of whether it's just a return to the same old patterns of disenfranchisement of being marginalized. it's difficult. >> it's a week away but i want you to get your crystal ball out and let me know, a week or so just basin all the reporting you've done and you know what the polls show today next tuesday the winner in the presidential election will be -- >> hillary. >> hillary. >> the senate will be democratic
8:52 am
or republican? >> i think it's harder to see. i think democrats will squeak out a smaller margin. >> senate? >> i give them for. >> the house? >> republican definitely. >> no chance? >> not a chance at all. >> why do you guys agree on everything? so the follow-up question is let's assume it turns out that way and you are "huffington post," i know, polling machine shows hillary clinton today is a night 8.1% chance of winning the -- >> certain. >> what happens to the republican party if donald trump loses that badly? >> you basically blown up the entire party. you have trump and his own creation antitrade pro-nationalist voices.
8:53 am
and you've got the pieces, you have paul ryan sitting in the house trying to put together versus his right flank, the freedom caucus of course they will be trying to cause trouble. >> so it will continue to be chaos is what you're saying? >> i think we underestimated at some level the degree -- the degree to which republicans actually hate hillary clinton what a galvanizing force she before the. i think it's still too early to say whether they've completely dissolved. we saw what republicans did against obama as soon as he came into office. the unified. >> can they rebuild the party's? >> i think despite even if clinton wins in a landslide, i think they see the power of sort of social issues social angst as a naked to a turnout, instead of sort of higher ideals are what we've seen and they think
8:54 am
the recent bloomberg poll is the person is benefiting the most is actually mike pence. the person, i think people see, republicans see a trump vision of the party is more of their own more often than they do, say, paul ryan. they see the person to leave -- delete that vision is mike pence. >> very you have it. answer coming. igor, great to have you. >> thank you. >> and i get the final word or a parting shot coming up next. stay tuned. >> that was great. >> thanks for having us. >> we got you. you are good. you can set it on the table.
8:55 am
>> sort of a tight fit in your right now. >> good to see you. >> all right later. >> peter, peter, peter, i didn't get a parting shot. did you print it? >> i'll print it real quick. >> i hope you got it. no, i don't have it. >> okay. >> got it coming? >> it's coming.
8:56 am
>> david jackson tomorrow lacks
8:57 am
anything else? >> not yet. >> okay. first i thought that was keith. i looked up. >> i think that went by pretty fast, you know? ♪ ♪
8:58 am
♪ >> who is the big loser in this in a scaled? it turns out it's not hillary kimmitt or donald trump or the big loser is james comey, the director of the fbi who has come under criticism, widespread criticism from both republicans and democrats. first because he sounded the alarm about those new e-mails before he even knew how many e-mails there were, who sent them, whether or not they were significant or relevant or contain any classified information. and second, even though the attorney general warned him not to he dropped that stinkbomb just 11 days before november 8, thereby violating decades of justice department policy to stay out of politics. his action was a monumental display of incompetence, mismanagement, bad judgment, and gross partisanship. and in the end, james comey
8:59 am
alone may be hurt. he will certainly be looking for a new job, november 9. that's my parting shot for today. folks, thanks for being with us. thank you, c-span, for joining us today. now go out and have a great tuesday. come back again tomorrow. >> all right. that's all you got. that flew by, bright? >> it really did. good guess today. working tim kaine in there. star you didn't even in the studio. what's wrong with you? >> i know. slipping. >> vann and igor were great together by the way. >> the two of them yeah.
9:00 am
>> so we've got to do a parting shot and we will have -- >> yeah. >> get some bagels. >> we will do a little bagel ron hair soon as your regular recording stops. >> i want to hear about the podcast thing, too. hey, guys. are we still on? are we over? >> c-span never goes away. get out of here. >> the bill press show is syndicated nationwide from six to nine am nationwide. >> they follow you around for the rest of the day. >> this week on c-span2, we are featuring political radio programs with national talk show hosts. on wednesday live from washington, d.c., conservative radio talk show host hugh hewitt is live from six to nine am


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